Best Decorative Dog Crate for The House Indoor

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1. Niteangel Pieces Rabbit Playpen Comes

Niteangel Pieces Rabbit Playpen Comes

The design of the gridding in this mat makes it easy to clean, it will prevent your little one from feeling sick of foot. Simply click the tabs at the square hole on the mat to prevent moving. The mat is made of high quality material. It's soft and comfortable for rabbits to sleep on, and it's not easy to sprain a pet's feet. More function. The mats are used for many animals, including rabbits, pigs, Chinchillas, cats, and puppies. The package contents are 2 pieces.

Brand: Niteangel

👤Californians, American Blues, Mini Lops, and Mini Rexs are raised by me. My bunnies seem to love them. Don't even use the clips anymore because they aren't working well to keep them in place. The rabbits will play with them. It's funny. They chew on them, but haven't noticed a single piece chewed out, I think they get the idea that chewing is pointless. I wish the holes were bigger, as the poop for my Californians and American Blues doesn't fall through. After a month of use, they are clean and in excellent condition. Baby kits handle it well and don't seem to cause any problems. I get pink and blue for my bucks. I wish they were 16" long and 10" wide. My larger bunnies don't seem to fit their entire body on it. I have two cents. The quality is great and the price is even better. I hope this helps.

👤My mini Rex is very possessive of his mat and I'm glad he's using it so he doesn't get sore hocks. Two of my standard rexes seem to have taken to the mats very quickly. My pregnant doe liked hers. There is a They're easy to clean. My only wish was that the clips were tighter so my rabbits couldn't pick up the mats and move them around. They will work great when we switch to 14g wire.

👤I used pieces of carpet for the corner of the rabbits cage so she wouldn't pee on it. I was buying new ones all the time. I didn't think she would lay on this, but she loves it. They are easy to rinse if needed. I bought another set and lined the whole cage because I liked it so much. The purchase was the best ever.

👤I built a grow-out cage for my rabbits. The cage wire wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, and the little buns started digging at the corners and popped the welds. The floor of the cage was being ripped apart. If you want to fix sub-par cage wire, snap the mats onto the wire with the enclosed tabs and you're good to go. It's not a long-term solution, but it will last until processing day. I have the other style of mat in the adults' cages, but I'll be replacing them with this style because it's easier to install and move.

👤These are great. They are much cleaner than other flooring options, and they protect our rabbit's feet. I found a way to secure the mats to the cage with zip ties, which is a solution that everyone is complaining about. Highly recommend this solution.

👤The bunny lived in a cage with bedding. I moved him into a wire cage to make it easier to clean. I bought mats to protect his feet. I was worried that he would not like the new flooring because it is hard and has holes in it, which could make it hard to transition from bedding. He did not have a problem. He went into the new cage and lied on the mats. He seems to be happy with his new home. The bunny likes that the new flooring is cooler than bedding.

2. Furpezoo 31 5x19 7x22in Kennels Chew Proof Puppies

Furpezoo 31 5x19 7x22in Kennels Chew Proof Puppies

The side- opening door design is convenient for pets to enter and exit and to clean the dog cage. Pets can run out of the cage if you put food in the skylight door. You can pet your pets by opening the skylights. The double door is locked. TheFurpezoo wooden dog kennels are made from a high density fiberboard and 8mm diameter metal iron pipe. The 8mm iron pipe can easily cope with the bite force of a pet and can be used for many purposes. This combination can protect your furniture and also ensure the safety of your pets when you are not at home. This crate is designed with an open side and has a spacious interior which can be decorated with a waterproof mat or bed to provide your companion with the maximum comfort. The pet's inner peace of mind and avoiding the feeling of being confined is ensured by the open side slats, which are 2.36” between the iron pipes. The crate is easy to install with a step-by-step manual and the packaging has instructions and an accessories bag. It is recommended that the installation is done manually. The wooden dog crate is safe and easy to clean, and it is an ideal addition to your bedroom or living room, suitable for puppies, kitties, and other animals. It is easy to clean the crate by wiping it with a damp cloth. It's recommended to use it against the wall to increase the stability of the dog cage without scratching the wall. When opening the top door, it's best to handle it gently and not fully open it to avoid damage to the door lock and hinge.

Brand: Furpezoo

👤I found out that it had been used or tried to be put together, and it had some flaws on the corners of the wood.

👤It shouldn't take more than an hour to figure this out. I've never seen an assembly directions worse. The diagrams are hard to read and the directions are incomplete. Each type of screw is referred to by a symbol that is not used elsewhere in the assembly diagrams. The individual panels were often not marked with "up/down" or "front/back" The holes for the hinges and latch were not pre-drilled. The mechanism to keep the top door in place isn't working. I only give it 2 stars. The rear panel is solid so the dog can't see out, which is why I bought it. Even though the back was solid, it should have been open. I'm returning it as soon as I can disassemble it. I don't recommend this item.

👤I like it in the living area. I bought the white. It is more expensive than the metal ones, but it is still attractive. Our fur baby is very comfortable in it. She chewed the plastic bottom of her metal crate when she was left there for a while. The wood floor is strong. I wish the bars were closer together. I wonder if a small kitten or pup could fall through. Think of unsafe baby cribs of the past. Our household is too large to have a problem with this. I subtracted 2 stars from 'easy to assemble'. It was easy for me to assemble it. It's a good thing.

👤The crate looks better than the metal ones. It looks better in my living room. The top opening is good for giving toys to a puppy. It was easy to put together and the puppy has not been able to escape.

👤The product is what the pictures show. It looks good and works, but it is not a professional grade. Customer service was quick to get my crate back to normal after I accidentally dropped something heavy and broke the top panel. The customer service is great. There is a I'm very happy with the product and the only thing that has changed my situation is because of customer service. I'm so grateful.

👤I bought two of them within the last three months. I feed the dogs side by side. The newer one has cracks running up and down the wood grain. I will be contacting the manufacturer. The crates are only used 50% of the time because the dogs are between this and another residence. The one is cracking and I am not happy about it. There is a You will need two people to set it up. There is a I hope that we can fix the issue of the pink bowl.

👤It is not easy to assemble. The wood has begun to chip with the particle board showing. The dog spilled a small amount of water and the bottom of the pool started to warp. I wouldn't but this product. This crates a chihuahua.

3. EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

The pet crate can double as an end table if you disguise it as a fashionable piece of furniture. ECOFLEX is a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer material that won't warp, crack or split. Doublelatches on large and x-large crates are made ofstainless steel tubing. It is easy to assemble. For dogs over 50 lbs. The exterior dimensions are 29.5 in. L x 21.2 in. W x 25.2 in. The interior dimensions are 26.8 in. L x in. W x 20.9 in. H. The door is in 13.8 inches. W x 19 in. H.

Brand: New Age Pet

👤I have a large bread dog that broke the plastic siding in 7 minutes of being in it. The bars were very easy to bend. I have never spent so much in my life.

👤I got this for my Italian Greyhound who only ever sleeps in it at night, or because she wants to be there with the door open. I think she likes this one more because it's very den like. She wouldn't scratch or bite at her crate unless she really needed to leave. Think about it, for 12 hours. Look at the pictures. If your dog is not crate trained and loves being in a crate, don't buy this rate. If your dog shows any resistance to this crate, it will fall. If you buy this thing and you know your dog will bite at it, and you expect it to break, you are a fool. I feel like this is a five star creation, because it's perfect for my dog and my needs, but I'm giving it four stars because it obviously needs to be made more durable.

👤Two adult rescue dogs love their own space. If you don't have a chewer or your dog doesn't mind being in a crate, the crates are very durable. My dogs have a lot of freedom in the house. They are willing to go into their crates as it gives them a secure space and allows them to see what's going on around them. I've gotten rave reviews for them. They make a great place for knick-knacks and sofa throws. They are easy to put together and can hold a good amount as my grandson sits on them all the time. I would buy again.

👤I was beyond irritated with this product. Let's be honest, it came scratched which isn't the biggest deal. This is for a puppy. It seems like the holes are not the correct size, so we can't use half of the screws that were provided to us. I'm afraid that the whole thing will collapse if one of our grandkids bumps into it. I don't know if this was a product that had been returned or if it was really faulty. We aren't happy. It's not safe enough to put our puppy in that we will be getting a lot of days. There is a change to be made. The date is 8/18/2020. We were able to get in contact with the manufacturer who was able to send us a crate from their warehouse. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. Will update when it arrives.

👤My dog broke out of this no problem. Do not recommend.

👤We wanted a crate that was as safe as possible for our puppy. The puppy's teeth and claws could get caught up in the "grates" of the wire crates, so the breeder warned against them. The model with the vertical bars and smooth sides was very attractive. It could use some help in the construction area, as it's a hard plastic resin which is perfectly fine and it does gain rigidity once it's all put together. It's not the worst thing because of the plastic and minimal supports in the corners. I decided to shore up the weaknesses with some metal "L" brackets in each corner and flat "L" brackets on the corners of the front door, because it looked so great and met our main criteria. The crate was vastly improved by this. There is a We ordered two of them, one upstairs and one downstairs, each with a damaged panel. I was able to fix it with the help of a substance that was stronger than the corner that had come loose. The other had a cracked frame on the front door that was fixable, but would not look good, so I contacted the manufacturer and they sent out a new piece right away. I would recommend this one if you want a good looking crate and don't mind shoring it up with metal brackets.

4. EZwhelp Absorbing Waterproof Housebreaking Absorption

EZwhelp Absorbing Waterproof Housebreaking Absorption

There are bandages for pets. The pet pee pad is suitable for animals. The soft surface is comfortable and will absorb poo and pee, making it a good choice for your pet's incontinence needs. Just pop the pee pad into your pet's bedding or cage, or even on your own bed, and you'll be good to go. CARPET, CRATE, HOUSE, CAR, AND FURNITURE PROTECTION. Use their pee pads to protect your indoor or outdoor surfaces. Their pee pads for dogs can be used in a playpen, litter box, kennel, bed, or couch to protect rugs, flooring, and blankets from pet waste and prevent that stain and smell. It's a good idea to pair it with their EZClassic Whelping Box to make sure your pet and her babies are safe and clean as they recover. Quality materials. Their OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified laminated pads have been tested and found to be extremely safe for both humans and animals and are perfect for floor mats, human incontinence or general animal care or training. They are both waterproof and easy to clean. The pads are well placed against box or crate walls. The tricot waterproof bottom has a brushed polyester top on it. Light weight, elastic. Up to 70% less material is required. The cost isFFICIENT. Their pee pads for dogs ensure that fluids are kept out of the water. You spend pennies per use on the dog pads and the pee pads, but they are good for the planet and you can reuse them. Their pet pads are more cost effective, higher quality, and have a lower environmental impact than disposable pads that you have to re buy. There are different sizes and styles. These pads have a coffee colored top and white bottom. There are other options. They have the right supplies for your pets.

Brand: Ezwhelp

👤I put this under the IRIS 4 panel animal playpen. I should have ordered the larger size as it is often hung on the panel and leaves some of the floor exposed. I am very satisfied. If you found this review helpful, please check "Yes" I rely on others' reviews to make an informed decision whenever I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. Questions or feedback are welcome.

👤I have a large doberman. I bought two mats, a 72"x72" and a 40"x60". I didn't know which sizes or brands would work well, so I bought a dozen other brands and sizes. There is a The smaller pad worked well for the first year after she became disabled as she happily demanded that we wait on her hand and food. Over the last few months, she decided that we weren't waiting on her enough, and she has taken to moving around a lot. The only mat in the house that works at containing leaks is the larger mat. She was laying on the carpets leaking everywhere after all the smaller mats were pushed aside. I return to purchase more of this size pad. I have purchased mats from this vender before and have been very pleased with both of them. My girl is disabled and she picks up uti/bladder infections frequently. It takes longer to diagnose and treat the more unusual bacteria that she gets. It means a lot of leaking and lack of bladder control. There is a The mats were not water proof. Those were thrown into the trash very quickly. There is a Three of the brands of mats slip all over the carpet, and the outside fabrics and the inside fabric aren't sewn together in any place except for the edges. We still use those as a last resort. They aren't worth saving 75% of the price of a good mat on. There is a This brand's mats have been great. They are washed in warm to hot water and then hung over the railing. They don't have a smell. They are water proof and can be washed and dried easily. I am glad I spent the extra money to try them out because they are easy to deal with and we don't like using the cheaper ones. One of the less expensive mats I liked was this one. There is a If you're still unsure, try it. You'll understand why it's worth it. These mats have already paid for themselves, even though I spent a lot on disposable mats. I'm back here because my girl shows no signs of slowing down or giving up any time soon and I'm saving money and hassle by buying more mats. I'm a happy customer.

👤I want everyone in the world to know that these pads are great. This is much more cost effective than fleece. I have a large rabbit cage which is 17x40 and my piggies sleep in it at night and spend all day in a kiddie pool with a fence around it. 3 feet round. I used carefresh bedding and a litter box for my pigs to use less for pee and poo. The carefresh is dusty. Along comes whelping pads. Wow! I put the 36 inch pad in the kiddie pool. It is soft and wonderful for piggie feet. I just need to take a plastic sand shocel and scoop up any poops that come up in the litter box. After a week there is no smell. I washed the pad in the washing machine and dried it on low heat. I got the slightly thicker paw print pads as poctured and one pad fits in the travel cage I have and 2 pads fit in their night home cage. Each morning I use my toy shovel. I only use carefresh bedding in the litter box because I was able to get it on sale. There is a These make the cages look fresh and neat and I think it's better to not have as much paper bedding. It's cheaper than fleece. I think I can absorb more. There is a Thanks to the person... Piggies have a new source of food. There are pictures of a pig pool, a travel cage, and a bog cage.

5. Casual Home Wooden Medium Espresso

Casual Home Wooden Medium Espresso

The end table design makes this pet crate easy to assemble. Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity makes a lockable gate a good choice. The end table style top has more storage space. It is easy to clean a crate by wiping it with a damp cloth. The dimensions of the interior are 17W x 24.25"D. The style is transitional. The weight is 25.5 pounds. The weight is 25.5 pounds.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I bought these a while back but just recently assembled and started using them. They're large. The large one is where my dog sleeps. There's enough room for her to walk into it. She can't stand inside and can't sleep. My 2 small lap dogs share the small one. They're not active or hyper because they're old and they don't jump all over each other. One sleeps by the door while the other sleeps by the back of the table. Crating at night is not new to my dogs, they have been crate trained for many years. It's what they're used to. The big clunky wire crates that my Pit Bull would use to rub her back on were eliminated by these tables. They still get crated, but their "crates" are also tables that can be used for many things. Below I will list pros and cons. There is a table dog crate. It's genius! It's perfect for dog owners who don't have a lot of room or space to keep their dog. The crate is a table and has multiple uses. The tables are strong. There is a If you're like me and have dogs who have been crate trained for a long time, these tables will be a challenge. It used to be that you had to say "beds!" My dogs would run to their crates. They seem to be confused by the tables. They learn quickly. There is a side note. I wouldn't recommend these to animal owners who don't know how to crate train their pets. I wouldn't use these to crate train an animal that has accidents frequently inside the house. Accidents are bound to happen with puppies and young dogs when they are crate trained. The tables are exactly what they are. A large amount of urine or a pee puddle that isn't cleaned up immediately would warp the floor of the table crate. Dog crates are usually made of plastic or metal and don't affect accidents or get wet. My dogs are older and have been crate trained for a long time, so this wasn't an issue for me. I haven't looked into liners or plastic trays that could fit inside the crate table because of that. Accidents wouldn't be too damaging if you could find something like that. It would need to be side to side-back to front with no spaces. I have my own opinions on the product. I used the product. I did not receive a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, but I did receive a product for free. I have shared my personal opinions, experience and ideas to help potential buyers decide whether or not the tables would work for their animal. I hope my review helped.

👤The company that sells it says it is a private spot for your pet to sleep and relax. When you're away from home, a strong gate door is important. It can be used with your other home furnishings. For the past 90 days, we have had a crate. Last week, we learned that the crate is not Solid Wood, despite the fact that our Miniature Schnauzer likes it. One morning, we came down to our family room and saw a small hole in one corner. It had not been there the night before, and it was just a matter of happenstance. The material on the top sank in with the hole if you look at the attached photo. I contacted the company to ask if they would send me a new top. If the top was purchased from Casual and delivered within 30 days, we can replace it. The clear defect was there from the beginning, and that is a grossly inadequate response from any company. I would like you to shop around more and ask the company how they handle defects. Casual Home doesn't care. They will have your money. They only care about satisfaction for 30 days. That is not long enough.

6. Mr Herzhers Residence Espresso Finish

Mr Herzhers Residence Espresso Finish

The side load crate design in a medium brown or espresso Rhino finish is very attractive. Side load design allows placement in room. Both pets and people can get out of the way of the open-N-Stow doors. The base is elevated with protective feet and a double tough pan for easy clean ups.

Brand: Mr. Herzher's

👤When I ordered this, I was excited to find a well designed dog crate. The design is poorly executed. I built my own furniture after putting together it for an hour. It was difficult to open and close the doors. The metal components were poorly made, some had rust, and almost all had paint scratched. The plastic rattan is cheap and disappointing. I was very disappointed. The design idea is a good one, which is why I don't give this a single star. It's not done well.

👤It was what I needed for my bed. I use it as a nightstand, but I am going to get some glass to make the top more stable for the cats. The dog is not confined special space.

👤I was looking for a kennel that wouldn't hurt our entryway. I found it and was very happy. We had a piece of glass cut and put on the top of the kennel so we could put things on it. I love it, fast shipping, easy assembly, and my dog loves it.

👤The concept is great, but the parts don't fit together as shown in the diagram, and it's poorly designed and made. I had to return some of the pieces because there wasn't enough room to put them in the photo.

7. Zoovilla Products Triple Medium Kennel

Zoovilla Products Triple Medium Kennel

Use a side table in your living area as an indoor dog cage or dog kennel. A wide table top is perfect for magazines, potted plants, lamps and vases. The dog cage is designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable. The dog kennel is made from solid MDF wood with sturdy hinges. There is a tray for easy cleaning.

Brand: Zoovilla

👤I wanted something more aesthetic in my living room for our Sheltie puppy than the wire cage. The crate was not a problem and would add a few pieces of advice. The wood dowels should be secured with Original Gorilla waterproof glue. Since the holes are too big for the dowels, this glue will expand to fill them. If you want to put the locking bolts in squarely, use aPhillips head to screw them in. You won't be able to catch the locks if you deviate. It doesn't take much to change the locks on the cam. The cam locks should be put in place with a large flat tip screw driver. The plastic tray is too small for a crate. The wooden slat cover isn't strong enough. It sits on the floor. That could have been better. The front doors are open but they don't secure to anything and you have to keep them closed to stop them from swinging into the open path. We used some spots on the doors to keep them clean while our puppy is not in the crate. It's difficult to find a good fit for the inside dimensions. We ended up buying the Brindle Soft Memory Foam pad. It fits in the crate. Our puppy is a Sheltie. It's a good size for her and will probably last for a long time unless she decides to chew her way out. Hope this helps people look at this crate.

👤I will round up since there is no 2.5. The side door can be switched based on location, I chose to place it on the right side, which was a positive. The side door can be built on either side so that it can be switched to the other side. The double door side has an extra strip. They have a strip of wood that allows you to open the full door with the short sides open, but you have to open it regularly. The latches are useless. If you would like to have a crate next to your couch or desk that will help with anxiety, it will work. When I tested the latches out with my dog, she was able to figure out how to open them. It's not a crate for a puppy or a crate for a dog. The pieces were scratched and one side had a significant crack. I thought scratches would happen anyway. I will not try to return it. The tray is smaller than the perimeter. Had I known how small it was, I probably would have passed. The wood bar to hide the tray is not a useful fit and I think it looks better without it. The idea of having a nicer crate than a wire crate is appealing, but after assembling, it's not as appealing. It is not worth the price because I have put enough furniture together. If you go with gorilla glue, be aware that it will fall apart and probably not be a crate for the long haul. Listen to the other reviews. I did not take them seriously enough. I wouldn't buy the product if it wasn't worth it, but if you paid you could get a better product that would actually function as a crate.

8. Carlson Pet Products SECURE FOLDABLE

Carlson Pet Products SECURE FOLDABLE

The dimensions are 24 inches long by 18 inches wide and 19 inches tall. SECURE ALL STEEL The single door design has a locking system. A black pan is replaceable and washed. Storage and car travel can be done with a foldable system. BREEDS: Smaller breeds and puppies can weigh up to 25 pounds.

Brand: Carlson Pet Products

👤It's the best bang for the buck. It can be folded flat for storing and traveling. I got a small for my dog. It's a perfect fit. I had a small for the foster pug and it was perfect. I hope this helps.

👤It was easy to assemble. I put my dog in it for an hour and when I came back he had bent the bars on the cage. I'm not sure if my dog is strong or if the cage is not as strong as I thought.

👤I don't think this is cheap. I bought this because I needed to crating my Peke. As of yesterday, I needed it and it came through. I checked it out carefully when I arrived. Nothing was flimsy or bent. It took me about 2 minutes to put it together. It is sturdy and well made. It is also proof of stupidity. My Peke is only 9 lbs, but she is not a fan of crating, so she was crying and bouncing around. She was putting a lot of pressure on the sides. No problem! While I am putting it together, there are no sharp edges that can hurt her or me. I slid it under my bed after collapsing it. Similar crates cost more. There is a The tray is made of plastic. It would be difficult for Hercules to break it. She could lie down once she was done with her argument. There is a product called "B00BIUEQLK" that can be found on the website.

👤A portable crate. If you need it, the whole thing can be taken on the go. There is a We bought this crate for our puppy. When we are away, she eats too many things and so the cage is a safe place for her to be when we can't keep watch. The crate is large enough to hold two small dogs or one medium dog. There is a We bought a pet bed to go with the crate.

👤I'm impressed with these so far. We've used them three nights in a row. Each of our young Great Pyrenees had 2. Our house was destroyed by them when they were 9 months old. One of them pushed their way out of the front panel without opening the door. She is a master escape artist. I put zip ties around the sides and corners. I added a leash clip to the door to make sure they were protected at night. No more escaping. I don't fault the product because they're well made. She's determined. These are definitely recommended by me. There is a lot of space. We got the large ones. They have enough room to stretch out all the way. We also sleep quietly all night. It is definitely worth the price compared to similar products on the market.

👤My dog seems to be comfortable. He settled in for a nap after a couple of times. The doberman is at least 28 inches tall and he can sit and stand with his head down. He likes the fact that he can see and hear us. The crate is sturdy. I am happy with the purchase. The price was right and the delivery was fast.

9. Wooden Furniture Medium Indoor Decorative

Wooden Furniture Medium Indoor Decorative

It is made of natural pine wood. The Burnt wood finish on the farmhouse shows the wood grain. Study the construction of wood. Hardware included for quick and easy assembly. Medium size table can be used as a side table, end table or night stand. If you need to, the door and top can be removed.

Brand: Basicro

👤We didn't want a cheap, easily-destructible piece that looked like a dog crate, so we were unsure about getting this. Two of the dog condos we made were sturdy, looked nice, and blend as furniture. This did not fail to impress. We saved a handsome buck by purchasing this and getting another made for us. This is a victory. We put a rubber boot train at the bottom of the crate to catch and easily clean any accidents that may occur.

👤My dog chewed through the bars of the item, which is a bit different than the photos that are easy to assemble.

👤The looks of this crate are very nice.

👤The instructions were wrong and it was really easy. Figured it out without any issues. It was a perfect size for what we needed. Plan to stain it soon. Very happy with it.

👤You will need assistance with this. The wood is heavy and real. I would have been sad to have to take it up the stairs. It is heavy when it arrives. There is a The piece is very good. It comes together well. The only thing you are doing is attaching the side walls to the roof. The door can swing to the inside of the crate a bit, which is weird because it doesn't stop for you. You have to pay attention. The space for your dog is large. This can be either good or bad. Our guy did pee in it, but once we cleaned it and got him settled, he realized it was his area. He likes it. Smaller dogs can't see out of the bar's window, which is at the top of the create. We covered his other crate with a cloth, so this doesn't bother him. There is a This is a nice looking crate. I like the look of wood. Our guy is very happy in there and this will last a long time.

👤This is what I love about it. The wood is stable. There is a lot of vent on the top. Make sure you get the right size for your dog. My dog can't scratch at the bottom of the solid bottom. I've used metal crates before, but I've never found my dog tearing up my carpet with her paws. She keeps her paws in the crate. She can find something to get into fast if she goes long from my home. If you are gone for a long time, this may be the only negative. Your dog can't see out while he is laying down. Excellent construction. It works for how I use it. There is a This review was honest and helpful.

👤You made a little girl happy. When she got in, she did an alligator roll with her toys. She got to convalece in her new bed after having her surgeries. She chewed the inside piece under the little spindles. She has stopped for now after I did a rub of balsamic on those boards. Puppies chew. It is easy to assemble the piece. Thank you!

10. RULI Wooden Detachable Indoor Chew Proof,Brown

RULI Wooden Detachable Indoor Chew Proof%EF%BC%8CBrown

The dog crate is made of metal fence and pressed wood. The dog kennel is not chew-proof. If your dog chews too much, they recommend buying a heavy-duty dog cage. This is an excellent piece of furniture and can be used as a dog house. It is an elegant side table, end table, coffee table, and bedside table, and it also provides an independent, safe area for your furry friends. Make your home warm. The first choice for dog crate furniture is yours. Two people can assemble it in a few minutes. It has a spring lock that prevents pets from opening the door on their own. The tray can be pulled out for cleaning. Rounded corners and a tight bottom net protect your pet's paws. The metal fence has a non-toxic powder coating, which is more eco-friendly and safer, and is effective at preventing rust. The size is 30.9" x 22.4" x 25.5" and the weight is 43 lbs. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 220 pounds, and the internal load-bearing capacity is 70 pounds. Medium dogs such as the Yorkie, the beagle, and the Sharpei can use it.

Brand: Ruli

11. Four Paws Wee Wee Standard Puppy

Four Paws Wee Wee Standard Puppy

Wee-Wee Pads have a 6-layer Floor Armor leak-proof system. The dog pee pads have quilted pockets. Pee pads have a wet-lock gel that traps urine. Dogs of all sizes are intended for 22" x 23" dog pads.

Brand: Four Paws

👤There are a lot of spots that are missing the white padding layers. The blue back of the pad can be seen in the last picture. There is a I hate the new pads more the longer I use them. My hands are getting wet. I think I use more pads than before. I am angry and disappointed with what this company did. I think they changed their pads for the worse. The old pad is smaller than the tighter boxes. The larger boxes are the new pad. The blue edge is smaller. The urine needs more of this pad. The need to use more pads has arisen. I only have a teacup yorkie. This is the first time I have complained. I used to like this product. I am going more than twice as many pads. The company was able to get us to buy more product from them. I'm so upset. I will look for a different company that makes better pads. Anyone have any recommendations?

👤Quality has changed a lot in the last few months. I have used these at an automatic box for 10 years. The white layers are thinner and the top layer starts peeling when wet. If a dog scratches or paws at the top of the sheet, it leaves a thin layer that I have never seen before. There is urine on the blue cover and floor. I am looking for a replacement. They have always come in a very sturdy box. No longer! There are boxes on top of each other and the inside stacks are not straight. Looking for a replacement.

👤I have used these pads for years for my dog. I wouldn't consider any substitues until now. I would leave if the store didn't carry the brand. I bought the X- Large instead of the large on Amazon. The pads are incredibly thin and if they didn't allow leakage on to the surface it wouldn't be an issue. The product used to suck away the water. My 15 year old yorkie is 3 lbs so her urnine output is very low. I am very disappointed that the manufacturer has decided to make a product that is now inferior. I decided to double up the layers because they aren't cost effective. I can't have urine leaks on my floor. There is a My prayer is that my dog will live long enough so that I can purchase a better brand.

👤I've been buying potty pads from this company for almost a year. Each order has a slight decrease in quality. Four paws enlisted a different manufacturer because the product was folded differently. The quality has dropped dramatically. The pads are not sealed to their backing. It looks like a defect. It's weird. You can see where the material thins out when you hold the pad up to the light. I would still have some thick good-quality pads on hand if I had ordered several boxes this year. This is either a hit or miss depending on which lot you get. This time it was really sad.


What is the best product for decorative dog crate for the house indoor?

Decorative dog crate for the house indoor products from Niteangel. In this article about decorative dog crate for the house indoor you can see why people choose the product. Furpezoo and New Age Pet are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative dog crate for the house indoor.

What are the best brands for decorative dog crate for the house indoor?

Niteangel, Furpezoo and New Age Pet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative dog crate for the house indoor. Find the detail in this article. Ezwhelp, Casual Home and Mr. Herzher's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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