Best Decorative Dog Crate Large

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1. Petsfit Travel Indoor Outdoor Medium

Petsfit Travel Indoor Outdoor Medium

The soft dog crate is not good for chewing. The soft cover can be replaced. New case will be sent to you to replace any case problems that happened in a year. Medium to large dogs for pets up to 23''. Travel dog crate is odorless and safe to keep your pet safe. The crate is safe and odorless to protect your pet's health. Two doors can be rolled up. The frame design is designed to hold the mesh in place without using tools. Petsfit soft crate is foldable and light weight. This rate works well for an open bed. If you are trying to use it as a secure rate, it's good. The soft pad is a private place to sleep. It has several mesh designs that make it good for air flow.

Brand: Petsfit

👤After searching for over 2 years for a soft pop-up crate that was sturdy and well built, I ordered this one. We were pleasantly surprised at how well built this crate was, from the moment it was out of the box. There is a The crate we have had for our dogs is the best one we have had. It is important to note that pop-up/ soft crate should not be used for a pet when you are not at home. Use an airline crate if you are looking for a secure crate. The black wire crates are great, but our dogs seem to like the feel of an enclosed crate. We use it in our bedroom. The puppy loves her crate. The mesh, material, and structure are all very well made and we expect this to last for a long time. A good and a bad.

👤I am glad I found this crate, I don't write reviews often. I've never crate-trained a dog before, but I brought home a puppy and realized it was necessary. The plastic, cage-looking crates were the main reason I didn't want one. The crate is very comfortable and doesn't look like a puppy-jail. It comes with a soft pad, but I replaced it with a memory foam one our puppy likes, which fit perfectly. We didn't have to force our puppy to go into the crate as soon as I lined it up with his bed, blanket and pillow. I like that it opens up on the sides and top, which makes my puppy feel comfortable and confident that he can go in and out as he pleases. He takes naps and plays on his own. He sleeps through the night when we zip up the doors. The sides are mesh and I like that. He can see us and we can see him even when it's closed. This crate is great in an apartment. Very happy with the purchase.

👤This is my initial reaction. If it changes in a few weeks, I will update. I have a small dog. He is almost 9 lbs and has never been destructive. Not even inside a crate or carrier. There is a I thought a soft crate was a good option for us. There is a If your dog is large, destructive, or related to Roudini, you may need a metal crate. There is a As soon as I picked up the box outside, I was so happy. Light and nice! It will make my life easier because I have to move the metal crate around in my apartment. The carrier is beautiful. It seems strong for my dog. It was easy to assemble. Have taken it down yet! There is a It is a nice medium size. Very pleased so far! There is a It has 3 openings that are open. I plan on leaving it under my desk for a safe place, so the side opening is perfect. There is a I didn't know that it comes with a mat. There is a It is very soft. There is a It is beige, oh boy! The grey and blue details of the crate don't match with the other things. I think that's correct. We are good in the matching department since I bought an American kennel club grey crate bed. It will be nice to not have to drag around a crate while we are traveling this weekend.

2. Mr Herzhers X Large Deluxe Residence

Mr Herzhers X Large Deluxe Residence

100% responsible for dog kennels indoor, professional customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you leave a message on the order page, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution quicker. The dog crate is a classic American Craftsman style. The 5 Way Door opens in or out and hinges from either the left or right, and it hides underneath the kennel out of the way. All types of flooring are protected by elevated base and padded feet. The furniture grade solid wood frame in Early American finish and medium brown rattan will fit most decor in any room.

Brand: Mr. Herzher's

👤The dog crates that serve their purpose look great. When we have visitors, the English bulldog is usually the only one that is hard. Our Bodie sleeps in it at night and he likes going into it on his own when he wants some space. Our dog isn't a chewer or scratcher, but this crate has held up well for three years, and we've owned it for three years. It's easy to put together. We would have bought the large size instead of the x-large. The living area was moved to my office because the crate is too tall. The average English Bulldog is about 50LBs and 21" tall, so a large size of this product would be perfect for them. Unlike the other reviewer, we have never had an issue with the latches and compared to your average crate, these are well made, of what appears to be 3/8" rolled steel pins with above average strength springs. I would recommend a well constructed dog grate to anyone.

👤The door is multi-functional. The springs on the latches pop out when you squeeze the handles to open the door. Considering the price, this is a great disappointment. If one is willing to use their own skill to modify the shipped product with respect to the doorlatch, then this product is theirs. It is a nice looking building. Be aware of the latches. They are of poor quality.

3. Staart Radius Wooden Chablis Medium

Staart Radius Wooden Chablis Medium

Symmetric and multi-functional. Double as a side table, end table, or night stand. It's perfect for apartments or small spaces and can provide additional storage space. The rounded edges on the bottom of the crate help protect pets from injuries as they are climbing in and out of the crate. The raised legs prevent the crate from leaving marks on the carpet. The wooden dog crate is made with pet safe materials. The metal mesh vents are durable and provide excellent air flow and visibility to keep your pet safe while they are away in the crate. If your pet has an accident, the inside is treated with a waterproof coating so it won't get soaked or damaged. Your pet can relax on the Windows on 3 sides. There are small, medium, and large sizes available to accommodate your pet. The medium crate is perfect for larger dogs. The modern design is finished with a sleek wood veneer that makes it look like a minimalist vibe.

Brand: Staart

👤Garbage! The dog house was broken. It was advertised as being assembled. Unassembled. Additionally. There is a big scratch on the grey wood frame. Absolutely noticeable. The dog house was expensive. My dog is upset. So am I.

👤Quality control is the only problem. The lock was installed upside down, the screws were weak, and some of the panels were scratched. The house is comfortable and beautiful.

👤It's okay! Pre drilled holes don't seem to be in the right places, the door was hard to get on. There is a A metal cage is the best way to keep your dog from chewing. Our dog ripped the wood off the inside.

👤The product is terrible and the customer service is terrible. I complained to the seller and was asked to send pictures, but I never got a response. Avoid! If I could, I would give zero stars.

👤Both sides were cracked when they arrived late. Not worth the price. Very disappointed. Don't waste your money. I only got a 1 star rating because I couldn't pick a winner.

4. Furniture Crates Medium Decorative Indoor

Furniture Crates Medium Decorative Indoor

It is made of natural pine wood. Farmhouse design can be painted to match furniture style. Study the construction of wood. Hardware included for quick and easy assembly. Medium size table can be used as a side table, end table or night stand. If you need to, the door and top can be removed.

Brand: Basicro

👤We didn't want a cheap, easily-destructible piece that looked like a dog crate, so we were unsure about getting this. Two of the dog condos we made were sturdy, looked nice, and blend as furniture. This did not fail to impress. We saved a handsome buck by purchasing this and getting another made for us. This is a victory. We put a rubber boot train at the bottom of the crate to catch and easily clean any accidents that may occur.

👤My dog chewed through the bars of the item, which is a bit different than the photos that are easy to assemble.

👤The looks of this crate are very nice.

👤The instructions were wrong and it was really easy. Figured it out without any issues. It was a perfect size for what we needed. Plan to stain it soon. Very happy with it.

👤You will need assistance with this. The wood is heavy and real. I would have been sad to have to take it up the stairs. It is heavy when it arrives. There is a The piece is very good. It comes together well. The only thing you are doing is attaching the side walls to the roof. The door can swing to the inside of the crate a bit, which is weird because it doesn't stop for you. You have to pay attention. The space for your dog is large. This can be either good or bad. Our guy did pee in it, but once we cleaned it and got him settled, he realized it was his area. He likes it. Smaller dogs can't see out of the bar's window, which is at the top of the create. We covered his other crate with a cloth, so this doesn't bother him. There is a This is a nice looking crate. I like the look of wood. Our guy is very happy in there and this will last a long time.

👤This is what I love about it. The wood is stable. There is a lot of vent on the top. Make sure you get the right size for your dog. My dog can't scratch at the bottom of the solid bottom. I've used metal crates before, but I've never found my dog tearing up my carpet with her paws. She keeps her paws in the crate. She can find something to get into fast if she goes long from my home. If you are gone for a long time, this may be the only negative. Your dog can't see out while he is laying down. Excellent construction. It works for how I use it. There is a This review was honest and helpful.

👤You made a little girl happy. When she got in, she did an alligator roll with her toys. She got to convalece in her new bed after having her surgeries. She chewed the inside piece under the little spindles. She has stopped for now after I did a rub of balsamic on those boards. Puppies chew. It is easy to assemble the piece. Thank you!

5. Trixie Products Wooden X Large Litter

Trixie Products Wooden X Large Litter

The cat litter box is hidden. Can be used as a pet house. There is a litter catcher in the entrance area. You can choose the entrance on the right or left side. The door is wide for easy cleaning. CARB Phase II is compliant.

Brand: Trixie

👤I made modifications to this item and it isn't what it was intended to be. My cat has a litter box. A friend gave me the idea of this box because the dust has not been good to my sinuses since the Pandemic started. I am old. My cat is old. I made some changes because I didn't want to have to pull the litter box in and out, and older cats don't like change. There is a My cat does not like change so I started with the base and 3 sides and let him walk into the box as he pleases. I added the top after a few days when he was used to it. I have added one door since then, but will not add the other door for a few more days. There is a I put the lid on the hinges because I don't want to have to pull the litter box in and out of the furniture. I didn't use the insert panel inside because I have a litter pan. I used that piece to create the arm to hold the lid up. There is a I love the piece of furniture. I like that I can hide the litter box. Even with my modifications, it looks good when closed. There is a If the manufacturer reads this, I would like to see a future edition that has hinges to lift the lid. I can clean the litter box without having to lift it.

👤I put it together in about an hour. I was worried if the litter box would fit. The box fits even with the lid on. I am very happy that my cats don't have to go to the bathroom.

👤I own a 5 in 1 activity center and one of their Cat trees and have purchased three Trixies. I bought the Cat washroom bench because my Russian Blue is a cat that runs out of the cat litter box and leaves a trail of cat litter behind all of my new floors. My other cat is 21 years old and is a lazy bastard. The Cat Bench was easy to assemble but the main board cracked during assembly. I didn't contact the seller to get a replacement because I was frustrated with the process on Amazon. There is a The area that broke isn't visible and is up against a wall. I covered the cracked area with duct tape but it's not going to last very long because it's not hooked into the middle of the dowel. I would expect a slightly better quality and workmanship for the price. I own the Petsfit and find it to be of better quality and workmanship. My cats won't use it. There is a The Trixie Bench has helped make litter spillage manageable and my cats use it. I spend less time cleaning the litterbox area.

👤It was too small. Pay attention to the measurement. My kitty is 17 lbs and he pees half in the cat box and half on the floor of the container because it's a tight fit. He's not huge, he's just long, and the catbox is not big enough for him to get into it. There is a It's alright width wise. It's too short in height. I had high hopes that it would help there, but he still tracks litter out, so don't expect it to really help. I don't know what to do with it, it's too annoying to take it apart and send it back for a refund, and I have wasted a bunch of money on something he can't use. Disappointing.

6. Lunarable Inspired Flourish Feminine Bouquet

Lunarable Inspired Flourish Feminine Bouquet

The size is 36" x 23" x 27". It's a universal fit for most large wire crates. The kennel cover is durable. The canvas is made from 100% Polyester. The dog crate cover is high quality. The cover has hook and loop fasteners. It's suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The cover is machine washed. The dryer is safe. It's easy to iron. No fading or tearing with proper care. Digital printing technology allows for the creation of printed objects. Only the cover is not included.

Brand: Lunarable

7. Medium Cage with Crate Cover

Medium Cage with Crate Cover

The dimensions are WxDxH. The External: 21.5" x 32.7" x 23.3", Internal: 19.2" x 30.2" x 18.6", and the Door: 13 x 15. The main components of the crate are covered by panels to give it a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance. Their solid crate top allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside. There is a plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning. The wire is made with powder coated steel and solid wood. It is easy to set up with wood panels.

Brand: Merry Pet

👤We bought a medium sized crate in 2013 and a large crate in 2015. They are the perfect size for our corgi and german shepherd and look great in the house. The crate that we purchased in 2013 has stood the test of time and still looks great. We bought a large one this year for our shepherd and have been happy with both of them.

👤We ordered a crate for our dog. She's about half the size of a Sheltie and a little bit smaller than a normal Aussie. Under 35 lbs. She is barely fit in the crate. The crate looks to be of moderate quality. If a little wobbly, well painted, goes together pretty easily. When everything is assembled, the wood veneer wraparound looks great. Since the pieces of the veneer are not connected, any movement of the crate causes parts of it to fall off. The crate is flimsy and that is a regular occurrence. We had a high quality steel crate for her and it wouldn't budge. It looked like something out of a zoo in the corner of the living room. Our dog is small and crate trained. She willingly goes in her crate, even though she gets a little separation anxiety. She did what you see in the pictures below after a week of worrying at the door side. Don't be fooled, this crate isn't well-built. It's heavy-gauge wire. She bent several of the bars, warped the door completely, and snapped through a couple of the spot welds. The last image shows her bruised up muzzle, which she did very badly. I sent an email to the company to see what they could do to improve the rating, but it was purely based on the quality of the product, so it was knocked down pretty far. There is a It is an hour. If anyone doubts how crate-trained Sammi is, I attached a photo from our security camera of her happily snoozing in her crate. Returned from PlumStruck. They were curt and refused to help me. I offered to pay for an upgrade to a larger crate but they didn't offer assistance. My dog is going to the vet this afternoon for damage to her muzzle from this low quality product. I'm out over $130 for a product that is no longer usable.

👤I'm changing it to one star because I originally gave it three stars. The wooden bottom broke two months after I bought the medium size. I have tried using wood glue to put it back together, but it splintered in the right places, so I have not been able to hold the wooden pegs in place. It is not a standard 42" crate because of the large size. The crate and end table pieces are listed. Standard sized replacements will not work if you are trying to find a replacement crate or pan. I tried to order a replacement from Amazon, but the tray is too wide to slide in. The local pet stores have the same standard sizes. I have not had to replace the crate pan on it because I assumed the medium size measurements were the same. The wooden pieces are not sturdy, as many people have mentioned, and the crates themselves are not. It is very easy for them to pop out of place as they are only secured by the top and bottom wooden trays, meaning if they get bumped out of place they can fall out. This is the second one we have purchased. I think these look better than regular crates, but we found that the crate itself is not as strong as we had thought. They don't seem to be very well made. You can put the existing crate in the cover if you have the same crate. The crate cover is very easy to disassemble. The top, bottom, four corner pieces, and front cover are all part of the crate. You put the crate in the bottom tray, put the four corner pieces on, put the top on, and then put the front cover on. All the pieces fit together. It can be wobbly if it gets moved around a lot and if you have dogs that get excited. The top scratches were easy to find. I wanted to use the larger size as an end table. It was too tall. I bought another for that purpose and it works well. I would not have purchased a second one if I had not needed it for that purpose. If you can build just the top piece to sit items on so they don't fall into the crate, it would work just as well and save you a lot of money. There is no point in the other pieces.

8. Pet Gear Garage Style Travel Required

Pet Gear Garage Style Travel Required

Product dimensions are 36.5 x 24.5 x 27 inches. There is a large side door that opens up and out of the way like a garage door. There is a Bolster pad for your pet. No tools are needed to set up or fold down. Wheels and handle for moving from room to room. The insulated base does not crack in cold weather.

Brand: Pet Gear

👤I like the look of this crate compared to an all wire one. I have a small dog which I bought a long time ago and now have a puppy who is growing, so I decided to use the medium size crate for my second dog. The medium is larger than the small. The small is too small for my puppy. One of the clips for the top came off when I attempted to unfold and reassemble after a road trip with a folded flat crate. Doesn't seem right. I'm not sure if it's because I received a refurb or if it's because I'm bigger. The first one I bought was a small size and it's solid.

👤The plastic hooks that are supposed to keep the crate from collapsing are not adequate, and the side opening makes it difficult for my dog to sit in it. My fur baby had a collapse when he bumped into the folds. The hooks are easy to move. Thank goodness. The crate fell on top of him after he exited it. I regret trying to use it when I questioned its strength. The manufacturer needs to figure out how to replace the flimsy plastic hooks with a metal one that will lock instead. I wouldn't recommend this crate to anyone unless they modified it themselves to make it safer. I don't want to spend my money on something that is risky.

👤I ordered this for my 8 week old puppy and I love it! There is a The aesthetic! I have a lot of plants, wood, greenery in my decor so it fits right in and is much more stylish than typical crates. This is the reason I bought this kennel. There is a It was easy to assemble. I am not sure if it was because I purchased a used very good one, but it popped right up and I was able to put it in place in less than 15 minutes. Two screws fell out of the bag, which made me concerned about my safety. I inspected the crate and couldn't find the place they came from. I assumed extra after saving them. I did a lot of safety checks to make sure my dog was okay. There is a The door options are efficient. I crate train on the typical side, but thesky door is so convenient for praise, handing your pup treats, and not having to continue to train them to stay since they cannot walk out, that I use it more. It is only a con that it is a little clunky due to being very structured. I wouldn't travel with it. There is a I recommend.

👤It was too heavy for a senior to deal with and I had problems getting it set up. I researched size, weight, how it worked but it didn't work for me. Since he came home with us, I have used a baby play pen on my senior dog. He has a set way of doing things. Doesn't require a crate. I am in the process of downsizing and thought I could find something smaller than the baby play pen. I returned it. I found the set up too complex for me.

9. BarkWood Large Pet Crate Table

BarkWood Large Pet Crate Table

It is fully assembled for easy use. Sturdy and hefty construction for a long time. Set up the perfect size with single or multiple gates. There is a rubber foot on the bottom of each gate panel. Wrap around swing door that closes completely to the side of the crate to allow maximum access for your dog. All stages are described in the age range description.

Brand: Barkwood Pets

👤The design and hardware are terrible. You need to reach inside over two feet, left-handed, to drive a screw at a 90-degree angle. At some point, you should crawl into the crate on your back and install 8 screws. I had to replace the three stripped screw heads with screws from my workshop, which was 10 times easier to install. I have put a lot of self-assembled furniture together, but this one is one of the worst. This is not easy to install. The person who designed this did it on paper and has no idea of reality. There are four spots on the top of the painting that are about the size of a quarter. The corner of the top piece is damaged from shipping, so I will need to repair it. We had to cover the crate with a quilt because of the damage and lacquer smudges. We have a similar crate for our first dog and we have been waiting for it to come back in stock. We bought this product instead of the other way around. Our first crate is better than the rest. I hope this falls apart so that we can buy something that matches our expectations. What a waste.

👤I put money into this crate. The bars were thrown on the door by my puppy. My puppy ate the pieces of plywood because it's not real wood. I'm very upset about this. My puppy was sick from chewing. I was sleepy. I bought it for my puppy to sleep in. It isn't made with the right materials for puppies. It needs to be chew proof. I thought I was getting a safe crate. I have to throw it away. I would love to get a refund. Shannon Sequeira is a person.

👤The product arrived undamaged. It was very sturdy and easy to assemble. My German Shepherd is approximately 72 lbs and she is able to walk inside and stand up. The bottom of the mat is made of wood. The area looks very clean and matches other furniture that I like.

👤It took me about two hours to put it together after I followed the directions. I am sure this is an error and putting it together but I don't know how I would do it differently.

👤The wood had cracks and was requested a replacement with splits on the top part of the wood.

👤The dog crate was what we were looking for. It was easy to assemble and had the look we wanted. There was a small crack on the crate top when we received it, which is one of the reasons we are only giving it 2 out of 5 stars. One of the pilot holes drilled for screw placement was off and caused the screw to come out of the face of the crate leaving a visible hole. The kennel is great, but this is disappointing.

👤I am very happy with my purchase.

👤This item is not built for a 90lb dog. The poor dog would not be able to move around. Customer service can be difficult to deal with. Someone else can be found to buy through.

10. MidWest Folding Divider Protecting Leak Proof

MidWest Folding Divider Protecting Leak Proof

The 'All Inclusive Dog Crate' includes a free divider panel, a durable dog tray, carrying handle, and 4 roller feet to protect floors. The large double door folding dog crate is ideal for dogs with an adult weight of 71 to 90 pounds and can expand as the dog grows. While you're away, your dog's home. While you're away, a durable design makes a safe place for your pet. Two heavy duty slide bolt latches firmly locks the dog crate door in place, keeping your dog safe inside, and it is waterproof and will contain spills if he has an accident. Easy assembly and portable design, sets up in seconds and folds flat for convenient storage or travel, Roller feet protect hardwoods, make positioning easy. The finish is black.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤The 11 week old German Shepard puppy tried to get out of the top of the kennel by opening the top latch. He was dead when he was wedged in the cage. We were gone for less than 30 minutes. Our children are distraught. We are no longer present. Our puppy was supposed to be in this kennel. I hope this isn't the case for any other family.

👤This is the same as every other wire crate except for one thing. The sliding lock was shaped like a sideways "L". You slide it over, then roll the bar down, and the door will be locked. The straight bar on this crate is easy to slide over. If your dog is the sort that will try to get out or starts barking and jumping at the door, the latch can be side open. Modification of a part that doesn't work is not a good idea. How much do you save by leaving a piece of the bar off? The price goes up, the quality goes down.

👤There are a lot of bad reviews on this. The blame is evenly divided here. 1. If your dog is not crate trained, you cannot leave him unattended in a crate. It is your fault if your pet dies trying to escape. 2. The dog could possibly get out of the latched door. It is cheap and there is a solution. Click the search bar and type in theranger bands after you add this to your cart. Then buy them. You can use these to keep the crate latched. See the photos in my review. The crate is not made to hold a staffie mix like the one you found on the side road. It can be used to crate train a puppy or keep a large strong dog in it. There is a If your dog is big, strong, and has not been crate trained, you will destroy the crate and hurt him in the process. The crates are not to blame. If this happens, it is your fault. This is the third one I received. Two have been perfect. The last one was damaged in transit. Assembly was a terrible pain because of that. It was fine after the bends were straightened. I am sure I could have contacted the seller and gotten a new one, but it wasn't important to me.

👤I bought this crate for the price and the included divider, but also because the description assured me that it had "rounded corners". I thought it would be safe for my puppy to grow. "corners" only means corners. The crate's wires are not rounded. My puppy cut her nose while in the crate. I found out why after inspecting the crate. The hinges on the doors are made by folding the horizontal wires over the vertical wires at the door opening. The ends of the wires are not rounded or filed down, and they are sharp enough to cut a dog's nose or paw on the end door of a crate. Instructions say not to put a dog in a crate with her collar on, and that a dog could catch her collar on one of the wires. How many people read that? I guess you get what you pay for, but Amazon should stop selling this crate until the problem is fixed, because there are sharp edges inside it. I'm going to the pet store to find a SAFE crate. I don't know if it's worth the hassle to return the one I have.

11. TRIXIE 39505 Wooden Crate Kennel

TRIXIE 39505 Wooden Crate Kennel

Magazines, Potted plants, and other items have a wide top. It's suitable as a side table or end table. The construction is made using solid MDF and Smooth veneer. Any interior design can be matched with classic furniture d├ęcor.

Brand: Trixie

👤I pulled out the cheap construction that was good for a small dog but not good for anything else.

👤I like the idea of this. I left the door open so she could come and go. Love it.


What is the best product for decorative dog crate large?

Decorative dog crate large products from Petsfit. In this article about decorative dog crate large you can see why people choose the product. Mr. Herzher's and Staart are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative dog crate large.

What are the best brands for decorative dog crate large?

Petsfit, Mr. Herzher's and Staart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative dog crate large. Find the detail in this article. Basicro, Trixie and Lunarable are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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