Best Decorative Dog Crate with Divider

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1. Petmate ProValu Crate Precision System

Petmate ProValu Crate Precision System

Reliable wire kennel. The dog crate for medium dogs has two doors on either side for maximum security, and a round corner to ensure it is not damaged. They provide traditional travel carriers, wire training exercise kennels, play pens and barn-style dog houses. Petmate has been passionate about their dogs, cats and furry friends for over 50 years. They've produced many eco-friendly products that pets will love. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and small furry friends. All stages are described in the age range description.

Brand: Precision Pet Products

👤My cat cannot be moved in a carrier. He is a sweet cat, but he becomes a demon in the carrier trying to get out. He made his teeth bleed by pulling on the carrier door. I thought I would give the crate a try and see if it would calm him down. It was a miracle fix. Two cats are completely different. My cat was very comfortable in this crate. He did not meow. It was the right size for him. He is about 9 lbs. I thought the crate would be heavy for a small person, but it was easy for me to handle. It has two doors, one on the top and one on the side, so you can choose which one makes the cat more comfortable. I don't know why this cat is so happy in this crate, but it made a huge difference for us. Highly recommended!

👤I love the products of this company. When my dog was a puppy, I ordered an extra small crate. I ordered a medium-size crate from a different company, without thinking about it. It was so bad that I had to cut myself on every edge. Had to return it, went back and ordered the medium from this company, just got it today. And it is perfect! I will never, ever get a crate from a different company.

👤The crate is sharp, even though it may be sturdy. All of the cuts are not sanded/ground. I didn't think to check the cut offs as the product description went on about rounded corners, I received the crate. I woke up to my puppy screaming and yelping, not the I need to go out or I want to be with you. You have to hear it once in your life to know it is not pain. She jumped out of bed and into the crate. I found blood on my leg when I checked her out, there was a cut on her paw. She had a blanket and toys in the crate. I checked the crate and there was blood, sorry, but I didn't think pictures was more important than what hurt her. I felt the bar cut me, it was sharp, not much pressure, and I felt the bar where it was cut off. If you buy this crate, I would inspect every cut off as there are many that are not filed or ground smooth.

👤It was the best purchase. It is easy to assemble. Medium is the perfect size for my jack russel mix. He has anxiety and pees when left alone. I put a blanket over him and gave him a toy to play with, he loved it immediately, and after a while he was happy to be closed in at night and when I was not at home. No more accidents for the happy dog.

👤This is a 5-star product. The 5-point locking system was great. The edges are straight. The wire is smooth. A good weight is wire. The only issue we had was size. Our mini-dachshund is just under 9 lbs and should be full grown by 11 months. She can sit, stand, turn around, and lie down, but not stretch out. If you have a dachshund, you know how they love to stretch out, even kicking their hind legs back. The photo was taken in a crate. We are getting a 30” crate. Hope this helps others. There is an update. The 24” and 30” crate are available. The dog is in a crate. If she decided to stretch out, you can see how much more room she has in the 30” because she is in the same position. The mini is fully grown at 1yr 3 mos.

2. Pinnacle Systems Replacement Kennels Kennel

Pinnacle Systems Replacement Kennels Kennel

Say no to the use of plastic floor lines. Don't let your dog cut itself on sharp edges or swallow plastic pieces. Not just as a crate liner. You can use it to hold your pet's food bowls, muddy shoes, or a half-finished puzzle. It's perfect for pet crates, grease dip traps, garage, and garden. Their primary concern is satisfaction of customer. If you don't like the performance of their dog kennel tray, they will give you a hassle-free refund. No questions were asked. Click on the button and you will be taken to the checkout. It is leak-proof and chews proof. Choose from galvanized finish for dog crate tray. It is resistant to wear and tear, but needs to be kept dry. The pan tray is more reliable than plastic. They need the exact size of the pan you want to order to finish the order process. Since the custom pan has a no return policy, please measure carefully. It is built to last. Sturdy metal construction has perks of its own. The metal dog crate tray is odor free. Even if you have a large, heavy dog, it won't crack, split or shatter. The pan can collect dirt, hair, and any other mess with your dog. It's important to make sure that you're safe and secure when it's about your dog. The metal sides and corners are folded over to expose the smooth surfaces of you and your pet. Unlike many other plastic dog crate pans. Their dog crate trays do not release any fumes that can harm your dog or cause protenial harm for them to cut themselves while chewing. It was made in the USA.

Brand: Pinnacle Systems

👤I have a Doberman who hates the tray from her cage and wants to destroy it. I needed something that would not be destroyed. She has an extra large cage so I ordered the correct tray and it fit perfectly, I had no issues getting it in her cage. Thank you very much!

👤Exactly what I was looking for after my 9 month old Great Dog chewed through 2 plastic trays. A perfect fit for the steel. I ordered the closest size after I measured my crate twice. It slides in. When my dog stepped on the tray, it scared her. It is metal on metal. I put an old blanket under the tray to fix it. It arrived with a few small scratches. I think they are probably from storage, they are stacked on top of each other. The dog crate has a tray. It is not an artistic masterpiece to be looked at. So far, I'm very pleased. I'll update my review if that changes. It is sturdy and well made. A little on the heavy side. The 48x 30 size is what I ordered.

👤The product is chew proof. I can't put anything inside because my dog shreds everything. The metal tray was the reason I bought it. My dogs coat is bluish grey. She is white. I used sand paper to scratch the tray. My dog is still turning blue. I sprayed the rubber coating on it. I am not sure if anyone has a better solution or the company. Can you help me? The rubber coating was scratched off by my dog. I think the price is a little cheaper. It makes my dog bluish in color, it is almost as though the material is wearing off. idk I hope my dog doesn't get sick from this. It is awful.

👤We wanted a metal one because our dog chewed on it. The reviews made me want to buy this. I think it is a great replacement. It fits in our crate perfectly and is very heavy duty. I don't like going by the reviews because everyone has a different opinion. I think the tray was worth the money.

👤The black plastic tray that came with the kennel was devoured by my seven month old pitbull puppy. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this replacement was not as far away as I had thought. It's definitely worth every penny.

👤The quality and stability should be better for the price. I had to bend the product back into place after it was damaged on all four sides. While the lip is folded, the entire piece could be more rigid if the shape was stamped out instead of the inadequate soldering that was done to hold it together. I wish they did a better job of shipping it to me and a better job with the soldering.

👤I like this item. I'm pretty sure you can go to a local machine shop and have them stamp you a crate bottom for a fee. For a lower fee. I would have gone to do that if I'd known this thing was so basic. If you want one, ask a shop to make it. I have the means. It took so long to get here, and the shop could have done it sooner. I don't think it will have dents like the one I received. I don't know who to blame. The manufacturer or the courier. It's difficult to say. It's still functional. I didn't ask for another or a refund. Is this a good idea? It depends on how desperate you are and how long you are willing to wait. I would just go and get quotes from different shops. I'm sure they will have something similar.

3. Casual Home Wooden Large Espresso

Casual Home Wooden Large Espresso

Solid wood construction is made in Thailand. The product dimensions are 36.5” L x 24” W x 29.25” H and are intended for larger pets. The weight limit is 200 lbs. No divider was included. The end table design makes this pet crate easy to assemble. Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity makes a lockable gate a good choice. It is easy to clean a crate by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Brand: Casual Home

👤We bought the large size for our two smaller dogs. We love the look of this compared to the wire crate. It is a nice looking piece of furniture. It was easy to do it by yourself, but having an extra set of hands was nice. There is a One of our pups is an avid chewer and we knew she would be easy to work with. We decided to make it unchewable. We purchased a 1/2 inch hardware cloth from our local hardware store, 10' x 2' was perfect for the large crate, and we only had to cut the length, height, and #8 x 1/2” screws. The #8 size head fit perfectly with the overlap of the opening, although a smaller head screw would work with washers, and the 1/2” length was the just right for screw into the thicker edge pieces. We measured, cut and installed it during assembly, but it can be done after you spend some time in a crate. The hardware cloth is a little more straightforward. The medal can be very sharp, so be sure to wear gloves and drill pilot holes for each screw. There is a The piece is practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing, and we love it. I have an issue with the hinge type and it is not worth taking a star away from. The door and crate have pegs on top and bottom. The door rubs when opening and closing due to the lack of clearance on the bottom. We plan to add a handle to the door to make it easier to use. We plan to add an anti fatigue mat to the bottom to help them sleep better and to help silence the sounds of them playing with toys. I think this is a good idea. We only had it a few weeks but we are quite pleased with it.

👤I bought the large version. I thought it would be smaller, but I'm very happy with it. There is plenty of space in my dog's crate. It was very easy to build. The instructions were easy to follow. I have a small version of this, but I wanted something bigger for my dog. There is a side by side comparison.

👤I got a puppy. I am impressed. Everything you need except a phillips is included. It is very sturdy once it is assembled. I read a couple of reviews where people said it was too small, people got that horse out of your house, it doesn't belong there. Adane could fit in this thing. I had room to spare because I put my dog and 2 kids in there. The finish is nice, whoever packed this thing did a great job, bubble wrap inside a box wrapped around foam and everything was secure and didn't bounce or slide during transit. There isn't a scratch on it. If you dog can tear this thing up, how do you sleep at night? I read a review that stated not for a "destructive dog", holy shit man, if you dog can tear this thing up, how do you sleep at night? I'd be worried that the dog would come for me.

4. MidWest Professional Extra Strong Protecting Leak Proof

MidWest Professional Extra Strong Protecting Leak Proof

A leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber feet, and a free divider panel are included in the double door heavy-duty folding metal dog crate. The weight of the product is 33 lbs. For dogs with a weight between 26 and 40 lbs. The mesh is 1.5” x 3” Two slide-bolt latches per door lock the doors in place in a double door dog crate. The dog crate folds flat for convenient storage and travel. The strongest wire gauge and most durable metal dog crate is the Ultima Pro, it is great for strong dogs, show dogs and pet parents who travel a lot with their dog.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤"Ultimate crap" is what the part stands for. These are the worst dog crates I have ever owned. The hinge design for the end doors is an issue with these crates. On a bad day, the door doesn't swing freely. They are bent when they arrive. The hinges on the crate will be Borked if the crate is not bent beyond use. The hinges will break off on a bad day. There is a My dogs are easy to train. The hinges on my boy's room have been weird from the beginning. They were bent when the crate arrived. One was not completely closed. I used pliers to pinch it. The end door's bottom hinge snapped off this week. When I complained to Midwest about how they package their crates and they were always bent to hell when I got them, they told me that they had never had any complaints about bent crates before. That is obviously a crock. I was worried about fighting them for a warranty replacement. There is a I ordered a crate from another online store. I was reluctant to use the wire gauge for my boy because it was thin. He's the biggest of my dogs, and he's a violent nester, and gets crazy when he's in his blankets. I was worried that it wouldn't stay standing. I traded that one for another Midwest Ultima that I had stored away for one of my other dogs. Brand new. Never used. I put it up last night. The door hinges are binding. What a surprise. Tonight, the hinge snaps off. Two of these crates have fallen apart due to the horrible hinge design. I love the crates more than anything else. The wire gauge is heavy duty. The size is large. I like having three doors. The hinges wouldn't break if the doors worked. There are three Midwest Ultima 48" crates that have held together. I had to modify the hinge loops on it to make them work. The side door is different from the end doors and it has lasted. I expect the end doors to break off when I use them. The crate I bought for my dog does not have the horror-hinge design. It has two doors, one on each side, and they both work well. The wire gauge is thick. It makes me want to gag to think about buying another Midwest product in this lifetime, but I may go with a Life Stages crate. This would be a great crate if Midwest fixes the hinge design. There is a It's a good idea to get one from Amazon that won't be mangled. Prepare to return it. They will expect you to try to get it back. If you can, you will want to preserve the box. Good luck getting it back in the box. The smaller crate arrived in one piece. It was still usable despite being bent at one corner. If the box is less banged up, I would recommend returning it without opening it. I've learned this the hard way. You have a chance of the crate having broken welds, bent panels, or door hinges, even if it came from Amazon. You should watch out for that. I don't want to try to get Midwest to replace these crates. You can't just replace the end panels because of the construction. I will be very surprised if I can get a replacement for one of these crates, given their reputation for lousy customer service. Wishing me luck. The broken hinge and pieces are shown in the pictures I included, and one picture shows an undamaged hinge, so you can see the difference. The lighting was poor. Midwest customer service has been great. The triple door version of the model was the one that I purchased. The triple door version was discontinued by Midwest. The two-door version has a fixed hinge. I supplied theMidwest with proof of purchase and pictures of the issue. They have shipped out two brand new replacement crates, under the warranty, after their response was fast and professional. I hope they don't get banged up during shipping, because I haven't received them yet. At this point, that is the open question. They were very pleased with the response from their customer service. I expected a fight to get them replaced. I was pleasantly surprised.

5. Unipaws Wooden Kennels Furniture Espresso

Unipaws Wooden Kennels Furniture Espresso

The dog rate is made of metal enclosure bars and pressed wood. It's perfect for small dogs. It is large to walk around in. The pressed wood isn't chew-proof. There is a dual-purPOSE. This piece of furniture is used as a dog crate. The side table, end table, and nightstand are elegant. It's a great way to show your decorative side and make your home stand out. You can choose home creativity. The top is wide. The top has a capacity of 150 lbs and is durable to add your choice of home décor such as a small/medium plant, magazines, family picture frames and night lamps. The double door design and churchyard are included. The double door design makes it easier to remove the cushion for quick cleaning. It is possible to have a full view of your pet as they can see you and you can enjoy watching them rest in style. It's nice for pet nap time.

Brand: Unipaws

👤I paid too much for this one. The quality is pretty good. First of all, read the instructions. Trust me, you will want to build all four sides before dropping it on the base. I only needed a screwdriver. When it arrives, the box is 78 pounds. If you have to bring it upstairs, keep that in mind. I built this myself. It took about an hour. It adds a functional piece of furniture to the kitchen and my dog loves it. I am happy to get rid of that ugly crate. It gives me a place to put the cat food and cat water because my dog can't get into it. Not sure about the quality of the paint. It is too early to tell. I have a feeling that I will be touching it again and again.

👤The crate is beautiful. It took a minute to figure out where we could put it in our house because it would look out of place. We fell in love with it once we found a good spot. The pictures show our dog in it. He has enough room. It's easy to make the bed work because it's too large for the space it fits in. I'm not sure it's worth it for any dog, but for our $3k champion-sired stud male who is the face of our breeding program, we felt it was worth it. We paid $184 on Prime Day. It was easy to put together. We can't get over how beautiful it is. It's better than a wire crate.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It was expensive for a crate and I was regretting it when it showed up in a big box. I have a dog. I thought I might have gone too far and the assembly seemed overwhelming. It was very easy to assemble, and it is very high quality. Sugar was waiting for me to put it together on the little bed that comes with it, and he ran in as soon as it was fully assembled. She loves it. It is so pleasing. When she sees me on the couch, she usually runs to it. She is still in her crate and looks happy. Highly recommend this. You will have an investment for a lifetime. Excellent quality and fast shipping!

👤This is the perfect crate for my Chinese crested and toy Australian Shepherd, I read all of the reviews. I had no problems putting it together. There were extras in a small bag. If you had a pet that wasn't crate trained, the lock could be considered flimsy, but one of mine seems to like it. She will use it when the door is open. The lock is perfect for me, it's not a problem for an untrained pet. Looks great.

👤The back side of the furniture is a straight cutout, but the top and bottom are crown modeled. The appearance is limited to hide the unmolded back. We did not expect it to be a stand alone piece of furniture. The most expensive dog cage we found was this one. Decor and attention to detail are expected in a piece of wood. There is a We were excited until we discovered the flaw. The vendor never responded to the request.

6. Morezi Storage Canvas Basket Organizer

Morezi Storage Canvas Basket Organizer

A dog toy box with lid is designed to make order. Remove the center divider and two bins become one. It's perfect for organizing dog coat, dog toys, vest Harness and anything else. The dog toy basket is 17 x 12 x 10 cm and can fit a lot of your pet's toys. A large dog toy container. The dog toy chest with flip-top lid is a great way to keep your pet's toys out of sight. The lid is hidden behind the box when open. The linen-cotton blend is easy to clean and store. It is easy to clean the fabric with a wet cloth or sponge. When not in use, collapsible chest folds flat for easy storage under the bed. It's portable for any room, it has two sturdy handles for easy transport, and it's on the floor.

Brand: Morezi

👤The overall aesthetic and function of this item do not overstuff as that will make the sides bulge but there is plenty of space. My dog is a bit grouchy about sharing toys and so the dual compartments are great for when my friends come over and close the lid on the toys for him. The wall has a total of 4 pieces that fold down. I would love for them to repeat the process on the bottom of the wall for added strength, but this is fine.

👤It was a perfect edition to my room. It looks like they organize their stuff.

👤I have all my puppies things in my family room and I was looking for something to put my dog toys in that had a lid. I put his toys on top of his crate. If you have a chihuahua, it's a great item for their toys. My golden retriever and I need to put all our toys out of the way so that this isn't the right purchase. The quality and design of the drawing board was good enough for me to give it 3 stars.

👤I thought it would be bigger than it is. Overall it is. Okay, okay. The two compartments are overpriced for what you get. Shipping is quick.

👤This container was easy to setup. The divider is great. My kitten's toys fit in the box, and it's a lot of them. My kitten likes to pick out toys he wants to play with. All of his "bin dives" have survived. I am happy I purchased it.

👤I received the box I ordered. I was wrongly sent the "cat stuff" box twice before they sent this one correctly. It's the perfect size and fits most of my dogs toys on one side and grooming wipes and brushes on the other side. It took two weeks for me to return the ones that were sent wrong, but I'm very happy with it. Over good box.

👤I thought it would be bigger, but it's still a good size, the middle panel has the wrong amount of velcro, so I can't really use it.

👤It has a lot of space. The box has a dentist smell on it, which is very weird, but I didn't read the reviews about it.

7. New World Folding Leak Proof Measures

New World Folding Leak Proof Measures

The New World dog crate is 42L x 28W x 30H inches and is suitable for large dog breeds between 71 and 90 pounds. A leakproof plastic pan and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty are included in the folding metal dog crate. The dog crate door is locked with two heavy duty slide-bolt latches. The folding metal dog crate is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage and travel. The metal dog crate design provides a safe place for your dog while you are away.

Brand: New World Pet Products

👤I share my house with a rambunctious, always ridiculously happy, bulldozing monster because I have a 1 year Labrador. I thought he was old enough to sleep outside of his kennel with me. I took his puppy kennel with me. He'll chew when he decides I've ignored him and he's bored. I thought I had picked up some interesting items from the height of the dog. After waking up to find he had chewed up and tried to eat a glass horse figurine, it was time to get out the kennel again for his own safety. I wanted my dog to be able to stretch and move around, so I bought the largest kennel I could find. I feel silly after setting it up in my living room. It's not a kennel, it's a condo. It looks like a zoo exhibit in my living room and takes up a whole corner of the room. He has a lot of leg room. My German Shepherd mix will sometimes crawl in for a nap. It is large for her as well. If a dog doesn't like the idea of being in a kennel, this one might not be strong enough to keep them in. The kennel is pretty decent. It makes sense that the wire is thinner than my smaller ones, since it would weigh a lot. When I come home, my destroyer dog jumps up and down, slamming his paws against the gate and sides. He hasn't scratched the tray or bent the sides of the thing yet, despite showing his affection. The tray is in good shape. I feel that I have gotten my money's worth and would buy this kennel and brand again when one of my other kennels wears out. Maybe a smaller size...

👤I started to give this 4 stars because it's a bit smaller than I was hoping for, but it's actually perfect! The packaging and product was in one piece when it arrived at my home. I have a bully pitbull. I hated to leave my husband in a crate for hours on end because he didn't have a place to pee or poop. I attached the small crate to the 48in one so he could have his own house. It's worked out great for us so far, I'm very satisfied. I am 5'3 and there is enough room for me to sit in, but my head touches the top of the crate. It comes to about my waist. Great purchase!

👤Better than expected! I bought this crate for my German Shepherd to use while I recover from surgery. He's never been in a crate before, and I was worried about how he would take it, but this crate is so large, it's not a problem at all. He's very tall, long, and tall, and he looks bigger than his 85 pounds, but this was more than large enough for him. He has room to spare. The crate can be put together by one person in less than one minute. Each end panel is locked into place with interlocking hooks after the sides fold up. I was able to put it up again after collapsing it. I think he couldn't even break out of the crate if he tried. It's nice that it comes with a plastic crate pan, we had a water bowl malfunction the first week while I was at work, and that pan saved my hardwood floor. I'm showing you how big it is with a couple of pictures. I would have paid more for this.

8. Casual Home 600 42 Wooden Crate

Casual Home 600 42 Wooden Crate

The end table design makes this pet crate easy to assemble. Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity makes a lockable gate a good choice. It is easy to clean and get rid of messes with a damp cloth. The interior dimensions are 24.25"D x 21"H. The weight is 25.5 pounds. The weight is 25.5 pounds.

Brand: Casual Home

👤The low-star reviews don't seem fair to me and have not been my experience with this type of crate, so I need to write a review. It is wood. There is a It does not look or feel cheap to me. If you are looking for something even more classy, you will spend over $100. It is light enough for me to pick it up and move. I didn't experience an overly strong varnish smell, a ceiling fan and a cracked window won't get rid of, and the sticker inside the crate says it was manufactured just a few months ago, so of course it has a little bit of a fresh varnish smell. I have no doubt that this will last for a long time, as my dog gets in her crate voluntarily and only freaks when she hears us coming home, and worse case scenario she scratches the inside of the door a bit. This was easy to assemble, that's the best part. It took me 30 minutes to get out the box and put together using aPhillips screwdriver, but nobody likes assembling things. The instructions are easy to follow. I am very happy with this piece.

👤We bought one for my husband's dog. This is perfect for her because she is a 35lb Basenji. I like that it is solid wood. There is no particle board. It's easy to put together. Sturdy. It is attractive. This would work for smaller dogs, but it would probably fit up to a 50lb dog. We loved our dog so much that my husband and I decided to give her a nice crate, just like ours, so I will be dropping it off tomorrow. There is a The door doesn't stay open for our dog to go in and out of the house. I found a black metal doorstop on Amazon and attached it to the door, it worked great. I put it on our friend's crate. There is a Oh, and another note. We found a tray that was perfect for this crate. The dimensions of a Midwest replacement tray are 23 x 16.75 x 1 inches. The tray costs about $13. There is a We love this crate and recommend it.

👤I feel like I need to tell some people the truth. This is a wooden building. If your dog chews on the metal, it will destroy the kennel. Same with body slamming and digging. If your dog isn't kennel trained, don't put him in a wooden kennel. If he wanted to, my dog could break out of this thing, but he is not a kennel trained dog. Don't just throw your dog in and hope for the best, you will want to re-train him at this place. A dog should not be in a prison cell. There is a The kennel itself. The appearance is correct. I only give it 4 stars because of two things. The dog is sitting on a panel made of a material other than wood. I would want that piece to be wood as water on it will cause it to warp. I moved his water dish outside. If your dog pee's in it will warp and there will be a residual odor. I will probably look into a waterproof liner for the bottom. There was a smallChunk missing from the top along the side. The package was damaged when it arrived, but not a big piece less than a quarter inch in diameter. When I was done with assembly, I didn't care enough to try and send it back. The only reason I mention this is because most items that I've ordered and have mailed to me are wrapped up so tight and have 1/2 inch styrofoam packing, this only had 1/3 inch styrofoam and the dent looked like 1/2 inch. If your mail carriers are rough when handling your packages give your kennel a good look to make sure it's ok.

9. MidWest Folding Protecting Leak Proof Intermediate

MidWest Folding Protecting Leak Proof Intermediate

Life Stages is a dog crate that is double door folding and is suitable for intermediate dog breeds. A free divider panel, a dog tray, carrying handle, and roller feet are included in the Versatile 2 door dog crate. They manufacture the iCrate and the Life Stages dog crate. The Life Stages is made of heavier gauge steel and has a tighter wire mesh making it stronger than iCrate. The dog crate door is locked with two heavy duty slide bolt latches. The dog crate is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage or travel. While you're away, durable design provides a safe place for your pet. Patented rounded corner clips greatly reduce the risk of sharp points in your dog's crate. The age range describes all life stages. The Abs-Plastic Pan was included.

Brand: Midwest Homes For Pets

👤I bought the cheapest crates for my dogs over the past 45 years. I bought the most expensive item. You used to have to pay up to $200 for standard great at the pet store. Thank goodness for Amazon. I added a golden retriever named Bentley to my stable. He's just a little guy at 12 pounds, but he's going to get bigger. He fits in a small crate. He can get in it, but he can't turn around. He can grow into a crate. I went to Amazon and looked around. Midwest stood by me with crates during my dog show days. They made a sturdy crate out of heavy-duty material that was well engineered and put together. A few things have changed since I bought a crate a few years ago. Midwest was one of the first to offer a folding crate and they did it well. They still do. I chose the middle middle size because it is a little bigger than the other manufacturers middle size. The double doors, one on the side and one on the end, are some of the features I like. Each closes and locks with two hasps. The bottom tray is made of plastic and is easier to clean and resistant tocorrosion. I ordered this crate from Amazon and it arrived quickly. I had it set up in less than 5 minutes after it arrived. The location where I was going to use it was against a wall and the doors were not right. It took me 3 minutes to swap the ends by bending back four hooks on each end and squeezing them tight again. I should say that the crate was ready to go. I left both doors open when I was going to introduce him to the crate so he could wander in and out at his leisure. I put a few toys and a water bowl in their as well as a wee wee pad and some bedding. He was curious and wandering around. He was screaming and crying for most of the night the first night. He was in a crate for the first time. I put him in a crate on the second night and he was quiet until the morning. I took him out when he started vocalizing when he saw me. As your dog grows, you can change the size of the crate. I'm not using a divider or giving a full run of the crate at this point. The price of these is amazing and I am happy that Amazon is selling them. If you go to a pet store, you will get a crate or imitation for $150. I think you'll be very happy with the quality and operation of this crate, I recommend Midwest. If you're a first-time buyer, you should check the standards of the AKC for how big your dog will be. You will have to buy bigger later on if you buy too small. I love it and give it five stars. I know you will too. It's recommended to buy. If you found my review helpful, please click yes on the button below, I use your reviews to help me with my purchases as well. My reviews are accurate and factual.

10. EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

The pet crate can double as an end table if you disguise it as a fashionable piece of furniture. ECOFLEX is a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer material that won't warp, crack or split. Doublelatches on large and x-large crates are made ofstainless steel tubing. It is easy to assemble. For dogs over 50 lbs. The exterior dimensions are 29.5 in. L x 21.2 in. W x 25.2 in. The interior dimensions are 26.8 in. L x in. W x 20.9 in. H. The door is in 13.8 inches. W x 19 in. H.

Brand: New Age Pet

👤I have a large bread dog that broke the plastic siding in 7 minutes of being in it. The bars were very easy to bend. I have never spent so much in my life.

👤I got this for my Italian Greyhound who only ever sleeps in it at night, or because she wants to be there with the door open. I think she likes this one more because it's very den like. She wouldn't scratch or bite at her crate unless she really needed to leave. Think about it, for 12 hours. Look at the pictures. If your dog is not crate trained and loves being in a crate, don't buy this rate. If your dog shows any resistance to this crate, it will fall. If you buy this thing and you know your dog will bite at it, and you expect it to break, you are a fool. I feel like this is a five star creation, because it's perfect for my dog and my needs, but I'm giving it four stars because it obviously needs to be made more durable.

👤Two adult rescue dogs love their own space. If you don't have a chewer or your dog doesn't mind being in a crate, the crates are very durable. My dogs have a lot of freedom in the house. They are willing to go into their crates as it gives them a secure space and allows them to see what's going on around them. I've gotten rave reviews for them. They make a great place for knick-knacks and sofa throws. They are easy to put together and can hold a good amount as my grandson sits on them all the time. I would buy again.

👤I was beyond irritated with this product. Let's be honest, it came scratched which isn't the biggest deal. This is for a puppy. It seems like the holes are not the correct size, so we can't use half of the screws that were provided to us. I'm afraid that the whole thing will collapse if one of our grandkids bumps into it. I don't know if this was a product that had been returned or if it was really faulty. We aren't happy. It's not safe enough to put our puppy in that we will be getting a lot of days. There is a change to be made. The date is 8/18/2020. We were able to get in contact with the manufacturer who was able to send us a crate from their warehouse. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. Will update when it arrives.

👤My dog broke out of this no problem. Do not recommend.

👤We wanted a crate that was as safe as possible for our puppy. The puppy's teeth and claws could get caught up in the "grates" of the wire crates, so the breeder warned against them. The model with the vertical bars and smooth sides was very attractive. It could use some help in the construction area, as it's a hard plastic resin which is perfectly fine and it does gain rigidity once it's all put together. It's not the worst thing because of the plastic and minimal supports in the corners. I decided to shore up the weaknesses with some metal "L" brackets in each corner and flat "L" brackets on the corners of the front door, because it looked so great and met our main criteria. The crate was vastly improved by this. There is a We ordered two of them, one upstairs and one downstairs, each with a damaged panel. I was able to fix it with the help of a substance that was stronger than the corner that had come loose. The other had a cracked frame on the front door that was fixable, but would not look good, so I contacted the manufacturer and they sent out a new piece right away. I would recommend this one if you want a good looking crate and don't mind shoring it up with metal brackets.

11. Medium Cage with Crate Cover

Medium Cage with Crate Cover

The dimensions are WxDxH. The External: 21.5" x 32.7" x 23.3", Internal: 19.2" x 30.2" x 18.6", and the Door: 13 x 15. The main components of the crate are covered by panels to give it a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance. Their solid crate top allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside. There is a plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning. The wire is made with powder coated steel and solid wood. It is easy to set up with wood panels.

Brand: Merry Pet

👤We bought a medium sized crate in 2013 and a large crate in 2015. They are the perfect size for our corgi and german shepherd and look great in the house. The crate that we purchased in 2013 has stood the test of time and still looks great. We bought a large one this year for our shepherd and have been happy with both of them.

👤We ordered a crate for our dog. She's about half the size of a Sheltie and a little bit smaller than a normal Aussie. Under 35 lbs. She is barely fit in the crate. The crate looks to be of moderate quality. If a little wobbly, well painted, goes together pretty easily. When everything is assembled, the wood veneer wraparound looks great. Since the pieces of the veneer are not connected, any movement of the crate causes parts of it to fall off. The crate is flimsy and that is a regular occurrence. We had a high quality steel crate for her and it wouldn't budge. It looked like something out of a zoo in the corner of the living room. Our dog is small and crate trained. She willingly goes in her crate, even though she gets a little separation anxiety. She did what you see in the pictures below after a week of worrying at the door side. Don't be fooled, this crate isn't well-built. It's heavy-gauge wire. She bent several of the bars, warped the door completely, and snapped through a couple of the spot welds. The last image shows her bruised up muzzle, which she did very badly. I sent an email to the company to see what they could do to improve the rating, but it was purely based on the quality of the product, so it was knocked down pretty far. There is a It is an hour. If anyone doubts how crate-trained Sammi is, I attached a photo from our security camera of her happily snoozing in her crate. Returned from PlumStruck. They were curt and refused to help me. I offered to pay for an upgrade to a larger crate but they didn't offer assistance. My dog is going to the vet this afternoon for damage to her muzzle from this low quality product. I'm out over $130 for a product that is no longer usable.

👤I'm changing it to one star because I originally gave it three stars. The wooden bottom broke two months after I bought the medium size. I have tried using wood glue to put it back together, but it splintered in the right places, so I have not been able to hold the wooden pegs in place. It is not a standard 42" crate because of the large size. The crate and end table pieces are listed. Standard sized replacements will not work if you are trying to find a replacement crate or pan. I tried to order a replacement from Amazon, but the tray is too wide to slide in. The local pet stores have the same standard sizes. I have not had to replace the crate pan on it because I assumed the medium size measurements were the same. The wooden pieces are not sturdy, as many people have mentioned, and the crates themselves are not. It is very easy for them to pop out of place as they are only secured by the top and bottom wooden trays, meaning if they get bumped out of place they can fall out. This is the second one we have purchased. I think these look better than regular crates, but we found that the crate itself is not as strong as we had thought. They don't seem to be very well made. You can put the existing crate in the cover if you have the same crate. The crate cover is very easy to disassemble. The top, bottom, four corner pieces, and front cover are all part of the crate. You put the crate in the bottom tray, put the four corner pieces on, put the top on, and then put the front cover on. All the pieces fit together. It can be wobbly if it gets moved around a lot and if you have dogs that get excited. The top scratches were easy to find. I wanted to use the larger size as an end table. It was too tall. I bought another for that purpose and it works well. I would not have purchased a second one if I had not needed it for that purpose. If you can build just the top piece to sit items on so they don't fall into the crate, it would work just as well and save you a lot of money. There is no point in the other pieces.


What is the best product for decorative dog crate with divider?

Decorative dog crate with divider products from Precision Pet Products. In this article about decorative dog crate with divider you can see why people choose the product. Pinnacle Systems and Casual Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative dog crate with divider.

What are the best brands for decorative dog crate with divider?

Precision Pet Products, Pinnacle Systems and Casual Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative dog crate with divider. Find the detail in this article. Midwest Homes For Pets, Unipaws and Morezi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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