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1. ProSelect ZW179 37 Empire Cages

ProSelect ZW179 37 Empire Cages

The dimensions are 33.75" H x 37" W x 25.13" L. The ProSelect Empire dog cage is made of 20-gauge steel and reinforced with steel tubes. The Medium-Sized Cage is 40 lbs. The ProSelect dog cage has a grate on the floor that makes it easy to clean. Casters can be attached to the bottom of the cage to allow for rolling the cage to other locations or leaving them off for added stability. The Empire cage is made of thick steel and has strong latches to help it stand up to abuse.

Brand: Proselect

👤A 45lb dog mix has severe separation anxiety. Over the last few years, she has gotten worse. She would destroy the crate to get out, hurting herself in the process. She would chew through the interior doors when she was out. We tried a lot of things, including behavior training, extra walks, medication, thunder shirt, and so on. We tried to leave her free thinking, maybe she didn't want to be contained. None of it worked. We looked at a $1000 high impact, high anxiety crate before making a final decision. I was hesitant to spend the money because I thought we'd be out the money and still have to buy a crate. After reading the reviews, we decided to get it. She hasn't been able to escape since we had it a week ago. She has not tried to chew, claw, or bend anything. She was notorious for moving other crates across the floor to get to curtains, bedding, anything, but she can't budge this crate. She doesn't try because she feels secure in it. I'm so grateful she's not harming ourselves or our home anymore. It's nice to come home from work and find her laying down. The crate is worth it because we love our girl. The reason for 4 stars is that it is too expensive for the fact that it is just a dog crate and the bars are hollow. Solid bars would make a difference. The pan that goes under the crate is not that big of a deal since it goes under the bars. There was only one sheet with instructions. I hope my review helps someone. The medium size is perfect for her.

👤I was encouraged by the reviews about this crate, but unfortunately my dog got out of it twice in a month, which is not good. Two steel tabs on either side of the floor of the crate hold the 2 levels of flooring in place. My dog was able to bend those steel tabs so the floor fell out of the crate twice. I was surprised that she did it. She pushed out the tray. The steel tabs had to behammered back in place. It's difficult to figure out where to apply for a warranty, so I considered returning the crate or applying for the warranty. I spent triple the amount on a custom-made crate, but I'm still out the money for this one. I took a picture after escaping, but I got rid of this crate after my dog destroyed her bedding. There is a The floor tabs don't have a bolt to keep them in place. I knew my dog would do it again and again after she figured out where the weak point was. The materials are cheaper because of the shady corners that were cut, and it's not worth the price.

👤The cage has strengths and weaknesses. The welds are terrible. The dog has too much access to the hinges and the pan underneath. The German Short Haired Pointer was able to work the latches on the first day we put her in it. We had to put locks on them. The extra bar or two would make a difference. Since I'm going to have to take this to a welder to fix all of the issues, I think I might have him make a plate to protect her. She managed to throw the pan several feet away from the cage. If you put the handle down, it helps, but it's still not dog proof. I might have the welder add something to it. There are welds on the hinges. One popped off. It still fits on there and for the most part is secure, but I'll have to have another thing welded on it. There are the wheels. Two spots where the casters screw into the bottom had welds break at different times. I thought this was going to be better for the money. I'm going to have someone do a lot of work to get it functional again. Despite so many flaws, it is the first thing that has kept her confined. I tried to find the company to give them a chance to do something, but I couldn't find any information. If anyone has contact info, I would appreciate the chance to talk to them to find out what's going on so they can fix it.

2. Casual Home Wooden Large Espresso

Casual Home Wooden Large Espresso

Solid wood construction is made in Thailand. The product dimensions are 36.5” L x 24” W x 29.25” H and are intended for larger pets. The weight limit is 200 lbs. No divider was included. The end table design makes this pet crate easy to assemble. Solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity makes a lockable gate a good choice. It is easy to clean a crate by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Brand: Casual Home

👤We bought the large size for our two smaller dogs. We love the look of this compared to the wire crate. It is a nice looking piece of furniture. It was easy to do it by yourself, but having an extra set of hands was nice. There is a One of our pups is an avid chewer and we knew she would be easy to work with. We decided to make it unchewable. We purchased a 1/2 inch hardware cloth from our local hardware store, 10' x 2' was perfect for the large crate, and we only had to cut the length, height, and #8 x 1/2” screws. The #8 size head fit perfectly with the overlap of the opening, although a smaller head screw would work with washers, and the 1/2” length was the just right for screw into the thicker edge pieces. We measured, cut and installed it during assembly, but it can be done after you spend some time in a crate. The hardware cloth is a little more straightforward. The medal can be very sharp, so be sure to wear gloves and drill pilot holes for each screw. There is a The piece is practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing, and we love it. I have an issue with the hinge type and it is not worth taking a star away from. The door and crate have pegs on top and bottom. The door rubs when opening and closing due to the lack of clearance on the bottom. We plan to add a handle to the door to make it easier to use. We plan to add an anti fatigue mat to the bottom to help them sleep better and to help silence the sounds of them playing with toys. I think this is a good idea. We only had it a few weeks but we are quite pleased with it.

👤I bought the large version. I thought it would be smaller, but I'm very happy with it. There is plenty of space in my dog's crate. It was very easy to build. The instructions were easy to follow. I have a small version of this, but I wanted something bigger for my dog. There is a side by side comparison.

👤I got a puppy. I am impressed. Everything you need except a phillips is included. It is very sturdy once it is assembled. I read a couple of reviews where people said it was too small, people got that horse out of your house, it doesn't belong there. Adane could fit in this thing. I had room to spare because I put my dog and 2 kids in there. The finish is nice, whoever packed this thing did a great job, bubble wrap inside a box wrapped around foam and everything was secure and didn't bounce or slide during transit. There isn't a scratch on it. If you dog can tear this thing up, how do you sleep at night? I read a review that stated not for a "destructive dog", holy shit man, if you dog can tear this thing up, how do you sleep at night? I'd be worried that the dog would come for me.

3. SMONTER Strong Kennel Playpen Wheels

SMONTER Strong Kennel Playpen Wheels

The Y-pattern design of the heavy duty dog crate is bite proof and can prevent the dog's mouth from sticking out. The dogs will not escape if there is a double lock with the safety buckles. The double door design of the heavy duty kennel is good for you to interact with your dog and is convenient for dog in and out. A sturdy metal frame gives your dog a comfortable and reliable environment. Their strong dog crates are made out of welded steel. The metal frame is strong enough to prevent aggressive dogs from escaping. The finished surface is non-toxic and protects your pet's health. Their heavy duty dog kennel is easy to install and clean. The parts need to be put together. You can wipe and clean easily with the slide-out plastic tray. The rotating wheels help move outside, and they are locked for better stability. 38"L X 26"W X 32"H, Brown. It is suitable for most large and medium dogs. Please contact them if you have a quality problem within 3 years. The most satisfactory solution will be provided by them.

Brand: Smonter

👤We ordered this crate because it was "indestructible". The dog had destroyed three other crates, so we decided to spend the extra money on the indestructible one. Our dog chewed off two of the spokes across the top in less than a month. I thought it came with a good warranty. My husband and I contacted the seller, but have not heard back. This needs to be resolved. This unit is not worth the money. The 3 year warranty is not included in the re-sELLER. Amazon washes their hands of responsibility.

👤I bought this crate three weeks ago for my dog with separation anxiety. She chews through three plastic crates and breaks out of two metal crates. When we leave the house, she is very frightened and will destroy everything, even the furniture. This crate is worth every penny, even though it is a bit pricier than the ones we have bought in the past. She was so scared that she would jump around in the crate so much that she would end up in a different room in the house than the one she was in before. She would need baths daily because her body was soaking wet from jumping around. I think this crate has been a life saver for her because she has been on medication for months now. I believe that she feels more secure in this crate than in the past. She has been good. single. It is a day. We got the crate. No drooling. She is always in the same place. She is not escaping from here like the other crates. She is about forty lbs and the crate is too big for her, but she does very well with it. Excellent purchase.

👤I have a Cane Corso that destroyed 2 crates and escaped from them, which led to the destruction of other things in the home. This is the only crate that is strong enough to hold him. It has been a blessing. He helped with his separation from anxiety. His paws slip between the bottom of the crate which he hates. This crate is worth more than the cost. If you have a large strong breed, I recommend this crate.

👤It was damaged in several places. It sounded like it was coming from the metal bars. There were metal chips coming out of the kennel. The first day my dog was in it, he chewed up the plastic trays. Without the trays it's difficult for him to walk in without his paws getting stuck in the bars. He hasn't been able to chew through the bars. The set up was easy and I like being able to wheel the kennel around. There is a The seller contacted me to try to resolve the issue. Excellent customer service so far. Will post more updates. The seller resolved issues. Dents may have happened during shipping, but they don't affect the function of the kennel. The metal chips are from welding. I used an office chair mat to fit the bottom of the kennel because my dog doesn't have accidents there. His feet don't get stuck. I'm happy with this purchase, I like the price point, and I don't mind the minor issues. The seller was very responsive.

4. EZwhelp Absorbing Waterproof Housebreaking Absorption

EZwhelp Absorbing Waterproof Housebreaking Absorption

There are bandages for pets. The pet pee pad is suitable for animals. The soft surface is comfortable and will absorb poo and pee, making it a good choice for your pet's incontinence needs. Just pop the pee pad into your pet's bedding or cage, or even on your own bed, and you'll be good to go. CARPET, CRATE, HOUSE, CAR, AND FURNITURE PROTECTION. Use their pee pads to protect your indoor or outdoor surfaces. Their pee pads for dogs can be used in a playpen, litter box, kennel, bed, or couch to protect rugs, flooring, and blankets from pet waste and prevent that stain and smell. It's a good idea to pair it with their EZClassic Whelping Box to make sure your pet and her babies are safe and clean as they recover. Quality materials. Their OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified laminated pads have been tested and found to be extremely safe for both humans and animals and are perfect for floor mats, human incontinence or general animal care or training. They are both waterproof and easy to clean. The pads are well placed against box or crate walls. The tricot waterproof bottom has a brushed polyester top on it. Light weight, elastic. Up to 70% less material is required. The cost isFFICIENT. Their pee pads for dogs ensure that fluids are kept out of the water. You spend pennies per use on the dog pads and the pee pads, but they are good for the planet and you can reuse them. Their pet pads are more cost effective, higher quality, and have a lower environmental impact than disposable pads that you have to re buy. There are different sizes and styles. These pads have a coffee colored top and white bottom. There are other options. They have the right supplies for your pets.

Brand: Ezwhelp

👤I put this under the IRIS 4 panel animal playpen. I should have ordered the larger size as it is often hung on the panel and leaves some of the floor exposed. I am very satisfied. If you found this review helpful, please check "Yes" I rely on others' reviews to make an informed decision whenever I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. Questions or feedback are welcome.

👤I have a large doberman. I bought two mats, a 72"x72" and a 40"x60". I didn't know which sizes or brands would work well, so I bought a dozen other brands and sizes. There is a The smaller pad worked well for the first year after she became disabled as she happily demanded that we wait on her hand and food. Over the last few months, she decided that we weren't waiting on her enough, and she has taken to moving around a lot. The only mat in the house that works at containing leaks is the larger mat. She was laying on the carpets leaking everywhere after all the smaller mats were pushed aside. I return to purchase more of this size pad. I have purchased mats from this vender before and have been very pleased with both of them. My girl is disabled and she picks up uti/bladder infections frequently. It takes longer to diagnose and treat the more unusual bacteria that she gets. It means a lot of leaking and lack of bladder control. There is a The mats were not water proof. Those were thrown into the trash very quickly. There is a Three of the brands of mats slip all over the carpet, and the outside fabrics and the inside fabric aren't sewn together in any place except for the edges. We still use those as a last resort. They aren't worth saving 75% of the price of a good mat on. There is a This brand's mats have been great. They are washed in warm to hot water and then hung over the railing. They don't have a smell. They are water proof and can be washed and dried easily. I am glad I spent the extra money to try them out because they are easy to deal with and we don't like using the cheaper ones. One of the less expensive mats I liked was this one. There is a If you're still unsure, try it. You'll understand why it's worth it. These mats have already paid for themselves, even though I spent a lot on disposable mats. I'm back here because my girl shows no signs of slowing down or giving up any time soon and I'm saving money and hassle by buying more mats. I'm a happy customer.

👤I want everyone in the world to know that these pads are great. This is much more cost effective than fleece. I have a large rabbit cage which is 17x40 and my piggies sleep in it at night and spend all day in a kiddie pool with a fence around it. 3 feet round. I used carefresh bedding and a litter box for my pigs to use less for pee and poo. The carefresh is dusty. Along comes whelping pads. Wow! I put the 36 inch pad in the kiddie pool. It is soft and wonderful for piggie feet. I just need to take a plastic sand shocel and scoop up any poops that come up in the litter box. After a week there is no smell. I washed the pad in the washing machine and dried it on low heat. I got the slightly thicker paw print pads as poctured and one pad fits in the travel cage I have and 2 pads fit in their night home cage. Each morning I use my toy shovel. I only use carefresh bedding in the litter box because I was able to get it on sale. There is a These make the cages look fresh and neat and I think it's better to not have as much paper bedding. It's cheaper than fleece. I think I can absorb more. There is a Thanks to the person... Piggies have a new source of food. There are pictures of a pig pool, a travel cage, and a bog cage.

5. Merry Pet Configurable Crate Brown

Merry Pet Configurable Crate Brown

The dimensions are External: 27.91" x 39.8", Internal: 24.5" x 36.5", and Door: 21.5" x 27.5". The all-in-one, multi-functional design works as a gate and a kennel. It's a safe place for your pal to lounge in whenever. Gate mode allows you to change the size of the panels. There is a plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning. Dogs are using a crate.

Brand: Merry Pet

👤It took about 30 minutes for our dog to figure out he could jump out. Bars break off easily. The crate looks amazing. I only recommend it for small breeds. Don't waste your money on dogs with weakness.

👤It only took a couple of minutes to put the crate together. Drop in the hinge pin and it's done. There is a Adding an additional slide lock near the bottom will be the only adjustment we're going to make. There is a The bars are well welded and the company sent more plastic protectors to cover the screws. The crate is very strong. The top is very heavy and it just falls into place. There is a Our 11 pound dog has plenty of room to move around in the large crate we bought for her.

👤I have had this crate for over six months and I love it. My two small dogs love it even more. I kept them inside whenever I left the house. I only lock them up when something is a danger to them, as in people coming and going, a large delivery, etc. The dogs don't panic because they see out clearly in the crate. The first crate I bought was a wooden one and the back and sides were solid, but the dogs panicked when I put them in it. They were trapped. They lay down and sleep with the Merry Pet crate. I leave their food and water in the crate, and they are always going in and out of it to eat or drink, even though they have beds all over the place, including the couches! I like the crate in the living room. I keep a box of kleenex and a hanging tea candle holder on top of the book ends. It looks like a nice piece of furniture in the living room. The crate is easy to put together and take down. I've been very pleased with it.

👤This is a great product. It is a nice replacement for metal or plastic crates, and if stored in a room with a narrow doorway, it can be easily disassembled to be moved. I can now display my dog crates with pride. They were easy to assemble. I chose a large crate for each of them. I was skeptical that this crate would keep her contained because they are a roomy fit, one of them is particularly smart, and the medium would definitely have been too small. I fear that she has yet to try escaping, but so far so good. She's gotten out of every other enclosure I've kept her in, and we had to zip tie her previous crates because she scares her. I am concerned about the lack of alatch at the bottom of the crate door. It hasn't been a problem yet. I will update this review later this year around Independence Day, when fireworks are her downfall. I don't think this crate would keep a high energy dog. I can see how easy it is to chew. If you have a mellow, low energy dog, you probably don't need to crate it. I have a dog that is high energy and anxious, and this crate is working so far, it is a 4 star rating. I am cautious. There is a The finish scratches very easily. The surface area of the top is perfect for wrapping Christmas presents, and the crate is not solid wood, but definitely something to keep in mind when putting things on top. The first new moments of ownership scratch mine. _()_/

6. RULI Wooden Detachable Indoor Chew Proof,Brown

RULI Wooden Detachable Indoor Chew Proof%EF%BC%8CBrown

The dog crate is made of metal fence and pressed wood. The dog kennel is not chew-proof. If your dog chews too much, they recommend buying a heavy-duty dog cage. This is an excellent piece of furniture and can be used as a dog house. It is an elegant side table, end table, coffee table, and bedside table, and it also provides an independent, safe area for your furry friends. Make your home warm. The first choice for dog crate furniture is yours. Two people can assemble it in a few minutes. It has a spring lock that prevents pets from opening the door on their own. The tray can be pulled out for cleaning. Rounded corners and a tight bottom net protect your pet's paws. The metal fence has a non-toxic powder coating, which is more eco-friendly and safer, and is effective at preventing rust. The size is 30.9" x 22.4" x 25.5" and the weight is 43 lbs. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 220 pounds, and the internal load-bearing capacity is 70 pounds. Medium dogs such as the Yorkie, the beagle, and the Sharpei can use it.

Brand: Ruli

7. Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden

Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden

The end table design accentuates the look of the pet crate. It's possible to keep your peace of mind. The end table style top has more storage space. The interior is spacious for maximum comfort for small-midsized dogs. Increased longevity and increased durability can be achieved with solid wood construction. Light and easy to assemble. Increased longevity and increased durability can be achieved with solid wood construction. Light and easy to assemble.

Brand: Casual Home

👤I love how these look in my home. There were wire crates. I have been using them as an extension of my desk. I bought 2 for my Boxers because they frequently nap together in one of them, and there is plenty of room to spare. Even with their beds in there, my Boxers can still stand inside and have plenty of headroom. There is a There is a reason for 4 stars instead of 5. The lock was slightly off, that was the only issue I had. I have to push the bar into the lock position. 2. Dogs with anxiety may chew through bars. The Boxer chewed only 2 bars, but did some chewing. I was able to sand it smooth and cover the exposed wood with a furniture stain repair pen as it was only on the inside. He only did it when he first got it, so he hasn't touched it since. There is a If you have a chewer, the large wire crates fit inside of the wooden crate so you can still get the benefit of a furniture piece.

👤I would put zero stars on it. We waited 2 weeks to unpack, which is our fault. We have a large dog. The German Shepherd is not crazy. She was able to get out of the cafe within a few days. This material is not strong. Unless you have an elderly dog that doesn't move a muscle, any dog can easily get out. I have a loss of money. I am throwing this away. The bottom of this is very flimsy. We almost stopped when we put it together. I thought the dog is easy and chill. Do not buy it, it is a waste of money.

👤Not strong. My dog tore it right through it. If I could buy replacement doors, I could reinforce them, but replacement parts aren't sold. The waste was over $200 bucks. I do not recommend it.

👤Luna loves her new hide out! We don't use it for containment, so I left the doors off. There is a She used to hide under the chaise loung to get the security she needed to see what was happening. There is plenty of room in there for her to stretch out. The wood stained cappuccino is beautiful.

👤It is large and pretty. It's perfect for my dog. The description does not show the one that is shown in the picture. It is very flimsy. I might get a stronger one. He will paw at the door when we let him out. I had to make new holes because the holes on the right side are not correctly placed. There is a I can put things on top of the kennel and make it look like a table. This is good for a large dog. You have to think about how destructive your dog can be.

👤We bought a large crate to add to the living room to keep our dog close to us. I thought it looked good after assembling it. There is a It scratches easily so items placed on top by kids or adults can cause scratching. The dog chewed the wood on the side because it has a small lip inside the crate. The top surface is strong. I put all my weight on it to change a light bulb. The inside is not supported well and when you assemble it you have to crawl in it to tighten some screws and the bottom bowed badly, so I had to spread my weight so it didn't break. We have a large dog that can be seen when you look inside. There is a There are better crates for the same price. I don't think this is a good one.

8. Megidok Furniture Kennels Installation Detachable

Megidok Furniture Kennels Installation Detachable

A rustic style crate end table is a beautiful piece of home decor. The board is superior to particle board. The metal frame inside is more stable and secure. The Double Doors Dog Crate Table is made of wood. The side door can be put on either side. Every door has 2 locks, so the naughty dog won't get stuck in the neck again. The small dog crate side table is suitable for small dogs less than 25 lbs. Even if it is used as a dog cage beside the sofa as a coffee table, it is not afraid of the dog's hair or excretion splashing on the sofa or wall. The dog crate top can hold up to 200 pounds, it has 4 rounded corners, and you can remove the top for a more open-air look. The dog crate can be used as a sofa table, coffee table, bedside table, or even a TV stand and has a non-slip pad to keep it from scratching the floor. Installation is easy, with instructions and accessories, you can hang the dog bowl on the dog cage by yourself, and give your pet friends a comfortable and luxurious home. The wooden dog crate protects your furniture from dogs. 100% responsible for dog kennels indoor, professional customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you leave a message on the order page, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution quicker.

Brand: Megidok

👤I was hesitant about buying this because it had no reviews and a quick search suggested not buying it. I went with it because it suits my home. The wood seems solid after it was packaged well. I put it together on the day of the party. I don't regret buying this crate because everyone loved it and it looks like it will last a long time. It is a great price point.

👤It was built in 15-20 minutes and looks great in my living room. The pictures here show it as it is. I have an English bulldog. And she is comfortable here!

👤It was easy to put together. The piece is very good for the price.

👤This looks great in my space. I love it! It was very easy to assemble. I received it and can't say much about it. I think it will last for a long time.

👤I liked everything about this crate. It arrived in a timely manner, it was sturdy, and I love the solid top.

👤The puppy loves it, it is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

9. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling

The photo and video can be used to determine the correct size and features. Your dog's measurement should be under 30” L x 20” H. Iata airline approved 2 dishes and 4 live animal stickers. Only dogs and cats that have been trained in a kennel. Wheels snap on and off. Sturdy and durable plastic construction makes it easy to assemble.

Brand: Sport Pet

👤The metal that is bent on the window vent isn't welded so there is a small gap where the metal meets, and it must be a cheap alloy because my dog was able to pry it open. There was blood on the side of the kennel. Don't recommend.

👤It isn't big enough for huskies, even if you are flying, so it won't pass. The guide was useless. If you plan to use it for flying, you need to go a bigger size. If you are unsure about the size, you might be better off buying in a store.

👤I ordered this months in advance of my flight so that I can take my German Shepherd with me. I was worried that the airlines wouldn't accept her because she is able to turn around and lay down, but her ears touch the top of the walls when she is standing. I took my dog to the airport to check with Alaska Airlines if the kennel is approved because I live close to the airport. They said that it is fine if the dog can turn around inside. There is a I ordered the kennel because it has the wheels and I have a 105-pound dog and carry-on luggage. I assumed the best thing to do is remove the wheels when boarding the flight. They have a lock function. I was at DCA airport and it was difficult to push her through without losing control when she would adjust inside and she did tip over when going over a crack. There is a It is great. I ordered replacements on Amazon for less than $1 because my dog chewed up her bowl attachment.

👤Please size up if you think you need something, because crate is decent for the price. My dog is a beagle mix and his measurement was below what a large crate would fit. I ordered a large crate. I'm exchanging it for a bigger one. He can only lay down if his body is straight. He can't stretch his legs out when laying down because his legs touch the opening of the crate. This isn't bad. It's a problem when he needs to spend hours in a crate on a plane or car ride.

👤The SportPet Rolling Plastic Dog Crate was purchased for a flight from California to New York. The product is much stronger than the models I found at local stores. The crate can be moved through the airport with the wheels. They slide into a grove on the bottom of the crate. They are easy to install and remove. The wheel assembly was of a high quality and I highly recommend it. The XXXL model exceeds the size limitations of Alaska Airline and I purchased it first. SportPet representatives provided excellent customer service here. They made sure that I received the correct crate in time for my flight, even though I was a little panicked when I called. A big thanks to Adrian and Adam. Excellent product and great customer service.

10. Unipaws Wooden Kennels Furniture Espresso

Unipaws Wooden Kennels Furniture Espresso

The dog rate is made of metal enclosure bars and pressed wood. It's perfect for small dogs. It is large to walk around in. The pressed wood isn't chew-proof. There is a dual-purPOSE. This piece of furniture is used as a dog crate. The side table, end table, and nightstand are elegant. It's a great way to show your decorative side and make your home stand out. You can choose home creativity. The top is wide. The top has a capacity of 150 lbs and is durable to add your choice of home décor such as a small/medium plant, magazines, family picture frames and night lamps. The double door design and churchyard are included. The double door design makes it easier to remove the cushion for quick cleaning. It is possible to have a full view of your pet as they can see you and you can enjoy watching them rest in style. It's nice for pet nap time.

Brand: Unipaws

👤I paid too much for this one. The quality is pretty good. First of all, read the instructions. Trust me, you will want to build all four sides before dropping it on the base. I only needed a screwdriver. When it arrives, the box is 78 pounds. If you have to bring it upstairs, keep that in mind. I built this myself. It took about an hour. It adds a functional piece of furniture to the kitchen and my dog loves it. I am happy to get rid of that ugly crate. It gives me a place to put the cat food and cat water because my dog can't get into it. Not sure about the quality of the paint. It is too early to tell. I have a feeling that I will be touching it again and again.

👤The crate is beautiful. It took a minute to figure out where we could put it in our house because it would look out of place. We fell in love with it once we found a good spot. The pictures show our dog in it. He has enough room. It's easy to make the bed work because it's too large for the space it fits in. I'm not sure it's worth it for any dog, but for our $3k champion-sired stud male who is the face of our breeding program, we felt it was worth it. We paid $184 on Prime Day. It was easy to put together. We can't get over how beautiful it is. It's better than a wire crate.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It was expensive for a crate and I was regretting it when it showed up in a big box. I have a dog. I thought I might have gone too far and the assembly seemed overwhelming. It was very easy to assemble, and it is very high quality. Sugar was waiting for me to put it together on the little bed that comes with it, and he ran in as soon as it was fully assembled. She loves it. It is so pleasing. When she sees me on the couch, she usually runs to it. She is still in her crate and looks happy. Highly recommend this. You will have an investment for a lifetime. Excellent quality and fast shipping!

👤This is the perfect crate for my Chinese crested and toy Australian Shepherd, I read all of the reviews. I had no problems putting it together. There were extras in a small bag. If you had a pet that wasn't crate trained, the lock could be considered flimsy, but one of mine seems to like it. She will use it when the door is open. The lock is perfect for me, it's not a problem for an untrained pet. Looks great.

👤The back side of the furniture is a straight cutout, but the top and bottom are crown modeled. The appearance is limited to hide the unmolded back. We did not expect it to be a stand alone piece of furniture. The most expensive dog cage we found was this one. Decor and attention to detail are expected in a piece of wood. There is a We were excited until we discovered the flaw. The vendor never responded to the request.

11. New World Folding Leak Proof Measures

New World Folding Leak Proof Measures

The New World dog crate is 42L x 28W x 30H inches and is suitable for large dog breeds between 71 and 90 pounds. A leakproof plastic pan and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty are included in the folding metal dog crate. The dog crate door is locked with two heavy duty slide-bolt latches. The folding metal dog crate is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage and travel. The metal dog crate design provides a safe place for your dog while you are away.

Brand: New World Pet Products

👤I share my house with a rambunctious, always ridiculously happy, bulldozing monster because I have a 1 year Labrador. I thought he was old enough to sleep outside of his kennel with me. I took his puppy kennel with me. He'll chew when he decides I've ignored him and he's bored. I thought I had picked up some interesting items from the height of the dog. After waking up to find he had chewed up and tried to eat a glass horse figurine, it was time to get out the kennel again for his own safety. I wanted my dog to be able to stretch and move around, so I bought the largest kennel I could find. I feel silly after setting it up in my living room. It's not a kennel, it's a condo. It looks like a zoo exhibit in my living room and takes up a whole corner of the room. He has a lot of leg room. My German Shepherd mix will sometimes crawl in for a nap. It is large for her as well. If a dog doesn't like the idea of being in a kennel, this one might not be strong enough to keep them in. The kennel is pretty decent. It makes sense that the wire is thinner than my smaller ones, since it would weigh a lot. When I come home, my destroyer dog jumps up and down, slamming his paws against the gate and sides. He hasn't scratched the tray or bent the sides of the thing yet, despite showing his affection. The tray is in good shape. I feel that I have gotten my money's worth and would buy this kennel and brand again when one of my other kennels wears out. Maybe a smaller size...

👤I started to give this 4 stars because it's a bit smaller than I was hoping for, but it's actually perfect! The packaging and product was in one piece when it arrived at my home. I have a bully pitbull. I hated to leave my husband in a crate for hours on end because he didn't have a place to pee or poop. I attached the small crate to the 48in one so he could have his own house. It's worked out great for us so far, I'm very satisfied. I am 5'3 and there is enough room for me to sit in, but my head touches the top of the crate. It comes to about my waist. Great purchase!

👤Better than expected! I bought this crate for my German Shepherd to use while I recover from surgery. He's never been in a crate before, and I was worried about how he would take it, but this crate is so large, it's not a problem at all. He's very tall, long, and tall, and he looks bigger than his 85 pounds, but this was more than large enough for him. He has room to spare. The crate can be put together by one person in less than one minute. Each end panel is locked into place with interlocking hooks after the sides fold up. I was able to put it up again after collapsing it. I think he couldn't even break out of the crate if he tried. It's nice that it comes with a plastic crate pan, we had a water bowl malfunction the first week while I was at work, and that pan saved my hardwood floor. I'm showing you how big it is with a couple of pictures. I would have paid more for this.


What is the best product for decorative dog kennel xl?

Decorative dog kennel xl products from Proselect. In this article about decorative dog kennel xl you can see why people choose the product. Casual Home and Smonter are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative dog kennel xl.

What are the best brands for decorative dog kennel xl?

Proselect, Casual Home and Smonter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative dog kennel xl. Find the detail in this article. Ezwhelp, Merry Pet and Ruli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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