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1. MiLocks TKK 02SN Digital Electronic Interior

MiLocks TKK 02SN Digital Electronic Interior

Schlage locks are backed by a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty and a 3-year electronics warranty. Add up to 6 keypad users for storage doors, closet doors, bedroom doors and more. Left and right handed doors can be adjusted. Not compatible. Simple programming procedure can add or remove users in seconds. No extra work is done on standard door prep. In the dark, the glow in the dark is better. The Max door thickness is 1 7/8 inches and meets or exceeds the requirements. In the dark, the glow in the dark is better. The Max door thickness is 1 7/8 inches and meets or exceeds the requirements.

Brand: Milocks

👤This product was purchased for an office. The product failed several times despite being changed twice. After installing new batteries, it worked for a couple of times. When we were locked in the office, it was the final straw. I had a screwdriver that I could use to take the door knob off. This is a danger. Do not buy.

👤Only to have the press fitted spacer studs break off when trying to install. It's pure crap. The entire knob was disassembled and two bolts were used to go all the way through. There is no excuse for this. A good hit will knock it loose. The studs should have been pressed in from behind the outer plate. I am sure thatppy engineering will extend to the rest of the product.

👤If these, I purchased three. Two were returned because of poor workmanship. The guides that hold the two parts together fell apart during installation, so it was impossible to put a lock on the door. If you can't reliably install the lock on the door, what use is it?

👤Junk! I bought 3 of these and they all work for a while, but then stop working. The company has an 800 number but no one answers and they tell you not to leave a message.

👤This is the most dangerous product I have ever ordered from Amazon. Put the batteries in the device after you follow the instructions. It worked. The back plate was getting hot. The batteries were over a hundred and fifty degrees when I removed the battery cover. I thought it might be some bad batteries. I swap them out for four new ones. The batteries started getting hot and melting their labels without even using the lock. I'm pretty sure that if I'd installed this and walked away, my house would have burned down. It was dangerous because of the faulty soldering. I was surprised to see all the one star reviews. Don't buy. Most of the positive reviews for this product are fake.

👤It worked for 10 minutes after we installed it. I don't know what happened. I had the kids try it and it wouldn't work, but it was good at first. We decided to take it apart again and found that the two center wires had snapped. I'm not sure. I now have a useless keyboard. The key works. The return period ended yesterday.

👤Don't bother. Third party seller will charge a 20% restocking fee for 2 defects. The support could not be serviced. There is a 2 of these were ordered for use on interior bedroom doors. There are a few good things about these locks. It is very easy to install a screw driver. It takes less than ten minutes to replace a knob. It's easy to program, install batteries, and feel great when turning the knob. I liked these. For the first two weeks. There is a That was as long as it worked. It began to fail to open and began chattering. I thought it might be the batteries. The batteries were changed. No difference. Tech support is what it's called. No reply. It was called tech support from Amazon. They couldn't locate any matrix or connect with tech support. This is not cool. You can't open the locked door. My keys were with my car keys, and the other key was on my room key ring. I couldn't open the door until I got my car. I went back. I thought I would install the second one because I had bought 2 of them. That one lasted less than a week. The same thing happened, and it started making noises. Both were returned. The company will charge you a 20% restocking fee. That is actually funny. I apologize to whoever gets the two I returned. I wrote "defective" on both boxes. There is that. There is a gave me a credit to my account for thestocking fee that the seller charged. Thank you AMAZON! Don't know if this is a bad run of these, as others have complained of similar problems. I liked them when they worked.

2. Copper Creek CK2090BC Colonial Dummy

Copper Creek CK2090BC Colonial Dummy

The door knob is made of glass. It can break if hit with a solid object like a hammer. It is very dangerous to have broken glass. If the door knob becomes loose, replace it. Children should not be allowed to hang from this product. The grade 3 is from the US The Security Keyed Colonial Knob is a dummy. Push pull Colonial door knob. The finish was rich black. A good fit for your privacy door. It takes just a screwdriver to install. There is a lifetime mechanical and 5 year finish warranty. There is a lifetime mechanical and 5 year finish warranty.

Brand: Copper Creek

👤The Copper Creek brand is something we love. We've redecorated our house and replaced our tacky gold knobs. I give the dummy knob a 4 star instead of a 5 because it's hard to remove the knob from the base. We've ordered 4 so far and all have been difficult. It's possible, but we had to tear up one knob to break it apart. I think it would be better if they sent the knobs from the base.

👤I bought these for every interior door. The Copper Creek handles look similar to the Schlage handles I have on my doors, the finish matches really well, and they were about half the price.

👤Excellent quality and value. dummies, privacy and passage ones were bought to replace brass knobs in the basement. It was very easy to install. Everything fits perfectly with all the hardware included. I am very pleased with the line of products.

👤I replaced all the fake brass hardware on my doors with knobs and painted the hinges black. I gave my 1990 home a sophisticated, architecturally pleasing look, and it was easy to do.

👤We wanted a rustic/primitive look on our bedroom closet doors after having traditional white with gold knobs for years. Adding black knobs and painting the doors burlap made it look great. Total change. It was easy to install and good quality.

👤All of our closets were installed six months ago. I ordered 9 and they went on and haven't gotten loose yet even with a young child hanging on them frequently. Our decor is black.

👤Didn't know how expensive these are. The best quality for the price is these.

👤It's easy to install. A great value for the price. I found a better price in hardware stores and my shipping was free. It was delivered quickly.

3. Honeywell 8101403 Classic Passage Door

Honeywell 8101403 Classic Passage Door

There is a left and right door. The door can't be locked by pressing the button, but the key can open it. Installation with a standard hole. Grades 3 and 4 residential security standards are met. Grades 3 and 4 residential security standards are met.

Brand: Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

👤It is easy to install if you have correct sized holes. If not, you'll have to be careful, as these seem to be sensitive to having more precision in size and position than I expected. I replaced all of my old interior knobs with these. I like the mushroom type more than the older ones, which were getting a bit tarnished. It's just a matter of taste. The knobs feel flimsy compared to the older ones. I had to re-do about one in four of them because of the issues I had after installation. I just level them out a bit, although it took some elbow grease and measuring. Since I like the finished look and they now work fine, I consider that to be a typical home improvement adventure, where nothing is easy as promised and takes twice as long as predicted. If they had a more substantial feel and installation were less frustrating, they would have gotten another star. I think these are appropriate for an average home owner. I don't think the lock version would make me feel safe for an exterior door, but I did not need them for that purpose, only the interior door versions.

👤I waited too long to install this and I'm glad I only bought one. I had to buy something else as this was so cheap that it went out of calibration on installation. I can't tell you how easy it is to drop it and hit it. I know what a sturdy door handle feels like and all the others we bought are just as sturdy. We bought this one for an out of the way closet and it was less than we paid for. I wouldn't have taken it home as a freebee if I'd seen and felt the knob first. It's going to be thrown away. What happened to companies that made quality products and cared about what they put on the market? Consumers just have to look for them. It's where it's at with solid copper, bronze, STAINLESS, brass and other materials.

👤I was looking for new oil rubbed bronze knobs to replace my old antique brass knobs and didn't want to spend a fortune. The quality was very good, and the price at Amazon was the best I could find. It was easy to install. I replaced 6 privacy knobs, 6 closet knobs, and 2 one-sided knobs about a year ago, and they still look and function just as good as they did when I replaced them.

👤The unit failed in 4 months. Amazon won't return or replace it. Don't purchase from Amazon. If your item fails after the return window, you will have no recourse and will have to contact the manufacturer.

👤These were a little harder to install than normal handles, but they worked well and looked nice.

👤This was used with the oiled bronze OrangeIOT keypad lock as the entry door, and it matches and works perfectly. Very happy.

👤It is very easy to install. The value is great. It would be a good idea.

4. Berlin Modisch Cylinder Deadbolt Locking

Berlin Modisch Cylinder Deadbolt Locking

The inactive handleset dummy conversion kit is now available. Designed to complement modern contemporary style interior and exterior doors for commercial and residential applications. It's perfect for fitting left or right handed doors because of the heavy duty security door dead bolt and lever knob. The entrance set has a low profile door lever and dead-bolt. The interior lock knob has a unique thumb-turn that is opened by an exterior key. The Iron Black Finish on the handle and deadbolt makes it durable and portable. The Iron Black Finish on the handle and deadbolt makes it durable and portable.

Brand: Berlin Modisch

👤I was researching for a high quality door handle set. I didn't think so. I wanted powder coated hardware for its longevity and not painted hardware that will wear off over time. The seller responded quickly that they were powder coated, so you may want to update your description. I ordered all types. Non moving for closet doors, locking and non locking. I could tell they were good by the weight. These are high quality metal that feels good. German mentality and engineering. Well thought out and manufactured. The guys are not messing around. The packaging is topnotch. The instructions are easy to comprehend and can be easily displayed. No guessing how to install. I used a laser level in the room to make sure my handle height was accurate. I used a speed square to make sure the handles were parallel to the door for a nice finish. They are selling these as a cost. I think that since it's a new product on Amazon, they might raise the price. It's just a guess. I suggest grabbing these before the price goes up. I am. I'm not getting paid for this. I don't know who the seller is. I thought they were from China, but I am surprised at how surprised I am. I hope this review helps you.

👤After only a few months of use, the handle and deadbolt set is broken. The rubber seal around the piece that turns to use the deadbolt was loose when it was first installed and it would turn more than it was needed to get the deadbolt set. I decided to keep this one that I purchased from Amazon despite the fact that the installers did not recommend it because they had a lot of issues. Over the past few months, we had a lot of issues getting the door unlocked. The deadbolt lock is difficult to open and close in the winter, but it is even more difficult in the summer. After only 4 months of use, the handle for the deadbolt spins around 180 degrees and does not catch, making the deadbolt useless. We will buy one from Home Depot instead of this. What a waste of money.

👤I bought a combo. There is a The door handle was easy to install. There is a The Door handle is very easy to align and the Deadbolt is more difficult since there are not guiding stems on the Deadbolt pieces. I took some time to think and it looks exactly how I wanted it to. There is a The mechanical parts work. I decided to outfit my whole home with them because I like the look and feel of them. There is a If you wanted a single key for all the external doors of your home, that would be a turn off to some buyers.

👤My son welded a modern front gate for us and we were looking for a more modern looking handle as opposed to standard and ugly gate hardware. We didn't need the locking feature, but we were unsure if the interior passage door handle would hold up in the elements. This is a better choice than the big name brand handles. It feels very heavy. It had a free stick on the plate. There is a The installation was not traditional but it was easy. The little anti-twist protrusions had to be removed. The dark walnuts of our gate and house accents were matched by a quick coat of spray paint. There is a I think the quality will hold up even though it has only been installed a few weeks. We are happy with our purchase.

5. COOLNEWS Crystal Interior Privacy Bathroom

COOLNEWS Crystal Interior Privacy Bathroom

The Square Door Lever is certified by the American National Standards Institute and is ideal for residential use and exceeds most apartment building requirements. Keyless, but with a locking mechanism. This door knob is usually found on bedroom or bathroom doors. Privacy door knobs are easy to install. Installation instructions and a template are included. The door can be unlocked from the outside by pushing a key through the emergency release hole. Important product parameters are included. It fits any backset of 2-3/4" or more. All doors are 1-3/4" thick. If you encounter any problems, please contact them and they will reply to you within 24 hours. If you encounter any problems, please contact them and they will reply to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Coolnews

👤The knob is gorgeous. I was cautious about it. My door is so thin that there were no reviews. If it didn't work out, I'd return it. The package was well packaged and had all the hardware and screws needed. It was as easy to install as it could be in a 100 year door. There was a small gap that I can live with. The box piece went behind the strike. I was impressed. I ordered more for the rest of the doors.

👤The door knobs are very cool. I get praise all the time. It completely updated my home. With that in mind... The knobs come loose quickly. Four doors have the knobs fall off and one of them cracked. They raised the price after I ordered. I wanted to give it 5 stars, but the handles come loose easily.

👤The knobs on my doors were replaced with these. They are well made and give the doors a bit more sophistication. There were no issues with shipping or the product. Everything was delivered as expected.

👤I bought one of these at regular price and I absolutely love it. It was a little larger than our old knobs so it took a little getting used to. Pushbutton lock unlocks are easy to install, solid and heavy, so you don't have to pull the lock to open the door. I plan to buy three more of these.

👤It looks great and seems well made, so I wanted to like it. The rosette is not a disk. The corners are sharp. I am concerned that careless grabs for the door will cause knuckle injuries. I will look for traditional roses after sending these back. It is a traditional shape.

👤These are pretty. I thought they were going to be more modern, but in person there is a small mirror at the center of the disc handle that makes it very pretty as opposed to modern. We decided to go with a more modern black handle for our home doors, but we kept this one and put it on the bathroom door. I can see it. Quality is good, but not our style.

👤I love them so much. They are clean and modern. They are expensive to purchase at once for me, so I have been buying them slowly. I still have more to buy.

👤The knob was installed for less than a year. The contractor said there was nothing he could do to fix the broken pins so it wouldn't work. No one did anything to cause it to fail like this. It's sad, especially given the price.

6. Design House 728691 Terrace Rubbed

Design House 728691 Terrace Rubbed

service If you have a question about the interior door knobs, please contact them. They'll get to you as soon as possible. For doors that don't have a mechanicallatch. Left or right hand designs are available. The grade 3 is certified. Installation on shallow doors. 5-year limited mechanical warranty. 5-year limited mechanical warranty.

Brand: Design House

👤The product is great for the price. Looks good. I bought one because of a comment I read. I'm happy I did. If your door has dual handles on each side, this is not for that closet. My pantry doors look great for me. I need to buy one more to complete the pair. Looks good. Would recommend for the price.

👤If you replace knobs, the screw holes in doorknobs are not standard and do not fit.

👤It was easy to install. It works well for what I wanted it to do- close an inside door.

👤The old dummy door knobs were replaced with these. They fit over the old dummy knobs. Would buy again.

👤I returned them because they weren't the right color. If your in need of a knob that's different, it's definitely a nice knob.

👤It's perfect for the hot water unit.

👤These worked well for my pantry doors, which just pull and push to open and close. The bronze and copper match my cabinet hardware.

👤Ahora, instalada de una manera. nada fuera de lo comn, un poco complicado, ajuste final de los tornillos. It was called excelente.

7. Design House 783191 Dummy Polished

Design House 783191 Dummy Polished

5-year limited mechanical warranty. It was finished in brass and designed for left or right doors. The grade 3 is certified for residential security. The backset is 2-3/4-inch and the doors are 1-3/4-inch thick. The dummy handle does not turn like traditional door knobs. 5-year limited mechanical warranty. 5-year limited mechanical warranty.

Brand: Design House

👤Thank you for reading the review. If it's helpful, please review it on Amazon. This gives feedback and helps me in rankings. The exterior and interior doors of our home were replaced about 8 years ago. We installed Design House door knobs and have been very pleased with how they have held up. I replaced one of the knobs last week because of misuse. The knob was loose for about six months and went to one of the doors. I should have used a screwdriver to tighten it. When you purchase in bulk, you can have all of the fixture keys the same. The brand is a major player. We bought the doors from the company. Amazon bought the replacement knob. The antique brass finish has held up well. The war adds to the "antiqued" look of the back door. This review will help you make a decision. If so, please click the button that says "helpful". Have a great day!

👤Exactly as described! Quality and performance are the same as what the big box stores carry. I was polishing it after install and a genie appeared and gave me three wishes.

👤This item looks better on my metal security style screen-door than the ugly old gold one I replaced. I installed it myself. It doesn't catch or lock up, and works without glitch. The only thing I don't like about it is that it feels light and not heavy, as you would want a lock to be. I think it is a great product and I would buy it again if I wanted something cheap that works.

👤I wanted to match the knobs in my hallway but couldn't find them in any hardware store in this Brass color. It was easy to install this one because it was a perfect match to my existing knobs. Quality made to last a long time. The one I bought was a dummy. It's made in a locking model as well. This product is very well made.

👤The picture shows no screws. There are screws that are visible. It's kinda misleading if you ask me.

👤The passage door knobs were the perfect replacement for the old doorknobs because they were round in shape. I couldn't find the round-knobbed ones in the home improvement stores. I will be ordering another one after I ordered two.

👤I installed it as soon as it arrived. I may have to order more since the other door knobs are dull. It is definitely worth it.

👤It doesn't look like a sturdy knob. I like it. A little smaller than expected, but still solid. Would buy again.

8. Copper Creek BK2040SS Entry Stainless

Copper Creek BK2040SS Entry Stainless

Break the routine and use the chic drawer handles to add a touch of retro and elegance to your home decor. The ball knob is grade 3. Steel round corner. Rich finish. Rich finish.

Brand: Copper Creek

👤I was very excited to have a door for the bedroom that would give me and my wife some privacy. There is a It seemed like it was easy to install. The old knob was replaced with a new one. The outside was unlocked after testing the lock. All seemed well. Went about my evening after closing the door. My wife asked if I locked the door knob. I remember leaving it unlocked. I figured it would be easy to get unlocked. The outside slot is still locked. Is it like a lock where you can open the door by rotating it? No. The door was locked no matter what I did. The fitting was jammed. The knob was not going to budge. There is a I don't have the hardware to drill out the bolts that hold the pieces together. I was able to open the door because my corridor is narrow. I won't be buying this brand again.

👤You can take a nickel or penny or something and open the door if you want to, but no point in buying this for a lock. Privacy is not a priority.

👤The cheapest door knob lock I have seen so far is this one. There is a I thought the price of the knob was not going to do anything, but after I installed it, I realized that I had no need to worry. If you are like me and you want to feel that your items are safe, then you should buy this entry lock. The door knob has two keys and can be re-keyed. There is a When you install the door knob on a door, you will know where to connect the two sides of it because it has two black sleeves. There is a The brands logo is on the door knob. There is a The door knob is universal and can fit almost any door type. The door fits into the latch when it's closed. There is a The instructions that come with the knob can be hard to understand. There is a The door knob might seem small to some people. There is a When you use the key to open the door, it might give you some resistance. After a while, it goes away. There is a I would definitely buy this Entry Knob again.

👤There is only one thing to say, the door knob works. Installation was done quickly. I have attached pictures of my own installations, so anyone with a basic toolkit at home should be able to do it. The only thing I can say is to measure the assembly that will go into the door knob. This unit's latch assemble also extends. I didn't measure the length when the latch is fully extended, but when it isn't extended, it's the same length as the old one. It's a good value for the price and locking feature.

👤After light use, the inside mechanism breaks and you can't turn the knob to get out of the room. Picking the knob will not fix the broken mechanism so you have to destroy it. The only way to get into a room is to see the knob at the neck, as the key is useless when this happens. The product is dangerous and should be recalled.

9. COOLNEWS Crystal Privacy Nickel Function

COOLNEWS Crystal Privacy Nickel Function

If you have a question, they will answer it. If you're not happy with their item, please contact them and they'll help you solve it. Don't hesitate. Just buy it. The crystal door knobs can be locked using the thumb button function from inside, and unlocked from the outside with a privacy key in an emergency. Usually found on bedroom or bathroom doors where privacy is needed. The privacy door knob is easy to install. Installation instructions and a template are included. All doors can be fitted with theadjustablelatch, it can be adjusted to 2-3/4" or 2-1/8". They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Coolnews

👤This is a good value for the price. It was well packaged. It was difficult to install. I had to make the hole bigger in order to make the mechanism fit better. The door plate is large enough to cover the Dremel. We have standard doors, but neither one fit without having to make adjustments. It is much easier to install a Schlage than it is.

👤Beautiful. The heavy weight is nice. Simple to put together. The brand that sells for $29.00 has not been in stock for months. They are always in stock with fast shipping.

👤The dummy knobs are of excellent quality, which is 3-4 times the price of other similar products. Once the mounting hardware is screwed to the door, there are no other adjustments for the square plate. They are gorgeous if done correctly. The knobs have a set screw and robustly screw to the hardware. The crystal is cut well. Great knobs at this price point.

👤I got this one because it is worth every penny.

👤The only reason it is getting a three is because the Handel has started to say on the out side. Please let me know if anyone knows a fix for this. I would love to change my door knobs.

👤If you have newer doors, it's easy to install. I had to chisel out a seat for the side plate in order to make the hole bigger and it worked out great. The lock works well. The kids immediately said "MINECRAFT DOORKNOBS!"

👤I bought a couple of dummy door knobs. Only two could be installed. The other two cases had the spindle broken. One corner of the knobs was broken and the issue with the spindle was not the only one. The other knob was returned by a previous customer who may have run into the same issues.

👤The order for one of the knobs did not include the brackets. I never heard from anyone after I reported it. Finally asked for a refund and was sent back. The refund was returned on time.

10. Defender Security 2499 Spindle Rubbed

Defender Security 2499 Spindle Rubbed

It's perfect for replacing knobs. It's used for interior doors such as bedroom, bathroom and other doors. There is a 17/64 in. The drive is square. It's designed for doors that are less than 3 in. To 1 inch. It was thick. Please see the line drawing for further information. Please see the line drawing for further information.

Brand: Defender Security

👤Over the years, I have had to replace the knobs on the old style doors. Most of the knobs I've purchased are not of good quality. The screws are not good. The door knob isn't holding up. The door knob is a great example of a door knob. The quality of the product in general is some of the best I have seen, and the knob is sturdy. I have not had to make any changes to the door knob or replace any parts of it. Other knobs would not have been able to function in the past. This is a great knob. It was easy to install, and didn't need any maintenance.

👤Good hardware. If you want to save yourself the hassle of re-tightening the screws that hold the knob in place, you can get a small tube of thread lock when you buy it.

👤I wanted to let you know that the handles are terrible. They won't stay where they're supposed to. I have tried using wd-40 and it has not loosened up. It won't. The one I got from Walmart worked for a while, but the knob came off and it's not fixable. I thought I'd try a seller on Amazon. About the same price. The knobs are not easy to install. They don't want to work. I can't shut my bedroom door because I'm stuck in it. I bought it because I wanted to lock that door, but no such luck. If the door is shut, I installed a chainlatch that will work. It was useless. I should have returned it.

👤The work is done in a set of locks. I own a lot of these in Albany. They work and are inexpensive. It is an inexpensive finish and it will age and wear quickly, though it seems better quality than the bright brass one. As it wears it will age more gracefully than bright brass. Use locktite blue threadlocker if the set screw gets loose. You will strip it if you keep re-tightening it. I use the loctite blue most of the time. There is a It's best to get an old knob from a salvaged part place. They are cheap and authentic.

👤The knobs on the Defender set were replaced with these. One day the glass knobs pulled off on both sides. I wanted to replace the knobs with something that wouldn't fall apart. These fit well and look original. They were a perfect color match. I will buy more if the other glass knobs don't work.

👤It's not that I like it, but it is what I ordered and nothing else. Good quality knobs are threaded for set screws and can be adjusted by rotating the knobs around the spindle. There are screws and knobs included. I have nothing bad to say about the items, they do what they are intended to do, they feel good, and I would buy them again.

👤I live in an older house and the door knobs have been missing for some time, I was able to find a replacement that did not set the other door knobs. It is very easy to install.

11. Design House 726992 Stratford Rubbed

Design House 726992 Stratford Rubbed

We want happy customers so their priority is satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your Cast Iron Door Handles, they will give you a money back guarantee. Ships from the US! For doors that don't have a mechanicallatch. The finish is oil rubbed bronze. Installation on shallow doors. Installation on shallow doors.

Brand: Design House

👤These are gorgeous handles. I installed some of them myself. They work well and I think not all do.

👤Is there a way to allow access to the screw holes on the round plate by rotating the handle? Installation instructions are not available.

👤Our old knob was matched by the new product.

👤Not worth the money. Defective. Don't buy!


What is the best product for decorative door knobs exterior?

Decorative door knobs exterior products from Milocks. In this article about decorative door knobs exterior you can see why people choose the product. Copper Creek and Honeywell Safes & Door Locks are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative door knobs exterior.

What are the best brands for decorative door knobs exterior?

Milocks, Copper Creek and Honeywell Safes & Door Locks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative door knobs exterior. Find the detail in this article. Berlin Modisch, Coolnews and Design House are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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