Best Decorative Door Knobs for Bifold Doors

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1. Tecrio 2pcs Pack Ceramic Vintage Cupboard

Tecrio 2pcs Pack Ceramic Vintage Cupboard

We will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them. The diameter is 40mm and the height is 34mm. The color is Pink/Red/Pink/Purple/Yellow. It's easy to install the finish. The ackage content is 2 x knob and 2 x screw. The ackage content is 2 x knob and 2 x screw.

Brand: Tecrio

👤If you need a metric sized bolt, you'll get it with these.

👤The pink rose knobs are just the right size. I put them on a cabinet that looked like a cottage. They are a rose pink, not a bubble-gum baby-girl pink, and the edges of the petals are not sharp, so they feel pleasant when you touch them. I'm happy I bought them.

👤The screws are too small so you can't hook it up, they need to put different size screws in there.

👤I love these knobs. The color is gorgeous. There is a cute table.

👤Exactly what I wanted. I was able to find screw that were not European.

👤The ceramic rose handle I will attach to the top of the wood jewelry box for my daughter's birthday is pink and shiny. The backplate was purchased on Amazon. I like how it looks.

👤The rose drawer knobs add a flair to the chest.

👤Cute knobs. I needed two washers not included because the screws were not long enough for my cabinet. I have to go to the hardware store to spend more money. It's really bad.

2. CLCTK Interior Crystal Polished Faceted

CLCTK Interior Crystal Polished Faceted

Uncompromised quality at an unbeatable price. The crystal dummy door knobs are not turning. It's ideal for bifold/hallway/closet/pantry/laundry room where no locking mechanism is required. Only a door and a tool set are required. You can do it yourself. The crystal door knob has all the accessories and installation instructions. service If you have a question about the interior door knobs, please contact them through messages, they'll solve it for you as soon as possible. service If you have a question about the interior door knobs, please contact them through messages, they'll solve it for you as soon as possible.

Brand: Clctk

👤This product is not pretty. Don't buy this stuff. The knob has glue on it. It will come off 30-days after purchase. This money is wasted. If you buy this junk, you are going to be upset. After 30 days, it comes off. The reviews from the product we purchase will save you money. The knob is pretty but not functional and not the best value.

👤I wanted a doorknob to match the gold fixture in the bathroom we just did, so I found this beauty. It was easy to install and give the room a flair. It's bigger than your typical door knob and it's nice. It sticks out a bit further than the door stop that we installed, so it may cause some damage to your wall. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤These knobs were given to me months ago. I put them in the master bedroom. My bathroom door is usually open. The handle was not used. The crystal ball on the handle is not shiny. The knobs are expensive and for a handle that doesn't get used to break off like that shows it's cheap. The knobs are gorgeous.

👤The knob is very comfortable in the hand, and it looks just like the photos. My door is very heavy and my previous small knob was not comfortable in the hand. The round shape of this knob to my average size man's hand feels good to pull on. I had to modify the hardware after I bought it for a door that was not designed for it. I can't say if it's durable because I've only had it for two months, but it's worked well and shows no wear. I like it a lot.

👤For the price, I thought it would be clear glass, not much more than that. I was wrong. I unwrapped it and it sparkled like a diamond. I almost didn't order because of the reviews. The knob is very secure and can be removed with an allen wrench. I'm using one on an outside commercial door and will update in a few months. I hope it doesn't get stolen. I live in a small town with great people. I know this is rated for indoor use, my door locks with a deadbolt, so I just need a dummy knob, it doesn't change the security either way.

👤The door knob is well made, but the adult daughter said it was too big for her hands. It was returned. The knob is larger than a standard door knob. This one is for you if you want a bigger statement. I think the door knobs are too small. This one is nice, but not perfect.

👤These look nice. If they hit the wall, they will punch a hole in the sheetrock. They were larger than expected. Even with a door stop, the wall is likely to be hit by the door I was going to put them on. I don't want a jabbed hand every time I use them.

3. Copper Creek CK2090BC Colonial Dummy

Copper Creek CK2090BC Colonial Dummy

The door knob is made of glass. It can break if hit with a solid object like a hammer. It is very dangerous to have broken glass. If the door knob becomes loose, replace it. Children should not be allowed to hang from this product. The grade 3 is from the US The Security Keyed Colonial Knob is a dummy. Push pull Colonial door knob. The finish was rich black. A good fit for your privacy door. It takes just a screwdriver to install. There is a lifetime mechanical and 5 year finish warranty. There is a lifetime mechanical and 5 year finish warranty.

Brand: Copper Creek

👤The Copper Creek brand is something we love. We've redecorated our house and replaced our tacky gold knobs. I give the dummy knob a 4 star instead of a 5 because it's hard to remove the knob from the base. We've ordered 4 so far and all have been difficult. It's possible, but we had to tear up one knob to break it apart. I think it would be better if they sent the knobs from the base.

👤I bought these for every interior door. The Copper Creek handles look similar to the Schlage handles I have on my doors, the finish matches really well, and they were about half the price.

👤Excellent quality and value. dummies, privacy and passage ones were bought to replace brass knobs in the basement. It was very easy to install. Everything fits perfectly with all the hardware included. I am very pleased with the line of products.

👤I replaced all the fake brass hardware on my doors with knobs and painted the hinges black. I gave my 1990 home a sophisticated, architecturally pleasing look, and it was easy to do.

👤We wanted a rustic/primitive look on our bedroom closet doors after having traditional white with gold knobs for years. Adding black knobs and painting the doors burlap made it look great. Total change. It was easy to install and good quality.

👤All of our closets were installed six months ago. I ordered 9 and they went on and haven't gotten loose yet even with a young child hanging on them frequently. Our decor is black.

👤Didn't know how expensive these are. The best quality for the price is these.

👤It's easy to install. A great value for the price. I found a better price in hardware stores and my shipping was free. It was delivered quickly.

4. Pack Silverline Cabinet Bathroom Cupboard

Pack Silverline Cabinet Bathroom Cupboard

Each package included 2 PCS crystal cabinet handle pulls, 5 PCS mounting screws, and 5 PCS washers. For longer screws, please purchase separately. 6 pack round cabinet knobs are individually wrapped to protect against scratches. For longer screws, please purchase separately. 6 pack round cabinet knobs are individually wrapped to protect against scratches.

Brand: Silverline Hardware

👤These are terrible to install. These are not straight in the picture. The ones I am replacing are flat. They are hard to install. There is a We may need to purchase longer screws, but why not just provide longer screws in the first place or redesign the knob to be flat?

👤These are nice. The length of the screw was a problem. The company tried to help, but I needed a different length. I would highly recommend these knobs, they were set up for me at my local hardware store.

👤Love the look and quality. Depending on the thickness of the door, you might need a different lenght screw.

👤The knob is great. It's beautiful and sturdy. The screws that came with it? It was useless. I was able to save my old ones. So beware.

👤The knobs look rich and sturdy. They are a perfect match for my other knobs.

👤These knobs are very nice. It is easy to install. I think they're a good choice.

5. Amerock Cabinet Diameter Inspirations Hardware

Amerock Cabinet Diameter Inspirations Hardware

Alignright template AN0251C-CL-U can be used for easy installation. It was crafted with precise detail for lifelong beauty. The hardware includes 8-32 x 1 in. The machine is called the Truss Head. The Amerock Guardian Lifetime Guarantee is against defects in material and workmanship. The Amerock Guardian Lifetime Guarantee is against defects in material and workmanship.

Brand: Amerock

👤Beware: 31.75mm is not 1-3/4 in. I would not have ordered them if I had known this, I could have just ordered more cabinet knobs of the same size. I'm really disappointed.

👤I bought several of these knobs to replace brass knobs on some folding doors. I chose these knobs because they're large enough to be useful on doors and they give me a much more up-to-date appearance to coordinate with my new kitchen appliances. Each knob has two screws, one long enough for full-thickness doors and the other for thinner drawer fronts. Installation was easy since they were replacing knobs. The photos show how they look.

👤This product is made to order. Good quality construction. I rated it 4 stars because it came with 2 screw sizes, but both were too long to fit on an aluminum bi-fold closet door. I had to go to the home depot to get smaller screws for the doors I ordered, but they came in a pack of 20 and I only needed four.

👤I like the pull on my bifold closet door, but I need to know what size bolt it uses, because the small washer that comes with it was too small.

👤Several of the silver that I bought looked a little warning. I like the look. I had an older piece of furniture that had brass and wood knobs. When someone suggested I replace the knobs, I wanted to replace the piece. I have a couple of things in my kitchen. I went with these because they were a little less shiny but still silver. They took a while to get used to it. I thought they were bigger than they were, but I am very pleased with the results. They were priced fairly on Amazon. I decided to go online after comparing the prices at major hardware stores. I was able to add them on for a cheaper price since I bought quite a few. I only spend $100 on knobs because I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new piece of furniture. Very happy!

👤I was thinking about getting new laundry doors. I got new pulls. The doors would've cost $250. Instead... It was $9.98! They are similar to my ceiling fans. They feel great! Holy cow, why are those doors filthy? They will be getting cleaned today.

👤A new bathroom was put in by us. We added brushed bronze faucets to the sink. The drawers had knobs. We replaced them with these and it looks great. Even though these did come with hardware, the existing screws fit the knobs, making it an easy swap.

👤The quality was heavy and smooth. I was surprised that they came with the longer screws that worked with my 1.25 inch thick bi-fold doors, and I didn't have to look for the right screws. Overall, it was a really nice product.

👤These knobs exceeded my expectations. They are large and well made. The color is just right for me. The screws were different lengths to accommodate different door thicknesses. It is recommended.

6. Colorful Handmade Ceramic Cabinet Kitchen

Colorful Handmade Ceramic Cabinet Kitchen

The package includes ceramic drawers and knobs. Installation and accessory are easy. They provide screw caps to make sure that your expensive dress doesn't get stuck in your drawer screw and ruin your day. The Ceramic Knobs in your kitchen cabinet can be fixed with the Spanner hole, which you don't need to use a drill to do. Extra Bolts and Washers are provided to make sure your set is still usable even if you loose a piece. The length of the wrench is 3 inches. All their beautiful Cabinet Pulls are handmade and each Top Knob is hand printed to give that stylish appearance. These are designed to be the best of both worlds, from the best quality ceramic to the multiple level of checks to ensure only the best of Dresser Knobs reaches your home/office. Pull Knobs are showing Craftsmanship at its best. They provide caps for the screws to make sure your dresses or cloth doesn't get stuck. The knobs and pulls set comes with 10 pieces of the screw that is 5.7 cm/ 2.25 inch. This is to make sure their knobs fit the cabinet drawers you purchase. Updating your home or office decor is a great way to make it look better for any occasion. The invention for home, kitchen and office. Their home knobs are stylish and come with a unique handmade elegant design. They are all polished to the highest standards to give your bathroom, kitchen cabinets a classic look. These antique kitchen knobs make a difference. The drawer knobs have a 4.5 cm diameter and 2.5 cm depth. There is a no-nonsense money back guarantee. The package contains 12 knobs, 12 screws, 12 bolts, and 1 wrench. This makes their set stand out because of how they take care of their customers. If you don't like the exterior door knobs, they will give you a full refund even if Amazon gives you 30 days. Their 180-day money back guarantee is backed by their world class customer service. There is a no-nonsense money back guarantee. The package contains 12 knobs, 12 screws, 12 bolts, and 1 wrench. This makes their set stand out because of how they take care of their customers. If you don't like the exterior door knobs, they will give you a full refund even if Amazon gives you 30 days. Their 180-day money back guarantee is backed by their world class customer service.

Brand: Knobknob

👤If you're like me, you've read the mixed reviews of similar products. When I found these, they had only 7 reviews, but all were good, so I chose them. It was definitely a good decision. They are strong and heavy. The designs and colors are just as beautiful as the photo shows. All the surfaces are smooth, so they won't scratch your fingers or catch your clothes. The screws are long and will protrude into your drawers/cabinets, which was found in many reviews. It's something to be aware of if that would cause you a problem, and I left them as is.

👤I bought these knobs in February and they are pretty, but I didn't need them because I didn't need the bumps on the cabinets. The summer has finally arrived and it is getting pretty hot, two of the knobs have fallen apart, and the knob just completely came off the bolt part of it.

👤These are great! My old knobs were pretty and they would grab your clothes. I glue the knobs back on after they fell off the screws. I would buy these again.

👤I wanted to change up the look of my bedroom set and thought it would be easy to do with new knob handles. Found these and loved them! The screws are long and some of them came apart from the knob. I'm sure I can fix that with some Gorilla Glue. Love the designs and colors. My room looked a whole lot better with the looks of it.

👤These knobs are gorgeous. They have to be cut down because the backs are so long that they can't be moved. My husband put them on. They look great after being fixed.

👤I am putting them on kitchen cabinets. The screws are long enough to be cut. I don't know if it's durable yet.

👤They look like they will last a long time. I had to remove the long screw until I could find someone to cut them shorter. If you have access to a tool that can cut the thick screw, you would give the product a high recommendation.

👤They are pretty. I want to replace all the knobs in my house.

7. AmazonBasics Modern Cabinet Diameter 25 Pack

AmazonBasics Modern Cabinet Diameter 25 Pack

It takes just a screwdriver to install. The projection is 1.02-inch. You may need to purchase screws of additional length depending on your cabinet's width, and the machine screw metric size is M8-32. You may need to purchase screws of additional length depending on your cabinet's width, and the machine screw metric size is M8-32.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These knobs are very nice. The knobs I needed to replace all of the builder grade ones in my home have been perfect. They're very affordable and good quality. They're exactly what I was looking for, for less than others.

👤These are replacements for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. They look great after a few months of use. They look the same as shown in the picture. There were two sizes of screws that were included, which were useful for doors and cabinets. This product is very good.

👤These knobs are great. They are simple and elegant. My wife loves the look of the knobs, they are the right size and shape for our kitchen. The finish was what we were looking for. The quality is comparable to the selection at big box retailers, but at a fraction of the price. The knobs come in a brown box with no plastic to open, and I like that. I'm more than happy.

👤We moved into a new home and instead of ripping out the cabinets I tried to do all the hardware. I purchased these on a warehouse deal and they were amazing. I would pay full price for these as they were exactly what I wanted and easy to install. They've held up to abuse and still look great. I think they are comparable to mid-level brands like Home Depot.

👤Some were darker than others. I had to make a choice. I only needed eight. The screws were long. The longer ones were too long to thread on my doors. I only got one or two turns with the short screws. They look good, all that said.

👤2 of the 5 screws were stripped. I'm a very handy person and I was very careful. The screws are soft and let down by the quality of the knobs, so this has nothing to do with my experience.

👤I was trying to update my cabinets without spending a lot of money. The knobs worked well. I gave the product 5 stars, but I didn't install them, so you could say they were very easy to install.

👤I bought them for my son. We did a small project to update them. We bought gold hinges at a local hardware store and I got 2 packs of knobs from Amazon for a great price. Couldn't be happier!

👤I used other screws that looked like the same length but wouldn't screw in all the way, so I used only the ones that fit perfectly and gave 4/5 for sturdiness. They do a great job for what I need. Quality is good for the price.

👤I bought these to replace the old plastic cupboard handles in my kitchen and they look great. Shame that you can only purchase a 10-pack or a 25-pack as I needed 12 and didn't really want to pay the extra £14 to have 13 spare, but other than that pleased with the product

👤I used them to give the kitchen and bedroom a new look. It worked. These handles are easy to replace and have good quality. The look of these has given them a great price. Excellent delivery too.

8. Diamond Crystal Cabinet Cupboard Wardrobe

Diamond Crystal Cabinet Cupboard Wardrobe

The cast iron has a rust brown finish. Each package contains 40mm crystal glass knobs, 12pcs screws of various lengths and sizes, and 12pcs gasket. Different screw sizes to meet different needs. The blue clear cut crystal glass and solid alloy base, shiny polished chrome, sparkling, luxurious diamond shape, glass cabinet knobs is a great decoration for home or office. The crystal drawer pulls are simple and shiny to create a fashion-forward effect that can be incorporated into most home decor styles. The knob is an easy way to make a room look great when lit. To install, drill a hole on the board, then carefully drill through the screw from the back, and tighten the screw. Their diamond glass handles are great for quick and easy pulling out of drawers. Crystal cabinet Konbs are beautiful and durable, ideal for cabinets, drawers, cabinets, wardrobe and bookcases in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, libraries, dormitories and offices. Crystal cabinet Konbs are beautiful and durable, ideal for cabinets, drawers, cabinets, wardrobe and bookcases in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, libraries, dormitories and offices.

Brand: Mtsooning

👤One of the four was clearly a lighter blue than the other three and one of the four had tiny chips along the edges of the glass. I only needed 2 for the linen closet doors. I didn't pay enough attention to the length of the screws and will have to get longer ones. The longest is 30mm and the smallest is 5mm. My door is thick.

👤If they didn't have glass damage, these knobs would work well. Some of them have aaffle patterns on the top of the glass that make them useless. The scratches on the glass make them useless. I will have to return them.

👤Individual boxes were used to package these knobs. They are a little larger than I anticipated. I was able to use them as clothes hooks.

👤I was looking for a blue that was gorgeous. It didn't fit my entry take at first. I would have to go to Home Depot if I had spare tighteners. It came with two sizes.

👤Cute handles. It's easy to install. Look like the picture.

👤None of the screw lengths worked. I had to add a thicker washer because of my old screw.

👤We had to buy new screws because the screws they provided were too short for my closet doors. You just need to buy your own screws.

👤This is only for the kitchen. No for the closet.

👤The three different sizes of screws didn't work for bi-fold doors. I tried to buy longer screws for these knobs, but they were not found. These are not available anywhere, even through automotive distributors.

9. Artncraft Vintage Designed Cupboard Hardware

Artncraft Vintage Designed Cupboard Hardware

Machine wash separately in cold water. Do not use bleach. Lay flat to dry if you want to tumble dry. Remove quickly. Warm iron when needed. Labor tests show that the pillow shams stay the same after 100 washes. The set of knobs has fitting hardware. The dimensions are 1.5 - 1.75 inch diameter and 1.5 inch height. Hardware for installation is included. It's easy to install if you have a hand drill or a small hole. The design is hand-painted elegance. The design is hand-painted elegance.

Brand: Artncraft

👤I wanted to dress up my chest of drawers. The colors on Amazon are too saturated. These are not close to the rich colors. They are interesting designs. I could not secure the bolts to the drawers of the box that I received because they were two different lengths. I got a matched set with bolts of the right length after ordering a second set. Two knobs in my reassembled box had bolts that were too short. I only needed ten knobs. You cannot remove the bolts from the knobs without damaging them. If the bolts are long enough to fit your project, it's a good idea.

👤The knobs are very nice. I love the variety of designs and they all look great on the small drawer that I painted. At the same time, they are very delicate. Good purchase!

👤These knobs are gorgeous and an incredible deal. The star shaped knobs are thinner than the round knobs, so the bolt would have been too short for the drawers if not for that. The knobs will spin a bit because there is no real grip on the nuts. We're going to buy new nuts that bite to keep them from getting loosened. The quality of the knobs shouldn't stop anyone from buying them. They're pretty.

👤The listing says black and white, but they are more beige/gray and blackish. They look dirty on my cabinets. The package was short. Since I am returning them, it's not a problem. There is a They are assembled in a weird way that is not what they are supposed to do. It's so odd. They should be put together correctly and not have to reassemble.

👤I was expecting these to be disappointing, mainly because a set of 10 knobs that look pretty expensive in many places, or they come in way tinier than I was expecting, but these did not disappoint and they are easy to install. Some drawer pulls I have bought have too long of screws, but they have to be cut in order to be installed. If I don't have the equipment to cut the bolts at the time of install, these will probably extend too far into the drawer, but the knob will be flush and it won't have any outer cosmetic problems. It is my favorite thing to do. It's funny. I will probably order more of the other colors for my kitchen cabinets because these will turn the boring dresser into a cute piece of furniture. Maybe my bathroom... I might be able to find other things to add knobs to.

👤I love these! Our kitchen needs some updating but it has a touch of personality and color. There are two of each pattern, but I did not match them. It is difficult to keep the nut tight on them as they come loose constantly, but they still work just fine.

👤The knobs are cute. Some of the ceramic that was glazed over has some chips that weren't obvious until close inspection. The way to install was a bit odd, but it worked out fine. We will have to find larger bolts for our drawers as theirs are not long enough to secure them too much, but with the single layer of the cabinet face worked well. The metal piece was not nice after the ceramic knoc had a bad coating. It's not a big deal, but it's cheap and annoying. It was a great deal, considering the price. I was able to do the entire house.

10. HIEMEY Interior Crystal Brushed Non Locking

HIEMEY Interior Crystal Brushed Non Locking

If there is a quality issue, please contact them. The dummy door knobs are brushed nickel Finish. All installation accessories are included. A few screws and a few dummy door knobs can be done in a few minutes. The french door knobs are gorgeous and the glass knobs are not falling off. This dummy door knob is a good choice if you want to change the door knob. Glass crystal knobs with a brushed nickel finish. If you encounter any problems, please contact them, they will reply to you as soon as possible. If you encounter any problems, please contact them, they will reply to you as soon as possible.

Brand: Hiemey

👤I used to know that there was a little knob. This is true, he was a little crooked. This little knob looks pretty good, even though it shifts when you turn it. I will give four stars and call it a day.

👤You can upgrade any door with this beautiful dummy handle. Everyone who comes to visit loves it. I lost the gold plate and the seller agreed to send me a new one for free. I call it real customer service. It is amazing! Thank you.

👤They were bought in the gold color for the entry and closet doors. The color was not gold as expected. I think it's closer to silver in tone. If you're looking for a lighter shade of gold, it's okay. If you want a true honey gold, keep looking. It wasn't as much of a feeling as expected. It's Meh... Returned.

👤The doorknob is beautiful. Glass doorknobs are usually thought of as "old-fashioned" and only suited for a victorian or older farmhouse. The shape of the knob and rosette makes it work well with a variety of styles. I only use this knob on my bathroom doors, but you could use it throughout your home. I like it.

👤I am very impressed with the price, presentation and quality of the product so far. The final product will be updated when the installation is done.

👤I will replace all my door knobs with this one. It's gorgeous.

👤A person just finished remodeling a home and wanted to add some bling to the library doors. There is a The doors are reeded so that the sunlight catches them. I love it! There is a Excellent value and easy to install. I hope to buy them again. Don't be disappointed if you buy them.

👤If you are replacing another knob, this is easy to install. The crystal finish gives a more traditional feel. I bought a privacy lock for the bathroom. I love this knob.

11. Copper Creek EK2090TB Tuscan Bronze

Copper Creek EK2090TB Tuscan Bronze

We will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them. The egg door knob is from the grade 3 security. Push pull a colonial egg style door knob. A rich bronze finish. It takes just a screwdriver to install. It takes just a screwdriver to install.

Brand: Copper Creek

👤I only show the bronze in my video, but it applies to both finishes. We moved into a new home and wanted to replace all the brass knobs. There is a We ordered a few different knobs from Amazon to compare. The funny story is that I tried to find a local source for Copper Creek. I contacted Copper Creek through their website. I was referred to a local person. I told them that they carried Copper Creek after I called them. The sales guy said they had no in stock. He tried to sell me on Schlage at a much higher price. No deal. Back to Amazon. I ordered it in nickel and bronze. I liked the nickel more since it seems like bronze might scratch more easily. There is a If there were no other options, we would have gone with this. We ordered a sample of another brand, and it came out as our preference. There is a The unique egg styling is a pros. Finish options include bronze, nickel, and possibly others. The retail box is very nice and easy to install. I tried another brand and it wasn't perfect vertical, but it had a few degrees of tilt, which was true on both knobs I ordered. The metal is a bit thinner than other brands. It's toss up. The privacy lock can be unlocked with a coin. You don't need to worry about losing keys. It is a bit less private, and doesn't look as good. There is a It's all about that. Great knob. About 30 of them were almost bought. It fell a bit short. Solid 4 stars. Enjoy!

👤The looks are perfect and they work just as well as the more expensive ones. I believe they are the same ones we purchased a few years ago for a different phase of renovation and they have lasted very well. I wouldn't buy this brand for exterior safety locks, but for inside they are fine. If you know what I mean, this is a nice black but not a super black that has a weird finish. It was just not shiny. The "key" for opening the door from the outside is a nice and sturdy item, and it's kind of cute. I might put a pretty tassel on one and put it on the drawer in the guest room.

👤The knobs helped to make the doors look better. The old school brassy gold knobs weren't cutting it anymore so a 5 min swap really boosted our door game. Everything you need to install it, aside from the screwdriver, was in the box. I thought the "Privacy" knob meant there was a lock, but it was more of a bathroom lock situation, where you can use a coin, not a key. The entry lock that I wanted was the one with the two keys. I just got a hallway closet knob. It's still quite an improvement from the before, but no do-it-yourself changes other than the knob.


What is the best product for decorative door knobs for bifold doors?

Decorative door knobs for bifold doors products from Tecrio. In this article about decorative door knobs for bifold doors you can see why people choose the product. Clctk and Copper Creek are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative door knobs for bifold doors.

What are the best brands for decorative door knobs for bifold doors?

Tecrio, Clctk and Copper Creek are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative door knobs for bifold doors. Find the detail in this article. Silverline Hardware, Amerock and Knobknob are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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