Best Decorative Door Knobs Holders

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1. HouseHold Impressions Rubbed Bronze Stoppers

HouseHold Impressions Rubbed Bronze Stoppers

Their goal is to provide you with useful household products, while making your daily life better. If you have a question about the new decorative door stopper, please contact their customer service, they are here for you! This is not suitable for animals or children. Who says you can't have both quality and quantity? Their set of 12 noise cancelling door stoppers includes more high quality doorstops for less money than their competitors. Use them behind every door in your home to match your other Oil-Rubbed Bronze home accessories and decorations. You can give them to friends or family. Kid-safe. - They know that babies and small children are fascinated by spring style door stops, but parents can be reassured because their unique low mounted door stops will likely reduce the risk of the door stop tips. It's difficult for adults to remove the tips. Their door stops can be installed into your baseboards or directly onto all of your bedroom, bathroom, office, living room, kitchen, and garage doors by using the included screws. You can find your installation screw if you remove the base plate. There are no special tools required. Their high quality door stops keep your doors and walls in perfect condition. Their wide base design protects your wood, steel, and fiberglass doors from marks and scratches while also preventing heavy, fast swinging doors from slamming into your walls. Their door stops will not break, fail, or rust over time, and you will get your money back if you don't like it. They will get to you within 24 hours if you send them an e-mail. They wouldn't sell these if they didn't guarantee Customer Satisfaction and Enjoyment. You can either send them back for a new set or a full refund. No questions asked!

Brand: Household Impressions

👤Great looking product. Sturdy. When you receive a package of door stops, you have to ask where the screws are. This is not a plug-and-play product. There is a You can see that the mounting screw is inside when you tinker with it. Attach the mount to the wall with the screw and then twist the wire through the small hole in the base to tighten it. There is a The dealer should have explained this detail within the order. There is a One star.

👤This post is for people with little kids. I have little kids that look like springs. They play with them and bend them. My wife took the caps off so the kids wouldn't steal them. All doors are damaged. I hot glue the caps on but they would come off. The caps don't come off. There is no need for glue. Great.

👤There is a screw inside the door stopper. Attach the screws to the bottom. It was very easy to install. The only thing you need is a screwdriver. These look nice. If you have crawling babies, these do not come off as easily as other door stops. The crawling baby would have to have strength that is beyond belief to pull these off. These door stops are recommended by me.

👤My kids tried to eat the white part of the cheaper versions after they were used to making music. That was not these. When we moved, we had to replace them and buy new ones. I wish we would have started with them.

👤The installation was very easy with the head screwdriver. I replaced the door stops in my new home. I thought when we bought our home that they were higher quality than the ones at our previous home. My toddler ripped about 4 of them from the base trim and split the base boards throughout the house. The spring door stops are not designed to absorb impact due to doors being opened too hard, but instead are springs so they do not rip from walls, baseboards, etc when they are inevitably stepped on. A situation that was ruining trimwork throughout my home was a perfect fix.

👤I was hesitant about the design, but now I'm happy with it. Remove the base and screw it back in. The wall has a screw base. Put the spring back on. Very strong. There is a As pictured. Not bronze. You can't see the rubbed area under the base. It was easy to install and great quality. Spring is strong. The cap is made of rubber. They were cheaper than the replacement caps. I was going to remove the caps, but they are nicer than my old ones. I replaced all the stops in a matter of minutes. I put caps on the door stops that are above the hinges, and they fit perfectly. I couldn't budge the caps, so my husband got them off. Very happy! I paid full price, and nobody asked me to leave feedback. I'm really happy.

2. Dewarfami Nautical Stopper Decorative Creamy

Dewarfami Nautical Stopper Decorative Creamy

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about their products, they will help you solve them as soon as possible. The door should be stopped and the door should be locked. Their door stop is made of rope knots and can be used to keep the doors open. A perfect gift for anyone who loves animals or is interested in home decor is their door stoppers. The door stopper is a great gift for the holiday season. The recipient will be sure to get the most out of it, whether it's a birthday gift, secret santa, or stocking stuffer. The measurement is 5.5 x 5.5 inches. About 3.3 Lb. Every home lover will find fabric door stops. If you need a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself, they have something for everyone. DISCLAIMER: This is not an official statement. This is not a good toy for animals or children. DISCLAIMER: This is not an official statement. This is not a good toy for animals or children.

Brand: Dewarfami

👤It was supposed to be about the size of a softball. It's bigger than a softball and not as big as a basketball. It is not as heavy as I 888-276-5932. My German Shepherd thinks it's a toy and is constantly taking it, even though it holds the door open. Since my dog has picked it up a few times, the ropes are coming out of it. They are covered in glue.

👤I received the knot tonight. What is inside the plastic wrap of the knot? There is a When I opened the box, I didn't know what it was or if it was a green leaf. Was included.

👤Doesn't open the door. Being used for decor only.

👤It can't be used for intended purposes. It was not strong enough to hold the door open. I used it as a table decoration.

👤The appearance and Sturdy, Functional, and appearance are the same as pictured in the advertisement. Works well in a nautical themed room.

3. Lulu Decor Different Decorative Housewarming

Lulu Decor Different Decorative Housewarming

There is no risk to purchase. They will give you a full refund if you don't like the key holder. They are confident that you will love using the wall storage mail organizer. They will respond to your concerns within 24 hours. The hooks are made to hang a bunch of things. There are screws included. The cast iron hooks are heavy and strong, they give rustic beauty to any kind of decor, and they are also useful in your day to day life. The hooks are hand made and will be appreciated by your guests. These hooks can be put at your main entrance, passage, kitchen area, living room, and other places. The middle hook is 5"x3" and the tall hook is 8x2".

Brand: Lulu Decor

👤The key style hooks are heavy duty and rustic. They look great hanging on the wall and make a great accent piece. They've been used in our daughters bedrooms to hang dream catchers. I think they look great.

👤Absolutely amazing! These hooks fit the bill because we wanted some interesting ones. There is a Great quality, super cute, unbeatable price, and fast shipping! There is a If you hang anything heavier than a hand towel, you need to mount it to a stud or add a drywall anchor.

👤They are large, heavy, and well built. I painted them to match my bathroom decore. They are perfect. If you're thinking about buying them, buy them now. I've had a lot of people compliment me on them. I used different screws than what came with them. I didn't think the ones that came with were big enough to hold up towels.

👤They are perfect for hanging up coats outside of our office because we are a real estate company. There is a If you can mount them to a stud, they are even better.

👤I used the photo nooks to cover the holes in the old doors in my little she shed. I love that they are heavy weight. It's worth the money.

👤These are a great addition to our home. The item is rustic. My husband and I like to decorate our home with lock décor.

👤The quality of the hangers was really good. They are made of cast iron. They look great and are easy to install.

👤These are very cute. My daughter got one because she likes it so much. Sturdy enough to hold a skillet.

👤I returned a broken box from the first set I ordered, but received another set from the same company who sent me the better one. I hung them in the entry stairwell and the back porch.

👤The look I was going for was achieved by the heavy items. The color seems a bit off. They look more brown than black, and the detail is not as pronounced as you would think. They are going to do the job.

👤The screw hold should be vertical on all the pieces.

👤La calidad is very good. A son una pieza.

4. Extension Rubberized Doorknob Converts Accessibility

Extension Rubberized Doorknob Converts Accessibility

High quality guarantee. The Magnetic Door Stop is non-traceremovable. It's a good help in your life because it's very convenient to use. They offer a 12 months warranty with assurance of a refund, and they guarantee their customers premium quality with their door stopper. Enjoy the risk-free purchase. The solution that converts standard sized doorknobs to handles is simple. You can be independent and out of pain with this Doorknob extension handle. This is not a single size that fits all. One solution for a range of conditions is suitable for the elderly, disabled, sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome, children, or anyone who has trouble twisting a doorknob. Their covers are easy to install. Push over existing doorknobs in the correct position and you'll have the ideal handle that doesn't slip and opens doors with ease. The extension lever is only compatible with standard sized rounded doorknobs. The fit of the lever will be snug. The lever should not slip after installation. The pro tip is. The lever should be soaked in hot tap water for 3 minutes prior to installation. There is a pack of rubber doorknob extension handles. Measures 4 1/2” in length and works on rounded doorknobs. I am unsure if it will fit. They would appreciate it if you could reach out to them through their seller page. There is a pack of rubber doorknob extension handles. Measures 4 1/2” in length and works on rounded doorknobs. I am unsure if it will fit. They would appreciate it if you could reach out to them through their seller page.

Brand: Impresa Products

👤I needed to rest one hand for 8 weeks to heal from an injury, and I had trouble opening the door, so I bought these adapters. They were easy to install, just soak for three minutes in hot water. Line it up so it is the direction. You want it to face before you put it on the knob. I immediately bought another set after installing them. The original knobs can be left in place while the levers are temporarily turned into them. These are a good value.

👤I wanted to try out the knobs on the doors but didn't want to have to change them myself, so I bought this. I've been using the first one for a month now, and I've just purchased four more sets. They work well for what they cost and the amount of time they save and replace the handles myself. I can open the door with my elbow if my hands are slippery, because I have handles over knobs for utility. I wish they came in clear plastic silicone, it would blend well in.

👤I needed these to work. They won't stay on. My husband tried some glue. They look good and seem to work well. I thought I could make them work. I'm not going to use gorilla glue. I need new handles for my door.

👤These levers make it easy for people to open doors, even though they are scared to use round knobs. I had to order them several times because everyone loves them. A great purchase for these times.

👤It helps some. The product slips over the door knob and it keeps working. I wouldn't buy it again. I have different door knobs in the house and they don't work.

👤The knobs in question are difficult to put on correctly and come off easily, even though these were supposed to be the correct size. They are stretched and grip less securely after just a few days of such stress. We threw the packaging away so that I could find a better product.

👤My problem with our door knob was that we would have to use the garage door to get in. You can't turn the door knob until you free up at least one of your hands. There is nothing near our door to let things go to waste. It has been a problem for a long time and I kept getting worse. I didn't want to replace the door knob just because it was good. I was thinking of ways to make it work like a door handle and not a knob. Most of the ideas I had required damaging the knob. There is a I decided to go to the hardware store to get some things I would need to modify the knob after I broke down. There was no premade product that could solve this problem. How would I find such a product? I was about to go to the hardware store when I decided to try and find something on Amazon. I was surprised to find this door knob extension, it appears to be the only one of its kind. I was not sure if it would work for me. I read some of the reviews and built this from there. If it didn't work the way I needed it to, I could probably modify it to meet my needs, since I had already come up with several ideas on my own. I assumed that the rubbery material it is made from wouldn't be strong enough. I installed it. It fit on the door, but it wasn't tight enough to stay put. There is a I took one of my ideas and put a hose on it. I had an old hose clamp. It was the right size. The door knob and extension were tightened. I made sure the adjustment screw wouldn't hurt anyone. I used a Dremel to round off the edges of the excess metal. When I was done with that, I put rubber on the areas that were potentially sharp. The door knob extension has been working great since it was added. It has been in place for a month. It has held up to normal daily use. I have treated it a few times to make sure it would hold up. It is made from a rubbery material. It feels good to open the door. I can't speak to that because I haven't tested any chemicals. I gave this a 4 star rating because I don't think it would be a permanent solution for me. It should work well with the modification. Hopefully the manufacturer will incorporate this idea into the product, like in the extension or something similar. Someone tried to attach the extension to the door knob with Silicone rubber, but it failed. I think a CA glue may work better. It is an industrial grade glue. Starbond sells their products on Amazon. I think a medium or thick version of the CA glue would work best. Clean all surfaces thoroughly before applying any glue. You might have to rough up the surfaces to make them better. I don't want to damage the knob and I may want to remove it in the future, so I haven't tried an glue. There is a Good luck!

5. Front Door Wreath Hanger Adjustable

Front Door Wreath Hanger Adjustable

The longer part is 1.33 inch and the small part is 0.98 inch. They were shorter than a standard door stop, so please check the size before buying. No door hooks. There are no holes needed to attach this Christmas wreath door Hanger. Hanging your decor between 13” and 19” from the top of the door frame is possible with an adjusted sliding hook. It's safe to hold large, heavy holiday wreath up to 20 lbs. Strong powder coating for indoors and outdoors. It is advisable to protect your aluminum, glass, or wooden door. It fits doors up to 2 inches thick. There is a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. There is a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Brand: Village Lighting Company

👤I love this wreath holder. I ordered a wreath from another site and although I loved the look of it, it was a bit smaller than advertised. I would have returned the wreath if it wasn't for this hanger. The wreath wouldn't command attention on its own, but this decorative hanger definitely made a difference.

👤It is functional and beautiful. Reviewers thought the overdoor hook was too deep, but it was perfect for the depth of my doors. My husband thinks it went to someone else who assembled it and then returned it. We were happy that it was already put together.

👤It wouldn't fit on the storm door. The door wouldn't open. The hanger was beautiful and well made.

👤This wreath hanger is very pretty and heavy duty. Within 15 minutes of opening the box, I had it on the front door. I like the design because if the wind kicks up, it won't be swinging back and forth. I have a 9' front door and it was just the right size for the adjustability. It was perfect!

👤I love this wreath hanging, it looks elegant on my door. The front door closes perfectly. To fit on the door, the padded part has to be pulled down. Many people said it didn't fit their door. I had no problems installing it. It can be adjusted! It is strong. It's well made. I would recommend this to anyone looking for quality. It's a perfect addition to your front door.

👤The wreath hanger is beautiful. I have to return it because the curved decorative part below the hooks that go over the door are too high. I can't close my door. It's unfortunate because it's pretty. I'm not sure how other people are able to use it because it seems like everyone would have a problem closing their door. I wish I could have kept it.

👤I bought this to hold a wreath. The item is a good value. The front door adjusts very well to fit different hanging lengths. Definitely would recommend.

👤It's nice, but I don't think it will work on my door. I bought a clear window mount for my reef.

👤The product was installed out of the box.

👤The product is really nice.

6. Command Crystal Decorate Damage Free HOM 18CR ES

Command Crystal Decorate Damage Free HOM 18CR ES

Function and change. The hooks are stylish and compatible with any other modern designed home decor. Help keep your room neat. There is a hook for 2 lbs in this item. Command Hooks by 3M are easy to use and help keep your walls looking beautiful. No tools are required. You can hang hats, bags, dog leashes, scarves, and accessories without using a hammer or nails. Command Hooks are strong and sturdy and can hold on to a variety of indoor surfaces. These wall hooks are perfect to use in your college dorm, apartment, home, and office. These wall hooks are perfect to use in your college dorm, apartment, home, and office.

Brand: Command

👤I wanted an easy way to hang my necklaces, so I bought two shallow LILLNGEN wall cabinets from ikea. I found these hooks online and decided to try them out. There is a If you fill all the hooks, the necklaces that are round or wide at the bottom will overlap. I bought regular Command hooks to hold those, and they are on the inside of the cabinet doors. If you want to hang necklaces that are simple, they are excellent. I used stronger, white Command strips that I purchased separately, because most of the necklaces I am hanging are very long and heavy. This wasn't an issue since the cabinet is white.

👤I got this on an impulse and am very happy that I did. It looks better than I thought. The quality is great. I don't use this for scarves because it's too small to use for winter scarves. If you have light silk ones, I think it might work, but I find it more useful for my necklaces. I put necklaces on each knob and the rack has stayed on my closet door so far. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤My wife had a problem for 20 years. She couldn't see the pieces she wanted to use easily near her clothing so she kept them away. Inexpensive way to make your wife happy. Husband bonus points will be important. Imagine her looking at all the jewellery you spent over the years. She uses it now.

👤I had already purchased all of the ones on clearance at Target for half the price, even though the value wasn't there. I needed more. I put them on a wall with a rose bud texture and they have stayed there for a few months, and inside of a wooden wardrobe they have stayed the same. There is a They don't recommend sticking them on a solid surface, but I can tell you that they work just fine if it's not perfectly flat.

👤I love this product. It can be used for many things. I set up two for jewelry. Holds well and would likely purchase again.

👤I bought one of these from a large chain store to hang some jewelry in my daughter's room. They are easy to put up. I found them much cheaper on Amazon when I added more. There are a couple beaded jewelry pieces that can be held by each knob. I am happy that her jewelry is no longer in a pile on her drawer or on her dresser because I love how it looks.

👤My long necklaces got tangled up and were too long for my jewelry stand. It is very easy to install, you just need to take the red label off, put it on the device, and hold it in place for a minute. The plaster on my walls is new and they don't have the same surface as a dry wall. The crystal knobs are very attractive, catching the light, and when jewelry is hung on them on the wall it looks like wall art. Very happy.

7. Colorful Handmade Ceramic Cabinet Kitchen

Colorful Handmade Ceramic Cabinet Kitchen

The package includes ceramic drawers and knobs. Installation and accessory are easy. They provide screw caps to make sure that your expensive dress doesn't get stuck in your drawer screw and ruin your day. The Ceramic Knobs in your kitchen cabinet can be fixed with the Spanner hole, which you don't need to use a drill to do. Extra Bolts and Washers are provided to make sure your set is still usable even if you loose a piece. The length of the wrench is 3 inches. All their beautiful Cabinet Pulls are handmade and each Top Knob is hand printed to give that stylish appearance. These are designed to be the best of both worlds, from the best quality ceramic to the multiple level of checks to ensure only the best of Dresser Knobs reaches your home/office. Pull Knobs are showing Craftsmanship at its best. They provide caps for the screws to make sure your dresses or cloth doesn't get stuck. The knobs and pulls set comes with 10 pieces of the screw that is 5.7 cm/ 2.25 inch. This is to make sure their knobs fit the cabinet drawers you purchase. Updating your home or office decor is a great way to make it look better for any occasion. The invention for home, kitchen and office. Their home knobs are stylish and come with a unique handmade elegant design. They are all polished to the highest standards to give your bathroom, kitchen cabinets a classic look. These antique kitchen knobs make a difference. The drawer knobs have a 4.5 cm diameter and 2.5 cm depth. There is a no-nonsense money back guarantee. The package contains 12 knobs, 12 screws, 12 bolts, and 1 wrench. This makes their set stand out because of how they take care of their customers. If you don't like the exterior door knobs, they will give you a full refund even if Amazon gives you 30 days. Their 180-day money back guarantee is backed by their world class customer service. There is a no-nonsense money back guarantee. The package contains 12 knobs, 12 screws, 12 bolts, and 1 wrench. This makes their set stand out because of how they take care of their customers. If you don't like the exterior door knobs, they will give you a full refund even if Amazon gives you 30 days. Their 180-day money back guarantee is backed by their world class customer service.

Brand: Knobknob

👤If you're like me, you've read the mixed reviews of similar products. When I found these, they had only 7 reviews, but all were good, so I chose them. It was definitely a good decision. They are strong and heavy. The designs and colors are just as beautiful as the photo shows. All the surfaces are smooth, so they won't scratch your fingers or catch your clothes. The screws are long and will protrude into your drawers/cabinets, which was found in many reviews. It's something to be aware of if that would cause you a problem, and I left them as is.

👤I bought these knobs in February and they are pretty, but I didn't need them because I didn't need the bumps on the cabinets. The summer has finally arrived and it is getting pretty hot, two of the knobs have fallen apart, and the knob just completely came off the bolt part of it.

👤These are great! My old knobs were pretty and they would grab your clothes. I glue the knobs back on after they fell off the screws. I would buy these again.

👤I wanted to change up the look of my bedroom set and thought it would be easy to do with new knob handles. Found these and loved them! The screws are long and some of them came apart from the knob. I'm sure I can fix that with some Gorilla Glue. Love the designs and colors. My room looked a whole lot better with the looks of it.

👤These knobs are gorgeous. They have to be cut down because the backs are so long that they can't be moved. My husband put them on. They look great after being fixed.

👤I am putting them on kitchen cabinets. The screws are long enough to be cut. I don't know if it's durable yet.

👤They look like they will last a long time. I had to remove the long screw until I could find someone to cut them shorter. If you have access to a tool that can cut the thick screw, you would give the product a high recommendation.

👤They are pretty. I want to replace all the knobs in my house.

8. Decorative Door Stopper Morgan Home

Decorative Door Stopper Morgan Home

Their door wedge is easy to use and holds your doorstops out of the way until next time. A beautiful necklace. Their cute, decorative door stopper keeps the doors to any room in the house open. A charming accent piece will make your home feel welcoming. A perfect gift for anyone who loves animals or is interested in home decor is their door stoppers. It's perfect for all ages. The door stopper is a great holiday gift. The recipient will be sure to get the most out of it, whether it's a birthday gift, secret santa, or stocking stuffer. There are many styles. Their current styles include a snowman, dog, cat, poodle, elephant, Hedgehog, Bear, Santa and Moose. There is anDISCLAIMER and SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. This is not a good toy for animals or children. If you have a concern with your items, please reach out to their customer service team and they will do everything they can to make sure your customers are happy.

Brand: Morgan Home

👤I really want to like this door stop, but I'm sad about the design. The fabric is high quality. When it was first received, it sat up straight. I loved it. The design is not good. The door stop's front legs are not strong enough to support the body. The dog won't stand straight unless you brace the legs together, as the legs started to give way over the months. The puppy could have been saved by a simple metal or plastic U-brace sewn into the door stop. I would assume that the same results would be achieved with other designs like this from Morgan Home. I couldn't recommend this one to anyone. I would love to see it, but I would rather not look at it because of the design.

👤I have a light weight garage door that closes on its own. I have a door stop that works. This doesn't slow the door down. The dog's bottom is smooth and it slides across the floor. It might work better on carpet.

👤This item is very cute. The door is kept in the position I want it in. I have doors that don't stay cracked open, or don't stay fully open, and this door stopper works perfectly as intended. I wish it was double sided. The cute little heart is on one side. If forced open/ closed, it weighs just enough to stop the door, but not enough to damage it. It's not only functional, but also decorative.

👤My daughter wanted something to hold her dorm door open if she went to the water fountain or stepped outside for a delivery. Her door is very heavy because it is fire rated. The door stop is between the door and the frame so it works for her needs. She thought it was cute and just what she was looking for. She kept it. It would hold open a door that doesn't have a strong hinge. It is different than a normal doorstop.

👤This is too light to hold a door open. It is barely heavier than a stuffed animal. It should not be promoted as a door stop. If you are trying to hold a lightweight door from closing, it is okay. I bought this to keep our cats from closing doors, but they can easily close a door with this.

👤My front door kept opening and hitting a door next to it. I wanted to stop the front door from swinging into the other door. I found this on Amazon and knew I had found the perfect product. I got a cute dog door stopper and he has a name - Rufus.

👤There is a gap between the floor and the door. The space behind the door has a weird configuration. I can't use the traditional door stoppers. The tall and heavy dog-shape door stopper is what I need. It was easy to use. It has been 6 months since the purchase.

👤We have doors that are high above the floor that can close on their own. We've got some of these to help keep the doors in place. They have the right amount of weight to hold the door, which is a standard indoor door. My daughter likes the fox.

9. ZC GEL Damage Free Waterproof Eco Friendly

ZC GEL Damage Free Waterproof Eco Friendly

Use 3M tape glue for easy installation. The strong magnetic door holder is strong enough to hold the door firmly when you need it, keep air flow in the house and stop noise from slamming doors. People pay attention to their pets. Your dogs and kids like to push doors. The Magnetic Door Stop feature of the Soft-Catch Doors Technology can be used to stop doors from slamming shut. Simple installation, no tools needed, just peel and stick the door stop to the wall. The door and wall won't be harmed by the perfectly formulated glue. Holds tight and won't fall off. There were no screws or nails needed. It takes just a few seconds to put it in place. Keep your room beautiful, no hole or trace. Magnetic door holder is used everywhere you want the doors to keep open. The door stop is made of high quality gel and gel-like material, it is easy to clean and reuse. High quality guarantee. The Magnetic Door Stop is non-traceremovable. It's a good help in your life because it's very convenient to use. They offer a 12 months warranty with assurance of a refund, and they guarantee their customers premium quality with their door stopper. Enjoy the risk-free purchase.

Brand: Zc Gel

👤I really wanted to like this, but the overall function was not up to snuff. The "magnetic" part is weak and there is a magnet in there. The door wouldn't work without the magnet and the cup part. There is a The second is the cup. It does work at first, but in a few weeks or after your next vacuuming session, dust will coat it and you'll be left with a sub-optimal magnet trying to hold the door. This part works. Despite the high force of the cup when trying to close the door, there was never any doubt that it would hold. This takes paint off a wall rather than removing it. The last noise. The door stops popping when you open it and close it. The noise is too loud in general. Unless you want a doorstop compatible with a glass door, look elsewhere.

👤I just ordered a second one of this product and I wish I had found it a long time ago. This has eliminated the need for a wooden door stop. I first looked at other magnetic doorstops and it seemed that metal on metal would be a bit noisy. I tried it. Follow the directions and leave it alone for the glue to set. It is very quiet and cool. I put a piece of clear tape on it at first to make it sound better, but over the past couple of weeks it has settled in and is perfect. Highly recommended.

👤I had to place a wood block between the parts for a day to allow the door to open and close between times, and it was difficult to install as I had to let each side adhere for a day before putting on the other side. It keeps the door from closing on it's own, since it never wanted to stay in the open position, and there was a tilt to the door installation. I can keep the door open when I want it to. The magnets are strong enough without being too strong, but I left the heavy plastic clear covers on the two pieces because it might be harder to open it when it is closed. I would get more of these if the doors in the house became unruly. It is a bit pricey but worth it.

👤I had it for about six weeks and it was installed on our door so that it wouldn't stay open. I washed the door with warm water and put the circle on the wall piece to position it, but it wasn't working after a few days. The door has an angle. I think it's difficult for alignment, but this one works, I rinse it off and align it back up, it's so quick and easy.

👤I was able to say that it has been going strong for almost a year after I reattached it with a glue suitable for stone. I'm going to add a star to this discovery. Strong! It wouldn't work on stone. It wouldn't stick no matter how much I cleaned it. I like the idea of this product so I might attach it with caulk or something. I am very disappointed.

10. Sumnacon Powerful Magnetic Doorstop Stainless

Sumnacon Powerful Magnetic Doorstop Stainless

The anchor wall Decor that could be used to finish off the wall is Perfect Key Hooks Decorative for Wall. If some of your interior doors wouldn't stay open, what would you do? The doors were swinging shut on their own. The magnetic doorstop was a great solution. Especially for someone who lives in an old house with doors that don't like to be open alone. You have a door stop and a door-holder. It's great for imperfect doors. The lifetime of the permanent magnet is likely to be extended by the internal spring absorber. If you have doors that approach their stopping point at different angles, the stop has enough "play" in it to deal with the issue. The shorter stop protrudes less into the room, which means you are less likely to trip over it or have a rug interfere with it. It is easy to install. The package has screws that are easy to install and hold the doors open. If you want to learn how to remove the base and screw the screws, you need to twist the base plate and insert a couple thin screwdrivers into each of the holes. The set up is small and ideal for hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathroom. The Magnet is very strong to hold and stop the door. If these are too strong for you, the magnet is very strong. There is a loose magnet. Pull it out and put a little tape over it to adjust. There is a noticeable noise when the catch is against the magnet. It's not loud or annoying, but it's something to keep in mind. The longer part is 1.33 inch and the small part is 0.98 inch. They were shorter than a standard door stop, so please check the size before buying. The longer part is 1.33 inch and the small part is 0.98 inch. They were shorter than a standard door stop, so please check the size before buying.

Brand: Sumnacon

👤I wanted to get a door stop to keep my bathroom open. I bought these for the bathroom door, but the magnet on them is industrial. The base was drilled into my bathroom baseboard, and then I connected it to my door. I tried to close the door but it wouldn't let go. I pulled the bathroom baseboard off the wall. I had to use 4 inch wood screws to attach the baseboard to the wall to keep it from moving when we have to close the door to use the bathroom. There is a If you have steel or solid mahogany baseboards, it may be best not to use this for it. Just my two cents...

👤If they are aligned correctly, they are very strong. They may be strong. There is an easy way to adjust the amount of pull on the magnet. I put a piece of cardboard between the chrome cup and the magnet on the ball side. It comes apart easily when you remove it from the wall. I found a single piece that I needed.

👤These are amazing! I installed them myself, to 3 doors around the house, a front door and two internal bedroom doors. The quality is fantastic, strong magnetic connection, weighted and feels solid. I put the pieces on the wall and door to mark the screw locations. To make sure alignment. I checked alignment before installing the second piece. They look sleek and modern. Highly recommended!

👤It arrived very quickly. Well packed. Two sets are included. There is a The product's quality, materials and magnetic strength surprised me. We used screws to install. There is a The strength of hold is dependent on the precision of aligning the two pieces. The force holding the door is very powerful when it is perfectly aligned. The strength of hold is reduced if Alignment is off by more than one inch. These door stops are recommended by me.

👤The ball side is a plain steel ball with a screw. The door is held open by a magnet inside the cup and a spring if it is thrown open with too much force. It works well and looks great. There is a When the spring is fully compressed, the doorstop has a total length of 59.8mm. You can shorten the total length by removing the steel ball from its base and mounting it directly to the door with a hanger bolt. There is a It's difficult to get both mounting brackets exactly lined up, so it's best to mount one side to the door first, then make a paper template for the mounting plate on the second half, stick the two halves together, and then open the door. I used double-sided tape to figure out where to put the second half. A drill bit is needed for the holes. The screws are made of steel. There is a The two pieces are best when in a straight line. It won't work in a 90 degree configuration unless you remove the steel ball from the base and mount it on a threaded steel shaft, because the two trim rings don't give enough clearance.

11. Shield Transparent Rubber Protector Adhesive

Shield Transparent Rubber Protector Adhesive

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry. The small round clear style door knob wall shield is lightweight. The use effect is to prevent the wall and door handle from colliding. It is easy to install. No tools are required to paste the protective paper. Most of the surface should be applied. The case of cold does not hard, long-term use is not easy to break, and the soft rubber material can slow down the contact surface impact noise. Clear material can be painted and can match most walls.

Brand: Xfenvs

👤It is easy to use. Peel and stick. You need to be absolutely sure that they are in the right place. I put mine where I saw the damage from the door handle. It was from my old door. Not the new door. I pulled off the bumper when I realized my mistake. And oops! It took all my paint off. Ten years ago, I painted my living room walls. This was not fresh paint. It was old. I have an ugly dot where my paint was torn off. These things will stay there forever. You can't reuse them. They are done once you peel them off. I wish I had realized how sticky they are. Be warned!

👤The product is misrepresenting its size.

👤My door is always open, but it won't swing in every way. ;-D

👤The wall pads are easy to stick on. We needed one for a closet where the door was touching the wall. This is a very easy solution. The pads are soft. The door bounces off. The kit comes with two pads and two extra stickers to replace the pads in a new spot.

👤I would purchase again. This is more cost effective and easier to install than standard door stops. They are barely noticable, but they aren't going to be invisible. They seem to be following the rules.

👤My kids slam the door to get in. This product protects the wall. The product is good. There is a If you are trying to move it, they added an additional 3M glue.

👤The door knob breaking the wall caused the white chalk to gather behind the doors. The repair was made in less than 30 seconds. Don't worry if you aren't a DYI. Who is this person? Fix your wall. It's a 2 pack and I can use it in case this happens in another part of the home.

👤Absolutely love these! When we open the fridge in our new house, we don't think of the wall space. We got these to protect the fridge and wall. The fridge max room can open while still being protected from the wall. It's clear so you don't see it if you don't look for it. It's hard to see in the picture I posted. It's easy to put on a sticker. The glue is strong. It's definitely recommended.

👤The order was easy to apply and the price was good.

👤These are easy to put on. If you already have a dent, you can still see it through the clear.


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