Best Decorative Door Knobs Interior No Lock

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1. Copper Creek BK2020SS Passage Stainless

Copper Creek BK2020SS Passage Stainless

It can be used on smooth surfaces, such as tiles, glass, wooden furniture and metallic. It's not suitable for wallpaper or painted walls. Ansi grade 3 The Security Passage Ball Knob is located in the Security Passage. Steel round corner. Rich finish. Rich finish.

Brand: Copper Creek

👤I was very excited to have a door for the bedroom that would give me and my wife some privacy. There is a It seemed like it was easy to install. The old knob was replaced with a new one. The outside was unlocked after testing the lock. All seemed well. Went about my evening after closing the door. My wife asked if I locked the door knob. I remember leaving it unlocked. I figured it would be easy to get unlocked. The outside slot is still locked. Is it like a lock where you can open the door by rotating it? No. The door was locked no matter what I did. The fitting was jammed. The knob was not going to budge. There is a I don't have the hardware to drill out the bolts that hold the pieces together. I was able to open the door because my corridor is narrow. I won't be buying this brand again.

👤You can take a nickel or penny or something and open the door if you want to, but no point in buying this for a lock. Privacy is not a priority.

👤The cheapest door knob lock I have seen so far is this one. There is a I thought the price of the knob was not going to do anything, but after I installed it, I realized that I had no need to worry. If you are like me and you want to feel that your items are safe, then you should buy this entry lock. The door knob has two keys and can be re-keyed. There is a When you install the door knob on a door, you will know where to connect the two sides of it because it has two black sleeves. There is a The brands logo is on the door knob. There is a The door knob is universal and can fit almost any door type. The door fits into the latch when it's closed. There is a The instructions that come with the knob can be hard to understand. There is a The door knob might seem small to some people. There is a When you use the key to open the door, it might give you some resistance. After a while, it goes away. There is a I would definitely buy this Entry Knob again.

👤There is only one thing to say, the door knob works. Installation was done quickly. I have attached pictures of my own installations, so anyone with a basic toolkit at home should be able to do it. The only thing I can say is to measure the assembly that will go into the door knob. This unit's latch assemble also extends. I didn't measure the length when the latch is fully extended, but when it isn't extended, it's the same length as the old one. It's a good value for the price and locking feature.

👤After light use, the inside mechanism breaks and you can't turn the knob to get out of the room. Picking the knob will not fix the broken mechanism so you have to destroy it. The only way to get into a room is to see the knob at the neck, as the key is useless when this happens. The product is dangerous and should be recalled.

2. Design House 728386 Terrace Nickel

Design House 728386 Terrace Nickel

The measurement is the diameter of the round knob. Before purchasing, please check the size of the handles. For doors that don't have a mechanicallatch. Left or right hand designs are available. The grade is certified by the American National Standards Institute. Installation on shallow doors. 5-year limited mechanical warranty. 5-year limited mechanical warranty.

Brand: Design House

👤Don't be like me, read the description. I didn't read the description that said it was a "dummy doorknob". It looks nice. I had no use for it.

👤My son installed himself because it was easy.

3. Probrico Passage Closet Interior Handles

Probrico Passage Closet Interior Handles

The material is made of steel with a black finish. The application is for something. For use on interior doors that don't require locking, such as hallway or closet doors. It is possible to fit all standard doors with a 2-3/4" or 2-3/4"latch. The latch plate is square. High quality. The form was formed with grade 3 security. Metal construction adds strength and security. The quality quotient is QUALITY. If there is a quality problem with your purchase, please contact them. They can either send a replacement or refund the item value. The quality quotient is QUALITY. If there is a quality problem with your purchase, please contact them. They can either send a replacement or refund the item value.

Brand: Probrico

👤We thought we were selling our 30 year old house so we went to the whole house and yard to make it look better. The Probrico brand knobs are very stylish and are low priced. We didn't sell or move and after 10 months the knobs are getting very hard to turn and I wonder if they will break. If you are getting a house ready to sell or flip, they are okay, if you don't mind installing garbage. Don't buy this junk if you are updating your house. If you want to fix up a rental, do not buy these, you will have to install new ones. The metal inside feels like it is getting old.

👤I installed two before I realized the locking mechanism is backwards. We didn't think that would bother us. It does, but it is backwards and nothing we could do about it. I went back through the comments to see where other people mentioned this. They are loud but that part was not a problem for us. These were a bit cheaper. I can't handle the backwards thing and other negatives.

👤The knobs in our home needed to be updated to better match the theme of our house. These are great for the price. Only about $13 per knob for the 8 pack, and one knob anywhere else is double that. It comes with strike plates which is nice. I watched a quick video on YouTube to get started, and the instructions were easy to follow. I used a drill and a screw driver to attach the strike plates and part of the knob. Other reviews have stated that you just have to be careful when scratching, and I had no issues with that. I can't say for sure if these work or not, but so far they look nice and feel better than the ones we had in our new build. The locking mechanism is backwards. The vertical and horizontal are locked. We don't mind because we rarely lock the doors in the house and never have people over, but I could see this being an issue for others or confusing for any guests we do have. There were no complaints.

👤I installed 4 and discovered the last two had something wrong with them, even though I like the ones that worked. One stripped screws inside so that it wouldn't be installed. Within a few days, two of the knobs refused to turn, were hard to open, and gave us problems. I wouldn't recommend this set of multiples, but if you buy 1 at a time, it's a good knob.

👤These are nice looking. It's so loud when trying to open a door in the middle of the night or early in the morning. As you open them, you can hear the components clicking and crunching. I wake my wife up when I go to the bathroom or the front room. There is a One of the privacy knobs had to be thrown out. It appears to be cheap. Will need to replace them because they are too late to return them. Would not buy again.

4. Copper Creek CK2020SS Colonial Stainless

Copper Creek CK2020SS Colonial Stainless

The Iron Black Finish on the handle and deadbolt makes it durable and portable. Ansi grade 3 The Security Passage is called the Colonial Knob. Steel round corner. Bolts made of nickel plated. The door thickness is Min 1-2/8 inch and Max 1-3/4 inch. Rich finish. Rich finish.

Brand: Copper Creek

👤I don't give you a single star. This item said it doesn't lock. My son was locked in his room. I had to break his door to get him out. I am worn down and my hands hurt. I wouldn't have been able to get him out if there had been an emergency. It took 40 minutes to get him out.

👤It's a door knob. There is no lock on it. It twists when you turn one of the knobs. You can open the door if the latch is pulled. There is a If you ever need a door knob that doesn't lock, it's to keep angsty teenagers from locking you out of their room, or to keep parents from locking the bathroom door because they don't know what to do.

👤This is a great product. Some people who gave a negative review are expecting something of the highest quality. There is a reason they are the price. If you want a higher end product, I suggest buying it for $25+ at Lowe's/HD. These are inexpensive for two closets in my basement. The people who complain about a door malfunction not a lock. Maybe you should spend a little more money and not put a cheap lock on your child's room or another room you are worried about. If money is an issue, you should install it with the screws facing out so you can get in if it goes bad. People kill me.

👤It is a good door knob. I used them to redo the doors in my house. I used the privacy bathroom. They went in without a hitch. I don't know how you would get one to lock. I will keep an eye on them. They may be fooling me into thinking they are protecting me. I don't know. I might have installed them correctly, and I am using all the new doors and jams.

👤The copper creek passage knob was bought. 5 similar knobs were bought from Home Depot, but one door was left behind. I added this to my order after seeing it on Amazon. The specification sheet said it had an adjusted backset of 2 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. The instructions say the same but the knob I received is different. The knob only fits a 2 3/8 inch backset, so keep that in mind. The finish is just okay, but I will give 3 stars for price. It's fine for the interior. Good luck.

👤I wanted to change all interior knobs for a second home that was built in 1997 without the higher cost of better knobs. They are not as smooth as better knobs. The knobs look nice and are better quality than the cheap junk that was original to the house. There is a The knobs come with an optional latch plate. The house on most doors did not have a latch plate. The latch hole had to be bigger. I used a drill to open the hole. The price point made it a good purchase. I chose better quality exterior knobs over this brand for the exterior doors.

5. Berlin Modisch Cylinder HandleSet Reversible

Berlin Modisch Cylinder HandleSet Reversible

In the dark, the glow in the dark is better. The Max door thickness is 1 7/8 inches and meets or exceeds the requirements. It is designed to complement both conventional and modern style interior doors. It's perfect for fitting left or right handed doors. The door handle set has a 2 1/2 inch backset and a square corner strikers. The handle set is portable and durable. The inactive handleset dummy conversion kit is now available. The inactive handleset dummy conversion kit is now available.

Brand: Berlin Modisch

👤I am a builder and I cannot find a cheaper entry lockset with this look. I had to buy a new door after it broke after two hours and I had to call a locksmith to open the door for me because we couldn't open it ourselves. The new one has the same problem as the old one. You can see in the video that they are effected product. I had to pay $150 for a new lockset from Home Depot, which cost me almost $200. Do a favor to yourself and don't spend your money.

👤I loved the look and feel of the black Berlin Modisch Handel set until my daughter couldn't get in because the thumb lever wasn't working. I discovered that a piece of the hardware had sheared off when I removed the handle set. I have a non functional front door. After less than a month of use. Absolutely unacceptable!

👤The style of the door handle and lock is very elegant. I wish it was made with metal and not plastic. Quality craftsmanship is what German products are known for. I bought one for the front door and one for the back door. The first one worked for a few days and the second one only lasted a few hours. I can't find another like this around this price. The farmhouse look that I was hoping for was not achieved when my better half purchased a different knob/lock at Home Depot. I had a lot of copies of the keys. I have never purchased a door knob that broke. I had never been so excited about a door knob. I bought porch lights that matched the door handle. I was very disappointed. I hope that the company makes changes so that their product is of a high quality. My better half is mechanically inclined, but I am not. The gear that makes the piece hit the plate was stripped from the handles. He had to give it in a language I could understand. He inspected the parts prior to installing the second handle and the plastic piece was not stripped. After a few times of opening the door, the knob wouldn't pull in the metal piece that allows the door to be opened. The inner parts were stripped after he inspected them.

👤I wanted a method to secure the door that didn't require drilling in the floor or extensive modifications to the door, so I settled on this item. This fit the bill on both accounts. There is a Excellent fit and finish, it also locks and unlocks smoothly. I haven't had a chance to try out the cheaper versions of this design on Amazon, but it doesn't seem to suffer from the major flaws of the original design. There is a It comes with three security screws to make sure that the stud is penetrated. There is a It has a quality rubber face to prevent it from marring the door finish. There is a If you need to escape a fire, it's easy to get unlocked. There were no cons, really. There are notes. The lock will work on any door that opens into your home. The design will only work on the interior side. There are some designs that will work on either side. There is a * The lock will only be as strong as the door. If you mount the lock to thin material with short screws, the jamb will give way during a door kick and the mount will split. The screws should be used through the jamb and into the stud beyond. There is a One lock will do the job, but mounting two above and below the door will make it impervious. A strongback across the door is the only thing stronger. There is a It's a great, cost effective solution.

6. Ivoku Deadbolt Interior Security Classroom

Ivoku Deadbolt Interior Security Classroom

service If you have a question about the interior door knobs, please contact them. They'll get to you as soon as possible. The doors board thickness is 1.1" to 2" The distance from the Hole Center to the Door Edge is applied to the Latch Length. The high-grade copper lock core is non-corrosive and used for a long time. This lock would make your life safer. The lock is made of red copper and red steel. There is a left and right door. The door can't be locked by pressing the button, but the key can open it. Installation with a standard hole. There is a left and right door. The door can't be locked by pressing the button, but the key can open it. Installation with a standard hole.

Brand: Ivoku

👤I'm glad I found this style of lock for my garage door. My previous lock got me locked out of the house hundreds of times. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. You can't buy a lock like this at Home Depot or OSH. A standard privacy lock with a push button lock on one side and a hole on the other is the closest you will get. The Ivoku lock is a privacy lock. The Ivoku lock is different from the others in that when you exit the door, the button will pop unlocked and you will be able to use it again. That's why it's the perfect garage door lock. It won't cause you grief like a twist button will. You don't need the door to be locked behind you if you go in and out of your garage many times a day. You want it to stay open so you can go back inside. The twist button lock style requires you to look at the lock and manually twist it to open it. You are locked out if you forget to twist it. If you got lazy and didn't bother untwisting the button but left the door open hoping it would stay open, then you are locked out. It happened to me many times. Unless you find joy in getting locked out of your house, the twist button design is not good for a garage door lock. Ivoku, thank you for manufacturing the privacy lock that is a rare find these days. Someone complained that you can't use the key from the other side. You don't need to. You just push the lock button and the door closes. This is the way you lock the door when you are on the other side. It's easy to mess around with a key. This is not a door.

👤The knob is decorated well. It is a dark copper color. The previous Copper Creek knob I bought from Amazon wouldn't work for US doors, so this one isn't designed for that. The lock had to be read very close. The keys may be hard to duplicate. There are three keys. I am very happy with this purchase, I love the design and color. It works as it should.

👤This did not fit my standard door, so I must be missing something. I have a half inch gap between the know and the latch, unless there is a way to extend the mechanism. If you have a door that's the correct size, the directions seem straightforward.

👤The door knob looks good. The distance was not advertised as it was. The longer of the two was still under spec. I went with a name brand and it was easy to install. The distance is not likely to fit unless your door is very close to the doorknob. I don't have measurements. The knob distance from the door edge is different from the specifications.

👤The door knobs that hold the door closed stopped moving and locked me out of my room after only two weeks. I had to fix the wall hinge to get back into my room. The keeys were in my room. I looked over the door knob and was amazed at how pretty it was. When the knob was turned, the bedroom door wouldn't open because it hadn't been used for two weeks. at all. I was disappointed in this knob because I thought it would have better quality.

7. Kwikset 92001 568 Passage Closet Chrome

Kwikset 92001 568 Passage Closet Chrome

It is easy to install with just a screwdriver. For use on interior doors that don't need locking. It fits both right and left handed doors. grade 3 certified It is easy to install with just a screwdriver. Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

Brand: Kwikset

👤The instructions say to twist it so that the two knobs can be separated. The problem is that the assembly won't twist. I was able to separate the knobs. The entire assembly was bound up after installation. I returned this for a Schage and it was a great experience. I will buy Schlage in the future.

👤We put this in our RV to make sure it works again. The latch part was too large for the door. This was not the fault of the product, but the fact that it was on an RV door. It has been in place for over two weeks and is used multiple times a day since it is on the door leading to the kids' bedroom. We have not had any issues. Can't beat the price. Happy customers! There is a We bought this at the prevailing price. We chose to write a review. Thanks, Liz.

👤5 stars for the product itself, but 1 star for the description picture. I thought this was a door knob with a lock, since the picture showed it. You received the products and what do you know? It was good that I also needed one without the lock, but please read the item name and do not rely on the picture, like I did.

👤The brushed nickel finish is nice and the price is so low that I can't complain. I use Kwickset door knobs for all my rentals. The quality is not as good as the bigger band names, but for the price, there are no complaints.

👤I've replaced most of the inside door knobs in our house with these, and have found them to be very easy to install. If you have a hard time understanding instructions from companies that make products in China, that's no problem, because the parts and hardware fit together well enough, and are self explanatory, which I don't. With Amazon's customer service, you should feel more confident when buying this product.

👤I opened the door knob that I received today and it only had two screws in the box, which was not what the instructions said. How can I put it together with only 2 screws? The box said renewed when it was purchased. I didn't know I was buying a renewed door knob. I will send it back. If all the screws were in it, I would have kept it.

👤I wasted an afternoon trying to install this. I figured out what the problem was, but the instructions were not clear, and no of the videos I looked up said anything about it. The knobs were the same as before and did not have the issue. There is a quality control issue with KwikSet. There is a It's an inexpensive door knob.

👤It didn't take long. It was easy to install. Can drive into a door. There were a couple of parts left over, but no shortages. Would buy again for a replacement.

👤The photo is not correct, it is a non locking knob for closets, however the photo showed exactly what I wanted and it said in the description locking knob.

8. HIEMEY Interior Inactive Crystal Non Turning

HIEMEY Interior Inactive Crystal Non Turning

The crystal knobs don't turn. It's a good fit for closet doors or the passive door. The clear glass crystal door knobs are beautiful and the diamond shape crystal door knob is not falling off. This door dummy knob is a good choice if you want to update the door knob. Real crystal with a nickel finish. It is easy to install, just tighten a few screws. If you encounter any problems, you can contact them as soon as possible, and they will reply to you within 24 hours. If you encounter any problems, you can contact them as soon as possible, and they will reply to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Hiemey

👤I was expecting that it wouldn't function, since it's called a dummy door knob. I assumed it had the proper hardware to install on a door. The hardware was too narrow and the screws wouldn't fit through the door to screw into the knob.

👤The hardware does not fit standard bifold doors. The hardware is too narrow and the screws don't reach through the door to screw into the knob. Disappointing.

👤I had my husband install the knobs in our bathroom and bedroom door and I have had it for a month now. It gives a nice look to the doors.

👤I would love to have these door knobs, but when I put the last one on it broke. We tried to fix it ourselves. I have tried to contact the company, but no luck. There is a Please send me a new knob if you get this. I will pay for shipping and return the broken one. They look great on my doors. There is a Thanks in advance! There is a Mrs. Mickey.

👤These added some glamour for a great price.

👤I had to have the knobs for my bathroom when I lived in New York.

👤If the purpose of the door knob was to fall off on the second day, it did its job. On the second day, the crystal glass knob separated from the handle. Cheap construction. Don't buy.

👤I love it.

9. Kwikset 97200 890 Hallway Closet Nickel

Kwikset 97200 890 Hallway Closet Nickel

grade 3 certified Pismo has a simplified look. You can upgrade to a contemporary style with defined lines and a variety of finishes. For use on interior doors that don't need locking. The Ansi/bhma grade is the highest residential security. There are 3 interchangeable faceplates; round corner, square corner, and drive-in collar. It is easy to install with just a screwdriver. It is easy to install with just a screwdriver.

Brand: Kwikset

👤The home we purchased was built in the 60's. The house has had some changes, but not all of them. The brass door knobs were cheap and old. They had seen better days. I looked into Baldwin and other high end brands because I wanted a knob that was sturdy and felt good. I had a hard time justifying the price. I went to my local Home Depot to see what the most sturdy items were. The door knob is stiff and these feel heavy. The old/inexpensive ones do not have the 'wobble' that the knob does. And they look good at the same time.

👤I replaced my brass interior and exterior door knobs with these, and I am very pleased. They are easy to install, look good, and seem to be of good quality. They are a great option for neutral décor and I can see them playing well with many styles of décor. Highly recommended.

👤We decided to give these chrome plated door knobs a try because our house came with them. The design of these is really nice and they feel more premium when used. It's not a bad thing that they are a little firm when turning the knob, but may loosen up over time. The pin hole is not a push to pop like our old door knobs and you need a small flat head screwdriver to find the unlocked slot. Our children can easily open the old pop locks, but they have not figured out how to open them yet.

👤Installation was easy. I used the original holes from my hold door knobs. The looks better than the cheap knobs. I chose the nickel option. The dummy door knobs are only on the front side. I used them on the closet doors in my guest room.

👤The upgrade to my bathroom door was needed. The doorknob feels good to hold and turn. It has a lot of weight and doesn't look cheap. The instructions were easy to follow. Extra pieces were included to make sure you get the best fit in your door. Would recommend!

👤It's easy to mount this on a new door that doesn't have a hole. We got it to replace an old knob on our pantry door, but it can't be mounted over an existing door knob. I had to cut out a piece and fill the hole with something before I mounted the knob.

👤The design is beautiful and elegant. It's easy to install. Our door update project was praised so well.

👤Excellent quality and looks great. It's easy to install.

👤Se ve una perilla. Acabados finos.

👤Producto en calidad y original, ya sell de lo ordinario.

👤My cottage looks like a condo after being renovated to look like one.

👤Good quality and fast shipping. Would order again.

10. Berlin Modisch Non Locking Reversible Protector

Berlin Modisch Non Locking Reversible Protector

Rich finish. It is designed to complement both conventional and modern style interior doors. It's perfect for fitting left or right handed doors. The door lever passage set has 2 1/2 inch-2 1/2 inch latch and square corner strikers. There is a door lever set for hallway doors. The handle is portable and durable and it fits the doors. The handle is portable and durable and it fits the doors.

Brand: Berlin Modisch

👤Have yet to install. I inspect the door hardware. I think it is a good door set. I will keep you informed. You deserve a 5 star rating for the quality of your product. Sincerely, John.

👤The lock works great and the door handle looks good. It was easy to install. I would purchase more door handles from this manufacturer if I needed to.

👤The doorknobs are nice. It's easy to install. You can install with handles pointing down or up. Would purchase again.

👤This is very well made, and was even better than the original. The finish is top-notch and the mechanicals are made to tight tolerances. This results in a robust handle with very little wiggle and slop. The strikers throw can be adjusted, and the latches can be used for either right or left-hand mounting. I will be buying more.

👤I love these! They are stylish and elegant. They were easy to install and worked well.

👤It was classy and beautiful. The shade is dark. It's easier to open a lever when you hold a lot of stuff. It was highly rated by customers. The Door Handle Box was packed inside another box which gave me peace of mind. My husband just installed it and it works perfectly. I anticipate many years of appreciation for this wonderful door handle. Thank you so much Berlin Modisch.

👤It's easy to install. In twenty minutes, I did it. Good quality. Excellent value. Don't give 200 bucks for similar products.

👤I went to install the replacement today. I have replaced many door knobs in the past, not my first time. When I got it, I pulled all the pieces out to check them out. I pulled out my door knob after seeing that everything was in order. The interior handle wouldn't operate the latch after I installed the new knob. The handle on the exterior was working well. I double checked my work after removing it, because there is not much you can do with an installation like this. The same problem was happening when it was put back together again. I looked at the handles and the operation of the interior handle when I took it apart again. The plate that has a square hole in it was too large. It spun around the square pin so it could turn the latch. I'm returning it because it's faulty. The quality of the product was cheap and not strong as a solid door handle should be. I don't know how long this thing would work. Either way, it's not worth your time or money.

👤I liked the colour tone and the ease of operation. Dislikes but only for a little loose play.

👤These will match the door handle we have. Good product.

👤La manilla is elegant. Al tacto is very nice. tiene un vicelado. Se instala.

👤The appearance is sleek and modern. Excellent quality. It was easy to install.

👤Excellent quality... There were no complaints shipped from Germany.

11. CLCTK Privacy Interior Bathroom FGDBS 007

CLCTK Privacy Interior Bathroom FGDBS 007

Installation is easy. The door latch mechanism is included. The crystal door knob has a privacy key, push button locking, and can be used for bedroom and bathroom doors. All doors can be adjusted to fit 1-3/4” inch thickness. You can do it yourself if you have a door and a tool set. The oil rubbed bronze door knob has all the accessories and instructions. Please contact them if there are missing accessories. service If you have a question about the interior door knobs, please contact them. They'll get to you as soon as possible. service If you have a question about the interior door knobs, please contact them. They'll get to you as soon as possible.

Brand: Clctk

👤It was disappointing for the price. The knob is rough to open and shaped in a way that only small hands can comfortably grasp it, and even my 8 year old complained about it. I measured the knobs in my house out of curiosity and found that the smaller version was not as comfortable to grip as the original. I wouldn't recommend this for a high traffic area.

👤In January of 2021, I bought four of them. By April of 2021, two of them were broken. We have two fifty year olds in our family. Not very hard on our furniture. I was not happy with this product. They don't hold up under regular use, but they feel like high quality items when received.

👤The knobs look great and the crystal glass makes them feel high-end. The manufacturing quality was the only reason for a rating of 4. The knobs that I purchased were out of tolerance on the through-hole to set-screw location on the mounting post, which was too hard to describe with words or even a picture. The aluminum metal knob mounting post is 1.5mm thick, around the 15mm diameter of the knob-neck, which is different from the other 3 knobs which fit flush, knob-to-decorative plate. The exposed aluminum mounting post catches your eye when compared to the oil-bronze color that it should be. Is it knit-picky? High quality deserves 5's and almost high quality deserves a 4.

👤The front knob is loose. I missed the exchange period because I didn't install right away. I was able to get a portion of the cost back through Amazon, but now I have to find a new knob.

👤This is an updated version. The face plate didn't fit on my install because the silver hardware needs to be installed horizontally, not vertically, which is why the seller reached out to me. I'm updating this review and sharing it to hopefully prevent others from making the same mistake I did. Leaving an old review below for transparency. The original review was not a good one. The plates aren't designed correctly. They don't fit on to the mounting hardware because of the extra column of metal. I had to grind down the bulge to make them fit. I didn't have to send them back, but I was disappointed with the quality.

👤Quality is not in line with the price. There is a loose fitting. Had to use superglue to stop the glass knobs from spinning. A little disappointed.

👤This makes a difference in our house renovation. Everyone comments on the door knobs. There are no complaints about them. They were great and we love them. Bye.

👤The door knob is very nice. It's a little pricey but worth it to get the glamorous Parisian look I'm going for in our Country French powder room. The knob is heavy and sturdy and is beautiful. Installation took a little bit longer because my husband decided he could install without instructions. It's a good thing. It was put together quickly after he looked at the directions. I want these on all my doors.


What is the best product for decorative door knobs interior no lock?

Decorative door knobs interior no lock products from Copper Creek. In this article about decorative door knobs interior no lock you can see why people choose the product. Design House and Probrico are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative door knobs interior no lock.

What are the best brands for decorative door knobs interior no lock?

Copper Creek, Design House and Probrico are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative door knobs interior no lock. Find the detail in this article. Berlin Modisch, Ivoku and Kwikset are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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