Best Decorative Door Stop Animal

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1. Cast Iron Chipmunk Floor Stop

Cast Iron Chipmunk Floor Stop

The ideal choice is to keep the doors open. It can be used at home, patio and office. The dimensions are 5.88" L x 2.5 W x 3.8 H. A door stop made of cast iron. A door stop made of cast iron.

Brand: Cbk

👤This is what I was looking for. It is heavy enough to keep the door from closing. A large dog is closing the bathroom door. She is trapped in the bathroom. I bought this door stop because I wanted to keep the door open. It does what I wanted it to do.

👤The cute animal is a door stop. It works perfectly for a door that swings shut on a tile floor. Can adjust the door stop to any degree of openness without bending over. This doorstop is more convenient than a fixed stop. I put small cushions on the base to make sure it didn't move across the tile floor. Our door is fairly heavy, but this doorstop might not hold open heavy doors. This cute doorstop makes me happy.

👤The little squirrel was in a plastic bag and had a broken tail. I returned it because I really want this product, but it needs to be shipped in a box. The second squirrel arrived in one piece and all the return business happened in one week. I was impressed with the product.

👤It's less than 4 in. The door stop is heavy and stable and does the job. It's a plus because it's cute. Everyone loves it, I just got it. The price is more than fair and the delivery was fast. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The little squirrel is cute, but he can't open the door on the tile floor. There is a We put a layer of rubber on his bottom.

👤It is a lot smaller and lighter than I anticipated.

👤I came across this little guy while trying to get a doorstop for our front door. The quality and price was very good and we were very pleased with it.

👤The door in the RV is heavy enough to stay partially open. And cute!

2. Comfify Decorative Stopper Anti Scratch 6x6 5x6 3

Comfify Decorative Stopper Anti Scratch 6x6 5x6 3

Their cast iron owl door stops are great for decorating your home. These doorstops are made from recycled metal and have a special rustic finish. The cat door stop has a padded felt bottom to keep the floors from being scratched. The weight of the door stopper keeps the doors open. The owl door stop is wide and high. You can use their cast iron doorstop as an accent piece in your home. The door wedge is charming and will impress your relatives and guests. The metal doorstop is part of the family. A thoughtful gift idea for any occasion is the decorative doorstop, which is a simple, yet thoughtful gift idea for every door in the house. You will not make a mistake. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤The door stop is made of cast iron. It has been weathered to give it a vintage look. The design of the owl gives it a classic look. There are rubber feet on each of the corners, but my owl didn't feel under the bottom. If there is wind or the door is on a self-closing mechanism, it might give on a heavy door, but it will hold open an average door. There is a The owl is well made and I don't see any obvious flaws. The texture and edges are old. It doesn't say where it was made. It would be a great gift for someone who collects owls. I received a discount in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and experiences with the product are what make up my review.

👤The cast iron door stop is very sturdy. I bought it for our guest room because our door slam shut when we have windows open upstairs. It seems to be doing a good job of keeping the door open even when the wind blows. I have it on the carpet and it doesn't damage the carpet, but if you use the optional stick on film for hard wood, it will definitely damage it. The film is supposed to protect floors. I would buy more animal door stops from this company. The item was in an easy open box within a larger Amazon box, which would be easy to wrap for gift giving.

👤The owl is much larger than I expected. It looked small in the picture, but it is much larger. My door is very heavy. I was worried that it wouldn't be able to hold the weight of the door, but it held it just fine. If the door is close to the ground or high with a large gap between floor and door, the owl stopper will still work. The thick part of the wedge is so thick that the owl doesn't rest against the door as I had hoped. I don't think that's a complaint since I think that quality is a bonus since many of the doors at my work would need that extra thickness of wedge. If you're in question, get this little guy. He's great for large and heavy doors. If you're looking for something small and dainty, but also for a large and heavy door, he really fits the bill. He's getting some attention at the office.

👤I bought a doorstop for my bedroom. When I open a bedroom window, the door slams shut because of the strong cross breezes in my house. The doorstop is small but heavy. Since I started using it, the desert winds have not blown my door. I don't know if it's durable. If cast iron is dropped on a hard surface, it may crack. Common sense should last a life time.

👤This item is sweet. It is small and not heavy, as some reviewers wrote. If you have a heavy door that likes to swing shut, it may not do the job. It only stays put because I have hardwood floors, and I use it for a door that likes to slowly swing closed. The photo shows it is nice. I wish it had more heft.

3. Stopper Decorative Inside Outdoor WallCharmers

Stopper Decorative Inside Outdoor WallCharmers

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official statement. This is not a good toy for animals or children. The gold cast iron metal mouse door stop is 5 lbs. It is decorative while still being heavy duty. It was designed to be a piece that is both beautiful and functional in any room of the house. The unique design of this piece makes it perfect for many uses. The unique design of this piece makes it perfect for many uses.

Brand: Wallcharmers

👤This is the perfect piece for my daughter's nursery, she has a woodland animal/nature theme and it's the sweetest piece! It is heavy enough to keep her door open and attractive. I love it!

👤My sister is happy with her item. Will purchase more in the future. The seller received 5 stars. Timing and professional. Thank you.

👤I have a heavy door and this worked out perfectly. It was very well made and cute. No more slamming doors.

👤It does a good job. I have to tighten the mouse with a screw driver. It is worth the money.

👤My students don't kick it down the hall, and I can always tell which is my door stop. I wish the mouse would stay fixed.

👤The door stop is great. An upgrade from a boring rubber door stop.

👤It doesn't work well with my wood floors. I need a rubber bottom. I love it.

4. Decorative Stopper Weighted Bedroom Exterior

Decorative Stopper Weighted Bedroom Exterior

Their goal is to make your daily life more enjoyable. If you have a question about the new decorative door stopper, please contact their customer service, they are here for you! This is not suitable for animals or children. The fabric weighted door stop measures 7.875 x 4.75 x 9 inches and weights around 4 pounds. Adding a little more fun and style to your room door is the addition of a black script " home their happy place" printed on the front of the door stopper. The fabric design stopper will keep your door or floor away from scratchings. The handle makes it easy to move from door to door. Care instructions. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Parisloft

👤I suppose I'm going to have to cut it open and add weight, then learn how to sew it back up, because this doesn't work like expected. It's pretty sad.

👤It's a nicer door stop. The buyer got it to me quickly.

👤Exactly what we wanted! It was perfect in every way.

👤This is perfect for my patio door. Living in the Midwest and dealing with winds of 25-40 mph. It holds my heavy glass door open. This is very strong. A great door stop.

👤I was very disappointed with the stains on the fabric but didn't want to come back during the holiday season.

👤Excellent quality, larger than I thought.

5. Stoppers Decorative Doorstoppers Weighted Exterior

Stoppers Decorative Doorstoppers Weighted Exterior

The nautical knot door stop is easy to use. It is very easy to use and you can put it in front of the door. It is a practical door stop. Clean can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth. The outer case of the door stopper is made of cotton and polyester. The piece is sitting upright because of the sand inside. There are many designs to choose from, including dog, hedgehog, and even square shape, and you will find a door stop that suits your taste and your home decoration it's the best! It's a great door stop for any door, it's heavy-weight and will hold your door open when you need to, and it's also great for when you're tired of opening and closing the door all the time. The piece is 7 L x 4.7 W x 9.2 H and is small enough to keep your door open. He is heavy enough to keep a door open and light enough to move with ease. The decorative door stoppers are a great everyday item that will make your friends and loved ones happy. There are ideas for birthdays, housewarming gifts, or any other occasion. Their goal is to make your daily life more enjoyable. If you have a question about the new decorative door stopper, please contact their customer service, they are here for you! This is not suitable for animals or children. Their goal is to make your daily life more enjoyable. If you have a question about the new decorative door stopper, please contact their customer service, they are here for you! This is not suitable for animals or children.

Brand: Glob

👤The door stoper is easy to use. I place it with my foot for a perfect door stop.

👤It arrived on time. It seems to be of good quality and I like it. I would buy another one.

👤I hold my door open. It was very soft and sturdy.

👤The door is held on the wood floor without being hard to move.

👤Excellent door stop! It is easy to use. Not too heavy or light. It looks great as well.

👤Well made and great quality!

👤It keeps our door from hitting the wall when my family members open it.

6. Pavilion Gift Company 72150 Stopper

Pavilion Gift Company 72150 Stopper

Before applying the door protector, make sure to clean and dry your wall. Press the door knob against the wall. It's suitable for most surfaces. The Premium Quality 5" door stopper is made from a variety of materials and is filled with sand and polyester, which weighs around 2 pounds. "A House is not a home without a dog" is printed on the front of the door. It's perfect for gift giving. It's perfect for those who love dogs. Clean with a damp cloth. Floor mats, pillows, and draft stoppers in the same style are also available.

Brand: Pavilion Gift Company

👤My bathroom door is off balance because it closes on it's own and I can simply push it with my foot and close it. This is important to me because my husband has a bad back and I don't want him to have to bend down and move a door every time he needs to close the bathroom door -- and, obviously I love dogs, so the saying is perfect!

👤The laundry room door in the kitchen is functional and blends in with our tan/white walls. I have to hang up clothes and keep the door open to get to the garage. This is a good option and blends in. Great!

👤I bought this to hold my room divider in place, but it's too light weight. She picked it up and ran. I tried to use it to hold the door open, but it was too heavy. It's super cute. I think it would be a great addition to a gift basket for a pet owner. I wish they made this bigger and heavier. I have it next to puppy pictures on a shelf.

👤We were looking for something soft. I love this! It's well made and light weight, it's easy to move, and it's compatible with our decor. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It's not expensive and it gets the job done. I put it behind the door to stop the door knob from hitting the wall.

👤The doorstop looks better than the chair we used to have in our spare bedroom, because we had a chair that held the door open in our apartment.

👤Like it but won't give it a 5 star unless it has a thicker material on it. I think the material will wear out on the bottom because you keep it on the floor.

👤It is cute but small and doesn't have much weight. You should consider that when buying. It is good for a bedroom, but not much heavier.

👤A lovely doorstopper! Does the job.

👤Cuando lo vi me gust tanto, para tope de puerta. Cre, a ser un poquito ms grande. No se tiene sacar el relleno para Poder lavarlo.

👤Only purchased because all shops were closed due to the lockdown. I've seen the exact ones in boutique shops.

👤Muy bonitos solo quizs in poco de peso pues a veces. Amigos.

👤Tengo varios, todos sper! De excelente te calidad!

7. Comfy Hour Mouse Stopper Decorative

Comfy Hour Mouse Stopper Decorative

It's ideal for anywhere. Do you need some help keeping your doors open? The door stop is modern and perfect for the job. It makes it the right choice to use anywhere, such as hotel rooms, office rooms, kid's rooms, and more. A heavy piece that keeps your door in the right place. The product is 4 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 4 inches in height. The cast iron is treated with a special coating to protect it from wear and rust. Home decorative and functional collection has been released. It is made from recycled cast iron. It will last a long time. Shop with confidence. Quality and fast shipping. It's guaranteed. Their top priority is your satisfaction. Shop with confidence. Quality and fast shipping. It's guaranteed. Their top priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Comfy Hour

👤The door stop is sweet. I expected this mouse to be the same. We have named him. ; )

👤Cute door holder.

👤This is adorable! I bought it for a friend. She loved it!

👤I store it on the table and it works great.

👤I was looking for something to use as a bookend.

👤Wife loves this. She would like another one. Cute addition.

8. Decorative Stopper Exterior Christmas Ornament

Decorative Stopper Exterior Christmas Ornament

You can use their cast iron doorstop as an accent piece in your home because of its unique design. It's a great floor door stop for your bedroom, bathroom, kid's room or patio door. It is possible to match any door color or interior design with a cast iron bird door stopper. The door stop is made of solid cast iron. Solid and sturdy, made to last long, this recycled cast iron door stop wedge is protected by an antique coating. The felt padded bottom of the Bird Door Stop is meant to protect the floor from scratches. It is heavy and will hold your door open. It's good for offices as well as home. The cute bird design makes it a nice gift. Can also be used in the garden as a figurine. It's 6 x 2.6 x 2.2 inches.

Brand: Highland Farms Select

👤It is not light weight, it is solid cast iron. It is beautiful. We used to keep dumb bells on the bathroom door so our dog wouldn't lock himself in it. This will work better. My dog loves it and thinks it is his. It's a shame.

👤It's a darling little bird, but it doesn't work as a door stop because it just slides, no matter how hard you wedge it. Maybe it would work for a very lightweight door on carpet, but this cute bird just doesn't work as a door stop.

👤This is small. It feels solid but it's small and wouldn't work for a heavy door. It serves its purpose for keeping our bedroom door open. It is so small that you cannot tell what the design is until you are close. I don't think it's worth that much. If you want to keep a light weight door open, it does work.

👤It's nice to have weight. I use it to hold an antique oak and glass door and it works well. The Bird Door Stop has a felt padded bottom which is meant to protect your floor from scratches. It is heavy and will hold your door open. There was no padding on the floor. I had to make my own protection. The padding under the door limits how far the tail can go.

👤The bird door stop is cute. I thought it would hold the bedroom door open. It gets pushed around quickly. I would not buy it again because I want a heavier piece. The weight is listed in the product information. It's only 1 lbs.

👤I saw this elsewhere. This was the same article that I took a chance on. It seems to be. It keeps the door open. I was worried that it would scratch my floors, but the bottom is smooth enough to keep that from happening. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It's small and fun to look at, but it doesn't get in the way or draw attention. We have our windows open most of the time, and the afternoon winds will slam doors without a door stop. I put a rubber pad under it. It does the job well and is attractive.

👤The cast iron bird was intended to be used for something else. If there is a breeze, the door knocks it over and out of the way. It is a table top decoration on my porch. I give it 5 stars, but not as a door stop.

👤The product is small and not heavy and will not stop a door from closing. The ones I received had no protective felt on the bottom as advertised. I requested a refund almost 3 weeks ago, but have yet to receive it.

9. Shield Transparent Rubber Protector Adhesive

Shield Transparent Rubber Protector Adhesive

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry. The small round clear style door knob wall shield is lightweight. The use effect is to prevent the wall and door handle from colliding. It is easy to install. No tools are required to paste the protective paper. Most of the surface should be applied. The case of cold does not hard, long-term use is not easy to break, and the soft rubber material can slow down the contact surface impact noise. Clear material can be painted and can match most walls.

Brand: Xfenvs

👤It is easy to use. Peel and stick. You need to be absolutely sure that they are in the right place. I put mine where I saw the damage from the door handle. It was from my old door. Not the new door. I pulled off the bumper when I realized my mistake. And oops! It took all my paint off. Ten years ago, I painted my living room walls. This was not fresh paint. It was old. I have an ugly dot where my paint was torn off. These things will stay there forever. You can't reuse them. They are done once you peel them off. I wish I had realized how sticky they are. Be warned!

👤The product is misrepresenting its size.

👤My door is always open, but it won't swing in every way. ;-D

👤The wall pads are easy to stick on. We needed one for a closet where the door was touching the wall. This is a very easy solution. The pads are soft. The door bounces off. The kit comes with two pads and two extra stickers to replace the pads in a new spot.

👤I would purchase again. This is more cost effective and easier to install than standard door stops. They are barely noticable, but they aren't going to be invisible. They seem to be following the rules.

👤My kids slam the door to get in. This product protects the wall. The product is good. There is a If you are trying to move it, they added an additional 3M glue.

👤The door knob breaking the wall caused the white chalk to gather behind the doors. The repair was made in less than 30 seconds. Don't worry if you aren't a DYI. Who is this person? Fix your wall. It's a 2 pack and I can use it in case this happens in another part of the home.

👤Absolutely love these! When we open the fridge in our new house, we don't think of the wall space. We got these to protect the fridge and wall. The fridge max room can open while still being protected from the wall. It's clear so you don't see it if you don't look for it. It's hard to see in the picture I posted. It's easy to put on a sticker. The glue is strong. It's definitely recommended.

👤The order was easy to apply and the price was good.

👤These are easy to put on. If you already have a dent, you can still see it through the clear.

10. Elements 5218412 Decorative Polyester Penquin

Elements 5218412 Decorative Polyester Penquin

This decorative doorstop is a great accent piece for your home because of its unique and fun design. A heavy-weighted door stop will hold your door open with ease. It is not suitable for use as a toy for a child or dog. It's a great gift for anyone who appreciates cute home accessories. The grey penguin door stopper is made of polyester and has a measurement of 5.11 x 5.11 x 9.84 inches. The floor mount is a type of mounting.

Brand: Elements

👤My story is about a penguin. I was made in a factory and was sold on Amazon at lightning speed. Even though I was not furry, I was bought in a hurry. I made my way into the hearts that used me. I open their doors on a daily basis. I do my job well. He is writing a review. Unless there's a smell, the door never closes. There is a The door is held open by a stuffed penguin. It has to be there, but what does it have to do? There is a It's very durable and doesn't leak. It does a great job. If you need a doorstop, get it.

👤When I got this little guy, I was very excited. He is adorable and seems to hold up well. It became apparent that using it wouldn't be practical. I am not able to use it because it is constantly falling forward, I am not sure if this is the case with all of these or just that I got one that isn't well-built, but either way, I'm not able to use it. The door hitting him first sends him face-first, as does accidentally tapping him with your foot, or putting him in front of the door to get the correct position. I have included a video of how easy it is to tip it, as well as a photo of it resting. I would like to give this a better rating.

👤I bought the penguin to protect my fridge door from crashing into my kitchen door. I made a swing for him to sit on and he just lives here. His body is strong enough to protect the doorknob, and he's much cuter than those ugly protectors that stick out from the wall. I've named him Norman.

👤He's adorable! I decided to use him to make sure my bedroom door stays propped open for cats instead of using it to keep my bathroom door propped open because he's so cute. I used a heavy Captain's hand bell for my bedroom door. I decided I didn't want this cute penguin getting sick in the bathroom. I made a change. He is heavy enough to keep the door from sliding and he is well made. I'm not sure if it's micro suede or something, but the Tweed material on his body is very heavy and soft. I believe his feet are made of felt. His eyes are covered in thread. The price is a great one. Absolutely no complaints. I definitely recommend him!

👤I have a door that doesn't stay open in my bedroom. I decided to buy one of these. The door is easy to hold open, the penguin is easy to kick out of the way, and the door isn't heavy enough to keep the penguin up. This doesn't happen. The door is held open by the penguin.

👤This has held up well. I use the penguin to keep one door open and close the other, so I can swap between them at night. I slide him across the floor with my foot. I clean the felt feet and the bottom every few weeks because they pick up dust. I am glad I bought this. It makes my life easier every single day.

11. Lech Decorative Doorstoppers Weighted Exterior

Lech Decorative Doorstoppers Weighted Exterior

All flooring surfaces can be worked on with the door stop. The rubber bottom protects your floors, doors and walls. The Security Door Stop is designed like a cute dog. Give your home a warm and welcoming feel by keeping the doors open with their adorable decorative door stopper. It's available for both home and office. The dog door-stopper can be placed on a shelf. If your friend is a dog lover or likes home accessories, this is a good gift. The outer case of the door stopper is made of cotton and polyester. The piece is sitting upright because of the sand inside. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about their products, they will help you solve them as soon as possible. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about their products, they will help you solve them as soon as possible.

Brand: Lech

👤It works to keep the door open. The store stop has a problem with its design. A dog tips over. I found it in the doorway. It's cute and serves its purpose, but I don't like the tipping. I like to leave the door cracked so my dog can come in and out at night. Sometimes it gets kicked or knocked over and I'm glad that no toes are hurt in the process.

👤This dog is a welcome addition to my home. He is very sturdy and won't mind having the door slammed against him. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤Just received. It should be large enough to keep my door open. It's not as cute as an animal, but it is Kitchy. The handle is convenient and it won't be in the way.

👤The door stop has been great and my kids are always carrying it around as if it is a pet. It is a door stop.

👤The right weight and size keeps the door open. The attached handle makes it easy to move around.

👤A cute way to stop doors from slamming. The weight seems adequate to keep the doors open. Love it.

👤When there was no breeze in the environment, the door stop held the door open. It is more decorative than effective.

👤It works great and makes our room a little more interesting.


What is the best product for decorative door stop animal?

Decorative door stop animal products from Cbk. In this article about decorative door stop animal you can see why people choose the product. Comfify and Wallcharmers are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative door stop animal.

What are the best brands for decorative door stop animal?

Cbk, Comfify and Wallcharmers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative door stop animal. Find the detail in this article. Parisloft, Glob and Pavilion Gift Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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