Best Decorative Door Stop Wall Protector

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1. Neoera Stopper Silicon Protector Adhesive

Neoera Stopper Silicon Protector Adhesive

If there is a quality problem, please contact them. If you have a quality problem, you can get a refund or replacement. The environment friendly color is gray. Each PCS has one premium glue as spare parts. Door handles can leave holes in the wall after repeated use. If holes are already there, cover them with the Wall Protector. The contact point of the wall and door knob is protected. You can paint over it to match the color of your wall because of its thin design. Really useful. The case of cold does not hard, long-term use is not easy to break, and the soft rubber material can slow down the contact surface impact noise. There are SPECIFICATIONS. Silicone 2 is the material. The diameter is 3.15 inch and the thickness is 0.39 inch. The scope of application includes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, fridge, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and much more. 5. It's smooth. No tools are required. It's really easy to peel the sticky paper and clean the wall.

Brand: Neoera

👤I was excited for these and they had good reviews. But buyer beware! The rubber discs were easy to install and adhere to the wall, but within two days, the rubber stopper fell off of the sticky pad on three of the four I installed, leaving a sticky, gluey pad on my walls. I have to repair and repaint my wall because the gluey pad ripped the plaster off when I took it off the wall. Terrible product! Find another brand.

👤We had a horizontal door stop that was attached to the floor. I couldn't find one like it at any store. If I remove it completely, there is a big hole in my real hardwood floor. My kids used to swing the front door open and the door knob would go through the wall. I can fix this with some paint and some mud. I just painted every room and ceiling in the house, but I lost the color swatch. The walls are gray, so I found some that covered the whole. It looks well made. Kids swing door open and it bounces off of it. I needed to cover the hole in the larger size. It's not a perfect match gray but it looks like I meant to have it there.

👤I liked them at first. It is easy to install the double sided glue to the wall. After a few weeks, all but one of the stoppers popped off. I applied again but thee popped off again in a few days. You have to push hard to flatten the back of the stoppers against the glue. I am pretty sure this is the reason they pop off. You can save money by finding a different brand.

👤I bought this to make sure we didn't damage the tile. I was concerned that the bathroom's moist environment could cause the glue to loosen, but it is still in place. I liked the fact that I could get it in gray. It is a better match for the wall. I stuck one up in one of the bedrooms that had a hole in the wall from the door slamming into the wall. It covered the hole and is preventing further damage. It's simple to peel and stick. This product is something I would recommend.

👤The standard door knobs are made from 3. 5 of the 6 are still functioning a month after installation. The gray part fell off the wall. The gray part had to be lined up over the ring. I haven't tried to paint them yet, but the one in the powder room isn't easy to ignore. I'm happy to have them.

👤I bought 2 sets to keep cabinet hardware from hitting tile walls. Just peel the red backing and stick on the point of impact. They have an extra set of backs in case you want to move them. I painted the dark gray to match the lighter gray walls and left the dark gray on my tile. They are small and discreet, but large enough to do the job. If it is not a locking door knob, you can stick them to the wall. I like my hardware. I put them on the walls. There are more door knobs that I have to stop.

2. ZC GEL Damage Free Waterproof Collision

ZC GEL Damage Free Waterproof Collision

Meet your different needs with multifunctional and unique 2 in 1 designed. Keep your doors open with a strong magnet from the door stop. They know you need magnetic door stoppers for a number of reasons, including keeping air flow in your home, preventing heavy slamming door, and keeping your kids' bedroom door open when you need to take care of them. The Magnetic door stop protects the door from slamming shut and the soft-catch doors technology stops the doors from being opened. The force of closing the door too hard can be absorbed by the strong Magnet adsorption loaded in the catch. The door will be released to keep it private. It's easy to install and no tools are needed. The door and wall won't be harmed by the perfectly formulated glue. Holds tight and won't fall off. There were no screws or nails needed. It takes just a few seconds to put it in place. Keep your room beautiful by not having a hole or trace. Magnetic door holder is a great way to keep the doors open, it costs less than other methods. The door stop is made of high quality gel and gel-like material, it is easy to clean and reuse. High quality guarantee. The Magnetic Door catch is non-traceremovable. It's a good help in your life because it's very convenient to use. They offer a 12 months warranty with assurance of a refund, and they guarantee their customers premium quality with their door stopper. Enjoy the risk-free purchase.

Brand: Zc Gel

👤I really wanted to like this, but the overall function was not up to snuff. The "magnetic" part is weak and there is a magnet in there. The door wouldn't work without the magnet and the cup part. There is a The second is the cup. It does work at first, but in a few weeks or after your next vacuuming session, dust will coat it and you'll be left with a sub-optimal magnet trying to hold the door. This part works. Despite the high force of the cup when trying to close the door, there was never any doubt that it would hold. This takes paint off a wall rather than removing it. The last noise. The door stops popping when you open it and close it. The noise is too loud in general. Unless you want a doorstop compatible with a glass door, look elsewhere.

👤I just ordered a second one of this product and I wish I had found it a long time ago. This has eliminated the need for a wooden door stop. I first looked at other magnetic doorstops and it seemed that metal on metal would be a bit noisy. I tried it. Follow the directions and leave it alone for the glue to set. It is very quiet and cool. I put a piece of clear tape on it at first to make it sound better, but over the past couple of weeks it has settled in and is perfect. Highly recommended.

👤I had to place a wood block between the parts for a day to allow the door to open and close between times, and it was difficult to install as I had to let each side adhere for a day before putting on the other side. It keeps the door from closing on it's own, since it never wanted to stay in the open position, and there was a tilt to the door installation. I can keep the door open when I want it to. The magnets are strong enough without being too strong, but I left the heavy plastic clear covers on the two pieces because it might be harder to open it when it is closed. I would get more of these if the doors in the house became unruly. It is a bit pricey but worth it.

👤I had it for about six weeks and it was installed on our door so that it wouldn't stay open. I washed the door with warm water and put the circle on the wall piece to position it, but it wasn't working after a few days. The door has an angle. I think it's difficult for alignment, but this one works, I rinse it off and align it back up, it's so quick and easy.

👤I was able to say that it has been going strong for almost a year after I reattached it with a glue suitable for stone. I'm going to add a star to this discovery. Strong! It wouldn't work on stone. It wouldn't stick no matter how much I cleaned it. I like the idea of this product so I might attach it with caulk or something. I am very disappointed.

3. UGREEN Stopper Protector Adhesive Bedroom

UGREEN Stopper Protector Adhesive Bedroom

UGREEN door bumper protects your walls from impact damage caused by door handles. The door handle protectors are easy to install, just wash and dry the wall and stick it on the door handle. Soft foam material absorbs impact force when hitting the wall, which reduces noise for your bedroom door. Useful wall guard and protectors for a lot of places. If you want to make this door knob protector decorative, you can paint it white and make it match the wall color you want.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I bought a door stopper to protect my steel door located on the side of the garage. If the door swings too much, it will hit the lower part of the wall. I put the Door Stopper on the lower part of the door. Place the Door Stopper on the desired location by unpeeling the protective plastic. The Door Stopper is locked up after it is on. It may be hard to remove and damage the exterior finish if it is affixed twice. It matches the door. If my door is opened too far, it will be protected from dents and scrapping. I swung the door inward and the impact was absorbed and the door stopper was not damaged. This door stopper is very good.

👤I installed these as soon as I got them, they feel nice, looks nice, doesn't appear to develop creases from repeated impacts into the rubber. It absorbed the blows well when door knobs slam into it. My doors are not made of solid material. They are the standard doors for closets and bedrooms. I would buy a bigger one for spreading the impact on a wall for heavier doors, and not worry about damage occurring. There is a The item is small so a hard impact might blow a hole through the wall. My doors are light and my wall studs are on 16 centers. I'm not too worried about it with these light doors. I would be if it was my front door. Carefully remove the tape from the backing. It can rip off like mine did. I was able to peel it off with relative ease, because I just rotate it around to a different edge.

👤My fridge doors hit the wall after being opened, so I got these for my new apartment. It was kind of embarrassing. I've heard that other neighbors have the same problem with the pounding sound coming through their walls. I came across these after some research. I saw a lot of options and these seemed to be the best. I know why. There is a The material is similar to Nerf foam. It's very dense and has good give to it. I put bumper on the wall where the freezer door would hit, and another where the fridge door would connect. The volume of a fridge door hitting the wall was cut down by about 95 percent. It's very quiet. We're not careless, but we set the door flying towards the wall. The sound of the condiments in the fridge door rattling is what you would notice if the door connects with the wall. That was quiet.

👤Not a fan of those doorstops. Sometimes a little post at the bottom of a door won't keep the knob from going through your wall if you happen to burst through a door. Those issues are solved by these. These are not too big or small at two inches in diameter. Although you are attaching these directly to your wall, they don't look tacky. The name was written across the front. It is not noticeable unless you are close enough to inspect the disc, and if you or you are guests are that picky, try something else. They work great, even though they are a tad pricey.

4. JQK Stainless Dampening Protetor DSB5 BN P2

JQK Stainless Dampening Protetor DSB5 BN P2

You can get a free replacement or full refund on every Wall Protector you order from them. Solid T- 304 premium-gradestainless steel is a high quality door stoppper. Protect your wall with a black absorb bumper, it will absorb energy and prevent noise, holes and scratches. It stays in new state for a long time with Grey colour. Simple and elegant design is what it is. Two screw mounts on the wall are easy to install.

Brand: Jqk

👤These are larger than the traditional door stoppers. It doesn't come with instructions. Use a drill extension. Put pressure on it. There is no need to use a drill bit. The size comparison between the old and new stopper is shown in my picture. I think these are for commercial locations. Not at home.

👤At an early age, I was told that everything in life has the potential to be beautiful. Seemingly mundane items like an iron, a coffee scoop, or a door stop have the potential to be well designed. If you are sitting on the toilet and reading a review on your phone, look over at your current door stop and think how much better it would look in its place.

👤These are easy to install. Every time a roomba robot rubs up against it, the rubber part comes off. The purpose of these is to prevent damage. I purchased 8 of them and they all have the same issue.

👤The screw that holds the tube in the wall is too small for the tub portion and too tight for the wall. It couldn't hold the tube with the rubber stopper. All the good reviews, why?

👤13/64” bit was used. It was easy to install. Looks great. The plastic wall anchors make it difficult to pull the wall tight. Will need to use caution so as not to rip it out of the wall. I will go with the bolts if that happens. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤When will I stop buying stuff made in China? The sleeve that covers the screws won't stay put. Why? The edge of the sleeve has to be at least 1/32 of an inch past the mount. The doorstop would be too loose to work properly if you didn't completely screw the mount into the wall. Oh my!

👤I haven't seen any problems with the tip falling off. Happy with them. There is a I didn't have a long enough time to install my impact driver. It wasn't a big deal to do the screws by hand. There is a plate that snaps on to cover the screws and wall plate. The plate can pop off if the doorstop takes a harder impact. You can put it back in place by pushing it. You can't glue the plate in place if you want to remove the door stop cleanly.

👤I installed a glass shower door to prevent it from hitting a wall. I needed a good quality doorstop that looked good and fit the decor of the bathroom and this doorstop was perfect for me, I was able to fix it to a wood stud behind the wall for a very easy installation. I would think I could hang from it and it wouldn't come out of the wall very pleased.

👤I didn't know how this goes together. I figured out that you need to screw the door shuter into the wall before you screw the base into it. It's easy to install. I love the look of it.

5. Door Knob Wall Protector Self Adhesive

Door Knob Wall Protector Self Adhesive

The Prime-Line wall stop can protect your walls, but it can't repair door knobs or handle holes. durable and flexible: Soft rubber Door Knob Wall Shield is your noise reducing assistant. Eco-friendly materials with good elasticity are excellent for reducing impact noise. It uses strong glue and is hard to fall off. Shrink and color. The transparent can be coated with decorative pigments. It's easy to install, match it with the position where the handle hits the wall, wipe the position to make sure it's clean and dry, and then paste it. Many areas can be used with these shock-absorbing soft rubbers. If you want to move them to another place, take them off, rinse them with water, and then put them back on the wall.

Brand: Sweetums Signatures

👤Here's the deal... Clean your surface before you go to bed. Press hard on the door protectors until it looks "see through" The harder it is to get something to stick, the more textured the surface is. Clean glass? No worries. 10 year old paint is not clean? Time to worry. I had 4 of 6 fall on the ground within 2 days. I used a household cleaner to clean the area of application. 3 months later and still in place. You can look every so often and if you see that it's coming off, press until you see 100%. One of the 1 star reviews said that it stuck too well and took paint off the wall, pick a lane people. This is a lot of words for a cheap door protection. I hope this helps.

👤The theory failed to stay in place. We tried to avoid the large plastic wall protectors that are found at the hardware store. If they stuck, these would provide great protection. When we returned to the room a few hours later, we found the walls on the floor because they were textured. It was not possible to protect the wall from the door knob.

👤I needed something to stop the front door lock from hitting the wall. These are perfect! They are thick enough to stop damage, but not thick enough to stick out. They are clear and you can see the wall through them. The glue is holding it all together. I will be using more of these around our house to protect the walls.

👤I bought these as a back up for our front door because it has a long bar handle. I thought these would be a good way to keep the wall safe. I heated the wall to make it stick after cleaning it. It worked for the first week, but then fell off. It won't stick when I put it back on. We had to fix the hole after it fell off the door handle. I use a different one now. Half of these are on other walls and the other half fall off about 3 times a week. I think it's hit or miss.

👤It's easy to protect a wall from door knobs. When sticking it on, keep in mind where you pull in order to maintain the circle shape. I would use a real door stop for a heavier door. The material is soft and not thick enough to take a bigger hit.

👤I bought this product hoping it would work in my kitchen. I have a cabinet with a round knob and it was hitting my wall when I opened it. My issue was solved by the product. It's flat, sheer and sticking. It was an economical solution.

👤The last time I found it on the floor, it had part of the paint from my wall on it. I'm not very happy. Wouldn't recommend them. I'm going to buy the ones you put on the floor. We have textured walls. Maybe that's why they wouldn't stick.

6. Strongest Cushion Protector Silencer Adhesive

Strongest Cushion Protector Silencer Adhesive

No tools are required. It's really easy to peel the sticky paper and clean the wall. A strong broom is needed to protect the walls from door slamming. You should protect your interior or exterior door handle and wall from damage. The strongest wall shield is on the market. Soft pads absorb shock and provide a cushion. There are 6 clear condoms. The high-quality door stopper wall bumpers are sure to protect you from holes in the walls. Your wall is protected with bumper rubbers that absorb shock and prevent noise, so you have peace of mind. Since they are white, they are almost invisible. 3 million strong self adhesIVE: The peel-off design makes it easy to set them up. 3M is the industry-leading glue and it will stay sticky for a long time. These door handle wall protectors are long-term protection. The size is large. The wall protectors for the Home door knob are 2” in diameter and 0.2” in height. This means that the 3M self-adhesive large doorknob blocker will cover all standard door knobs. The set of 6 door slam stoppers is great for a lot of things. The door guards can be used to protect the door from being slammed. Or use the clear door stopper as a rubber foot. Click Add to Cart and you will get ULTIMATE PROTECTION with the best door guard and door cushion stopper set. The set of 6 door slam stoppers is great for a lot of things. The door guards can be used to protect the door from being slammed. Or use the clear door stopper as a rubber foot. Click Add to Cart and you will get ULTIMATE PROTECTION with the best door guard and door cushion stopper set.

Brand: Strongest Home

👤My wife came home early from her shift at the liquor store, while my girlfriend was leaving out the front door. The door was aggressively closed over coming the spring style door stop. My cat likes to twang those things at 2am. The sheet rock was damaged. The door handle stopper covered the mark on my wall.

👤The tape sticks well to my metal doors, but it doesn't stick well to the rubber pad. They work, just need better tape. The picture shows something that doesn't correspond to something else. It shows 2. These are larger than 2 inches.

👤These work well. We needed something that would protect the door and the wall from being hit. We don't notice the door on the wall because it doesn't mark the wall and the wall doesn't have a stopper on it.

👤The 3M glue has a terrible adhesion with these. The part that sticks to the wall is 3M. The bumper is easy to remove. The pack of 6 were all like this. They threw them in the garbage. Would not recommend.

👤The product is perfect but the glue doesn't stay on the disc. It sticks to the wall. I have to push on it every now and then because I can see it peeling away. My four-year-old helps push it on. I worry about what will happen to my paint eventually.

👤The Stoppers are small. Good choice if you are trying to prevent damage. If you have some damage and are trying to prevent more damage, maybe it's too small to attach to the solid surface. We wanted to avoid issues at the end of our lease. It's possible to cover holes in hollow doors. The next hole was suggested by the marks on the ground. If you want to get the best shot, you should clean the area and cover it with alcohol.

👤These things are amazing. It's easy to peel off the back. I get nervous buying door stops because they can look ugly. I have a mint green room and didn't want a big ugly white thing on the wall, but this looks great. It does not draw attention to itself. It is slimmer than most. This item is used in a teenage boys room and he struggles with not slamming or busting through doors, but it has held up nicely. The amount of noise coming from the handle hitting is reduced.

👤I bought this product four months ago and it worked great. They are in place despite being stuck immediately. There were no issues. The package I received today was very different from the one I received yesterday. The paper inside the packaging wouldn't stick to the backing or the glue. I think these ones are duds.

👤The door handle has a nice firm feel and stops very well. There is a It will be difficult to remove when you need to. I haven't tried to remove it completely, but I can see from the pictures that the stopper is leaving the film. I hope it doesn't cause any damage.

7. KINJOEK Stainless Surrounded Protective Anti Slip

KINJOEK Stainless Surrounded Protective Anti Slip

The Kovosch wall stop can protect your walls, but it can't repair door knobs or handle holes. The round door stopper is made from high quality steel and will protect your furniture, walls and floors with rubber bands. The heavy duty design makes it easy to install without drilling. It's easy to install and it's not necessary to drill. The rubber at the bottom of the doorstop increases stability. The door stop can be used for many things, including regular indoor doors, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, residence or commercial place. If placed behind the door or in front, it will be better to avoid door handles making marks on walls. The size of the door stopper is 3.97 inches by 1.7 inches and is 1.54 lbs, perfect for all flooring surfaces. Modern design enhances a home's decor. Kinjoek offers a 30 day money back on purchases with total conflagration. Please contact them if you have a question about the door stopper.

Brand: Kinjoek

👤It's nicer than I expected. The rubber coating on the bottom keeps it in place. It is sleek and does the job. Very angry with this product.

👤It worked out as advertised. Installation is not required. It works if you place it against the baseboard. The device is great because you can clean the area. There is no need to clean between the wall and device. Thanks.

👤They were successful and sheer excess! We have a rear french door mounted high so no previous door stops worked because they all went over the top. This is heavy and has a great base. This works well because of its mass, grippy base and protective band, it doesn't damage the door.

👤The door stop's bottom rubber part is great at gripping hard surfaces, but I use it upside down on a carpet. The metal top makes it easy to slide on the carpet when I move my foot, the rubber part helps grip on my foot, and it's heavy enough to keep the door in place. The rubber ring around the door provides a soft and quiet contact. The look is refined and the construction is rock solid. It feels weird to be enamored by a door stop, but I love it.

👤The door stop doesn't work well. Someone will enter the house and the door will swing into the wall. I was tired of patching it. The stop can be put in the floor between the door and wall. No damage to the door or wall can be done with the cushion around the ring.

👤The kids went wham with the door after the screw in the door stop was removed. This door stop is my solution. It does a great job! It's heavy enough that it doesn't move. No one notices it. It saves the wall. Excellent quality.

👤It doesn't matter what happened to the door stopper, it had a strong odor and it was in a damaged container. I gave up and returned it because it didn't go away after hours of sunlight. It appears to be a shell over a core of some kind, not a solid one, but be aware of that fact.

👤It is very easy to put in place.

8. Interior Doorstops Protectors Collision Decorative

Interior Doorstops Protectors Collision Decorative

Floor mats, pillows, and draft stoppers in the same style are also available. The door should be stopped and the door should be locked. Their door stopper is cute and can be used to keep the doors open. A charming accent piece will make your home feel welcoming. A perfect gift for anyone who loves animals or is interested in home decor is their door stoppers. The door stopper is a great gift for the holiday season. The recipient will be sure to get the most out of it, whether it's a birthday gift, secret santa, or stocking stuffer. The measurement is 7.8 x 7 x 11 inches. About 2.6 Lb. They make a wide array of fabric door stoppers. If you need a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself, they have something for everyone. DISCLAIMER: This is not an official statement. This is not a good toy for animals or children.

Brand: Dewarfami

👤This is absolutely gorgeous. We needed a doorstop to hold our door open so our real dogs could get back inside. This guy is well made, charming, and quiet than my other dogs. We now own 3 of them. The first one was very quiet.

👤Next to the sink is my bathroom door. I have a cast iron doorstop that I accidentally trip on, it hurts my toe. It hit me that I should get something soft. The doorstop is cute and well made, it does not bother me when I trip on it.

👤This little guy is what I needed. I wanted something soft that wouldn't hurt my wood floors, yet it had to be heavy enough to stay in place. It keeps my bedroom door open when the windows are open. I am a dog person and that option was perfect for me.

👤It's perfect to keep my bedroom door open so my baby can come in and out at night. A lot cuter than using my husband's shoe. It is the right weight.

👤People like my dog. I do as well. No clean up needed! The only thing I can say about this design is that the material inside does not go into the paws, no matter how much I work it. It seems like it might jump up on the counter. Cute.

👤Cute! It is perfect for my bedroom door when the windows are open. He keeps my door open like a good boy. He wouldn't work on doors that are heavier.

👤The family has a key member named Marcelo. My girl used to keep the door from slamming with an empty spray can. The little guy has won our hearts and is taking over the bed. There is a Cute and functional. Also works great as a door stop.

👤So cute. It has the right amount of weight. It works well to hold open the bedroom door.

9. Neoera Stopper Protector Quiet Absorbent

Neoera Stopper Protector Quiet Absorbent

The set of 6 door slam stoppers is great for a lot of things. The door guards can be used to protect the door from being slammed. Or use the clear door stopper as a rubber foot. Click Add to Cart and you will get ULTIMATE PROTECTION with the best door guard and door cushion stopper set. It is possible to use powerFUL ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY. Neoera's door bumper Reusable adhesive technology can be applied to any surface. Remove the bumper and wash it to remove dirt and allow it to dry. The bummer can be used again if the powerful adhesion returns. There were no marks or damage on the walls. The door stops can be used anywhere. Do you find it hard to sleep because of holes left on walls or noise caused by doors slamming and banging against the wall? The gel door bumper is an excellent solution. It prevents doors from hitting the wall. Save on home repair costs with their revolutionary technology. Clear, transparent, and easy to understand all of the background information. Neoera's door bumper wall protectors are clear and transparent. It is easy to blend into all surfaces. Premium clear TPE material is used for the door stopper. Neoera's wall guards are very easy to put in place. Place the gel stopper on the wall where the door handle will make contact if you remove the peel and stick cover. The walls can be protected from the refrigerator, furniture or shower doors with the help of the stoppers. There is a 100% money back guarantee on patent prepayment. If you're not happy with the door knob shields, you can get a full refund or replacement. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Neoera

👤The door stops can be used as a leveling agent on the underside of the toilet seat. The soft doorstops are softer than the hard plasticgapers, so they don't slip off the porcelain rim under the weight of the user. There is a These stops fill the space and protect the hinges from twisting motion, which is an excellent application.

👤At first, this seemed great. It stuck to the wall. It was not noticeable on the wall because it is clear. The wall behind the stopper was damaged by the button lock on the doorknob because the center portion of the stopper is too thin. The paint on the wall was ripped off by the stopper. I replaced it with a floor stop.

👤I tried to peel it off my wall, but it tore our house in half. It's a great doorstop if you don't plan to ever take them off the wall. I'm very disappointed that it peeled our paint down to the sheetrock. There was paint on the wall.

👤It is very easy to install the stopper because it is thick and sticky on one side. You can press it on the wall. The refrigerator door can't hit the wall if it's installed on a stained block wall. I press it in place to make sure it stays stuck. The wall has a rough texture but it works well so far. I have one installed outside in a rough area. I press it again every few days even though it has stayed stuck outside. I would buy them again.

👤We needed a soft stop. I put it on the shower door because the bathroom door lock can break the glass shower doors. When a door hits the wall, there are a few behind it. They work the way they are described. The install is simple, just push on them and they will be stuck to the wall. No questions, no fuss.

👤I put these up about two weeks ago. I relocated one after I stuck it to the wall.

👤I wanted to like them. It was easy to put in place because they looked so good. I walked into my bedroom just in time to see a piece of the wall fall to the floor. I have to buy paint to touch my wall because I have to find a different product. So disappointed.

👤It's easy to apply. Every time I open my cabinet door, it is noiselessly kept from hitting the wall.

👤It is easy to install the stopper on one side. You can press it on the wall. I have one on my main doors that work very well. Not much bounce back seems to absorb the energy and let the wall get damaged. They look better than I thought.

👤These are better than I had expected. It was easy to peel off and re-center after applying one a little out of place. Will buy the whole house. It's like they are hidden from view, and there is no banging a floor stop with the vacuum.

10. Magnetic Brushed Decorative Doorstops Protector

Magnetic Brushed Decorative Doorstops Protector

Pick your color - not painted. They no longer add a manufacturer's logo to magnetic door stops due to customer feedback. Laser etch won't be available on door stops from now on. Rest assured to buy. It's a good idea to drill a 8-9MM hole for the center compression post on the brick wall. The door is being pulled away from the wall. Magnetic door stopper is made of high-quality metal with white spray paint of three layers, can better resist daily scratches/corrosion as well oil resistant, and is Sturdy and Rust-proof. White door stop can be used in any home decor. It is more durable than other door stops. Magnetic door catch has strong magnetism that will hold door open/close firmly and protects wall scratched or impacted by doorknob, and the decoration cap in magnetic door holder is a good way to hide screws. Installation with screws, no sticker, can be done vertically to floor or horizontally to wall. Two fixation ways:wall-anchor installation by expansion screws and triangle-point fixation in base. There is a note here. If you don't choose the right size of drill, the door won't stay in the wall. The door stop is suitable for home, office, hotel, and especially practical in humid environments such as bathroom/kitchen/laundry/outdoors. It's not appropriate for above situations where the doorstops can fall off easily and damage the wall. If you have a problem with their magnetic door stop, please feel free to contact them and they will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours. They will offer you a full refund. If you have a problem with their magnetic door stop, please feel free to contact them and they will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours. They will offer you a full refund.

Brand: Kolako

👤It's a nice looking product. They decided to add a laser etch to the product and now it looks ugly. The product photo does not show this.

👤This is a good doorstop. The instructions were clear. The magnets are strong. The doorstop has nothing to do with the downside. They provide cheap non expanding wall anchors, which are pulled out of the wall by a magnet. I had to use my own anchors. If you have different anchors then you won't have a problem.

👤These are fantastic quality and work well. They had a terrible white engraving of the company name on black on their second purchase. This is not shown in the pictures online and was not present in previous purchases. Most of us don't want to see the brand names on our home's plumbing. Kohler and mohen will always hide their logo. This is obvious and confusing. I spray painted them.

👤Installation was straightforward. Measure out the placement and you will be fine. They're not as strong as I expected. We keep an exterior door open during the day and have two installed. I assumed there would be enough stops to hold the door open. The door is still bouncing free from the magnets. The stops do a great job of protecting the hinges from a runaway door. This product gets 4 stars.

👤This is not the typical installation for my shed doors. This is an automatic method of holding the door open, instead of using a Hook and Eye. After the first winter, we will see how it holds up. I'll probably use some light oil to help it. I didn't use the screws. They didn't seem long enough.

👤Have no idea what the center post is for. It should hold it to the wall as an expanding anchor, but you can't tighten the center nut enough to cause the metal to expand. The ones at Home Depot have screws in them. The screws are too small for the anchors and they strip out the anchors with hardly any tightening at all. Unless you have larger screws on hand, I wouldn't recommend these. The units are nice looking and would work well if the supplied screws were larger.

👤Do not use the garbage anchors they give you. If you put the magnets together, they will rip out of the wall. The star was -1. The stops are nice. I had to change the magnets because they were not perfect together. I had to try harder to get them apart. I'll rip the thing out of the wall after a while. -2 A star. The door part was aligned slightly at the top of the wall part after I used my actual anchors. It holds the door in place.

👤The design looks nice, but the magnets are so strong that I am afraid they will bend the door to get them to release. I use this inside on a bathroom door that wants to swing closed all the time, so my use might be a little odd. I decided to modify it slightly with a smaller contact point to reduce the magnet's grip. It works. When it makes contact, it's a little loud. I don't know how to avoid that. There is a rubber coating on the point.

11. Hinge Stopper Brushed Satin Nickel

Hinge Stopper Brushed Satin Nickel

There is a factory warranty. Excellent service and high quality products can be found in the door stopper wall protectors. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will give you a free return, replacement or full refund. No more corpses and corpses. Sturdy door stops stop doors from slamming into walls. Installation of a door stop will take 1-2 minutes. High quality. The Kovosch hinge pin door stop is made of metal. The rubber bumper has a shoulder on stub that supports rubber through the entire body. There are five different colors: black, oil rubbed bronze, white, and bright brass. If there is a quality problem, please contact them. If you have a quality problem, you can get a refund or replacement.

Brand: Kovosch

👤The rubber bumpers on this item are too hard and can mar the finish and sound like they cracked when the door hits them. I put a felt pad on both sides of the hinge stop. When the door contacts the stop, it's quieter and less likely to damage the door or frame finish.

👤The door stoppers have a nylon insert into the hinge hole. The standard hinge pin is less than the inside diameter. I had to throw them away because the stoppers would work better if they could be used. I think that's a good idea. I would not have bought this item if the description was changed to include the inside diameter. The hole for the hinge should be increased to accommodate the inside diameter.

👤I like these better than the wire ones. Kids can't make that weird noise by flicking these.

👤When my house was built, these are different. The rubber foot that rests against the door is relatively unattractive compared to the metal ones I have. That foot is not ugly, but it does catch your eye more than my current stoppers, which have a curved metal end. The complaints stop here. The hall closet door is used a lot by the kids who slinging backpacks, coats, and shoes. I realized the damage to the door when I took the old stopper off. There is a I sanded the spot down, applied wood filler, and got the spot looking new before installing the new one. The door was saved from being damaged by that foot after several months of abuse. If you need to protect a door that is often getting pushed to its limits, you'll be happy with these little guys.

👤It is easy and simple to set up. There was no drilling into the wooden frame. Product does what it is supposed to do. It's a great value for money. A simple fix. I added a tall cabinet in a crowded bathroom and bought these. Needed to stop the door from hitting it. This was a simple solution. 5 minutes install. I used a rubber mallet to open the door. It's easy for a single mother. 5 stars from me and will buy again.

👤Works well! The doors had been there for over 30 years and I expected the pin on the top hinge to stick. I lightly tapped them from the bottom and they popped out. The top hinge had to be re-aligned. This is the first time that I've used this kind of door stop and I like it more than the baseboard mounted spring type. It was worth the money. There is a The off-white door and trim blend in nicely with the white.

👤The Christmas decor was placed within the full swing of the door. This allowed me to mount the stopper with a travel that was less than half open if I wanted. It's easy to install the door or trim. You have to remove a pin from one of the hinges to place this on. Make sure you have a punch, nail, hammer, or similar device that you can use to remove the hinge pin upon which this installs.


What is the best product for decorative door stop wall protector?

Decorative door stop wall protector products from Neoera. In this article about decorative door stop wall protector you can see why people choose the product. Zc Gel and Ugreen are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative door stop wall protector.

What are the best brands for decorative door stop wall protector?

Neoera, Zc Gel and Ugreen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative door stop wall protector. Find the detail in this article. Jqk, Sweetums Signatures and Strongest Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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