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1. Comfify Decorative Stopper Anti Scratch 6x6 5x6 3

Comfify Decorative Stopper Anti Scratch 6x6 5x6 3

Their cast iron owl door stops are great for decorating your home. These doorstops are made from recycled metal and have a special rustic finish. The cat door stop has a padded felt bottom to keep the floors from being scratched. The weight of the door stopper keeps the doors open. The owl door stop is wide and high. You can use their cast iron doorstop as an accent piece in your home. The door wedge is charming and will impress your relatives and guests. The metal doorstop is part of the family. A thoughtful gift idea for any occasion is the decorative doorstop, which is a simple, yet thoughtful gift idea for every door in the house. You will not make a mistake. They created a great product that you will love. Their promise to you, their customer, is that you will be treated fairly. They have leading policies and customer service.

Brand: Comfify

👤The door stop is made of cast iron. It has been weathered to give it a vintage look. The design of the owl gives it a classic look. There are rubber feet on each of the corners, but my owl didn't feel under the bottom. If there is wind or the door is on a self-closing mechanism, it might give on a heavy door, but it will hold open an average door. There is a The owl is well made and I don't see any obvious flaws. The texture and edges are old. It doesn't say where it was made. It would be a great gift for someone who collects owls. I received a discount in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and experiences with the product are what make up my review.

👤The cast iron door stop is very sturdy. I bought it for our guest room because our door slam shut when we have windows open upstairs. It seems to be doing a good job of keeping the door open even when the wind blows. I have it on the carpet and it doesn't damage the carpet, but if you use the optional stick on film for hard wood, it will definitely damage it. The film is supposed to protect floors. I would buy more animal door stops from this company. The item was in an easy open box within a larger Amazon box, which would be easy to wrap for gift giving.

👤The owl is much larger than I expected. It looked small in the picture, but it is much larger. My door is very heavy. I was worried that it wouldn't be able to hold the weight of the door, but it held it just fine. If the door is close to the ground or high with a large gap between floor and door, the owl stopper will still work. The thick part of the wedge is so thick that the owl doesn't rest against the door as I had hoped. I don't think that's a complaint since I think that quality is a bonus since many of the doors at my work would need that extra thickness of wedge. If you're in question, get this little guy. He's great for large and heavy doors. If you're looking for something small and dainty, but also for a large and heavy door, he really fits the bill. He's getting some attention at the office.

👤I bought a doorstop for my bedroom. When I open a bedroom window, the door slams shut because of the strong cross breezes in my house. The doorstop is small but heavy. Since I started using it, the desert winds have not blown my door. I don't know if it's durable. If cast iron is dropped on a hard surface, it may crack. Common sense should last a life time.

👤This item is sweet. It is small and not heavy, as some reviewers wrote. If you have a heavy door that likes to swing shut, it may not do the job. It only stays put because I have hardwood floors, and I use it for a door that likes to slowly swing closed. The photo shows it is nice. I wish it had more heft.

2. Pavilion Gift Company 72155 Stopper

Pavilion Gift Company 72155 Stopper

There is anDISCLAIMER and SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. This is not a good toy for animals or children. If you have a concern with your items, please reach out to their customer service team and they will do everything they can to make sure your customers are happy. The door stopper is made from a variety of materials and is filled with sand and polyester, which makes it weigh around 2 pounds. In-house design. A house is not a home without a cat. It's perfect for gift giving. It's perfect for people who love cats. Care instructions. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Brand: Pavilion Gift Company

👤The Shut the Front Door Stopper is the first door stop I purchased from this company. This is large enough to hold open a standard front door. We have both door stops on either side of the door because we have kittens that like sitting at the front door. I wish the saying had an option of a darker color background, so it would be easier to see, but I really liked the saying so I bought it. I would recommend holding the doors open.

👤The door was not held open. The top was wrinkled and not holding it's shape because it wasn't completely filled with sand. The one I got had a half inch solid object in the bottom, topped with 3 inches of sand and the top third was filled with something soft. It might have been ok if it was packed in. My body was not heavy at all.

👤This is adorable! It's perfect for my house. I was hoping it would be heavier. I have another company that works well, but I'm afraid this one won't hold the door. It's cute but I'm not sure if it will work in my house because of the cross breeze. All the stuff will fall out if my cat punctures this.

👤I saw the height and weight before I bought it, but it would be much heavier than what it is. The thing is small and light. To get my door closed, I had to put something else with the door stop. The draft just opens my door.

👤A cat that likes to close doors and therefore close herself into a room is a good candidate for you. She may be trapped in a room for hours if we are not home. No litter box in the room... We solved our problem by buying these for our hime. The design is better than the long narrow door because it is simple to move. These look nice.

👤I bought a second because I loved this so much. It works well to keep my doors open. There is a The handle ripped off the first one. I have to sew up the top on both sides because the handle is ripped open. Disappointing.

👤I was looking for something to hold my door open, and this is what I found. I like the handle.

👤The doorstop is cute. We needed a way to keep the door open so our cats could get to the litter boxes in the living room. I wanted something different. All of my expectations were met. It's enough to keep it open.

👤Many people have commented on this and asked where we got it. The older wedge style held our door open in the bathroom as it tends to swing open if there is no door stop on it. The bag is 2 pounds and has a great design. It is easy to move when you need to close the door or hold it open. I will buy one of these if I ever need another one. I have no concerns with it, it's adorable and works perfectly.

3. Decor Fleur Stopper Antique Black

Decor Fleur Stopper Antique Black

Floor mats, pillows, and draft stoppers in the same style are also available. The door stop is made of cast iron and has a black finish. A decorative sculpture for the home or office. It's perfect for holiday gift orwarming gift. It's ideal for fleur de lis lovers. The door is 5.50" x3" x8". The door is 5.50" x3" x8".

Brand: Lulu Decor

👤The aged metal texture is perfect in my home. It's not as heavy as it looks because it's completely hollow on the back side. The lack of a back side isn't a problem since it's always against a door. The open bottom makes it easier to slide on a hard wood floor than I would like. I would like to have a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, but there is no place to attach it. I'm happy with the piece and I like it.

👤I use this door stop as a bookend because it has a flat back. I bought a second one because I liked it so much. The second one has a wedge on the back. The first style I bought was no longer available. I would have liked a picture to show what the back looked like. I thought the items were the same, they were both pictured on the front and had the same weight and dimensions listed.

👤I like to leave the double closet doors open in my office so I can access files and supplies. My cats like to be alone. The problem was solved by my new door stops. I am happy with the solution to the feline problem. My cats are confused and perturbed.

👤The look and weight of the piece is very impressive. The bottom is very rough. I don't mind putting felt or rubber pieces on the bottom, but it's not designed to stick. The concept is nice but the design is terrible.

👤These door stops are large enough to keep the door open. I like the ones that don't have a wedge under the door. The door stops are perfect, even though I think the wedged ones could eventually harm the door.

👤The brown door stops are very good. I have an armoir in the master bedroom and the doors are held back. They won't stay open and do the trick. They are high enough so that they can get to the bottom of the doors. Thank you for the offer.

👤Many reviewers have stated that this is a nice looking heavy doorstop, but has no padding or protection against scratching wood floors or painted doors. They scratched my wood floor and doors after I purchased 2 of them. If you don't care about the wood finish on your door, then it's probably best to get a felt or rubber protectors.

👤The weight of the door stop makes it hard to keep a door from moving. I think the bottom of it could be improved. It is a straight up metal bottom. It will scratch the floor. It will cause grooves in the floor. A rubber or plastic bottom that is a bit more gentle would definitely benefit.

4. Stopper Easily Wedges Protector Flexible

Stopper Easily Wedges Protector Flexible

You will always have a place to store your doorstop. When the Doorstop isn't in use, what to do with it? You're going to love the flexibility of the Stylish Hanger. Fasten it to the door, wall, or desk. Will work well on all surfaces. There are carpet, concrete, tile, timber floors and so on. It was used to secure open doors. Keeping you and your family safe. Standard home doors, office doors, and even kitchen doors can be made in a flexible size. It is easy to use. It is possible to wedge under doors without damaging the floor. Meet your different needs with multifunctional and unique 2 in 1 designed.

Brand: Newkiton

👤These are small and fit in my purse. In case of a school shooting, I carry one to block a door. It is so easy for anyone in America to get a gun that I carry a door stop in my purse at all times. It's crazy.

👤We got a pack of door wedges to keep our doors open. Problem solved! Our cat, Mr. Fuzzypants, had several close calls, and these wedges help keep him alive. We don't have to worry about him getting hurt or becoming tailless when there is a heavy wind. There is a door on the floor. The door is stuck on the floor. Both are secure and safe for our cat. There was an update on 7-12-2021. The wedges keep our washing machine from walking around. It stays put after being wedged under the front of the washer. I know washers are adjusted to keep them in balance, but I can't because of my disabilities. The wedges are the perfect solution.

👤It can be made to fit under a variety of door heights. Attach one or more rubber base plates under a complete 2-piece stop for additional height. There are two holes in the underside of the rubber bases that can be filled with the two protrusions. The rubber bases were hard to remove from the plastic upper portion. I was unable to grab and pull off the rubber tabs with my hand or with pliers because there were two small rubber tabs on the rear of the rubber bases. I was able to remove it with a wide flat-head screwdriver. I am only using this on carpet, so can't speak for use on hard surfaces, but I would guess the flexible rubber base plate would work in these situations. My door works perfectly.

👤Absolutely garbage. All of them fell apart in less than 2 months. Look at the pictures I posted.

👤My classroom door is very heavy and I have tried several door stoppers. The door would slam shut after all of the failed attempts and the stoppers would go sliding across the floor. I ordered them. They are amazing. You don't have to kick them under the door. It will stop the door from sliding. It stays put. It is easy to build up the height of the door. I've told my other teacher friends about them as well. This will be the last type of doorstop that I will have to buy, and one that I will be buying for my home as well.

👤Hello. There is a I rate this product 4.5 stars. The door stoppers are of good quality. The highlight is the stackable feature. A door that has a gap several inches from the floor is especially important to stop or hold. If you want to stop a door from swinging or hold a door open, then this is the product for you. If you have solid floors like tile, wood, these door stoppers are perfect, because there is a plastic one that fits perfectly on top of the rubber one. They don't hold the floor well on concrete.

5. Sumnacon Heavy Drill Floor Stopper

Sumnacon Heavy Drill Floor Stopper

The weight is 1.0 kilogram and the specification is 15.3*9*5 cm. Installation Needed door stops badly but did not want to drill the floor and wall, these are exactly what you should have. Place them between the door and wall. It is easy to move the door with a little push from the side of your foot because they have enough weight to hold it. These door stops have a rubber band around the perimeter to prevent the stop from banging on the door, and a rubber material on the bottom to prevent it from sliding. They look great sitting on the floor. These work well on door gaps within the 1.45 inch/3.7 cm. If your cat or dog closes the door, you don't have to worry. On a warm day, get the wind moving through the house. They are heavy enough to keep a door open, and stylish enough to look good in a modern room. Tired of your doors swinging to and fro? It's not necessary to attach them to the doors for an attractive door stop. When not in use, they are an attractive brushed nickel and look just fine sitting next to the door. The build is heavy and has a rubber gasket. It is easy to remove with one foot. These could go well with retro, contemporary, or modern style. All flooring surfaces can be worked on with the door stop. The rubber bottom protects your floors, doors and walls. All flooring surfaces can be worked on with the door stop. The rubber bottom protects your floors, doors and walls.

Brand: Sumnacon

👤I only review things I buy on Amazon. I'm having trouble uploading my picture, but it looks like the others here. Within a week, the top ring of rubber fell off. I'm not recklessly bashing it with a door, but it's used lightly. Absolutely worthless. I contacted the seller to let them know that I would accept another unit, but they didn't reply. Don't buy this!

👤I have had two of these for a month or so, for some bedroom doors that like to close. I just use my foot to move the weight in front of the doors. After a month, I came home to find that one of the rubber rings had broken again. It's not like I'm kicking them down the hallway, so I'm disappointed that the rings snapped so soon. There is a The rubber rings have snapped since I head these for 2 months. I hope they don't damage my doors.

👤My son is a door user. He slams them closed and opens them. The lever handle impression was perfect because the level handle was slammed into the wall. I need a door stop. There is a It's not a good place to put one in the wall where the door handle makes contact with the wall. I don't like how they look. I like the ones that are fixed. I didn't want to make a hole in the floor. The solution was perfect. When my son enters the house, the door bounces off the wall and never touches the wall, because it rests against the wall. It rarely gets displaced due to the grippy bottom. It works well and looks nice.

👤The stop on carpet holds our self closing door very well. After the bottom of the stop collects some dust, it doesn't hold the self closing door. Regular doors are great. The door stop is very sturdy and looks like it will last a long time. Excellent quality.

👤The towel bars were in danger of being hit by the door when the bathroom was renovated. I didn't want to install a door stop that was too short to prevent impact, but the Sumnacon works perfectly and is very easy to install. Highly recommended.

👤It's a good door stop but it would be better if it was heavier. It is used for our patio door. We have shades for the door and two windows so we can't open it all of the way. If we were to open the door all of the way, the window and door would clash and break. We need to keep the door closed. The floor has a carpeted surface. If it were heavier, it wouldn't slide. It was the best we could find and it works well.

👤A really nice concept and beautiful looking, and probably works well for an inside door that is not being opened and closed often. It was used on a back door that was opened 3-4 times a day. No kids, so no slamming or banging on it, but it lasted 5 weeks.

6. Stopper Non Slip Anti Collision Novelty Decorative

Stopper Non Slip Anti Collision Novelty Decorative

I would recommend drilling a hole on the floor for the sleeve anchor. The hole is about 4.5 cm deep. Before buying, check the size and floor. If you have a modern house, you can add to the style by making it look like a brick in front of your door. The rubber bumpers keep your door from getting scratched. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios. It can be used at home or the office. Quality and scientific products are better. This is a door stop update. It is more durable than others. Keep this decorative door standing near any door you need to use hands-free, including garage door, front door, bedroom doors, work door and more. Children and pets can be hurt through the door, and children can be frightened when the door closes suddenly. The man's small door is a great addition to any home, it's a smart design and gently weighted to keep most standard doors open, it's a perfect combination of practical and fun.

Brand: Aramox

👤It doesn't work for the two doors I bought it for. The door was measured. I was off and my door went over it. I used it for two doors that needed a fix. Make sure you get the right measurement.

👤It won't close when it's windy.

👤Wanted to hold the door open. It was too light and slid on the floor. It was small and cute. It didn't work.

👤Genial me porque detiene la puerta. No est en la puerta de todos modos. Un plstico simple.

👤It's de buena calidad! El embalaje tiene 20 kilomes. encontramos al gato jugando. No se dao.

👤Es discreto. It was funciona.

👤The producto est un chiquito. Issuing a piso de madera.

👤It looks very nice and cute, but it's not as big as I thought.

7. Prime Line Products 4547 Brushed Chrome

Prime Line Products 4547 Brushed Chrome

The products can only be packed and shipped after a strict quality inspection. If you are not satisfied within 90 days, you can send an email and get a 100% money-back refund. They're so confident that you will love their products. The customer service you receive after the sale will impress you. The construction is cast brass. The finish is brushed chrome. The bumper includes rubber. The bumper includes rubber.

Brand: Prime-line

👤If you have doors that have a gap of more than an inch over the floor, these are awesome doorstops. There were no instructions for installation. Emailed the company and received instructions and an apology. Instructions are specific to my situation where I was installing wood laminate flooring over a concrete floor. There are two types of anchors. There are two anchor types, one is plastic and the other is wedge lead. The threaded 5/16” machine screw rod goes into the wedge lead anchor. The wedge anchor needs a hole of at least 5” for it to work. A cone shaped wedge is at the bottom of the anchor. The wedge goes to the bottom when the anchor is put in the hole. You hit the anchor with a hammer. This will cause the wedge to hit the anchor. There is a The plastic anchor uses a sheet metal screw to hold the door stop in place. You drill a hole in the concrete for the anchor. The center to center distance is between the plastic and metal anchor. You need 2 drill bits for your situation, 1 wood bit to go through your laminate and 1 masonry, but you also need 2 sizes. Put the anchors in once you have drilled all the holes. The base of the door stop needs to be aligned with the plastic anchor before the machine screw rod can be inserted. The sheet metal screw needs to be installed. Since the anchor had to be lowered through the hole in my wood floor into the hole in the concrete, I couldn't use a hammer to wedge it down in the hole. I took a sockets wrench set that had the same outside diameter as the lead wedge and put it in a hole in my floor and hammered it down to lock it in place. It worked out great.

👤The doorstop has a screw on the backside of it that makes it bend back on itself when the door hits the stop. I put a 3 inch screw into the floor joist and it still has this issue. I might try and drill a second hole on the leading edge of the stop if it would make more sense, otherwise I put a hole in my floor.

👤The quality doorstop that I used worked with my stepped down front door, but it needed a doorstop with at least 2 inches of height to work. The instructions for the install are straightforward, but it's not meant to be installed on the concrete floor I have, and the hardware that came with it wouldn't work with it. I went to the local home depot and got a threaded bolt as a replacement hardware which could attach into the wood and allow the door stop to thread into properly. The doorstop is great, other than having to buy more hardware.

👤The metal screw that comes with the doorstop snapped in half as it was drilled into oak flooring. I used a wood screw to secure the doorstop well after I had to drill another hole. I would have rated it 5 stars if it wasn't for the cheap screw.

8. Scotch Door Stop SP947NA Clear

Scotch Door Stop SP947NA Clear

Strong, durable, natural rubber. The rubber door stops are made of strong flexible rubber, which is good for the environment, and are easy to fit, and will last for many years to come. The heavy rubber jam has a unique design that makes it easy to keep the door deadbolt. They have a one-year free warranty. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them. It helps to stable open doors. Reliable traction is delivered by the textured tread bottom. The material under the door is flexible. It's ideal for all types of doors. It was easy to use. The color is clear. 3 in x 1.125 in. There are 2 door stops in the package. It was easy to use. The color is clear. 3 in x 1.125 in. There are 2 door stops in the package.

Brand: Scotch

👤Whoa! I tell you that they work. There was a lot of dead coming at me. The doors were closed but the handles weren't locked. I threw them under the doors and they held up. No brain eating will get me.

👤I'm sure that this would work better if we had carpeted floors, but with travertine there is too much space between the bottom of the door and the floor. It slides easily. These people are really small. I've never seen that before.

👤I needed a door stop because I was using shoes to keep my door open. I have a big gap under my door so I stacked the 2 stoppers. They are clear and not noticeable.

👤These are a bit smaller than I expected but they work perfectly, so I am much happier than I expected to be! The door we use has an auto-closure so it will not stay open if it is blocked. The door is large. This holds the door wherever you put it.

👤The bathroom door where my kitten keeps closing is the one where his litter box is. These door stops were purchased by me. One pack is not enough, that's why it's a two pack. You may need both of these in order to keep the door open like I do. They are clear so you can't tell if they are there.

👤These work well for my apartment building doors that have a gap underneath. When I moved in, I bought doorstop. I found out that you can't kick the doorstop just to open it. Our old American doors were rusty and made of hard plastic. They give them a slight nod. There is a Hold the door stop down with your foot, then push the door open. That's how to use them. They are made from different materials, so you need to be different. I bought them for the price. I'm not sure if I like the clear color. I would have liked something that I could spot easily. There is no big deal. They no longer sell the old brown one. These are good.

👤I needed something that was clear and less noticeable, so these worked great for me. My cats don't get behind the door and move it if I use one on carpet. I use a linoleum and metal vent in my master bathroom to keep cats from getting behind it. Both work well for me and my cats.

👤These are the perfect size to tilt your sewing machine head so you can see the back of the machine bed. They give the right amount of tilt, do not slip, and give a great visual if you need to see where you have already quilted. Even with a large machine, one on each end is sufficient to hold the machine in place. There is no comparison to the price of those boards. They are not ugly.

👤It works as a door stop. The stop could be better with better grip. I purchase it because it is translucent.

9. Esschert Design USA LH119 Doorstop

Esschert Design USA LH119 Doorstop

It's easy to move from door to door with an attached ring. The fabric doorstop won't hurt your door or floor. An attractive addition to a room. Measures 10.06-inch H by 5.25-inch L.

Brand: Esschert Design Usa

👤I ordered this because it was a minimum of 8 inches high. I was very disappointed when I put it in front of our door because it was less than 7 feet high. The measurement includes the soft handle. I adapted it with rolled up towels because I couldn't find anything higher on Amazon. See the photo. Maybe I'll find something that looks better than a mistake. This would have been perfect for us if it was the correct size.

👤I've tried a number of door stops for our door to the garage which has a spring on it that causes the door to slam shut due to fire codes. We adjusted the spring a bit, but I am afraid that the door will slam shut and hurt someone or the dog. The other door stops are either too short or heavy. I used a tool bag for many months to make sure the door wouldn't accidentally close while I brought groceries inside. I didn't want something that would scratch our wood floors. I read a lot of reviews and decided to try this doorstop. It is perfect. I was skeptical that a cloth door stop could hold my door securely, but it is weighted just right and heavy enough to hold my door. I am very happy with this product. It is easy to move around and not scratch the floor.

👤I should have listened to the reviews that said Beware does not buy splits at seam. I have had this item for 6 weeks, I live by myself. No animals, no children. It wouldn't make sense to move this from the door handle to the floor and then back to the door handle. It happened to my purchase as well, just like all the others that have complained about the stitching coming undone. I spent $22.92, what a joke! A vendor should not be allowed by AMAZON to sell junk. I don't usually post reviews but I can't get a refund. The only thing I can do is to warn others. Think again if you think this won't happen to you. I would like to do that!

👤Someone with issues bending can use the handle. There is a small amount of dust on the fabric. The reviewer said it would be nice if the weight was in plastic. We'll be using it for an outside door, so we won't worry about a dust issue if it continues. We went with a heavier doorstop. Light winds are working this out.

👤I ordered two more after I bought two of them a few years ago. There is a They arrived intact in separate boxes. The air packets and the inside of the two boxes were covered in dirt and dust, making it hard to read the words stop door. I had to scrub with hot water and a strong brush to get rid of the dirty layer on the fabric.

👤I received 2 of them today and they were sealed in plastic and clean as can be. I took a star away because it was in the sun and weather for the past few years, but I had 5 before that and had one tear. I have 6 of them, one on each side of my French doors, if I want the door part way open and not swinging. They are easy to move and have a large handle, so no worry about scratching doors or rusting cast iron.

10. KINJOEK Stainless Surrounded Protective Anti Slip

KINJOEK Stainless Surrounded Protective Anti Slip

The Kovosch wall stop can protect your walls, but it can't repair door knobs or handle holes. The round door stopper is made from high quality steel and will protect your furniture, walls and floors with rubber bands. The heavy duty design makes it easy to install without drilling. It's easy to install and it's not necessary to drill. The rubber at the bottom of the doorstop increases stability. The door stop can be used for many things, including regular indoor doors, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, residence or commercial place. If placed behind the door or in front, it will be better to avoid door handles making marks on walls. The size of the door stopper is 3.97 inches by 1.7 inches and is 1.54 lbs, perfect for all flooring surfaces. Modern design enhances a home's decor. Kinjoek offers a 30 day money back on purchases with total conflagration. Please contact them if you have a question about the door stopper.

Brand: Kinjoek

👤It's nicer than I expected. The rubber coating on the bottom keeps it in place. It is sleek and does the job. Very angry with this product.

👤It worked out as advertised. Installation is not required. It works if you place it against the baseboard. The device is great because you can clean the area. There is no need to clean between the wall and device. Thanks.

👤They were successful and sheer excess! We have a rear french door mounted high so no previous door stops worked because they all went over the top. This is heavy and has a great base. This works well because of its mass, grippy base and protective band, it doesn't damage the door.

👤The door stop's bottom rubber part is great at gripping hard surfaces, but I use it upside down on a carpet. The metal top makes it easy to slide on the carpet when I move my foot, the rubber part helps grip on my foot, and it's heavy enough to keep the door in place. The rubber ring around the door provides a soft and quiet contact. The look is refined and the construction is rock solid. It feels weird to be enamored by a door stop, but I love it.

👤The door stop doesn't work well. Someone will enter the house and the door will swing into the wall. I was tired of patching it. The stop can be put in the floor between the door and wall. No damage to the door or wall can be done with the cushion around the ring.

👤The kids went wham with the door after the screw in the door stop was removed. This door stop is my solution. It does a great job! It's heavy enough that it doesn't move. No one notices it. It saves the wall. Excellent quality.

👤It doesn't matter what happened to the door stopper, it had a strong odor and it was in a damaged container. I gave up and returned it because it didn't go away after hours of sunlight. It appears to be a shell over a core of some kind, not a solid one, but be aware of that fact.

👤It is very easy to put in place.

11. Comfy Hour Mouse Stopper Decorative

Comfy Hour Mouse Stopper Decorative

It's ideal for anywhere. Do you need some help keeping your doors open? The door stop is modern and perfect for the job. It makes it the right choice to use anywhere, such as hotel rooms, office rooms, kid's rooms, and more. A heavy piece that keeps your door in the right place. The product is 4 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 4 inches in height. The cast iron is treated with a special coating to protect it from wear and rust. Home decorative and functional collection has been released. It is made from recycled cast iron. It will last a long time. Shop with confidence. Quality and fast shipping. It's guaranteed. Their top priority is your satisfaction. Shop with confidence. Quality and fast shipping. It's guaranteed. Their top priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Comfy Hour

👤The door stop is sweet. I expected this mouse to be the same. We have named him. ; )

👤Cute door holder.

👤This is adorable! I bought it for a friend. She loved it!

👤I store it on the table and it works great.

👤I was looking for something to use as a bookend.

👤Wife loves this. She would like another one. Cute addition.


What is the best product for decorative door stopper outside?

Decorative door stopper outside products from Comfify. In this article about decorative door stopper outside you can see why people choose the product. Pavilion Gift Company and Lulu Decor are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative door stopper outside.

What are the best brands for decorative door stopper outside?

Comfify, Pavilion Gift Company and Lulu Decor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative door stopper outside. Find the detail in this article. Newkiton, Sumnacon and Aramox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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