Best Decorative Downspout Extensions Drains

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1. NDS 11 Plastic Round 4 Inch

NDS 11 Plastic Round 4 Inch

If you want to protect your drainage system, you can use a grate on top of the drain pipe to block debris from entering and allow excess surface water to flow through. Light water can be drained from small lawns, landscaped areas, walkways, and patios. It fits 4 in. The sewer and drain pipe is 888-405-7720 A corrugated pipe is 4 in. The triple-wall pipe is large. The flow rate is 12 gallons per minute. A little over 3 sq. In. There is an open surface area. When properly installed, it's recommended for pedestrians, bicycles, and wheelchair traffic. Place on top of drain pipe or drain fitting. 4 in. Round Drain Grates are available in a variety of colors. There is a grate. The top is 4-5-8 in. The openings are 1/2 in. Wide.

Brand: Nds

👤I felt compelled to review something like this, but it seems funny. There is a This was the cheapest duct cover I could find. There is a It was only a couple bucks, but I didn't check the dimensions first. I realized it was more sturdy than I thought when it arrived. There is a The edges and cutouts look great, no loose or hanging material from the casting process. There is a The stepped sides of the part fit my project better than I anticipated. There is a I wanted to leave a review because I'm impressed with the item, so I came back to order a few more. It works perfectly inside the dryer ducting and doesn't need a hose or tie.

👤There is a french drain in our back yard. I think my landscaper forgot to put a grate and outlet of the drain. I picked this up because I was worried about the debris getting in the new drain. It does not stay put, but it fits perfectly. You can either pull it out or pop it out. We secured it with a screw and caulk. It worked out great, no extra parts or parts needed.

👤I looked at a few other options but they were too close together. I read that it could cause problems. The openings of this one are perfect because they won't impede the flow of air and won't allow birds to pass through. Do you have an attic? Did you check them recently? Maybe you should start charging birds rent if you don't have any free birds up there.

👤It doesn't have enough contact with the pipe with 3 different diameter sections. I bought an Oatey drain that has a snap-in drain and a tail section that is an inch larger than the one I used for the ABS pipe. I didn't have to cement it into place with the Oatey drain.

👤I ran over one of my drain with my mower. I ordered this cap after measuring the opening. I ruined one of the ones that were green, but this one is the same. I bought two more to have on hand for the next time I run one over because I like the black ones and the price was low at only $2.14. There is a The part that fits inside the drain tube is long enough and heavy enough that they stay in place, even though they don't snap in place. The grass will grow over it and hold it in place. It's nice to have it loose so you can remove it. Excellent purchase. I paid full price for these, and I recommend them with 5 stars.

👤I was a little worried about buying this because of the negative reviews but it turned out to be a good purchase. Fit my pipe and it will work. Some people said to add glue or caulk to keep it in. The water didn't come up to this cover, so I don't have to do that.

2. Goberco Under Deck Drainage System

Goberco Under Deck Drainage System

The hardware is approved for use with ACQ treated lumber. Heavy Duty 30 mil thick black lldpe is on top of the installation. It's easy to install. On top of joists 2, there is a staples. There is self seal tape over the joints. The downspouts should be screwed to the water holes. The material cost is under 2 cents. The trough is about $1.2/s.f., self seal tape is about $0.4/s.f., and the plastic gutter and roofing screws are low cost. Save time by folding against the wall for flashing and by having regular downspout to divert water from the gutter. There is a U.S. patent. Save time by folding against the wall for flashing and by having regular downspout to divert water from the gutter. There is a U.S. patent.

Brand: Goberco

👤We are building a brand new house and installed this under the deck. It was easy to install. We put it in 14 and 16 ft runs. It was a two person job. There is a The Grace vycor was used as our flashing. Also a great product. The patio is dry after the first rain last night. I compared it to a system that installs under the deck boards. This system protects the top of the deck. I have had to tear down a deck many times because the pressure treated framing has deteriorated. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to waterproof their deck.

👤If it is being run with the slope of the deck, it works great. A funnel can be created at the end of the run to channel water into a gutter. This is done by cutting two small pieces, facing and sloping them towards each other into the gutter. It is difficult to work with at first. Don't fully tack it down for practicing, use a small piece. When the joists are parallel to the structure, they don't work well. You have to create your own slope in this type of installation. It is not easy to create a funnel like the video suggests. There is a It is more difficult to work with competitors. It is more expensive than EPDM rubber roofing, but it requires more planning and at least one other person. When I ran out of rubber, I used this product to complete my installation, which I personally used for most of my installation. I used this to create "funnels" into my gutter. If it was easier to work with, I would give it a 5 star rating.

👤I decided to use my area below the deck as a storage area because I was in the process of rebuilding by deck. I wouldn't buy this again. The plastic is not designed to be used for pitching. If your deck is pitched correctly, this won't work. The deck to my house wasn't pitched well. You have to keep bringing the material onwards and down as you go down the floor. This material is not very flexible and it becomes very difficult to keep the crease out. If you want to spend more money on the trex brand drainage system, use a cheaper and flexible pond liner. I had to modify the system to make it pitch downward, after using lots of roofing tape and staplers. Even with two people, it took a lot of time.

👤I wanted my deck to be dry. I created my own approach instead of buying a full system. I used the product on the front and back cantilevers to divert the water between the beams. I built a gutter system and put roofing material up as a ceiling to guide the water. I think I spent about $500. There is one small leak, and it is in an area where I used this product. I'm still happy with it.

3. Frost King DE300 Standard Downspout

Frost King DE300 Standard Downspout

The basin is 12 in D. W x 12 in. If only using the 1-drain location, the W. includes 2-drain pipe knockouts and a cap. Roll back up when it's dry. Water is taken away from the foundation. It is easy to install, without the use of any tools. The measurement are 12' X 7.

Brand: Frost King

👤I installed a drain away product to keep rain water out of my foundation. I made changes to the installation. I threw the green twist tie that is supposed to hold the plastic sleeve onto the ground. This is not enough to keep the sleeve in place. I held the sleeve in place with tape after sliding it onto the downspout. I drilled 5 holes through the sleeve. I put plastic washers on the small sheet metal screws and put 3 screws in the front face of the downspout. There is a The pictures show the tape and screw installation and the sleeve that moved the water out of my flower bed after a heavy rain.

👤These worked well for me. I used a piece of plastic pipe to roll up the extender. The pipe makes rolling it back up easy as you have handles on each side to roll it up. When rolled up, the plastic pipe under the gutter holds the extender in place until the rain. You can't find anything better for the price. Look at photos.

👤This has worked better than any plastic extensions I've tried. I have a concrete patio that was becoming discolored from water pouring out of a gutter all in one spot. The plastic extensions leaked. The product stays in place so that the water doesn't get into the yard. You have to roll it up on your own. I leave it extended because it doesn't bother me against the patio wall.

👤They don't accept returns and the plastic sleeve sticks to itself so water is trapped at the bottom of the downspout.

👤Extending the gutter will remove water from near the house. It was easy to install and can handle a lot of water. There is a It fails miserably because it was something that would not be obvious. This doesn't re-roll itself. After the wind blew it around, only the very end re- rolled slightly, and then not even that. The green banner is going to blow along the side of the house. I have to manually re-roll it. I will be throwing this and running a pipe under my driveway for a more permanent and less MacGyvered looking solution.

👤It was easy to attach, more convenient than rigid enstensions. There is a need for a downslope or level area to drain. I was surprised that the extension has stayed attached, it's a very basic idea, with wire wrapped around the end. I don't have a downslope to lay the extension in, but if you do, I think it would work. It's not hard to roll back up, but you have to use something to roll over if you can't leave out. I have to put it back on the lawn because it's across the sidewalk. If you have a lot of weather, it won't last very long.

👤We had water pooling next to our door before I installed this. It goes into the gutter. The included twist tie isn't enough to keep the drain away. I had to use waterproof tape to hold the edge in place and make sure it didn't leak. I can't complain because the cost is less than$15 all up.

4. Suncast Gutter Downspout Splash Block

Suncast Gutter Downspout Splash Block

The measurement are 12' X 7. It helps prevent soil erosion by directing rain water away from the foundation. The product is very durable. The product is made in the US. It was used to guard against water damage. Can be used with any type of gutter. The rain gutter is 21 1/2 inches wide and 10 1/2 inches deep.

Brand: Suncast

👤The product's "Sheerness" and "Warmth" were asked for a rating by the review. Huh? The Teensy Weensy Spider went up the water spout to tell you about the gizmo that you slide under the gutter's downspout. I bought a few. They work well to prevent water from flooding my yard. There is a They're lightweight, but not sheer, and they're warm in the summer and cold in the winter. They work well and are cheap. Get a couple. You're not buying a car.

👤I saw a couple of reviews that said they did not blow away, but they must live in the dessert or be placed between buildings where no wind reaches them. They will blow away in other places. The first day I put it out, I had to retrieve it from the neighbor's yard. They are very light. I needed to anchor the garden stakes into the ground. They are fine now. They look better than the bright green ones that are sold at stores. The holes are there for the stakes.

👤I had new rain gutter installed. There are a few down spouts that were running off into the grass rather than the concrete and out the driveway that I bought. We were in the middle of a rainy season in Hawaii and I needed them immediately. I didn't check other stores to order these. There is a They are beautiful and work well. They weren't able to fit under the down spout on my garage. The back side is too heavy. They fit everywhere else. They diverted the water away from my home and the dirt on the driveway was beautiful. They did what they were supposed to do. They are strong and do not move. There are some holes that you can screw down. I don't plan to screw mine in. They have been working well. They work well even though they are lightweight. There is a I was excited to find the ones I was in need of at Home Depot because I found similar ones there a couple weeks later. They were only $6. I would have saved a lot of money if I had known about it. These are way over priced. Beautiful but over priced. If you live near a Home Depot, I would recommend you go there. These will suffice if you can't get to one. I would buy my In laws if they were cheaper.

👤The product is very light. Will be gone with the first rain and wind. There are two holes at the top that seem to be for a hold down spike. There was nothing in it. I can't push in because I go on concrete. I put a brick on it to keep it safe. As soon as the weather permits, I will put some type of coating on it. These options should be included.

👤Water is directed away from the base of the house. Pack the sides with dirt if you're afraid of the wind. I didn't do that and it hasn't left me. Good product.

5. Flex Drain 85019 Downspout Extension Brown

Flex Drain 85019 Downspout Extension Brown

The style is transitional. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, FirsTime & Co. has a Traditional piece that will make an accent statement in your entryway, kitchen, living room or bathroom. The product adds value. The construction of vinyl is durable. The product is very easy to use. This product is made in China. This product is made in China.

Brand: Amerimax Home Products

👤It appears to be cheap and not as heavy duty as the ones I am replacing. I was extending it when it cracked. I can use it and put the crack on top, but it's disappointing.

👤The description says it extends the downspout to drain where you want it to drain. I needed 4 pieces to stretch it out. I almost rejected this because it was very difficult to extend, I'm small and not strong. I did the first piece by myself, and it seemed a bit difficult, but I did it with a bit of time and effort. The other 3 pieces were in the shade for a while. They were able to stretch out more easily. You can begin the process by flexing the piece over the railing or around the waist. Attaching to the downspout is easy if you use multiples. We are expecting some rain in the next few days. I don't expect to update if I find problems. There is a There were no problems through the rains. I'm ordering a new one.

👤I've used Flex-a- Spout extensions for a long time. It was very easy to install and held up for several seasons of extreme heat and cold. They had become brittle after a dozen years of exposure. It was supposed to be easy to install the new ones, but instead it was a struggle trying to connect them. It was easy to snap them together because the old version had one end larger than the other. No more! It's not possible to put the smaller end inside the larger one. No amount of pushing, twisting, sweating, or cursing is enough to get the job done. If you need to buy more than one extension, avoid them.

👤I ordered 3 of them, one for each of the three downspouts. I ordered 2 more to connect because 2 were too short for the distance they had to go. We had a steady rain the next day, but no rain came out of them. The rain backed up and sat in them. Chaining them together makes the pooling worse. I had to take them off and apart and dump the water out of them so I could see if they would work better with the aid of gravity. Extending them takes some strength. They make it sound easy. Not all of them were happy with these things.

👤It's a perfect way to get from my downspout to my rain barrel. Looks good, lasts a long time.

👤I enjoy this very much. It is not complicated. It was attached to my standard opening downspout. It opens and twists to fit the terrain. I can't say I love it because it is only a downspout and not a work of art or music. The two people that I ordered are letting the water out of my house. A good purchase.

👤Two years later, it still works. It's ugly. It works. Even though one of my metal downspouts has come off many times, this one has stayed in place. It didn't budge, still baffling me. I wouldn't mind the looks if this were camouflaged. It's a bit hard to see out in plain view. It can't be beat.

6. Flex Drain 37030 Dripper Flipper Vinyl

Flex Drain 37030 Dripper Flipper Vinyl

Plastic construction can be used with metal and plastic gutter systems. The hinge-cup design swings upward during mowing and landscaping. It is possible to protect from water damage and foundation erosion. It fits 2 in. x 3 in. There are downspouts and elbows. There is a separate option in white and brown. The construction allows the user to adjust their orientation. It is designed to accommodate metal or vinyl.

Brand: Amerimax Home Products

👤If it's at the bottom, just 2 sheet metal screws will hold them onto your downspout. If it's not windy, they'll stay up when placed around the downspout. These are so flimsy that on windy days, they get twisted by the wind so that drain water can spill over the side before it gets to the end of the extension. I'm going to try them for a while, but will probably use a better method in the future.

👤These are nice. The extendable downspout extenders look like bendy straws, but they are much more attractive. In Michigan, we get a lot of winter wind, and we get wind that whips around the back yard. My neighbor's extenders are often found in my yard. I put a couple dots of caulk on the extenders to make sure they fit. This keeps them in place, but also allows me to easily remove them.

👤I have a gutter spout that comes down in the middle of a garden bed and wreaks havoc when there is a decent amount of rain. I don't know why someone didn't extend the drain spout over the edge of the bed, but I knew I needed to find a way to divert the water or put rocks over the bed to not use it for plants. I wanted to keep the bed in my garden, so I began looking for something else. There isn't much available for anyone who needs to extend the drain by more than one inch. Some solutions were so bad that no one would want to live in her garden bed. The Flexdrain Dripper Flipper seems to have solved the problem so far. There is a The Flexdrain can easily connect to the standard 3 inch downspout and divert the water from outside of the bed. We have no rain at the moment, so I left it upright. Being able to flip it up and out of the way if not in use is a big plus, as the sidewalk outside of the bed is not very wide, and any small obstruction has a large impact. I don't know if the Flexdrain will work with rain, but it looks like it will. There is a The Flexdrain is made of an extremely poor quality plastic that will not age well and will be subject to chips, cracks, and total breakage. If it lasts less than 3. I will get my money's worth from it. I would happily pay more for a better quality plastic or Flexdrain. This product was the only one that fit my need for a garden bed and did not look like a piece of equipment left over from a flooding catastrophe, the price was reasonable, and it fit the downspout without any problems. If it would fit your needs, I recommend the Flexdrain. Do not expect it to be made of very high quality material, just know what its drawbacks are. It is a simple idea to fix a problem that many of us face. I hope the Flexdrain manufacturer encourages them to use a higher quality material in the future. The apparent low quality of the plastic was the reason I awarded 4 stars instead of 5. For the price point, it is a good value. There is a The Flexdrain has solved my problem and earned me two thumbs up.

7. Frost King DE46BR Automatic Downspout

Frost King DE46BR Automatic Downspout

It was made in the United States. Automatic plastic drain away. Takes water out of the foundation. When it rains, unrolls automatically. When it is dry. Installation is easy without tools. Brown. Flexible. Automatic Downspout. Water is taken away from the foundation.

Brand: Frost King

👤I waited until the winter was over to attach them to the two down spouts because I bought them late in the fall. I had to use a hair dryer to get them on. They were supposed to fit my measurements, but it is hard to get them on. Two weeks have passed since the 3 rain storms. They fail and the water sits in them. The water shoots out if you unroll them, but they fall off the end of the spout. The ties were wrapped tightly around them. Don't spend your money.

👤It has failed in every way within 2 months of installation. When it rains, it doesn't properly unroll. After a rain event, the internal spring is too strong and tight, and small holes develop in the material. I wish I kept the box because I could swear it said something about money-back guarantee. After this experience, I would take them up on it. I wish I hadn't bought it and tried it.

👤In Florida, we get a lot of heavy rains during the summer and this downspout extender was installed on a home. I was hoping for a 4' Drain Away Downspout Extender. I didn't find that to be the case despite what other reviewers had said. It doesn't allow enough water to escape through the holes and then backs up and shoots out around the gutter downspout seams. Any leaves or debris in the gutter are caught inside. I found out that the end piece comes off to make it easier to clean the debris out, as there is a black plastic piece that holds the edge of the extender shut. It has a black foam piece that sticks to the gutter. You secure it using a zip tie after pulling the extender over top. I'm not sure what the function of the black foam piece is, but my best guess is that it's to create a tighter seal. I have removed the foam and cut the zip tie to make it function better, but I can't test that out because I have removed the end piece. It doesn't have a lot of directions to give. There is a The function of this drain extender is nice, but how it works in real life is not as good.

👤I put the item on immediately as it was suppose to rain. They didn't roll out during the rain, which caused all the rain water to back up and caused bigger issues than before. I wouldn't suggest this for anyone who wanted to get the rain waters away from the foundation. It doesn't work.

👤The product works well with modifications. The zip-tie that came with the product was not secure enough and resulted in the drain extender being pulled off the downspout, so I put a second zip-tie behind the foam pad. There are problems with the extender being blocked by debris that collects in the gutter. I have removed the clip at the end of the extender so that water and debris will not get into the extender. I will clear the extender of debris through the opened end whenever there is a problem. I have not found anything better than this product. I have had to replace this product twice in the last year and it is not very strong.

8. Design Toscano Turtle Guardian Downspout

Design Toscano Turtle Guardian Downspout

The turtle watches happily as their gutter sculpture splashes as a decorative work of architectural art. This cute turtle statue is as fun as it is functional and it is sculpted with details from armored shell to wide eyes. Their turtle on a Log downspout statue is topped with a UV resistant full color finish and is hand-cast using real crushed stone. This cute Turtle statue makes a perfect gift for anyone looking to add a little flair to their yard. The turtle gutter guardian is 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 3 lbs. It fits the standard rectangular downspouts.

Brand: Design Toscano

👤The downspout was ugly. We found an old wooden box for free, slapped some paint on it for free, planted some flowers, ordered a cool squirrel, and made the ugly downspout beautiful again. The squirrel is a big hit. Functions and looks similar to the description. Would buy again.

👤Puppy love! A couple of days ago, I posted a video about my hummingbird. I wanted to show the rain flowing through the puppy's downspout, but I had trouble adding the video. I filmed after the storm but the rain was still there. I have a cute one in the backyard on the patio, but nothing that would make someone trip on it. Works well! It keeps the rain out of the base of the house and pushes the rain out of the way. My dog tried to get the puppy off the log when she saw it for the first time. I would love to videotaped that.

👤I dropped this on the ground, but it broke easily because it was only a foot off the ground. I was able to cover the seam with bark and glue the biggest pieces back on. I expected it to be larger. I thought it would be a little bigger, but I think it's a young animal. The base of my bridge is very cute and the water will come through during a steady rain with a downspout extender.

👤The gutter guard is adorable. The opening is not practical because it is smaller than we were hoping. It's very expensive, but it makes a downspout look nicer. It is heavy enough to stay in place. The opening of the extension piece was too small and we had to buy another one.

👤Cute gutter spout, but it doesn't fit the downspout. * The material is lightweight. Don't try to put it on the spout. The flimsy material will break. I will be trying to return the other one.

👤I was alone installing 50' of gutter on a 20' off the ground ellipse. It is still a difficult process even though I have scaffolding. I remembered seeing these statues as I was working on the downspout. The turtle was the perfect choice since we live on a pond. He has been outside for over four months and has not shown any signs of wear. There is a He makes me smile whenever I see him. I changed his name to "Whimsy".

👤I gave this to my mom because she loves raccoons. It was great for her. It's too cute to even put outside in her house. I don't know if it does it's job or how durable it really is.

👤I put the device on my aluminum downspout and it cracked and fell out. I am disappointed.

👤Would buy again. It looks good and eliminates the risk of grandkids kicking.

👤I made them keep it because they are cute.

👤I love my baby squirrel. He hides the downspout and is cute.

👤As expected, it was cute and beautiful.

9. Lake Lite HG 30910 Downspout Splashblock

Lake Lite HG 30910 Downspout Splashblock

Water can be directed away from foundations to help protect them. It is possible to prevent erosion damage. It is made of molded plastic. Protect decorative landscaping.

Brand: Lake Lite

👤Don't confuse the quality of these with what you find at your local store. These are very flimsy. They're a little heavier than a milk jug. You can squeeze them between two fingers. 30 minutes after putting them out, the breeze blew them into the neighbors yard. I had to hold them down by piling bricks. The more obvious solution was to lay bricks on the ground below the downspout. These are not to be avoided.

👤The first heavy rain moved this unit out of the way. I have to figure out how to peg it down. It's as expected.

👤We needed something for this downspout and didn't want to spend a fortune. The grey color was cheaper than the other two colors and I thought it would work well. You can see in the photo that the rain has just started and the second photo is heavier. The water was shot away from the house by the heavy rains. If you need an item like this, get it.

👤If you think this is a good replacement for the plastic splash blocks from Presto Products, you are mistaken. This is a flimsy substitute that will probably blow away soon. I'm fine with that. Please let me know where I can buy the real deal.

👤It is better than what Home Depot or Lowes sells now.

👤All 3 were placed around the house yesterday. It isn't worth it for the price. There is a hole for nailing. It wouldn't stay if there were heavy winds or rain on the property. It is too long to be placed at the front. This was not placed in my mailbox. The box was for Amazon personnel. 3ft long was put on my porch steps after being opened. The driver didn't take pictures and seemed off, but the cameras confirmed it. The front and back Amazon's tape were damaged. Quality of stuff and delivery is a concern, pictures were taken but to access my phone, wasn't in the mood. The 2 packages that were delivered by Amazon were not worth it.

👤It is grey. There is a It's made of plastic. It takes water out of my downspout. Not much else to say, right? There is a I'll see how it holds up in the long-run, because the location where I placed this currently gets about 8 hours of summer sunlight. It hasn't moved during heavy downpours and has survived more than one encounter with my string trimmer. I will probably purchase two more for the other downspouts later on.

👤We needed the gutter around our house because it was pretty significant in the amount of water that came out. We had them for about 2 weeks and so far they have been good. They are lightweight and fit under the gutter spout. I would buy again but hope these last awhile.

10. Design Toscano Downspout Extension Polyresin

Design Toscano Downspout Extension Polyresin

There is a grate. The top is 4-5-8 in. The openings are 1/2 in. Wide. There will be no more buffering silo blocks. The statues of gargoyles can be used as rain diverters, just as they were in the original castles of Europe. The fun and function of the Gargoyle is that he protects your home from the damaging effects of rain water on your foundation while also showing off his sense of humor. The dragon downspout is hand-cast using real crushed stone and is UV resistant. The Design Toscano brand has a decorative down spout extension with wide open mouth that will steer water from your gutter to your lawn and away from your foundation. The statue is 10 feet tall and has a weight of 3 lbs. The standard rectangular downspouts can be up to 2.25" x3".

Brand: Design Toscano

👤These are great Gargoyles, but they don't come close to holding the downspout that they claim to accommodate. I attached the extendable drain to the Gargoyles. I had to cut the plastic downspouts in order to cram them in the back. I will have to get super tape to attach them. The manufacturer could fix it. If not for this purpose, who wants a Gargoyle with an open back?

👤It's really cute, without being precious. I like the fact that the dragon breathes water instead of fire. Our downspout has a 4-ft long extension that can come loose and blow across the yard whenever we get strong winds. When a storm is blowing in, the winds send the downspout out where it is useless at the very time it is needed. This has enough weight to hold the spout in place. I was concerned about the amount of water pooled inside after a heavy rain because it was something I had never seen before. I don't want mosquitoes to have a place to set up a maternity ward. The dragon boy is worth the price and he gets along well with the large population of lizards.

👤I love my dog. A lot. Anyone considering purchasing him should be aware of his limitations. The downspout was too close to the concrete porch to fit intoRoland's back. I decided to make him work because I liked him so much. I had to buy multiple downspout extenders to link them together, so that I could see what was happening when I got to a safe place. I had to buy different sizes of extenders because they are too large to fit in the opening in the back. I had to make sure that the water flowed freely from my downspout, though the extenders and not the pool in the extenders. It took a lot of work to get things right. The result is good. Several visitors have commented on how cute it is that Roland disgorging water from my living room window. I think it's a great idea to dress up your downspout with a novel way to do it. You may have to make multiple adjustments to get him to work properly.

👤The Notre Dame Cathedral has gargoyles. I used spray foam to secure the pipe collar and cut off the back just behind the wings to cover the outlet pipe. The shell of the gargoyle varies greatly in thickness, but it should not be a problem when it is used on a rain gutter. I was installing a gargoyle when Notre Dam was burning, what are the odds?

👤The Dragon was bought from a different source than the Darian. Darian is 1/3 the size of Roland and we had to fit a new fitting to get it into his butt. It took two of us to do it. He is a welcome addition to the down spout. The opening of the down spout makes it much easier to insert. The difference is not noticeable since they are not next to each other.

11. Flex Drain ADP53202 Downspout Adaptor Landscaping

Flex Drain ADP53202 Downspout Adaptor Landscaping

This product is made in China. The product adds value. The product is very easy to use. The brand name is Flex-Drain. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Flex-drain

👤Fit the extension, but an absolute BEAST to do. I'm old; I'm damaged; I don't work well in low places; and my contractor rested the downspout on the ground, bless his heart. I used a hacksaw to shorten the downspout so I could attach the adaptor. Since I installed 2 of these, the water is going where I want it in those locations. There were no apparent leaks at the joints.

👤I almost spent $3000 to dig up our foundation and seal it, but I realized that the water from the downspout was coming too close to the house. I put up a 25 foot drain pipe to drain the water away from the house. There was water in the garage.

👤I have mixed feelings about this product. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and does what it's supposed to do. I have some complaints. They don't tell you that the components won't go together unless you buy the drain pipe coupler. You end up trying to connect pieces that are male on both sides that will not interlock if you don't have this critical piece. There is a The system is fragile and can easily be damaged. While stretching it out with my bare hands I was able to over stretch a few parts which caused a weakened spot. I have had the same thing. It is a pain in the butt to pop them apart. I like the way the system works. I think it was poorly thought out. The pressure fit of the couplers is what they are used for. It is disappointing that there are no pieces that are positive lock together. I know I will redo this in a few years because I don't see these lasting very long. There is a I am giving it 3 stars because it does what it is supposed to. I think I'm being generous with that rating. My rating system has 3 stars, 1 or 2 stars, and fails to meet expectations 4 or 5 stars. I came up with 3 stars for this item. 1. The ease of installation is 4 stars. 2 stars for durability. The instructions are 0 There is nothing on their website. I had to find out that I needed them and track them down because the retailer I bought them from didn't sell them. If you have a question, post it and I will reply within 24 hours.

👤I have a 2x3' downspout. It is 4x4 inches and it fits a 2x3 gutter. It fits, but not well. If you want the Stealhtflow kit to fit a 4 inch gutter, you have to cut off a piece from the line they draw. If you want a tight fit on a 2x3 downspout, this is useless. I can't see how the difference between the two models is different. I was sent the wrong product.

👤There was a gap between the Downspout and the black corrugated drain pipe that water could escape from. I couldn't find this in the big box stores. This worked out because I have a large downspouts. I used self tapping screws to secure this to the drain pipe and the metal downspout, now I won't have to worry about it.


What is the best product for decorative downspout extensions drains?

Decorative downspout extensions drains products from Nds. In this article about decorative downspout extensions drains you can see why people choose the product. Goberco and Frost King are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative downspout extensions drains.

What are the best brands for decorative downspout extensions drains?

Nds, Goberco and Frost King are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative downspout extensions drains. Find the detail in this article. Suncast, Amerimax Home Products and Design Toscano are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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