Best Decorative Drawer Knobs for Girls

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1. BTSKY 40mm(1 57inches) Knobs Diamond Wardrobe Cupboard

BTSKY 40mm%EF%BC%881 57inches%EF%BC%89 Knobs Diamond Wardrobe Cupboard

A unique gift for your house. A simple and economical way to decorate a room. It is suitable for doors for any purpose. There are three kinds of mounting screws: 22mm, 26mm, 30mm in length. There is a package of crystal knobs that can be used for more places. Please note that the knobs are 40mm in diameter, so please refresh and update your furniture and liven up your house, charming with elegant style. Please note that the knobs are 40mm in diameter, so please refresh and update your furniture and liven up your house, charming with elegant style.

Brand: Btsky

👤These are beautiful and can be used on furniture that is not very expensive. Only half of the set had no flaws, so I only used half of it. The half that had the flaws were not usable. I tried to show some of the flaws in the pictures, as the crystal does sparkle really well. I kept them because it would have cost more to send them back and get a smaller set. It could be that I'm too picky. Don't buy them because they are beautiful, but because they won't all be perfect.

👤Absolutely satisfied! I made the correct decision after looking a lot of knobs. The price was right, and they sparkle because of all the other things. I change the hardware on my cabinets frequently, it's the jewelry that makes a difference, and they sent three different size screws for convenience. Highly recommended!

👤These are worth it for the price. I ordered 7 boxes of these and out of the 56 knobs, I had about 15 that were either cracked, broken, or glue on so crooked that it was useless. You need to order more than you need because you will have some break when you put them up or when you receive them. I have seen some ugly glass knobs at Home Depot and Lowe's that sell for almost $5 a piece.

👤These are great for adding sparkle to my furniture. The knobs have washers which help to get the knobs really tightly screwed on, and they came with 3 lengths of screws. Go for it if you're thinking about it. The first two were returned, but these are the third ones I ordered. Third time's a charm. They are larger than a golf ball.

👤I was not a fan of the knobs on the nightstand. They were small and cheap. The second drawer has a photo of the knob it came with. The replacements did a great job. So pretty!

👤I wanted to redo all my closet doors. The seller included a lot of different screws, but most of them didn't fit. Some worked and some did not. The person I bought my house from had a lot of hardware in the garage. I was able to find some additional to fit in every room. They are pretty and I am very happy I bought them. What a bargain!

👤Beautiful knobs! It's easy to install and perfect for my bathroom. Excellent for the price, and very heavy. Two of the eight knobs were poorly assembled and I gave 4 out of 5 stars. I could see glue on the stones. I will not send it back. Purchasing is something I recommend.

👤I loved the product. They were going to be flimsy or easy to break, so I was expecting that. They are pretty thick. It doesn't look cheap at all. I like them. I am glad I got extras. I had no plans to change the knobs. They are beautiful and it works.

2. Mangsen Cabinet Decorative Wardrobe Cupboard

Mangsen Cabinet Decorative Wardrobe Cupboard

The packs come with 2 iron screws. All hardware for installation is included. Carefully packed in a cute bag. When held in hand, Rose Quartz's unique ice-cold touch is comfortable and wonderful. The structure and appearance are solid. Each cabinet knob has a unique surface grain, different size, shape, color, thickness, transparency, and characteristics. The rose quartz stone knobs look elegant, high-end, classy, advanced and luxurious. Each piece is unique. It works to relieve stress, anxiety and pain by calming the nervous system. Rose Quartz's sedative energy is known to prevent insomnia. Cabinet pulls, cabinet handles, drawer knobs, furniture hardware, cupboard handles, kitchen knobs, cabinet knobs, door knob, wardrobe handle are all applications. The knob is delivered with two different size screws, one is 2.5 cm long and the other is 4 cm long, and they are easy to install and disassemble. TheRose Quartz Cabinet Knobs Set of 4 have 8 screws and a gift box. TheRose Quartz Cabinet Knobs Set of 4 have 8 screws and a gift box.

Brand: Lpraer

👤I make necklace rack with a variety of knobs and they are very pretty. It would be lovely to have nice stones on furniture.

👤I got these for my daughter's room and they fit perfectly.

👤The screws that came with the knobs were too long for the purpose that I intended. I couldn't find the correct size and length of the other screws. I have never had an issue like this with other knobs.

👤This drawing attention to cabinets is very nice. Love the color.

👤The color isn't like the picture at all. I'm very sad.

👤The picture was loose and smaller than expected. I have to get washers for them. I still love them.

👤It was easy to install and they looked like the picture.

3. Fvstar European Decorative Nightstand Backplate

Fvstar European Decorative Nightstand Backplate

The package includes 6 x butterfly cabinet knobs. The knobs are made of zinc alloy and are rust-resistant,corrosion-resistant, solid and durable. Unique design. :rose The flower shape with color edge drawer handles gives the house a natural feel,rose design is elegant and practical, the decorative plate can separate from the rose knobs, can refresh the look and feel of an entire room,looks more elegant and gorgeous. It is easy to install a single hole knob. Just drill a hole in the middle of the cabinet and pass the screw from the back of the board through the knob. The flower drawer knobs can be used on many different thick drawers with 3 different size mounting screws. Add some vintage and romantic character to your kitchen cabinet, chest, drawer, cupboard, closet, bookcase, and so on by decorating and updating your old furniture. Make your cabinets look new again. Add some vintage and romantic character to your kitchen cabinet, chest, drawer, cupboard, closet, bookcase, and so on by decorating and updating your old furniture. Make your cabinets look new again.

Brand: Fvstar

👤The design of the knobs is very nice. I gave it a five star because it came with a lot of screws but either the screws were short or long. I could not get them to stay in one place because of this.

👤I would give this a 0 star review. It took two packages to get the knobs. To sell this piece of furniture, I will need to change out the knobs completely. For pictures, but not for function. They are pretty, but terrible.

👤The handles are cute, but they are not threaded correctly. The screws don't go all the way into the handles, and every single one of them was cross threaded. One of the handles won't hit a screw. The package only had 2 different lengths of screws, not the 3 pictured.

👤My shabby cabinets and drawers looked chic because of these. The installation was hard for me because I am not a DYI. The final project looks so precious after we owned it.

👤Very pretty. Went on without a hitch.

👤These are a good value. They were delivered in a couple of days. Highly recommended.

👤I used this product for a project for my daughter's room that was completely in love with the look, but two of the knobs wouldn't screw on. I only needed 8 for this project. I was going to use the other two for another project. I want to be able to use the piece asap so I don't want to send them back. If it wasn't for the issue, it would have gotten 5 stars. They are beautiful and well made.

👤The knobs look great on my antique furniture.

4. BTSKY 30mm(1 18inch) Crystal Cabinet Cupboard

BTSKY 30mm%C3%AF%C2%BC%CB%861 18inch%C3%AF%C2%BC%E2%80%B0 Crystal Cabinet Cupboard

Check out Expedited Shipping and Gift Wrap. Crystal knobs are non-fading, great for decorative and shining effect, making your home charming with elegant style. It is easy to install the clear crystal on the bathroom Vanity and closet doors, just tighten the screw to make sure the thickness of the knob is not scratched. Solid construction. It is well designed and has decent quality. The crystal knobs are made with zinc and crystal and have a silver chrome base. Pull handles keep in a long service time because of the way Crystal is Glued all the way into the silver holder. A package of 10 PCS crystal knobs will meet the need of use for more places, such as cabinet, drawer, cupboard in kitchen and bathroom, no additional hardware required. Give these lovely crystal knobs to your friends as a gift for home decor and it will be a great choice to liven up their room for decoration. Give these lovely crystal knobs to your friends as a gift for home decor and it will be a great choice to liven up their room for decoration.

Brand: Btsky

👤Junk. A few arrived with a lot of glue on them. Several people have fallen down. Several were not threaded correctly.

👤I cut my finger on the plastic metal looking part after enjoying these knobs for a week. I was sad because they are cheap.

👤I have received great customer service in response to my original review. If the timely response and partial refund after my initial review is what I need, I will upgrade my rating to 5 stars. The company knows how to treat their customers. Thank you. There is a None of these are long enough for a kitchen cabinet, a drawer, or a door knob. It would be useful to have longer screws instead of the ridiculous one. The color is enhanced online. They are pale in comparison.

👤I got a blue knobs for my little girl's bedroom. They were easy to install and look great. It's simply beautiful. Try looking in Walmart, Micheals, and home good. Amazon had the best price. Some pictures were attached.

👤I knew the colors I wanted in my kitchen when I found these on Amazon. I was looking for sparkle to jazz up my look. There is a blue glass back splash. The knobs are small and sit against the wood, so they hunted around and found some decorative back plates to add to the look. This adds to the appearance and protects the wood from damage.

👤It is nice and functional. We used to have hand painted knobs that were too big in your hand and cut you with sharp edges. On our bathroom drawers, they provide a nice grip. When the sun comes through the window, it's fun to see the blue prisms all over the wall. In a blue and white room, the look is great on white cabinets and drawers.

👤I was hoping the ones I ordered would be closer to the color I was told they were, but I was not sure. I was looking for a lighter blue, but they are more like an aqua or turquoise color. I will use them for my projects. The price is great.

👤The door pulls come with 3 sizes of screws for each pull. I was hoping that the color would be similar to the picture, but it is more of a bright teal. I used them in the laundry room because they were too dark in the guest bathroom. They look like they're young, not in a bad way. They look great in a kids room.

👤I loved my knobs until the blue stones started falling and they hadn't even been on the boards for a month. I would like to hear what the company has to say about these inferior products.

👤These drawer pulls were very nice. I bought them for my daughter. They look great! It was great that they were able to choose the best size from the many different screws that came with them. I am not sure how durable they are because they are plastic, not metal.

5. Eoocvt Ceramic Door Knobs Handle

Eoocvt Ceramic Door Knobs Handle

M8-32 x 22mm and M8-32 x 40mm are mounting screws. The diameter is 4 cm and the height is 1.57 inch. It's easy to install the finish. The package contains 10 x knobs and 10 x knob screws. It's suitable for Cupboard, Cabinets and door. It's perfect for your home. It's suitable for Cupboard, Cabinets and door. It's perfect for your home.

Brand: Eoocvt

👤I bought these this summer and am looking to replace them. I will probably go with metal knobs next time because of the drawbacks of the ceramic. There is a I had to replace 3 of the 21 knobs because the metal piece that screws in detaches from the ceramic even with light use. Even if the knob is lightly used, they will come loose even if they stay tightened. There is a The knobs are delicate and can easily be bumped. I have knobs that are ugly. There is a If you have small children, you have to be careful with the ceramic because it is thin and can cut skin. I don't think they're a good idea.

👤First off, these are very pretty! I put up new closet towers in my walk in, and they were my first choice to use as pull knobs for my new closet drawers. I really like them, but they started pulling out of the ceramic hold that holds the attaching screw hardware. If this didn't happen, the screw would have been a problem for me because 6 out of 10 of them pulled out.

👤I had no problem installing 5/9 because I only needed 9. I'm having to go to Lowes or something to get some shorter screws because the screw provided was too long, so they'll screw in securely. The roses are made with a hole in them, and they glue a screw inside the hole, and the last rose had super glue on it, blocking the hole. I had to grind the glue away with my drill. If I messed up this one, I would have had to call customer service, as I said I only received 9 and I needed the full 9. There is a It was fun but wouldn't do it again.

👤The ceramic vintage floral rose knobs are very classy. They look great in my office. I put them on my desk drawers, an additional dresser, and as magnets in my office, so it really ties everything in place. I made magnets that matched my office set. They really stick out to me. They are quite large. I enclosed photos of some knobs that are much smaller than the ones on the blue desk drawers. I am happy with this purchase.

👤They were perfect, I ordered them in pink. All were wrapped individually. There were no chips or missing screws. I added a backplate to my chest of drawers. I ordered more to redo my stand because I loved them so much. I didn't have any issues with screws being too short or knobs not being able to be screwed on because of glue being in the holes. They add a vintage, romantic feel to anything they are used to. I would buy them again and again if I found another piece of furniture that I liked. These knobs.

👤The flowers are slightly different. The base of the flower is longer than expected. There is a If you have drawers that are not too thick you will need to purchase different screws in order to get these tight.

6. CSKB Vintage Ceramic Kitchen Cupboard

CSKB Vintage Ceramic Kitchen Cupboard

You will get all the pieces in one piece. This is not African fabric. It's suitable for Cupboard, Cabinets and door. It's perfect for your home. The screw is 2.5 x0.4 x0.85 cm. The single hole has a length of 41mm and a width of 1.6inch. The quality material is made of high-end ceramic and zinc. The quality material is made of high-end ceramic and zinc.

Brand: Cskb

👤I had a few issues with these. The threaded fastening broke off when I screwed the screw into the first handle. The screws it came with were long, so you might want to put them on a 2 inch thick wood drawer. I had to buy seperate screws and still haven't found a way to fix the problem with hot glue and super glue.

👤It would be nice to be able to install the knobs. The screws that they came with are too small to fit through the drawers of my standard closet doors. 2 trips to Home Depot. I don't have the right screws. These are not the same as other standard cabinet pull screws. When I can get the right ones, I will update. It would be nice if they sent a longer version. I had to buy new screws to fit the knobs on my daughter's closet doors.

👤I was hesitant about buying these after reading all the complaints. I didn't have the same problems as other reviewers. These aren't the most amazing quality, but they look nice. There were no broken knobs in my shipment. The petals are not appropriate for a kid's room. For a normal adult, the sharpness shouldn't be a problem. You might have to be creative in messing them in. Since the screws are thin, you may need washers to find small washers in the large holes in your dresser.

👤I had to order 5 times in order to get the same product. I needed a lot of knobs. The first set was very detailed and beautiful. I ordered a second set and it was completely different. I had to order 3 more times until I got a set that matched the first one. It was very frustrating.

👤These are so stinkin' cute. These are going to fit right in my bedroom, which is being renovated. I have to paint them yellow to fit with my decor, so I wish they came in other colors. I will get more once I tackle the master bathroom. Two of the knobs seem to have been slightly damaged before they were sent to me. Unless you are looking very closely, you cannot see the part that is chipping.

👤The knobs were wrapped with their own screws. I used a screw driver for the installation. I wanted a cheap and easy fix for my current piece of furniture. These are cute. I like the vibe of the bohemian style. The drawer in my room is much better now. I will eventually paint it, but I am happier with it now. I would modify the edges for a toddler because they are a bit sharp for a kids room. For me, great!

👤I bought a lot of ceramic rose knobs. My first order was from China. The pieces were varied from piece to piece. We are still usable even though some had lesser defined petals and heights. The gold backplates were not shown in the listing. The second lo came from Thailand, even though I ordered the same product. The bases were wider so they didn't fit in the backplates that came with the first lot. The workmanship of Thailand was superior to that of China. The rose petals were more uniform in size and color. I like them. I would replace the ones from China again, but I don't know what I'll get, so I'll use what I have.

7. Perphin Acrylic Decorative Wardrobe Furniture

Perphin Acrylic Decorative Wardrobe Furniture

Cabinet knobs, drawer knobs, and pulls are Funky. The pumpkin knobs are made of antique acrylic. Perphin cabinet knobs are easy to install. Pumpkin clear knobs from Perphin are very pretty. These knobs are great for decorating and dressing up furniture. The knobs are easy to install. You just need to tighten the cabinet with a screwdriver. The decorative pumpkin knobs are gorgeous. Their drawer pulls come with different lengths of screws which are convenient for your different projects. The knobs come with 0.87 inch, 0.98 inch, and 1.18 inch screws. 30 pieces of screws are included in a set of 10 clear cabinet knobs. If you have a question about the knobs, please email them, they can either give you a full refund or send you a new set of vintage drawer pulls. If you have a question about the knobs, please email them, they can either give you a full refund or send you a new set of vintage drawer pulls.

Brand: Perphin

👤I wanted ceramic knobs with black and white, but I couldn't find a set that I liked enough to not have to spend an arm and a leg. The knobs looked small at first, but once I put them on, they looked good. I refurbished an old drawer and it turned out to be cute. I put the knobs on the black drawer so it flowed with the farmhouse master. It all flows well. Don't judge the photos because we are still under renovation. I would recommend them to people on a budget.

👤These are pretty. Buy them! They are a good price for a nice product. There is a I received a few that were damaged. The knob has a thread. They made it right when I reached out to them. I was sent some more as a replacement. There is a Amazon has top quality customer service. These knobs are very good.

👤These are cute, but my only complaint is that the screws they come with are too short for some projects and we could find longer screws that fit. My husband had to drill in the hole of the drawer to make it shorter so the screws would fit.

👤I wouldn't stop you from trying them on the piece if they were on the small side of knobs. We needed to replace a furniture pull on a piece of furniture. These looked nicer than anticipated.

👤The knobs are pretty. It was what I wanted. Fast shipping. It was great to have 3 different size screws to install. I bought more packages.

👤We lived in a rent house. The brass hinges on the cabinets cleaned up well. The knobs were dirty and grease. I found them. They make everything look old. I like them.

👤The product comes with 3 screws for each knob. The price was great. I use these for a night table.

👤The knobs were a little smaller than I expected. I can live with a smaller body. I took off a star because the screws they give you are useless. The head of the screw is so small that it was pulling into the original hole. I used the screws I had.

8. AmazonBasics Modern Finger Drawer 10 Pack

AmazonBasics Modern Finger Drawer 10 Pack

It is easy to install and come with screws. The pull length is 45 inches. The hole to hole center is 52 inches. Projection: 0. 94 inches. M8-32 x 22mm and M8-32 x 40mm are mounting screws. M8-32 x 22mm and M8-32 x 40mm are mounting screws.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It's well-shaped and heavy for easy opening tough drawers. I was worried that the pulls would be flimsy or small, but they are great quality. The curve of the pull is deep enough to fit both an adult and a teenager. The champagne gold is soft brushed. The small screws I received were too small and the long screws were too long. The long ones had to be trimmed down to the size I needed. The box is not ready to use. Would definitely recommend.

👤The house we moved into had white cabinets and black appliances. I wanted the two colors to be tied together. I used the black handles. Installation took 45 minutes. How to orient them was the biggest debate between us. I used peel and stick subway tiles from Amazon for the back of the house.

👤I love the transformation more. These are just like cup pulls. I like the shape of them. They are different than the other cup pulls. They are a true flat black. It's easy to install. There are two different sizes of screws in the package. I had to buy these because the builder had installed all itty bitty knobs on every door and drawer. The palm of the face. One. It looked silly for the drawers I had. I needed something to cover the hole. I bought a guide to install them. I lined them up over the existing hole and drilled my own two holes. Looks great! I was so happy to find them. There is plenty of space under the pull to put your fingers and get a good grip.

👤The handles are pretty. The threaded shafts of the handles didn't work with the screws provided. I was able to get the screws into some of the handles. The screws would stop turning at different points for different handles. The two handles I got didn't work with the screws. The handles weren't tight to the cabinets because the screws wouldn't turn quickly. I used washers on the inside of the cabinets.

👤The way they look is sleek. These are not to be missed. There is no option for single pieces. I needed 11 boxes for a single drawer pull so I ordered an extra box. I needed 21 for my knobs. There are 2 boxes left. It should be an option even if you make them a little more expensive.

👤These are what I wanted. Be careful... I thought you were supposed to measure between the holes, but the whole thing fit between the holes. I'm back at 4. They fit!

👤I was able to use a drawer knob jig that I bought on Amazon, if I had gone with the 4 option. Even with the smaller option, I checked a few videos to make installation as painless as possible. I was going for a rustic look on the nightstands that I built and I felt like the pulls finished off the look. They are sturdy and should last a long time. Since I used 1x6 for the drawer front and a 1x8 for the false front, I had to pick up some longer screws from Lowe's. Since the actual thickness for each piece of wood is less than that, 1 3/4" was long enough.

9. DLD Elegant Ceramic Cabinet Cupboard

DLD Elegant Ceramic Cabinet Cupboard

Each package included 2 PCS crystal cabinet handle pulls, 5 PCS mounting screws, and 5 PCS washers. The material is pure ceramic and handicraft production. The rose shape design is European style. Bringing new life to old furniture is a new way to liven up a dull kitchen. It's used for cabinets, drawers, chest, bin, cupboard, kitchen, home doors. It is easy to install and come with screws. It is easy to install and come with screws.

Brand: Dld

👤These are not well made. The bases are not at the right angles to be easy to install. There was no way to get the knob firmly connected to the drawer because some of the knobs wouldn't screw in all the way. I bought a few screws and was going to save three more knobs. Only 5 of the knobs worked out of the box. I would recommend ordering lots of backup knobs to have enough for your project.

👤The knobs were gorgeous in person. They are a variegated color, which gives them exceptional dimensions, easy to install and go on perfect, I accidentally dropped one on the wood floor, and there was no cracking or chipping. The price is unbeatable for the product and I would buy it again.

👤The knobs are adorable and I'm happy that they're added to my daughter's nursery. The edges of the petals are a little on the sharp side. It didn't deter me from putting them on.

👤I'm on my second order of these knobs, which are more expensive, but are still beautiful. It's still not perfect. Order more. The first set didn't have screws included, but Amazon made the return easy and sent a replacement, and now one of the knobs won't go in, it's like the threading is crooked. The screw won't go more than part-way if we try, which makes it so we can't use it. I don't have the packaging for the ones we did install, so I would have to send them all back. I wish we could just get a replacement knob.

👤I used to replace the knobs on the ikea Hemnes dresser because I loved the ceramic knobs. I had to buy extra washers to make the knobs stable as the screws are longer than needed, but they were easy to find at Lowes, and they matched the screw to the washer for me. The petals are a bit sharp, so be careful with kids who like to climb on furniture.

👤These drawer pulls are gorgeous. They look great on the drawer. 6 of them are poor quality or not usable. One of them had the screw mount come unglued during installation, one had glue completely covering the screw hole, and several were not straight so when you install them they are lose and not able to be fully tightened down. I'm very happy with how they look, but I'm disappointed that many of them aren't usable.

👤They all worked out. Went on well. All 8 worked. The flowers are 1 1/2 inches from the front of the cabinet. The flowers are pink. The flower design was perfect. The screws holes seemed to be off center, but as they were screwed in the wood cabinet they all evened themselves out. I was happy with my purchase.

👤My bathroom is pink. I have a rose shower curtain and rose wallpaper in my bedroom. I have these knobs on my cabinets in the bathroom and in my bedroom. They are very well made. They were in perfect condition. They are large enough to hold heavy drawers. My bath drawers were thicker than the screws. I went to a local hardware store to buy longer screws and they were very cheap. They fit my chest of drawers. The knobs are a great value and I would recommend them.

10. Joyindecor Backplate Nightstand Cupboard Wardrobe

Joyindecor Backplate Nightstand Cupboard Wardrobe

Every customer gets the best crystal drawer knobs. If there is a problem with the item, please contact them. The cabinet knobs with backplates are handcrafted. The shabby chic design of the zinc alloy knobs will make a big difference in the renovation of your room. The decorative backplates can seperate from the rose ceramic knobs, so you can use them alone or with other knobs. The back piece can be placed vertically or horizontally. The length and width of the back plate are. The knobs are in diamete. The drawer knobs can be used on many different drawers without a separate trip to the store if you get 2 different size screws from them. Add some vintage and romantic character to your kitchen cabinet, chest, drawer, cupboard, closet, bookcase, and so on by decorating and updating your old furniture. Make your cabinets look brand new again. The rose cabinet knobs are an adorable gift idea that will be a great way to decorate your home or send to your friends as a gift. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will help you within 24 hours. The rose cabinet knobs are an adorable gift idea that will be a great way to decorate your home or send to your friends as a gift. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Joyindecor

👤I painted the console table with a flower market stencil and replaced the drawer pulls with two holes, because they were a single hole in the middle and the plate covered the hole. My husband had to modify the screws because they were too long for the drawers, the plate and the knob to fit together, and the small screws were too short for the drawers. The flower knob wouldn't fit all the way, but my husband did something to the long screws and they fit. I can't tell you what he did. They need to include a size between the long screws and the short ones. It's time to heads up.

👤I wanted to like them. Really, really. I gave them two chances. There is a The first order did not have screws. All good, went to the local hardware store and there were no screws for the knobs. They were not standard. I need to go back to the source. I started a return. The second order. Most of the extra screws don't get past the first screw rotation of the knob. The knob and plate can be loose if the two that could make it past the rotation don't tighten all the way. The drawer front is thick, so I would expect plenty of room for tightening. But does not spin spins. I am very disappointed in something that should be very basic.

👤I love the drawer pulls. I was looking for a shabby chic look to replace the plain silver drawer pulls. I knew that others had complained about the screws not being the right size. I ordered them because I was going to use the screws from my drawer pulls. They were cost effective. This plan worked well. If you don't already own the correct size screws, you should pass on this product. The seller did not fix the issue with the screws based on the reviews. The screws they send are twice the length they should be and will not hold the drawer pull in place.

👤knobs are pretty but a pain to install. The threading on the other two won't fit, so I had to screw them up. Wouldn't recommend.

👤I wanted these to be in a piece of furniture that I recently restored. The knobs don't fit the screws. I tried different things. I don't recommend.

👤I am so disappointed. I loved the look of these for my daughter. The screws don't fit into the holes and only go in one or two turns. It is a faulty design or poorly made. We tried everything to get it. Going to have to return and look for another product.

👤I needed the knobs to help bring my old furniture back to life. I love the knobs on my furniture. They are easy to install. I've received a lot of praise for them. Don't hesitate to purchase them. Check out my videos on social media.

👤These are very good for what you pay. The pieces are finished and the detail is cute. There is a The backplates are solid and don't bend when you tighten the screws. There is a The screws are too long, so just use the ones from the drawer pull or use a washer. Nbd.

11. Ceramic Turquoise Flower Crackle Knobs

Ceramic Turquoise Flower Crackle Knobs

Over 20 years of experience. Eyes of India products come with a 60-day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Installation of decorative cabinet pull handles knobs in your home will give it a pleasant aesthetic appeal. A set of 6 drawer pulls are a great addition to any décor. Each knob in this set of 6 is handcrafted by skilled artisans out of ceramic. The knobs tell a unique story and add character to your space. The turquoise flower crackle knobs are handcrafted out of ceramic and hand painted with turquoise color. The knobs have a golden color on them. The ceramic flower knobs are supplied with a detailed set of instructions and the hardware required for quick and easy installation. You will need a drill to install the knobs. The drawer pull handle in this set of 6 is 2 inches in diameter and has a projection of 1 inch so that you can have a comfortable hold while opening or closing the cabinet door. The bolt of the knobs can be trimmed to the required size. The drawer pull handle in this set of 6 is 2 inches in diameter and has a projection of 1 inch so that you can have a comfortable hold while opening or closing the cabinet door. The bolt of the knobs can be trimmed to the required size.

Brand: Artisanal Creations

👤I ordered different sets of pulls. I knew I'd be sending this set back, but I was surprised to find it would cost me $5.99 to return it, and I couldn't return it for free. The crackling is more subtle than the picture and can be seen at certain angles of lighting. The dark center is larger than the picture so it doesn't look like a flower. I think the front is dull since it doesn't feel like a smooth surface like a glazed one. They didn't even bother to glaze the entire surface, which makes me feel like unglazed ceramic. Some of them had deep scratches on them, some of them had small holes in them, and some of them had very smallpetals. Not a single one was usable. It's good that they aren't available anymore. I have to pay a third of the cost of the item to return the damaged goods. I recommend that you be very careful with this seller.

👤I would have liked to keep them. When you hold them up to furniture or cabinets, they look more kitschy than fashionable. I was going to hang them on the exposed side of the cabinet. They were more granny than hip. They should put the correct size in the description. The minimum diameter for me was 2 inches.

👤These knobs are really nice. Make it happen one time. I only needed five because my cracked one was the only one I needed. They are made in India. Well-made.

👤I ordered these for my kitchen but they are not a kitchen knob, so I used them in my bathroom. It was pretty and well made. The screw is mounted in ceramic and is very long. It sticks out on the other side.

👤Beautiful pulls. One came with a chunk that was missing. I couldn't order another one because I had purchased the rest of them. I bought them for a specific piece of furniture. I had to search for new pulls because I had to prolong putting it in my shop. I kept them because I like them, but now I am short. I have to use them on something small.

👤I refurbished a small drawer and ordered the knobs to put on it. I wanted to order a second set immediately. They are no longer available.

👤It is pretty but fragile. The first set had a damaged one. Not damaged in transit. Replacement set was received. One of the replacements was damaged during installation.

👤This is what I was looking for. They are sturdy and beautiful. I didn't give 5 stars because they are a little long.


What is the best product for decorative drawer knobs for girls?

Decorative drawer knobs for girls products from Btsky. In this article about decorative drawer knobs for girls you can see why people choose the product. Lpraer and Fvstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative drawer knobs for girls.

What are the best brands for decorative drawer knobs for girls?

Btsky, Lpraer and Fvstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative drawer knobs for girls. Find the detail in this article. Btsky, Eoocvt and Cskb are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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