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1. Goldenwarm Drawer Pulls Brushed Handles

Goldenwarm Drawer Pulls Brushed Handles

It's good for holiday home or office and cute gift to have vintage look knobs for drawer, wardrobe, cupboard, dresser and door all home furniture door. Square style cabinet handles with brushed brass finish are great for decorating your home. You can use these gold hardware to decorate your cabinets or update your furniture, it's suitable for different styles of cabinets. It is very stylish and unique. The gentle touch. The gold knobs are made of hollow steel. You don't have to worry about being scratched because the surface is smooth. 10 Pack brushed brass cabinet pulls are what you get. You can choose the right size according to the thickness of the cabinet. Please contact them if you need other sizes of screws. The hole distance is 5inch(128mm), the overall length is 51/2inch(140mm), and the square bar is1/2inch (12mm). goldenwarm focuses on quality and service. If you find a quality problem with their brushed brass knobs, please contact them. No risk, no response in 24 hours. goldenwarm focuses on quality and service. If you find a quality problem with their brushed brass knobs, please contact them. No risk, no response in 24 hours.

Brand: Goldenwarm

👤I ordered these for my kitchen cabinets and they look great. There is a soft gold.

👤These are nice handles for a good price, but be prepared for a variety of lengths. I ordered 200 of them for the apartment building. Most boxes had some 8s inside. If you're doing a single kitchen, you will be frustrated because I was able to deal with the variety of lengths. There is a Quality control needs to be looked at by the manufacturer.

👤These are not hollow but they are beautiful. They are not heavy and look cheap once you put them up. It gives the kitchen a modern look. The color is brushed bronze. Highly recommended.

👤I wanted to upgrade my Ikea Songesand chest of drawers. The gold handles on the set really make the whole chest of drawers look more refined, as they are boring and basic. It took me 5 minutes to install them, they seem sturdy and good quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤We installed them in different sizes in our kitchen and butlers pantry. They are a cheaper alternative to more expensive handles, but they will not last long. The brass fades in the high traffic areas of the kitchen. We use very gentle cleaning products. If you intend to use them in areas where you frequent, then they are perfect, unless you need them for a FLIP or some temporary situation. The handles are very light and hollow, but I don't have an issue with that. They would be perfect for the price point if they didn't fade.

👤I wanted a cheap update and didn't want to do a full renovation, so I bought these. These were perfect, very on trend and they have a soft brushed finish so fingerprints are not obvious. I have seen similar knobs at other online retailers. Some of the screws were a little short and others were long. Hopefully they will work for you, it comes with two sizes. Replacement screws are cheap, so they are still worth buying. I have only had them for a week.

👤These pulls are wonderful! They were used on my bathroom and bedroom furniture. They make them look like millionaires. I mixed two styles that they sell and they matched perfectly. They're likely to be used for the kitchen as well. When you look at them from a normal distance, there are no scratches or small dents. They look and feel like high end hardware and you can't beat the price.

👤My husband was locked out of our master bathroom for a week and we were going to completely redecorate it. Is it crazy? Yes. I love the look of gold hardware and navy blue. Since I was in charge, I decided to make it happen. One of the handles was slightly off, which was the only problem I had. It took some work to get that one on. They were the icing on the cake of my master bath.

👤These were easy to install. The Ikea handle template is easy to use and will save you a lot of time. The screws on the handles are very soft and should not be touched with a drill. You will be very happy with the results if you take your time.

2. Goldenwarm Brushed Kitchen Cabinet Handle

Goldenwarm Brushed Kitchen Cabinet Handle

If anything goes wrong with their black handles, please contact them. The crystal door handle is made of zinc and acrylic. The handles will make any old furniture or up cycle project look better. The hole center is 96mm, the pull length is 6-9, the diameter is 0.5in, and the projection is 1.33inch. Measure your cabinet carefully and then choose the right size. The crystal-clear design makes for a noticeable change for any furniture and adds a look of luxury to the cabinets in your home. Their crystal knobs come with two different sizes of screws for you to choose, and are suitable for most thickness. Each handle is individually packaged to protect it during shipping. Warm tips for installing it with tools. If you have a question about their products, please contact their customer service. Warm tips for installing it with tools. If you have a question about their products, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Goldenwarm

👤As part of a kitchen renovation, I got these this past July. I saw fissures in about five more after Iglued one that cracked in half. My daughter had a cracked one in her hand. I spent over $100 dollars on 40 of these. I expect the fissures I am seeing to be completely broken in the near future. I have had these less than four months and I am past the time for a refund. I bet the manufacturer knows that it doesn't hold up. I would love to get a refund.

👤I didn't expect them to be so high-quality. They are going to feel like plastic. It feels like glass. I am in love. Buy it!

👤The sellers sent us screws that fit our cabinets perfectly after communicating with us. The screws they sent were 1'' and 1.57''. There is a If you need more than one screw, you can find it in the below size chart. The screw size is 30mm(1.18"). The screw size is 35mm(1.38") and it's for the door. The screw size is 40mm( 1.57") and it is suitable for 29mm( 1.14")-34mm (1.34") door. The screw size is 45mm (1.77"). The screw size is 50mm (2"). There is a The screw sizes that were perfect for our handles were 30mm and 24mm. The screw size is 35mm(1.38") Will post pictures with the new handles soon. There is a We purchased other cabinet handles from GoldenWarm that worked with the standard included screws, so it seems as these specific acrylic ones have threading that is deeper in the hole, thus adding a fewmm to the length of screw that is necessary. There is a After modifications and a trip to the hardware store, we were finally able to get the handles installed. We wanted to replace the builder grade cabinets on the new construction home with this style because they already had cabinet handles. The screws that came with the order were the same as the ones used with the original handles, so you would think it would be easy to fix. The original screws and the ones that came with the order wouldn't hold the cabinet handles in place. The female threading on the handles is a bit too deep and the original handles are more shallow so the screw can reach it. The bottom line is that some handles can be installed and others can't, until my father-in-law MacGyvered the handles, which he had to remove. It should not have taken this long and the effort to change the cabinet handles. The trip to the hardware store was pointless because we got only a small amount of screws that would fit into the cabinet handle, even though the other screws were the same thickness. So far, so good, not sure how long they will last or if they will fall apart.

👤I had a piece of furniture that needed a contemporary upgrade and these gave me one. I had to buykel from a hardware store because I needed a size right in the middle of what was provided. $3 more for no biggy so happy with how it looks.

3. Geenite Furniture Handles Pendant Bathroom

Geenite Furniture Handles Pendant Bathroom

The service is called SATISFIED. If there's a quality issue with a product, please let me know so they can solve it. The zinc alloy is surface treatment and gold wire copper. The diameter of the gasket is 0.98 inche. Modern elements, circular sector, ginkgo leaf graphics, exquisite handles, golden single-hole handles. Its design is gorgeous but elegant and high-end is attached to your interior home decoration. It's very easy to install, it's suitable for your kitchen cabinets, furniture doors, cabinets, desk drawers, wardrobe drawers, shoe cabinets, bookshelves, etc. It's very easy to install, it's suitable for your kitchen cabinets, furniture doors, cabinets, desk drawers, wardrobe drawers, shoe cabinets, bookshelves, etc.

Brand: Geenite

👤Due to how delicate they are, I had to use them on a small, lightweight cabinet, rather than on the one I originally intended to use. Very pretty. The style was vintage.

👤This is a very nice knob. I used it on a bi-fold closet door. I want to replace the knobs in my chest, but I need 9 and this is a little pricey. Go for it if the price is not a problem.

👤These are well made and heavy. I installed a refurbished pair of nightstands. love them!

👤Each pull had different sized screws supplied. I painted them on the cabinet.

4. Cabinet Hardware Handles Stylish Double Hole

Cabinet Hardware Handles Stylish Double Hole

TILE STYLING: It's the perfect touch for your new cabinets. Adding a touch of style to kitchen and bathroom furniture. Hardware products for kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets, cabinet doors/drawers, bedroom dressers and all rooms. Zinc alloy isdurable, surface treatment is high-quality copper brushed gold. The weight is 55gx4 and the length is 105mm. Modern elements, geometric graphics, new Chinese style, exquisite handles, and golden double-hole handles are included in the style. It is an intimate reminder. Please read the product size to update the handle. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them. It is an intimate reminder. Please read the product size to update the handle. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them.

Brand: Mou

👤Excellent finish. Not very shiny. I thought they would be smaller. It was pleasantly surprised.

👤Classic looking door handles. They look great if you put them on closet doors.

👤This item is of good quality. I was upset because I ordered 2 pairs and one pair. The seller was very nice and tried to help me out with the color I needed, but he was unable to help me with the other gold colors.

5. Liberty P93000L BL U Hammercraft Cabinet Hardware

Liberty P93000L BL U Hammercraft Cabinet Hardware

All essential mounting hardware is included. Flat Black is a great component for cabinets and drawers. Adding cabinet hardware is a great way to add style to your home décor. A simple change can change the look and feel of a room. Installation is easy. Installation hardware is included. 2 Pack for larger projects. PackAGING is a way to protect the finish. PackAGING is a way to protect the finish.

Brand: Liberty Hardware

👤It was perfect for my needs. It looks like the door handles from when I was a child were the same as they are now. The material seems to hold up over time. I bought this for a door and it would be beautiful on cabinets and other small furniture pieces. I found no flaws or defects and the shipping was on time.

👤Take a look at my before and after pictures with these plain white drawer units. I bought 6 of these Linon Cary Wide 6-drawer units for my craft room remodel and I bought 19 pairs of these to go on 36 drawers. The handles have a strange look. Not flimsy at all. The spacing of holes is consistent. The drawers were not pre-drilled for handles, so it didn't matter to me the exact hole spacing. They are easy to open. I didn't have pre-drilled handle holes to use a screw with a nut, which made them perfect for me. I screwed my pilot holes into each drawer and it made a difference. Love the look. Exactly what I was looking for. It looks like there is a mistake in price andquantity in a few of their other listings for this item. I was happy to pay less than $5 for a pair of handles. $37 per pair of handles would be crazy.

👤I was surprised by how good these turned out. I was excepting cheap quality for as inexpensive as they were. There is a They come with their own screws which are very sturdy. There is a I think it's pictured in the listed. I didn't know they were textured. I like the texture so it worked out. I would buy them 10 times.

👤I loved these handles. Cheap but high quality. They were a great addition to the entertainment center.

👤This is a great way to get an old fashioned look. I replaced the silver knobs on my bathroom Vanity with these and it instantly looked new and cheap. Very happy. If you look closely, they are stamped and costed, but from any distance they are still pleasant looking.

👤3.5” is what it is described as. Sturdy. They are double the price now. I paid $3.25 for a pair. I used them for a serving tray and I like the way the handles are installed. It's easy to install for my do-it-yourselfs.

👤I needed some handles for my catio. Didn't need anything heavy or modern for this. The pattern and shape are very similar to the door hinges. They put one on each side of the door. Excellent purchase.

👤We bought these for our new chicken house. I love how they came out. It has a great rustic charm. These were also cheap and sturdy. I was confused by the description and the comments about how many come per package. I ordered four packages and needed four handles. I have 4 extra handles because they are 2 to a box. No problem. I will find a use for the others someday. Great purchase!

6. Brushed Decorative Hardware Cupboard Diameter

Brushed Decorative Hardware Cupboard Diameter

The screws are 1.0-inch for 0.65 0.8 inch thick cabinet door and 1.35-inch for 1.0 1.2 inch thick cabinet door. The cabinet knobs are made of 100% pure copper and are sturdy and durable. The sizes are: 0.8"/ 20mm Diameter, 1"/ 25mm Height and Weight: 0.045 kilogram. The package includes brass cabinet knobs and mounting screws. Modern and stylish knobs for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, drawer, and cabinet. The knobs are very easy to install. The knobs are very easy to install.

Brand: Decrafts

👤I used these with a furniture store. I used the knobs that I painted on the dresser as the background. It was easy to install because it had two sizes of screws, long and shorter. I used the shorter ones for my furniture. They are a great value and great quality. I might not suggest this for someone who wants to use these on lower cabinets. If it's a high traffic area like under the kitchen sink, the corners are sharp so you might get a cut on your leg. The slightly sharp edges on my dresser are fine for me.

👤The knobs give my cabinet a clean look. They were easy to install and the perfect size. They arrived quickly with great packaging and all the hardware. I would buy again from this seller.

👤This is exactly what I was looking for, in terms of shape and color. The quality is good, it is sturdy and comfortable to open. I was sent two different size screws and neither of them fit the knobs. I went to the local Home Depot to get the sizes I wanted, but they gave me the wrong size because the long one was too long and the short one was too short. The new size didn't work and because of how the screw is installed I can't cut it on the end. If I have to start over again with my search for cabinet knobs, I would love the right screws.

👤I love the look of these knobs and they helped to elevate boring white furniture. The knobs were attached to the drawers with special screws, but the screws were not long enough to extend through the drawers, so we had to order new ones. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤It's gorgeous! Exactly what I was hoping for.

👤I ordered a similar product with the same aesthetic but with longer screws and a lower price point. They were not good. This set is very good. Buy them. There is a I spent the same amount of money on the short screws as I did on the longer ones. The end product is beautiful and easy to install.

👤They are small for my hands to be able to grab, but they are nice looking and have a nice weight. I swapped them out for a new one that was more mid-century modern and they fit the bill. I didn't need all of the faint scratches. I picked the best out of the box.

👤These were what we were looking for on our furniture. The knobs are period appropriate brass and not garishly bright gold like the stuff from the 1980s. Very, very happy.

7. DLD Elegant Ceramic Cabinet Cupboard

DLD Elegant Ceramic Cabinet Cupboard

Each package included 2 PCS crystal cabinet handle pulls, 5 PCS mounting screws, and 5 PCS washers. The material is pure ceramic and handicraft production. The rose shape design is European style. Bringing new life to old furniture is a new way to liven up a dull kitchen. It's used for cabinets, drawers, chest, bin, cupboard, kitchen, home doors. It is easy to install and come with screws. It is easy to install and come with screws.

Brand: Dld

👤These are not well made. The bases are not at the right angles to be easy to install. There was no way to get the knob firmly connected to the drawer because some of the knobs wouldn't screw in all the way. I bought a few screws and was going to save three more knobs. Only 5 of the knobs worked out of the box. I would recommend ordering lots of backup knobs to have enough for your project.

👤The knobs were gorgeous in person. They are a variegated color, which gives them exceptional dimensions, easy to install and go on perfect, I accidentally dropped one on the wood floor, and there was no cracking or chipping. The price is unbeatable for the product and I would buy it again.

👤The knobs are adorable and I'm happy that they're added to my daughter's nursery. The edges of the petals are a little on the sharp side. It didn't deter me from putting them on.

👤I'm on my second order of these knobs, which are more expensive, but are still beautiful. It's still not perfect. Order more. The first set didn't have screws included, but Amazon made the return easy and sent a replacement, and now one of the knobs won't go in, it's like the threading is crooked. The screw won't go more than part-way if we try, which makes it so we can't use it. I don't have the packaging for the ones we did install, so I would have to send them all back. I wish we could just get a replacement knob.

👤I used to replace the knobs on the ikea Hemnes dresser because I loved the ceramic knobs. I had to buy extra washers to make the knobs stable as the screws are longer than needed, but they were easy to find at Lowes, and they matched the screw to the washer for me. The petals are a bit sharp, so be careful with kids who like to climb on furniture.

👤These drawer pulls are gorgeous. They look great on the drawer. 6 of them are poor quality or not usable. One of them had the screw mount come unglued during installation, one had glue completely covering the screw hole, and several were not straight so when you install them they are lose and not able to be fully tightened down. I'm very happy with how they look, but I'm disappointed that many of them aren't usable.

👤They all worked out. Went on well. All 8 worked. The flowers are 1 1/2 inches from the front of the cabinet. The flowers are pink. The flower design was perfect. The screws holes seemed to be off center, but as they were screwed in the wood cabinet they all evened themselves out. I was happy with my purchase.

👤My bathroom is pink. I have a rose shower curtain and rose wallpaper in my bedroom. I have these knobs on my cabinets in the bathroom and in my bedroom. They are very well made. They were in perfect condition. They are large enough to hold heavy drawers. My bath drawers were thicker than the screws. I went to a local hardware store to buy longer screws and they were very cheap. They fit my chest of drawers. The knobs are a great value and I would recommend them.

8. Jasluna Cabinets Hardware Decorative Furniture

Jasluna Cabinets Hardware Decorative Furniture

The package includes a drawer pull ring and mounting screws. The knobs have a sleek and modern look that works with a variety of styles. The knob is very noble and fashionable because of the different shell patterns. The unit weighs 30g and is better Size - Diameter: 1.3-Inch, Projection: 0.9-Inch, Base Diameter: 0.4-Inch. Most styles of cabinets, drawers, dressers, cupboards, bathroom cabinets are compatible with this application. Give your furniture a new look. Installation is easy with the included 1-inch screws and 1.6-inch breakaway screws. Each knob is wrapped individually to protect the surface color. Each knob is wrapped individually to protect the surface color.

Brand: Jasluna

👤These look great on my daughter's furniture. 10/10 would buy and install it again, it really added a lot to a plain white drawer. My husband is usually the one doing that. I was annoyed waiting for him. I did it myself with a 9 month old crawling all over me, it was easy and quick. I like them a lot.

👤I love the look of these. I was replacing them and they were a bit heavier in weight. I used these on a Murphy Bed Chest so they will support the load of the mattress/bed when used in that manner, which is why bulk is a concern for me. The load is distributed among 11 knobs. The knobs are not taken away from their function by the light-weight.

👤These knobs are sturdy and pretty. The issue is with the screws that are sent with them. They are not the right size for the job. The screws were not the right size and we had problems with screws stripping. We had to buy new screws.

👤My daughter's dress is inspired by the sea.

👤A high quality product. On time. It's easy to install.

👤The picture makes you think they will be more colorful with the pinks and greens, but they are more white with some shimmer. The shimmer only shows up close to the side. I could have bought knobs that were gold and white.

👤I have to buy more tools to cut them down. The screws they give won't fit.

👤It is not colored but it is still pretty.

9. Trust4care Brushed Hexagon Furniture Decorative

Trust4care Brushed Hexagon Furniture Decorative

The rose cabinet knobs are an adorable gift idea that will be a great way to decorate your home or send to your friends as a gift. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will help you within 24 hours. The brass has oil painting and a brushed texture. These drawer knobs are perfect for a new project or restoration, they can change the whole look of a room. The process for producing a brushed brass mint knob is first a central navigation computer for shape creating, then surface fine polishing, and finally oil coating for anti-rust and anti-fingerprints. The brass is 100% high quality and has a gold color. 1.3 inch (33mm) for top length, 1 inch (25mm) in height. The screws are 1.0-inch for 0.65 0.8 inch thick cabinet door and 1.35-inch for 1.0 1.2 inch thick cabinet door. The screws are 1.0-inch for 0.65 0.8 inch thick cabinet door and 1.35-inch for 1.0 1.2 inch thick cabinet door.

Brand: Trust4care

👤These are amazing! I looked at several places for unique cabinet knobs but couldn't find the one I was looking for. Amazon to the rescue! These knobs are gorgeous. They're what I needed. There is a gorgeous brushed brass finish. The finish is shiny but not brass. The brushed finish shows no fingerprints or smudges. They're easy to install. It's easy to find the right size for your cabinet because they came with tons of screws. There were no trips to the hardware store. I like that they are a good size and make a statement on your cabinet doors. I love them so much I ordered more and have been replacing knobs in my cabinets. Buy them! You will love them!

👤The drawer knob is perfect for my daughter's desk. It is easy to install and it is very sturdy. The color is not cheap. Really beautiful! I love the product.

👤It was the perfect size for my change up. There were two kinds of screws.

👤I love the knobs. They are solid brass, so you don't have to worry about the threading. They have a nice weight. The brass is not yellow. The quality is wonderful for the price.

👤These are perfect! They had different sizes of screws. Shipping was fast.

👤Buy them now and they look great. It comes with long or short screws.

👤I used these knobs for a project on a bathroom cabinet and they made it whole again. The knobs were packed and shipped carefully.

👤I bought this thing for my bathroom cabinets, even though I didn't use them, because they look pretty good. I like them.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this hardware. They look good. They are strong. Kitchen hardware is very cheap.

👤Very pretty brass. I don't know how easy it was for my contractor to install. Like jewels in my laundry/bath combo.

10. AmazonBasics Modern Finger Drawer 10 Pack

AmazonBasics Modern Finger Drawer 10 Pack

It is easy to install and come with screws. The pull length is 45 inches. The hole to hole center is 52 inches. Projection: 0. 94 inches. M8-32 x 22mm and M8-32 x 40mm are mounting screws. M8-32 x 22mm and M8-32 x 40mm are mounting screws.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It's well-shaped and heavy for easy opening tough drawers. I was worried that the pulls would be flimsy or small, but they are great quality. The curve of the pull is deep enough to fit both an adult and a teenager. The champagne gold is soft brushed. The small screws I received were too small and the long screws were too long. The long ones had to be trimmed down to the size I needed. The box is not ready to use. Would definitely recommend.

👤The house we moved into had white cabinets and black appliances. I wanted the two colors to be tied together. I used the black handles. Installation took 45 minutes. How to orient them was the biggest debate between us. I used peel and stick subway tiles from Amazon for the back of the house.

👤I love the transformation more. These are just like cup pulls. I like the shape of them. They are different than the other cup pulls. They are a true flat black. It's easy to install. There are two different sizes of screws in the package. I had to buy these because the builder had installed all itty bitty knobs on every door and drawer. The palm of the face. One. It looked silly for the drawers I had. I needed something to cover the hole. I bought a guide to install them. I lined them up over the existing hole and drilled my own two holes. Looks great! I was so happy to find them. There is plenty of space under the pull to put your fingers and get a good grip.

👤The handles are pretty. The threaded shafts of the handles didn't work with the screws provided. I was able to get the screws into some of the handles. The screws would stop turning at different points for different handles. The two handles I got didn't work with the screws. The handles weren't tight to the cabinets because the screws wouldn't turn quickly. I used washers on the inside of the cabinets.

👤The way they look is sleek. These are not to be missed. There is no option for single pieces. I needed 11 boxes for a single drawer pull so I ordered an extra box. I needed 21 for my knobs. There are 2 boxes left. It should be an option even if you make them a little more expensive.

👤These are what I wanted. Be careful... I thought you were supposed to measure between the holes, but the whole thing fit between the holes. I'm back at 4. They fit!

👤I was able to use a drawer knob jig that I bought on Amazon, if I had gone with the 4 option. Even with the smaller option, I checked a few videos to make installation as painless as possible. I was going for a rustic look on the nightstands that I built and I felt like the pulls finished off the look. They are sturdy and should last a long time. Since I used 1x6 for the drawer front and a 1x8 for the false front, I had to pick up some longer screws from Lowe's. Since the actual thickness for each piece of wood is less than that, 1 3/4" was long enough.

11. Goldenwarm Brushed Cabinet Hardware Drawer

Goldenwarm Brushed Cabinet Hardware Drawer

The package includes 10 black pulls with matching standard screws and a metric size machine screw. Each pull is individually wrapped to protect the beautiful color. It is made of high-precision zinc alloy with high stability brushed brass finish and is resistant to rust or fading. Please measure your cabinet or other applications hole centers carefully before purchasing. Installation is easy because the pulls are matched 1'' and 1.57'' length. Please contact them if you need other sizes of screws. It's design makes it a luxurious, high-end decoration for your indoor home decoration, because it blends a variety of styles from modern to classic. If you are dissatisfied with their products, they will send a replacement for free or a refund. No risk for you! If you are dissatisfied with their products, they will send a replacement for free or a refund. No risk for you!

Brand: Goldenwarm

👤The color, package quantity and price made me pick these pulls. The brushed brass color is what I wanted. I have purchased other cup pulls from both cosmas and Amazon and they are much nicer. These have poor finishes and rough edges. The undersides have sharp edges.

👤The brushed light gold color is light enough to fit against our cabinets. It was relatively easy to install these ourselves once we figured out how to "snap" the screws. We had to drill two additional holes on either side to mount our drawers because they had a single screw. The handles have a strong pull that has worked well so far. Will update after putting them to use.

👤I have many items in my house that are gold plated metal. Most of them have a nice color for gold. Most people don't like lighter colors, and I received parts that were this kind. This is a concern of yours.

👤It's easy to install, it comes with four screws, a gorgeous color and finish, and it's perfect. Can scratch easily so be careful or spray with added Clear coat protection, just a stunning finish not too shiny, just right and feels good.

👤The color description on both items isbrushed brass, but they are not the same color.

👤They were very light in appearance. I tried to install. The first one had bad bolt holes and the second one was scratched very badly. Returned.

👤I recently did some end tables in a thrift store and was happy with the result. The knobs are easy to install and give a vintage feel to the bedroom.

👤They are okay not to criticize the color. They came with 2 screw lengths, but neither fit my drawers. They are a little light weight. I think a value in all.


What is the best product for decorative drawer pulls gold modern?

Decorative drawer pulls gold modern products from Goldenwarm. In this article about decorative drawer pulls gold modern you can see why people choose the product. Goldenwarm and Geenite are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative drawer pulls gold modern.

What are the best brands for decorative drawer pulls gold modern?

Goldenwarm, Goldenwarm and Geenite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative drawer pulls gold modern. Find the detail in this article. Mou, Liberty Hardware and Decrafts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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