Best Decorative Drawer Pulls Pink Blue

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1. IndianShelf Handmade Decorative Cupboard Wardrobe

IndianShelf Handmade Decorative Cupboard Wardrobe

You can easily upgrade your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bedroom drawers, office desk, chest, pantry, or storage bins with a paint-free, do-it-yourself project. There is a 6 month replacement guarantee on manufacturing defects. Kids Friendly Rust-Free Thick and Long- Lasting Hardware. Cabinet Hardware are safe for use in the home and office. Stone color is brown. 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter. Projection is 1 Inches. The Bolt is 1.75 inches in diameter. Each drawer pull has a hardware nut cap and two different sizes of screws. You can request a longer length. The package contains 6 piece natural pulls. Simply drill a hole in the cabinet and tighten the hardware with a pliers.

Brand: Indian Shelf

👤I thought the knobs were small. It was almost impossible to use them on our cabinets because they jutted out over the edges. They were not easy to install, and over half of them refuse to loosen themselves after being retightened. The gold leaf on the edges is peeling off and it has sharp edges. We all cut our hands on the knobs. Despite their problems, they are two stars. I wish the gold leaf wouldn't peel off so quickly.

👤The agate slice knobs come with all the hardware you need to install and keep them in place. I ordered 10 and 10 showed up in perfect condition. They were packed well. Most of the aqua I ordered have more tan than aqua. It won't tighten down. There is a section of the bolt that isn't raised enough. I can't tighten it. The drawer is light and I can open it with one knob.

👤The design of these makes them incompatible with standard style cabinets in the US. The seller didn't respond to my request for a return. I need to open a case with Amazon.

👤These knobs are worth the wait. My husband noticed that one was peeling, so I coated the edges with clear nailpolish. Everything was perfect after that.

👤I loved these knobs. They have a natural feel to them. The pink ones were gorgeous. You will have to cut the screws down. Maybe I don't have knobs that are tight on my Vanity. They were worth the purchase to me.

👤I love these, I bought them for one of my designs and they turned out great.

👤These are gorgeous! You can use them on a single piece of furniture if they are the same size. The gold foil leaf is very well done.

👤These are very well made. I haven't had any issues with them getting loosened up after using them. The reason I took away one star is because the screw is so long that it sticks into my drawers.

👤Beautiful knobs. The holes in them were not close to the color in the example photo. They replaced 4 knobs that had holes. There is a They look nice, but will not last long. The gold is starting to chip off after 2 weeks since I put them on my drawer. It cuts your fingers so be careful. There is a They are nice, but not worth the price I paid.

👤Good product. This is the second time that I have bought, but this time I was disappointed because all the knobs have scratches. Most of the time, the Amazon package was good.

👤The quality is good. It looks the same. I would have preferred the cuts to have deeper blue tones.

2. Assorted Ceramic Collection Boho Street

Assorted Ceramic Collection Boho Street

There is a wide application. This is a great way to decorate a beach room. You can use nautical drawer pulls and handles to refresh and update your furniture. It's suitable for kitchen cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, cupboard, bin, night table, bookcase, doors, and closet. Ceramic Handmade Drawer Pulls / Knobs With Chrome Hardware is a product type. The diameter of each knob. The standard is 1.75 inch. Blue white and beige, design pumpkin and round, materials ceramic Check out Expedited Shipping and Gift Wrap. Check out Expedited Shipping and Gift Wrap.

Brand: The Boho Street

👤The cutiest are the ones that are the longest. I used them for my kitchen cabinets. Installation is aided by the assorted size screws as some cabinets and draws have different widths. If I needed it, I reversed the bottom section. There are many solid blues with blue on white. The design and shape of the cabinets were attractive to me. The results will be beautiful if you are patient during installation.

👤If you need longer or shorter screws than those sent, you are out of luck. US screws are not compatible with Chinese products. I had to return them.

👤Awesome deal for assisted pulls. We just purchased a single ceramic pull for the same price as the entire package. There is a The product was the same. Great deal. There is a Depending on the thickness of the draw front, some screw lengths may have to be shortened.

👤They match the blue on my kitchen. It is not so dark because of the white on them. It's easy to install.

👤The quality and patterns were great. Everyone loves them in my bathroom and kitchen.

👤The variations and artwork on these were great. Can't wait to work on a project.

👤These are not as bright as the picture shows. There was a lot of white and dark blue.

👤I was amazed at the quality of the knobs. The knobs are easy to install. A great deal. I bought a second set just to have more in reserve and a set for a friend who admired them.

3. Crystal Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Wardrobe

Crystal Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Wardrobe

The package includes a drawer pull ring and mounting screws. It's very sturdy and not easy to fall apart. It's easy to fit door cabinet drawers, cupboard wardrobe bookcase, etc. The dimensions are 1.57 x Depth 1.37 x. The screw is 1.57 inch. Each set of knobs comes with screws that are ready for different cabinets. You need to drill a hole in the place where the drawer is installed and then thread the knob with a screw from the back of the board. Beautifully handcrafted glass knobs. All home décor themes can be matched with decorative and matches. A Vintage style knob is a must have in your home. Dispatched from the factory. The item color may vary due to photographic effect and monitor settings. The item color may vary due to photographic effect and monitor settings.

Brand: Perilla Home

👤The knobs are pretty. Customers need a wide range of length for the screws that are attached to the knobs. Ours was long and sharp. We had to cut off the screws a lot to keep my granddaughter from hurting herself on the sharp edges of her desk. We had to put protection over the cut edge, which I am not sure will keep her safe. I would have liked to have paid more to have a hard plastic cover over the edges. We love the knobs and could not have found a better color.

4. Artncraft Painted Ceramic Cabinet Drawer

Artncraft Painted Ceramic Cabinet Drawer

Uncompromised quality at an unbeatable price. There is a set of ceramic cabinet knobs. The dimensions are 1.5 - 1.75 inch diameter and 1.5 inch height. Hardware for installation is included. It's easy to install if you have a hand drill or a small hole. The design is handpainted elegance. The design is handpainted elegance.

Brand: Artncraft

👤I fell in love with the knobs that I saw. Some of the reviews were quite troubling. I thought it was worth the risk since they were beautiful. I needed a new set of knobs for my furniture. When they arrived in the mail, they fit perfectly and I was so excited. I like the designs on the knobs. I think they are a beautiful piece and they have a lot of color and detail. I had no broken knobs and the length of the knob was perfect.

👤Someone is colorblind, like many of the reviews. There were some that were blue and some that were black and white. I don't know. So... I bought more after returning some from the first batches. The price went up, but the customer service was great. She suggested that I order a bunch and return a few of the styles I didn't like. I got more hearts and ordered more. Many people said they were not broken. I took some of the metal heads off to see how they looked. The price is very high. The stores charge $4 for a pumpkin knob. I'm going to post photos. If you order from this site, you can return it for free, as Amazon is the fulfilment center. I am very happy with my kitchen cabinets, which are in designs, colors and shapes that I love.

👤These are amazing! They are really high quality porcelain. The artwork is very cute. The screws are so long, that's my only negative comment. You have to use the screw that comes with it if you want to fit a lot of different widths of cabinets. I had to buy a pair of bolt cutters to cut off the excess. I don't mind having the bolt cutter because I have used them many times and refinish furniture often.

👤I have been using a cheap modular chest with missing knobs for a few years. It is the one I keep my daily dainties in, so after cursing every morning over the hassle of having to open it by the end of the screw, I finally decided to do something about it. I looked here first and ordered them without knowing if they would work. It had to be done. They fit perfectly and were easy to install. They are also gorgeous. They solved my problem instantly, and they look better than I expected. The ceramic bulb of fingertip bliss is an absolute delight, and the feel of them is deeply satisfying. The patterns, color saturation and general look of them were the same as shown here. I only needed four knobs for my mini-dresser, but I used the other two on a few other sad looking furniture pieces. It is an instant upgrade. I didn't have to make any special adjustments, they worked beautifully on three different drawers/cabinet doors, and I did absolutely no figuring out anything. If you like the way these look, buy them. I wish I had more time.

5. SHARE CARE Diameter Constellation Cupboard

SHARE CARE Diameter Constellation Cupboard

This is a notice. The objects that are not over 1 inch should be used with the knobs. 1.37 inch diameter There are 12 different pattern coating on the iron finish. You may need to purchase additional screws of additional length depending on your cabinet's width, the machine screw metric size is M8-32. It's suitable for cabinet, drawer, chest, bin, dresser, cupboard, etc. A unique gift for your house. A unique gift for your house.

Brand: Share&care

👤If they worked, they were great. Three of the ten would not fit in the drawer. No amount of force would make it work. Three of these will become paper weights if you spend a lot of money on them. Not happy.

👤I made a dresser for our daughter's room and we used these on it. They aren't as bright as I 888-276-5932

👤The picture on the knobs is good, but some of the threads inside the knobs are skewed, making it hard to install. We were able to get enough knobs to complete the project, but it was disappointing that we couldn't choose some of the designs because the screw wouldn't thread.

👤One knob wouldn't fit and the other was covered in rust-like dust. One not working is not a deal breaker for us. The design is great for my kids' room. I saved my old ikea furniture for another couple of years.

👤These are stylish but not crazy. It blends well with my contemporary furniture. I scaled them up for some Ikea cabinets.

👤The knobs look good. The paint on the base makes putting in some of the screws a bit tight. Don't know how long they will last, just put them on this week.

👤I was able to install 8 out of 12. The ones I could install are gorgeous.

👤My daughter's old dresser was reinvented by these. What does stretching mean?

👤rendu est poignées. On l'air robuste. Mon fils love!

👤Joli est le rendu. There is a Les bouts sont de qualité.

6. Blue Yellow Medallion Cabinet Knobs

Blue Yellow Medallion Cabinet Knobs

Hand made in the USA. It is durable enough for everyday use. There is a mounting hardward included. The cabinet knobs are made of wood. The cabinet knobs are made of wood.

Brand: Twisted R Design

👤They were pretty in person. They look great on my cabinets.

👤They are perfect! The screws are too short. It won't go through a normal solid wood drawer. The screws that will fit should come with this.

👤Beautifully packaged and arrived earlier than expected. Will recommend this seller to others.

7. Ceramic Cabinet Decorative Wardrobe Cupboard

Ceramic Cabinet Decorative Wardrobe Cupboard

The crackle glass square knobs have 1.5 inch sides and a projection of 2.75 inch. The bolt of the decorative glass knobs can be trimmed to the required size. The package includes ceramic drawer knobs andScrews. The ceramic, surface treatment, colorful glaze, solid structure, and shiny appearance of the Vintage Knobs Material is suitable for drawer, wardrobe, dresser, kitchen cabinets, cupboard. These are the best things to adorn your home and office. The dresser knobs are vintage. The crystal drawer knobs are 40mm in diameter. You don't need to purchase screws of other lengths, you can use their different size screws. The application for ceramic cabinet knobs is here. The Ceramic knob is very artistic and durable, drawer knobs and knobs pull are strong, well made, heavy looks, ideal for cabinet, drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, a bookcase in your home, kitchen, bathroom, living-room, book-room, dorm, and office. It's the best for decoration. To install a vintage cabinet knob, you need to find the position where you want to install the board and drill a hole, then pass through the screw from the back of the board and thread tight to the knob. If you are not completely satisfied with your Marvedi Knobs, please let them know and they will immediately refund your purchase price. To install a vintage cabinet knob, you need to find the position where you want to install the board and drill a hole, then pass through the screw from the back of the board and thread tight to the knob. If you are not completely satisfied with your Marvedi Knobs, please let them know and they will immediately refund your purchase price.

Brand: Jiudani

👤These ceramic knobs are very nice. They look great in my bathroom.

👤They were used to make a new home.

👤These are gorgeous! My husband made me a kitchen island with live edge Cherry and I poured turquoise into the knots. I wanted knobs that were blue, copper and brown. The price was perfect as well. Good size knobs look expensive. Love!

👤I really like these knobs, they spiced up the cabinet. I definitely recommend.

👤It looks like the picture. I was looking for a vitage look. They are great!

8. Liberty Hardware Seaside Cottage Vintage

Liberty Hardware Seaside Cottage Vintage

The package contains 20 small pull handles with mounting screws. Break away from the norm and add a touch of personality to your home decor with the Seaside oval pull. The vintage antique white finish is perfect for a classic look. There is a 3 inch center to center screw mounting. The machine screw is 8-32 x 1 inch. Alignright template AN0251C-CL-U can be used for easy installation. Alignright template AN0251C-CL-U can be used for easy installation.

Brand: Liberty Hardware

👤A few months ago I got a retro desk for free from a kind man who was looking to clear out some old stuff. I forgot that I was going to store it in my garage for my husband to constantly trip over it. There were good reasons for that. That is another story for a review. Maybe. Probably not. There is a I decided to rip up the desk from where it was put down in the garage because I needed a new craft/art/writing room. There is a After a full day of sanding, painting, and polyurethaning, I ended up with something feminine, retro, and cute. It's perfect for a spot to watercolor and pretend to be an artist. The knobs were ugly. There is a I found these little darlings on Amazon after a search that turned up a lot of nothing for which I'd be willing to wait weeks for shipping from China. They arrived at my door two days later. Oh, Amazon. You're the reason I'm broke. You keep tempting me with your great products. There is a This is the final result. So feminine, retro and sweet. My project was completed in the best possible way. How fun is this desk? It was easy to install and even cuter in person. Absolutely five stars.

👤The handles and knobs I purchased were not the same color as the ones I bought. It is almost tan and vintage white. I've seen before. I am keeping them for another project because I can't use them on the cabinet I meant for.

👤I did a lot of research before buying the handles for my master bath. I'm doing a look for the coastal cottage. I put them on my bathroom before I paint it. The weight is something I like. The price is reasonable and I recommend them to anyone doing the same kind of decor. I am very happy.

👤I was not sure how these would look in person, but they are beautiful and I love them.

👤A shabby-chic finishing touch is needed to complete the upgrade. Images are so faint, it's not noticeable.

👤There are a lot of little handles. I am happy with the gold I painted. They were pretty.

👤I was asked to rate the item. A blow torch could destroy it. It's too small for my bedroom, but it looks pretty.

👤The handles are better in person. My piece of furniture has dynamics added to it.

9. Yusheng Vintage Ceramic Pumpkin Cupboard

Yusheng Vintage Ceramic Pumpkin Cupboard

Check out Expedited Shipping and Gift Wrap. The net weight of a Knob single is 1.9 ounces, which is well-made and has a high gloss. The pumpkin knobs are vintage, unique and beautiful, they have a magical effect in decorating. It's easy to install. It is easy to install them with a home tool. The Break-away screws can be cut into 6 different length screws, suitable for most boards. The diameter is perfect for cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, door, bin, cupboard etc. The diameter is perfect for cabinet, drawer, wardrobe, door, bin, cupboard etc.

Brand: Esreake

👤I love these. This did the trick when I wanted to add a little beauty to the bathroom. It's very inexpensive to give your bathroom an extra boost. I took stars off because the screws they send were not good for me, so I had to buy some from ACE Hardware. I would definitely recommend that.

👤I found these knobs while updating a bedroom. They were a bit darker shade of pink than pictured, and a little more purple than I was expecting. I was unsure if I would return them, but I think they should work. I only needed 10 because one was a dud and didn't screw in all the way. They provided a lot of different screw lengths.

👤I wanted to replace the dull metal knobs on my kitchen cabinets. They are a bit lighter than walnuts. The addition of these pink pumpkin shaped knobs made a huge difference to my opinion of the cabinets.

👤I love how these knobs look with this stain. I had to get different screws because of the thickness of my doors.

👤The bigger pack is more expensive, but I preferred getting the 3 pack. When I ordered the one with more knobs, I had a problem. I'm more than likely just got a bad one. These knobs are of good quality. It has different screws if you need them.

👤You love it when you order something. And it's right? These were the perfect match for my furniture. It took less than 10 minutes to change out the knobs. Excellent quality at a great price.

👤The knobs have a nice weight to them. I like opening my cabinet doors with these knobs. That's how great they are. Highly recommended. I can't help but think about how nice they are for the price.

👤I love them. I expected them to be plastic, but they are actually ceramic. They are perfect for what I was looking for. I could choose a small amount of three. Many options only sold large quantities.

10. NIKKY HOME Decorative Flower Cabinet

NIKKY HOME Decorative Flower Cabinet

Good service. Customer service is world-class. There is a 100% money back guarantee and a free lifetime replacement for any quality problem. The material isdurable. The drawer knobs are made of zinc alloy and inlaid with jewels. It is handmade by skilled craftsman and never rust or lose its shine. The dimensions are 2.4 x 0.8 x 2.6 inches. It's easy to install. The metal handles are great replacements for the old knobs and can be applied to a variety of cabinets. There is a hole in the door or furniture where the knob can be fixed. 2. Attach the thread to the knob by threading through the screw from the back of the board. 3. Perfectly finish. You can install it yourself. ReTRO FARMHOUSE STYLE- These masterpieces are both functional and art-work. The cabinet knob with elegant figure is an easy match for any home style and decorating. The gift is gross. Home improvement enthusiasts will not refuse this gift. The classic flower drawer knobs are a great gift. It makes them surprise because of its appearance. The highest levels of quality and excellence service are what the Nikky Home is committed to. If you have a problem with the product or service, please contact them, they are always here to help. The highest levels of quality and excellence service are what the Nikky Home is committed to. If you have a problem with the product or service, please contact them, they are always here to help.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤These knobs are pretty. The quality and long stem and nut system allowed for a large range and depth of cabinets and drawers. I'm not completely sold on them being worth the price tag. Maybe 75% of it... I didn't think the size was described. I am aware that others have said they were large. I was expecting more than that, I guess. I am happy with them.

👤The knob is exactly what I was looking for and it looks exactly like the picture. There was a big issue when it arrived. The drawer was too small for the screw to fit. I didn't notice how long the screws were in the knobs, but they were too short. There is a I can not swap the screw for a longer one because it is soldered into the knob. I was sad because I thought I had found what I needed. I can not use these anymore. If you are looking at these, make sure to measure the drawer depth first and confirm they will fit.

👤I love the knobs in my bathroom. I will be moving soon and I will be taking these jewels wherever I go. You outdid yourselves with your craftsmanship. I got customer service because I got a refund for being late. I didn't expect that. Your business may blossom with the increase in Jesus Name Amen.

👤I was surprised by the size of the knobs, but they are beautiful. The size makes a bigger statement. One of the sets came with a chip in the enamel, but it was disappointing.

👤These are beautiful and well-crafted, with a touch of bling. I don't understand why these are not handmade. They are from China. I got a handmade knob that was made in India. It's a great combination.

👤The desk I bought for my small apartment had small black knobs. I ordered something more attractive after getting online. The flowers are beautiful and I get praise from everyone. Thank you for the high quality.

👤I love this find. These are great for the price. Quality is nice and unique. Would recommend.

👤These are gorgeous! It was very large and well made. There are lots of pretty details in the blossom. The laundry room has a drawer that can be used as a catch. The exact drawer pulls were in a big box home design store for 2x the price. A high quality product is a great value.

👤Absolutely lovely! I bought these for my new shed and they are perfect. This is not the use for these knobs. They are pretty. Nice design and no issues.

👤Everyone that has seen them has thought of them. Fast delivery, great value. I want more because they are so beautiful, but they are no longer available.

👤The door handles are amazing.

👤I need to order about 30 more on the day of to finish all the cupboards. Yes, I love them.

👤These were bought for my mum as she is selling old furniture and they look great! It is worth the money.

11. Zahra Assorted Designed Cupboard Hardware

Zahra Assorted Designed Cupboard Hardware

If the bolts are too long, they can be cut to size. Bolts can be removed. NAQSH ensures bright and beautiful master pieces reach you, sculpted to perfection so that only the finest quality knobs get fixed in your home. They provide the nut and washer to close the other end of the screw with each knob. If you have to, you can cut the excess screw. It's ideal for modern and modern. There is a vintage furNITURE. The ceramic knobs give a very glamorous look and feel to your home decor. The traditional art of India makes the hand painted knobs look more beautiful and dazzling. You can show off your artistic side by having these at home. The finest option for gift giving to your loved ones is a handcrafted Ceramic Knob set. The branded box makes it more convenient for gift giving. The finest option for gift giving to your loved ones is a handcrafted Ceramic Knob set. The branded box makes it more convenient for gift giving.

Brand: Naqsh

👤These cabinet knobs are colorful. They are easy to install. You will have a screw that needs to be trimmed off when they are installed. I reassembled them and it works! I have included some pictures. The first photo is the end result, the second is how they are assembled, and the third is how I reassemble them. See if it works for you.

👤I like my ceramic knobs. All of them. I was looking for more of an atmosphere to my kitchen. They were easy to install. I was a bit anxious about the installation after reading the reviews. The length of the screws is longer than the width of my cabinet doors, so I went to a hardware store and got aCORN NUTS to cover the ends of the screws, so they wouldn't catch on my. I think they're around $0.40 apiece. I took 2 shots so people could see them. They saved me a few steps and a lot of time. They work well. There were no accidents in the day to day use. When I put the knobs in the cabinet and lined them up with the small silver cap, I took care not to distort the shape of the caps. The caps have not scratched my skin or caught my clothing. All my caps came in perfect condition. I don't have any issues with my knobs. I enjoy them every day and I appreciate the atmosphere they give my kitchen. Every day! Don't sweat the small stuff if you order yours. Work around it.

👤The box arrived quickly. I did not receive any knobs with that gray blue color. All of them were black and white. That was a cute pop of something different, but they still are cute. If I had gotten some, I would have given them five stars.

👤I read that there were mis colored knobs, but that's not true, I ordered all of the knobs in the color I chose at the time of purchase. The washer is small and the screw is skinny, so the knob doesn't fit in a larger hole. The different styles in one box are a nice touch. I like this product. Much. I ordered it twice.

👤It worked out okay, the price was good and it worked out well. Next time, I will go to Lowes or home goods. The knobs are black and white, but they are not a big deal to us. I could see it being a problem for some. The color was not vibrant. The ink started to fade in places when it was painted by a machine. The drawers barely had enough room to screw on the bolt for the doors. The screw could have been longer for the drawers, which are thicker. I had to take off the Silver Circle thing in order to use the knobs on the drawers. The knobs spin even after being tightened. We made it work. If you love these knobs so much that you want to buy them, I would recommend you to do so.


What is the best product for decorative drawer pulls pink blue?

Decorative drawer pulls pink blue products from Indian Shelf. In this article about decorative drawer pulls pink blue you can see why people choose the product. The Boho Street and Perilla Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative drawer pulls pink blue.

What are the best brands for decorative drawer pulls pink blue?

Indian Shelf, The Boho Street and Perilla Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative drawer pulls pink blue. Find the detail in this article. Artncraft, Share&care and Twisted R Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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