Best Decorative Duct Tape 1 Inch

Tape 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Painters Colorful Labeling Decorative Supplies

Painters Colorful Labeling Decorative Supplies

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your money or receive a 100% money back guarantee. The masking tape set comes in six different colors. The total length of the colored painters tape is 49.2 feet. Different colors can meet your needs. The vibrant colors of masking tape can make kids feel good. The labelling tape is made of eco-friendly crepe paper which is non-toxic, acid-free, and odorless. The quality of the painters tape makes it hard to fade. Their tapes are more resistant to damage than others. They are writable and water resistant. You could write on the masking tape with various pens. The rainbow tapes are easy to remove. You could apply multi colored masking tape to a variety of surfaces. The painters tape can be easily removed and can be re-positioned as you need it. The colored masking tape can be torn directly by hand so children can tear it without using scissors. The labelling tape can be used many times. The rainbow masking tape can be used to help you paint clean lines. You could put the tapes in the boxes. The tape can be used to make decorations for parties. The masking tape can be made into many exquisite gifts for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, and so on. Every customer gets great after-sales service from them. If there is a problem, please contact them directly. They will offer the best solutions to you.

Brand: Topsome

👤I wanted to use it to mark plastic storage boxes, clean them, and apply tape within a day, but the tape was peeling back on the ends.

👤The colors help me organize boxes. I bought this brand because it said it was easy to tear. It should be recommended.

👤The boxes are being color-coded using tape. It works well and will make moving easier.

👤My main requirements for labeling jars and everything else are sticks and sharpie. The colors are nice.

👤masking tape is a type of tape. A little color is fun.

👤It works as described and costs less.

2. Conductive Shielding Repellent Electrical Grounding

Conductive Shielding Repellent Electrical Grounding

The Color Duck Tape roll is 10 yards long. A denatured oil tape. Each roll is 25mm x 20m x 2; Wide copper foil tape can wrap the cable, machine component, connection, fan, extendable antenna, computer component fully. The dual conductive tape can be twisted, bent, tore, and used by hand, no need to apply with other tool, one fit most of cables. The oil leak was caused by Emily Shielding Copper FOIL. The copper tape can protect your electronics from interference. Plants can be protected with copper tape around the base. There is a tape that can be applied to stained glass. Current will flow through both sides of the tape, because it has dual conductors. The effectiveness between components will not be affected by the tape.

Brand: Lovimag

👤I'm taking more precautions with things that I commonly touch. There are some new studies that suggest that copper kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I put this tape on my fridge handles. It's easy to apply and stay on. It's a pain to remove but can be solved by covering the surface in masking tape and putting copper tape over it.

👤I wanted to keep the slugs out of my raised garden beds. It seems to help deter the slugs. The installation was easy, but the tape is a lot thinner than I expected, so it breaks easily if you are not careful. It is a very thin foil. I think the thinness helps it adhere. This stuff is not going away. I am very impressed with its sticking power. It has been stuck on my wood raised beds for 3 months through rain, sprinklers, and heat. It is still holding strong!

👤I was skeptical that the glue would be a good conductor, despite the reports about it on Amazon. I used to use brass foil tape to line the guitar wiring and then solder the various pieces together. It was great to find out that I could avoid soldering the extensive joints of pieces of tape that are always necessary in covering these irregularly shaped cavities, because I was only a little skeptical. I checked the circuits with my multi-meter after the wiring job was done and found that the foil service was always on. I've done two instruments with it, and it makes lining the cavities much less of an annoyance. It's quick and easy and allows me to get to the real work of wiring up the controls and output jack.

👤If you are buying only to get a total blocking of these frequencies, it may not work well. The call got disconnected when I wrapped it around my iwatch. I wear a radio on my waist all day long and start to feel pain in the area where the antenna is closest to my body even though it may not fully block all EMF as others noted it still does partially and some protection is always better than none.

👤I didn't use this for crafts. I used a brand last year that kept out the slugs and snails. I chose this one because it was larger. The first rain did nothing to keep the slugs and snails out. It came loose after about four weeks, where some of the other brands are still attached. I can't comment on using it for crafts, but I wouldn't recommend it for using outdoors for bug control.

👤If you don't, the slugs can still eat your plants, if they can get through without touching it, or if they get pushed into the dirt too far. The best ones were made with 3inch diameter pvc pipe and copper tape in the middle. That worked out well. Squash plants have all their leaves and are making fruits. Thanks! It is easy to use.

👤I did a test with this tape and got a few slugs to box them in. The slugs crossed the tape in a straight line, no hesitation, no change in motion when touching the tape at all. The result was the same a few times. So as for the advertised deterrent.

3. Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius On Fire is a new retail packaging. Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. The single roll is 10 yards long. Simply Genius Duct Tape Roll. In a cute Kitty Cat Party pattern. Retail packaging is new.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤I bought this for my wife and now she doesn't have to see my duck tape. Did you know that duck tape is a corruption of the nameduct tape? It was developed for quick repairs in wet environments, like the islands in the South Pacific where the Navy and Marines were fighting. Duck tape was named for its ability to repel water.

👤This tape is not good in plain English. It doesn't stick. It didn't stick when I put it on plastic. I bought a small roll of duck tape at Michael's for $2 and it stuck so well that I had a hard time removing it. Don't waste your money. The second roll was thrown in the garbage. It was a big disappointment.

👤Building elaborate tunnel and cave systems out of cardboard boxes can be done with kitty tape. I guess you could use it for other things. It holds up. Why would you do that? Kitty projects are the only projects that matter. Get your priorities straight.

👤It's easy to tear. It was nice and thick. It's also cute.

👤It's a bit pricey but worth it.

👤The cat tape is cute. I like it. It is easy to use. I will put it in different places.

👤Excellent item. What I was looking for! Cute and durable! The item is great, the price is great and the service is great.

👤The kitties thought the walker seat was a scratch post. The design on the tape is cute and the cats stop scratching when they see it.

4. YUBX Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbook

YUBX Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbook

The present set isTTY. Good gift for homemakers to teens. It's fun in different age groups. The design: This washi tape is made of black gold. The pattern was printed from elements of wild animals. This tape is the best choice if you follow crafting trends and have a wild imagination. It's easy to paste it to any place you want. You can remove the tape and stick it again without leaving any damage. There are multiple functions. The washi tape is a great way to use for many things. A pack of 12 9/16" (15mm) in wide and 10 ft (3m) in length. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubx

👤I love this set. The prints are beautiful. Here is my phone. Some of the tapes are upside down.

👤These rolls of tape are small enough to fit on your finger. Such a waste of money.

👤These tapes are 100% opaque. The unique colors, gold accents, and BOLD designs are what I love the most. If you're tired of pastels and thin styles, these are for you. D.

👤I wanted to decorate the wooden letters for our baby nursery in the most inexpensive way, and I ordered these because I wanted a safari look. They come with 12 small rolls for less than 10 dollars. We had more on the rolls after each letter. It is likely that this is more sticky on paper, but it is not likely to bother anyone.

👤When I found this set, I was so excited. It has been a disappointment. The rolls are small and the glue is old. I used glue to adhere it to my project. I will not buy this again.

👤This washi is gorgeous. The rolls are too small, but you can't beat the price. I received what I was shown.

👤The tape was very colorful.

👤They are a lot smaller than the picture shows.

5. Duck 283039 Printed Galaxy Inches

Duck 283039 Printed Galaxy Inches

Better coverage is offered when protecting, supporting, repairing, holding or seal materials. The cloth is coated in a material. Up to 3 weeks for temporary floor marking. Not for direct sunlight. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. It is easy to tears by hand without curling. It's perfect for kids and adults. Excellent bond to a wide range of surfaces: cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, and laminates. Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll.

Brand: Duck

👤Who says my luggage doesn't match? The duck tape makes it easy to spot my bags at the airport.

👤The pictures are more vibrant than the actual tape, but it's a tad blurry, which I was expecting after reading reviews, so I decided to buy it anyway. It could be a sharper image. We still enjoy it. It will work for what I wanted. If they have it in stock, the price isn't much more than it is at Walmart, with the convenience of not having to go and get it. I have been trying to get this one from our local Walmart for a while and they just haven't gotten it back in yet. We use these for a lot of things, but we also make a small number of themed/color bin cages for hamsters that we sell locally for those that don't want to buy everything and make them themselves, or are unable to make them but want a bigger, cheaper cage than

👤I waited forever to get this one because it was a bit more expensive. Some responsible person might say that I didn't need another roll of Duck tape. I finally paid for it. There is a This one is very strong. It's too good for a crafter. The Duck Brand tapes seem to be more aggressive. It is difficult to use without a help. This roll is harder to pick up at the cut end and harder to pull out the length you need, so when done, fold a piece under like I show you in the picture. It is a pretty color, but it is not as bright as most other prints. You can write on it with a pen. I wish there was more for the price. I did a few small office items and I am running low.

👤I thought the tape would have a shine to it, but it doesn't look like that at all. It's pretty cute, and it's galaxy print. I wanted to use it for decor purposes in my niece's room, but the quality of the graphic is too low to be displayed. The tape is blurry in person. Maybe foggy. It is not as pretty as the pictures show. I kept it and will probably use it for crafts or just for repair purposes, but I don't think I'll use it for decor because it doesn't have the clarity and quality of print.

👤This Duck Tape is different from any Duck tape I've used before. The sticky side part of the duck tapes has been very strong and easy to remove, as well as a piece that can be ripped off with no scissors needed. I used the galaxy one. The regular ones are smooth, but the sticky part is not. It is still sticky, but there are lines on it. It's still strong, but not as strong as previous ones I've bought, that don't have lines on it. It is more difficult to just rip a piece off. I don't think the extra lines on the tape will make it stronger.

6. ADHES Waterproof Ducktape Industrial 1 88inch

ADHES Waterproof Ducktape Industrial 1 88inch

It's suitable for a lot of surface, such as whiteboard, blackboard, plastic, glass, paper, wood, metal, ceramic and so on. It's necessary for all of them. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before use. Ultra absorbent and super absorbent. There is a tape. The holding power is Industrial grade. It will stick for a long time without curling or wear and tear. You can patch, bundle and fix anything with its strong glue. It's a must have in your tool kit for temporary repairs. It's easy to Tuck Tape. Duct tape is strong, but you can tear it off straight without stretching it out of shape. Ear by hand! All weather water retention. DUCT. It can survive in wet and humid conditions, giving you enough confidence that it will stay stuck. The anti-uv duct pantyhose are made of anti-uv material. Can survive in high temperature, don't worry about wrinkling and falling off of the tape, please feel free to use. They promise quality in product and service. If you have a question, just ask them.

Brand: Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection

👤It's just black duct tape. As advertised, it wasn't waterproof. I didn't get what I needed.

👤I have only used it once, so I can't comment on how easy it is to remove. The bond is good. It doesn't stick to itself when you're trying to get it off the role or when you're trying to put it in place. If you are like me, this tendency can be a waste of tape and can really test your patience. I would give this brand of duct tape two thumbs up.

👤It's thicker than duck tape. Sticks well. A large roll. Good purchase. I'm not sure if it's weather proof. Depending on what you put it on, it doesn't remove that easily.

👤It was easy to tear and it was ok. It was nothing great. Would not buy again.

👤I used this to seal the edges of the film. The heat of summer will come on this winter.

👤The tape doesn't stick. It was all curled up around the edges after being used.

👤The picture and what you get are completely different. It's not always the case that AMAZON SHOPPING PICTURES MATCH THE DISCRIPTION. The gearshifts are cheap and feel like they are not from the USA. I didn't feel safe using it, so I got the real deal.

👤It works well for taping boxes shut and doesn't come off like other tapes have done in the past.

7. EnYan Collection Decoration Decorative Scrapbooking

EnYan Collection Decoration Decorative Scrapbooking

We promise quality in product and service. If you have a question, just ask them. There are five different rolls. Each roll has a width of 10mm and a length of 5 meters. Premium Japanese paper washi material has no odor at all. These decorative tapes can be written with a pen or marker and torn directly, no need for scissors or teeth, and stick to almost any surface, but will not leave a sticky mess. It's perfect for planners, bullet journals, bible journals, arts and crafts, and more. They can be used to personalize your own stuff. The basic collection of washi tape has a variety of cute pink warm and pure color to give you creativity. Your friends will be amazed by the creativity you will make with this tape. The present set isTTY. Good gift for homemakers to teens. It's fun in different age groups.

Brand: Enyan

👤These rolls are archival and I use them for my notebook. The rolls are thin and effective for small craft projects. I love it!

👤This is after a few layers of tape. I wanted to hang them for my toddler. The tape was on for less than an hour. So disappointing. Will be back soon.

👤It was very good quality compared to other brands. My daughter loves it for her art projects.

👤The colors are cute, but they won't stick to anything other than paper.

👤The colors are nice, but they are not as sticky as I would have liked. I like how they see through. I have to use a glue stick to keep the tape in place.

👤I love them, but they don't stick and I hope they don't work as I hope.

👤Isn't it as thick as it says? I own a medium size fox planner. It will board the top.

👤I love this product. I was looking for some dusty rose tape to decorate my journal. I got that. I take a while to write over but with persistence, it does the job. I couldn't be happier!

👤The item was damaged when I received it. The tape was in a bubble pack. You can't return this item.

8. Duck 280748 Metallic Inches Single

Duck 280748 Metallic Inches Single

Make your fix stand out. Excellent for crafting, repairs, and imaginative projects. It is possible to tears easily by hand without curling. It's very easy to get good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. The Color Duck Tape roll is 10 yards long. The Color Duck Tape roll is 10 yards long.

Brand: Duck

👤The final product will still be impacted by it. Duck brand metallic gold duct tape comes in three different colors. Seperate orders only a few days apart. One of the two colors is brighter than the other and both are less metallic. Look at photos. The differences in color stand out more in person. The bronze rolls don't have the same adhensive. They are smooth and don't stick to cardboard.

👤I decorated my rental fridge and it turned out great. The duck tape is sticky but I was able to move it if I didn't get the line straight. I applied it to the foam core above my cabinets, but it wouldn't stick there. It depends on the surface you apply it to.

👤Some people use washi tape. Some people use paints. I use colored duct tape to reinforce my covers. It was exciting to find it in gold. The stuff is called duct tape and it lives up to the brand.

👤I love the colors and patterns of Duck tape but don't like the high prices for very little tape. The price will be the same as other rolls that offer less tape.

👤Beautiful! I bought a big portable plastic art supply organizers for a deep discount because it had a opening along the top of the side wall that could be damaged by an impact or drop. I thought I would wall it back up with a couple of layers of duct tape. I was sure they had gold duct tape, and here it was! There is a It's a shade of gold with a metallic finish that makes it look nice. It has the strength that you would expect from duct tape.

👤It was a perfect color for my project. I can use a bit of glue if it comes loose. This was used for book binding.

👤Duck Tape is the best quality duct tape brand on the market, in my opinion. It's important to keep in mind that the tape is not very shiny or vibrant when buying this roll. If you're looking for a better brand, I would suggest you go for one that has a better color. The cold was dull but perfect for my purposes.

👤The color and thickness are nice. We bought this tape for a project. He wanted to make presentation stand out. The tape worked well. It was nice coverage.

👤The gold coloured Duck Tape is reviewed. I have owned and loved their red tape and would give it a 5 star rating. There is a The gold tape does not tear well. It is ragged and stringy. It does look cool, but I would stick with the more vibrant colors.

👤Very pleased with the three photos.

👤It was good for a few weeks but then lost its strength. Shame because of the color.

👤I didn't have to paint the outer edge of my son's Roman Shield.

👤It's fine, but it's closer to packing tape than gold.

9. Masking Decorative Collection Wrapping Mooker

Masking Decorative Collection Wrapping Mooker

There are rolls of bright and unique decorative tape in the washi tape set. The colors are rich and vibrant. They can add charm to your life and decorate everyday items in a unique and creative way. Each roll of top quality decorative CRAFT WASHI TAPE measures 1.5 cm wide and 13 feet long, and is available in 24 different designs. Adding a country-chic touch to wedding banners is possible with the Vintage washi tape. Quality washi tape. The washi tape is made of premium Japanese material. The washi tape is easy to stick and remove, and can be easily torn by hand. It is a high quality set. The Washi masking tape is perfect for highlighting important time and things. You can also make your own crafts, such as a diary book, arts and crafts, or unique gift wrapping. Use your imagination and creativity to make your life better. MOOKER WASHI TAPE is a great present for handcraft makers. The recollections washi tape has a lot of fun. They offer quick and convenient service. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will do their best to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

Brand: Mooker

👤I got these for a prize for my classroom of girls. I would have gone with girlier designs, but these are still fun. The bearded guy could be fun in the right setting. There is a I have a different brand of tape that does not stick as much as this one, but it still peels off easily. There are little discs of tape between the tapes when you remove them, which is interesting because the tape is stuck together at first. It was not a big deal. I thought the prints would be offset a little. I will buy it again.

👤The tape was so thin that it was difficult to use, and several of the designs were transparent. No one should purchase these for any reason. I received an email from someone claiming to be "Chris" the seller, who offered me$15 to remove the negative review. My reviews will always be honest. You should make better goods. I just threw the tape away. I don't think future purchases will be better.

👤I got this when I was on a Washi kick, and I'm trying to find reasons to use them so I can say they do stick well. I hang up my cheap sticky notes with them on my quilting rulers. I label my tea canisters so they can be easily removed. I have used them for decorating my electronics and they do peel off over time, but I don't think it's a big deal for me to touch my electronics a lot. Quality and variety are good for your buck. When I finally use them all up, I might get back on the washi tape high.

👤The set is an excellent value for the number of rolls. The rolls are small, but forgivable. Stick well and are great for scrap booking or as material for a project that does not require large amounts of support from them. I used it to line the side and flap of envelopes with cards.

👤I like these tapes. The little guys with beards are adorable and I am putting tape on various things. It keeps envelopes closed and gives a more personal touch. I like them a lot and they feel high quality.

👤I received washi tapes to organize my planners. I gave them 4 stars because they were cut slightly off, making them a tad smaller than other washi tape I bought from Target. I do appreciate the variety, but there's not as much product as I expected. The designs on the product description are what you get. They're bright and fun, and perfect for what I need. You cannot write on these with a pen. Attached are images. I used my Papermate Inkjoy pen to write. Someone suggested a Sharpie marker to write on the tapes. They are semi- transparent.

👤These rolls of tape are disappointing. They are smaller with less tape on the roll. It is about 4 rolls worth if you put them all together. The tape is useless because they are so small. I wouldn't buy them again.

10. Duck 283268 Printed Inches Single

Duck 283268 Printed Inches Single

Quality is their top priority. Innovative products that exceed customers expectations have been developed by them. It is important that you are happy. Questions or concerns can be raised with their support specialists. They will be adding black, tan, white, brown, and clear duct tape soon. Up to 3 weeks for temporary floor marking. Not for direct sunlight. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. Excellent bond to a wide range of surfaces: cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, and laminates. Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll. Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll.

Brand: Duck

👤Great product. It was used to decorate my son's jeans. I pulled it off after it stayed on all day. It stuck perfectly, but it left no marks on the jeans. I wrapped the band around my head. This stuff can be used in many different ways.

👤I didn't want to buy another suitcase because the airline cracked it. So... I put the entire thing in duct tape. It's cute and colorful. It took 3 rolls to cover the entire surface, but it was worth it because new luggage would cost more than the tape. It is easy to use.

👤I refurbished a pair of Liz Claiborne shoes. They were comfortable. Voila! There are new shoes.

👤I was expecting better quality. It would hold. The pattern and use for crafting has potential, but it depends on what you are sticking it with. Didn't hold onto cardboard. Oh well.

👤We used this to repair our cheap plastic sled after it cracked in a million places. This tape repairs the holes and cracks and holds up well, and it looks absolutely rad. Our sled is a tie-dye peace warrior sled, unique to ours among all the other standard-issue sleds on the hill, and we didn't put more plastic in the garbage, contributing to the plastic island in the ocean and the choking of wildlife, because we fixed the

👤I used bright tape to put up stall decorations. Our design was perfect because it was hippie style. You can tear the tape by hand. I used scissors for a clean look. The decor stayed in place for 3 days. I have used DUCK tape for stall decor for many years and it has turned out great.

👤These work well and are great. They are not white with the blue speckles. The white is not the same as an off white or a white that has yellow on it. If you are looking for the white to be pure white, it isn't. It works well as borders for the folders I am making to hold students art work.

👤I use this to label camera bags. It is a much better way to label the bags. The patterns are fun. It is easy to apply and label. It was a good purchase.

👤It is very thick, it doesn't break easily, and it looks very cool. I am happy with my design choice. I used it to cover the lid of some jars because they looked ugly. I will cover some pots. Thanks.

👤Let's be real with each other. I bought this tape because of an old wives tale that if you have planters warts you don't need to buy wart treatment. There is a Everyone should listen to me. Duct Tape isn't fooling around. I felt regret the second I made a lovely decoupage of duct tape to cover my feet. I went to stand up and realized that the source that was supposed to help me was actually preventing me from walking. My blood pressure shot up to the sky as I grabbed onto my washer for support, and I realized that I need to rip this island of Duct Tape off of my disgusting feet. There is a I got the Duct Tape off my feet after peeling off what looked like a dna. There is a This stuff dries like cement and can hold things in tact. The design is very pleasing to the eyes. There is a This is not Duct Tape's fault, but please don't use this for any skin related matters, this is obviously my bad for listening to an app that rhymes with Bik Bok. Will I learn something? If the women don't find you handsome, they might find you handy.

11. Scrapbooking Supplies Decorative Wrapping Decorations

Scrapbooking Supplies Decorative Wrapping Decorations

Current will flow through both sides of the tape, because it has dual conductors. The effectiveness between components will not be affected by the tape. Smij colored tape is 15mm wide. 30 rolls are in one package. Smij washi tape set has a lot of diverse designs. All of them are unique and colorful. Each design is beautiful in its own way and can satisfy any taste. Colored masking tape can be used for many different purposes, including home décor, gift wrapping, bullet journals, planners, cards, calendars, stationery décor, party decorations, and many more. High quality tape is made from high-quality material. It sticks to different surfaces and doesn't leave sticky traces after being removed. There are rolls of bright and unique decorative tape in the washi tape set. The colors are rich and vibrant. They can add charm to your life and decorate everyday items in a unique and creative way.

Brand: Smij

👤I'm single, so what else is there for me to do, and I need some cute washi tape. Need is a stretch. This was not a request. Does anyone really need washi tape? Duct tape is sure! My bed frame has a duct tape attached to it. That stuff can do a lot. Washi tape? Pure desire. I ran across this set after I paged through Amazon's offerings. It looked like it was a good value. There is a They are pretty good. Stick to the page and you will win. Is it possible to hold a bed together? No! Can it be in my journal... There are signs that point to yes.

👤These rolls of washi tape are very cute and inexpensive. Some people complain about how well they stick, I would compare it to White masking tape. They don't stick very well, so you can't use this tape to secure things. That isn't really the purpose of it. I bought this for my 6-year-old because she loves to decorate everything, and I also purchased a couple washi tape holders that each hold five rolls, so these look really cute when fitting side by side on a tape holder together. Would definitely recommend.

👤This is not the best washi I have used, but it is less expensive than other brands. It is a great value. You can pull it up once or twice, but it's not durable enough for reuse. It serves its purpose well and is decorative tape. The prints are cute and the colors are striking. I like the variety of prints.

👤I had never tried it before, so this was a great chance to try it. There are 30 rolls of different colors and styles in this pack. I made homemade cards and used them for the first time. It's easy to work with.

👤I'm happy with this set. There's quite a bit on each roll. It's a great collection for our projects. I like the randomness of the tapes, because I get tired of using the same tapes over and over. I'm very pleased with the quality, they seem to be sticking well so far. Definitely recommend!

👤There are many great tips for using washi tape to enhance your journal, I have recently gotten into bullet journalling. I like to hold list pads or pictures, cover mistakes, and even personalize my journal or pens. This tape has the right level of elasticity and fun patterns to try. I donated to a friend's daughter who does fun washi tape and duct tape projects because I didn't like the couple rolls. You won't have to worry about getting bored if you use only one or two of the rolls.

👤I like decorating my journals with washi tape. There is a I used it on canvas for painting and the tape came off with ease because it was easy to position. There is a The designs are striking. The value is great. The smell of crayons is what I think the cons smells like. I received a duplicate washi tape roll. I will order more for myself.


What is the best product for decorative duct tape 1 inch?

Decorative duct tape 1 inch products from Topsome. In this article about decorative duct tape 1 inch you can see why people choose the product. Lovimag and Simply Genius are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative duct tape 1 inch.

What are the best brands for decorative duct tape 1 inch?

Topsome, Lovimag and Simply Genius are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative duct tape 1 inch. Find the detail in this article. Yubx, Duck and Adhes Tape Pursuit Of Perfection are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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