Best Decorative Duct Tape Boys

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1. Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. On fire pattern, orange flames, single roll is 1.88 Inches Wide x 10 Yards Long. Simply Genius On Fire is a new retail packaging.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤Garbage tape doesn't stick to anything.

👤I was surprised by the high quality.

👤Will buy again, good packaging.

👤The tape has a decorative coating on it. Color is added to toy repairs.

2. Sizes Rolls Washi Tape Set Rainbow Decorative Scrapbook

Sizes Rolls Washi Tape Set Rainbow Decorative Scrapbook

Traditional crafts and paper decorative tape has a soft appearance and is durable. They can be torn or cut and have good adhesion. 60 rolls of washi tape with 3 sizes, 5mm*34 Rolls, 10mm*16 Rolls, 15mm*10 Rolls, Length 3M(10ft) per roll. 60 rolls of Rainbow Candy Designs- include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and more rainbow colors. The Washi Tape set can be used for many things. Colored paper tape is good for decorating a lot of things. You can use your creativity unlimited. There are tapes suitable for different ages. Cute washi tape is the best gift for children because it brings fun and imagination to create their own world. Their washi tapes are produced under high standard quality control. It can stick to almost any surface. It's easy to tear off without leaving a trace.

Brand: Nanynnu

👤It's perfect for all your crafting needs.

👤They are seeing through. It's terrible for card making and crafting. The colors are not obvious. They don't have the same solid color when rolled out on paper. So disappointed.

👤Super thin, small rolls.

👤The tape doesn't stick. Buy something else.

👤It doesn't stick to anything. The paper was somewhat resistant to the pressure, but the edges came up. Wouldn't buy again.

👤It didn't say that. I did not want sheer.

👤There is a nice variety of washi tape which is great for decoration projects, but these are cheap, not very sticky, and they break easily. Even though there is a large variety of thin and thick ones, they are very thin with a terrible unstickiness. If you want the washi tape to stay, you should spend money on a good quality washi tape. I usually use a good quality tape to keep my cords together since it's cute and stays, and these don't stick well, break easily and feel cheap and useless.

3. Ninico Rolls Washi Tape Set

Ninico Rolls Washi Tape Set

Quality: Excellent. All the tapes are of great quality and have high quality control standards. The dimensions are 0.4in wide x 16ft long and have a colorful pattern. The 30 Rolls are non-toxic and Eco-friendly. It's perfect for kids, teenagers and adults and is compliant with the requirements of card making. 10 years experienced washi tape factory guarantee is high quality Every roll fits to the standard of "No Stain, No Damage" and Moderately, not too sticky, for easy removal. No Residue, Easy Tear and Stick, No Color Fade with Long Period, No Damage to Walls and Furniture, and Many Recollections for Festivals, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, are some of the features. Will reply as soon as possible and give guidance of using.

Brand: Mpopuul

👤The prints are not as vibrant as I would have liked, but for the price and quantity, it's amazing. It sticks, the prints are not off, and there is a nice variety.

👤The designs are worth the money I paid for. There are many options to use on planners.

👤The washi tape is a good deal. There is a wide variety of patterns but I only got two that were the same. Some of the patterns are printed off center and the foil on the tape below will peel if you peel them from the underside.

👤I got this set for gift wrapping, scrapping, and just crafting stuff. For different purposes, I like both sets a lot. This tape feels like paper and can be easily peeled up if you misplace it. It came in designs that look upscale. The tape is very thin and I used a pencil to show the width. It is great for paper projects. I will use the thicker one for gift wraps.

👤This set is nice. Good for crafting. I use these around little holiday decorations that I make, and then I seal them with tape. They are pretty cute. There is a My kids like to wrap their phone cords with tape. Everybody knows who his cord is and nobody can steal it. It keeps everyone honest and keeps the arguments to a minimum. There is a Unless you want to stick it someplace else, the tape and here are nice. Make sure you know where you want to put it the first time because it won't stick as well. You should be fine. It stays there once you lay it down. The colors are bright. I like the set.

👤I didn't know how small they were, but I'm happy with them. I can't wait to use the designs in my planners.

👤There is a total scam. When buying, it says 60 rolls, but at some point it changes to 30? I thought I had made the mistake myself, but I have no idea. I bought this thinking it was 60, but it was 30. I noticed that the article said 30 so I thought, yeah, I was going to write a review. I made a mistake. I accidentally ran into a screen grab of the product that said 60 rolls before I made the purchase.

👤I don't read through product specifications much because I don't change my opinion on buying. In case anyone is wondering, these rolls of tape are not what I expected. They will work for my kids, but I'm rationing them because I didn't get as much as I thought. I am aware the title says 10mm, but who measures that out visually before ordering?

👤The prints are bright and cute. 6 feet of tape per roll is great. I took away the star because I didn't get 30 rolls as promised.

👤These are disappointing. The patterns are great, but they are not transparent. They rip too easily when you try to use them, and there isn't a lot on the rolls. Save money. Don't buy this product.

4. Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius has a duct tape roll. Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. The Little Duckling Duct Tape pattern is a single roll. Simply Genius has a duct tape roll.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤I ordered a duct tape roll to use on my kids Easter eggs, everything stayed together perfectly. There were 6 giant 10” eggs with plenty to spare. The cute little ducks were perfect for the occasion and there were lots to choose from. The tape was easy to tear apart and stuck to the plastic eggs. Even though CV19 slowed everything down, it arrived in plenty of time. I will order again from this seller. Very pleased with the order.

👤The pattern is great, but the integrity of the tape is not like the original duct tape.

5. RAM PRO Camouflage Heavy Duty Assorted 1 88 Inch

RAM PRO Camouflage Heavy Duty Assorted 1 88 Inch

The backing is waterproof. The RamPro Camouflage Series Assorted Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape Set will give your project a wonderful appearance and stick to most substances. The rolls are 1.88-inch wide and 15-foot long. QUALITY: The Heavy Duty Duct Tape sticks very well and does not leave a mess when removed. The Elaborate and Colorful designs will make your projects look better and you won't need scissors to cut a clean line since the surface has horizontal rows of dots. It can be used to label plastic storage boxes, scrap booking, color code boxes during house moving, make bows to add on to head bands, create wallets, light sabers for a birthday party, and students enjoy it.

Brand: Ram-pro

👤It is great for a craft project, not a lot of material. I didn't look bad on them. I enjoy the vibrant colors. It would not be used for fixing anything slim but for crafting.

👤Graphics are great. My kids have been using old boxes to make Nerf war bunkers, and they have been a hit. I'm not used to the texture of this tape, but it seems to be holding together.

👤Works well on Bible Study Journals. The kids like the colors. The journals haven't been touched by Satan yet. We know it is working.

👤The daughter wanted to decorate things.

👤I bought the camo package for my daughter to do a project for. I was not disappointed with the bright colors I was hoping for. When buying duct tape, the glue was as strong as expected. I was very happy with the product and seller.

👤A pretty set of duct tape has excellent quality and value. It was quickly shipped. Very pleased with the seller.

👤I love the camo. It's nice and secure. I decorate the plastic containers. It's a good idea to carry a case for glasses. We give the homeless things to decorate and fill with. Older kids like the project because the tape is sticky. There are many uses and ideas.

👤We use it for arts and crafts. It's pretty nice looking. But could use a heavier-duty glue. It is getting stuck to plastic. I'm not sure if it's the oils on her fingers or the surface. I didn't see a place where we could pick our colors. We got what we were given.

6. Duck Brand 1304959 Inches Single

Duck Brand 1304959 Inches Single

You will receive 8 rolls of colorful masking tape. Each colored painters tape is 48.6 feet long and 1 inch wide. There are many uses for rainbow masking tape. The colored masking tape is a great gift for kids, teachers, painters, and so on. Contact them if you don't like the colored masking tape. They will give you a full refund or replacement. Up to 3 weeks for temporary floor marking. Not for direct sunlight. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. Excellent bond to a wide range of surfaces: cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, and laminates. Made in the USA. The Duck Tape is 20 yards wide. One roll. Made in the USA. The Duck Tape is 20 yards wide. One roll.

Brand: Duck

👤You might be a redneck. You have a 20 year old pickup truck and want to "splice it up" by replacing the silver sticky duct tape mess on the side of the torn seat with tape that blends in better with the beige leather seat. Call me what you want. I bought this tape because of that. It works well. There is a For the people who are not in the know... This is not the original duct tape. This is a strong sticky tape that has many of the original features and is offered in decorative colors. It works well. There is a The color. It is not close to the 4th picture on the Amazon page. It's almost a perfect match to the leather seats in the Chevrolet truck. The lighting made the top of the roll too light and the bottom too dark, so I tried to take a picture with some familiar colors for reference. I should wait for the sun to rise and get a better picture. I'm committed to this review so here we are. It's just fine. It's strong, it's sticky, and the color is exactly what you think of when you picture beige.

👤I had a desk that I really liked but when I redecorated my home office I decided to go with white furniture and my desk was brown. It's one of those cheap desks. I wanted to keep it and not spend money on a new one. I used white duct tape to change the color of the desk. The stripe pattern is made from applying it in rows.

👤I don't know if this is one of the more common Amazon bootleg items, or a cheaper version made for Amazon. The duck tape is terrible. The roll looks the same, but it is nothing like the duct tape that we have been using our whole life. I can always use it for a more common application, so I'm not going to send it back. There is a It's not usable. If you use duct tape, those usually charge. It's a different color and thin. I'll bet it's not a joke.

👤I needed strong tape to hold my portable air conditioner vent in place. It would blend in. This tape is easy to blend in. The price is very reasonable.

👤This is the worst product that has ever been produced. Please don't take my word for it. You should try it yourself. Try to get a piece of it off the roll. Try to stick it to something other than your fingers. This uncontrollable behavior should not be allowed to be manufactured as an glue. Thanks to Amazon, we have an opportunity to know what's going on and how to fix it when it goes wrong.

👤A lot of manufacturers use Amazon to dump their products that don't pass quality inspection, according to my theory. For the ninth time, this proves it to me. It's only a small part of the roll, so I'm not returning it, but at six bucks and change for this roll, I expected more. If the entire roll was like this, I would return it. I had to go through the roll's defect to the part where there was no one. The rest of the roll will be used for odd jobs. Shame on you for charging so much. The roll should be sold for half the price.

7. Masking Decorative Collection Wrapping Mooker

Masking Decorative Collection Wrapping Mooker

There are rolls of bright and unique decorative tape in the washi tape set. The colors are rich and vibrant. They can add charm to your life and decorate everyday items in a unique and creative way. Each roll of top quality decorative CRAFT WASHI TAPE measures 1.5 cm wide and 13 feet long, and is available in 24 different designs. Adding a country-chic touch to wedding banners is possible with the Vintage washi tape. Quality washi tape. The washi tape is made of premium Japanese material. The washi tape is easy to stick and remove, and can be easily torn by hand. It is a high quality set. The Washi masking tape is perfect for highlighting important time and things. You can also make your own crafts, such as a diary book, arts and crafts, or unique gift wrapping. Use your imagination and creativity to make your life better. MOOKER WASHI TAPE is a great present for handcraft makers. The recollections washi tape has a lot of fun. They offer quick and convenient service. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will do their best to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

Brand: Mooker

👤I got these for a prize for my classroom of girls. I would have gone with girlier designs, but these are still fun. The bearded guy could be fun in the right setting. There is a I have a different brand of tape that does not stick as much as this one, but it still peels off easily. There are little discs of tape between the tapes when you remove them, which is interesting because the tape is stuck together at first. It was not a big deal. I thought the prints would be offset a little. I will buy it again.

👤The tape was so thin that it was difficult to use, and several of the designs were transparent. No one should purchase these for any reason. I received an email from someone claiming to be "Chris" the seller, who offered me$15 to remove the negative review. My reviews will always be honest. You should make better goods. I just threw the tape away. I don't think future purchases will be better.

👤I got this when I was on a Washi kick, and I'm trying to find reasons to use them so I can say they do stick well. I hang up my cheap sticky notes with them on my quilting rulers. I label my tea canisters so they can be easily removed. I have used them for decorating my electronics and they do peel off over time, but I don't think it's a big deal for me to touch my electronics a lot. Quality and variety are good for your buck. When I finally use them all up, I might get back on the washi tape high.

👤The set is an excellent value for the number of rolls. The rolls are small, but forgivable. Stick well and are great for scrap booking or as material for a project that does not require large amounts of support from them. I used it to line the side and flap of envelopes with cards.

👤I like these tapes. The little guys with beards are adorable and I am putting tape on various things. It keeps envelopes closed and gives a more personal touch. I like them a lot and they feel high quality.

👤I received washi tapes to organize my planners. I gave them 4 stars because they were cut slightly off, making them a tad smaller than other washi tape I bought from Target. I do appreciate the variety, but there's not as much product as I expected. The designs on the product description are what you get. They're bright and fun, and perfect for what I need. You cannot write on these with a pen. Attached are images. I used my Papermate Inkjoy pen to write. Someone suggested a Sharpie marker to write on the tapes. They are semi- transparent.

👤These rolls of tape are disappointing. They are smaller with less tape on the roll. It is about 4 rolls worth if you put them all together. The tape is useless because they are so small. I wouldn't buy them again.

8. Multi Colored Duct Tape Variety

Multi Colored Duct Tape Variety

100% money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it and they'll give you a full refund. A variety pack of duct tape can help release the creativity of your boys and girls. High quality. The duct tapes are made of vinyl. The rolls are 2 inches wide and 10 yards. Fun colored hoop tapes come in blue, orange, red, black, and green and will give your project a wonderful appearance. The duct tape surfaces have rows of points that are easy to tear off. There are great gifts. Great for classroom and kindergarten projects. It's perfect for home moving labels and any color coding duct-tape labeling related to household or kitchen crafts.

Brand: Joybest

👤Duct tape is pretty standard. I gave 4 stars because the edges sometimes fall apart. The colors are bright. It was bought for projects for kids. 4yo could not tear on his own.

👤I am returning the rolls because of the difficulties in separating them. They had to be taken apart with a knife. The glue on the side of the rolls was sticky and stuck to any surface it was placed on after they were separated.

👤A lot of stuff leaves and comes off easily.

👤The tape is perfect for kids' crafts. It isn't sticky so it won't ruin anything they use it on or tear their hair out. The smooth surface looks great on craft projects. It tears so no mess.

👤I love all the colors. My nephew made many cool things with it.

👤These work well. The Duck brand tape has a better adhesion. Shipping was quick.

👤These come in a huge variety of colors. Even if I only need a short piece, I still need to keep a stock of all the colors I need as a teacher. There is still plenty to do with the rolls, even though they aren't as large as gray tape.

👤I loved the colors. Sometimes it gets stuck together or is hard to place. Just have to be careful.

9. Simply Genius Patterned Supplies Universe

Simply Genius Patterned Supplies Universe

Simply Genius has a duct tape roll. Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. The single roll is 10 yards long. Duct Tape Roll By Simply Genius In Dark Universe pattern with the stars and planets. Retail packaging is new.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤It looks cool. The problem is that it is not enough.

👤Simply Genius... It should be called rip off. There is no duct tape on this roll. They should show this in a photo. You have to be kidding. See the photo.

👤I like the design and thickness. It's perfect for crafting.

👤Not worth it. It wasn't long enough.

👤Great print! Duct tape can fix anything, so it's a perfect gift for a man.

10. Aloha Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbooking

Aloha Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbooking

Quality: Excellent. All the tapes are of great quality and have high quality control standards. The dimensions are 15mm (0.6 inch). Each roll has a width of 10 meters and a length of 33 feet. 525 feet of patterned craft paper tape. Personalize greeting cards, decorate home and office. Great as a journal and a sticker. Use as wall decals, personalize your phone case and chargers, candle holders, stationary dispensers, photo frames, party cups, wedding placeholders, or even use as stationary dispensers. Social media posts that are visually striking. Your possibilities are endless. Gold Foil rolls are included with each pack. It is a must have in your BuJo supplies. Animals, fruit, and ice cream Popsicles are included in colored and geometric designs. Wrap Christmas presents with a personal touch. There is a super Ior Adhesion. The materials used in Aloha Tapes are high-quality. Clean and vibrant colors are delivered by precise printing. Sticks are resistant to the elements. It is easy to remove and re-position with no remnants left behind. They strive for the highest quality, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Aloha Tapes

👤These aren't as bright as shown in the photo, but they're still exactly as advertised. I have found better assortment and value in other sets. These aren't my style and don't coordinate with other sticker packs. I have used less than half of them. The width is perfect. They stick well and can be moved.

👤The designs are cute but not on the expensive side. It is very sticky and can be re-positioned. Very big rolls. The price was justified in the end. I reuse the cute box they came in for something else.

👤I read great reviews of these and bought them. They look great and are very durable. The shiny tapes. I bought a box for my sister because she likes them. The only downside is that it can take off a piece of paper with it. These babies will not be off the paper soon. The Washi tapes have a good hold. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I expected them to be cuter. The price is less than $1 a roll. Each washi tape is shrink wrapped in plastic within the box to protect it from transit damage, and each and every print is adorable - the details are so clear and well-defined, the colors and metallics are really vibrant. I love that they arrived in their own attractive box so I can keep them organized. There is a They were well packaged and arrived quickly. I would order again from Aloha Tapes, they have a great deal on washi tape. Highly recommended.

👤This was the best set I have ever purchased. Each large roll was wrapped with three little ones. They are in a nice box with a sliding sleeve. The rolls were shown in the picture. If it was a little better, it would be 5 stars. It tends to release at the edges when I use bullet journal.

👤Excellent quality! There are cute and versatile prints. Each tape was wrapped individually and there were no damage or dents on it. There are four tapes with a metallic shine.

👤I'm happy with my purchase. I have never used washi tapes before. They were bought to be used as decor or for painting. They came off the paper easily when I tested them with beginner paint. They created sharper lines with masking tape. The designs are cute and I like them.

👤I bought them for my kids. They have good glue. The patterns are fun.

11. Rolls Washi Tape Set Scrapbooking

Rolls Washi Tape Set Scrapbooking

It can be used to label plastic storage boxes, scrap booking, color code boxes during house moving, make bows to add on to head bands, create wallets, light sabers for a birthday party, and students enjoy it. 40 rolls of masking tape with fashionable designs are included in one package. There is plenty of washi tape for all kinds of craft activities, because each roll of washi tape is 1.5 inches in width and 9 feet in length. The paper tapes are colorful and unique with the newest designs, including cute, universe, snowflakes, gems, hearts, leaves, geometry, cartoon, and solid colors. Your art life is wonderful. Small tape with a lot of use. Arts and crafts supplies are perfect for decorating planners. These gorgeous masking tapes are a great choice for filling journals, photo albums, and scrapbooks. You can make unlimited use of your creativity. The KUNMINGER Decorative tape is made from high-quality materials and produced with Japanese paper. You can easily remove it and stick it again. It is suitable for both kids and adults. 40 rolls of different and unique decorative tapes are contained in this brightly colored masking tape set. It is very easy to use. It's a perfect present for teens and kids. Your friends will be amazed by the gifts and decorations you make with this tape.

Brand: Kunminger

👤Washi tape is great for a good price. Cute designs!

👤Very disappointed! I received nothing like what I ordered. The ones I got are all grid patterns. I thought I was getting 40 rolls of fun colorful patterns, but I only got 27 rolls. I won't be returning them for a refund because they were an Easter basket gift for my daughter. I think this is money going down the drain. I wanted to let you know that you should check your stock.

👤I bought washi tape for my daughter to make her own crafts. I chose it because it was bright and colorful and fun to use. I thought they had sent the wrong item when I saw the tape. I compared the patterns online. The colors are not the same. The tape is transparent. The photos were edited to make the tape look better. I was surprised by the positive reviews. There is a If you think it looks like washi tape, you should buy it. Do not. You will not be happy.

👤These are the things daughter lives for her crafts.

👤I'm returning the tape without taking it out of the package. It's all depressing. I use washi tape to decorate envelopes for cards of encouragement and all of the colors are downers. Poor image repeat and too many rolls are black. Don't waste your money on this item.

👤There are great choices of color and band width.

👤This tape sticks really well and there have been a few times when I have to pull it back up and stick it back onto the page, but it will remain stuck even after doing all of this. The tape is very strong. I've been able to either tear this tape, use an x-acto knife, paper cutter, scissors, or even a box cutter, and have not had any issues with any of the tools I've used. The variety of designs you get with this tape is very colorful. Some of the colors are a little brighter than others, but they all look great. The rolls are about half an inch wide. You get a lot of tape on each roll. I believe you get almost 10 feet on each roll, even though I haven't measured. I used a single roll on several pages of a scrap book and had tape left over. The pages were 12 inches by 12 inches and I used it to trim the top and bottom pages on 4 pages, but still had tape over them. Excellent tape to use.

👤It was fun to use in my planner.

👤The picture has a half roll of tape, the product has a full roll. I love washi. What they show in the picture isn't the same as what you get. The photo has brighter images and colors that are different than what you get. May not buy again. I'll use what I get.

👤The picture suggests that the colors are lighter. They stick. Some of the tapes are good. I'm not happy with the purchase. Sorry.


What is the best product for decorative duct tape boys?

Decorative duct tape boys products from Simply Genius. In this article about decorative duct tape boys you can see why people choose the product. Nanynnu and Mpopuul are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative duct tape boys.

What are the best brands for decorative duct tape boys?

Simply Genius, Nanynnu and Mpopuul are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative duct tape boys. Find the detail in this article. Ram-pro, Duck and Mooker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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