Best Decorative Duct Tape Dogs

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1. Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape

Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape

Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll. DIMENSIONS 30 rolls, each roll 15mm. It was wide x 4 meters long. Fantastic design and style. Cute patterns with gold foil are great for decorating planners,walls, phone cases,gift cards, and gift wrapping. A pretty gift set is a good present for homemakers. It's fun in different age groups. It is sticky and replaceable. It is easy to clean. Quality Assurance: AFATape is guaranteed to be of good quality.

Brand: Hwook

👤This washi tape is great. It sticks wonderfully, tears easily, and comes in lots of fun patterns. The pack is for purchase. I settled on this one after comparing different packs for over an hour. I put a short video of me playing with my fingers so you can see how well it sticks. It's a good thing.

👤It can be removed from paper without damaging it. There is a The previous washi tape I got was very thin and cheap. This was a pleasant surprise. There is a In the video, I demo the tape on paper, and 30s in it becomes my daughter playing with it.

👤These are 5 star washi. Only half of them have gold foil, which is fine with me because they are all beautiful. I would leave 4 stars, but for the value, I'm ok with one roll being "meh". The days of the week roll are incorrect. It goes on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. It was printed like that, but I rolled it out further than the picture. I bought this set for the lipstick. mushroom washi I got both of them. I would buy again.

👤I love using washi tape in my planners, even though I haven't been using them much. There are some cute designs in this set. The tape was not too thin. I bought washi tape from the craft store and the quality was terrible, it kept tearing when I was peeling it off the roll. The tape is not like some tapes. I was able to put my stickers over them. I like that the gold doesn't fall off, I tried to scratch it to see if it would fall off, but it didn't. I had no problems with the glue not sticking. The tape is not peeling or lifting up on the photo I've included, it was used two days prior. I can't wait to decorate my spreads with this washi tape every week.

👤The lack of foil detailing must have been a mistake. They all appear to have completed the gold foil throughout the multiple feet of foil detailed rolls that they used in this pack. The balloons had foil after a few feet. The foil detailing should be all the way through the rest of the rolls. I've only used a small part of the roll so far, but I'm really disappointed. The gold foil on the balloons stopped and it was a half complete design after I used the first couple of inches. You can see in the picture that the rest of the roll seems to continue on this way. I'm worried that the rest of the rolls will not be different. As I use the rest of the rolls, I'll update rating/review.

👤I bought this tape as a decoration, as it was supposed to be a place holder on my desk. I'm so happy that I only intended to use it for something. I have tried using this tape on many occasions, but it won't stick. I tried to tape each time, but nothing. It looks like it worked for a short time, but then it went from being flat to a mess. It is pretty. If you want to tape something, you have to put the tape where you want it first, and then tape over it with clear tape. If you don't mind doing that, then this colorful tape imposter will be perfect. Don't buy this item if you want to use it in place of tape. I have never used this kind of tape, so maybe it is common. I have no prior experience with this type of decorative tape, and this is my opinion. It is possible that this is a shared problem and that Inwould remove the word "tape" from the item's name and description as that is not the case and is very misleading.

2. Simply Genius Patterned Supplies Patterns

Simply Genius Patterned Supplies Patterns

A huge repeat customer base is built on the platform of honesty, consistency, and the highest quality. If you have a problem with your tape, please contact them for a replacement or money back. Their Florida based team is always available to help. Duct Tape Multi Pack that is easy to tear, clean and even, no stringy edge; Simply Genius decorative duct tape is well-suited for wood, plastic, metal, leather and more. There is a craft assortment of multi-use glues. The colored and patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, home d├ęcor, and accessories. Duct tape designs are perfect for everyone, from safe craft supplies for kids, to fun school supplies, art classes, and even video games. Duct tape for adults and kids is colorful and can be used at temperatures up to 140 degrees F. The animal print duct tape variety pack includes: kittens, cats, dogs, elephants, birds, llamas, sharks, owls, pandas, and sloth party favors. Duct Tape Rolls By Simply Genius, Animal Patterns; Decorative Tape For Arts And Crafts Supplies. New. Retail packaging.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤Great product! I take 10 pieces of copy paper, add a colorful card stock cover, fold it in half, add 3 staples, and cover the stapler with this colorfully-designed tape! Writing and drawing can be done in instant journals. The students like to use theirs. The package had designs to meet the students eye. Thanks!

👤My 6 year old loves making things and I bought these for him. This was cheaper than the brand name duct tape, but still good for our purposes. The tape is thinner than the duct tape, which makes it easier for her to cut through it. She has decorated our front door and made a purse out of cardboard. We've been going back to these to adorn other creations around the house because she was delighted by the variety of colors and patterns.

👤My nephew is 7 years old and I purchased these for him. Since Christmas, he and his sister have been playing with the tape and making lots of different things. They made jewelry trays and wallet. They love it! The designs are very cute. It keeps them busy and unlocks their creativity. I recommend it!

👤I thought they would be bigger. I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe it's masking tape. These are small. It's tiny. I was disappointed for about 10 seconds. These are beautiful, as other reviewers have mentioned. They are functional. They have a good stick for being small. I am giving schools notes, bills, and to-do lists. They make the mundane dreadful things more enjoyable to look at.

👤I like to make crafts out of duct tape. I used this tape to make a few things. Everything I made fell apart. I made a wallet that I left sitting on my table, but after a few days it started to fall apart because the duct tape did not want to stick to itself at all. I'm very disappointed. I don't think this brand is a good one for duct tape craft use.

👤The items were made with duct tape.

👤These are the duct tape stick I got. It was a waste of money for what it did not do.

👤The quality of the tape is even better than the other brand. Depending on the pattern and store, the price is $2 to $4 cheaper. I will buy again.

3. Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Purchase with peace of mind. This is not the duck brand, but it is a high quality alternative that is cost effective. Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. A single roll is 1.88 Inches Wide x 10 Yards Long. Duct Tape Roll By Simply Genius, Light Wood Grain. Retail packaging is new.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤I bought this to cover up the gaps between the box and the wall on the electrical panel. Since it's listed as duct tape, I was expecting it to be the same material as the standard silver duct tape we all know and love, but it wouldn't tear unless you use your teeth, sticks to everything, etc. This was more like packing tape than a box. I'm not sure how long it will hold up, but it did the job.

👤It's a little lighter in color than I thought, but it's serving the purpose. The woodgrain pattern works well for what I'm using it for. How well it wears will be determined by how long it lasts. There is a Thanks!

👤I used this tape to make cargo boxes. It was easy to use and arrived on time. I had enough tape left over to pack my home for the upcoming move, and I made 3-4 boxes. The tackiness of the paper worked well for me because I used it over the boxes and it stuck well to the box alone.

👤Not real duct tape. Duct tape is waterproof. This is not. It was not as strong as regular duct tape. I will not do this again.

👤This is for the wood grain. I was happy with the color and look, but it doesn't stick. Cleaned the area before hand.

👤My box needed some facial repair. Everyone was surprised that it was Duct Tape.

👤The product performs poorly. I didn't expect the glue to hold up so long. Disappointed with the purchase.

4. Dalus Decorative Adhesive Beautify Journals

Dalus Decorative Adhesive Beautify Journals

There are 20 different designs and the dimensions are 15mm wide x 5 meters long. No one is allowed to live in this area. You can remove the tape from your walls and stick them again without leaving any damage. If your kids get into them, you don't have to worry. The designs are bright and lovely. There is a cloud, a flower, and actus. Your friends will be amazed by the gifts and decorations you make with this tape. You will find their 20 newest designs in this premium set. It's a box full of fun. The washi tape is a great way to highlight important dates in your planner and bullet journal. Quality: Excellent. All the tapes are of great quality and have high quality control standards. If you have a problem, just contact them, you are protected by a satisfaction guarantee from Dalus.

Brand: Dalus

👤I heard a lot of washi tape being ripped. This helps a lot. We used it for a project. The washi tape was used to seal the edges of the other tape. The kids loved all the different designs.

👤Fun patterns stick as they should.

👤The tape has the right amount of glue. These werehi tapes are good.

👤I love these! They are cute and stick well. A great price for a fun selection of tape. I didn't like the brand I bought. Theee are the best.

👤I like this set because it's my style and I buy washitape a lot. I think I will use all of them.

👤Cute designs and a great price!

👤The tape was washi. It's fun, colorful, and I love it. I use it to hold my watercolor paper down while painting, but I can see a lot of other uses for the washi tape.

👤I appreciate the price cheat and the washi tapes need more.

5. Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

The zebra duct tape rolls can be used for many things. These tapes are ideal for all sorts of small decorative packings, gift packings, scrapbooking, decorating, signage and other similar needs which is the reason as to why they are readily preferred by the users. Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. The single roll is 10 yards long. Simply Genius Duct Tape Roll. In a blue wave pattern. Retail packaging is new.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤I have to do art on a cart due to the Pandemic and wanted something to jazz it up for me and the kids. The solution was this tape. It is easy to cut and stick.

👤This isn't traditional Duct tape. It's terrible, re sticking and endurance. It's just junk in clothes. Peels off easily and won't stand the test of time. Nope.

👤The tape is pretty. The online photos don't do it justice.

👤I used this to tape the border between the gym floor and the carpet. It works well. Cute design.

👤It is beautiful and glossy. It doesn't stick. It's a shame.

👤I like the brand of duct tape. It is easy to cut and keep its shape. This pattern reminds me of ocean waves.

👤I like the colors on this tape. I needed a label to show my gear was different. The glue is good. If you need to redo it, it allows it.

6. Duck 283268 Printed Inches Single

Duck 283268 Printed Inches Single

Quality is their top priority. Innovative products that exceed customers expectations have been developed by them. It is important that you are happy. Questions or concerns can be raised with their support specialists. They will be adding black, tan, white, brown, and clear duct tape soon. Up to 3 weeks for temporary floor marking. Not for direct sunlight. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. Excellent bond to a wide range of surfaces: cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, and laminates. Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll. Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll.

Brand: Duck

👤Great product. It was used to decorate my son's jeans. I pulled it off after it stayed on all day. It stuck perfectly, but it left no marks on the jeans. I wrapped the band around my head. This stuff can be used in many different ways.

👤I didn't want to buy another suitcase because the airline cracked it. So... I put the entire thing in duct tape. It's cute and colorful. It took 3 rolls to cover the entire surface, but it was worth it because new luggage would cost more than the tape. It is easy to use.

👤I refurbished a pair of Liz Claiborne shoes. They were comfortable. Voila! There are new shoes.

👤I was expecting better quality. It would hold. The pattern and use for crafting has potential, but it depends on what you are sticking it with. Didn't hold onto cardboard. Oh well.

👤We used this to repair our cheap plastic sled after it cracked in a million places. This tape repairs the holes and cracks and holds up well, and it looks absolutely rad. Our sled is a tie-dye peace warrior sled, unique to ours among all the other standard-issue sleds on the hill, and we didn't put more plastic in the garbage, contributing to the plastic island in the ocean and the choking of wildlife, because we fixed the

👤I used bright tape to put up stall decorations. Our design was perfect because it was hippie style. You can tear the tape by hand. I used scissors for a clean look. The decor stayed in place for 3 days. I have used DUCK tape for stall decor for many years and it has turned out great.

👤These work well and are great. They are not white with the blue speckles. The white is not the same as an off white or a white that has yellow on it. If you are looking for the white to be pure white, it isn't. It works well as borders for the folders I am making to hold students art work.

👤I use this to label camera bags. It is a much better way to label the bags. The patterns are fun. It is easy to apply and label. It was a good purchase.

👤It is very thick, it doesn't break easily, and it looks very cool. I am happy with my design choice. I used it to cover the lid of some jars because they looked ugly. I will cover some pots. Thanks.

👤Let's be real with each other. I bought this tape because of an old wives tale that if you have planters warts you don't need to buy wart treatment. There is a Everyone should listen to me. Duct Tape isn't fooling around. I felt regret the second I made a lovely decoupage of duct tape to cover my feet. I went to stand up and realized that the source that was supposed to help me was actually preventing me from walking. My blood pressure shot up to the sky as I grabbed onto my washer for support, and I realized that I need to rip this island of Duct Tape off of my disgusting feet. There is a I got the Duct Tape off my feet after peeling off what looked like a dna. There is a This stuff dries like cement and can hold things in tact. The design is very pleasing to the eyes. There is a This is not Duct Tape's fault, but please don't use this for any skin related matters, this is obviously my bad for listening to an app that rhymes with Bik Bok. Will I learn something? If the women don't find you handsome, they might find you handy.

7. Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

Simply Genius Patterned Colored Supplies

This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays. Duct tape roll that is easy to tear evenly and has no stringy edges is printed multiple times. A patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, and home decor. It's perfect for everyone, and it's also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and cell phone case covers. A single roll is 1.88 Inches Wide x 10 Yards Long. Simply Genius has a duct tape roll.

Brand: Simply Genius

👤It's not just an attractive tape.

8. YUBX Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbook

YUBX Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbook

The present set isTTY. Good gift for homemakers to teens. It's fun in different age groups. The design: This washi tape is made of black gold. The pattern was printed from elements of wild animals. This tape is the best choice if you follow crafting trends and have a wild imagination. It's easy to paste it to any place you want. You can remove the tape and stick it again without leaving any damage. There are multiple functions. The washi tape is a great way to use for many things. A pack of 12 9/16" (15mm) in wide and 10 ft (3m) in length. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubx

👤I love this set. The prints are beautiful. Here is my phone. Some of the tapes are upside down.

👤These rolls of tape are small enough to fit on your finger. Such a waste of money.

👤These tapes are 100% opaque. The unique colors, gold accents, and BOLD designs are what I love the most. If you're tired of pastels and thin styles, these are for you. D.

👤I wanted to decorate the wooden letters for our baby nursery in the most inexpensive way, and I ordered these because I wanted a safari look. They come with 12 small rolls for less than 10 dollars. We had more on the rolls after each letter. It is likely that this is more sticky on paper, but it is not likely to bother anyone.

👤When I found this set, I was so excited. It has been a disappointment. The rolls are small and the glue is old. I used glue to adhere it to my project. I will not buy this again.

👤This washi is gorgeous. The rolls are too small, but you can't beat the price. I received what I was shown.

👤The tape was very colorful.

👤They are a lot smaller than the picture shows.

9. Metalized Polyester Adhesive Multiple Available

Metalized Polyester Adhesive Multiple Available

The tapes are evenly sized and of great quality, because they have high quality control standards. If you have a problem, contact them. There are 72 yards of metalized polyESTER film coated with an aggressive, long lasting acrylic adhesive. There are excellent chemical and thermal qualities to the tapes. Decorative trim, automotive trim, nameplates, electric appliances, advertising displays are some of the things that Florentine shielding can do. It can be used in photo sensor applications to detect splices and to facilitate roll changeovers. There are 6 colors that are in high quality.

Brand: Ggr Supplies

👤This tape sticks well on the wall and I love it.

👤The cabinets are like a good butterfly. Wow.

👤It's like fly paper if it gets caught on the surfaces. There is a Learning curve to how to handle it in this application. Don't try to use this material in windy conditions. It's easy to apply because there is no peeling off the back side. It will be messed up pulling it up and positioning it, so make sure you are aiming right. I had to learn how to not let air bubbles get caught on the strip. The bubble should be compressed as much as possible to release the pressure. Thin enough that it's almost impossible to see the seam when laid over on another piece of the same material. My application was to restore the usefulness of a 55" mirror used in solar thermal applications. See images of the abandoned Hughes Satellite dish. The dish was only 33.5" across and it was able to set the newspaper on fire in the morning. The larger dish was ruined by being exposed to coastal salt air. Today was reading close to 600 F., and could have gotten 250 F. before the resurfacing. The device was saved by the amazing difference the tape made. Baking bread using solar energy is a fun project to master. Thank you for making this product available, ordering another roll for back up. The Baja, Mexico high desert is from March to March.

👤I bought this to decorate my studio walls and give them a pinstripe of gold. The tape looks out of place on the textured walls. The lighting in my studio doesn't catch the light enough to make it stand out, so I will need to purchase something else to make it stand out.

👤The side window vent shades are being accented with this tape. There is a curve in the shades that cover the windows. The curve of this tape is hard to fit. I made it work but it would have been better if it was more flexible. I covered the chrome window trim with the shades to make it look smart.

👤I put good tape on the outside of my car and it holds up. It will get faded by the sun after a while.

👤The answer to my prayers was this product. The medicine cabinet mirror had mirror paint on the bottom 1/2 inch, but it was no longer there.

👤I painted a bedroom suit with chalk paint and used it as a trim because I am not very good at painting small trim. This was perfect. You could take it off if you made a mistake. It is easy to work with and easy to remove. There were no mistakes on my trim. Thank you. I will buy again.

10. Duck 283700 Printed Crispy Inches

Duck 283700 Printed Crispy Inches

This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays. Make your fix stand out. Excellent for crafting, fun and imaginative projects. High performance strength and elasticity, yet tears easily by hand without curling. Works on a variety of surfaces. There are more prints available in Geometric/Pattern, Texture/Fabric, and Retiring prints.

Brand: Duck

👤Does. Not. There is a taste. Like. There is a town called Bancon. The tape still works well.

👤It tastes terrible. I made this for a family and they couldn't chew it. My dog won't eat it. It had almost no fat. I think it's a healthier type of bacon. I used the rest to hold things together. Lifehack!

👤I like bacon printed duct tape. Two American favorites! I gave this to my son for Christmas. He got a kick out of it. He made himself a pair of shoes out of duct tape when he was a kid. I wish there was more on the way.

👤I got another roll to patch the cover of an old carving design book where I put ideas and sketches as well as a fix for the power cord sockets and plug in my notebook computer. My daughter won't make herself another wallet.

👤I was sending a vegan friend a box and I bought this to tape it. I would have liked to have more tape on the roll for the price, but it got the job done, and the packaging makes it look like there is more.

👤The design is cute, but the tape seems old or has been exposed to heat, as it sticks too much when unrolling.

👤The colors were realistic. My son received it as a gag gift. He loves Beaux.

👤All my co-workers love to see the bacon and start drooling when they look at anything I wrap in this delicious bacon tape.

11. Variety Decorative Style Plaid Scrapbooking

Variety Decorative Style Plaid Scrapbooking

Duct Tape Roll By Simply Genius In Bubblegum Kitty Pattern With Cute Pink Hearts is included. New. Retail packaging. There are 6 rolls of fun plaid duct style tape in this package. There are cute and fun styles. The set of 6 rolls of duct tape is 48mm wide by 15 feet long. There are fun designs of plaid on a background of white. There are plaid colors of purple, red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. There are fun and cute styles to use. These duct style tapes can be used to make cute hair bands, braided bracelets, fun jewlery, wallet, phone cases, style your boots, style up your belts, and anything else you can think of. Duct style tape is flexible and easy to peel and apply to what you need. It's great for children's projects and room decoration. Enhance your next project with this duct style tape. This tape is fun to decorate everything with. They're perfect for school projects, folders, books, journals, birthday cards, purses, and even furniture. Duct style tapes are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or return.

Brand: Northland Wholesale

👤The lace part of the tape was what I thought would show. I can't use it on jars. I would like to come back, but I opened one of the tapes.

👤The little girl loved it. Someone on my Christmas Adopted Family list received it.


What is the best product for decorative duct tape dogs?

Decorative duct tape dogs products from Hwook. In this article about decorative duct tape dogs you can see why people choose the product. Simply Genius and Dalus are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative duct tape dogs.

What are the best brands for decorative duct tape dogs?

Hwook, Simply Genius and Dalus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative duct tape dogs. Find the detail in this article. Duck, Yubx and Ggr Supplies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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