Best Decorative Easel Stand for Wedding Sign

Easel 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Bards Satin Metal Easel 16 25

Bards Satin Metal Easel 16 25

The larger size is 16 H x 8.75" W x 7 D. The display size is 14.5" H x 7.5" W x 1.25" D. Materials: The metal easel is made of gold. The uses are listed. Excellent for books, plates, plaques, framed items, signs, small artworks or paintings, icons, small stained-glass items, and other items. It can be used for electronic devices. It's a great addition to display your collection. Eye-catching and decorative stands can help accentuate and showcase your collectibles. A brand dedicated for over 20 years to helping you make your collection look great! They can help you get your collection out of storage.

Brand: Bard's

👤This is great for my wedding guest book photo frame. It is sturdy enough to hold.

👤I needed a table easel for a sign. We wanted the gold accents to go with the decor. It was perfect! It was shipped exactly as I expected, and looked much more expensive than I thought. I'm trying to find a way to use it in my home.

👤A portrait of my father can be displayed. The frame backer that supported standing up the Fram has broken. The framer wouldn't help me out because it's not a standard size. It is a great alternative. It's likely less expensive to find a framer who will help me.

👤I ordered around 6 of them and they were all perfect. They have a minimal look that is classy. The gold tone is lovely and subtle. Very happy with the purchase.

👤It was perfect for our wedding seating chart.

👤You get two in a pack. It was a great find to display pictures that you don't want to hang on the wall. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤Medium and smal paintings are supported.

2. US Art Supply Easy Folding Display

US Art Supply Easy Folding Display

You can put a mini chalkboard horizontally or vertically to show your message for wedding party table numbers, place card, favor tag, plant decorative sign, food labels, food name card decorative sign, and so on. The mini chalkboards are great for weddings and events. A premium quality large 63" high black steel folding display easel stand that's quick and easy to set-up, and it also instantly collapses down to a compact 15" in size and weights less than 3 pounds, makes it the perfect portable travel easel. The easel made for the artists tripod display is made with lightweight tubular steel metal for extra stability and has a glossy black finish. The legs lock into place when they are expanded, but they are not adjusted. The easels holder arms can be locked into your desired position anywhere on the easel, and they can hold items up to 5 pounds. It's an ideal display easel for trade shows, office presentations, event and store signs, poster and dry erase boards and other lightweight art and boards. The easel display is used for promotions at weddings, art exhibitions and shopping malls. The dimensions are 36 inch max leg width by 30 inch max leg depth. The rubber feet on the tripod legs give added stability on the floors and also protect the surfaces.

Brand: U.s. Art Supply

👤I was able to hold up a welcome sign at my wedding. I loved that it wasn't bulky like my other easel. This one was easy to fold up, and was smaller than the other one. It was easy to change out different sizes of signs because the plastic clips on it were not static. I took it to the beach with me for the reception.

👤I think this was a good easel for the price, but if you want something stronger, I would recommend a solid wood or heavier easel. If you have a light hand, you can use it. I set out to paint the forest from within in the back woods of the blue ridge mountains in Virginia because of the lightweight easel and light canvas I was able to carry. It took me 3 days to find the right spot, but I found more than I expected. The yellow leaf was beautiful. It was common to see a blade of grass in an old farmers afternoon field, as well as a stream from a distant waterfall. The leaf was soft and held on to life even after being worked from green to yellow. I saw that my fate was reflected back to me. A man in later years of life, past the time of growth and edging ever closer to the end of his physical existence. The fallen color was only temporarily separated from the tree that gave it life and nurtured it through the forest floor roots. Only to return to the ground and give more life to the same. The old man returns to where he started. I was aware of my spirit in the woods.

👤I keep easel borrowings when I need them. I decided to purchase a few to keep on hand. They don't take up a lot of room. I wouldn't trust them for an outdoor event if there was a breeze, but they get the job done indoors. I had foam board signs on them as well. It was light. I wouldn't recommend it for a bigger picture.

👤We needed a poster that would be eye-catching to place outside the door of the church where we host the computer clinic. I bought a professional clip-art image of a geeky laptop-wielding wolf adjusting his Adam Savage-inspired horn rims, made him look older, and uploaded the image to ArtToFrames to serve as the mascot for The Gray Haired Geek. I ordered the easel at the same time. It makes sure the mascot can be seen from a distance to let people know where to find us.

👤The easel is terrible. It is flimsy and not very sturdy, and I noticed that one of the legs was linked up so bad that it wanted to be close to me. It's difficult to store because one leg is sticking out. One of my male neighbors, who is stronger than me, was able to unkink it. This is not the product I will buy if I ever need an easel. There is a This easel is a pain in the neck, and is an example of how you get what you pay for. I paid a small amount of money for it.

3. T SIGN Instant Easel Stand Display

T SIGN Instant Easel Stand Display

The dimensions are 14" max leg width by 13" max leg depth by 14" high. The rubber feet on the tripod legs give them added stability and protect the surfaces. FOLDING & PORTABLE: It's easy to carry a free carry bag with a fold size of only 14.86 inches. Sturdy Tripod Base is suitable for trade shows, office presentations, event and store signs, posters and light dry erase boards. The slide has different heights to make sure your display is well seen. The installation is ultra-fast. It can be unfolded for instant use and can hold 10 lbs. All T-SIGN products come with a 2-year manufacture's warranty, they have a professional after-sale team, please feel free to contact them for any questions.

Brand: T-sign

👤I needed something to hold my paintings when I was working on them. Some people said it fell over easily, so I have a tip for extra strength. I filled the chair socks with rice and secured them with a clear elastic on the bottom of the stands. Even if you accidentally hit it, it holds up.

👤It was good for what I needed. I am not sure how it would be outdoors.

👤These are very convenient. They are used for conferences and conventions. They are very sturdy and set up in less than 20 seconds. It is easy to secure a poster or frame with the "hooks" that are variable up and down and right to left. Lighter posters are kept in place by turning them inside facing each other. The carrying pouch is not very durable, but with a little care, it should last a long time. A heavy duty rubber band would get the job done if you lose or damage the pouch. They don't hold up well in windy conditions, so I wouldn't suggest outside use. It is a must grab for anyone who is traveling or displaying posters and looking for a lightweight and easy to assemble way to do it.

👤These are very easy to assemble and transport, but the rubber stoppers that hold the arms are very flimsy. These got through a few hours holding a couple of larger artwork pieces I had for an event, but attempting to use them again afterwards is hilarious as they do not hold up and constantly slide around. I wouldn't use these for a poster board display. There is a It's difficult to find the center of gravity to keep them stable when they are fully assembled. I don't know what happened to the stands, they lost their rubber feet very quickly. If you need to display artwork or something with a bit more heft, save your money and buy something from a better source.

👤I didn't know it was in a small bag. I thought I wouldn't be able to fold it back down to fit in the bag once I got it out. It was very easy. I ordered this to hold a big old wooden picture frame. It works perfectly.

👤I had issues with art with a frame because the hooks that hold it won't stay if it has some weight to it. Without sliding down, it couldn't hold the 10 lbs it claimed. It would be fine for artwork without a frame, but only held one piece of artwork for me, and that was a card piece. I found the claim of holding up to 10 lbs to be not accurate once you get 7 lbs and above.

👤You get what you pay for. The easel is too heavy. The rests don't stay in place when you're painting. This is not what you would want for art. This would be fine for a display that is stationary. I would love to return it. My painting fell as it was too flimsy and now it has paint on it.

4. JIUYE Folding Instant Display Telescoping

JIUYE Folding Instant Display Telescoping

There are rubber feet. Easy Assembly-JIUYE Folding Easel Stand is easy to set up, they designed component with spring-loaded joints and elastic rope, quick assembly, and compact size for storage. Premium Material has 2.2 pounds of lightweight tubular steel metal. Black looks elegant. Tripod legs are finished with rubber feet, which prevent damaging indoor floors. The collapsible display easel is 63 inches tall and can hold items up to 5 pounds. The support clips on the arts easel can be adjusted to a height you need. The arms can hold the poster's width. They provide a warranty of 12 months and a money back service for their easel stand. If you have a problem, please contact them via Amazon mail.

Brand: Jiuye

👤Needed for my daughter's wedding.

👤These are easy to assemble. The magnetic pulls make it easy to stand. They aren't as strong as they look. The hooks that hold pictures don't allow for it to be locked in place. The legs and hooks move when you add a picture. It will have to be secured in order for us to use it. This isn't a good buy if you're looking for something sturdy.

👤I bought these easels to use at the memorial. We put canvas prints on them and they held up well. They are easy to assemble. They are not something I would recommend for long-term use, but for what I needed them for, they did the job.

👤They are useful when you store them. There is no control over the movement of the legs once you assemble them. You could put them on the floor. If someone bumps into one, it's very unstable. If they were left where no one could get to them, they would be fine.

👤My daughter used this twice and it broke. The return window is closed so it can't be sent back.

👤I bought this easel to hold my portraits on a large frame. The easel is very sensitive and it falls down. The legs don't stay in place when they are set. You have to adjust the picture again and then back away so it doesn't fall. If you ever go near it, it will fall down. The easel is the worst ever.

👤We bought a three pack of picture boards and they worked great. The holders are very easy to use and they lock into place exactly where you want them. The price for three of them is great. It is easy to fold the boxes up to store. Highly recommended.

👤If you don't need a sturdy easel, this is a good buy.

5. Artify Adjustable Painting Display Carrying

Artify Adjustable Painting Display Carrying

Functions include painting and displaying, place-wise, posture-wise, standing or sitting. Bigger objects can be held because they are displayable in two different layers. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 5KG and the metal material can be applied to tools within 5KG. Tall users are especially suited for the tall height of 22 - 67", which is also suitable for canvas. It can also be used on the table. The compact design is great for carrying around. The height can be adjusted. Functions include painting and displaying, place-wise, posture-wise, standing or sitting.

Brand: Artify Art Supplies

👤These are very high quality. They have a bag. It's easy to store away under a bed or closet shelf. I put a 30x40 canvas on it to see if it worked. I will try another brand after the price increases by $5. There is a The other brand is much more sturdy than the s brand, so I lowered it to 4 star. The legs on UhuHu are made of a less flexible material. They are $3 less.

👤Light and sturdy. I was looking for a product that was stable. This was the only one that I could elevate it to six feet and I wanted something that I could do. There is a I was pleasantly surprised that it was stable once I set it up. It was easy to set up. I'm not sure if it had any directions. I put a canvas on it to hold it in place. Its stability was very good. It's so light, it's great for traveling. I would recommend it to my friends who are beginning painters. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in painting.

👤I use this easel as a stand for my home office whiteboard to keep my "to do" and client list in front of me at all times. I rejected other choices because they were either too flimsy or not large enough to hold my large whiteboard. The first easel that I found that had all the features I was looking for was this one. It comes with its own carrying bag, and sets up and tears down quickly.

👤There is no way to fix the back leg. If someone kicks it or pushes it, it folds up and falls over. What is the point of an easel that doesn't hold your art in progress? There is a The hold bar has a raised edge in the front that is too narrow for an easel. It's a great display stand for poster boards that are thin, but don't advertise it as an easel. M. My 40 wouldn't fit into the grip because it wouldn't fit length-wide. I'm not sure about the top grip, as it's springy and closes tightly, and I feel like with enough time it will damage an canvas. I was not going to chance it. There is a I'm sure this is great as a display stand for the price, apart from the whole falling over at any wrong motion toward it thing, but this shouldn't be advertised as an art easel. There is a difference between the bottom hold tray width and the deep edge canvas. I'm pretty sure that the thin metal lip would hit the bottom of the canvas eventually. It's not the visible part, but still. I might return this as soon as I can find something better.

👤An awful item. The seller said it was in good condition with only minor damage, but it was smashed, unusable and completely broken. The plastic parts were smashed. I won't be asking for a replacement because I have a better idea of the fragile nature of this easel. I'm going to have to spend time from my busy day returning this. Not recommended.

6. Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Display Inches

Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Display Inches

All T-SIGN products come with a 2-year manufacture's warranty, they have a professional after-sale team, please feel free to contact them for any questions. Made of strong, lightweight aluminum. The legs height is adjusted from 37 to 70. Just a few seconds, set up and tear down. The art holders can be folded out to support artwork. It can support up to 25 lbs. The grips help hold the sign. There are rubber feet.

Brand: Audio-visual Direct

👤I got two easels for our wedding, to hold one large foam board and one large sign. I ordered one first because I was a little hesitant to purchase something online without seeing it in person. My husband tried to set it at various heights after we got it. Thankfully, it worked wonderfully and was surprisingly sturdy, so we ordered a second easel, which is triple the price online. The easels were brought to the venue for our wedding and stood up well on the concrete and grass. We were happy with this purchase since they were purchases for a single day. After the wedding, we put them back in their boxes and brought them home with us, and they are still in perfect condition. If your sign is under 25 lbs, we would recommend these easels. If my review has helped you, please let me know. Thank you!

👤I wanted to use this item to hold a dry erase board. I extended the legs on the bottom of the polls and pulled the prongs that hold up the board after I inspected the item. I am very happy with this purchase. It is easy to put away and light in weight. I will be making another purchase soon.

👤My daughter does competitive speech. This easel was recommended by another speech parent. This is the third one we tried and it was the winner. The easel is sturdy, can easily hold 4-5 thick poster boards, and has a broader range than any of the other easels we purchased. We were able to place a plastic tote in the triangle behind the boards to hold other visuals my daughter needed to use during her speech. It doesn't come with a case. We solved this by buying a portfolio case that held a folded easel.

👤The easel is exactly what it was described as. It was assembled. You don't need to do anything, just extend the legs and adjust the little arms that hold the poster board. I'm showing the picture of the easel holding a board. I used a heavy piece of poster board as my backing and then added a color board to use as my Vision Board. It's light weight will serve my purpose. I just opened the box and didn't have to find a screw driver or anything to set it up.

👤I've used this easel about a dozen times to hold a foam board chart. I noticed that a couple of the legs were collapsing during the presentation. The pivot pins on two of the leg locks broke free and could no longer hold. The lock fixture is not repairable because it is made from fragile pot metal. I don't recommend this easel. I'll be buying a replacement from my local office supply, where I can inspect the quality first. I'll pay more, but I won't be embarrassed again.

👤Excellent condition for the arrival at Prime speed. There were no issues there. It is very lightweight and no assembly is required. All good there. The main issue I had with this product was that it was light and flimsy. It may be better than other products in this price range, but it was too flimsy for me. I was trying to put a lightweight whiteboard on it for a small classroom. Even though it was easy to put the whiteboard on it, I had to grab it tight with one hand to write on it because it was shaking so much. The top portion of the whiteboard is very narrow and there is no support. It may be a good buy if you want to use this as a stand and not interact with the item. If you need to interact with that thing, this is a bad idea.

7. Darice Decorative Tabletop Easel Inches

Darice Decorative Tabletop Easel Inches

9” and 12” are available. It's easy to use anywhere. Great gift idea! They stand behind the quality of their products. They will work together to solve any issues you have with your display stand. Their goal is 100% satisfaction. There is a decorative easel. Measures 12 inches tall. It's perfect for displaying frames, photographs, artwork and more. The gold color is ornate.

Brand: Darice

👤I bought this easel to display a heavy plate. I wanted something that wouldn't tip over with the weight of the plate. This easel was better than I expected. The wide base and high back ensure a secure grip on the plate, and the back "leg" of the easel makes sure the plate won't tip backwards. The easel is made of metal and has a gold color.

👤The gold finish came as pictured. I thought the size would be enough to display my plate. The two prongs that hold the plate in place are close to the base. I had a pie plate with a curved lip that wouldn't fit in the easel. The plates need to be straight. I was disappointed because it is cute. I returned it and got my money back.

👤It was perfect to hold my seating chart for my wedding.

👤I used them for my husband's photos and they looked lovely.

👤The spiral on the leg was twisted to the left as it came loose. There was no time to get a replacement for it. I had to use a vice to get the leg out. It was painted with a cheap spray paint and assembled poorly. I'm worried about leaving the picture on the stand because I fear it will fall over due to the loose rear leg. If we decide to use this piece of junk again, I will have to add rubber grips to the legs.

👤The table top easel is perfect. There is a wedding reception welcome table.

👤The tables are perfect fit. It had a lot of scratches.

👤It was used to hold a plate.

8. Display Displays Picture Cookbooks Decorative

Display Displays Picture Cookbooks Decorative

There is a metal stand that displays photos, books, small artwork, collector plates and more. It's perfect for holding picture frames. The stand is built to last. The stands can help focus on your showpiece. Please read the size chart before purchasing.

Brand: Artliving

👤I was hesitant to order these because of some of the reviews, but after reading a few that said you need to order the correct size, I decided to do so. The plate I brought back from India was made from the same marble and semi precious stones used in the Taj Mahal, so I ordered the 7" instead of the 4. The holder I bought is perfect, but the plate is not lightweight. I ordered the 4-pack just to have on hand, after using the second one for another purpose. If you measure the plate you're going to use them for, you'll find these holders to be great, as long as you do your due diligence.

👤These stands are used to display old tablets. The stands don't stay completely open if you display a rectangular object instead of a circular one. I came up with the idea of putting paper clips in the stands to keep them open. The stands stayed open because of the paper clips. There is a The stands are a good value at $2.50 each, and they should stay open on their own.

👤Even though they are inexpensive, there is an expectation that they can be used for their intended purpose. Not true. The object falls off when you put it on display. There is no way to keep them open. Poorly made. Buy something else.

👤The 4in stand is great for smaller items.

👤I never had a problem with mine. I used the size chart on the description. You forget about it when you buy it, because it works. There were no complaints. I ordered 2 more larger pieces. This has been a 5 star product for me and I will update my review if there are any issues.

👤I bought these stands to support my pictures. There is a The framed image is supported by the stand. There is a standard coaster in the image. The 17x20 picture was too large for the stand and the height was too tall to handle the weight. There is a The stands were a good deal to display some artwork that I wanted to stand upright rather than being fastened to my wall, considering the price and ease of access.

👤These would be perfect if the item I needed to display was a bit shorter. When I put the small books on them, they become heavy. I'm sure I can find a way to counter that. The width is perfect. Excellent for the value. I was able to fix my wobbly issue with hot glue.

👤They look great! I wanted to display some of my special dinner plates and saucers in my China cabinet, so I bought these and the smaller ones. I have never had any issues with tipping and I believe those that ordered the wrong size did so.

👤The stands were not what I was expecting. It is not sturdy enough. It needs to be against a wall to stay up. It is light weight makes it less sturdy.

9. Quartet Instant Portable Supports 29E

Quartet Instant Portable Supports 29E

The dimensions are 23.6 x 60 inches. Easy set up, Collapses for quick clean up, and allows you to move to your next project or presentation. Light weight: The display is 63 Inches tall and supports items up to 5 Pounds. It's accessible. The easel can be collapsed for travel. The folded easel is 2.55 pounds and is great for storage and portable use. A display that is adjusted. You can help improve visibility by adjusting the display height. Simply unclip and slide the display holders to different positions to make sure your display is seen.

Brand: Quartet

👤People who complain about the clips to hold up the sign probably didn't take the time to figure out how to use them. It took me a while. I figured it out. It is not the most sturdy easel. I was able to use it for my wedding. It was not that flimsy. It's easy to set up. The sign was over 6 feet tall. Would buy again.

👤The easel is easy to set up and disassemble. It is easy to carry in small cars. It may not last for a lifetime or sustain a really heavy poster but it is perfect for light weight welcome signs and things of that nature. It will look great at my baby shower. It is sturdy and compact.

👤These are not bad for the price. It works well for my purposes. These are not recommended for outdoor use in light or higher wind situations as they are very lightweight and would likely topple. It's good to display lighter materials. It may be an issue if it's heavier. It's all one piece and nothing else to put together. The tension cording is linked through metal tubes. The metal tubes move into place when you unfold them from the box, because of the tension of the continuous cords pulling the pieces together. Pull the lower tubes and fold them into the next tube section. It is easy to set up and breakdown. There are plastic display holder arms that can be snapped down to hold the display from the bottom. The display is even from side to side if they align on either side. I met my budget and need.

👤I needed easels to display my 20x16 posters that are framed in a light weight plastic frame, so I purchased 2 of these. They are so flimsy that they can't even hold a light weight frame. Bottom brackets that hold what you want to display don't move all over the place. I don't think you should waste your money on this product. Purchase a more sturdy easel for the couple.

👤I bought this to hold up our welcome sign at my wedding. It was easy to assemble. The legs are like tent poles. Carrying it around is not a problem. It is a bit wobbly and can easily be tipped over. I wouldn't recommend it for a crowd that is rambunctious. It's easy to adjust the height to whatever you want, but there is a bit of trial and error to make sure the sign doesn't lean to one side. I was happy to find something affordable to use since I won't have any other job for it after the wedding. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something.

👤I want to like it. It dropped my picture frames 10 times. I bought it to hold the picture frame. I don't know how the frame stays straight on the easel. After my son ran over it, it dropped my frame and the glass cover broke. The easel collapsed many times during the event. I returned it. If you have kids at your event, you should get the more stable easel.

10. Chalkboards Rectangle Blackboard Weddings Decoration

Chalkboards Rectangle Blackboard Weddings Decoration

There is a multi functional message board. The chalkboard table signs are great for table top numbers, food signs, wedding table numbers, dinner party place settings, children's S loll parties, shop labels/signs, arts and crafts. Their mini chalkboards are made of wood that is safe and sturdy, the package includes 20 mini chalkboards, the head of the chalkboard is 4 x 3, and the package is wrapped in plastic. Damage and scratching. The small blackboard is erasable and can be used again and again. It is easy to disassemble and store Chalkboards, they have a stand that is easy to fold down, and they are rectangular in shape. You can put a mini chalkboard horizontally or vertically to show your message for wedding party table numbers, place card, favor tag, plant decorative sign, food labels, food name card decorative sign, and so on. The mini chalkboards are great for weddings and events.

Brand: Dstelin

👤The chalkboards came with all the boards, no missing or broken pieces. It did not include chalk, but it is easy to pick up. These are great for weddings, parties, and potlucks as they serve their job well. I received this product for a review, but all opinions expressed in my review reflect my experience with the chalkboards.

👤The chalkboard part of my stickers are crooked. These are going to be part of larger projects that I am selling. The finished pieces look cheap and slapped together. The pictures in the listing don't show the difference. Fine for table settings, but not good if you need them to look decent.

👤They allow me to advertise how much a certain little thing is. They are knocked off of the little stands by any kind of wind. I'm thinking about glueing them to the stands to see if they stay better. I was told the stands would be a good business card holder. All things considered, a good investment.

👤The mini chalk boards are sturdy. They are good for events. The design is simple and beautiful. They clean off well. I was able to wipe my jacket off without using water because I needed to rewrite something in the middle of an event. The legs are sturdy and can be moved around as needed. It is easy to piece apart when you are done.

👤The little stands were useless because they were built wrong. There are different places on each stand where the board can be inserted. Cheap was nice, but unfortunate that they weren't usable.

👤Won't stand up in a breeze. I secured them to wood blocks with tape. I used colored pencil to make labels. The colored pencil looks great. The pencil marks are removed with an eraser. Each one is wrapped in plastic. That was a big no for me.

👤I forgot to get chalk so I set it up and taped my business cards on them backwards, but they are small, maybe the size of your hand, and it is a nice looking set up. I broke a few before I could set them up because the board that holds it up is fragile and hard to put together.

👤These are very affordable. They are the perfect size for what I needed on the table. The signs sit on the little leg supports, so I would have to critique them. If you're outside, a bit of wind can ruin these signs. It's not an issue for indoor use.

11. Tytroy Versatile Event Cards Announcements Reservations

Tytroy Versatile Event Cards Announcements Reservations

It's suitable for classroom art activities, painting parties, exhibitions and other decorative projects. It's perfect to hold and showcase your favorite object at home work fair or classroom, like a photo-frame, book, plate, painting, sheet-music, and much more. It can show mom's kitchen menu, winning picture/painting/platter/artwork of the day, showroom/market/fair/exhibition artwork, or bookstore books. Also perfect to place your wedding announcement, menu, table-number, reservation-card, guestbook, photo etc. It can be used to display restaurant reservations. This versatile display stand can be used for many things. It is a great help to hold your cookbook on the countertop, your kid's favorite story book on the night stand, or your iPad in a conference call. The curved design makes it nice décor with your favorite object on window-landing, desk, countertop, etc. The display stand easel is 9 feet tall, made with black iron, has a folding leg in the back to help the stance of the easel, and has 2 support handles extended out to hold the object. 9” and 12” are available. It's easy to use anywhere. Great gift idea! They stand behind the quality of their products. They will work together to solve any issues you have with your display stand. Their goal is 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Tytroy

👤I need the item to hold the tile that I received. It is important to have the back leg in place before putting the tile on it. There are two pieces on the bottom that are not straight. There is a small detail that I noticed. It isn't a big problem to return the item, but something I wanted to share.

👤I have been looking for a display stand for a heart plate and finally found one that another reviewer used. She said the top was bent when she received it. Her husband said he could fix it. I ordered it because I took a chance. I got a bent one for my 11 inch heart plate, but it works perfectly for it. I am thankful that my strong son bent it for me and now it works.

👤The "arms" are deep and the "legs" stick up, making them better suited for holding plates than for unframed artwork.

👤This was given to a coworker for her sign on certificate. This was a cute idea and cheap, but the welding was crooked and can't even stand up the certificate. It leans. Terrible. Very disappointed.

👤One okay. The other was broken and not as strong as I thought.

👤It looks nice, but it's useless. The tripod leg is not strong enough to hold it in place. Poor design or missing a piece.

👤My wife uses it for cook books in the kitchen and it works well.

👤When I opened it, part was broken.


What is the best product for decorative easel stand for wedding sign?

Decorative easel stand for wedding sign products from Bard's. In this article about decorative easel stand for wedding sign you can see why people choose the product. U.s. Art Supply and T-sign are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative easel stand for wedding sign.

What are the best brands for decorative easel stand for wedding sign?

Bard's, U.s. Art Supply and T-sign are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative easel stand for wedding sign. Find the detail in this article. Jiuye, Artify Art Supplies and Audio-visual Direct are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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