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1. Decorations Hanging Ornaments Colorful Supplies

Decorations Hanging Ornaments Colorful Supplies

The material is made of high quality plastic material, non-toxic and reuseable. There are 12 easter eggs with dots. There are over 4 different colors. Each egg is about 1.5 inches in diameter and 2.3 inches in height and hangs by a ribbon. There are do-it-yourself supplies. It's perfect as a do-it-yourself supply. They can be put in Easter baskets or hung on a tree. There is aDEAL deficiency. The colors and appearance of the kitchen, dining table, office, etc. are suited for the decoration. Reusable for Easter, Spring, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patricks day, etc.

Brand: Yunfan

👤The colors are fantastic, but they are cheap. Two of them broke the ties so they couldn't be dragged around much. They are cute, but I think they are too much for the quality.

👤Two ribbons weren't connected to the eggs when I opened the package. The two could not be hung. I put them in a glass basket.

👤The ribbon loops are great for decorations.

2. EveryMomentCounts Decorations Ornaments Colorful Egg

EveryMomentCounts Decorations Ornaments Colorful Egg

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! Paper eggs made of paper and white foam are safe for kids and adults to play with. There are multiple colors. Colorful Eggs set of 16 pieces with 8 pattern design and 2 pieces of every pattern. They can make your holiday more enjoyable. MEASURES The string length is 2.6in and the egg size is 2.4in. The hanging loop is easy to use. Decline You can decorate your home with easter eggs ornaments, make crafts, hang on the tree or game for Easter decorations, and have a Christmas party. Live support. The contact information that comes with the package can be reached by phone or email. They are behind their paper eggs.

Brand: Gamexcel

👤I decorated my tree with these Easter eggs. The colors look great for the season. They are light for hanging and need to be kept out of the way of crush. They hang from ribbons.

👤Egg ornaments are very cute. I bought these to hang on a little tree in the front yard, I love that the strings come attached, the easter eggs have different patterns. I am very happy with the purchase of more easter decorations.

👤The eggs are made of paper. They are pretty, but a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932s It doesn't hurt anything. There is a The package has a lot of ornaments. Egg hurting is a great way to decorate the wall.

👤The ribbon on the eggs is coordinated with the egg. They are decorated with different designs. It's worth it.

👤I used these paper eggs on my egg tree to offer a variety of colors. You can either tie them or push them onto the stem ends of the tree. I recommend them to anyone who is interested in starting a tree. There are trees on Amazon.

👤Cute little eggs. It would be fun to decorate for Easter.

👤I use these ornaments on an outside irnament tree.

3. Lillian Vernon Handpainted Easter Ornaments

Lillian Vernon Handpainted Easter Ornaments

For an Egg-stra special Easter. These beautiful glass eggs are hand painted and will shimmer and shine when hung from an ornament tree or filled with various springtime shades. HEIRLOOM QUALITY: Their holiday ornaments are made from high quality materials and will last for many holidays to come. The festive holiday season. Their ornaments and accents make fun decorations for weddings, parties, and more. Make a great gift by filling your holiday baskets with one of their extra special Easter themed pieces this year for a party favor that your loved ones will never forget! There are dimensions and size. The set includes 12 blown glass ornaments that measure 1 12 inches by 2 inches each, and 6 different patterns, as well as strings attached for easy decorating.

Brand: Lillian Vernon

👤The size is larger than I anticipated. The room is bright. It's good to put a few on the tree. There is a It would have been better if the white ones reflected light better. They seem to have vanished, unlike the red and pink hearts. All in all, a great purchase!

👤The quality of these real glass is amazing.

👤I decorated a pencil tree in my kitchen to add some joy during this scary pandemic, and these ornaments worked perfectly on the Spring tree of pastel llamas. The writing on the hearts is well done and they add a beautiful touch of fun.

👤These are for my tree on February 14th. They are very shiny.

👤Great ornaments. Just small. I only have a box. Could use 12. It was in perfect condition. You can come with gold string already attached.

👤I brought these to decorate a tree. One was destroyed. The ornaments look good. I waited until the return window had closed to open.

👤I needed a small spring. There are ornaments for a tree. My mother is living in an assisted living facility. We decorate the tree to help her remember. Can't wait for her to see it!

👤I wish they were bigger. I loved the glitter.

👤Cute mini halloween baubles. I wish they were less shiny but that's up to individual taste. I was happy with my purchase and would buy more. It was worth the money. The ghost, bat and pumpkin don't have glitter. All cute.

4. Crystal Blessings Paperweight Easter Figurine

Crystal Blessings Paperweight Easter Figurine

Quality gold colored metal rim and loop with images. Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs. They are usually given as gifts on Easter. The weight of the glass paperweight is 480g. Each egg is unique and has slight variations on the inside. The egg was a traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth. It's perfect for display on a shelf. The egg was a traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth. It's perfect for display on a shelf.

Brand: Qf

👤The paperweight I received was not orange in color. The small amount of gold is not visible to the naked eye. The paperweight is opaque white at arms length and the white lines are dense. It was unlikely to be pretty.

👤It's larger than a chicken egg, but smaller than a turkey egg. The clarity and weight are significant. It would make a nice gift for someone who likes glass.

👤I keep a glass art paperweight on my patio to keep the newspaper from flying away. There is a It's heavy enough to do the job and it's flat bottom makes it not roll away. I like the design.

👤He arrived in time for Christmas, which is saying a lot considering the times we are living in. Just as pictured. The color is the same. Very happy.

👤I love the way it feels, it is a perfect size and weight, and I can leave it out when I am not using it.

👤The Pink Egg is beautiful. They are made to be unique to each egg.

👤This is about the same height as a teacup. The color is green. Would recommend.

👤It arrived early. Well packaged. Good size. It was very well made.

5. Jovivi Turquoise Gemstone Foundation Decoration

Jovivi Turquoise Gemstone Foundation Decoration

They can be used on the window, tile wall, fringe glass door, mirror, floor in bedroom, home appliance, air-condition, refrigerator or retail shopwindow. Indians think turquoise is the blue sky and can bring good fortune to the expedition. The Egg shape has a width of 3 cm and a base of 3.0 cm. The symbol of power is a success lucky stone. Many ethnic minorities regard it as a god. Synthetic turquoise material can cause carvings to vary in size, color, and shape. A gift box with 1 egg figurine. Perfect gifts for you, your families and your friends, they can be placed home, office, carry in pocket or anywhere to clear the atmosphere of negative energy.

Brand: Jovivi

👤This is a turquoise egg. It was well packaged and arrived on time. Thank you for the beautiful product!

👤It was a great gift for my friend.

👤I love my purchase. It was magical.

👤A nice looking egg. A little small.

👤It adds class to anyones collection.

👤The Egg is nice. It makes you happy.

👤A small bag was used to hold this green turquoise stone. It is not so small. I put it in my kid's room because it is supposed to be the stone that heals. He likes it as it is.

6. Mookaitedecor Crystal Polished Gemstone Figurines

Mookaitedecor Crystal Polished Gemstone Figurines

A stone stand with a crystal sphere. The egg is 1.77" in diameter. The stand is small, with a thickness of1" and a diameter of8". Since each sphere set is hand-polished and each stone is a unique natural creation, please expect some slight variation in terms of size, color, texture, etc. Crystal spheres represent rebirth, feitility, and new beginnings. It's great for your altar, crystal healing, heart opening meditation, self-reflection or holding during meditation. You can display the powerful magic Fengshui sphere on your desk or home to keep relationships strong and positive. A velvet pouch is a wonderful gift for you, your families and your friends, they can be placed home, office, carry in pocket or anywhere to clear the atmosphere of negative energy. Your stone will be packaged with love and care after it is cleared and infused with energy.

Brand: Mookaitedecor

👤This is not mookaite, it is less than any mineral. The seller is misrepresenting the substance as a mineral. The pattern is regular as a clockwork and I broke it easily and guessed what happened. The plastic can be felt for hours after you remove the flame. There were no mineral burns. Some mineraloids can burn. The seller should be removed from Amazon for misrepresenting their products. It's on Amazon.

👤I needed stands for my obsidian spheres. I bought 2 of the same stands on the same order and am getting them on two different shipments. What is that about? It is very confusing. The description says the item is 2 inches in length and hand polished. It's around 1.75 in according to my tape measure. If it was hand polished, it looked very dull and no shine at all. It will hold up to 3.9 inches, according to the description. There is no shine on the picture of the stand and the flash goes off, so you can see that in the pictures. Not angry but not happy either. I will order different stands. Thanks for that.

👤The thumb is larger than the diameter. It doesn't fit a candle and looks weird with a candlestick. There is a Customer service is ok.

👤It was delivered May 17th, but it was not delivered until May 18th. It was damaged by a crack at the top. The return date had passed before I received it. Not happy.

👤The stone has power. It is extremely small. The item is not as shown in the picture because the base is not straight. I am happy with the purchase, but I wish it was bigger and had a functional base.

👤I was surprised by how small this lotus was. Maybe you could put a ring in the middle. The center of the flower is small.

👤I sent it back because I couldn't use it for what I needed, but it was nicely wrapped and I would definitely order it again if I ever find a use for this type item.

👤I immediately reported the broken stand to the drop off location the next day, after this was sent the first time. The replacement had already arrived. I was very happy with the resolution.

7. Juvale Pack Foam Easter Eggs

Juvale Pack Foam Easter Eggs

There is a box. 25"L x 5. x 1. 75"H There are 50 Easter eggs in this set. It's versatile: These Easter eggs are a great decoration for Easter festivities. Add a festive touch to the indoors. They can be used for arts and game activities for young children. Easter egg baskets are a great way to decorate your home with colorful Easter eggs and additional treats. The Easter eggs are made of foam and coated with colorful paper and gold foil dots, making them safe and durable for a long time. You will receive 50 small easter eggs for crafts and spring home decor.

Brand: Juvale

👤I only received 43 eggs. I was planning on doing something with them. You shouldn't look elsewhere so you don't get cheated.

👤Nice colors for Easter. They are similar to another set of lights that Amazon is selling. They are good for decor and grafts. I did not count them. They don't smell anything. Good quantity for the price.

👤These worked well for my project and were affordable. Very happy with the purchase!

👤These are cute. They aren't perfect, but overall they are fine. They aren't too small, but they are a bit smaller than normal eggs. The colors are nice and I like the gold on them. These aren't very high quality, but they are nice for the price and look great as part of my Easter decor.

👤The design on the eggs is very cool. It's perfect for decorating.

👤These are cute. They make the prettiest Easter decorations. I put them in a jar and put my entertainment center on top of it.

👤I was looking for a variety of colors and the size of the foam eggs was what I wanted to put in the jar. The gold foil makes them stand out. You can see the seam in the middle.

👤These are perfect for a decoration. There are plenty in the bag and they are the same size as a real egg. I will be using them for a long time.

8. Kurt Adler Glass Decorative Ornament

Kurt Adler Glass Decorative Ornament

Considerate after service. Kidtion has a 2-year quality service of a replacement or a full refund. If you have a problem, please contact their team. There are nine egg ornaments. The ornaments measure 45mm. Colorful designs with glitter and gems. Any holiday decor can be fun and festive.

Brand: Kurt Adler

👤I usually don't give feedback, but this time I felt I had to. These are both poorly made and arrived in a poor condition. The cheaply made box has glitters scattered all over it. I've seen better ones at the dollar store. Another reason why this is big. There is a warning label on the box about the chemical that can cause cancer and birth defects. The seller covered the label with another sticker which had the description about the product. This isn't eligible for return. I am very disappointed and upset.

👤DOLLAR STORE QUALITY... The product is not good. The paint is missing. The sparklers are missing. The jewels are placed in the wrong place. One of the eggs had them next to each other.

👤Every ornament was not perfect. One was shattered when it arrived. The decorations on the eggs were peeling off.

👤I should have read the ratings before buying. The painting on the ornaments is not consistent, there is glue on them, and the painting is crooked. Even though the item is not listed as an item which can't be returned, Amazon wouldn't let me return it. I'm wary of any potential more expensive purchases. Beware.

👤The item was poor in quality and not as pictured. The lines were sloppy and the glue was visible, it looked like a child decorated this. These are not returnable under the return policy. Don't buy!

👤I love the ornaments! I gave away all of my Christmas ornaments about 4 years ago. I was done with Christmas and Covid hit and I wanted a tree, presents, a family gathering, and I couldn't have any of those things. This year, all of us have had Moderna vaccine and we just got our boosters so Christmas is FULL ON and these ornaments are beautiful to look at and beautifully crafted. They are old-fashioned in both design and craftsmanship, and I am so grateful I found them. Thanks Kurt Adler! I love all of the sets I bought.

👤I would have thought that puttingKurt Adler's name on the product would indicate that attention was being paid to the quality of detailing. They look like they were painted by a child. I don't want my name on them. I have tried to fix the paint jobs on some of them, but others are going to have to be scrapped.

👤I was surprised that they were undamaged and happy to see that they are beautiful. I think I lucked out with this order, which makes me more confident in purchasing other Kurt Adler items. I have wanted these ornaments for a long time but have been put off by the reviews. Very happy.

👤These are absolutely stunning decorations. They are the size of an actual egg and they sparkle beautifully. I was worried about buying them, but they are beautiful.

👤These look great from 2 feet away. It isn't perfect to be very close to the quality. They look like the picture. I would pay the maximum amount for these. They are about the size of a large chicken egg. They are light and perfect for weak tree branches.

9. ADXCO Colorful Decorative Ornaments Decoration

ADXCO Colorful Decorative Ornaments Decoration

The order comes with a set of 16 pieces of Easter foam eggs in 6 different colors, including blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink, bright and vibrant in color; the sufficient quantity can meet your decoration needs. Premium material and proper size: Easter eggs are made of high-quality foam, light in weight and small in size, and each Easter egg is accompanied by a rope for easy hanging, the size of each hanging egg is 2.36 x 2 inches / 6 x 5 cm, suitable for Easter The surface of their Easter foam eggs is decorated with sequines, which can reflect light from different angles, and have a bright colour that is in line with the festive atmosphere of Easter. Hanging the Easter hanging ornaments at home will add a strong Easter atmosphere but also leave unforgettable memories for you and your family, as well as being suitable for adorning on Easter. If you want to spend an unforgettable Easter party with your friends, the Easter hanging eggs with exquisite workmanship are ideal gifts for you to send to them; Easter foam eggs are also available for kitchen, dining table, showcase of shops, office and many other places.

Brand: Adxco

10. Creative Co Op HD4474 Speckled Ceramic

Creative Co Op HD4474 Speckled Ceramic

These cute Easter eggs are popular with kids and adults. Enjoy your Easter season! The set includes 12 eggs and a box. Each egg has a number. 75" high There is a box. 25"L x 5. x 1. 75"H

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤The eggs are what I wanted. They were packaged well and arrived quickly. The quality leaves a lot to be desired. The ends where the hole is being manufactured are patched. It's worse than my picture shows. The result would have been the same if I had asked my cat to fix it. The defect won't be seen where I am using them, that's the only reason they get 3 stars. I don't recommend them.

👤I love these eggs. I bought these because I need a bantam sized dummy egg, but I don't like the larger ones, unless I get a wooden bottom flat. The eggs are small and cute. I don't have to keep them the same color. I plan to use different colors to trick my hens into laying. I now have bantam and dummy eggs. There are pictures added to show the size difference between these eggs and real chicken eggs. Hopefully this will help other find and not have to search as long as I did. If my review was helpful, please check it.

👤I bought these to go into the actual nest that was found. I assumed they were of realistic size since they were called "robin's eggs" in the presentation. They are not. They are large. A bird couldn't possibly lay eggs this large. They are listed as blue, but they are actually grey. I am bad for not reading the inches in size or for believing the description of color instead of the picture.

👤We wanted to hang them on our tree so it was hard to write a review. There is no way to do that. We are returning them because of that. They are very good looking ceramic eggs. They look realistic because they have a good weight. The packaging is beautiful. I highly recommend them if you don't want to hang them.

👤These are very well made. I have found them cheaper in multiple local shops since purchasing them, so I am only giving them 4 stars. I have stocked up on them because they are perfect for my spring decor.

👤The little eggs were pretty. They arrived in a large box with bubble paper inside. Each egg had its own compartment. There were two broken eggs. I wonder if they were packaged like that because there were no obvious damage to the box itself. I paid for 12 but can only use 10.

👤These are gorgeous! They are a great value at around $13 for a dozen. The eggs are made of ceramic and have some weight to them. The eggs are a quarter in size. The speckles look realistic with the blue color. I've dropped one more than once on the hardwood floor and they haven't broken. They've been used as a base on my Easter tree for the past two years and I get a lot of feedback on them. Excellent decorations!

👤The perfect size is what these are. I put the eggs in the faux nest. It looks real. I am so happy I bought these.

11. VEYLIN 6Sheets Removable Sticker Decoration

VEYLIN 6Sheets Removable Sticker Decoration

16 packs of Easter eggs in vintage style can be used to fill your Easter baskets, or they can be wonderful gifts for your relatives and friends, you can share them to enjoy a happy Easter time. There is multicoloured eggs window static stickers and flowers, tulips, meet your needs to decorate your window, fringe glass door, mirror, tile wall in the value package. The eggs window clings are made of premium material and can be removed. It can work well if you sprinkle a small amount of water on the window and stick window clings on the window. It's easy to remove stains from window or door. The window sticker set can accommodate more eggs, flower window clings. The size of eggs and flower window stickers is perfect for any window. The window clings are cute and stand for hope. The atmosphere of early spring makes your home or office funnier. They can be used on the window, tile wall, fringe glass door, mirror, floor in bedroom, home appliance, air-condition, refrigerator or retail shopwindow.

Brand: Veylin

👤We received six sheets of Easter egg window clings with a total of 68 clings. We were missing the large flowers with stems and leaves shown in the photos. The stems are about 1/3 the size of the eggs. The stems on the product were less than an inch tall. Our kids thought the flower buds were stars, smaller than one inch in diameter. The two kitchen photos that show the clings are not realistic. It would take multiple sets of clings to make the garlands on the refrigerator. This product was very disappointing.

👤It's very easy to apply and remove the lovely colors and perfect design.

👤So cute! It's a good recommendation.

👤It's easy to use and easy to remove.

👤There are 6 sheets of stickers with at least 6 eggs on each page. Good spring colors decorate the eggs.

👤The price is very colorful. My kids enjoyed decorating with me.

👤It was what was expected. It arrived in perfect condition and a little early.


What is the best product for decorative easter eggs glass?

Decorative easter eggs glass products from Yunfan. In this article about decorative easter eggs glass you can see why people choose the product. Gamexcel and Lillian Vernon are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative easter eggs glass.

What are the best brands for decorative easter eggs glass?

Yunfan, Gamexcel and Lillian Vernon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative easter eggs glass. Find the detail in this article. Qf, Jovivi and Mookaitedecor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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