Best Decorative Easter Eggs Pastel

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1. Joyin Toy Stuffers Classroom Supplies

Joyin Toy Stuffers Classroom Supplies

Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. If you are not satisfied with their products, please contact them. 72 pieces of plastic Easter eggs. There are 6 different Easter designs printed on Easter eggs in 6 different colors. Surprises and treats should be filled them. A custom designed hinge keeps the tops and bottoms together. Easter Eggs are 2 inches tall. Wide. Excellent quality. It is made of hard recyclable plastic. The quality is high. The Easter Eggs Hunt has a Super Value Pack. Easter Party Favor Supplies, Easter Basket Stuffers, Easter Goodie/ Goody, Easter Toy and Prizes are all perfect for Easter Theme decoration. Child safety is important. Meet the US safety standard. The test was approved. Non-toxic.

Brand: Joyin

👤The size is what I expected. I could fill them with some candy that kids will like. The designs and colors are nice. The paint doesn't chip easily. This is the perfect jumbo eggs. I can't wait for my kids to see them.

👤The eggs are okay. I was not happy with the colors. They are dark and dreary. The colors shown in the photo are not as bright as they seem. They are dark shades of blue, green, purple, pink and mustard yellow.

👤The eggs in the photo are bright and pretty, but they are very dark. They will be hard for our toddler to find, and even harder for bigger kids. My husband joked that we got catfished because they are not like the photo. I can see that they are nice quality.

👤We were worried about the product because of the cheap price. The product did not let us down. There is a The material of the easter egg is one of the best we have ever seen and the rainbow eggs are beautiful. Everyone should buy this product.

👤I highly recommend these Easter eggs as they far exceeded my expectations. I wanted something more attractive than just a solid color egg and these were both beautiful and unique colors, the added touch of their having the artistic splatter of additional paints colors just sent these eggs to a whole new level of artistic. Due to the horrible virus, I am not sure if there will be many Easter Egg hunts, so I got larger eggs to use for an Easter Egg hunt in my office, so that I can give candy to the children I help. The size was large enough to hold more than one piece of candy. The children were able to choose their favorite two from the candy and stress slime I had for them, because I had so many of them. Good quality, attractive colors, great size, and you will not be disappointed because we can have Easter Egg hunts in July.

👤I was very disappointed that my eggs were sticky and discolored. I think they will be new. That was messed up. Pros- All 72 eggs were there and shipping was fast.

👤They open and close well. It's too small for toys to fit in.

👤Plastic eggs are made from very thin plastic. One can almost tell if an object is hidden. That is not the case with these eggs. The plastic is sturdy and nice. The majority of the eggs had their hinges intact. Some of the eggs had separated from their other half, and the parts were in the bags. The broken pieces of plastic at the hinges could be dangerous for children. We didn't have a problem with that. There are a couple of holes in the eggs which are great for hanging them as decorations or for providing an opportunity for air circulation. The colors are not as bright as the picture looks on my monitor. Some people have commented on the issue of an egg hunt. It depends on where you are hiding the eggs. I liked the colors. I thought they worked for Easter, but other times of the year. My 20 year old son thought the eggs were cool. We all agreed that the variation in color of the eggs made them look more interesting than the plastic Easter eggs.

2. Gift Boutique Decorative Glittered Painted

Gift Boutique Decorative Glittered Painted

High-quality eggs for long-term use, not easy to break and scatter, are very lightweight and allow you to use for a long time. There are yellow, lavender, dark pink, light pink, green, and blue eggs in the set. It is painted with bright color and rich patterns, tied with a ribbon, which makes it look more exquisite and gorgeous, and brings a lively and pleasant touch to the whole scene layout. The eggs are designed with a metal stick and can be inserted into a bouquet, a basket, cake, wreath or any other subject that you want. It's perfect for Easter display ornaments. As a decorative item in your own home or as a gift for your family or friends, they can be used as a creative gift. Egg measures 2.5” and pick measures 9”

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤I decorate family graves at Easter. I pick them up at the stores at Easter. I'm stuck in the house because of the bicyle. These are larger than the ones I usually buy and they are decorated nicer. I think I'm safe decorating family graves for the holidays. I don't think there will be a lot of people at the cemetery.

👤I put these in the boxwood bushes by the door and the wreath on the door. It was inexpensive and charming.

👤Eggs are nicely decorated. It is very easy to re-insert some of the stick. Looks cute.

👤I put these in a wreath and topiaries on my front porch for Easter. A bunch of the eggs came off the wires, but you get a lot for the price. It was easy to put the wire back into the egg since they are made of styrofoam.

👤Anxious to decorate with foam egg picks. They are larger than I expected and will be a bright addition to my Easter decorations.

👤The quality of the craft eggs is important. The glitter stays on. You can use some in an Easter basket. Would buy again.

👤I used the product to transform my door wreath to an Easter wreath.

👤These stick eggs are gorgeous. They were used in Easter baskets as table decorations for a meeting. I received a lot of praise.

3. Valentines Ornaments Decorations Baubles Romantic

Valentines Ornaments Decorations Baubles Romantic

Egg Hunt events are perfect for Easter parties, Easter basket stuffers, and more. There are 24pcs St Patrick's Day shamrock ornaments in the set, with three styles: shiny, matt and frosted. These cute ornaments are a must have for your festival or home decoration. The trefoil decorations are made of high quality and thick plastic materials, which are more durable and not easily damaged. It's odorless and non-toxic. You can reuse the material. These hanging decorations have been pre-installed so they are easy to use. The gold wire is connected to the ornament. You can hang it on branches, windows, door handles, wine, gift bags or other places. Good luck. St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of luck and the shamrock is a symbol of it. Their St Patrick's Day hanging decoration looks like there are three heart-shaped leaves connected together to form a shamrock and it brings a fresh feeling. St. Patrick's Day, Irish parties, birthday celebrations, stage decorations and so on can be used in a variety of occasions. You can give them as gifts to friends or family, and share the joy of the festival with them.

Brand: Dmhirmg

👤Every single holiday my wife decorates the inside of my house completely. Everything changes from table runners to pillows. One of the changes is a small tree that she hangs ornaments on. On St. Patrick's Day, these shamrocks will look great on her tree. There is a You can use them on a lot of other things, like making a necklace or putting them on bottles of beer. The clasp is plastic but it seems to hold up. There is a The shamrocks are 1 12” wide and 1 12” tall, with a metallic gold braided string loop. The loop is held on by a plastic clip that can be spun to get the shamrock to hang the way you want it. I think they are priced a little high. There are three different types of shamrocks, and the quality is good. These will be used in our home for many years to come, and will look great at a party. There is a Hope this helps.

👤I ordered the red ornaments to use on a tropical tree, but I'm also using this instead of a Christmas tree and doing my own path for the holidays. I ordered some other heart things from this brand to do in the corner since I will be putting Christmas presents under it. There are 24 little hearts and they are all hung. They are light and hollow. They are going to hang up. They are just like a disco ball with glitter. The glitter will get on your hands or other things, but that is part of the glitter territory. These are cute and you could use them for a lot of things, such as romantic gestures, weddings, or even Christmas, which is why I like them. I recommend these.

👤The 24Pcs Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Ornament Set is a good choice for crafting and decorating. There is a These were well shipped. There were no ornaments that were broken or coming apart. There is a The hearts are from the hanging hook and are 1.5 inches wide. The hanging string and ornament join clasp are gold colored. These look pretty when hung up. They are being used for my lit up Birch trees. They will leave glitter on your hands and any surface they put on. I am. Since I have children and pets in the home, they are shatterproof and non-toxic. The multiple uses are reasonably priced and I feel for the quality received.

👤These are adorable for February 14th, and are called tine's Day Heart Shaped Ornaments. Each heart is about the same size as your thumb. You can hang them from the windows if you add ribbons and hang them from doors. The only problem is glitter. I like glitter on things. Who doesn't like sparklers? These guys leave glitter everywhere. I don't appreciate the glitter everywhere, as much as I love the hearts. Quality 5 stars - glitter falling only 3 stars. They will be a 5 once they stop dropping weight.

4. UHBGT Ornaments Artificial Decoration Accessories

UHBGT Ornaments Artificial Decoration Accessories

The Easter Egg Flower is made of non-toxic plastic and foam. There are 9 different sizes of Easter eggs in the bouquet. The bundle is about 12.8 inches high and the egg is about 1.34 inches. You can make a flower arrangement for yourself. It's perfect for garden and home decoration. It will be more meaningful and unforgettable on Easter Day.

Brand: Uhbgt

👤These were small and would work well in a fairy garden. For floral decor such as wreath, arrangements, etc. One would have to purchase many to be seen.

👤Very cute, but small. They are too small to fit in my window box. They were kept and put somewhere else because they are adorable.

👤The styrofoam is showing through after the eggs were cracked. Very poor quality.

👤I am using them to make Easter wreath.

👤I found nicer ones at Dollar Tree.

5. Speckled Decorations Decorative Farmhouse Seasonal

Speckled Decorations Decorative Farmhouse Seasonal

It's perfect for decorating home, party, easter and kitchen. The package has 18 colors of foam Easter Eggs, each color has 2 Easter Speckled Eggs. Easter Eggs are painted in soft pastels of red, powder pink, yellow, pale yellow, cream, soft green, teal blue and black speckles for a natural look. The Artificial Easter Egg is appr. 2.2" tall and 1.5" wide. The ideal size for Easter basket and filling bowl is great for kids' holiday craft projects. The foam eggs are made of styrofoam and are soft. If you drop them, they will not break, which is perfect for various craft projects and decorations. Add some seasonal cheer to your Easter decorations with Colorful Easter Eggs. They are perfect for decorating Easter baskets, bowls, vases, jars, artificial nest, birdhouse, terrariums, Easter bonnet, and Easter Egg trees. They will be a special addition to your Easter.

Brand: Winlyn

👤The color of these eggs made them perfect for Easter minis. Through 11 mini sessions, they were every well made and durable.

👤I used these to make Easter wreath. Very pretty colors! The perfect size for door wreath.

👤Cute speckled colors look great in my basket.

👤Beautiful colors... What I was looking for. A bit of a vintage feel.

👤I had thought they would be larger. The colors are pretty.

👤It was perfect size. Great colors. Love them.

👤It is the same as the picture.

👤These will be used for craft projects.

6. Polish Easter Handpainted Wooden Pisanki

Polish Easter Handpainted Wooden Pisanki

You will receive 50 small easter eggs for crafts and spring home decor. A set of 6 traditional Polish wooden eggs. Eggs are made from high quality materials. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They are the best known Easter symbols.

Brand: Importer Am

👤A picture is nothing like the one shown. The ones I received were not Polish at all.

👤I wanted to add these to my collection. The designs on the website were very similar. The designs on the eggs I received did not match the designs on the website. There was a black smudge on one egg. The finish was rough and bumpy, not as nice as the ones I have now.

👤I love these! It's bright and pretty. The paint is beautiful. I'm glad to have them in my collection.

👤My plan was to have a few in a small basket for Easter. When they arrived, my plan changed to a bigger basket and I immediately purchased more. They are painted with happy colors. I will be using these for many years to come. They arrived on time.

👤I bought 6 wooden hand painted eggs. I received them quickly and there was no damage to the defect. The painting was bright and detailed. Just as pictured. When I opened the second box, I expected them to be the same as the first 6. Everyone in the second box was different. Would purchase again.

👤I bought another package of six after I received the first one. I received them quickly and they are a good size. I felt they were the best for size and color. I'll probably buy another package before Easter.

👤These eggs are colorful. Sturdy and bright. It's putting me in the holiday mood. Good value for money. They will last a long time.

👤All the eggs were kept in a small bag and were free to move around. The pack does not make them safe. It was hand painted and considered a heritage item. A carton of eggs would have worked. Can not blame the artist. The items were unique and colorful.

👤Would have tried to find something like this off the internet. I waited too long to get into the Easter spirit. I have a weird relationship with holidays. The eggs were well received by our 1 year old and it seemed like this was aligned to a Polish business. They were received on time. It's good! We hope to be able to reuse them year after year as we try to move away from plastic.

👤I like them but they don't have a hook to hang on an easter tree so I am going to glue them with my ribbon gun and see if that works.

👤These eggs remind me of my childhood. I found the store and the eggs. I wanted to pass down this tradition to my son. pikne

👤They were what I was expecting. They are colorful. They will help me with my talk. I would recommend this product to others. There is no fear of breaking the eggs.

👤The eggs are the same as the pictures. Thank you.

7. EveryMomentCounts Decorations Ornaments Colorful Egg

EveryMomentCounts Decorations Ornaments Colorful Egg

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! Paper eggs made of paper and white foam are safe for kids and adults to play with. There are multiple colors. Colorful Eggs set of 16 pieces with 8 pattern design and 2 pieces of every pattern. They can make your holiday more enjoyable. MEASURES The string length is 2.6in and the egg size is 2.4in. The hanging loop is easy to use. Decline You can decorate your home with easter eggs ornaments, make crafts, hang on the tree or game for Easter decorations, and have a Christmas party. Live support. The contact information that comes with the package can be reached by phone or email. They are behind their paper eggs.

Brand: Gamexcel

👤I decorated my tree with these Easter eggs. The colors look great for the season. They are light for hanging and need to be kept out of the way of crush. They hang from ribbons.

👤Egg ornaments are very cute. I bought these to hang on a little tree in the front yard, I love that the strings come attached, the easter eggs have different patterns. I am very happy with the purchase of more easter decorations.

👤The eggs are made of paper. They are pretty, but a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932s It doesn't hurt anything. There is a The package has a lot of ornaments. Egg hurting is a great way to decorate the wall.

👤The ribbon on the eggs is coordinated with the egg. They are decorated with different designs. It's worth it.

👤I used these paper eggs on my egg tree to offer a variety of colors. You can either tie them or push them onto the stem ends of the tree. I recommend them to anyone who is interested in starting a tree. There are trees on Amazon.

👤Cute little eggs. It would be fun to decorate for Easter.

👤I use these ornaments on an outside irnament tree.

8. Pack Foam Easter Ornaments Decorations

Pack Foam Easter Ornaments Decorations

These mini easter eggs for crafts measure about 0.7 x 0.7 x 0.25 inches. If you want to make a beautiful gift, pair the colorful Easter eggs with additional treats. These easter ornaments are great for decorating for spring festivities and can be added to your child's easter basket or easter egg hunt. The Easter eggs are made of high quality plastic. These easter egg tree ornaments are the perfect size. The easter egg set includes a total of 36 hanging eggs with 6 different colors.

Brand: Juvale

👤I put them in a lantern on my porch. They got wet, but it didn't matter. Since they are foam, be careful with them.

👤They were perfect for making a wreath. They stuck to the wooden wreath with a hot glue gun. The packaging was cute. Thanks.

👤You won't regret it if you buy cute ornaments.

👤The eggs were damaged when I received them. I think I shouldn't have expected much since they are cute and for the price.

👤The eggs are well packed and safe, they are cute and complete.

👤Bigger than I anticipated. Excellent quality.

9. Christmas Ornaments Handmade Hanging Decorations

Christmas Ornaments Handmade Hanging Decorations

The naughty kid can't smash real eggs if they have wood eggs. There are great Easter Chrismas gifts for children. The elf gnome come with vivid colors, lovely and eye-catching, come with a rope on the top. Good luck and happiness can be brought to the family when they dress up the Christmas tree. It is a good choice for holiday gifts. The home decoration is the gnome. You can decorate your home, put them in your room, and also dress up the Christmas tree, if you want to. Before packing and shipping, they check every dwarf. Each dwarf doll is made from sustainable materials and is soft to touch. It's not easy to fade and can provide a long- lasting use. Their appearance is very popular with children, and it is also a good choice for gifts. The traditional spirit can be spread by Tomte gnome. In folklore, the Gnome protects people from misfortune. Good luck is brought to family by it. You can use it to tell your children stories. They will give you a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the product or the size. If you have a question or suggestion, please contact them, they will reply and solve your problem at the earliest opportunity.

Brand: Idoker

👤I don't open it just in case. I'm returning it because of this.

👤These were the final pieces of my vision for Christmas.

👤I stumbled on the idea of decorations for trees with the Gnome. I got stuff early because they said there may be a shortage. The decorations are very cute. I have a small tree and one package of these will look great on it. Can't wait to use them.

👤I wrapped the Gnomes and are about to send them to my relatives. I am very pleased with the product and would order again.

👤I was very happy to receive my package quickly and to discover how cute these are. I want to hang them near the bottom of our tree for safety with a toddler in our family groups, and I want to use them for special package decorations. I think I'll order a couple more packs.

👤I was worried about them when I opened the package, but once the beards were straightened out, they were amazing for the money. Gave a couple as gifts and they were well received.

👤These are cute little ornaments, we just wanted to add a little space to the tree. Our cat is in love with them, but that's the only problem we have with them. She has climbed my tree many times in order to grab these and run away. If my cat wouldn't lick their beards, they would be so much cuter. The mix of colors for the hats are perfect for paying homage to our school and they match our college colors. Over all cute. If you have a cat that likes to take things off the tree, maybe stay away.

👤The set of gnomes is great. My daughter is a big fan of gnomes as well. They worked well for my tree, but were a little larger than I had thought. I made an error because I am not good with measurements. I might buy more in the fall for the Christmas season.

10. 2 3inch Hanging Ornaments Decoration Different

2 3inch Hanging Ornaments Decoration Different

There are multiple colors. Eggs set of 12 pieces with 4 different colors. There is always a color you like. The whole easter eggs are more attractive because they have two rabbits carring a basket. Kids love them! TheIDER application. These eggs have a cord on the top of them so you can hang them from a tree or a game. The material is. These Easter eggs are made of paper and white foam and they are safe for kids to play with. 100% SATISFACTION: They are confident that you will love their eggs. If there's anything that makes you unhappy, please contact them. They will do everything they can to solve your problem.

Brand: Crazy Night-

👤It's easier than dying eggs. jc

👤I made an indoor Easter egg tree out of eggs.

👤These were great for East decor. The bunny picture on the eggs was nice. It was on all the eggs. The pastels were great. I looked great!

👤The color is amazing and they are very well made.

👤We used easter ornaments to decorate a tree.

11. PRETYZOOM Artificial Decoration Decorative Photography

PRETYZOOM Artificial Decoration Decorative Photography

It's a good idea to make your own Easter craft projects, and enjoy a good time with your family. A variety of toy accessories and supplies are used. A realistic design can make a good decoration. These egg projects can help your kids with their creativity. High-quality eggs for long-term use, not easy to break and scatter, are very lightweight and allow you to use for a long time.

Brand: Pretyzoom

👤They are very cute and come as pictured. My only concern is that the black speckling on the eggs are too messy.

👤These were used on crafts. Perfect size!

👤Are a rip off and waste of time.


What is the best product for decorative easter eggs pastel?

Decorative easter eggs pastel products from Joyin. In this article about decorative easter eggs pastel you can see why people choose the product. Gift Boutique and Dmhirmg are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative easter eggs pastel.

What are the best brands for decorative easter eggs pastel?

Joyin, Gift Boutique and Dmhirmg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative easter eggs pastel. Find the detail in this article. Uhbgt, Winlyn and Importer Am are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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