Best Decorative Edge Scissors for Adults

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1. Beaditive Precision Scrapbooking Stainless Protective

Beaditive Precision Scrapbooking Stainless Protective

Art Cutters are great for creating unique Adornments for all your school and leisure projects. The set includes two scissors that are ideal for paper cutting, scrapbooking, and fine detail work in general. These small, portable, and high-precision detail scissors are easy to keep in a crafting bag, with other hobby tools, or even in the kitchen for quick, convenient access. Both pairs of small detail scissors are made with heavy-duty steel that is rust and resistant and has long-term resilience. The covers on the protective caps are good for your safety, and they also protect the fine tips when the scissors are not in use. If you are not satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund. If you are not satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Beaditive

👤A pair of scissors that work well. I do a lot of paper cutting and these did the job. I made a very neat hole in my finger, it was user error, but they were very sharp. The cover snaps on and stays on, which is important as they are very sharp. It's perfect for cutting small interior pieces. I can always find at least one if I get 2 pr for a good price. Just in time for some work, they arrived quickly.

👤The first time I used them, they broke and were flimsy. Think of child scissors. They cut yarn when I'm on the go. They had a cover so I thought it would be good to put them in a bag. The cover was the best thing about them.

👤I am an avid paper filigreer. A good pair of scissors is important to me, as I teach and sell quilling. I love that these scissors are small and sharp so they are great for precision cuts. I appreciate the point covers that protect my fingers from being stabbed and the points of the scissors from being damaged.

👤These scissors are great for cutting. They were used on the paper. It is difficult to cut for more than an inch because they don't move through the paper well. Great for cutting where there are little corners.

👤The company was quick to respond when I contacted them regarding one of the 2 pairs being dull, so I am giving them 5 stars. I was sent a replacement order immediately, and it cuts thread cleanly, as well as hand quilting cotton thread.

👤I use these for my yarn work. The sissors I had were dull and bulky. There was a package of 2. My mom was given a pair of shoes to try. I ordered a second set because she and I loved them so much. Will definitely order more. I love the case and it's good value. It's handy with a baby in the house.

👤These little gems are great for cutting paper. The handles are flimsy and my only problem with them is that. I feel like they're going to break when I use them. They haven't broken yet, but I've used them a lot. Some people use them for work. I was hoping that these would cut fibers as well as they did. I bought them for paper cutting, and they're great at that, and they're very sharp when closed, so if you need a hole punched in something, these scissors are just the ticket.

👤These are the most precise scissors I have ever used. They allow me to get into the narrowest area and get a clean cut. I have arthritis in my hands and need a sharp scissor, but so far these scissors have been comfortable to use. Even though they come with a pack, I'm going to order 2 more just in case, because I would hate to break my last scissor and discover these were no longer available!

2. Redi Scissors All Purpose Scissors 4 Pack

Redi Scissors All Purpose Scissors 4 Pack

The scissors are 6 inches long. The scorpions multi pack. It's perfect for the office, classroom, or home. The Redi Go Kut Scissors Multipack has four pairs of all-purpose scissors with a 4 inch straight blade and a 3 1/2 inch rubber comfort grip handle. You should keep a set in every room. COMFORT GRIP: Modern design for cutting. The long handle of Redi Go Kut Scissors gives you more leverage for tough-to-cut materials. The rubber grip is easy to use by both right and left-handed individuals. The STAINLESS STEEL blade is made of steel. It is easy to clean. The blade glides through most materials, including cardboard, fabric, plastic packaging, and more. If you want the best results, rinse and wipe the blade. SMOOTH CUTTING:Precise and consistent cuts. Redi Go Kut Scissors are ideal for projects that require accuracy, such as for art, papercrafts, sewing, embroidery, and kitchen work, because of the defined straight steel blade and tip. Redi Go quality. To exceed customer expectations. They pride ourselves on providing the best products to fit your life, and they focus on providing high-quality solutions at the right price.

Brand: Redigo

👤I like these scissors, they're the best value for the money and they're very sharp, I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought them to put around the house. I don't have to go hunting when I need them. They work well and are very useful.

👤I needed some extra scissors for the house.

👤These scissors are very sharp. Would buy again.

👤They cut as expected, not much to say.

3. Fiskars Edger Ripple Victorian 2 Pack

Fiskars Edger Ripple Victorian 2 Pack

Kids could use safety scissors to make fun crafts. The imagination can be used with full freedom. Adding a decorative edge to paper crafts is a great way to do that. The steel blades are clean and crisp. There are two patterns to choose from. The scissors are 6 inches long.

Brand: Fiskars Edger

👤It seems as though no one makes good decorative-edge craft scissors. Fiskars: Do you know how much money you could make from selling decorative scissors? There are many people doing paper craft art. I'm back to using my shears. These Fiskars don't cut, hurt my hands, or tear the paper. The product was very poor. I did not give them a try despite the mediocre reviews. So disappointed.

👤The Fiskars name should not be on these. There is a All of the Fiskars products are cheap now. They feel cheap because they don't cut through the paper on the first go. I will use them but if another brand makes a better product, I will stop using them.

👤I thought they would be good but not. Will not cut anything worth anything. Kinda takes it off.

👤I bought these because of the Fiskers name, they have never disappointed me before. Don't cut through a single page of paper until these are cheap. If a deckle edge was supposed to be any kind of standard, these wouldn't do it. The edge of the paper seems to be mangle more than cut. For a deckle edge, they are ok. These are not going to do it well if I were a scrapbooker.

👤I have been looking for these craft scissors for a long time and was excited to finally find them on Amazon. You can't beat the price. They are great for small crafts. I don't think they are the strongest scissors in the world, but they aren't cheap either. I have always been a fan of Fiskars, and these are great!

👤I don't know anything about this type of scissors. I'm not sure if being able to cut a few pages of paper makes a difference. It seems to work well to me. I thought you could do more.

👤They are inexpensive and perform well. The blades hang up when they are cut. You have to separate them to use them. It was very frustrating.

4. Scotch Precision Scissors 3 Pack 1458 3AMZ

Scotch Precision Scissors 3 Pack 1458 3AMZ

Premium Multipurpose Scissors are designed to be kept out of the reach of children. Happy New Year's gift idea, back to school gift, birthday gift, painting, Easter day, Thanksgiving day, party, and happy new year's gift idea are also included. There is a pack of three colors. The comfort grip handles are soft. The titanium-fused blades are sharp. The pivot is made of brass and steel.

Brand: Scotch

👤I can't use them as my go-to scissors because they struggle with everything else. It is difficult to get through thread, trim band aids, and get through packing tape because the blades fold the fabric rather than cut it. I will be shopping for something else since my cheap folding scissors with inch-long blades have moreVersatility than this set.

👤If you have reasonable expectations, you will be happy with these. They work great on paper, light-to-medium cardboard, light plastic, packaging tape, wrapping paper, etc. It's nice to have a color-coded set, because you can distribute them around the house and keep track of where they are located. They cut paper items well. I wouldn't wash them in the dishwasher. Windex and a cloth can be used to clean them. A small amount of oil on the joint might be helpful. If your scissors seem to get dull over time, it's a good idea to look at the blades. The glue from the tape can slowly migrate to the blades, and they don't cut as well if you've been using these many times. It's time to clean them. It is possible to bring them back to life with hot water, cloth, and an old electric toothbrush head. If they don't do that well, chances are you have a build up on the blades. There is a Is these the best scissors in the world? Absolutely not. If you want those, go to the Solingen brand.

👤I've tried many different scissors to find one that works. I bought this pack after reading the reviews. It was difficult to read reviews from buyers who were unhappy with the product. I would not give these scissors a 4 or 5 star rating. They don't cut paper, ribbon, bags, tape, fabric. Lantana ground cover is the only thing they cut. I use them for gardening and am still looking for good scissors that are sharp.

👤Two years later, all but one pair of scissors are in the landfill, even though I had high hopes for three good pairs of scissors. The scissors work well for light duty stuff, like cutting single sheets of paper. All of the scissors got loose within a year, so any cutting required putting inward pressure on the handles. The cheap rivets on the scissors make it impossible to tighten them when they get loose. The plastic colored plugs fell out. They stop cutting well. If you need disposable scissors for a limited time, but don't expect them to last more than a year or two, these will do.

👤I have been a quilter and seamstress for over a dozen years and have used a lot of scissors. I like the look of Scotch scissors. The scissors make a nice crunch as they cut. They are comfortable to hold. The handles of the scissors in this set have different colors so I can code their use. I will use one for fabrics, one for paper projects, and one for cutting shipping tape because the glue from the tape sticks to the blades so eventually they stop cutting well. The scissor blades are made out of titanium and look black. I will be referencing four images in this review. Photo #1: The scissors were separated in shipping. The handle of the scissors is soft plastic and comfortable to use. The scissors are made for someone with a right hand. The handle of the scissors is too large. In the third photo, I show the Scotch scissors next to the other scissors. The opening of the Scotch scissors is larger. The handles are softer than the others. They were very comfortable to use for a long time. The Scotch scissors weighed in at a whopping 2.9 ounces. They are heavy enough to do heavy duty cutting, but not too heavy for me to get tired while using them. There is a The scissors performed better than I expected, given that I paid more for other scissors which don't perform any better than the ones in this set. I recommend them. Ali Julia was reviewed.

5. LandJoy Colorful Decorative Comfortable Scrapbooks

LandJoy Colorful Decorative Comfortable Scrapbooks

There is aTILE KIT FOR KIDS. The colorful design of the paper edge scissors improves the creativity of children. It's perfect to make personalized art work for homework, leisure projects, and creative cards for birthday, Christmas, New Year, invitation, etc. Kids Craft Scissors has different patterns of semicircular shaft, small serration, big serration, castle and postmark. Children can use safety scissors to make interesting designs. LandJoy safety scissors blades are easy to use, so you don't have to worry about them hurting your children. The blade can be used for precise cutting. It is easy for children to hold, and the comfortable gripper can be used easily. You can use left- or right-handed. Safety scissors for Crafts can create amazing decorations and unique layout for your photo albums, greeting cards, memory books, love diaries, alumni books, travel and learning materials and other paper crafts. The Colorful Decorative Paper EdgeScissor Set and stickers with unlimited fun and creativity is a perfect gift for parents and children, and it is also the best gift you can give them. Customer service The quality of Kids Craft Scissors is something they believe in. If you have any questions or are not satisfied, please contact them via email. Right now! Put the LandJoy Scissors in the shopping cart.

Brand: Landjoy

👤I have used a set of these decorating scissors many times. I ordered this set for my granddaughter. She is quite creative and loves to do many crafts. I thought that she would enjoy using the scissors and cutting all the different shapes. She had to try out each scissor to see what it could do. There is a The scissors do not always make a clean cut. They leave a little paper behind. My scissors do this too. These scissors are so much fun, I don't think this warrants taking away a star.

👤There are six pairs of scissors with different blades. They are listed as scissors for kids, but adults will like them as well. Little hands can easily handle them, they are very easy to open and close. There is a pack of small paper squares in different bright colors in the set. Lots of sheets of puffy stickers are fun for kids. A nice set for crafting. They're reasonably priced and good quality.

👤The set of craft scissors from LandJoy are a good value and are basically what I expected. The vibrant colors are fine for kids to use. Kids like using thick construction paper and they like cutting it. They are easy to clean since they have plastic around the handles and blades. The kids craft shears are nice.

👤I was only looking for kid's scissors when I ordered the LandJoy Colorful Decorative Paper EdgeScissor Set. Wow! The scissors are great. My granddaughters are having a lot of fun with the beautiful decorative borders. They make a prettier cut on wrapping paper, foil, wax paper, and many other things, and they decorate your project too. Every household should have a set. I love them!

👤I got these for my kids. They are the right size for them. They work well for construction paper. They've had fun using them. I like that they can use their imagination to use different things. They seem to hold up to some use and are sharp for kids scissors. There is a

👤I thought these would be a good way to cut card stock into thank you cards for little kids. I couldn't open the scissors because some of the blades were bent. I don't expect them to last long, but the little extra stickers were a cute addition for the little ones.

👤The scissors have a nice easy grip. The rounded ends of the scissors make them safer for kids to use. The cut patterns are too similar to be different. The sheet of paper got stuck in the scissors because they weren't aligned correctly. They're good for craft time.

👤The scissors set is fun for kids. The scissors are the stars of the show, but my kids loved the sticker sheets and little papers that came with them. They are easy to use and cut well. My kids are happy with them.

6. ECR4Kids Decorative Scrapbook Multicolor ELR 0239

ECR4Kids Decorative Scrapbook Multicolor ELR 0239

A wooden revolving stand is used to keep scissors organized. There are patterns on the scissor. It's for ages 4 and up.

Brand: Ecr4kids

👤I bought the scissors for my own use, and am disappointed. They shouldn't advertise these with pictures and descriptions of adults using them for crafting and projects because they aren't very good and I don't want to use them for projects that look professional. These are mostly for children and teachers show them how to use them. Our little girl is too young for scissors just yet, but if these can last that long with just minimal use from me, she'll probably end up getting them. There is a The finger holes are meant for kids, but they are cramped for adult fingers and hard plastic, so they will hurt you with continued use. The blades and scissors are of questionable quality and can make the scissor harder to open and close. It is sad, because if they all worked the way that some do and opened smoothly, it could be something you don't notice. The issue seems to be there for most of them and only a few are working well. The holder they come in is so bad, it broke while I was still taking it out of the plastic wrapping, and it woke our daughter from her nap, because it was so loud. There is a Some of these do cut clean, but a few do eat/tear paper, and I tried a number of different paper types. I will cut through some foil to see if they are sharp enough out of the factory. There is a I wish the company made an all-inclusive set which had all the shapes in one set, and I also wish they had different sets for different purposes.

👤I wanted to use the base as a silverware display stand. I will use scissors in class. I used the wooden stand to do this. It is high quality and well put together. I haven't used scissors yet.

👤My rating is for scissors only. The stand broke, but they are great. We couldn't return the scissors because my daughter wanted them so much. The stand is not good. The stand with the scissors would look great if it wasn't broken. The seller needs to protect the product better. The stand will break easily if the box isn't handle with care, because the product came in a box with just a plastic bag protecting it. Write Fragile on the box.

👤I have used these scissors in three class projects with my science classes and so far they are holding up well. I was worried that they would break easily or that the turntable wouldn't last, but so far so good. The scissors have not been broken and they work well, even though sixth graders are tough on all my supplies.

👤The girls are 4 years old. They enjoy cutting up paper and foam with these scissors. I wish the designs were more different from each other but still a great product. Highly recommended.

👤Kids use them for school projects. They work well.

👤My granddaughter has used it for her projects.

7. Decorative Scissors Organizing Container Scrapbooking

Decorative Scissors Organizing Container Scrapbooking

A nice gift for the beginner crafter is also a great gift for kids who love art. The craft scissors give the kids an incentive to practice. 5 Pairs of Geometric Paper Edge Scissors Set are good for both kids and adults and have replaceable 2.5” cutting shapes. The scissors that cut wavy pattern edges or irregular die cut edges are suitable for both right and left hands. Kids can cut the paper by themselves, it's a safe use for them. It is a great gift for children to get, it is a good choice of gift, it is an interesting tool for the kids to do their own paper crafts, or finish their homework from the school. Kids can carry and organize the Paper Edge Scissors and other small tools in a box.

Brand: Binwish

👤I was looking for some decorative-type scissors that I could use to make vintage/old fashion Christmas decorations, but what I found was mostly flimsy and bad reviews. The reviews were pretty good. I figured out that it was not a big gamble at $13.99. They're pretty good. I used them on International Paper's Accent Opaque Digital Super Smooth lighter card stock and regular print paper. They did a good job on both. There are five different designs, but only one set of the scissor/handle portion. You slip them out and replace them with another design. It's pretty nifty! The plastic case with a handle snaps shut, I like that. It's a pretty practical product. Less likely to misplace the whole case. Merry Christmas!

👤These cuts were really good. Carefully line them up. I like how easy it is to switch out.

👤They are a nice gift and the case and interchangeably are great options.

👤I couldn't cut it. The handles were coming off when I was cutting them. It ruined my project because it destroyed the image I was trying to cut.

👤These are not a good quality, cut badly, and the scissors would stick while trying to cut. I like the style of them but wouldn't recommend them.

👤The scissors could use a little improvement. The blades are average for these types of scissors and I wish they clicked into the handles. They pop off a lot. I like them and use them a lot. I like the case because it makes storing easy.

👤Cute scissors. There are many designs. Work well.

👤All of the options are great but when you use them they don't clip properly and you have to stop cutting to clip them back on.

👤The quality is decent and probably no different than some of the other less expensive sets. You have to use thicker paper. It comes with some paper. If you remove the plastic insert, you can fit a small ink. I like to conserve on handles and the case.

👤I love using the interchangeable scissors to make pretty crafts. It's great for adults. They cut easily, unlike other scissors that jam when you try to use them. Highly recommend and fast shipment! Thank you so much.

👤It's not only the tenue des embouts, but also the moins bonne.

👤Is it sont? It's trs bien!

8. Scissors Plastic Decorative Crafting Creative

Scissors Plastic Decorative Crafting Creative

High quality, wear- resistant. Please contact them first if you have any problems. They will do everything they can to meet your satisfaction. The scissors set is made of high-quality plastic and steel. Scissors are lightweight and comfortable to hold. The lace scissors set contains 6 unique patterns that can cut 6 popular lace styles, like big waves, small waves, postmarks, castles, large serrated teeth, and small serrated teeth. Each pair of scissors has a different color. The bright colors can bring visual stimulation and help with color recognition. It's easy to use and suitable for people who are starting to use scissors. Wide application. The scissors set is a great accessory. It can be used to make art frames, bulletin boards, and useful tools for art classes and activities. Wide application. The scissors set is a great accessory. It can be used to make art frames, bulletin boards, and useful tools for art classes and activities.

Brand: Cosywell

👤Don't buy them. It's better to search for heavy duty ones. I call them design scissors. I sell heavy duty ones for $10 on Amazon. Don't buy them at the dollar store.

👤These are an inexpensive alternative to more expensive brands. 5 stars!

👤It is difficult to use. The paper was chewed up. Returned.

👤We do a lot of crafting during the holidays, and I volunteer for a non-profit. I was right that these scissors might come in handy. There are different designs on the edge of the paper. The scissors have a sharp cutting edge, making them easy to use. They are easy to clean and sturdy. I've used them on regular paper, construction paper, and card stock. Every crafter should have a set of scissors.

👤The scissors are cute and cut paper in a variety of patterns. Five pairs cut cleanly and evenly, but one pair is sticky and doesn't make clean and easy cuts. These are made for children and don't have the same precision as more expensive scissors. They should work on general crafting.

👤The scissors are easy to use. They don't stick like some do. They used paper to cut shapes. My daughter is young. She loves playing with them. I would recommend them to your children who like to do crafts. They would make a great addition to an elementary classroom.

9. BIHRTC Scissors Needlework Embroidery Stainless

BIHRTC Scissors Needlework Embroidery Stainless

Their leather scissors are guaranteed for a long time. The quality and performance of all their products are of paramount importance to them. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them immediately for a full refund or replacement pair. No questions asked! The scissors are made of hardened ALLOY for their sharpness and resistance to scratches. The Scissors have pointed edge and sharp blades that can save time. Warm reminder, not for heavy yarn or hard fabric, but great for threads, floss and flap. The zinc alloy handle is easy to hold and use. The handle was designed with a flower pattern. Scissors is a great tool and also a great decoration. It's ideal for friends who like sewing. It can be used for many things. Warm REMINDER is only for threads, floss and flap cutting. It should be kept away from children in case of injury. Warm REMINDER is only for threads, floss and flap cutting. It should be kept away from children in case of injury.

Brand: Bihrtc

👤For the last 20 years or so, my Premax embroidery scissors have been the perfect pair of scissors for me. They are cheap Asian fakes if they cost less than $70. The small size makes them uncomfortable. There is a I crochet a lot, too, and that introduces two issues. The Premax are so sharp that they will cut yarn while you are just positioning them, leading to a struggle to mend the damage. One would hope for something in between when using scissors. The finger holes are larger and more comfortable, and the scissors work perfectly in that regard. The one with the art nouveau lily design brings a lot of oohs. If you would prefer it alone, it is available in at least four finishes. I think they would work for those as well.

👤I do a lot of sewing. I was looking for a pair of scissors that were pretty. Something nice would add a touch of elegance to my workspace. They are very sharp. Is it possible to find out that a pair of scissors are not sharp? They are beautiful. Give the second pair away as a gift. I love them.

👤The copper and bronze pair of scissors came with slightly bent blades so they do not cut paper, but I doubt they will cut thread. I am guessing they bent when they shipped because they were packaged securely. They aren't pretty because they aren't even color on the handles. Would not buy again.

👤They have some weight to them, so they don't feel cheap. I've used them to cut through paper, plastic, cloth and they're very sharp. Couldn't be happier with the scissors.

👤Beautiful, Beautiful! There is a I use different types of scissors. 1. I am amazed at how beautiful they are. I was very excited to purchase these. 2. Light weight 3. They are still very Sharp, they are the first time they have used them. 4. The tips clip the thread. 5. It was very well made. I break the tips off by now. They are still on! Very well balanced. 6. I don't have to use 1 hand because I can cut with my Left or Right hand. 7. The seller was praised. The price is good too.

👤The quality of these scissors is very good. I gave my sister one pair of the two-pack. The points on these scissors make it easy to cut. They are very pretty, which is an added feature. I don't recommend these scissors for use by a child.

👤I bought these for my husband and I to use. They are very sharp. The vintage style is beautiful as well.

👤Beautifullu is balanced and decorated. They became very dull in a couple of weeks when they were only used for cutting thread. Don't waste your money if your goal is functional. The scissors are sad.

10. ProMaster Leather Scissors Stainless Effortless

ProMaster Leather Scissors Stainless Effortless

Heavy-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL. Their blades are made of high quality, high strength, high quality STAINLESS STEEL, which is unlike any other leather scissor on the market. Their scissors are built to last for a smooth, effortless and accurate cut every time. For leather and other materials. You can easily cut through leather, paper, vinyl, denim, dressmaking, canvas, cardboard, and many other craft materials with minimal effort or strain on your hands. It's great for all your leather work projects. The ProMaster leather scissors have comfortable handles that are easy to use and give you ultimate control over the scissors. The large finger loops give you extra space so you don't over exert your hands and cause pain. Precision cutting is done before the actual cut. The premium edges of the blades give you a clean and precise cut. After years of use, the razor sharp blade is retained. A cheap and dull scissor blade will not cut the jagged edges of your leather or fabric materials. Their leather scissors are guaranteed for a long time. The quality and performance of all their products are of paramount importance to them. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them immediately for a full refund or replacement pair. No questions asked!

Brand: Pro-master Smart & Simple

👤The bad: It's easy to manipulate, no sharp points, and it cuts slack rope like snapping a green bean. It is safe for cut and restored rope routines. The price is cheaper than scissors. There is a It doesn't whistle a jaunty tune and doesn't massage my hands. There is a The product was extremely happy with. The scissors are perfect for one of my magic routines, but I rarely give 5 star reviews. I used to use scissors in the office that took several attempts to cut rope even when held taut. I cut myself with the blades of the fabric scissors I bought, because I wouldn't allow a spectator to use them. Theblunted point and small cutting area make these scissors the most effective and safest pair to use. The handles are wide and will make a secondary effect of tossing the scissors at the rope. I'm not using them for leather or any of the other possibilities, but I can honestly say these are awesome. I will order a backup pair. There is a reason for this.

👤These scissors are great for heavy-duty jobs and I use them a lot. They have a nice feel in my hand and the quality is very good. I recently made a "rag quilt" which requires thousands of small cuts through several layers of flannel. I was able to complete the task without pain or difficulty. I was able to get the desired cuts on the first try and complete the task quickly and efficiently. Thanks!

👤I love these scissors. I was trying to find a smaller pair of scissors for sewing, but I didn't know they were for leather. I saw the scissor and larger handles and decided to buy them. They are great scissors and arrived quickly. I was glad I didn't read that they were for leather. I am so glad I did because I would not have purchased.

👤I bought these scissors a long time ago. I keep them handy. The cover is tight and keeps the sharp edge safe. I bought this second pair because I thought my first one was broken when I dropped them for the hundredth time, but after I ordered this pair, I discovered that there was a screw that needed to be tightened. I tightened it and they worked better than ever, but I am keeping the new pair as I can now have a spare. I might order another pair to keep in my studio. I don't have to go to another room to get the old pair. I would recommend purchasing them.

👤I use them to cut a hole in my illeostomy pouch. They work well. Small thumb holes make it hard for me to use most scissors.

👤These scissors are very good. I use them for everything. They are sturdy, 3mm thick blades and have been working well so far. It seems like they will keep their edge for a long time, and what's best for me, they cut through leather like a hot knife through butter. It's a real deal for high-quality scissors at a low price.

11. Scissors Carrying Decorative Scrapbooking Pattern

Scissors Carrying Decorative Scrapbooking Pattern

Get crafting. The extra detail on the blades makes them perfect for tailoring and edging. They offer a sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip and can be used on fabric or paper. An Nova Art Art & Craft Scissors in a Storage Bag/ Pocket includes 8 pairs of paper craft scissors with safety tip and easy grip handle in a storage bag, Length of Scissors: 15.5 CM/ 6.1 Inches. There are 8 different colors and cutting patterns. Made of plastic and aluminum. It's ideal to make lovely patterns on cards, gift paper and more. It is easy to use and safe for kids. Please keep this item out of the reach of young children. Please keep this item out of the reach of young children.

Brand: Annova

👤The scissors are cute and nice, but I used them once and they were terrible. They don't cut well with any paper. I had to start over after they ruined the project I was working on. I don't recommend them.

👤I need something to give my cards and paper projects. The scissors were perfect. I was looking for something that would give the "torn edge" effect. I liked the scissors with the scalloped edges. These scissors are perfect for paper crafting.

👤I didn't think they would last long. I expected them to work. They cut with the design. Half the time, they stick open. It takes a long time to close them. The delivery person followed my instructions.

👤Out of eight, one barely worked. Some people didn't even line up to cut.

👤I wanted to create a memory book for my 50th birthday. I gave the scissors to my niece because she loved them so much. The scissor designs helped to create a beautiful memory book.

👤The carrier for scissors is the only good thing. There are two that are broken or loose. It doesn't work. Only a small part of the scissor is functional.

👤The different patterns did not cut well on light paper. Sissors were stuck on the paper.

👤Came early. I love the variety of the scissors and the bonus bag is convenient.


What is the best product for decorative edge scissors for adults?

Decorative edge scissors for adults products from Beaditive. In this article about decorative edge scissors for adults you can see why people choose the product. Redigo and Fiskars Edger are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative edge scissors for adults.

What are the best brands for decorative edge scissors for adults?

Beaditive, Redigo and Fiskars Edger are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative edge scissors for adults. Find the detail in this article. Scotch, Landjoy and Ecr4kids are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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