Best Decorative Edge Scissors for Crafting

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1. Fiskars 12 92107897J Paper Edger Scissors Victorian

Fiskars 12 92107897J Paper Edger Scissors Victorian

Customer service The quality of Kids Craft Scissors is something they believe in. If you have any questions or are not satisfied, please contact them via email. Right now! Put the LandJoy Scissors in the shopping cart. The steel blades are sculpted.

Brand: Fiskars

👤I was expecting more from Fiskers. I use these to cut the top of the paper bags. I tried to cut the tops of the bags which are no thicker than printing paper, but I had to re position the bag and cut the next half an inch. The back of the bag was jagged and not cleanly cut when I turned it over. I could have purchased higher quality at the dollar store. It might be good for kids projects.

👤I used to have the same scissors. They are cheap after buying a replacement pair. Sometimes they won't close. I can barely cut through one piece of paper. They are so dull after about 200 cuts that I used them to embellish some price tags. I'm glad I bought them because they aren't very durable, but I did what I needed to do with them.

👤I received them today. It's great for trimming photos and card stock. The brand is trustworthy.

👤It's hard to cut paper without tearing it.

👤This looks great.

2. BIHRTC Vintage Scissors Embroidery Everyday

BIHRTC Vintage Scissors Embroidery Everyday

Each pair of scissors has a unique pattern. Classical crane styles and European Plum blossom styles. Special hardeness processes high quality steel and alloy. The professional tools are more durable. It is possible to finish your work with beautiful scissors with sharp blades. It's perfect for sewing, cutting thread, paper items and other. It's a great addition to a personal collection for people who like to do their own things, and also for people who like beautiful scissors.

Brand: Bihrtc

👤I wanted to love them so much that I was excited to get them. But. . You get what you paid for. There is a The Gingher Crane scissors are a sad attempt and are poorly crafted. The blades are long, but different thickness on each and slightly bowed and are not a sharp point as stated on the listing and actual packaging. After a week of using these to cut floss and ribbin, the blades are no longer sharp. There is a The floral scissors have a sharper point, but the flowers on the handles are not comfortable. The finger holes are very large. I have large fingers and they slide up to my knuckle when I'm cutting. I had to slide them back down to get a better grip. Wait for a 50% off coupon from your local craft store and purchase original Gingher scissors. The dollar store's tiny mustache scissors work better than these.

👤You go to cut thread when it's beautiful and seemingly great. They aren't sharp enough. I can make a clean cut if I pull my thread tight and use the right scissors. Purchase these for display and get a better pair.

👤The combination of small scissors is great. They were the perfect tools for cutting out complex embroidered designs from the backing sheet. The bird ones are comfortable enough to use for long periods on less detailed sections, while the sharp point ones are perfect for small details.

👤The scissors are cute. I use them all the time and keep a pair in my purse. They are lightweight and have good mechanics. There is a V.E.R.Y is sharp. I have knocked the little guys off of me. They have fallen into a solid wood deck. tip covers should be bought so they don't slice when not in use.

👤I was looking for scissors to cut my yarn and thread. They are very sharp. I will be buying more of these scissors. I highly recommend it. It's easy to pack a small carry bag for all your needs. It's sharp so no need to worry about split ends. Cute and stylish. It's worth it for 2 small high quality scissors.

👤These scissors are great. They work well. I have other craft scissors that work well with yarn, but these little craft scissors are better. They cut through my cord very well. I recommend these scissors because you get two. I would buy them again. I love them.

👤You would think these came from a vintage shop. They are very cool. They are very sharp. I have small hands so it isn't a problem for me, but it might be if you have bigger hands. When I showed them to my mom, she was jealous.

👤I used my little scissors to cut through the thread while I was making the mask. These remind me of my grandmother's snippers. They are holding up well so far.

👤Excellent product and quick service.

3. Mr Scissors Decorative Scrapbooking Crafting

Mr Scissors Decorative Scrapbooking Crafting

Their scissors can be used as thread snips, sewing scissors, paper scissors, and more, and the micro-tip blade allows for detailed cuts. Each pair of scissors has a unique pattern. It is easy to use. Children can start learning to use scissors. The plastic covering on the blade could prevent children from cutting their hands. Make intricate embellished cuts for distinguishable edging and borders. You can use art cutter to create amazing Adornments for all your school and leisure projects. You can use art cutter to create amazing Adornments for all your school and leisure projects.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤Four out of six scissors don't cut cleanly, one won't cut at all. I needed it for thicker paper because I wanted the most cuts relatively well. If you are looking for one or two shapes, buying the separately is better than taking a gamble. I kept them because I was lucky.

👤These are not well joined at the hinge. They are very light and do not stay together tight enough to produce the pattern they were supposed to. We were able to use them on a piece of construction paper, but they wouldn't cut it on basic computer paper.

👤These didn't work for me. I wanted to cut the edges of the cards with scissors, but they aren't clean and there's no easy way to cut more than 4 inches.

👤I think they will cut the paper evenly, but it always fails to do so. The blaze would be perfect if it was sharp. I am always disappointed. I refuse to come back because they are not worth it. So disappointed. Before purchasing, you should listen to the other negative reviews. I thought I would be one of the lucky ones.

👤My granddaughter fell in love with them after I bought them for myself. She was able to use them with her small hands because they are so easy to use. I bought her some for her birthday. Kids and grown ups love to make crafts with the different shapes. Give the kids a piece of paper and scissors and let them try it. The blades are not so sharp that they can hurt them. They should be watched with supervision.

👤I bought these for my grands and they've been using them. They are easy to handle and enjoy. There is a They are easy to use and durable.

👤The scissors work well on paper and my child loves to cut it. They don't seem to cut anything other than paper. I don't worry about her cutting herself.

👤I tried to use these for crafting, but I bought the wrong kind. The paper would be barely cut through. It looked terrible when it did. These are not strong enough to use on pictures or construction paper and may be okay for kids to use for fun.

4. Scissors Plastic Decorative Crafting Creative

Scissors Plastic Decorative Crafting Creative

High quality, wear- resistant. Please contact them first if you have any problems. They will do everything they can to meet your satisfaction. The scissors set is made of high-quality plastic and steel. Scissors are lightweight and comfortable to hold. The lace scissors set contains 6 unique patterns that can cut 6 popular lace styles, like big waves, small waves, postmarks, castles, large serrated teeth, and small serrated teeth. Each pair of scissors has a different color. The bright colors can bring visual stimulation and help with color recognition. It's easy to use and suitable for people who are starting to use scissors. Wide application. The scissors set is a great accessory. It can be used to make art frames, bulletin boards, and useful tools for art classes and activities. Wide application. The scissors set is a great accessory. It can be used to make art frames, bulletin boards, and useful tools for art classes and activities.

Brand: Cosywell

👤Don't buy them. It's better to search for heavy duty ones. I call them design scissors. I sell heavy duty ones for $10 on Amazon. Don't buy them at the dollar store.

👤These are an inexpensive alternative to more expensive brands. 5 stars!

👤It is difficult to use. The paper was chewed up. Returned.

👤We do a lot of crafting during the holidays, and I volunteer for a non-profit. I was right that these scissors might come in handy. There are different designs on the edge of the paper. The scissors have a sharp cutting edge, making them easy to use. They are easy to clean and sturdy. I've used them on regular paper, construction paper, and card stock. Every crafter should have a set of scissors.

👤The scissors are cute and cut paper in a variety of patterns. Five pairs cut cleanly and evenly, but one pair is sticky and doesn't make clean and easy cuts. These are made for children and don't have the same precision as more expensive scissors. They should work on general crafting.

👤The scissors are easy to use. They don't stick like some do. They used paper to cut shapes. My daughter is young. She loves playing with them. I would recommend them to your children who like to do crafts. They would make a great addition to an elementary classroom.

5. Brizz Creative Scissors Scrapbook Designers

Brizz Creative Scissors Scrapbook Designers

There is aTILE KIT FOR KIDS. The colorful design of the paper edge scissors improves the creativity of children. It's perfect to make personalized art work for homework, leisure projects, and creative cards for birthday, Christmas, New Year, invitation, etc. The Arts & Crafts scissor set gives you endless design possibilities for your albums. The craft scissors set is very suitable for children to start learning to use scissors, and it offers endless design possibilities. The handles on the crafts and activities for children and adults help prevent fatigue. The patterned edges provide endless decorative touches for any arts and crafts project. Kids could use safety scissors to make fun crafts. The imagination can be used with full freedom.

Brand: Brizz

👤They have several options for me. Nice to have!

👤The product is very safe and easy to use. My daughter hasn't put the scissors down yet, we received them right away. There is a The price is even better than the best scissors on the market.

👤A kid that only uses one hand can use it well.

👤It is amazing! Absolutely worth the money. My 6yo loves it. She learns how to use pencils and pens correctly. My mom is a teacher and she asked me to get her some as well. I absolutely recommend it!

👤The product is amazing. My daughter likes it. It was easy to use. It's very safe for kids.

👤Finally, I got it! Great product. It's safe to use for kids and my son likes to do all kinds of crafts with it. Everyone who has little ones should be recommended by me.

👤Awesome scissors. My daughter likes them.

👤After teaching for 31 years, 15 special education, I discovered something that is used at many levels.

6. UCEC Colorful Decorative Teachers Scrapbooking

UCEC Colorful Decorative Teachers Scrapbooking

Keep out of reach of children. The Arts & Crafts scissor set provides endless design possibilities for your albums, greeting cards, memory books, gift tags, and other paper and photo crafts. Make intricate embellished cuts for distinguishable edging and borders, add ornamental frames to posters, construction paper or your favorite Zink paper photos, and create fun border designs. The soft grip scissors are comfortable for both the right and left hand. Bright colored handles in 6 separate shades offer smart, attractive addition to craft kit and each pair's design is clearly printed for fast pattern identification. Art Cutters are great for creating unique Adornments for all your school and leisure projects.

Brand: Ucec

👤This product is very easy to use, and it comes with a box for your scissors. I tried to cut a piece of paper and it did not cut clean. I would assume that these scissors are for light duty craft work since it does not come out as a clean cut when I tried it on a mail envelope. It is a nice set of scissors and can be used for any type of craft project, maybe just avoid using thick papers such as cardstocks and also avoid cutting multiple papers at the same time.

👤The cut strip on the aluminum foil box could be used. It's a good thing that I like the 3 most. The paper isn't heavy like card stock and the others shred it. Medium weight. One of the pairs wouldn't open and I had to pull the handles to separate them. I ordered them because the video looked great. The video is misleading if I have an off box.

👤The scissors set is great. They cut very well, which made for some great pieces. The edges are varied. A nice touch to the paper edge. Definitely recommend.

👤My four year old loves them.

👤Just got them and was very excited. The single regular sheet of office paper could not be cut. These are useless. The metal parts are better than tin foil. They can't cut through a single piece of paper. Returning for a refund.

👤I bought the scissors for my granddaughters. The heading mentioned they were good for teachers, crafts, scrapbooking and kid's design. I am finding that the scissors stick to the paper frequently, resulting in tears, which is frustrating. Other reviewers gave this product a higher rating, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

👤The scissors are very stiff. I am an adult. I find it hard to open and close them, it's a waste of money.

👤These scissors are terrible. The yellow paper is a construction paper and the light green paper is a printing paper. The blades don't cut well. The blade length is less than 2” and you have to line up the pattern 3-6 times in order to make it across a piece of paper. It takes a long time to get one thing done. The scissors can be used to edge anything, because the blade is so dull that it won't cut unless there is paper on both sides. This is the top pick for patterned scissors on Amazon. Don't buy.

👤The item was exactly as described in the description. There are different designs of scissors. My kids like cutting with me. The quality is good. Not cheap at all, but definitely craft store quality. It's safe to use for younger children. It is safe for little hands. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought these for my daughter, she has been cutting every scrap of paper she can find. The build quality is better than I expected. They are not heirlooms or precision instruments. They get a passing grade for the purpose of putting a smile on your child's face. If there is still one workable pair in 6 months, there is a lot of variety. I will be happy with the purchase. There is a The price point is great and the design encourages creativity. Would buy it again and would highly recommend it. If you found this review helpful, click below.

7. Creative Scissors FindTop Scrapbooking Projects

Creative Scissors FindTop Scrapbooking Projects

The length of the safety scissors is Approx. It's larger than regular. The Scrapbooking Edging Scissors Paper Punch Set is made of high-quality plastic and can be used for a long time. Features: Come with exquisite workmanship, use to safe and convenience, can fully stimulation user's creativity and imagination. The scissors and mini puncher have bright multi-color designs that enhance the user's color and practical. Children can use this for lace, greeting cards, envelopes, and other things. The package includes 6 Creative Scissors and 6 Craft Punch. Craft Punch has different shapes and each pair of scissors has a unique pattern. Meet all design possibilities. The package includes 6 Creative Scissors and 6 Craft Punch. Craft Punch has different shapes and each pair of scissors has a unique pattern. Meet all design possibilities.

Brand: Findtop

👤The hole punches are useless and if you just let your kid use them, they will probably hurt themselves because there is nothing on the bottom to prevent the sharp part from hitting their hands. The whole set is cheap, but the scissors are fine. It is like they put a few plastic items in a bag and send it to you.

👤These are for little kids, but I liked the concept of them. The little kids would love them. They are difficult for an adult crafter. It takes a lot of force to punch anything thicker than printer paper. I stepped on the carpet to punch my paper.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase. This set is great for art and craft. It's used almost daily at home for preschool learning and development activities. The set is the same as others I've bought from big name craft stores that were much more expensive.

👤I bought this for my daughter, who was not on my choice. The scissors are for a child only, they are too small for adults, and too short for long cuts.

👤My 4 year old granddaughter loves them. Sturdy scissors and fun to use with supervision. They work and cut well and don't feel cheap.

👤I love how easy they are to use. My kids use them for crafts, they are easy and safe. These should be recommended for all projects. The cutout of the stamper is amazing.

👤Great products for the price, love the scissors, and make crafting fun. Not a fan of the hole punchers, the edges aren't smooth and the cut outs don't look very nice.

👤Most punches did not punch. The seller was fine for the review.

👤The punches are hard to press for kids.

👤Excellent! Tout ce lot de ciseaux et petits perforateurs. Parfait pour beaucoup de bricolages.

👤A utiliser pour ma fille.

8. Jialeey Scissors Creative Scrapbooking Decorative

Jialeey Scissors Creative Scrapbooking Decorative

You can use art cutter to create amazing Adornments for all your school and leisure projects. The handle is plastic and the blade is steel. It's very easy to use and suitable for children. Make embellished cuts for the different edging and borders. The craft scissors set is the key to your favorite design. Each pair of scissors has a unique pattern.

Brand: Jialeey

👤I was a little hesitant about getting them because I read the reviews before buying them. I love them! My children use them. Some say these do not stick. They are very sharp.

👤I wasn't worried about things I'd be if they were for me. I make a journal! I taped a sample strip on each pair so she knew what they did. They cut well, but don't feel like the quality of the pair that my mom used to make, so I'd have no problem spending the money for those that will hold up and come with a stand. If you can afford it, I encourage you to go for the quality products that are more expensive than I would buy for things I don't expect to last. Hope that helps if you are on the fence.

👤I'm not going to be critical. I usually go for cheaper versions of small things like this because my kids are pretty destructive and I purchase these scissors for them. If you're looking for something crazy sharp that will make a perfect cut every time, you're in the wrong place.

👤I bought these because I was disappointed. I used to be a photographer and I did not cut through the paper or prints very well. It ripped the paper and did not cut it. I tried it on regular printing paper and it worked, but it was not the purpose of my purchase.

👤These are awesome. I remember using them all the time as a kid. I was happy to find them after I thought of it. My kids love them, they cut different designs. My kid tried it on his hair and it didn't work.

👤It's too cheap to really use. As soon as you close the scissors, they get stuck. One of the scissors doesn't work. It is very frustrating but cheap.

👤These are pieces of junk. I know they were cheap, but I was expecting more. Specialty scissors from a dollar store work better than these. They can't cut through paper easily. I had to cut again.

👤I am sending them back. 3 of the 6 are so flimsy you can't even use them, they were put together so badly that they won't open. They are cheap plastic and have a metal blade. I guess you get what you pay for. I was hoping to see ads for childrens art projects. They can't be used.

9. EK Tools 4 Pack Decorative Scissors

EK Tools 4 Pack Decorative Scissors

Each pack of scissors has a unique pattern. You can create multiple designs with one scissor. Designed for the left or right hand. Paper ribbon and borders can be used for cards, gift wrap and more. There are four scissors with different designs.

Brand: Ek Tools

👤I was a teacher and thought these would be perfect for a project I was doing with my students, and I got them fast with Prime shipping. That's the best thing about them. These are small scissors. I have small hands and they leave marks on my skin. After ten minutes, they were hard to open, and the yellow circle popped off. I can't return them because I wrote my name on them when I threw the packaging away. There are better scissors out there. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I couldn't find scissors at the craft store. These were bought and they work well. The fiskars product is larger than the scissors. It's probably not good for large hands to be small.

👤These are cheap. One pair wouldn't open, I received mine. I had to push the metal down to open it. They won't cut fabric. They cut some paper well. I should have read other reviews before ordering them. Will not buy again.

👤I didn't read the description to see how big these would be. They are on the smaller side. I was expecting them to be a little easier to use than regular scissors. One of them is already falling apart.

👤I couldn't make these scissors work. They leave jagged edges and pieces that are not completely cut through. I used them on copy paper. The result was not satisfactory.

👤These barely cut paper were disappointing. Not cloth at all. I don't like writing bad reviews, but there are times when people need to know. These don't work.

👤These scissors are built well and have good sharpness. They don't cut lightweight paper well, so that's the only downside we have found so far. The paper bends. The thicker the papers, the better these work.

👤It arrived quickly. They work well after breaking them in. I use them for card making and other crafts. They make nice borders once you get used to them. The transaction was smooth.

10. Scissors Teachers Students Scrapbooking Decorative

Scissors Teachers Students Scrapbooking Decorative

Great for all paper crafts, including rubber stamp and card making. The 6Pcs Paper EdgeScissor is made from high quality plastic material and is durable for long term use. Children's perception of color, beautiful and practical are enhanced by the bright assorted colors design of their 6Pcs Paper EdgeScissor. Their 6Pcs Paper EdgeScissor is safe to use and can fully encourage children's creativity and imagination. Their paper edge scissor has different lacerations which help to cut out delicate patterns. It's used for children's art paper cutting. It's used for children's art paper cutting.

Brand: Hztyyier

11. Scissors,Serrated Scalloped Stainless Professional Scalloped18mm

Scissors%EF%BC%8CSerrated Scalloped Stainless Professional Scalloped18mm

It is suitable for cutting fabrics, Linings, Silk, Cotton, nylon Chemical Fiber, Cloth, Leather, Woven Material and Paper. Scissors use a grade of steel. You can apply for fabrics, leather, Linings, Paper, and Craft uses. Craft shears are ideal for professional and domestic use. TILE PINKING SHEARS The Serrated/ Scalloped pattern on the blades can limit the length of the unfished cloth edges and thus minimize damage. COMFORT AND CONTROL are related. The handle is better. These scissors are great for adults and kids because of their soft grip handles. It has never been simpler to cut corners in cloth and round designs. Pinking shears have razor sharp blades for easy and perfect decorative cutting. These scissors are great for any project or design because of the heavy duty blades. Get crafting. The extra detail on the blades makes them perfect for tailoring and edging. They offer a sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip and can be used on fabric or paper.

Brand: Price Xes

👤The product is able to cut through several layers of fabric. It makes different patterns depending on which side you cut. I like the look of the pretty scalloped shears.

👤These are strong and sturdy, but stiff to open and cut. You need strong and larger hands to use them.

👤I had a lighter pair of shears, but they are so much easier to use now. The longer length makes it easier to cut stock labels. Hopefully they will loosen up with use, they are a bit tight.

👤The cut is nice, but hard to open and cut. Disappointed.

👤They seem to cut fine, but only if you can maneuver them. It was too big and hard to open and close. I can barely open them. It's possible for large strong hands. Not for small or weak hands.

👤The pinking shears are a good price.

👤Didn't cut double knit fabric well.


What is the best product for decorative edge scissors for crafting?

Decorative edge scissors for crafting products from Fiskars. In this article about decorative edge scissors for crafting you can see why people choose the product. Bihrtc and Mr. Pen are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative edge scissors for crafting.

What are the best brands for decorative edge scissors for crafting?

Fiskars, Bihrtc and Mr. Pen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative edge scissors for crafting. Find the detail in this article. Cosywell, Brizz and Ucec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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