Best Decorative Egg Holder for Refrigerator

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1. Toplife Skelter Dispenser Storage Display

Toplife Skelter Dispenser Storage Display

If you have been shopping for cremation urns and keepsake urns for over 25 years, you can be sure that your loved one will be protected and cared for in this beautifully crafted, top quality urn. A new design with a non-slip base. Sturdy metal construction and wire frame with black finish is suitable for today's modern kitchen lifestyle. It can hold many eggs. You can easily access different eggs with the rotating rack. The new design for decorative and indoor use is ideal for storing eggs neatly within your kitchen, and it keeps all eggs in sight and saves space.

Brand: Toplife

👤This is what I needed. I have 6 hens who are laying 5 eggs a week. I had to date each egg and take all the eggs out of the basket every couple of days to get to the older ones. The need to sort the eggs or date them is eliminated by this egg skelter. My scale does not weigh the biggest eggs, so my girls lay small to extra jumbo eggs. The eggs move down the skelter with minimal hang ups if you place them pointing end down. Depending on the size, it will hold 30 to 34 eggs. It has a very stable base and talks up little counter space, which is a big plus over the basket storage. I have not had any broken eggs because of the fact that some eggs hang up and have to be gently moved along. I can't say enough good things about this egg skelter. If you have fresh eggs, you can't go wrong with this item.

👤Eggs roll around the dispensers so you can use the oldest eggs first. It holds about 48 eggs. We use the kitchen counter because we have fresh eggs.

👤The product is better than I anticipated. I am very happy. It's sturdy, has a lot of eggs, and is easy to access from all sides. I have it all the time and I haven't had any issues with eggs cracking in it. When you remove the bottom egg, you have to remember that they are fragile. I highly recommend this!

👤I ordered this for myself after seeing a similar unit online. I read the reviews carefully and decided to go big or go home and get the one that holds three dozen. Completely satisfied. It is assembled and can be used to add/relocate eggs. The metal has a nice finish and is of good quality. This thing makes my life simpler. No more wondering which eggs are oldest and which are newest. It fits 3-Dozen standard chicken eggs, but you may have to place them so they are upright. The base was flimsy at first, but once all eggs were added it was no longer flimsy. I don't understand people who say their eggs fell from the bottom, my eggs fit without rolling past the stopper. I had to help them along so they wouldn't slide down too fast, but it wasn't a problem for me to be extra cautious. I absolutely love it. It looks great on my counter, it is of good quality, and it is a wonderful conversation piece. When I have more egg production, I will order more.

👤It keeps eggs fresh. I would like to see a piece of foam at the end of it. I have had an egg or two crack, they were both thinner shells.

👤This is perfect for our family needs. When discussing the only negative, we have Silky Bantams which lay a small egg and Australorps which lay a medium to large egg. The egg holder is sturdy and sits on the counter in a way that makes it easy to use. You can rotation it to get the entrance and exit you want. The feature allowed us to put it in a tighter location and still get the eggs in and out. It has a lot of eggs in a tight space. It is designed for larger eggs. Eggs can fall out when they get to the bottom. Extending the slide closer to the stop at the bottom could be used to fix this. If the next egg is a small silky one, we grab it and repeat this until the next egg is a Australorp egg. We knew this was designed for larger eggs when we bought it. I thought others would be interested in that solution.

2. Totally Kitchen Organizer Refrigerator Container

Totally Kitchen Organizer Refrigerator Container

The dimensions are 7. 50. X 7. Black color. Premium Egg Tray: Use Totally Kitchen egg holders to neatly organize your refrigerator and eliminate any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. The tray design makes it easy to see the contents. Premium Egg Tray: Use Totally Kitchen egg holders to neatly organize your refrigerator and eliminate any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. The tray design makes it easy to see the contents. The container has 24 slots to protect each individual egg. The plastic lid will keep the eggs fresh for longer. Functional design. The design of the fridge allows you to use all the space. The build-in handles make moving the egg holder easy. Made of durable material. Simply wash with warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe. Only hand wash. The bin can hold up to 24 eggs. The design fits into any refrigerator. The bin can hold up to 24 eggs. The design fits into any refrigerator.

Brand: Totally Kitchen

👤I ran this through the dishwasher and it was fine, but the top is warped. I used to be able to stack things on top of the eggs, but now that the top is not working, I can't. It's my fault that I didn't check to see if it was dishwasher safe. It's still pretty disappointing. I feel like if things are not dishwasher safe it needs to be emphasized. I would have given this a five-star review before this happened.

👤I initially gave this a 5 star and then after a few uses, I decided to change my review. Once Holy cow eggs are in the little slots, it's nearly impossible to pull them out. Unless you have an extra large egg in there, you need a spoon to lift them out. It is a nice looking container. It is easy to clean. I don't think the dishwasher would do well and may warp plastic, so I haven't tried it. It's not a big deal to wash your hands. The fridge looks clean and tidy because of the space saver.

👤It protects the eggs and allows me to maximize fridge space. There is a The top lid can come off easily if it is not locked.

👤Egg trays should hold more than 12 eggs. Stacking bacon and English muffins on top of a low,flat design is possible.

👤I'm trying to organize my home but some of the containers are expensive so I'm going at it slowly. I like this egg container because it fits 24 eggs and I only buy 18 and there are a few left from the previous pack. It's not over. It's easy to clean. It has a handle so it can be pulled out easily. The lid doesn't close completely. I don't know if the lid is curved or the way it is.

👤I like this tray, but it is big. I like to eat an egg for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One egg at a time. I like to eat Dutch Babies on weekends. Give me my eggs. I get the 24 pack of Eggland's. I hated the foam holder in the fridge. I have this and it fits in my fridge. Within 30 seconds, this was washed up and dried. There are 24 large eggs. It's easy to pull in the fridge. It's under my cheese drawer.

👤These were perfect to make my fridge look better and less cluttered. I buy a lot of eggs to keep on hand as my husband and I eat eggs almost daily. The containers take up a bit of space in the fridge, but they work well and each tray holds two and half dozen eggs. They are easy to clean.

👤I like this! I ordered a second one because I liked it so much. I found no issue with being able to hold the eggs.

3. Rubbermaid Specialty Storage Container 1777192

Rubbermaid Specialty Storage Container 1777192

Eggs are kept fresh to prevent them from getting crushed or smashed. The platter base has an outer lid that snaps onto it. The plastic is dishwasher-, microwave, and freeze-safe.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤This is the perfect tray for a mom. If food is left out people will eat it no matter what it is. That is what happens at my house. Everyone will come by if it's on the counter. I left vegis and fruits out. I've tried every tray and it had issues. Round ones take up a lot of space in the fridge. It should be illegal to sell a round item in a kitchen. There were no round trays. I needed to put it in the fridge at night so I had a lid on it. I wanted the lid to be used as an ice cube tray holder to keep the food cool. This one is the only one I could find that met all of those needs and it is a great price. There is a I dare you to leave a tray of vegetables on the counter. You unconsciously nibbles on them during the day. Maybe you will too.

👤Good grief, you can't ruin bread with these things. When you put the bread in the fridge, it's even more so. If you buy a loaf before you eat all your last up, it will fit an entire loaf. It's large enough to fit most types of bread.

👤There has been a lot of discussion about the item description of the Rubbermaid egg keeper, the questions being asked about them, and some of the answers given. I was wondering if this would be a worthwhile replacement for storing farm-fresh eggs in the paper and styrofoam cartons we all reuse from the store, if it would be worth it. It was worth it for me. I will explain... I sell surplus eggs to friends and family and have built up a surplus of 12 and 18 count cartons. These are the things I kept all of my eggs for. I like to keep the cartons nice and well taken care of, but sometimes they are used up in the surplus I use for my customers. Other people don't always take good care of your property. The ones I let them borrow are abused or thrown away, because they wear out over time. The containers are for me and me alone to store my eggs. My personal eggs are stored in the fridge in the rubbermade containers and the ones for sale are stored in the rubbermade container on the counter and then transferred to the repurposed cartons at the time of sale. There is an investment. It will never happen. There is a I have 10 Red Sexlink hens that are 8 months old and lay anywhere from large to jumbo eggs. To me, a jumbo egg is anywhere from 2.5 to 3 ounces. They're big. To set the record straight, 20 "jumbo" eggs will not fit in this container without being placed against other eggs, disrupting the way they sit in the molded "nesting divots", which causes the eggs to sit a little higher, therefore causing the lid. The container is as sturdy as any rubbermade container I've ever owned. Some say the lid is thinner. It seems like it's moreflimsy because it's larger than the small storage container lids we're used to. To say they're "flimsy" would be an untruth. If you want to stack containers with jumbo eggs, you'll have to do it with 2 containers high, because the stack will be unstable and shaky. Everything up to a 2.5 ounce egg will fit. If I have a few jumbo eggs, I adjust the location of the different size eggs to fit the jumbo eggs I get. The problem was solved simple. If you're one of the lucky ones who collect nothing but Jumbo eggs every morning, this may not be the right container for you. There are photos of large and extra large eggs. They all fit inside. They're used to store 20 eggs in each container. The container is larger than an 18 count carton because the eggs are housed on their side. I don't have a tape measure. I would measure both, but I'm posting photos that will show the size differences and help you determine if this is the right item to fit your needs. The lower profile is a plus for these containers. I can stack 4 containers in an area that only has three 18 count cartons, but the container is wider. In my fridge, I can fit 8 rubbermade containers in the same area as the nine 18 count cartons I was squeezing in. I have 8 containers that are handy anddurable that I keep for my personal use. When the need arises, they double for the whole deviled egg thing. I haven't done that yet, but the design of the dish doesn't look like it would be any worse than any other dish I own. I'm not sure if it's dishwasher safe, but it may be. The cartons don't match up to the dual purpose rubbermade containers. As others have said, shop around. I won't tell you what I paid, but it wasn't the price you're looking at. The item is giving 4 stars because it should have been designed to hold 24 eggs. I hope this helps. There is a Troy 47/M/Tx.

4. Flexzion Ceramic Cups Egg Tray

Flexzion Ceramic Cups Egg Tray

It is handcrafted in the USA. The 6 Egg Cup Ceramic Egg Carton has slots for chicken eggs that are just the right size to hold. It's perfect to use for a hard boiled egg container, ceramic egg platter, refrigerator egg holder, or counter egg holder. The eggshell crate porcelain design is suitable for any kind of kitchen styles, easter egg holder, or novelty egg holder. It can be used to keep eggs from rolling off the counter. The serving tray is ideal for holding hard-boiled eggs, mini appetizers and also for being used as a stylish serving tray for easter chick deviled egg dispensers or dyed/painted eggs at an Easter celebration. The smooth, impermeable material of the egg tray is easy to clean. The high-fired ceramic material is resistant to scratches. The glazed interior of the 6 pack egg carton is nonporous, so foods won't interact which is safe for use in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven.

Brand: Flexzion

👤This classy looking egg tray is everything to like. It's very heavy and holds eggs until they're ready to be used. It's great to put fresh eggs in a room temp in baking or hold boiled eggs to cool them. It's a great place to store the cracked egg shells. The ones you see in cooking shows are the same ones. The product was great for the price.

👤It looks good. The weight is perfect to not get bumped. This is a must have if you are an "EGG" person. We eat eggs during the day. It's always a perfect snack. It's perfect for fresh eggs or chicken. Eggs will not roll around while you prepare the pan, toast, etc. Great product.

👤I don't have eggs falling off the counter. I put the shells in it once I cracked them. It's easy to carry clean counter tops from the refrigerator to the cooking surfaces. I bought this item and it was so happy to me.

👤I have no idea why I wanted one of these. I like it. I keep a carton in the upstairs fridge, but it looks great in my fridge downstairs. My man cave is red with my teams colors.

👤I like that I can store a few eggs in this egg holder and use it for a while, then save the rest in the other garage fridge. It doesn't use up a lot of space in the kitchen fridge. The product was sturdy and arrived quickly. It can hold 6 large eggs.

👤I was looking for an egg holder. We usually get 18 cartons of eggs and they take up a lot of space in my fridge. When I get down to 6 or less eggs, I can put them in the top compartment of my fridge without worry, because the eggs will not break. Heavy ceramic too. The price is a great value.

👤It is easy to clean and works well to set out eggs for a recipe. If we re buy eggs too early, we use it in our fridge to make sure we have enough in our storage container.

👤The holidays are around the corner. I am a little spoiled with this one. This is our second six egg-egg cup and it is much more durable than the last one we purchased. My husband dropped it on the counter once because it was dishwasher safe. I love the design and color.

👤I saw the red on line when I saw some white ones on the programme. A trendy way to display eggs. Better than the carton.

👤I bought 2 of them and they fit perfectly in the fridge shelf. Quality is very good. I recommend it!

👤I absolutely adore this. I love the colour and it's a handy egg holder.

5. Ambergron Stackable Organizers Refrigerator Countertop

Ambergron Stackable Organizers Refrigerator Countertop

It is not dishwasher-safe. You can wash the egg organizers with soapy water and wipe them clean. There are stacking egg holders. This is an egg organizers that fits 12 eggs. Saving your place and protecting your eggs. It is portable and safe. Protect your eggs by organizing your refrigerator. Not dishwasher safe withBPA. It is easy to clean with soap and water. Don't put it in the dishwasher. It's made for a fridge. It's perfect for fridge, countertop, home and kitchen egg storage. The ideal size is 8.8" x 6.9" x 3.1" H.

Brand: Ambergron

👤This is the second time I have ordered an egg holder and received something else. The first time.

👤The fact that the product is small made it easy to store and retrieve a dozen eggs. The lid is loose fitting. No snapping down, no click, just a small piece of plastic that sits atop the egg divider. We use it, don't get me wrong. It makes my eggs look nice, but the lid is not functional.

👤shape and stackability are space saving features that I like. Eggs break when I try to remove them. I put it in a plastic bag from the grocery store. It's flawed but still useful.

👤I've been looking for these for a while. I usually buy the 36 count eggs from the home goods store. I needed one more. I had no luck buying another home goods so I found these here. They were cheaper at home goods, but I didn't have any luck finding them anymore so I went ahead and purchased here. It's not a bad price. I just mentioned that.

👤I just bought another one because I love this product so much. I don't like the foam egg cartons. They are flimsy and feel terrible. This was the first reason I bought this product. I didn't know how attractive it would be. The container looks like crystal. I can't believe how clear it is. The material is very hard, so I feel confident that it will not break eggs. It makes the inside of my fridge look clean. I washed it in the dishwasher. I highly recommend.

👤I got on the organizing bandwagon thanks to TicTok. I thought the container would be easy to stack in the fridge. It did because it is hard to crack eggs. If you put something on top of it, the lid will easily slide and cracked eggs. The warped top won't fit when I put it in the dishwasher to clean the cracked egg. Total waste of money.

👤My biggest problem is buying too many eggs and not realizing we were nearly out. I bought two of them. They are in the fridge. When I buy eggs, I put them in the containers so I can easily see how much I have. They arrived quickly and without any damage. It's easy to clean.

👤These containers are great. Others mentioned that the lids were not good. I don't agree. I use a sponge to clean. The lids are locked on top. When I open the fridge, I can see all the different colors of my eggs. Great purchase!

6. Totally Kitchen Covered Tray Holder

Totally Kitchen Covered Tray Holder

It's clear and visible. The transparent egg tray design makes it easy to see. It holds up to 60 eggs. " L x 10.25′′ W x 6.625′′ H. Premium Egg Tray: Use Totally Kitchen egg holders to neatly organize your refrigerator and eliminate any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. The tray design makes it easy to see the contents. Premium Egg Tray: Use Totally Kitchen egg holders to neatly organize your refrigerator and eliminate any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. The tray design makes it easy to see the contents. The container has 14 slots to protect individual eggs. The plastic lid will keep the eggs fresh for longer. Functional design. The design of the fridge allows you to use all the space. The build-in handles make moving the egg holder easy. Made of durable material. Simply wash with warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe. Only hand wash. The bin holds up to 14 eggs. The design fits into any refrigerator.

Brand: Totally Kitchen

👤The new Kenmore Elite does not come with egg trays. The old egg trays won't fit in a new fridge. Had to buy some. These are acceptable. Will fit Med, large and extra large eggs. The lid is on top. You need to be careful when taking stacked trays out. I keep them on the side of the fridge. I raise chickens. Most households don't need more than one. There is a Only wash with soap and water. The plastic will warp.

👤I love being able to see how many eggs I have left in my fridge. Don't put them in the dishwasher and be careful about setting them too close to the griddle when making fried eggs. I had to buy replacements twice.

👤We have a shelf in the fridge that can hold a single tray of eggs and a carton of milk. We don't need the cover for stacking so we only use the base and sometimes stack additional eggs on top to carry up to 20 eggs when we refill the container from our bulk purchase of eggs. There is a note. The shelf space in our fridge isn't tall enough to fit the Large eggs, so stacking the extra eggs won't work. I can use the entire length of the fridge shelf if I use the longer tray. The space behind it is not used. When the tray is full or distributed unevenly with eggs, you have to be extra careful. I use the cover as a spoon rest. The plastic tray is next to the standard dozen egg carton.

👤I like it! I bought two of them and used them both at the same time. It's clear so you can see how many eggs are left. It holds fourteen eggs, so if I get to the end of the first dozen, I can transfer the last two eggs to the second container and get some space in the fridge. If I'm down to the last two eggs, I can add a new dozen to the holder, even if I don't have any left over. I've used it with large, extra large and jumbo eggs and it works well, so I assume it would work for any size of chicken eggs. If you have more than one, the boxes can be rearranged. The molded handle makes the holder easy to grasp. You can leave the top off to make egg retrieval even easier.

👤There is a discrepancy on the website. Product packing clearly states 16” long, which is correct, even though the shows 14.5” on the website. Will not fit a fridge.

👤It was difficult for my husband and I to get the eggs out of this container. Extra large eggs are hard to grasp due to the depth of the egg holder. Looking for a new egg holder.

👤When I first saw this, I wondered why it held 14 eggs when they came by the dozen, but after I bought it, I realized it was a good way to hold the old ones. Well made container. You can see how many eggs you have left. You can carry it with one hand if you hold the top and bottom together. The top is fitted with a rim so it doesn't slide. An egg box to replace the egg box you buy them in, is a better idea because it makes it easier to see your eggs, it can contain any breaks or fluid, and it looks nicer in the fridge. I'm happy I bought it.

7. Ceramic Porcelain Restaurant Decorative Accessory

Ceramic Porcelain Restaurant Decorative Accessory

Approx size is 2.95x 1.96x. The perfect size is 5.71'x 3.74'x 1.26' high temperature rigid reinforced porcelain. STABLE 6 CUPS EGG HOLDER: 6 round slots are the right size to hold standard-size chicken eggs. It is placed to prevent collision. No matter what food is in the container, the frosted texture surface with smooth and exquisite glaze is high quality. Smooth,impermeable material resists staining so can be easily cleaned with a soapy water and a scouring pad. High-fired ceramic material is resistant to scratches. It's a good choice to gift an egg stand to your friends or neighbors, it'sReliable quality and elegant appearance make it popular in every dinner table.

Brand: Chwaika

👤It holds my eggs well and is a cute blue color. It is small for some of my larger eggs, but works well for medium-large eggs.

8. Vtopmart Refrigerator Container Organizer Stackable

Vtopmart Refrigerator Container Organizer Stackable

The dimensions are 14.65 x 4.5 x 3.25 inches. The material is durable and transparent. Their egg containers are made of thick material, which is better than paper or styrofoam. It's perfect for everyday use. The clear plastic helps you see how many eggs are in your fridge. The egg storage bins in the refrigerator hold up to 14 eggs, and hold more than a dozen eggs in so little space. Eggs are kept in place while the bin is moved. The little handle on the end of the egg holder is easy to grab and pull out of the fridge. The additional flat lid of the plastic egg cartons makes it more convenient to stack and save space. The design helps it lay horizontally from front to back of the fridge, which allows more storage space inside the fridge. It is not dishwasher-safe. You can wash the egg organizers with soapy water and wipe them clean. It is not dishwasher-safe. You can wash the egg organizers with soapy water and wipe them clean.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤It's perfect for storing my eggs. I put two in the dishwasher because I was busy. They wrote it up. There is a I rearranged more. There is a Lesson learned. There is a If you're undecided, just buy them.

👤I made sure that my new fridge stayed organized when I bought it. These containers were perfect. 14 is a weird number for eggs, I wish they fit 12 or 18. They work.

👤If you're buying a container to store your eggs, you're probably thinking about organization. Maybe you buy bulk from a farmer. If you're on the anal side, you should know that this store has 14 eggs and not 12. I'm pretty sure most people won't have an issue with this, but if you have 2 empty egg slots it's less satisfying. The container is very heavy, but sturdy. The design was not very sleek. It was not expecting it to be dishwasher safe, and it was also not stating it was. It made its way into the dishwasher. I can confirm that it's not safe. The lid is melted.

👤I bought the two packs and one is curled up. Don't put it in the dishwasher. It's not easy to clean an egg if it breaks by accident or is dirty. A great case, except for that. Did I say not to put it in the dishwasher? Don't put it in the dishwasher.

👤We like to buy the larger egg crates in our house. We like eggs and don't want to go to the store a lot. We like to hard boil eggs and usually put the hard boil in a plastic container so we don't get confused by which is raw and which is boiled. The egg holders are perfect for our needs. We use three of them for raw eggs and two for boiled eggs. The boiled egg holder helps us organize our eggs. The holders are sturdy and designed to hold 14 eggs each, which is enough to hold raw and boiled eggs in three holders. I highly recommend this!

👤These are gorgeous. There is a I replaced my mother's broken egg container because she was upset that I didn't replace the broken one on the other side. Egg organizers are what make us happy. There is a They are strong. It was well packaged. I highly recommend them. If you don't like these, then you need a heavy duty glass made for you. I think these would fit jumbo size eggs.

👤I loved this addition to my fridge. It matches other containers and allows me to have organization. I can easily see if I have enough eggs for my recipe if I see how full the container is.

👤The egg holder is strong. I bought them for my new fridge that didn't have a place to keep eggs. I had to take off 2 stars because it was difficult to grab them without the lid slipping. You have to be careful not to grab them too quickly, or they could be dropped and make a mess. I would rather have a lid that fits in.

9. Smart Design Refrigerator Stackable Organizer

Smart Design Refrigerator Stackable Organizer

The sturdy egg container has a lid to keep your eggs safe. The design holds 14 small, medium, large, extra large, or duck sized eggs. Get a grip and you can organize your storage containers. The egg holder is fridge and freezer safe. The dimensions are 14.65 x 4.5 x 3.25 inches.

Brand: Smart Design

👤I needed a container big enough to hold jumbo eggs. I chose this over others because the product description said it was made of a type of plastic that should be easy to recycle. There's no plastic recycling label or number on it, and it's a very hard, clear plastic that looks more like a card. I searched for a product made in the USA. The packaging was made in China.

👤These egg containers are really nice. There is a good spot to add decals.

👤I would have liked to read the reviews of unhappy customers before buying this item. I like the size, thickness of the plastic and visibility, but I ruined it because I mistakenly put it in the dishwasher. I looked through the listing and noticed that there was no mention of dishwasher safety. The manufacturer should make it clear that this is not intended for the dishwasher. I would not have bought it if I had known.

👤My house has a limited fridge space and a large family. I have to keep the big cases of eggs in a second fridge. It's a pain to keep this in the house because it's a hard plastic, but it's also a standard feature in a fridge. It's easy to clean and doesn't take a lot of space. The lid slips off. I would buy this again if I could. I've been using it for a while. I'm very happy with it.

👤This is my third purchase. I wish it was dishwasher safe. I melted 2. There is a There are two on the top rack and one on the bottom. Do not put it in the dishwasher. I would recommend this product.

👤I've been using this container for the last 5 years to store the large container of eggs from Costco in a more appropriate sized space than the store carton. It can take a dozen cartons. I can cover the carton with this plastic container, flip it over quickly and all the eggs fall into place, with 2 extra slots for the eggs left over from the last container. I get an egg from an over achiever chicken and it sits a bit tall and gets cracked when I put the lid on too firmly, and I have just two issues. There are two more The container got into the dishwasher. It can't take the heat on the top shelf. I was able to warm it and re-shape it once, but the second time it happened it was warped and I had to replace it.

👤You can't see how many eggs are left in the carton because the egg carton is in the fridge. How many times have you come back from the store to find that you are nearly out of eggs, but failed to add them to your list because you didn't look into the closed carton? The egg holder is sturdy, holds 14 eggs, and you can stack them on top of it. It's a great addition to anyone's refrigerator.

10. Set Refrigerator Organizer Bins Countertops

Set Refrigerator Organizer Bins Countertops

Keep your fridge, freezer, pantry or countertops organized with these fridge storage bins. It's good for storing dry goods in the pantry. The set includes 2 wide drawers, 2 narrow drawers, and an egg holder with lid. The soda can holder is about the same size as a standard 12oz soda can. Made of high quality food safe. The plastic is free of the chemical brominatedominatedominatedominated gasses. Clean with warm soapy water, it is designed with carry handles and interior non slip texture. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

Brand: Seseno

👤I bought another set of these bins. Too many things need to be thrown out after they were put in the back of the fridge. I love how I can thaw meat in them and not have to worry about leaks or use a plate that takes too much room. There is a Many reviews say they don't stack, but they do! The handles are pushed out on one side. All you have to do is turn them. They stack well. If you are stacking, I would not make them too heavy. These are useful to keep things in order. I like the egg keepers. I have two for raw and hard boiled eggs. The smell of hard boiled is contained in the lid. The can feeders are useful when we have company and need to keep beer chilled. If I don't buy them, I store them in the cupboard. I can not recommend them enough.

👤I thought I could stack them on top of each other to save space. They aren't stackable. When not in use, they fit inside one another. They are sturdy and easy to clean, but not what I needed. Disappointed by the description.

👤Game changing! I realized two things. I need a second set of these. I have a lot of condiments. These are sturdy, they do stack, and are very roomy. The containers come nested, and then turn the top one 180 degrees to stack. Genius.

👤The item is great. I have no complaints. I don't like my fridge. There isn't enough room for condiments in the door. There aren't enough drawers to hold cheese and lunch meat. I don't like it. I thought this would fix it, because of tiktok. It didn't. I think I only used two of the containers. I couldn't make it work. I am just saying don't get your hopes as high as mine.

👤These aren't stackable. They build a nest. Not as shown in the pictures. I'm Grrr.

👤I am obsessed with organization, bins and totes. I need to bring some order to my fridge. I put the eggs on top of the bin. I put the kid's snacks on the second shelf. I put the veggies from the farmer's market on the third shelf. It's nice that everything is easy to find. It was a good recommendation!

👤I gave it a 4 because it was cracked. It's a great way to organize the fridge. I will buy a second set. It makes it easy to see what we have in the fridge. I can pull the entire tray out. I am not buying food we already have and we are eating the food we have because we can find it.

👤Disappointed that the bins are not put in different places. "Stackable Fridge Organizers" is not the title. The two images with the title "Stackable Design" for the 2 wide and 2 narrow bins are not stackable now that I have the bins. There is no way the bins can be stacked. If you put the top bin on top of the bottom bin, you can stack them. I'm fooled again by a false advertisement. Returning. I don't think this set is a good idea.

11. Totally Kitchen Organizer Refrigerator Container

Totally Kitchen Organizer Refrigerator Container

Clean with warm soapy water, it is designed with carry handles and interior non slip texture. Do not put it in the dishwasher. Premium Egg Tray: Use Totally Kitchen egg holders to neatly organize your refrigerator and eliminate any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. The tray design makes it easy to see the contents. Premium Egg Tray: Use Totally Kitchen egg holders to neatly organize your refrigerator and eliminate any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. The tray design makes it easy to see the contents. The container has 18 slots to protect each individual egg. The plastic lid will keep the eggs fresh for longer. Functional design. The design of the fridge allows you to use all the space. The build-in handles make moving the egg holder easy. Made of durable material. Simply wash with warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe. Only hand wash. The bin can hold up to 18 eggs. The design fits into any refrigerator. The bin can hold up to 18 eggs. The design fits into any refrigerator.

Brand: Totally Kitchen

👤I am not the type to be disorganized. My wife is a bloodhound. She will dig out the most obscure regions if she finds disorganized things. For instance, our eggs. There is a We decided to start recycling after they put a new bin in our house. I have always wanted to do it, but there was no place to take the used paper, cans and egg cartons. There is a My wife had a chance to dig out those ugly and space taking egg cartons. There is a We always waste eggs because we don't grab them out of the ugly carton because we overlook them. No more say she! She goes shopping for an egg holder. It has the form to hold eggs and the function to keep them from breaking, but the attention it brings, to draw the eye to the eggs, so as to not waste the precious eggs. There is a I was thinking that it was cool, but for eating the eggs, and no heat, but she ordered it. There is a When my wife took the eggs from the ugly cartons and presented them to me in this container, I felt inspired by their presence. They look like a cupcake shop with their frosted patterned top and perfect form to hold such a delicate and organic thing. A piece of art is being melded into one perfect moment as a reminder of our current state of humanity. Can we meld into one form such as this egg container, the mixture of organic and delicate with the unforgiving steel structure we have surrounded ourselves with? Can we assume that we can achieve egg box harmony if we have such arrogance? The modern age has brought with it anxiety and deficiency of attention, and I hope that I can attain this meld and lose that. To sit and look at a tree, a building, a squirrel, and an egg box. May woe cease in this time companion. Ye will be well, and you will find peace in the egg box. Only wish it held more than 24 eggs. There is a It saves a lot of space in the fridge.

👤This item is likely to last until I replace it. I don't like that the lid doesn't close securely, but it rests on the top rather than click into place. It can get stuck if you reach into frig and hit it.

👤I needed them to fit in the fridge space that the listing measurement indicated they would fit in. They're larger than listed, and don't fit. I had to return them. They are very sturdy, crystal clear, and easy to clean, and the eggs are large enough to hold even larger eggs. I wish they would fit.

👤We bought two of these to keep things neat. They are better than the flimsy supermarket cardboard containers or the cheap styrene ones for the 18-egg packs. We keep both hard boiled and fresh eggs in the fridge. We can see how many we have with the see-though containers. I think they will last longer than the new fridge.


What is the best product for decorative egg holder for refrigerator?

Decorative egg holder for refrigerator products from Toplife. In this article about decorative egg holder for refrigerator you can see why people choose the product. Totally Kitchen and Rubbermaid are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative egg holder for refrigerator.

What are the best brands for decorative egg holder for refrigerator?

Toplife, Totally Kitchen and Rubbermaid are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative egg holder for refrigerator. Find the detail in this article. Flexzion, Ambergron and Chwaika are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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