Best Decorative Eggs for Home Decor Glass

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1. Fun Express Easter Decorative FOIL

Fun Express Easter Decorative FOIL

The Easter Eggs Flower Pick is perfect for decorating a hotel, restaurant, house, party, kitchen, kindergarten, etc. You can add shimmer and shine to your Easter decor. Put them in a bowl and place in the center of a table to make a simple centerpiece that will have all your guests talking. The gold foil accents on these Easter eggs make them shine. There is a bulk set of 24. There are two dozen pieces.

Brand: Fun Express

👤The product photos show these eggs looking great. Smaller colors are not as vibrant in person. They are more pointed than a real egg, but are listed as 2.25 inches. It's a little pricey for what you get. They are pretty. I will use and keep them. I am a bit disappointed.

2. WH Housewares Decorative Mosaic Diameter

WH Housewares Decorative Mosaic Diameter

The pillow covers are made of 100% polyester. There is a decree. The mosaic glass home décor is perfect. The balls are for coffee tables, dinner tables, kitchen and living room. Their mosaic glass decorative spheres are hand-made. Use it as a centerpiece for coffee tables or vases. A perfect gift for a friend. The Whole Housewares' gold decorative orbs are a great gift for newlyweds. A great gift idea for any and all! The gold decorative balls for bowls are slightly larger than other spheres. It's perfect as a small coffee table or dining room centerpiece. Place on a small tray or bowl. The decorative orbs are made with durable mosaic glass. The glass is hand-made. Rather than using water, wash with wet cloth. You can mix and match Whole Housewares decorative ball sets. They love their sets and you will too.

Brand: Whole Housewares

👤I thought they were smaller than they were. I thought it was a little pricey for just 3 balls, but I was happy with the size and price. The price is right after I received them. They are very light and shiny. They sparkle more when the light hits them. Different colors for other areas of the house.

👤It was darker than advertised. I have flash on for this pic so it looks decent but without flash if you see in person the balls are much darker, I would give 5 stars.

👤These are mosaic orbs. They look pretty and feel heavy duty. They are difficult to photograph because of their reflective properties. These aren't multi colored. The color is a cross between turquoise and teal. I put the 4 inch orbs in the middle of the dish and the 3 inch orbs at the end and they all go together perfectly. Definitely recommend.

👤I couldn't find anything to put in a bowl on my table, so I found these. They are pretty. I like the way they look.

👤The picture doesn't do them justice. I liked the gold ones so much that I bought another set in the green multi color. If they are similar to the gold ones, they should be equally nice. I wanted to use them in a bowl in my living room. I need a place where they can be seen and not hidden by the glass from the wall unit. If I have to buy a large glass bowl for them, I will put each of the two colors in it. The living room coffee table has a bowl with both colors in it. The orbs look very expensive, and I can't stress enough how lovely they are. They were delivered in another box, like a box of eggs, because they were encased in styrofoam. I couldn't find any flaws or breakage on any of the three. The ones I ordered today are expected to arrive tomorrow. I don't know what I was looking for, but I'm glad they showed up. Make sure there is no price on them, they could be a nice gift for someone. They are heavier than expected. I am going to take a picture of one of the gold ones and hopefully it will look good.

👤So beautiful! They look very elegant.

👤I was looking for something that was pricey, but it was exactly what I was looking for. It's amazing for the look. I will recommend it.

👤It was too large for the purpose and had to be returned.

👤Absolutely beautiful weight.

👤100% satire, livré, couleur exacte, plus grosse, je m'attendais mon grand plaisir! je recommande

👤The centre de table is located in the Tratinver area.

👤They were packed well and looked great.

3. Gardening Will Vintage Ornaments Decoration

Gardening Will Vintage Ornaments Decoration

It's a great item to add to your decor. There is a new easter egg hanging ornament. There are 12 new vintage style pictures on each egg. The colors may be a little lighter than the picture. There are at least six different colors or patterns. If you want only certain colors, please contact them. Each egg hangs by a matching ribbon. It's a great item to add to your decor.

Brand: Gardeningwill

👤The material on these is nice and I like the soft colors. The random colors and patterns are not something I'm excited about. I received seven eggs, six of which were red, three green, two orange, one blue, one yellow and one purple. They are pretty, but I felt it was an odd assortment. Only three of the eggs are vintage style bunnies, the rest are the chicken pattern. I was aware that the eggs might not match the picture. I hung them on the tree that I've used for years and one of the ribbons got caught. If you tried to put them on a feather or a primitive tree, they would shred. I might purchase another set to get more bunnies and balance the colors.

👤I love this set. The eggs are the same size as real eggs and hang nicely. There are only a few patterns, but the colors were different, so it is fine. The packaging is strong and they arrived within a week. I am very pleased with my purchase and the seller.

👤I bought 3 dozen for my Christmas tree. I have had many nice things to say about them. They would be easy to crush in storage. I have kept the boxes they came in for storage. I think the boxes will hold up well.

👤These eggs are pretty. They are colorful and retro looking. I placed an order for more eggs because they are well made. They will be placed on a tree in my home.

👤On top of my entertainment ctr is a memorial tree. I'm happy and they look great. I might lightly spray them. There is a I can give them a little shine by dusting them off. There are cute Victorian pics on them.

👤This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The designs are very charming. Both sets are the same. Each order includes 2 blue, pink, red, orange, green, yellow and purple. You won't be disappointed.

👤These eggs are delicious. The artwork is really good and the colors are great. They are perfect for the season. They are light. If you want to hang them, I will put mine in a bowl, but you won't have a problem. The item was carefully packaged.

👤These are very light. Handle with care as hanging ribbon might detach. I got two packages for my Easter tree. There was no loose ribbon in the bag for the egg in one package. I think it was a manufacturing error. The rest were in good shape.

4. ANPHSIN Multicolored Ornament Decorative Decoration

ANPHSIN Multicolored Ornament Decorative Decoration

The push-button switch at the top of the base can be used to turn over the tree. You will receive 24 pieces of plastic decorative hanging egg ornaments, which will make your house more festive on Easter Day. The Easter hanging egg ornaments are made of plastic, light and durable for you to hang or make them into do-it-yourself crafts with a maker pen. There is a piece of ribbon loop which can help you to hang them anywhere you want, such as an indoor tree, baby bed, window, door, etc. Easter Day decorative hanging eggs can make your home look more lively and cute, with 24 pieces hand painted hanging eggs that are multicolored and in multistyles. Warm notice, the colors and styles you end up with are random. The quality is just as good, and I believe you are someone who likes mystery and surprise.

Brand: Anphsin

👤The overall appearance will be used for a Delayed extended family Christmas party for Easter where we celebrate with the kids decorating the tree with the eggs, telling them of Christmas meaning and of course of course of course of course of course of course of course of course of course of course of course of

👤We liked these! They hung them on our tree and had fun doing it. The designs were easy to hang. It is hard to give five stars when some ribbons break. We liked the variety and one order was enough to get us the things we needed.

👤It arrived early, which was nice. The colors were not as bright as in the pictures online. The brown bunny rabbit ones were sweet even though they weren't included. It's more convenient than going to the stores to find some. I paid $10 for a pack of 24. I think it was a little high, but it was delivered quickly. I probably paid for that convenience. I'm happy that my house is decorated for Easter.

👤The eggs I received are not as cute as they look. The brown rabbit egg was the reason my daughter picked the eggs. We didn't understand that. They are decorated but not as pictured. Not a lot of different types of decoration.

👤That is not cute! It looks cheap. The quality was ugly and bad. When you pick the egg up, it's like it fell down. Don't recommend!

👤The eggs were perfect for decorating a tree. My granddaughters could have fun and they were perfect. The girls had fun deciding where to put the eggs. Highly recommended for children who want to help.

👤Feel let down. The eggs are not the same as in the picture. The ones I received were dull. The description design is random, but I received 2 of the same. The picture is nothing like this one. This is going somewhere else.

👤Beautiful work. My son thought I painted them. I used to hang them from a tree. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot and these eggs have held up well.

5. Laughing Rabbits Rocking Decoration Figurine

Laughing Rabbits Rocking Decoration Figurine

Disco ball Christmas ornaments come with 24 PCS with thread for hanging. The disco party ball decoration for the christmas tree won't weigh down the Christmas tree branches. There are 2 Laughing Bunnies in an Egg Cradle with Green and Brown Color, you can fill it with candy, chocolates, or tiny toys, it's the best selling Great Egg Hunt range. SPECIFICATIONS: Material - Polyresin. The measurement is 5 feet tall and has a width of 3.5 feet. It will bring you a lot of happiness. Beautiful, Rustic Charm, and elegant Character. You can give yourself the gift of delight by walking into your room and enjoying your vintage/country bunnies. This will bring a smile to your face, whether you are Curled up by the fire in your living room, sipping tea on your porch, or walking into your bedroom. A beautiful addition to your home is a decoration ornament. Use on your table, bedside table, mantel, or Countertop. The centerpiece of an Easter feast is this bunny decoration. It's easy to make a gift GIVING. Do you want to give a gift that stands out from the rest? Something so beautiful. You should know that the gift you give will be appreciated. It has a great character and ability to fit. In any room or style. This item is gift-boxed for ease of giving. Show your love to someone special. It's a great gift for easter day.

Brand: Kiaotime

👤Absolutely adorable. I put bubble beads in.

👤I tried to resist the call of my name when I saw this item. I often fail at that, but I am 74 and feel I am entitled. The little bunnies have to make you smile and make you feel better. Even though Easter is over, the bunnies are still on my kitchen counter and will be there for a long time.

👤I loved it when I saw it. I've never seen a candy dish like that before. Two bunnies are laughing in a cradle with their arms around an egg. It is a good size for the price. I put it on my dining room table as a centerpiece because it looks like they're bathing in jelly beans. Several guests commented on how cute it is. The cradle does rock. There is a The reason I'm knocking off a star is because the paint job on the back of the egg is black and I can't remove it. It could've been done better. This is a good display for Easter.

👤I knew I was going to get it when I saw this. A figurine can bring a smile to your face when you see it. I think this piece captures something that all of us can use during these difficult times. This piece is very well done. It is thick and not lightweight. You don't have to worry about it falling over. These little bunnies remind you that there is joy to be had in the small moments with loved ones and that hopefully soon we will all be able to have those.

👤It's a little smaller than expected, but still would buy again.

👤The ceramic piece was well packaged and arrived early. The bunnies are very sweet and the bowl of the cradle is large enough to hold a bunch of beans. It's perfect for Easter decorations.

👤This is adorable and holds a small amount of beans. I didn't purchase candy to place it in but I did purchase some Jelly beans.

👤This is a unique bunny assessment. I like it. The package was excellent.

👤Beautiful picture for my mantle.

6. 1 Inch Marbled Gilded Decorative Easter

1 Inch Marbled Gilded Decorative Easter

The easter ornaments are designed for you with a perfect size, 2.32 in (L) 1.62 in (W), which will add more energetic touch during your spring and will be a great addition to your easter party, home decor, office. The set of 24 1-INCH GILDED EASTER EGGS will add glamour to your Easter decor. A fresh twist on spring is theegant cream color brunette with gold peonies. The bag has a natural raffia bow. The perfect bowl fillinger will make your table look better. These decorations can be used at an Easter party or as gifts for friends and loved ones. It's great for use in Easter baskets. You can display your Easter tree on your mantle or accent table for an elegant touch of spring.

Brand: Orchid & Ivy

👤The tiny foam eggs look terrible. Not as pictured. Don't waste your money.

👤I wish I could get more of these.

7. Ornaments Decorations Colorful Decorative Farmhouse

Ornaments Decorations Colorful Decorative Farmhouse

The colorful easter egg ornaments set comes with 18 piece including 6 color, which will really liven up your home and add more active atmosphere to your party during spring easter days. These adorable colorful eggs ornaments are perfect for any party, they are perfect for easter party, spring party, spring baby shower, christmas, and other special occasions. The easter egg bauble ornaments are very convenient to use as they come with pre-assembled gold color threads. They can be used to add a decorative effect to your easter day tree, tiered tray, easter basket, table, window, gift box, red wine bottle, door handles, dessert table or other place you want. The easter egg baubles are made of foam eggs wrapped in buffalo plaid fabric, they are so durable and lightweight that you can hang them for a long time. Multiple festivals can't use a fading and deformation resistant design continuously. It's easier to get spring easter, christmas, and new year hanging baubles. These cute colorful easter ornaments are designed for you with perfect size, 2 in (L)1.4 in (W), which will add more energetic touch during your spring and will be a great addings for your easter party, home decor, office, or

Brand: Partyprops

8. Red Co Decorative Centerpiece White

Red Co Decorative Centerpiece White

The edge's slender shape and irregularity make it feel light and airy. A centerpiece filled or empty. Fruits and vegetables can be ripe evenly. It was made from powder-coated steel. The dimensions are 10dia x 1h.

Brand: Red Co.

👤It is still perfect despite being a little smaller than I needed. I used it to hold my cotton blend in the center of my table. Sturdy, yet light weight and holds a lot. A great addition to my dining area. It would work well in a living room or bathroom.

👤Quality is great and looks nice, but is a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932

👤It is small. Too small for what was intended. We will keep it as it is. It should have been made clear that it is small.

👤I fooled myself into thinking this was a glass bowl, when in fact it was a sculpture in the shape of a shallow bowl, with the spacings between the white stripes hollow and I can poke my fingers through them. I use a piece on my dining room table runner that will be used at Christmas time.

👤I love the bowl. It's sturdy and pretty. The product image makes it seem like it is plastic, but it is metal and very nice. The balls in the bowl are large. The bowl is not small. I'm very happy with this bowl, it's a great price and it's cute.

👤A conversation piece, it's beautiful and sturdy. It is small and doesn't hold much more than a wallet. It works near the front door.

👤I thought it was a glass bowl. It is not.

👤If you only want two apples in your house at a time, this bowl can hold it. For the price and practicality, wouldn't recommend the bowl.

9. Lillian Vernon Handpainted Easter Ornaments

Lillian Vernon Handpainted Easter Ornaments

For an Egg-stra special Easter. These beautiful glass eggs are hand painted and will shimmer and shine when hung from an ornament tree or filled with various springtime shades. HEIRLOOM QUALITY: Their holiday ornaments are made from high quality materials and will last for many holidays to come. The festive holiday season. Their ornaments and accents make fun decorations for weddings, parties, and more. Make a great gift by filling your holiday baskets with one of their extra special Easter themed pieces this year for a party favor that your loved ones will never forget! There are dimensions and size. The set includes 12 blown glass ornaments that measure 1 12 inches by 2 inches each, and 6 different patterns, as well as strings attached for easy decorating.

Brand: Lillian Vernon

👤The size is larger than I anticipated. The room is bright. It's good to put a few on the tree. There is a It would have been better if the white ones reflected light better. They seem to have vanished, unlike the red and pink hearts. All in all, a great purchase!

👤The quality of these real glass is amazing.

👤I decorated a pencil tree in my kitchen to add some joy during this scary pandemic, and these ornaments worked perfectly on the Spring tree of pastel llamas. The writing on the hearts is well done and they add a beautiful touch of fun.

👤These are for my tree on February 14th. They are very shiny.

👤Great ornaments. Just small. I only have a box. Could use 12. It was in perfect condition. You can come with gold string already attached.

👤I brought these to decorate a tree. One was destroyed. The ornaments look good. I waited until the return window had closed to open.

👤I needed a small spring. There are ornaments for a tree. My mother is living in an assisted living facility. We decorate the tree to help her remember. Can't wait for her to see it!

👤I wish they were bigger. I loved the glitter.

👤Cute mini halloween baubles. I wish they were less shiny but that's up to individual taste. I was happy with my purchase and would buy more. It was worth the money. The ghost, bat and pumpkin don't have glitter. All cute.

10. Handmade Decorative Decoration Collectible Figurine

Handmade Decorative Decoration Collectible Figurine

These mini Easter eggs for decorating measure 1.5 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches. The Handmade tiny easter eggs figurine is made from premium materials. The easter eggs figurine craft is handmade, crystal are carefully selected, each one is a different color and stripe is realistic. There are 12 easter eggs. The glass easter eggs can be placed in your Easter gift collection. The crystal easter eggs are a perfect gift for a birthday,valentine's day, or Easter. The statuette is a conversation piece. The miniature easter eggs art figurine is handmade so it may have a different detail from the picture. There are 12 easter eggs in each product. If you find a problem after purchasing, please contact them in time, they will be able to resolve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Hdcrystalgifts

👤Yes. The little Easter eggs met my expectations. They are pretty.

👤It was nicely shaped. Good color. Artsy!

👤The eggs are pretty. I would have ordered more sets, but they are not available now. I would order more if they became available.

👤I thought they would be a little bigger.

👤The size of the glass colored Easter eggs is very small.

👤These are gorgeous. They're small but lovely.

👤The size and colors are adorable. Well made.

👤I thought they would be a little bigger, but they are still very pretty.

11. Raz Speckled Easter Inches Packaging

Raz Speckled Easter Inches Packaging

The colors are pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. This Easter season, the vibrant pastel decorative egg carton will be the perfect décor item. The figurines are recommended to be spot clean only. Eggs are packaged nicely in a carton with ribbon and measure 2.5 x 2 inches. A statement piece in a bowl or vase is perfect in or out of the carton. Ready for gift giving.

Brand: Raz

👤The item and description are the same.


What is the best product for decorative eggs for home decor glass?

Decorative eggs for home decor glass products from Fun Express. In this article about decorative eggs for home decor glass you can see why people choose the product. Whole Housewares and Gardeningwill are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative eggs for home decor glass.

What are the best brands for decorative eggs for home decor glass?

Fun Express, Whole Housewares and Gardeningwill are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative eggs for home decor glass. Find the detail in this article. Anphsin, Kiaotime and Orchid & Ivy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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