Best Decorative Envelopes for Cash

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1. 【Pack 48 】Vintage Envelopes Envelopes

%E3%80%90Pack 48 %E3%80%91Vintage Envelopes Envelopes

It is a great gift for your family and friends. There are 48 vintage antique design envelopes that come in six different looks. DIMENSIONS The envelopes are 4 x 8.7 inches. Excellent quality. Vintage envelopes are made of 120 GSM. The envelopes are friendly to theprinter. The envelopes smell like old envelopes. The value pack bundle is a value pack. 48 vintage style envelopes have a size of 4 x 8.7 inches. It is a great value and long lasting. There is adecorATIVE ENVELOPES. Perfect for vintage office decor, home decoration, unique looking invitations, creative invitations, old looking envelopes, vintage looking envelopes, aged time look, retro wall decor, and much more. 100% complete assessment. If for any reason you don't like your purchase on their 48 Pack Antique Style Envelopes, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days.

Brand: Bargain Paradise

👤These envelopes look nice. There is a I was excited to receive them since we have been writing a lot of letters. They would be perfect to use to give our letters a vintage feel. The chemical smell in the packages was too much for us. I tried to set the paper outside on the deck but the smell lingered. The smell of the envelopes was the same. I think you will feel the same if you have any sensitivity to odors. If you don't mind the smell, then you will love these envelopes. Hope this is helpful.

👤I like the paper and patterns, but the smell of the envelopes is still there. They are exposed to fresh air for a few days. I was disappointed with that feature.

👤Excellent for a more sophisticated letter writing, especially during Covid. It's good for invitations for a wedding shower or anniversary party.

👤I believe these are good envelopes. The paper looks good. I rated theadhesion with 4 stars because I tape every envelope I use and don't leave this to chance, so I can't evaluate this for anyone else. The envelopes give me the illusion of security.

👤The envelopes are great, they have 6 different shades and they seal very well. They are sturdy and perfect for family letters.

👤We ordered some stationery that matches the envelopes and we love it. It works well for our needs.

👤I thought they would match the vintage paper I bought.

👤The product was good. My daughter enjoyed writing her first letter.

👤I love that they make mail fun.

2. PARTH IMPEX Envelope Christmas Graduation

PARTH IMPEX Envelope Christmas Graduation

100% complete assessment. If for any reason you don't like your purchase on their 48 Pack Antique Style Envelopes, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days. The value pack of 50 is hand made. The envelope is a greeting card. Mailing envelopes. Brand packaging is used to ensure its beauty, quality and authenticity. VIBRANT Royal is a 5 color range with gold and silver foil. Art work on Glossy Texture Paper. They change the color and texture of their envelopes. You will get the same or different envelope as shown in images. Perfect for Invitation, Christmas Gift Card holders Gifting Card Envelopes, Personal message, Shagun, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Easter, Eid, Wedding Anniversary Valentine Day Thanksgiving Card Envelopes, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or any Festive Occasions when you want to express something special. The size is Approx 7.5 Inches X 3.5 Inches, with a random selection of 5 bright colors. Not sterile. There is a pure SATISFACTION. They are very confident in their gift envelopes for cash.

Brand: Parth Impex

👤I didn't go Christmas shopping because of my large family. I thought the money envelopes would be pretty to give money in. Many of the bank money covers are very plain, and some of the others are more colorful. It's okay, people here's yer money. If you want to give someone money on any day of the year, this money card comes in different colors and is a great gift. I gave money to people for Christmas. If I need to give again, there are more envelopes left. I didn't use all of them. It's definitely a money saver for you as well if it's important for you to present your money gift for me. It shows you care about how your gift looks. Great things can come in small packages, and can be even better if presented well. It's a good thing.

👤These envelopes are gorgeous. I am a waiter and I need to present checks. The check presenters are large and heavy. I will save trips to tables with these envelopes. The enevelopes had a nice appeal with their heart shaped stickers. I would like to note that some of the envelopes were damaged. The envelopes are a great value.

👤Very disappointed! The colors are not what they are pictured with. I received hot pink, lime green, white, bright blue and bright yellow. I don't know where in the photos the one I received is. I need them by the beginning of next week, I don't have a choice. There is a They are great.

👤I will buy Parth Impex again. The value is great. The card stock is thick. These are not meant for mailing as the designs are where postage would go, and the flaps are secured with no glue. The colors in the 10 envelopes are slightly different from the picture. There were 8 stickers and 7 sheets.

👤The envelope is high quality. The paper is thick and beautiful. There was no smell and the colors are bold. I gave them to everyone as gifts. Several people asked where I ordered them. The thank you stickers are nice. Good purchase!

👤The gift envelopes were bright and good quality. They were as colorful as the pictures on the website. They are made of a thick paper. I am very happy with my purchase. The quality and value are great.

👤These were similar to the ones I get from India. The price is the best for the quality and I highly recommend these for gift giving.

👤They are perfect for all occasions. I give money for birthdays and weddings. The designs are beautiful and I like the vibrant colors. The local Indian stores sell these for double the price. When I run out, I will definitely be buying more.

👤Very happy. Even though I bought them for Christmas money gifts, they will be usable for any time of the year. First class purchase.

👤It looks better in reality than it does in photo. Good quality thick paper. It looks expensive. There is a I'm really happy I bought these.

3. Envelopes Gummed Assorted Colors Office

Envelopes Gummed Assorted Colors Office

It can be used to store bills, documents, cards, coupons, and so on. It's suitable for many occasions. These mini colored manila envelopes are a great way to store and send items such as stamps, cash, coins, seeds, keys, jewelry, credit cards, tickets and more. Each pack comes with 100 colorful paper envelopes so you can keep your money, ticket or memo handy. High quality. The package is made with high quality material and an easy seal flap allowing it to last wherever it goes. There is a variety of color inEON colors. Each pack has 10 different colors- baby pink, grey, white, baby blue, turquoise, mint green, red, purple, green, and blue. The coin envelope is 2.25” x 3.5” and can be found in your wallet.

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤I bought the envelopes to save money for my birthday vacation. I put the envelopes in a bag and shook them. I choose an envelope every week and whatever amount I choose goes in the envelope. I like them. It's definitely a go each year.

👤Some of the envelopes are very thin. I expected some to be sturdy and that's what they are. I gave it 3 stars because of that. There are different types of paper.

👤They are all different in thickness. Some are thicker than others. I couldn't use the purple because it was ripped. I would demand my money back if I didn't use a third of them. I am not happy.

👤The seller reached out to me about the situation and was willing to provide a replacement star. There is a The envelopes were wrapped in plastic and there was a weird smell coming from the outside of the plastic. I echo the concerns about the quality of paper used for different colors, even though I was able to remove the product safely. The gummed seal is not the lick and seal. The mix is nice.

👤These are great for keeping seed. They said a gummed flap and stick. I was hoping that the same pack could be used to continue adding seed. Good quality paper, cute colors, very sturdy.

👤I was trying to find a way to sort and transport my medication while on vacation. These envelopes really hit the mark, despite the fact that there are a lot of them. The dark and light colors allow me to concentrate. The envelopes are large enough to hold my medication. The price makes them disposable after they have served their purpose. I don't have to bring all of the bottles when I go on vacation.

👤The envelopes are not sticking together. I think it may be for 20%. The colors look similar to the image displayed on Amazon.

👤I have purchased these before, but many in the last batches were scored just above the flap folds, so I solved the problem with a little tape. I will switch to another option if this happens again. These seem to be a better value for my purposes.

👤The colors are great for choosing items to sort such as seeds. Accept colour as acad english

👤They are great for storing small items. They are smaller than expected, so they can't hold a lot of things.

👤They are the right size for my seeds. It's easy to use and seal. These are envelopes for small things. I love them!

👤The little envelopes are great for coins and keys. Well made.

👤Vous assiste pour serrer différents petits. Pratique.

4. Juvale Pack Black Business Envelopes

Juvale Pack Black Business Envelopes

A6 ring binder is suitable for all standard A6 size inner pages. The number 10 envelopes have a sleek black color, and the #10 business square flap windowless envelopes are great for all home or office purposes. Make sure to always have some on hand when you need them, the Value Pack includes 100 black envelopes in total. To close the black money envelopes, simply apply water to the edges of the flap and stick. Black colored envelopes are great for mailing holiday cards, greeting cards, party invitations, announcements, birthday cards, photos, letters, personal mail and direct mail. Each of the envelopes is 4 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long, perfect for legal sized sheets of paper.

Brand: Juvale

👤I bought a lot of these envelopes because of their turquoise color and reasonable price to send out invitations to a high school reunion. A group of friends helped seal and stamp things. The glue/adhesive wouldn't hold no matter what we did. We had to use the professionally printed envelopes. I ran to the office supply store to buy glue sticks while the volunteers sat waiting. It took hours more than expected to seal the envelopes. Don't buy this product.

👤These are perfect for my ministry. The thickness of the paper stock is perfect. The baby blue looks great. A quick test of one corner of the flap indicated there is glue there. It may not be as strong as I would like, but this envelope is a nice quality for a reasonable price, and I won't mind using a little glue if it turns out to be necessary. I'm happy I chose this product. It doesn't have any flaws or problems like other less expensive items.

👤The ink on the envelope doesn't rub off on your fingers. The only issue is that the glue used to seal the envelope is very thin. I used seals to close the envelopes and this was not a problem for me. I plan on buying these again.

👤The paper quality of these envelopes is very good. There is a They are a dark color. I would like them to be self stick.

👤Beautiful color. The back does not cover the whole flap, so the corners stick up a bit, which I didn't like. Overall would buy again.

👤The glue on the envelope does not stick. You have to tape the envelopes closed to get them through the post office. I would return them if I hadn't addressed them yet. Someone makes envelopes with glue that doesn't stick.

👤The envelopes are very sturdy. The only negative comment I have is that the adhesion is not good. I used these to write letters to my family and friends so they were not jam packed. I used washi tape to make sure it didn't fall apart.

👤These are the #10 envelopes that I love. They're my favorite color. I send people to say hello and they know it's from me before they open the envelope.

👤I have purchased these several times and received a lot of praise. I only give them 4 stars because they don't seal very well, and that's the real issue. I use Washi tape for what I do and it is fine, but someone looking for a good, sticky backing on it will be disappointed. I prefer lick and stick, not peel and stick.

👤Some of the envelopes had slight crease in them which caused them to jam in my printer. Aaarrrgghhh. The Chinese Red Gift envelopes are used as gift donation envelopes. The campaign was a success.

👤I had to use glue stick close every envelope because glue on them does not work.

5. Envelopes Laminated Envelope Savings Sheets

Envelopes Laminated Envelope Savings Sheets

It's perfect for thank-you notes, thinking-of-you notes, gift enclousures, teacher notes, employee appreciation and other special messages. Budgeting is easy and fun. The Lamare cash envelope system is nice looking and makes budgeting more pleasurable. You can make cash budgeting a habit with the cash envelope system. Budget envelopes have a unique design which makes it easy to differentiate between them. There is a space in the center on each budget envelope. You can change the cash budget envelopes according to your needs. There are two things that matter: light and poison. Budget envelopes are made of thick paper to last a long time. Cash budget envelopes are lightweight and can be carried around so you can stay organized. The size is 7.1x 3.2. The budget tracking sheet. Tracking the cash going in and out is possible with a budgeting sheet. This way you have control over your money. Each set contains 12 budget sheets. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They made an extra step to make the cash envelope system amazing because they value your satisfaction. If you don't like their Cash envelope budget system, please contact them and they will make a replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Lamare

👤These could be a 5-star product. I am willing to use a cutesie version of an everyday item. I was excited to get these in as they look cute and are not boring like the old paper ones. I will use them for as long as they last. There is a The paper ones look better. There is a They will last longer than paper ones. There is a They are very strong. They will hold a bundle. There is a If you need to wipe them down, you can lightly wipe them down. There are a few fixes for the Cons. The Print/Pattern could be a better resolution so that it isn't blurry. Try to get more clear images. There is a Although these will last longer than paper, the only other major issue I have found is when you insert the edge into the slit to keep it closed, it is so stiff that it makes small tears and bends where the slit are and after opening and closing so many times it may get better. There is a It would be nice to include a few extra labels for life's little oopsies. I don't know how long they will last, I will update later on the lifespan and wear and tear of daily-weekly use.

👤I love these envelopes. There is a They were delivered a few days early, they are very good quality and laminated. You can put 12 other stickers in front of the envelope if you change your category. It came with 12 budget sheet trackers that are front and back so you can keep track of your money. They're very cute and recommend it.

👤It is a nice thick material. It is not fully laminated. The photos show how the envelope would look when it is close. I don't believe this will last because it created dents. There is a The envelope is large. It can hold a lot of money. If I see good outcomes, I will change the review. There is a It failed my first impression. The quality of the material did not meet my expectations. It looks good, but it doesn't feel good.

👤I only received one budget sheet instead of the 12 that I received. It is not returnable.

👤2 of them split open on the sides and put money in them for the first time. I only put money in 4 of them and 2 of them broke, so theDurability of these things isn't looking so great. I'd strongly advise you to look elsewhere for your envelopes.

👤These envelopes are very sturdy. It is difficult to bend them and tuck the flap without damaging the paper, which makes me nervous about their longevity. I don't think I'll be using them in a way that would cause an issue once the initial folds have been made. This is a great option for budgeting envelopes. The customer service is what really stood out to me. I thought I had received the wrong color when I received these. The color I received was different from what I was seeing on my screens and I was a little upset. I reached out to the seller who immediately made an attempt to make things right and sent me another pack, letting me know that they only sell one color. I realized it was my mistake when I received my second package. I am impressed with the seller's quick response time and willingness to make things right even when the mistake was mine. Overall a positive experience.

6. Juvale Pieces Kraft Envelopes Graduations

Juvale Pieces Kraft Envelopes Graduations

We offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy! Save time and money by mailing out invitations for an upcoming kids birthday party, baby shower, holiday celebration, or wedding with this bulk set of v-flap kraft paper envelopes. The cute 4x6 envelopes are perfect for mailing thank you notes, holiday cards, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, stationery, photos, postcards, and pen pal letters. For All Occasions, you can create custom invitation envelopes with calligraphy pens, lettering, stencil stamps, paint, glitter, stickers, markers, or ribbon. Their card envelopes are made from high-quality brown paper that won't easily rip or tear in transit. The perfect size is each invitation envelope that is 4.5 x 6.2 inches and has a fun photo print with your handwritten letter or card.

Brand: Juvale

👤I saw an account on IG and they decorate their envelopes whenever they write to their pen pals. I decided to help the USPS purchase some stamps and send some mail just thinking about you, because I enjoy receiving friendly snail mail. My friends live in different states. Even to my local ones! The picture was attached to the decorated envelope. They have brightened up many days, which was my goal since 2020. You know. A ride. Extra folding of my letters is required because they are not as wide.

👤These envelopes were nice thickness, no see through. What looks like glue is nothing. It doesn't stick after you wet it. These are not compatible with glue.

👤I use these to make cards with my Cricut. They fit the cards I make. I like the look. The glue has not worked on any of the envelopes that I have used. I have had to tape them shut for the ones that I have mailed, which is annoying. These are fine if I send the card to someone else or send it in a package with something else, but not the best for mailing on their own.

👤I make a lot of greeting cards so these envelopes fit nicely. Most of my cards are 4 1/4" X 5 1/2". The price is reasonable and the color is nice.

👤I was satisfied with the product I received. I think that 50 envelopes for what I paid for is better than most office depot stores because of the fact that the glue is not the best. There is a Cheap and huge are the pros. The glue is pretty weak.

👤I bought postcards from the lavender farm because of the pictures on them. I wanted the pictures but didn't want a personal note on the post card so these envelopes are the perfect fit. I will need to buy more postcards because there were so many of them. There is one more thing. This is also very worth it because of the cost. It is not close to the purchase price of a greeting card. It is easy to send and receive. The quality is there and I recommend them.

👤This is a 2 star. I saved the dates with these. I put a magnet in the postcard. When I couldn't keep these envelopes closed, I should have taken the first warning. I promise you that it was not because they were too thick. I had to hold them down until they dried so I could open them. I was working on a craft project. There is a A few people messaged me and asked if I was being silly by just sending a blank card with "put this on your fridge". They said they didn't receive the magnet. It ripped through the envelope. It's too late. A lot of people said their envelope had tears in it, but luckily the magnet didn't come out. If you are placing a magnet or something like that, do not use these reviews. The weight can't be handled by it.

7. PARTH IMPEX Christmas Anniversary Invitation

PARTH IMPEX Christmas Anniversary Invitation

Each of the envelopes is 4 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long, perfect for legal sized sheets of paper. There is a pack of 10 gift envelopes. They change their designs frequently. You will get the same or different as shown in the images. You will get a unique 10 gorgeous envelope. Royal color with golden. The silver foil is sparkling. There is art on paper. Perfect for Invitation, Christmas Gift Card, Money Cash Gift Holders, Gifting Card Envelopes, Personal Message, Shagun, Raksha Bandhan, Easter Wedding Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any Festive Occasions when you want to express. In that case, the color of the envelope will be different because of the random selection of 10 unique design and design. Premium gift envelopes with gold and silver foil are high quality. Not sterile.

Brand: Parth Impex

👤I decided to take a chance after reading the reviews. The envelopes were in good condition when they arrived. They're beautiful and odorless. The pictures don't do these cards justice. They're sturdy and of great quality. The envelopes have "Thank You" stickers on them, but I don't use them because I think they take away from the card design.

👤The designs pictured are far more complex and have more colors per envelope, not to mention the tiny glass beads embedded in the design. The envelopes I received had only 2 or 3 colors max and those with 3 were always gold and silver, never nuanced shades as pictured. Forget about glass beads. My envelopes are all of a light shade, not a single rich blue, red, brown or burgundy as pictured. I'm afraid I can't use them as intended. I know why the price is so low.

👤I love these envelopes. They are sturdy and well made, and the flap that seals it is also decorative. These envelopes have a lip that tucks the flap in, which is nice if you forget to put something in. I've gotten a lot of compliment at almost every party I've used these at. Money envelopes are perfect!

👤These are very perfumed. I bought these for Christmas. They should be able to air out in the next 3 weeks.

👤In the past year, we've learned what essential workers are. Delivery people are like servants in Victorian times for many professionals. They make our lives simpler, but their own lives are not always easy. Extra cash is put into these envelopes to be handed out. There is a The envelopes are of the highest quality. Sturdy and beautiful. There is a slot and little matching stickers to close them. The picture is missing some of the colors that I used.

👤Beautiful envelopes! It's very unique and gorgeous. I'm going to give my husband a gift in them. I would have given them 5 stars, but these things have a perfume or incense smell that made my eyes water, so I wouldn't give them 5 stars. I can still smell them even though I'm about 8 feet away. There is a If you're the seller, what scent is on them?

👤I had an unlucky set. They weren't very pretty like the picture above, there was one that wasn't a true envelope, and one that looked like it got wet. I will not be able to use these for what I had planned. I wish they looked like the pictures in the description.

👤It was pretty and sturdy. Quality paper is used. They're a bit expensive for how many they offer in a pack, but there wasn't a lot of options so I gave this a try. I will only give 5 stars for quality but 3 stars for cost. I used this as a gift envelope. It is presentable and works well.

👤I have had a 50th birthday to send gifts to this year so far, I have a 21st, a 70th, never mind the rest, and these will add something to the vouchers I will probably put in, as I will not be able to see the person, still I am hoping they will like the gift. Many thanks for the great service. I can't say anything else.

8. SKYDUE Budget Envelopes Expense Budgeting

SKYDUE Budget Envelopes Expense Budgeting

We guarantee that will meet your expectations. If the cash envelopes don't make you 100% satisfied, please contact them and they will give you a full refund. The system includes a leather money saving binder, 8 pockets, A6 holes, expense budget sheets, 2 sheets of category sticker labels, and a budget binder with cash envelopes. The Premium PU leather A6 binder has many hidden compartments and pen hoops, which is convenient for storing pen, passports, ID cards, bank cards. The A6 cash envelope is made from durable PVC. It can protect your items from water and dust. Cash envelopes are convenient for storing money, cards, stamps, tickets, and pens. Money binder with category stickers and budget sheets can help you organize your expenses and track your deposits and withdrawals. A6 ring binder is suitable for all standard A6 size inner pages.

Brand: Skydue

👤It has a weird plastic-y smell and some reviews mention it. You would have to be smelling for it to notice. I suggest staggering the envelopes so that the plastic zippers don't stack and make it seem bulky, I alternate every other envelope to prevent the bulky feeling others complain about. It is a good set for the price. I ordered my own labels, but the ones they come with are small for me. If I need more envelopes, I can easily order them later. This product is very good.

👤I use this budget planner a lot and it is cute. I wish I had invested in one of these years ago.

👤I was scared when I opened it. The smell was strong. I think it's a binder and transparent bag. The binder broke when I tried to open it. The bag was filthy. Overall, it was very disappointing!

👤A lot of people said they were missing little envelopes, but if you read the description it says 12 budget sheets and 8 envelopes. I wasn't missing anything! I wish it came with more envelope flaps. I will just order more. I like it, but can't wait to use it.

👤The clasp doesn't hold it closed if all of the plastic folders are in it. The additional stacked plastic pieces make it more difficult to close.

👤I received it on February 4,2022. It was on time. There is a I opened it and was excited to use it. There is a I opened the plastic envelope with the zip lock feature after applying some of the words stickers. All of them have this area that is messed up. The holder was pretty, but I noticed an object in the picture. There is a I put a picture in here that was close to where you are. Not happy.

👤It was a disaster. The magnetic closing doesn't work. The bag is very dirty and smells terrible. I wouldn't recommend it. It is very cheaply done.

👤The money fits perfectly in the envelopes and the stickers are cute.

9. A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

The Easy Seal Glove Flopper is a good one. These envelopes don't need tape or stickers. Apply some water and seal it. A7 Invitation envelopes: There is a pack of 50. Birthdays, graduations, holiday, party invitation, letters, greeting cards, and Business Direct Mail are all perfect. The paper is high quality. Brown paper is great for multiple uses and is used in classic square flap envelopes. Simply peel off the attached white paper film from the flap and press down for a secure seal. Printer friendly. You can print on their envelopes with your Laser and Inkjet Printers. The envelopes are perfect size and weight, never worry about them being smudged by your printer. DIMENSIONS The envelopes are 5.25 x 7.25 inches.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I love the look of paper. I like to make my own greeting cards, and I try to incorporate some of the elements from the movie. It made sense to get these. The envelopes are made of paper. They are fine for formal greeting cards. The paper is very smooth and not a bit rough. I like that the back flap is shaped for a more formal letter or card, and that it has rounded edges. They feature a peel and stick seal which is great because you don't have to lick it, it looks better, and they seal a lot better too!

👤The description doesn't say that you can't use a laser printer with these. The envelope has a slightly waxy finish that won't stick to the printer. We only needed to write a few invitations.

👤I have purchased a lot of these. I put my items in the envelope or on the top to close it, but there was no glue on the sides. Had to use tape to shut it down.

👤The craft paper envelopes were very high quality. They have a peel off sticker which is great for people who don't like licking things. ha! Would buy again.

👤I had purchased them before and they worked well. The strips on the envelopes are dried out. There seems to be an inconsistent product quality.

👤I used my own Christmas cards to mail. They're very high quality, nice heavy paper, and I love that it has a self-adhesive tape strip. These would be good for crafts.

👤I don't like buying envelopes online because you can't tell the quality. These were made from sturdy materials. The glue strip worked well. My invitations fit perfectly. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

👤I bought them for my wedding invitations. They are made of heavy paper. Some of them had unglued at the seams. I had to be careful with my invitation. I used a glue stick to seal it. It worked out fine.

👤They were easy to use and would recommend them.

10. Cash Envelopes Plastic Budget System

Cash Envelopes Plastic Budget System

The coin envelope is 2.25” x 3.5” and can be found in your wallet. Budgeting is easy to start. Are you looking for a budget system to organize your finances? ABC life cash envelope system makes budgeting more pleasurable. You can make cash budgeting a habit with the cash envelope system. Each package has 12 cash envelopes, 12 budget sheets and 3 packs label stickers. Tracking the main cash going in and out is possible with a budgeting sheet. Unlike other paper cash envelopes, it does not have to worry about wear and tear like paper or laminated envelopes. It is nearly impossible to tear it apart. It will be the last set of envelopes you buy. There are 12 unique fabrics. The gift is designed. Budgeting envelopes come in a variety of designs to make budgeting more fun. They can be your like according to your mood. The money envelopes are the perfect size to fit in your bag or wallet. It is a perfect gift for anyone. A multi function application. These budget envelopes are not just for money. They can also be used as a receipt, coupon, purse, envelope, and stamp organizers. Today is the day to organize your wallet. It can be carried around in your purse or wallet. They guarantee that will meet your expectations. If the cash envelopes don't make you 100% satisfied, please contact them and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Abc Life

👤These are not worth much. I'm not sure why there are so many high reviews on this site. I put a dollar bill in the plastic and it cracked. The plastic is not very strong. It's definitely not worth anything at all. I brought these for people to use, so I was expecting a lot of use. I wanted to save money by using something that was not paper. Should have gone with a different company. I was disappointed I chose this one.

👤They come in a pouch with budget inserts and sticker tabs that you can put on the outside of the envelopes to balance out. They have a plastic snap button. It would be nice if it was just for stacking purposes. It was just an after thought that they fulfill my needs so much.

👤I like these. I bought them to store my tip money and also to help me save money for emergencies at home. It is very durable.

👤My spouse and I got these envelopes to plan monthly date nights. The envelopes are bulky because of the thick plastic snaps. If you use them for individual purposes, they won't lay flat in a bundle and the plastic material makes them slippery, so they're hard to store neatly together. It's not important for someone who uses these for budgeting to have a minor complaint, but it's important for me to use them in a certain way. The patterns are great.

👤The same as pictures. Perfect sized envelopes. The plastic is great quality.

👤My daughter uses these for her lawn care business. I'm saving for a couple things so I keep a few for myself. They have a card inside that you can keep track of your savings on. It makes the envelope even stronger. Bright colors!

👤The set is pretty good. Some of the envelopes don't line up for the snaps. It was hard to get the budget sheet in the envelope that was tighter. This is a nice set for 10 bucks.

👤The little envelopes are durable. It's a plus for vacations or theme park trips that they fit your money and have thin enough to carry anywhere. The colors are just as beautiful as the picture is and the little snap button to close the envelopes is strong.

👤I can't wait to use them even if I only received 11 envelopes.

11. Juvale Pack Kraft Business Envelopes

Juvale Pack Kraft Business Envelopes

HasSLE-FREE ENVELOPES AND DOUBLE ADHESION: The inside of the envelopes has a floral pattern. The envelopes are sealed with a moist substance. They include peel and seal stickers in multiple designs to mix and match with the envelopes. The #10 envelope is ideal for business or personal use and can be used to send checks, letters, and invitations. The brown envelopes have a gum flap that can be closed to seal the edges of the flap. These bulk envelopes are made of high quality brown paper. These brown business envelopes are 9 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches. You will receive 100 brown letter envelopes.

Brand: Juvale

👤I like using basic brown envelopes to send letters of condemnation. These brown craft envelopes are a statement. I have to use a glue stick to adhere the corners of the flap because they don't have the glue. It is not a big deal.

👤I love these envelopes. If you're just doing regular mail, they are sturdy and heavy, without the need for extra stamps. I've been making masks and sending them. One stamp and one mask. Two stamps and two masks. You get my drift, I wouldn't put more than 3 inside. It was handy when I wanted something more sturdy than a white first class envelope. I put tape on the ends because the glue doesn't go all the way to the ends.

👤The paper quality of the envelope is very good. I didn't expect that but was pleasantly surprised. It was printed on with a lazer printer. The glue on the back doesn't stick. To make sure the contents didn't fall out, we had to tape every envelope shut.

👤I bought these and they arrived in a plastic package, the inside bag was ripped open, and the envelopes were slightly "warped", which isn't a huge deal, but I guess. They're thin and flimsy. The right side struggles to stick when I wet it down with water. If I don't tape them down, they'll come apart in the mail. I don't recommend these but I hope they improve in the future.

👤The bulk envelopes worked well for holiday cards. They were not flimsy nor was the glue inadequate. I sealed them with a wet paper towel and gave them a press. They preformed their purpose well.

👤There are many issues with these envelopes. The material is sturdy and that is a positive quality. The envelope is rigid, so stuffing them with more than just a standard letter or card will be tough, and the applied glue on the sides and the top flap is poor quality, so it can easily be opened. It's not worth the extra time and tape to get these to the receiver.

👤It is easy to send these through the printer. They are smooth and durable. It is difficult to get a good look at the edges. You have to get a good lick on the edges to get the gunk up. If you miss it the first time, it won't go back on when you try again.

👤These are good for security. They are sturdy and can't be seen through. The black printer ink on this paper isn't very dark, so the mailing addresses on these don't work great. The lack of contrast makes it hard to read. You can read it, but I can see it slowing the mail carrier down. There is a Hand writing with a black pen is fine. I had no issues with the way my case closed, they seemed to stay closed in my case.

👤These are cheap and flimsy. I was sent a different color. The flaps are square, which is what I wanted. I ordered them for crafting and I would be very annoyed.


What is the best product for decorative envelopes for cash?

Decorative envelopes for cash products from Bargain Paradise. In this article about decorative envelopes for cash you can see why people choose the product. Parth Impex and Purple Q Crafts are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative envelopes for cash.

What are the best brands for decorative envelopes for cash?

Bargain Paradise, Parth Impex and Purple Q Crafts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative envelopes for cash. Find the detail in this article. Juvale, Lamare and Parth Impex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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