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1. Astrobrights Envelopes 5 Color Assortment 92109

Astrobrights Envelopes 5 Color Assortment 92109

Each envelope has a dimensions of 9.1 x 4.1 inches. Astrorights "Happy" 5-Color #10 Envelopes come with 200 Envelopes so you never have to worry about running out. You will get 40 colored envelopes of Venus violet, Fireball fuchsia, Cosmic orange, Solar yellow and Terra green. Perfect for every day projects, bright finishing touches on mail, notes home to parents, educational materials, classroom management and more are ideal. Astrobrights is the only way to bring your ideas to life. There is a printer comparison. It works well with printers like inkjet and laser. It's made to be acid-free and lignin-free. ASTROBRIGHTS care. Responsible business and manufacturing policies and practices are important to conserve their natural resources. Astrobrights products are certified for responsible forest management. It is possible to use colored paper or card stock. Astrobrights Color Envelopes can be used with Astrobrights Color Paper or Astrobrights Cardstock to create a consistent look for your project.

Brand: Astrobrights

👤I love these envelopes. Bright fun colors, nice quality paper weight, and the glue holds up great! I had to add tape on the other brand. I only buy this brand now.

👤They look great! They are bright colors. Will get the job done. The plastic that was supposed to be wrapped in was already ripped open when I opened my package, so the envelopes were free in the Amazon shipping bag. It's not a huge deal but still annoying.

👤These are used for 'get the vote out' letters. I love them. Everything you would want in an envelope is super bright.

👤This is the most economical colorful envelopes I have seen. I send about 250 letters out for my company's marketing and this is more economical than any other envelopes. The tackiness of the envelopes is okay, some need to be glue down, but this isn't a big deal. Maybe 20 need this, out of 200. The packaging was in perfect condition and the color was as bright as the pictures. I've ordered three of them so far, and I'm expecting at least 10 more for this year.

👤Very colorful. It is good. There are seals well. I love mine. I went through my first order. I use these for my mail because I need to stand out. There are a lot of these mixed in a pile of white.

👤I paid a little more than I wanted, but they are thick and sturdy. I use these when sending letters internationally as they arrive with less damage than your average envelope. Will buy again.

👤Take off. I got boring yellow because you only get one color. I ordered it for the multiple colors and it was very upsetting. I now have 200 yellow envelopes.

👤I wanted to send happy mail. I love them, they are very vibrant. I use a glue stick and they work. These are fun and pretty.

👤These are perfect for sending a letter to a friend or someone you want to be friends with. My pen pals like my envelopes more than the letters for calligraphy, stickers and drawings. The value is great. The best size for standard 8x11 sheets.

👤I like sending bright envelopes to my pen pals. I hope to order more when I run out.

👤I have to use a sticker to seal the envelopes because the glue doesn't stick and they look nice, but I have to tape them shut. I would buy again if I could.

👤These are great for my mail outs. The colors are bold. Will purchase again.

2. American Greetings Colored Envelopes 40 Count

American Greetings Colored Envelopes 40 Count

Aimoh has researched and developed Enveguard Technology and approved only the highest quality products, which is why it is called Enveguard Technology. There are 40 single panel cards that do not fold open. The note cards have a fun pattern on the reverse. There are no cards for your message. There are four different color designs in the pack. The box set has die-cut cards with matching envelopes. This paper stock works well with any pen or pencil. It's perfect for thank-you notes, thinking-of-you notes, gift enclousures, teacher notes, employee appreciation and other special messages.

Brand: American Greetings

👤I was fooled by the title. The title is misleading when it says it's an 80 count. You only get 40 envelopes and 80 pieces of paper if you read the fine print. Since these are common notecards, I would expect 80 of each. The paper is thin and bright but if you like that, then buy it. You will only be able to have 40 envelopes, which is very disappointing and misleading to me.

👤Who would have thought that stationary could be so bad? The colors are bright and pleasing to the eye. The smell of the paper and envelopes was the big number one for me. Who would want to send a letter to a loved one that was so bad it made them cry? I tried to fix the problem by spraying the paper with Fabreeze. I shouldn't have had to fix anything. The size problem is next. I thought I read the size of the paper but maybe not. They are too short to fit a check. This is important to me. One more thing. The paper is colored in one direction. Good stationary is more than one side. Maybe it said it was. I don't think so. The way it was shipped was a big problem for me. The box the stationary came in was expected. A cardboard bottom with a plastic top. The way it was packed was not good. It was shipped in a paper bag with a sticky tab. The box was lightly padded so it was in good shape when I received it. I'm not upset about it. I was put out.

👤I wanted to have some basic, colorful cards in my closet in case I needed to write quickly. The cards are blank inside and out, with a colorful decoration. The envelopes are colorful. These are really cute and good quality.

👤These were perfect for my purposes, but I didn't know they came with a storage box. I was happy to pay this price for the cards. I use these for thank you notes for my work, but they're simple enough not to be too flashy for business purposes, but not boring. I will probably order the same ones when I run out. There is a The plastic cover for the box was crushed at a corner, but I didn't intend to keep that and the cards/envelopes themselves were undamaged. The issue was not problematic enough to earn less than the 5 stars I'm giving for this purchase.

👤I purchased these cards for something. I wanted to send some cards to my students. These are blank, which makes them perfect for sending personalized messages. The set has a variety of patterned cards and colored envelopes. The packaging is good and the quality is good. I would buy again.

👤I like the variety of the cards and they don't have a glossy finish. The gel pen is difficult to use because of the glossy surface. The color saturation on the envelopes is okay, but they are on the thin side. If you use all the space inside the card, you don't have to add to the back. I would buy the set again.

3. 【Pack 48 】Vintage Envelopes Envelopes

%E3%80%90Pack 48 %E3%80%91Vintage Envelopes Envelopes

It is a great gift for your family and friends. There are 48 vintage antique design envelopes that come in six different looks. DIMENSIONS The envelopes are 4 x 8.7 inches. Excellent quality. Vintage envelopes are made of 120 GSM. The envelopes are friendly to theprinter. The envelopes smell like old envelopes. The value pack bundle is a value pack. 48 vintage style envelopes have a size of 4 x 8.7 inches. It is a great value and long lasting. There is adecorATIVE ENVELOPES. Perfect for vintage office decor, home decoration, unique looking invitations, creative invitations, old looking envelopes, vintage looking envelopes, aged time look, retro wall decor, and much more. 100% complete assessment. If for any reason you don't like your purchase on their 48 Pack Antique Style Envelopes, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days.

Brand: Bargain Paradise

👤These envelopes look nice. There is a I was excited to receive them since we have been writing a lot of letters. They would be perfect to use to give our letters a vintage feel. The chemical smell in the packages was too much for us. I tried to set the paper outside on the deck but the smell lingered. The smell of the envelopes was the same. I think you will feel the same if you have any sensitivity to odors. If you don't mind the smell, then you will love these envelopes. Hope this is helpful.

👤I like the paper and patterns, but the smell of the envelopes is still there. They are exposed to fresh air for a few days. I was disappointed with that feature.

👤Excellent for a more sophisticated letter writing, especially during Covid. It's good for invitations for a wedding shower or anniversary party.

👤I believe these are good envelopes. The paper looks good. I rated theadhesion with 4 stars because I tape every envelope I use and don't leave this to chance, so I can't evaluate this for anyone else. The envelopes give me the illusion of security.

👤The envelopes are great, they have 6 different shades and they seal very well. They are sturdy and perfect for family letters.

👤We ordered some stationery that matches the envelopes and we love it. It works well for our needs.

👤I thought they would match the vintage paper I bought.

👤The product was good. My daughter enjoyed writing her first letter.

👤I love that they make mail fun.

4. Envelopes Laminated Envelope Savings Sheets

Envelopes Laminated Envelope Savings Sheets

It's perfect for thank-you notes, thinking-of-you notes, gift enclousures, teacher notes, employee appreciation and other special messages. Budgeting is easy and fun. The Lamare cash envelope system is nice looking and makes budgeting more pleasurable. You can make cash budgeting a habit with the cash envelope system. Budget envelopes have a unique design which makes it easy to differentiate between them. There is a space in the center on each budget envelope. You can change the cash budget envelopes according to your needs. There are two things that matter: light and poison. Budget envelopes are made of thick paper to last a long time. Cash budget envelopes are lightweight and can be carried around so you can stay organized. The size is 7.1x 3.2. The budget tracking sheet. Tracking the cash going in and out is possible with a budgeting sheet. This way you have control over your money. Each set contains 12 budget sheets. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They made an extra step to make the cash envelope system amazing because they value your satisfaction. If you don't like their Cash envelope budget system, please contact them and they will make a replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Lamare

👤These could be a 5-star product. I am willing to use a cutesie version of an everyday item. I was excited to get these in as they look cute and are not boring like the old paper ones. I will use them for as long as they last. There is a The paper ones look better. There is a They will last longer than paper ones. There is a They are very strong. They will hold a bundle. There is a If you need to wipe them down, you can lightly wipe them down. There are a few fixes for the Cons. The Print/Pattern could be a better resolution so that it isn't blurry. Try to get more clear images. There is a Although these will last longer than paper, the only other major issue I have found is when you insert the edge into the slit to keep it closed, it is so stiff that it makes small tears and bends where the slit are and after opening and closing so many times it may get better. There is a It would be nice to include a few extra labels for life's little oopsies. I don't know how long they will last, I will update later on the lifespan and wear and tear of daily-weekly use.

👤I love these envelopes. There is a They were delivered a few days early, they are very good quality and laminated. You can put 12 other stickers in front of the envelope if you change your category. It came with 12 budget sheet trackers that are front and back so you can keep track of your money. They're very cute and recommend it.

👤It is a nice thick material. It is not fully laminated. The photos show how the envelope would look when it is close. I don't believe this will last because it created dents. There is a The envelope is large. It can hold a lot of money. If I see good outcomes, I will change the review. There is a It failed my first impression. The quality of the material did not meet my expectations. It looks good, but it doesn't feel good.

👤I only received one budget sheet instead of the 12 that I received. It is not returnable.

👤2 of them split open on the sides and put money in them for the first time. I only put money in 4 of them and 2 of them broke, so theDurability of these things isn't looking so great. I'd strongly advise you to look elsewhere for your envelopes.

👤These envelopes are very sturdy. It is difficult to bend them and tuck the flap without damaging the paper, which makes me nervous about their longevity. I don't think I'll be using them in a way that would cause an issue once the initial folds have been made. This is a great option for budgeting envelopes. The customer service is what really stood out to me. I thought I had received the wrong color when I received these. The color I received was different from what I was seeing on my screens and I was a little upset. I reached out to the seller who immediately made an attempt to make things right and sent me another pack, letting me know that they only sell one color. I realized it was my mistake when I received my second package. I am impressed with the seller's quick response time and willingness to make things right even when the mistake was mine. Overall a positive experience.

5. Business Envelopes 120 Pack Standard Windowless

Business Envelopes 120 Pack Standard Windowless

20 pcts of sealed stickers are included instead of the usual 20 pcts of glue. Save time and money with this set of colored envelopes for mailing letters, documents, checks, thank you notes, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, cards, and photos. For all occasions, use stickers, markers, and labels to personalize these business size envelopes. The flap envelopes are made with high-quality paper with a glue seal for easy and convenient writing. Mailing holiday cards, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, cards, photos, letters, statements, money, personal mail and direct mail can be done multiple times. Each envelope has a dimensions of 9.1 x 4.1 inches.

Brand: Sustainable Greetings

👤I am using these envelopes to write letters. The envelopes are of good quality. They are a lot darker than the picture shows. I thought the bright colors would be a bit lighter as they were shown in the picture. The green and purple are the lightest. I have been using a black pen. I had to use a gel pen because the ink wouldn't run because of the paper. I can't write on the purple with a normal pen because it's so dark. The post office will not be able to read it. I am pushing it with the green one. I ordered some white pens to see if they can solve the problem, otherwise I won't be able to use the purple envelopes. I changed my view of the envelopes after using the white pen. The Uni-Ball white gel pen is from Amazon. The handwriting on the dark red, green and purple envelopes is gorgeous with the white pen. I used up my first pack and then ordered another set of the same ones. I love them!

👤If you are going to mail these envelopes, you should buy glue sticks as well. The substance on the flaps doesn't work as glue. There is a The color of the envelopes is not the same as the picture.

👤If you're looking for mail art, skip them. Many paints have a coating that makes them bead up and even break. They are fine as a regular envelope, but some colors may be a little dark without using a white label to write the address on.

👤The envelopes are sturdy and have nice colors. The glue doesn't stick. You have to close the envelopes. I will not buy them again.

👤I would have liked these bright colored envelopes. I decided it was a lost cause after trying a number of them. I have to shut them down with tape.

👤Almost all of the envelopes have the same problem. I wanted to use them for Christmas cards. The colors are bright but not very good with the quality of the glue. I can't send Christmas cards.

👤These envelopes make it so much more fun for my grandchildren to receive notes from me. They are sturdy and nice. Everyone's day gets brighter when they get something in the mail. I am happy with the colors and quality of the envelopes.

👤I could have bought 200 envelopes in bright colors for the same price, but I chose this pack of 120 because they were pictured as pastels. The red and purple are too dark to be used in a usable way. Very disappointed.

6. Vintage Stationery Envelope Travel Sheets

Vintage Stationery Envelope Travel Sheets

The pack contains 96 sheets of colorful stationery paper. The Penpal Stationary Set includes 48 sheets of vintage stationary paper and 48 kraft envelopes to add a personal touch to your handwritten letters. The letter writing stationary paper and envelopes set has a decorative border and fake stamps with lines in the center to add text, pictures, and emotional messages. The stationery paper sheet is compatible with both laser and inkjet printers and is 6.9 x 8.25 inches. The stationary paper for writing letters won't bleed ink from markers, stamps, or pens. The vintage stationary set is perfect for sending invitations or thank you notes.

Brand: Pipilo Press

👤I tried mailing five letters, but they were returned. It's not very practical if the USPS won't deliver them because of the envelope size or the fact that it has US airmail bolded as part of the design. Proper address and postage was affixed. Bummed out. Only for hand delivered notes or craft use. You have to pay an additional 15 cents to mail because they are undersized and require manual processing. It's not practical because it's less bang for your buck.

👤I am very happy with this stationary. I've purchased novelty stationary in the past and it's not always absorbent for the ink from my fountain pen. That is not the case with this paper. The paper is great, but your mileage may vary, the colors, bordering, and decorative Air Mail stamp on the envelope are top notch. I like to send letters. Maybe I'm old school for being 39. I don't care. The stationary makes my recipients want to receive letters from me.

👤This is beautiful stationery. We write to our cousins in Germany every 3 weeks. The weight of the stationery makes it easy to write with a pen. The envelopes are strong. You just have to fold the paper into thirds to fit the envelopes.

👤I passed this paper over because I had looked at it before. I finally placed an order and it arrived yesterday. I love the design of the paper and envelopes. The envelopes are of a bit sturdier paper, but the glue on them did not hold them sealed. I had to write two letters last night. I will be using this paper for some of the letters I will be writing this weekend. I will order this paper again when I run out. Great purchase.

👤This is nice. The ink on the fountain pen doesn't get into the paper. The envelopes should be a bit larger.

👤Everything was expected. The envelope does compete with the address. I just use a bigger pen.

👤The design is old fashioned. I used them to write about my adventures in my family's home. Kiddos liked them. I was able to write with a pen and colored pictures of things I was talking about. Even though they didn't arrive until after I was home, the kids loved looking for them in the mail. It was fun for them. Hope to use again.

👤I want to write a friend who is overseas. The paper does not tear. The envelopes are sealed perfectly. Sending to someone in the military overseas so they can see you care for them is a good thing. Light color ink will not look good on dark paper so use a blue or black pen.

👤I like this stationery. You can write very well. Pens don't smudge and don't press through. I use colorful pens for writing. I don't know how it looks with a fountain pen. I am very happy. The envelopes look great. It's more fun to write to your English pen friends.

7. 48 Count Writing Stationery Paper Envelopes

48 Count Writing Stationery Paper Envelopes

If for any reason you don't like your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days. The paper is from the Antique Age. A pack of 48 paper with 48 envelopes has a vintage design. The set of stationery paper and envelopes is ideal for invitations that stand out. This letter writing stationery paper and envelopes set is perfect for maps, certificates, invitations, poetry scrolls, medieval-looking documents, menu, arts and crafts and letters to Santa. Each antique paper stationery sheet is compatible with both laser and inkjet printers. Each sheet of special paper is about 11 inches in diameter.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤The paper and envelopes are the same as advertised. "48 Count" was a joke. The package contained 11 envelopes and 10 sheets of paper.

👤We bought this set to send a note. We went with this because we wanted to class things up beyond a piece of white printer paper and a business envelope. The "antique aged" look is very nice and looks very similar to the photo. There was a bit more firmness to the pages that made them feel more like a sheet of paper. When tri-folded, the envelopes fit the paper exactly. I've been dismayed when other sets I've purchased don't fit inside perfectly. There is a It wouldn't work well with the printer, that's my biggest concern. Sometimes the printer ink bleeds through, comes out a bit weird, or just doesn't look right, with these types of paper. This worked perfectly in the printer. After it was printed, it was back to its original shape, and didn't appear to be run through a printer. The photo below shows how flawless it was. The paper was nice to write on and we addressed each envelope. There is a This set is great for elevating any note that you send to a group of people. It looks sharp. This set is an absolute steal for making an at home project look professional, considering the cost of having things done at a print shop.

👤The quality of the paper was really good. Print looks professional. The paper is the same length as the envelope making it difficult to slip a folded sheet into the envelope and not more than one page. To get the letter in the envelope without ripping the sides, I had to bend the envelope a little and insert the sheet by wiggling it. Also, note the second picture. The marbled envelope is the item's envelope and it is shorter than a regular legal envelope. The two issues were not well received. Getting these letters out was time sensitive, so would have sent this back. I was unable to include the pamphlet that was supposed to go with the letter. I won't purchase again.

👤The paper is beautiful if you want to send a letter that will stand out. Modern stationary has a heavy wax coating, but fountain pens will work with it. You can use a regular printer.

👤I love stationery. It's smooth to hold fountain pens and regular pen. Your recipient will appreciate your good taste if you still write letters.

👤It was used to write a love letter to my girlfriend. The paper quality and style is amazing. The envelope looks like it came from a piece of paper. I will be buying again next month.

👤The quality of the paper seems good, but it came in a plain plastic bag. That ruins fine stationary. A decent box is what one likes. I think I received more envelopes than I did paper. I am pleased with the result.

👤I bought this stationary for a Harry Potter themed bridal shower and the pages are exactly what I expected. The pages are medium in weight. They are not as heavy as the paper. It isn't like regular printing paper. I had no issues with it getting stuck in my printer because the ink does not smudge or run. Some reviews didn't have the correct amount of pages. I did not have the problem. I am happy with my purchase and I think this stationary will make a great bridal shower invitation.

8. PARTH IMPEX Christmas Anniversary Invitation

PARTH IMPEX Christmas Anniversary Invitation

Each of the envelopes is 4 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches long, perfect for legal sized sheets of paper. There is a pack of 10 gift envelopes. They change their designs frequently. You will get the same or different as shown in the images. You will get a unique 10 gorgeous envelope. Royal color with golden. The silver foil is sparkling. There is art on paper. Perfect for Invitation, Christmas Gift Card, Money Cash Gift Holders, Gifting Card Envelopes, Personal Message, Shagun, Raksha Bandhan, Easter Wedding Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any Festive Occasions when you want to express. In that case, the color of the envelope will be different because of the random selection of 10 unique design and design. Premium gift envelopes with gold and silver foil are high quality. Not sterile.

Brand: Parth Impex

👤I decided to take a chance after reading the reviews. The envelopes were in good condition when they arrived. They're beautiful and odorless. The pictures don't do these cards justice. They're sturdy and of great quality. The envelopes have "Thank You" stickers on them, but I don't use them because I think they take away from the card design.

👤The designs pictured are far more complex and have more colors per envelope, not to mention the tiny glass beads embedded in the design. The envelopes I received had only 2 or 3 colors max and those with 3 were always gold and silver, never nuanced shades as pictured. Forget about glass beads. My envelopes are all of a light shade, not a single rich blue, red, brown or burgundy as pictured. I'm afraid I can't use them as intended. I know why the price is so low.

👤I love these envelopes. They are sturdy and well made, and the flap that seals it is also decorative. These envelopes have a lip that tucks the flap in, which is nice if you forget to put something in. I've gotten a lot of compliment at almost every party I've used these at. Money envelopes are perfect!

👤These are very perfumed. I bought these for Christmas. They should be able to air out in the next 3 weeks.

👤In the past year, we've learned what essential workers are. Delivery people are like servants in Victorian times for many professionals. They make our lives simpler, but their own lives are not always easy. Extra cash is put into these envelopes to be handed out. There is a The envelopes are of the highest quality. Sturdy and beautiful. There is a slot and little matching stickers to close them. The picture is missing some of the colors that I used.

👤Beautiful envelopes! It's very unique and gorgeous. I'm going to give my husband a gift in them. I would have given them 5 stars, but these things have a perfume or incense smell that made my eyes water, so I wouldn't give them 5 stars. I can still smell them even though I'm about 8 feet away. There is a If you're the seller, what scent is on them?

👤I had an unlucky set. They weren't very pretty like the picture above, there was one that wasn't a true envelope, and one that looked like it got wet. I will not be able to use these for what I had planned. I wish they looked like the pictures in the description.

👤It was pretty and sturdy. Quality paper is used. They're a bit expensive for how many they offer in a pack, but there wasn't a lot of options so I gave this a try. I will only give 5 stars for quality but 3 stars for cost. I used this as a gift envelope. It is presentable and works well.

👤I have had a 50th birthday to send gifts to this year so far, I have a 21st, a 70th, never mind the rest, and these will add something to the vouchers I will probably put in, as I will not be able to see the person, still I am hoping they will like the gift. Many thanks for the great service. I can't say anything else.

9. Vintage Paper Envelopes Classic Printing

Vintage Paper Envelopes Classic Printing

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They made an extra step to make the cash envelope system amazing because they value your satisfaction. If you don't like their Cash envelope budget system, please contact them and they will make a replacement or a full refund. 60 classic vintage antique design stationery papers with 60 antique looking envelopes come in six different looks. DIMENSIONS The paper is 11 inches high and the envelopes are 4 inches high. Excellent quality. The paper is double sided and made of 100 GSM. The envelope was made of thick 120 sg paper. Vintage looking paper/envelopes are friendly for writing. 60 sheets of vintage style papers with matching 60 vintage envelopes are part of a value pack. The Derwent paper is perfect for home decoration, ancient maps, unique looking invitations, poetry scrolls, old looking documents, old style menus, and much more. If for any reason you don't like your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days.

Brand: Bargain Paradise

👤The paper is described. It is a high quality paper. It is a good paper for fountain pen users, there is no bleed through with a fountain pen. This paper is perfect for a fountain pen user. There are 60 sheets of paper and 60 envelopes. I found this product to be the best deal out there. It is a very good quality. I couldn't find any other writing paper that sold for that price. It is worth buying...

👤I have extra difficulties in the world of chirography, but this paper handles them well. I was worried that I would have to stop writing for a minute or two per line, for fear that I would ruin the ink, and I wanted a set to write letters to my sweetheart during the lockdown. I am very particular about my pens because of this, but they can only do so much if the paper is gross and glossy. The paper did not take a long time to absorb the ink. If I mess up on the first try, I will swap out paper. I can't just give my guy a messy love letter because I'm too strict. This paper is thick enough that I can write on both sides with my preferred pen. If I can use both sides, I don't mind spending a little more on paper. The aged look of the paper is what I like the most. I will crumple it up a bit for added authenticity, but I like it. I thought my guy would like the touch of special paper since I was using wax seals to seal the envelopes. There were no small stationary notes for him. The letters look old, written on both sides, with added crinkles, a spritz of perfume, and a wax seal. What could be better? There is a The paper is helping us live out a dream, where we can feel connected while being separated. The paper is up to the task. I hope everyone finds the paper they use to their liking and that they meet their expectations. Stay safe!

👤My wife is currently overseas with the USAR and I bought this paper to correspond with her. We like unique stationery products. I love to hand write letters and am a fountain pen enthusiast. My wife would look forward to receiving this at the mail call. There is a The paper is of good quality and the designs are unique. They are printed on both sides. It makes the realism more realistic. Some of the patterns are a little dark, but that's part of the charm. The paper and envelopes are sturdy, though I did find a little bleeding through of my fountain pen ink, though it was minor and did not affect the writing on the other side. I used a broad-tip calligraphy fountain pen with Pilot ink, so I will try a fine point pen next time to see if it helps mitigate the bleeding. I used a wax seal on the envelope. I'm not sure how it survived the U.S. Army mail service, but I'm sure it delivered my love and support. One suggestion I would make is to have the same number of pages of paper and envelopes for different types of letters. I would appreciate more paper. I don't waste envelopes like this on paying bills, I always find use for leftover paper.

10. Envelopes Occasions Notecards Assortment Stationary

Envelopes Occasions Notecards Assortment Stationary

Each sheet of special paper is about 11 inches in diameter. There are pen cards. For all OCCASIONS. handwritten messages mean a lot for those occasions where you need to express your sympathy, gratitude or congratulations to the people you appreciate. These blank greeting cards with envelopes are simple and elegant. The box set of 40 plain greeting cards contains 5 different card designs in packs of 8 along with a variety pack of stickers to mix and match when sealed. The envelope and sticker on the soft card seal it. You can use these plain greeting cards for a variety of occasions, from a baby shower to a wedding. PREMIUM QUALITY: Their blank greeting cards are made from a thick and heavy-duty paper at a grade of 300 grams per square meter. Each card has a simple and elegant style that is useful for sending to family, friends, guests, colleagues, teachers, business clients or that special person. There is a large and slimy creature on the inside. There is plenty of space for showing your appreciation to those special people in your life on each of the 4x6 thank you cards. The envelopes are large enough to fit a standard photo. The blank notecards come in a box for easy storage. HasSLE-FREE ENVELOPES AND DOUBLE ADHESION: The inside of the envelopes has a floral pattern. The envelopes are sealed with a moist substance. They include peel and seal stickers in multiple designs to mix and match with the envelopes.

Brand: Vns Creations

👤We absolutely love these blank cards. The outside cover designs are cute and fashionable, and there are options that aren't just feminine. The set comes with a design on the inside that makes them classy and also comes with matching design stickers that seal the envelope. The inside isn't shiny, which makes it perfect for writing with your favorite pen and it didn't smudge! Being left handed is an amazing quality for this card. No smudges! We were able to fit 4x6 pictures inside the card with just a tiny piece hanging past but it all fit in the envelope. You can seal the envelope with sticky strips along the edge of the flap. The cards were neatly packaged in a box. There is a We are very satisfied with this product. The seller has great customer service and can answer any questions you might have. We can't thank them enough for their quick response. Highly recommended!

👤There is nothing I didn't like about these cards. The note cards that I have ordered are the best. They are thick. The envelopes are thick. I think I have picked up two at one time. The colors are pretty. The backs of the envelopes have little stickers on them. I will order again. I was very pleased with the detail of the cards. Delivery was fast. I bought them to send out invitations to the Memorial of Jesus Death.

👤I am very pleased with the note cards. There are 4 different styles of cards. The cards are thick. I haven't written on them yet, but some reviews say there is no smudge of ink. One review was unhappy that the pattern on the inside of the envelope was not the same as the cards, but that just adds variety. This was the best for the price and quality, after searching through all the offerings. If you are willing to support a small business, then this is it.

👤These are cute for everyday letter writing. The envelopes have a floral pattern on the inside and are sturdy. The stickers included are a great way to make me feel reassured that the envelope will not open in transit, and they look great! I bought these to write to my grandmother and have not received a complaint.

👤I use these for all occasions. Thank you for birthdays, weddings, etc. The various patterns are a good mix for all occasions. The envelopes are stiff. The presentation is even nicer because of the little stickers/envelope seals. I now save a lot of money by using these cards, they are much more economical and versatile. Highly recommended.

👤Love! I have been looking for the perfect card set and finally found it. Thank you for the adorable matching stickers, a lovely addition that sets quality card sets like this apart from the others... The thick card stock, the inside writing portion, and the colorful coordination of the envelopes really elevate this set while allowing for great variety... I no longer feel sheepish sending someone the same card all the time because of the quality, variety of colors and envelope design at a great price. I wish they had more sets like this to order in a variety of color tones. I would buy each one. Thank you for the great quality! I had to make the time to write a review for this purchase. This is a small business in the US so they could use the support of the community.

11. 10 Security Tinted Self Seal Envelopes

10 Security Tinted Self Seal Envelopes

Hang these from your Christmas tree with a Jute string. You could glue the balls to the wreath for a touch of the outdoors. The possibilities are endless. The perfect choice for small businesses, home offices and everyday use is the 100 envelope pack, it's made with a wind-less front panel, and it's 888-282-0465. The envelopes are designed with a secure, security tint-pattern to protect contents and sensitive information. Their #10 envelopes are designed with an ultra strong SELF-SEAL adhesive strip to create a full, super secure seal across each envelope's width that won't easily open or tear, ideal for mailing for any letter sized and larger documents. Premium construction measuring 4-1/8 x 9-1/2 inches is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers. Click the orange button to place your order. Aimoh has researched and developed Enveguard Technology and approved only the highest quality products, which is why it is called Enveguard Technology.

Brand: Aimoh

👤Not secure at all. The numbers on the check are legible. No protection is offered. Not worth the premium. Very disappointed.

👤I bought these because of the positive reviews. There is no way this product would get a 5-star rating. The paper is not 24 lbs. The paper weight is up to 30% thinner than claimed. I compared them to other envelopes that claimed to be 24lb weight. The security feature is a joke. You can see through the envelope with a medium light. The glue is very thin. The paper strip is almost half the size of the packaging. There is a The paper weight is my biggest complaint. They claim to be 24lb. Maybe the front and back were measured together? The product is meant to be deceiving. I was suspicious when I saw the picture of the box, as it appeared to be less than the size of a box of envelopes from the same company. I know why! I think the glowing 5 Star reviews are fake or at the best, reviews that were years ago when the product was better. DO NOT BUY THESE! I'll go back to see what they have. I bought the Staples brand about five years ago and it was nice, but they are not as good as they used to be, but they are still better than these.

👤Not enough "stick-um" on the seal is not worth the hassle of a return. That has been an issue with the boxes I've obtained. I add a piece of tape since it won't stay stuck and it seems like a pointless step.

👤I had previously ordered self-sealing business envelopes and liked them, but they no longer qualify for Amazon Prime and the shipping charge was equal to the cost of the envelopes. It's time to look elsewhere. I found that the Aimoh envelopes received good reviews, but there were several less positive reviews that identified some potential problems, such as insufficient weight and a weak seal. I think the seal is good. I tried to open the envelope after it was sealed. I was able to reopen the envelope cleanly, even though I had to remove the protective strip, because it was not obvious that it had been opened and closed. I waited a day and did it again. The seal was harder to break this time, and it was obvious that it had been sealed and opened. It depends on what you want this envelope to do. If you are concerned about someone secretly opening the letter, studying the contents, and re-closing without leaving a trace, this envelope may or may not be adequate, depending on the time between when you sealed the envelope and when the envelope is secretly opened. If you want a convenient envelope that can be trusted to not spontaneously open and spill its contents in transit, I think this product is going to be more than adequate. There is a The weight and opacity seem adequate. There was no indication that the envelope contained a check when I held it up to the light. I could see the shadow of the check, but I couldn't read it. That's good enough for me. I'm happy with my purchase. When I pay bills that don't come with an addressed envelope, I only pay 9 cents for it. It would have cost me 23 cents just for the envelope if I had gone with the brand I used before. I still remember ice cream cones costing a nickel. Whatever. I am happy I took a chance on Aimoh.


What is the best product for decorative envelopes letter size?

Decorative envelopes letter size products from Astrobrights. In this article about decorative envelopes letter size you can see why people choose the product. American Greetings and Bargain Paradise are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative envelopes letter size.

What are the best brands for decorative envelopes letter size?

Astrobrights, American Greetings and Bargain Paradise are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative envelopes letter size. Find the detail in this article. Lamare, Sustainable Greetings and Pipilo Press are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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