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1. 10 Security Tinted Self Seal Envelopes

10 Security Tinted Self Seal Envelopes

Hang these from your Christmas tree with a Jute string. You could glue the balls to the wreath for a touch of the outdoors. The possibilities are endless. The perfect choice for small businesses, home offices and everyday use is the 100 envelope pack, it's made with a wind-less front panel, and it's 888-282-0465. The envelopes are designed with a secure, security tint-pattern to protect contents and sensitive information. Their #10 envelopes are designed with an ultra strong SELF-SEAL adhesive strip to create a full, super secure seal across each envelope's width that won't easily open or tear, ideal for mailing for any letter sized and larger documents. Premium construction measuring 4-1/8 x 9-1/2 inches is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers. Click the orange button to place your order. Aimoh has researched and developed Enveguard Technology and approved only the highest quality products, which is why it is called Enveguard Technology.

Brand: Aimoh

👤Not secure at all. The numbers on the check are legible. No protection is offered. Not worth the premium. Very disappointed.

👤I bought these because of the positive reviews. There is no way this product would get a 5-star rating. The paper is not 24 lbs. The paper weight is up to 30% thinner than claimed. I compared them to other envelopes that claimed to be 24lb weight. The security feature is a joke. You can see through the envelope with a medium light. The glue is very thin. The paper strip is almost half the size of the packaging. There is a The paper weight is my biggest complaint. They claim to be 24lb. Maybe the front and back were measured together? The product is meant to be deceiving. I was suspicious when I saw the picture of the box, as it appeared to be less than the size of a box of envelopes from the same company. I know why! I think the glowing 5 Star reviews are fake or at the best, reviews that were years ago when the product was better. DO NOT BUY THESE! I'll go back to see what they have. I bought the Staples brand about five years ago and it was nice, but they are not as good as they used to be, but they are still better than these.

👤Not enough "stick-um" on the seal is not worth the hassle of a return. That has been an issue with the boxes I've obtained. I add a piece of tape since it won't stay stuck and it seems like a pointless step.

👤I had previously ordered self-sealing business envelopes and liked them, but they no longer qualify for Amazon Prime and the shipping charge was equal to the cost of the envelopes. It's time to look elsewhere. I found that the Aimoh envelopes received good reviews, but there were several less positive reviews that identified some potential problems, such as insufficient weight and a weak seal. I think the seal is good. I tried to open the envelope after it was sealed. I was able to reopen the envelope cleanly, even though I had to remove the protective strip, because it was not obvious that it had been opened and closed. I waited a day and did it again. The seal was harder to break this time, and it was obvious that it had been sealed and opened. It depends on what you want this envelope to do. If you are concerned about someone secretly opening the letter, studying the contents, and re-closing without leaving a trace, this envelope may or may not be adequate, depending on the time between when you sealed the envelope and when the envelope is secretly opened. If you want a convenient envelope that can be trusted to not spontaneously open and spill its contents in transit, I think this product is going to be more than adequate. There is a The weight and opacity seem adequate. There was no indication that the envelope contained a check when I held it up to the light. I could see the shadow of the check, but I couldn't read it. That's good enough for me. I'm happy with my purchase. When I pay bills that don't come with an addressed envelope, I only pay 9 cents for it. It would have cost me 23 cents just for the envelope if I had gone with the brand I used before. I still remember ice cream cones costing a nickel. Whatever. I am happy I took a chance on Aimoh.

2. Designer Poly Mailers 10x13 Watermelon

Designer Poly Mailers 10x13 Watermelon

Measures 9 by 12 inches. You will get 50 prints with different patterns and a protective box. This set does not have sticky back. There is a huge pack for dorm room decor. The kit is printed on a paper. Your pictures will look great for a long time. The aesthetic wall decorations add more color to your room bedroom. Your card set will match all of your bedroom interiors. It doesn't overwhelm your room decor with its soft casual tones. There is a mix of photos and art. There are multiple uses for this wall kit, and you can either frame them, hang them, or put them on the wall. Your prints will look amazing, either way you choose. The kit is packaged in a cute box. It will be a great gift for girls and young women. Birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and so on, these are great gifts.

Brand: Ecty

👤I tried to use them, but they were small. I sell used clothing on Poshmark, so they are good to send one item in. Two if it's a small shirt. I had to use a different option when I wanted to send a pair of child sized snow pants. The prints are cute and look like little gifts waiting to go to the post office. It's a good thing.

👤A little personal touch goes a long way with customers, so if you're selling on similar sites, you know a little personal touch goes a long way. It's easy to put orders in a boring yellow envelope and not think twice. You open your mailbox to see a yellow envelope and think that your order has arrived. If you found one of these patterned envelopes in your mailbox, what would you do? That's the next level! The recipient will remember the package that came from your small business because they will get excited and see who it's from. There is a The strips are printed well with bright colors and are secure. These are not padded and are great for clothing, unbreakables or you could line your own bubble wrap. When I run out, I'll be ordering more. Mail should be fun again.

👤There isn't anything in the caption that tells you how much these hold. I expected them to be bigger because I ship out clothes. It fits a small t-shirt nicely, anything bigger than that I wouldn't advise against. The packaging is cute. The quality of the glue is great.

👤You can sell books, shirts, or tiny objects if you buy this. The packaging is hard to tear so don't worry about it opening when delivered. I used them to wrap gifts for friends and family for Christmas. I was able to fit funko pops. I use these when shipping books and shirts.

👤I sell things on eBay. These are great for sending packages. It adds a cute touch to the buyer's mailbox. The glue is strong. I have no problem getting the label to fit. I'll buy them again.

👤I have reviewed many items for this product line, it is the best thing I have ever had, it is great for any occasion if you are trying to send important documents, it will get wet or clothing or anything small that you want, it is also great if you are trying to send

👤These are very practical for mailing small items.

👤These are of the highest quality. They are expensive for how many you get. I thought I was ordering 100, but it was 30. Great quality!

3. Mailer Plus Colorful Envelopes Boutique

Mailer Plus Colorful Envelopes Boutique

These eye-catching envelopes are perfect for party invitations, wedding invitations, greetings cards, thank you notes, love letters, photos, message, announcements, holiday cards, regular personal mail, business cards, stationery, paper crafts, other personalized communications or anything else. These envelopes are a great value, ideal for party, weddings, holidays, baby showers, birthdays and banquets. Poly bubble Mailers. The outer size of the dot bubble mailers is 8 inches, while the inner size is 7 inches. Their bubble mailers have full air bubbles that can protect your products. Even if there is strong light, the items in the bag can't be seen because the inner lining is made of gray film. Strong Self Sealing. Even if the weather is hot or cold, their padded envelopes can still be strong and sticky. Your items are not being secretly replaced during transportation. The bag is sealed with a silver strip that can be easily peeled off. Sturdy and durable construction. The shipping bags cover is made of polyethylene, which makes them not easy to puncture. The shipping bags have excellent waterproof and tearing proof effects because of the reinforce seal on the edge. Even on foggy or rainy days, they can keep your stuff safe. It's easy to use. The poly shipping bags are the perfect choice for small and middle businesses because they are easy to use and don't require extra packaging material. It's very convenient to transport for cards, coin, jewelry, makeup supplies and more. Brand influence can be enhanced. The bright colors make the items you transport more noticeable and will not be lost. A beautiful pattern can make your customers happy. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better.

Brand: Ucgou

👤These mailers are adorable. I bought these to ship out packages for my small jewelry business and they are better than I expected. The design of the colors is nice for spring and holidays. The packages are not overly bulky because of the cushioning. I wish they had a blank space for an address label, but it doesn't affect the quality of the product. I will buy them again.

👤These are the perfect size for what I need. I don't have to worry about it coming open during the mailing process because it's a great glue. I would definitely purchase it again, maybe in other designs.

👤The Crystal's and jewlery are the best product out there, they never unwrap them, and my customer never gets them broken like with the global ones.

👤The quality and size of these bags were very good. They were used to send out goodies to the attendees of my daughter's baby shower. Everyone thought they were cute. I will be using some of the extras in the future.

👤I like these for my small packages. It sticks very well. The space on the sides made it fit ok. Very happy with these.

👤These DEFINITELY fit the description of a nice design, dependable quality, and enough bubble padding at a value price. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I wanted a package that was durable and cute. There were not made with great quality and the internal sizes were difficult to use. Will not buy them again.

👤I got a refund very fast after I ordered the wrong size. The new size is perfect for me and my business.

👤The colors were very vivid and I loved the pattern. They were a little smaller than I had expected. My fault is that I don't understand measurements.

4. Juvale Pack Kraft Business Envelopes

Juvale Pack Kraft Business Envelopes

HasSLE-FREE ENVELOPES AND DOUBLE ADHESION: The inside of the envelopes has a floral pattern. The envelopes are sealed with a moist substance. They include peel and seal stickers in multiple designs to mix and match with the envelopes. The #10 envelope is ideal for business or personal use and can be used to send checks, letters, and invitations. The brown envelopes have a gum flap that can be closed to seal the edges of the flap. These bulk envelopes are made of high quality brown paper. These brown business envelopes are 9 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches. You will receive 100 brown letter envelopes.

Brand: Juvale

👤I like using basic brown envelopes to send letters of condemnation. These brown craft envelopes are a statement. I have to use a glue stick to adhere the corners of the flap because they don't have the glue. It is not a big deal.

👤I love these envelopes. If you're just doing regular mail, they are sturdy and heavy, without the need for extra stamps. I've been making masks and sending them. One stamp and one mask. Two stamps and two masks. You get my drift, I wouldn't put more than 3 inside. It was handy when I wanted something more sturdy than a white first class envelope. I put tape on the ends because the glue doesn't go all the way to the ends.

👤The paper quality of the envelope is very good. I didn't expect that but was pleasantly surprised. It was printed on with a lazer printer. The glue on the back doesn't stick. To make sure the contents didn't fall out, we had to tape every envelope shut.

👤I bought these and they arrived in a plastic package, the inside bag was ripped open, and the envelopes were slightly "warped", which isn't a huge deal, but I guess. They're thin and flimsy. The right side struggles to stick when I wet it down with water. If I don't tape them down, they'll come apart in the mail. I don't recommend these but I hope they improve in the future.

👤The bulk envelopes worked well for holiday cards. They were not flimsy nor was the glue inadequate. I sealed them with a wet paper towel and gave them a press. They preformed their purpose well.

👤There are many issues with these envelopes. The material is sturdy and that is a positive quality. The envelope is rigid, so stuffing them with more than just a standard letter or card will be tough, and the applied glue on the sides and the top flap is poor quality, so it can easily be opened. It's not worth the extra time and tape to get these to the receiver.

👤It is easy to send these through the printer. They are smooth and durable. It is difficult to get a good look at the edges. You have to get a good lick on the edges to get the gunk up. If you miss it the first time, it won't go back on when you try again.

👤These are good for security. They are sturdy and can't be seen through. The black printer ink on this paper isn't very dark, so the mailing addresses on these don't work great. The lack of contrast makes it hard to read. You can read it, but I can see it slowing the mail carrier down. There is a Hand writing with a black pen is fine. I had no issues with the way my case closed, they seemed to stay closed in my case.

👤These are cheap and flimsy. I was sent a different color. The flaps are square, which is what I wanted. I ordered them for crafting and I would be very annoyed.

5. Business Envelopes Standard Multi Color

Business Envelopes Standard Multi Color

Each box has 500 envelopes for a long lasting supply and is perfect for invoices, statements and many more business uses. Click the orange button to place your order. This commercial envelope has a measurement of 4 1/2 inches x 9 inches and is constructed of high-quality text stock that features clean and professional presentation, it is perfect for home, personal and office use. It has a classic color that makes it stand out from the other colored envelopes and is a perfect pair for stationery paper for handwritten notes. The colors are pink, green, Gray, Blue and Cream. With its windowless design and paper finish, this guarantees your mailing contents are secured and protected, and it ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your business or personal mails are in good hands. It is easy to seal with its easy-peasy seal and strong glues, which are designed for a reliable closure to keep your documents safe in transit.

Brand: Allin

👤My dog likes these envelopes. It has become a problem. She eats them all the time. It is odd. On the same day, I sent three letters to the same address. My dog ate my dads birthday card envelope as well as the one I stole from a dollar general, so I put both of them in the same envelope. The card was the only thing that arrived. Make of that what you can. I say they do their job.

👤These are super cute, but they're also nice to touch and thicker than ordinary envelopes. I will definitely buy them again once I use all of them.

👤I use full size envelopes for my stationary. The colors are soft. I will definitely be ordering more after ordering two packs. I recommend this product.

👤Excellent quality. The envelopes are a cream color. The photo shows them being more yellow. They are a light cream color.

👤They are a color and make them more personal. I'm sure I could find envelopes a little cheaper at the store, but right now I prefer to go to the store. The glue is good. It's easy to seal. I'm going to order other colors.

👤I used the last envelope of this size to purchase this stack of envelopes. I liked the way the colors looked online. They are pretty and soft. I have no idea when I will use any. I only need one lone envelope a few times a year. I haven't bought lone envelopes in 20 years. I can choose a pretty color when I need one, because these look and feel good.

👤Excellent quality at a fair price. It is becoming more and more unusual to deal with companies that value honesty. Rainbow Printing proved that companies still value these virtues by doing what they say they will do. I recommend them and their products.

👤I used this product as a substitute for a much more expensive heavier weight envelope. I needed some of the envelopes that were out of stock. It is a perfect color match and no one would notice the slight difference in paper weight or color after my letter/ document makes it through the US post Office. I will be buying this item in the future.

6. Security Envelopes Designed QuickBooks Statements

Security Envelopes Designed QuickBooks Statements

It is easy to seal with its easy-peasy seal and strong glues, which are designed for a reliable closure to keep your documents safe in transit. It's perfect for mailing invoices, checks, and other business mail. The security of a single window envelope makes it possible to create professional looking mail. You can quickly print your return address or return address labels if your business mail recipient address shows through the single window. Seal with peel and seal. Their security envelopes can be used to create a strong seal for business mail. The #10 Security Envelope Design is large enough to hold multiple pieces of business mail. You can stuff smaller return envelopes to get your invoices paid quicker. Your professional business mail will be completely hidden with their dark security tint design.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤You can't print on window material because of it. The whole envelope buckled up when the window shrunk. I will send them back.

👤I'm happy with these envelopes. The price is much better than what we were buying at the big box store. We were buying a non-security glue type to save money, but it was more expensive than self stick glues, which are both security and self stick. My husband was licking glue sticks that I had been using for 14 years. It's a good thing. This is great because we send a lot of invoices. I would have liked to have found them sooner.

👤Excellent envelopes. I use these to send checks. The checks are printed through my quickbooks software and the windows on the envelopes line up perfectly. I like the seal on the back as well.

👤Excellent envelopes. The price is comparable to regular gummed envelopes. My tongue is very appreciative of it. There is a mess of using water on mass mailings. The flaps stick securely and work better when stuffing envelopes than when they are self sticks. I ordered more after buying a box to check them out.

👤I was happy to find a good quality envelope at a fair price. This is the second box I've purchased. I use them for invoicing. The self seals are strong.

👤I was very happy with my purchase and ordered a second box. I will keep ordering them. Excellent quality for a good price.

👤I have a small business and usually use double window envelopes, but they have gotten so expensive that I needed to find an alternative, I am a senior and need to watch my cost, these envelopes work good since I hand deliver all my invoices by, I am a senior and need to watch Thank you, Donna.

👤These envelopes are wonderful! The self seal is very easy to use. No more licking the envelopes. I like the security feature for sending checks. Our invoices and checks can be seen in the window. Will buy again.

👤The glue sticks well, but the strip is too high and short to make a good seal. The corners and the bottom edge have to be sealed with Scotch tape. There would always be a gap, but previous envelops sealed closer to the edges. If the glue was moved towards the edge of the flap, it would buy again. The value of the product is diminished by the need to use tape to secure the edges.

👤The box didn't fit the address and name that I had given it.

7. Security Envelopes Designed Mailing Security Printer Friendly

Security Envelopes Designed Mailing Security Printer Friendly

500 count per box is long lasting supply. It's perfect for everyday home and business mailing. Their Security #10 Windowless Envelopes fit standard paper sizes. It's possible to fit invoices, letters, checks and more. Provides security for mail. Their dark black security tint hides your mail, so you don't have to worry about other people seeing it. Peel and seal to create a strong seal. Their self seal design is easy to use and will stay sealed without the need for tape or glue. Their low profile envelope design makes it easy to print a name or logo. Their smooth thick paper envelopes make it easy to print and save time. The envelopes are designed for printers. Their 24 LB white wove envelopes with their 100 count value pack are easy to store and use.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤The envelope's glue strip is too thin to be trusted and I liked the idea of a self seal. It was too easy to re-open an empty envelope that I sealed. There is a This won't cut it for me for a letter with the word "security" in it. There is a I used these for one letter that had tape on it to make sure it wouldn't open while being delivered. I wouldn't recommend these envelopes.

👤You can see the entire envelope. You can see through both layers if you hold the envelope up to the light. And the glue? They reluctantly put a little on there. I have no choice but to send these back.

👤The envelopes arrive in a nice strong box and are high-quality with a great seal closure. They are easy to write on so you don't have to deal with a problem. I held the envelope up to the light and folded it up. I couldn't see anything on the paper. The inside of the envelope has a pattern on it. I love the box the envelopes are in and I'm happy with them. I sealed up the envelope and checked it the next day, and it was still locked up and wouldn't let me open it again. There is a The Rebecca Review was published.

👤The glue strip is very thin, leaving me to wonder how secure it will be. I think I will send them back.

👤I'm happy with these basic envelopes. They have an inner printed design that provides privacy and they have a seal that's not necessary to lick the envelope. This should last us several years with 100 envelopes in the box. I didn't check Walmart, but the price is similar to Officemax. It's better to have them show up in my mailbox than to have to wait in line.

👤These envelopes are not in danger. It seems that the Self Seal is gone. They are supposed to have a security design that hides the contents inside. The contents can be seen if you hold it up to a light. Maybe I got a bad one? I might return them. If you care about the seal not working and the security pattern not securing the contents inside the envelope, I don't recommend these.

👤We have three wireless printers and one that does addresses on envelopes. Sometimes by mistake. The envelope printer prints a document all on 10 envelopes when the wrong printer is selected. The mistake money wise is not that bad, as a waste of envelopes by price point is. The envelopes are made of high quality materials. We have ordered the same brand of envelopes. The envelopes are a good buy.

👤flap corners don't have the same qualities as the letter I had to put tape on each end.

👤We have a computer, but not as much as a white letter to my lover, because we are so far apart. 1

👤They only gave 96 envelopes.

👤They close well. They are made with a thick grade paper.

8. Security Self Seal Envelopes Windowless Bussiness

Security Self Seal Envelopes Windowless Bussiness

Their 24 LB white wove envelope paper is durable and professional. The envelopes are designed with Peel & Seal and a premium security tint to protect sensitive information and a super strong SELF-SEAL strip. The security vulnerability tier has a premium. The security tint on their envelopes makes them hard to see through, so they have a guaranteed privacy for your legal or business mail. The HERKKA envelopes are perfect for check printing, they have a windowless blank design that makes it easy to print addresses or labels for mass mailing. It's perfect for mass business mailings. Their #10 envelopes are designed with an ultra strong SELF-SEAL adhesive strip to create a full, super secure seal across each envelope's width that won't easily open or tear, ideal for mailing for any letter sized and larger documents without splitting. Large sized envelopes and 500 envelopes in every pack for a long lasting supply, perfect for everyday business correspondence and large mailing tasks. It is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers. Click the orange button to place your order.

Brand: Herkka

👤I'm trying to find envelopes that have a strip at the end of the flap. The envelopes I tried before were worse than the ones I tried now. There is not a glue on the flap. Many of my shipments are lost or destroyed because of this, because envelopes get caught and crushed in the sorting machines at USPS. These envelopes are not a good help if you are having trouble with missing mail. I will have to tape every shipment.

👤They have a nice blue/white interior, opaque and white on the outside, just what you want in a security envelope. I had to get glue sticks because a good portion of the strip was missing. It's not a big deal but it's annoying.

👤This is a good deal if you only occasionally mail something that requires an envelope. If you are sending multiple flyers, the glue will stick to your nails and fingers. If you attempt to seal a bunch of letters and then make a pile of backings, you will have bits of glue on the surface that you made the pile on. It's not a time saver when I have to clean up all the little bits of glue. Once the envelope is sealed, there's no opening back up. It is very strong.

👤Great! Thank you for advertised heavy duty and works as advertised. There is a These have been great when it comes with Securty. The letter will fight until it is dead, if you try to open it once sealed. There is a I mean when heat is applied. I used the basic envelope and some of the basic ones opened like nothing. When it is hot, what happens when they are in the mail truck? Yes! There is a These envelopes are definitely a win.

👤The envelopes are of good quality. The peel and seal feature is something I like. The price is great because I use a lot of them. Nothing can be seen through them. My first box was this one. It will not be my last.

👤I do a lot of mailing. These are the best envelopes I have used. There is a The strip is perfect. I don't tape the ends with others. I wish they offered larger sizes. I can't find anything good.

👤The security panel is closed with tape sticks. I was able to open the flap and seal it after forgetting something. I have been writing a lot and need more envelopes. These are the best envelopes. This is my second box. I am happy that my comments are still valid. I would recommend it again.

👤These are better quality and come with peel-off adhesive than the Dollar Store ones, and they are the same price. You don't have to lick it. The bright white color and heavier weight of the envelopes make me like them. Good purchase.

9. AmazonBasics Invitation Envelopes 100 Pack Inches

AmazonBasics Invitation Envelopes 100 Pack Inches

It is possible to use colored paper or card stock. Astrobrights Color Envelopes can be used with Astrobrights Color Paper or Astrobrights Cardstock to create a consistent look for your project. Measures 8 inches by 8 inches. A9 envelopes in a pack. The Peel and Seal are easy to seal. It is ideal for mailing invitations, greeting cards, and similar items generated from a computer. The paper is durable for quality and strength.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Awesome. These are great quality. I am happy to not have to lick the edges. I took photos of an envelope next to a standard pen to show size and a photo of it with sticky tape on it. I had no issues finding any with tears or stains after I finished addressing lots. There were no issues with the tape not working. There is a The color is white. You would expect a standard envelope. Please let me know if you found this review helpful by clicking below.

👤Great envelopes! They don't taste bad, so you will probably lick them. There is a What is it about A9 Envelope that makes it so great? There is a They have a card. There is a They have a photo. There is a They have a photo with a frame. There is a They hold all three. There is a These are high-quality envelopes and they mail with the normal 'forever' first-class postage.

👤The quality of these envelopes is good. The card is thin and you can see it through the envelope. I would go with a different product if you wanted to be more transparent about what is in your envelopes. They work well for my needs. There is a I was happy to see that these envelopes stick, because some peel and stick envelopes don't stick as well as they should.

👤I like to make my own cards and do the half folds, it works great in the printer. I don't tape these because the peel and stick works well.

👤They were used for mailing Christmas cards. The glue job on the construction of the envelope stuck the front to the back when sliding cards into it. I had to slide my hand inside the envelope to open it. They are made of paper that is a bit thinner. I didn't return them because I needed a lot of them. I don't think I'll purchase these again. I have used the Walmart brand for years and it is 80% better than these.

👤I have used the envelope for a long time. This is the first time I have used the same envelope. The "box" they come in didn't offer any protection for the envelopes. I think that using a rubber band on a bag would offer more. The envelopes were better protected with a rigid carton. I store it in areas where accidents can happen. When someone receives a card in a damaged envelope, it's not a good first impression. There is a The envelope looked and felt different. The paper was not as clean as the Columbian brand. The Amazon brand felt like thin, flimsy paper and even thinner than the Columbian brand. The glue was noticed. The glue strip is close to the flap. The envelope seemed to stick better when tested. I think I need to use tape from the Amazon brand. There is a I prefer the Columbian brand of envelope. I want my cards to be seen as quality, so I want the envelope to match that perception.

10. A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

The Easy Seal Glove Flopper is a good one. These envelopes don't need tape or stickers. Apply some water and seal it. A7 Invitation envelopes: There is a pack of 50. Birthdays, graduations, holiday, party invitation, letters, greeting cards, and Business Direct Mail are all perfect. The paper is high quality. Brown paper is great for multiple uses and is used in classic square flap envelopes. Simply peel off the attached white paper film from the flap and press down for a secure seal. Printer friendly. You can print on their envelopes with your Laser and Inkjet Printers. The envelopes are perfect size and weight, never worry about them being smudged by your printer. DIMENSIONS The envelopes are 5.25 x 7.25 inches.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I love the look of paper. I like to make my own greeting cards, and I try to incorporate some of the elements from the movie. It made sense to get these. The envelopes are made of paper. They are fine for formal greeting cards. The paper is very smooth and not a bit rough. I like that the back flap is shaped for a more formal letter or card, and that it has rounded edges. They feature a peel and stick seal which is great because you don't have to lick it, it looks better, and they seal a lot better too!

👤The description doesn't say that you can't use a laser printer with these. The envelope has a slightly waxy finish that won't stick to the printer. We only needed to write a few invitations.

👤I have purchased a lot of these. I put my items in the envelope or on the top to close it, but there was no glue on the sides. Had to use tape to shut it down.

👤The craft paper envelopes were very high quality. They have a peel off sticker which is great for people who don't like licking things. ha! Would buy again.

👤I had purchased them before and they worked well. The strips on the envelopes are dried out. There seems to be an inconsistent product quality.

👤I used my own Christmas cards to mail. They're very high quality, nice heavy paper, and I love that it has a self-adhesive tape strip. These would be good for crafts.

👤I don't like buying envelopes online because you can't tell the quality. These were made from sturdy materials. The glue strip worked well. My invitations fit perfectly. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

👤I bought them for my wedding invitations. They are made of heavy paper. Some of them had unglued at the seams. I had to be careful with my invitation. I used a glue stick to seal it. It worked out fine.

👤They were easy to use and would recommend them.

11. SINGLE Left Window Security Envelopes

SINGLE Left Window Security Envelopes

The envelopes measure 4 1/8" x 9 1/2". Cheap, thin envelopes that allow contents to be easily read are not suitable for everyday business or legal mailing. The Ultra Strong Quick Seal is a strong seal that won't easily tear and is perfect for mailing larger, thicker documents. Each envelope has a poly window that is larger than the bottom of the envelope and is easy to read, perfect for displaying addresses or business information. Mailing secure documents is a security threat. The security wave pattern on the inside of their #10 Security Envelopes is designed to protect data and numbers from being easily read, unlike other cheap envelopes. Each box has 500 envelopes for a long lasting supply and is perfect for invoices, statements and many more business uses. Click the orange button to place your order.

Brand: Aimoh

👤If you're looking for an average envelope, this will do. Don't buy this one if you want to print your address on it. The window isn't designed to resist heat from printers. It will shrink.

👤I do about 25 mailings a month with an address already on them, it saves me from having to address each one. The price was better than the staple.

👤I would definitely buy from this company again in these types of envelopes, they are pretty decent for the amount that you get cost wise.

👤The picture of the product was not the same as the one in the envelope. I needed an envelope with a window that was higher than standard. I found one envelope that had a window that was a little higher. From the picture, this envelope should have been what I needed, but when the envelopes arrived, they were just like all the others, with a window that was too low for my needs.

👤I always add a stamp to make sure that it's secure. Other brands have not held. It's a good idea to mask the contents to make sure they're not seen.

👤We use them to send business invoices. It is difficult to find a single window security envelope with a peel-n-stick flap. All of our needs are met by these envelopes. The glue sticks well. The window is in the right place. The security tint makes sure the content is unreadable. I've purchased these several times and have been delighted each time. Customer happy, repeat customer.

👤I really needed them at that time. Getting these envelopes quickly was a huge help when you have to pay your bills on time.

👤They love them and will keep them even though the description says they did not come that way.

👤The window is too low, so it won't show regular details.


What is the best product for decorative envelopes self seal?

Decorative envelopes self seal products from Aimoh. In this article about decorative envelopes self seal you can see why people choose the product. Ecty and Ucgou are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative envelopes self seal.

What are the best brands for decorative envelopes self seal?

Aimoh, Ecty and Ucgou are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative envelopes self seal. Find the detail in this article. Juvale, Allin and Blue Summit Supplies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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