Best Decorative Extension Cord 3ft

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1. AmazonBasics Outdoor Extension 3 Outlet 25 Foot

AmazonBasics Outdoor Extension 3 Outlet 25 Foot

With a maximum of 1, 625 watt usage, you can plug in your alarm clock, nightlight, and phone charge. grounded extension cord for outdoor or indoor use The vinyl covering protects against the elements. 13 Amps, 1625 Watts, 125 VAC is the rating. All copper wire construction. There are three-prong plug and three-prong sockets on the ends. It's ideal for home improvement projects, seasonal décor, lawn care, and snow removal equipment. It's ideal for home improvement projects, seasonal décor, lawn care, and snow removal equipment.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It is an extension cord. They said it would be 20 feet long. They said that mine would conduct electricity. It is the same color as advertised. What more do you want?

👤It is not a heavy duty extension cord, but it is sufficient for light duty garden lights or Christmas decorations. I wouldn't use it for power tools because the multi plug end wouldn't interface correctly and the amperage would probably be too high. The green color is good to run through flower beds without being seen.

👤I picked up the 25ft long cable as I needed to connect my projector and Amazon Stick from the same cable, because there were two colors to choose from. The quality is good so far and I will be ordering more. If you need up to 3 tools or devices connected to it at the same time, this is the one for you. If you are running power tools, I wouldn't recommend running all three at the same time.

👤This is a well made extension cord. I've stepped on the cord multiple times, but it's still in good shape. I can try not to step on it since I got the bright orange. I would buy it again.

👤Sometimes I need more than one plug in, and some extension cords are too long. This solved the problem nicely. A good value. I bought a second one as well.

👤So far, so good. We decided on outdoor quality so that if there is flooding, it won't damage the machine. Just in case! I can't wait to try this out and lighting things outside. It's a dark green that will blend in with the greenery as we try to put lights up on the side and front of the house, has three outlets and looks heavy duty. I would recommend it.

👤I don't have to twist cords to fit one side or the other because of this three-prong. It would be a big help if someone knew a small thing.

👤Excellent value for outdoor use. It was hidden along the lower edge of our house to make it hard to see.

👤The description does not state that an outdoor cord is not an outdoor cord. We had filled the house with water and tripped the breaker. I was disappointed that I couldn't use it because I purchased it for my Christmas lights.

👤Great build. I haven't tested it in harsh weather yet but it seems to be waterproof. After buying this, I found a much longer cord elsewhere for the same price. It was only one outlet, but it was also light up. This one should be a lot cheaper because there is only a third if the length is longer. There is a It's a good quality product at a good price. They are not sure what the review means. I don't think a power cord should feel warm, so I gave it 5 stars. There is a It was worth the purchase.

👤It is a cord that is long enough for what I wanted, and it blends in the color I wanted, so I would recommend this product.

2. Cable Matters 2 Pack Heavy Extension

Cable Matters 2 Pack Heavy Extension

13 Amp/125V power delivery; 16 AWG. The indoor extension cord is rated for use with equipment such as a desktop computer, HDTV, LED-lit monitor, ceiling mounted projector, powered speakers, laser printer and more. The 16 AWG gauge three-prong extension cord is rated for 13 Amps to support common voltage power requirements in the home or office. The flexible grounded extension cord is more reliable and safer than a thinner 18 AWG power cable extension. A power cord extension with a standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and 3 pin female NEMA 5-15R is easy to extend a TV power cord. Universal compatibility with most common household small appliances and consumer electronics; Cost-effective 2-pack of power extension cables includes a lifetime warranty and product support.

Brand: Cable Matters

👤I bought the extension cords to give to our shop. I use one of the cords for our 50W laser etcher, laser cooling pump, laser exhaust fan and computer to run it. I used a light duty 25 foot 16ga x 3 extension cord before, so I expect this 10 foot heavy duty cord will be more than adequate for my needs. I have read that these cords are too stiff. The cords are thicker than my light duty 16ga x 3 extension cord, so one should expect that the cord will be a bit stiff. The heavy duty cords are impossible to pinch with my fingers, so you can feel the wires inside on my light duty cord. What I expect from heavy duty. When you first open the bags, there is a strong odor of rubber and vinyl. The odor will fade over time. I use these in my shop, but if you were to use them in an area where odors would be a problem, you may need to look into another brand.

👤It's a light duty cord. I don't think anything smaller than 12 AWG is heavy duty. I have been in the construction industry for 20 years. You can't break out a 16 AWG cord on a job site. The safety man is going to cut the end off. These are good for light duty work around the house. If you're stretching a cable to run a chop saw or something 9 or 10 Amps, I would consider moving to a heavier gauge cord. Lamps, vacuum cleaners, grow lights, grow fans, and other small appliances will work forever.

👤The coil shape is very dangerous in a shop setting and will not be lying flat on the floor. Good cords are strong.

👤I keep a few extension cables in storage. Big power bricks and ac adapters will be gone. They're great for a lot of things. The power cord was not long enough to go through my conduit and to the power outlet. No big deal! I stuck the face of the mount behind the TV with a 10 foot extension and was good to go. I haven't run into an application where these didn't provide enough power. There is a They are very thick. I understand why some people don't like an extension cord that won't lay flat due to rigidity, but sticky cable holders and velcro solve that problem. You should stock up on these. You will thank yourself later.

👤I have a phone video of what they are powered by every night, but I don't have photos of the actual cords. It has been raining, freezing at night, and warm in the day, but these cords have not messed up. I forgot to wrap the exposed parts in electrical tape, but they have been unaffected. I use them outside to power my projector. I am shocked that the rain and inconsistent weather hasn't affected. I should wrap them soon. My memory is shot because I am busy. It has been great to have both of them plugged in to reach my porch outlet. The cords are very durable and seem to survive the elements.

3. Woods Extension Christmas Holiday Outlets

Woods Extension Christmas Holiday Outlets

When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close safety outlets protect you from electrical shock. The 18/2 gauge Woods indoor cable extension cord has 9 outlets to power up a whole Christmas tree, making it more convenient to control your lights, organize your wires and de-cluttering the surroundings. The power cord extension is covered with a vinyl jacket that resists the effects of chemicals and is reliable. It's a no-brainer to control your festive lights with only one power on/off switch. The elastic cords are great for lighting up holiday villages and mini structures. The plugs are rated for 5A/125-Volts and 15 ft in green. A leader in a wide variety of electrical cord products, bulk electrical and electronic wire, surge protectors, garden lights, timer products and other accessories. Every day, their company strives to deliver strong performance. A leader in a wide variety of electrical cord products, bulk electrical and electronic wire, surge protectors, garden lights, timer products and other accessories. Every day, their company strives to deliver strong performance.

Brand: Woods

👤I bought one to try for my village. I was able to light 16 items. There are 3 sockets on a string, each with 3 plugs. There are 9 items that can be plugged in to 1 string. The switch is push button from the plug end of the cord, making it easy to operate. I ran one of the cords off each end of the mantle because there was a plastic hook at the other end. The cords made setting up my village much easier. I usually have 3 power strips to plug in. It was easy to hide the individual cords with this strip cord. The item is lit by a C5 bulb. The wires are hidden behind the felt and cotton snow in the photos. I wrapped the part of the cord that was showing from the end of my scenery down to the plug with some greenery.

👤I used to run up my 8 foot christmas tree indoors and then up our huge outdoor tree. The triple outlet cords were impossible to find in the store. Thankfully, Amazon prime came to the rescue once more. There is a You need this if you are a crazy person like me. It will reduce the amount of wires you need to run because there are so many outlets and you just need to do the math on the voltage to see how many strands of lights you can run back to back. There is a If you have LEDs, you probably don't need this. We haven't upgraded our lights to LEDs because it's expensive, so we need to make Christmas shine. If you found the review helpful, please click the button. I will do my best to answer your questions.

👤I need this for plugging in multiple lamps behind a couch. Plugs will not be able to go all the way in because of the depth of the outlets. It is deep enough to power the lights, but not deep enough to be safe. I had the same problem when I tried it with multiple plugs. This won't work for regular items like lamps or Christmas lights.

👤I needed an extension cord so I could plug my laptop in during class even if I wasn't seated in a spot that gave me access to an outlet. I didn't know it had outlets every 3 feet. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it turned out to be a good thing. I plug in the outlet in the row ahead of me and pull the cord across the row. My whole row has the ability to plug in. It is very convenient for nursing students who have so much going on that they don't realize they forgot to charge their laptops until they get to class. I ordered a few more for the other rows.

👤I bought this item at a store and loved it. After 2 Christmas seasons, the power/connection died. I had to search online for it because it was not sold at a local store. I hope it will last longer than 2 seasons. It is easy to string lights on my 10 foot tree since the extension is able to dangle along the trunk. It has an easy switch.

4. Houseables Extension Commercial Electrical Generator

Houseables Extension Commercial Electrical Generator

Pets and small children are at risk of slipping if magnets are not used to close the lid and rubber feet. Children and pets won't be able to get in the cord hider box because of the magnets on it. A cable strip and tv cable organizer will keep your home safe. The rubber feet at the bottom will prevent the container from slipping. 25-foot long, 10 gauge/3-conductor 3-pronged all rubber locking extension cord is used indoors. It is compliant with cradle mounts, portable AC units, air compressor, electric vehicle charges, and emergency electrical needs during power outages and other power connection purposes. The all rubber cord gives you a clean current in the cold. It works well for carrying a load without overheating or becoming stiff. It is weather, water, and oil resistant and can be used for extended periods of time. The emergency extension cord has excellent flexibility from the box. The power cord is locked with a locksmith. The pins are arranged in a circular fashion. The plug is twisted to hold it in place. Larger gauge wiring is built to give you peace of mind when running higher Amp loads. The black rubber has bright yellow molded ends that give it high visibility. Storage is never a problem because the cord rolls out cleanly and easily when not in use. You should sprinkle up your back yard. Their extension cord will allow you to have the ultimate backyard set-up without the hassle. Use their extension cord to get the job done and add some accessories around your patio.

Brand: Houseables

👤I make extension cords for my equipment. I would buy the plugs from Home Depot. Over the years, they've held up well. I just got a welder and saw this cord for less than I would pay for a traditional solution. I was willing to give it a chance. There is a Glad I did. The plugs are attached well. The cord is strong and easy to coil up. There is a The best part for me? The rubber doesn't smell bad. I was expecting a bag of stinky, oily rubber that would make my garage smell like Harbor Freight. The rubber leaves no scent on my hands. There is a This has been a great buy.

👤We get our tv service through streaming. We wanted to minimize our cables into one plug which we hid behind our tv and had only one cable running to the power outlet which looked more decorative than ugly cords. The outlet fit the bill. We found a heavy duty cord that fit within the strip, and we were able to buy a length we needed. This cord is both affordable and durable, and comes in different lengths. We are very happy and recommend.

👤I bought the two male and female end plugs, but I found this 25 feet of wire. The extension cord I bought was already made and I saved at least $50.00. Excellent deal!

👤This was bought for welding. It works perfectly and doesn't heat up. I was very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this product.

👤Excellent quality. If you already have an older outlet, it might not fit because the newer ones are better. You might upgrade the outlet too.

👤So far, so good! The extension cord worked as described and the quality was good. There were no issues connecting it to my cutter. The smell of the black housing on the cord is similar to the material used in Crocs shoes, so it takes a few weeks to lose that smell.

👤The cord is working. It is flexible and the quality of the components is good. I've used this for my table saw and it works. I would have liked to have had a shorter one but this works well and gives me a lot of flexibility on where I place the saw.

👤I bought this product so I could run a generator outside. Well made and believe it will do the job.

5. 360 Electrical 360468 Extension Accent Mint

360 Electrical 360468 Extension Accent Mint

A leader in a wide variety of electrical cord products, bulk electrical and electronic wire, surge protectors, garden lights, timer products and other accessories. Every day, their company strives to deliver strong performance. 2. There are 4 fast-charging ports for a tablet and a phone. bulky plugs fit multi-directional outlets. The plug fits in tight spaces. The power cord puts power where you need it. There are 12 colors to choose from. There are 12 colors to choose from.

Brand: 360 Electrical

👤This is a heavy duty extension cord. It's great. I want to let readers know that it is bigger than I could tell from the images. The receptacle is bigger than a tennis ball and the cord is heavy duty. The plug is nice and angles to the right. I needed it to angle to the left. The color is not obvious. This is not a negative review, just a description of how different it looked from the listing.

👤I'm going to return it. Our iPad or iPhone won't work with theusb port. The directions state that you shouldn't leave it plugged in. SERIOUSLY? It's an extension cord. I bought it because it's plugged behind furniture. There are better versions of the same price available.

👤Works as intended. The back doesn't have an outlet in the picture. It has a place for a screw head to slide into so that it can be mounted on the wall. I like the device. When I purchased two of them, I didn't see any evidence of this. It is a functional and slightly pricey device.

👤Who knew I could love an extension cord? I am going to continue to look for other products, even though I didn't know about Habitat, because I hope they are as well made. The braided cord is round and very attractive. The plug head is about the size of a baseball with three-prong plugs on three sides, and a double USB plug on one. I enjoy it a lot.

👤I requested a new one. The new one works well. I will use the new packaging to return the first one. I bought this because it has charging ports. They don't work. I'm unable to return the packaging because it was thrown out.

👤I love this thing. The extension cord is perfect for travelers. It works in my carry on and has fast charging technology. Would buy again. The cord is not damaged from the bending during transport.

👤It was perfect for my needs. I have an extension cord on the unit that limits the available outlets since I couldn't fit certain power cords side by side. It looks nice, and it fixes that, because it lives under my couch in my living room and is pulled out when I use my laptop or other electronic device that consumes power.

👤I bought two more after I valued them so much. I wanted plugs and ports that were grounded and large enough to reach the chairs in the middle of a large room, but not too bulky to keep people from tripping over them. What not to like?

👤Cuando la conectada tiene un zumbido, pero creo ese zumbido no es normal.

👤The fabricacin se ve de primera y el cordn. No es tan duro a pesar. los plsticos son opacos. Se tiene mucho, pero mucho iso.

👤Lleg antes de lo. Se ve resistente. Enchufes, Muy buena distribucin.

👤Un excelente artculo. Materiales de calidad, conversan, se ve muy bien. La clavija plana tiene sea fcil conectarlo atrs de algn mueble. Estoy pensando.

6. Yard Master 992382 Outdoor 40 Foot

Yard Master 992382 Outdoor 40 Foot

There are components listed. White color blends in with the patio and deck. 13A rating at 125V, 16/3-gauge. It's intended for use with outdoor appliances, spas, electric grills, decorative lighting, holiday displays, and more. The jacket resists a lot of things. 3-pronged outlets and grounded plug for convenience, with super flexible cord meaning less tangles when used. 3-pronged outlets and grounded plug for convenience, with super flexible cord meaning less tangles when used.

Brand: Yard Master

👤I like the extension cord. It's exactly what you would expect from the description-- a solid outdoor three-prong extension cord. It's not a heavy-duty cord, it's 16 gauge wire, and so on. If you're running a lot of power through it, you'll want a lower gauge, but it's fine for most outdoor use. There is a It's not black. If you're looking for a cord to use with tools, orange is a good choice. This isn't a great color for cords. If you're careful, you can still use this for a gardening emergency if you want, because it's likely to be hidden. There is a It is 40'. Make sure you use the right length for your application. If we weren't paying attention to the length and expected something similar, we would be disappointed. If you're not sure, measure where you'll use it. There is a The ideal use for this is for decorative outdoor electrical needs. It's fine for indoor use in places where you won't trip over the cord.

👤The cord fried in under a week and caused over $200 in repair costs. The cord was marketed as an outdoor one, but it was in water. Right box.

👤I ordered 15 white chords to blend in with the white trim of our house for a Christmas light display. It was possible that half of them were white, the rest were dingy ivory colors. We were stuck with our lights because we were not given enough time to put them up for the holiday event. They work if you don't care about hiding. I paid for the white ones. I need 15 white chords.

👤I've been using it for 5 months and it's all good. The plugs and sockets fit snug and the length is suited for light yard duty and car battery charging. The cord white color makes them easy to spot on the walkways and driveway. In areas with foot traffic, their insulation is heavier than average. These work great and will probably last for a long time if you don't run over the plug ends with your cars and trucks.

👤An electrician is speaking. This is not a cord for a construction site, for walking on, for dragging around, for greater than 8 Amps, or for power motors greater than 1 HP. There is a It's very nice, within the limitations. The ends have thick brass contacts. It will serve you well if you put it in place out of the way.

👤We needed an extension cord to use to fill the double height air mattress in our tent. In the campsites we use, we had to either drive up next to the tent or get an extension that was long enough to reach from the parking spot. It was pleased with cost, durability and length.

👤A device that is similar to one from another manufacturer allows me to extend the reach of my electric leaf blowers to all corners of the yard. It works and does not break.

7. SlimLine 2235 Extension 2 Wire 3 Foot

SlimLine 2235 Extension 2 Wire 3 Foot

When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close lock safety outlets protect you from electrical shock. Do not overload this cord. InDOOR SlimLine is 3 ft, 2 pronged extension cord. The material of the jacket isPVC. It is ideal for use in the office or home. You can power multiple appliances at the same time. It's suitable for lamps, lighting, and other indoor uses. The flat design eliminates bulky cords fromcluttering your indoors. You can still push furniture against the wall by using FLAT PLUG. The other outlets will still be able to use them despite the right angle plug blocking them. The flat plug can be easily removed from the wall. The flat plug can be easily removed from the wall.

Brand: Woods

👤There is a serious fire hazard. I heard a "pop" and saw sparks and flames on the female end of the cord after it had been working for 5 months. I stomped out the sparks, pulled on it and the head came off. The floor was scorched when this happened. There was only one item plugged into the extension cord and it was not turned on. It had not been turned on for a while. The house would have caught fire if this had happened while I was away. I wrote to the manufacturer about the concern and they didn't reply. Caveat Emptor.

👤I don't know what to say. I came here for a quick comment after a week's use. Does the job. 5 stars. Photos of burns left by this cord were shown in the first two reviews. It was sad! I bought this as an add on item, which means a crazy-low price. I plan to return it because of the claims and lack of response to the buyers who reported the problem. I'm going to wait a few days and plug it in if someone contacts me. I will make a correction if this is resolved well. Thank you for your time. If this helped in regards to this product, please click HELPFUL.

👤One of the cords almost caught on fire. The power circuit was shorted a few times, which was better than melting. I contacted Amazon and returned everything. The risk of a cheap extension cord is not worth it. I think that many of the positive reviews are by click farms, which is normal for a mundane product like this. The reviews were convincing and the extension looked good.

👤The extension cord was ordered for the slim plug. Shame on me because I didn't read the reviews. The photos of the plug catching fire should have been enough to keep me from wasting my money. SlimLine did not stand behind their product for the first reviewer. Shame on them for selling a dangerous product. Shame on me for not paying more attention to the plugs. We need a three pronged plug. This has two. I ordered the shortest cord. I'm only out $3.44. It's not worth the money to return a dangerous product. It's going to be thrown away. I guess I have to keep looking.

👤I don't recommend them. I bought two of them and they only lasted a couple of months. The coating melted and was a fire hazard. I only used them for light phone charging and never used them again. I wish I could get a refund on them, but I couldn't because they burnt up.

👤This item worked well. I needed a flat plug to fit behind the TV brackets. I was looking for a short extension but it was more expensive than I thought. The end of the cord is flat and will fit in tight places. The other end has plugs.

👤If you're looking for a random hard to fit cord extension, this is the product for you. This thing is very cheap compared to the other ones. It's small and portable. I use it for an outlet I need to plug in behind my couch, and it works like a charm. It's also white and blends in with the wall. There is a Is plug partisan? There is a Yes, but not grounded. What is the maximum wattage for this? wattage is not listed for appliances on this site. There is a It's 1,625 watt. I know what you mean. The extension cord is not meant for appliances that use a lot of electricity. It's a good way to use it around the house. Definitely recommend! There is a Do you like our review? If it's useful, hit the "Yes" button. If you have a question, leave a comment or email us. We're here to give honest feedback on products we've tried and tested. Thank you for reading!

8. FIRMREST 1875W Extension Profile White

FIRMREST 1875W Extension Profile White

3-pronged outlets, grounded plug for safety and convenience, are the highest quality. 13 Amp 125Volt, 1625 Watts. 3 Feet White, 3x14 AWG, 15 Amp 125Volt, 1875 Watts,UL&CUL listed. Heavy duty extension cords with thicker wire diameters are more reliable and safer than thinner ones, because they can handle more power and have less chance of getting hot. 75C high temperature resistant. It is easy to fold. The space is adequate. A slim flat plug provides flexibility and converts your standard AC power cord to it. Plug into the top outlet and use the bottom outlet with the flat plug cord. The flat plug is designed for tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything that is close to the wall not allowing you to use the standard outlet. Move furniture closer to the wall. It is a certified product. 3 feet white cord in a bag is created with the guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction. It is a certified product. 3 feet white cord in a bag is created with the guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction.

Brand: Firmerst

👤Before we got this, we had to put our microwave and toaster oven in awkward places because we only have outlets in a limited number of places. When we lived on the peninsula, we'd often have a hot back and plastic bags that touched its back, so regular cords are a must. The cord fixed all those issues. We used one for each device. The cords are rated for a higher wattage than the appliances and are not rated as safe. If we were to use cheap, thin cords, we wouldn't have to worry about it. You could start a fire that way. There is a The white color blends in with our wall and doesn't scream "Dangling cord draped across counter." I'm very happy with it.

👤I purchased the 3', 6', and 10' versions. The plugs are well designed and all are very thick. The plugs allow most other plugs to fit in. The white looks great and is easy to clean because the plastic is not sticky. I had to purchase brackets to keep the thick wires straight along the wall because they don't bend as easily as thinner wires. I didn't want to be limited on which appliances could run off the extension cords, so I bought these. These were exactly what I was looking for, they were non-construction style, home decor friendly and the gauge on them was hard to find. I would buy a matching power strip from this company if it was as thoughtfully designed as the regular plug version is.

👤I needed a 14AWG short cord for some cords I have running to a power source and I wanted to like these. The male end of these cords and the cord itself look good, but on all three of the cords, the female end had tolerances that were too loose to worry about over time. I think either the seller or Amazon know these are junk and are just trying to get people to send them back, or they are just playing the numbers and hoping people don't send them back. I will cut off the female ends and put on aftermarket ends so I don't send the new cables to the dump. One shouldn't have to replace the cord ends on a brand new cord.

👤I connected two of these today, but the fit is so loose that the connection is not secure. It was this way with the two extension cords. I tried a 3 prong light to see if it was any better, but the connection was so tight that I had to push hard to connect. The product is useless because it is not standard fit for an extension cord.

👤The microwave stopped working when we stopped using the 3 and Start button. My wife decided to move the microwave across the kitchen because it was stuck out too far after she bought a microwave that was only a few inches deeper. The spot she chose did not have an outlet that was close enough to reach the cord. I wanted a 2 foot extension cord but thought 3 foot would be easier to find. There is a The new microwave has a 15 Amp cord. This cord seemed like it would be what I needed since this would be behind the fridge.

9. Globe Electric Extension Polarized 22836

Globe Electric Extension Polarized 22836

When outlets are not in use, slide-to-lock safety outlets protect you from electrical shock. Plug in less than 1625 watt into this cord. Globe Electric's gold and white fabric extension cord is the original designer series. There is a patent pending. Extra outlets are an easy way to increase the number of items you can plug into one area. Globe Electric has a right angle plug that can sit flush to the wall. With a maximum of 1, 625 watt usage, you can plug in your alarm clock, nightlight, and phone charge. It is designed for indoor use. It is designed for indoor use.

Brand: Globe Electric

👤This product was very disappointing. It is the perfect length and nicer looking than a regular extension cord, but one of the outlets never worked, and the third outlet is useless, as it sparks the second outlet in, which is useless. The power cord is very dangerous. I would be very far away.

👤What can I say? The extension cord is great for setting fires. The cord melted and caught my living room on fire. The extension cord has a charming melted plastic smell that lasts for days.

👤When I plug something in, it pops. When anything is plugged in, it will spark randomly. I'm throwing my house away because I'm scared it will catch on fire.

👤2 of the outlets stopped working after 3 weeks, this is the second one I have purchased, the first did the same thing. I thought it was a mistake.

👤Can't recommend this product. Two of the plug receivers work. Contact doesn't hold the 3rd plug connection. It appears grey and white against a white wall if you choose a design project. 3 different electrical products have been used with it. The 3rd receiver didn't make contact with the plug. Two people are doing work.

👤I own one of the best extension cords. I bought it when I was in a hotel that did not have plugs for my phone. The purple extension cord is my favorite color. I had never seen a purple extension cord. I was very impressed by the quality of the extension cord. Each time I use it, I am impressed by the quality. I use the extension cord for more than my cell phone.

👤The cord is nice in build and looks, but there is no ground plug. When ordering, we didn't realize that the cords were only two-prong. Other applications need a ground hole to work. It's okay, but it could be better if it had a ground hole for each unit.

👤This is a long extension cord with a braided covering. There are two plugs on one side and one on the other. If you're using all three openings, the plastic cover won't go anywhere, but if you're not using any, it will snap into whichever side you're not using. It has a flat, space-saving plug for when you need to use it behind a large piece of furniture. I'm happy with this purchase and will most likely be buying more. The pale blush pink color is great in my bedroom.

👤The color is very pretty. I'm a bit concerned about the overall safety of it. I can hear the last plug snapping, and it shouldn't. The outlets in the house were replaced recently. I should probably stop using the extension cord to plug in things that use a lot of power because I know it's the one making this happen. I only use two of the plugs, so I haven't heard this before.

👤Is there a way to say excelente calidad? The cable is a plano con material that is parece kevlar. There is a La clavija plana, por ello lo compré. No hay tanto riesgo de daar la clavija. There is a La longitud fue una sesin. There is a No trae la ranura para la tierra, lo nco, no me agrad.

10. Profile Electrical Power Extension Cover

Profile Electrical Power Extension Cover

If the item is broken or the package is damaged, please return it or replace it. If you don't like it, you can request a full refund. No questions were asked. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about this box. The length is 5 feet and the color is beige. Actual color may vary due to computer settings. The Power Extension Box and Cord cover profile are shown in the images. A power extension cord is built in one. The low profile will reduce tripping hazard. It's ideal for temporary applications in the office. The power extension has an extra 2 feet of cord at the end. The power extension has an extra 2 feet of cord at the end.

Brand: Electriduct

👤I took the cover off to see why my ground wasn't functional after having this product for about a month. I found that the ground clamp's brackets have been broken off. When? Couldn't tell you. The rounded outPhillips screws head's are a sure sign of improper use of a smaller screwdriver. If you have a mission critical use, you should remove the cover and look at the product. I was lucky that the ground was found in time to prevent a fire or damage to expensive equipment, because I was using this for a nightstand lamp. The buyer should beware.

👤I don't expect this quality from Amazon. Plus... dangerous! The circuit breaker in the house tripped when I plugged it in. I thought it was the lamp, since it was in a move and had loose parts. It was not the lamp. The breaker tripped again when I tried to plug something else into it. When I remove the cover from the outlet strip, I find that the ground wire is connected to the "hot" terminal on the outlet, the neutral wire is connected to the "ground" on the outlet, and the hot wire is connected to the "ground" on the outlet. The outlet wiring was wrong. I had to change it to work. It is not as good as another one I have, as it does not like to lay down. If you don't know how to wire the neutral, ground, and hot wires to an outlet correctly, it's a good idea to buy a different one.

👤You can light your house on fire with a match. This is frightening. When I opened it, the hot and neutral leads were reversed. There is no way that the app will hold up.

👤It's a great way to bring power to your room, like under a couch to under your coffee table. I don't understand why they don't offer other colors. My carpet is the same color so it's great for me. The receptacle box is very durable and should last for a long time.

👤My sewing room was set up in our new house. I bought a large Ikea kitchen piece with large drawers and overhang for stools. I use it for cutting and sewing. It is wonderful because I have access on all 4 sides and the height is a back-saver. My electric is off. I was careful not to trip over my sewing machine cord for about six months. It is close to a perfect solution that I could have found. I had to flatten the books on the cord cover. It arrived rolled up. Since then it has behaved. It will be bumped with my foot. I might consider a few pieces of double-sided tape. It has not been a problem.

👤We had a problem with the under-the-rug. Too expensive to install floor sockets in the middle of a room. We feel the buttocks under the rug. Suggest the manufacturer make the running smaller.

👤Not really flat! I would have preferred to use a cheap extension cord and run it under the carpet. It is better suited for a garage or heavy traffic area. The weight will keep it from moving much if held down by a carpet. It's a good product, but not what I was looking for. It's advertised as flat, but it's not.

11. Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension Braided

Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension Braided

SPECIFICATIONS: 13 Amps, 125 VAC, 1625 watt max. The braided fabric extension cord is cute and makes a great decorative touch to any home or office space, while also keeping your cords tangle-free and your cables organized. The sleek design of the flat plug allows furniture and media to sit closer to the wall. Three outlets are perfect for table and floor lamps. The power strip has an eight-foot power cable. When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close safety outlets protect you from electrical shock.

Brand: Cordinate

👤I bought this a couple months ago and it was great, but today it fried one of my cell phones and almost set my house on fire, after only having 2 cell phone chargers plugged into it. If you want a fire, don't buy this extension. I would have this company shut down if I could give them a zero. They should be taken off the website by Amazon.

👤I would have returned the product if I had used the extension cord before the return period expired. The two outlets on the one side of the extension cord are not large enough to plug in. There was no slide-to-lock safety feature on the extension cord I received. Only one outlet is usable on the other side. This is a single outlet extension cord. I have only used the extension cord for 20 minutes 3 times. I don't plan to use this cord to plug anything into it permanently because it seems a little flimsy, and I haven't run into any melting issues so far.

👤The quality of the extension cord is different than what you can find at a dollar store. This one has an angle plug, which means you can plug it into either the top or bottom part of the electric outlet easily, and it's braided, so that you can easily route it around, making it more flexible than the ones you get from home depot or dollar store. There is a I've owned it for a short time, but I've been using braided cables for a long time, and they usually last quite a long time, as long as you get a quality cable.

👤It is a good cord. It fits behind furniture because it has a flat plug. The angle of the plug frees up the other wall port. The color doesn't stand out because it matches my walls and carpet. Some reviews show melted cables or warnings about not being grounded. Reviewers are likely to put too many things into it. I use it to charge my phone. This type of extension cord is not designed to run high.

👤I bought these in July. The cord is garbage. The plug that goes into the wall broke. I was in love with it when I first got it, but it's not very useful.

👤I wanted a flat extension cord plugged into the wall outlet. If I ever need electricity in that room, I won't have to move furniture because this matches the wall.

👤The smell on this is so strong that it hurts my head. I put it outside for 24 hours to see if it improves. I will return it after 5 days. I never used it. It looks cute.

👤It works at the right price. We used this to get a piece of furnature closer to the wall. It's a little thing that makes a big difference.

👤I was expecting a cord that could be compared to a shoelace. The electric cord is the same as the regular one.


What is the best product for decorative extension cord 3ft?

Decorative extension cord 3ft products from Amazon Basics. In this article about decorative extension cord 3ft you can see why people choose the product. Cable Matters and Woods are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative extension cord 3ft.

What are the best brands for decorative extension cord 3ft?

Amazon Basics, Cable Matters and Woods are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative extension cord 3ft. Find the detail in this article. Houseables, 360 Electrical and Yard Master are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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