Best Decorative Extension Cord 6ft

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1. Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension

Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension

There is a choice of 8ft waterproof outdoor extension cord in 2 or 6 pack sizes. Water resistant and flame retardant are included in the design for RUGGED OUTDOOR USE. The vinyl covering protects against the sun's harmful rays. It's perfect for Christmas lights and decorations on the exterior of your home. Optimal performance can be achieved with durable rain relief. Adding a grounded plug adds safety. There is a listed. The temperature range is -40F to +140F. Iron Forge Cable has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. They will replace it with a new item if it goes wrong.

Brand: Iron Forge Cable

👤The smell of this cord is terrible. Unless it is kept in a plastic bag, it will fill a room with a strong chemical odor. I think it smells bad because it is an outdoor cord and it has a flame retardant coating on it. I have to keep this in my garage. After wiping down the cord twice, it smells too much to stay open in a room. I bought this for my garage, but I can't keep it in my quarters. It would take a long time for the chemical fumes to go away. It's unfortunate that it smells bad. Maybe it's because of the flame retardant ability.

👤I use this cord in the winter to run a bird bath heater. It worked perfectly for a month. I bought a protection to keep water out of the connection. It runs from the garage through my backyard and has been buried under snow for weeks. When the photo was taken, the temperature was -11F. It is still working. Very happy with the cord! It is still going strong a year later.

👤I don't understand why the listing says water resistant, when the packaging says not to use in wet area. I can't use this item, but it's too small to return. I can use this in a dry garden, but not in a house with rain.

👤It looks like a quality product and works, but why does a product advertised for outdoor use have multiple warnings that say things like "never use in wet conditions" and "always store" when not in use. It was made in China.

👤Don't buy cheap extension cords. I made a mistake once. The cord is flexible and heavy duty.

👤The cord seems to work well. I needed a longer cord to connect the power to the heater. I have no reason to think that it won't do its job through the winter snows, it has withstood rain and strong winds. I would recommend this seller and product because of the excellent delivery to our home.

👤I got the Iron Forge cords for my Christmas lights. After several weeks, there have been no issues. The green blends well with the grass. It was better to use red and orange cords than it was to use orange and red cords. It might be a little pricey for off of Amazon. The 10 footer was purchased for $17.97 on 12/10/2018. I saw it listed for 14.41 on 12/29. I think that was a pre Christmas markdown. I thought it might have been made in the US, but apparently they are made in China. I would knock them for that.

👤I have been using this extension cord for a while. I just had a snow in October, and the extension cords survived.

2. FIRMERST 1875W Profile Extension White

FIRMERST 1875W Profile Extension White

The IT pro has a choice. The extension cord is built for IT Professionals and has a lifetime of technical assistance. 6 Feet Flat Plug Extension Cord has a 14/3 gauge and 125v. 14 AWG extension cords with thicker wire diameters are more reliable, safer and have more power than the thinner 16 AWG ones. 165F is high temperature resistant. It is easy to fold. A slim flat plug provides angular flexibility, and converts your standard AC power cord to a slim flat plug. Plug into the top outlet and use the bottom outlet with the flat plug cord. The standard Plug cannot be used at tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything that is close to the wall. Move furniture closer to the wall without bending the cord. There is a marking on the cord. The cord is in a bag and has a guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction.

Brand: Firmerst

👤It was used to connect the room heater. 1 - 700 Watts, 2 - 900 Watts, and 3 - 1500 Watts. On the third option, the cord gets hot at the connection. I switched back to my 12 gauge extention cord. This one is rated at 1800 watt.

👤I wanted a way to cook simple meals in a temporary kitchen area during a kitchen remodeling project. I needed more reach from where I had the burner to the wall outlet to make sure I could run the stove on one circuit. I didn't want to use one of the standard 16 ga extension cords at a home center because they're only rated for 10A or less, and having extra capacity is always better, especially when you're heating things up with electricity. It's too small to accidentally heat up the wire. There is a I never felt the cable get warm when cooking on a single burner, it was a little beefier. If you need a short extension for a kitchen appliance.

👤The extension cord is the same as pictured. It is a true 14-gauge wire, and the jacked is imprinted with the 3x14ga rating. The power rating is listed on the cord. The right-angle plug is very convenient. The outlet is low-profile and does not block it. You don't realize that an extension cord can be just ok until you get a great one. Will buy again.

👤The power cord is advertised as 14 gauge. It is only 16 gauge. It was supposed to be used to power a generator.

👤I purchased the 3', 6', and 10' versions. The plugs are well designed and all are very thick. The plugs allow most other plugs to fit in. The white looks great and is easy to clean because the plastic is not sticky. I had to purchase brackets to keep the thick wires straight along the wall because they don't bend as easily as thinner wires. I didn't want to be limited on which appliances could run off the extension cords, so I bought these. These were exactly what I was looking for, they were non-construction style, home decor friendly and the gauge on them was hard to find. I would buy a matching power strip from this company if it was as thoughtfully designed as the regular plug version is.

👤It's a six-foot extension cord that runs the refrigerator in my garage. It works, nothing to get excited about. If you mount the plug at the top of a standard sockets you can still use the borttom one.

👤The 3', 6', and 10' versions were purchased. The plugs are well designed and all are very thick. The plugs allow most other plugs to fit in. The white looks great and is easy to clean because the plastic is not sticky. I had to purchase brackets to keep the thick wires straight along the wall because they don't bend as easily as thinner wires. I didn't want to be limited on which appliances could run off the extension cords, so I bought these. These were exactly what I was looking for, they were non-construction style, home decor friendly and the gauge on them was hard to find. I would buy a matching power strip from this company if it was as thoughtfully designed as the regular plug version is.

3. AmazonBasics Outdoor Extension 3 Outlet 25 Foot

AmazonBasics Outdoor Extension 3 Outlet 25 Foot

With a maximum of 1, 625 watt usage, you can plug in your alarm clock, nightlight, and phone charge. grounded extension cord for outdoor or indoor use The vinyl covering protects against the elements. 13 Amps, 1625 Watts, 125 VAC is the rating. All copper wire construction. There are three-prong plug and three-prong sockets on the ends. It's ideal for home improvement projects, seasonal décor, lawn care, and snow removal equipment. It's ideal for home improvement projects, seasonal décor, lawn care, and snow removal equipment.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It is an extension cord. They said it would be 20 feet long. They said that mine would conduct electricity. It is the same color as advertised. What more do you want?

👤It is not a heavy duty extension cord, but it is sufficient for light duty garden lights or Christmas decorations. I wouldn't use it for power tools because the multi plug end wouldn't interface correctly and the amperage would probably be too high. The green color is good to run through flower beds without being seen.

👤I picked up the 25ft long cable as I needed to connect my projector and Amazon Stick from the same cable, because there were two colors to choose from. The quality is good so far and I will be ordering more. If you need up to 3 tools or devices connected to it at the same time, this is the one for you. If you are running power tools, I wouldn't recommend running all three at the same time.

👤This is a well made extension cord. I've stepped on the cord multiple times, but it's still in good shape. I can try not to step on it since I got the bright orange. I would buy it again.

👤Sometimes I need more than one plug in, and some extension cords are too long. This solved the problem nicely. A good value. I bought a second one as well.

👤So far, so good. We decided on outdoor quality so that if there is flooding, it won't damage the machine. Just in case! I can't wait to try this out and lighting things outside. It's a dark green that will blend in with the greenery as we try to put lights up on the side and front of the house, has three outlets and looks heavy duty. I would recommend it.

👤I don't have to twist cords to fit one side or the other because of this three-prong. It would be a big help if someone knew a small thing.

👤Excellent value for outdoor use. It was hidden along the lower edge of our house to make it hard to see.

👤The description does not state that an outdoor cord is not an outdoor cord. We had filled the house with water and tripped the breaker. I was disappointed that I couldn't use it because I purchased it for my Christmas lights.

👤Great build. I haven't tested it in harsh weather yet but it seems to be waterproof. After buying this, I found a much longer cord elsewhere for the same price. It was only one outlet, but it was also light up. This one should be a lot cheaper because there is only a third if the length is longer. There is a It's a good quality product at a good price. They are not sure what the review means. I don't think a power cord should feel warm, so I gave it 5 stars. There is a It was worth the purchase.

👤It is a cord that is long enough for what I wanted, and it blends in the color I wanted, so I would recommend this product.

4. Profile Electrical Power Extension Cover

Profile Electrical Power Extension Cover

If the item is broken or the package is damaged, please return it or replace it. If you don't like it, you can request a full refund. No questions were asked. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about this box. The length is 5 feet and the color is beige. Actual color may vary due to computer settings. The Power Extension Box and Cord cover profile are shown in the images. A power extension cord is built in one. The low profile will reduce tripping hazard. It's ideal for temporary applications in the office. The power extension has an extra 2 feet of cord at the end. The power extension has an extra 2 feet of cord at the end.

Brand: Electriduct

👤I took the cover off to see why my ground wasn't functional after having this product for about a month. I found that the ground clamp's brackets have been broken off. When? Couldn't tell you. The rounded outPhillips screws head's are a sure sign of improper use of a smaller screwdriver. If you have a mission critical use, you should remove the cover and look at the product. I was lucky that the ground was found in time to prevent a fire or damage to expensive equipment, because I was using this for a nightstand lamp. The buyer should beware.

👤I don't expect this quality from Amazon. Plus... dangerous! The circuit breaker in the house tripped when I plugged it in. I thought it was the lamp, since it was in a move and had loose parts. It was not the lamp. The breaker tripped again when I tried to plug something else into it. When I remove the cover from the outlet strip, I find that the ground wire is connected to the "hot" terminal on the outlet, the neutral wire is connected to the "ground" on the outlet, and the hot wire is connected to the "ground" on the outlet. The outlet wiring was wrong. I had to change it to work. It is not as good as another one I have, as it does not like to lay down. If you don't know how to wire the neutral, ground, and hot wires to an outlet correctly, it's a good idea to buy a different one.

👤You can light your house on fire with a match. This is frightening. When I opened it, the hot and neutral leads were reversed. There is no way that the app will hold up.

👤It's a great way to bring power to your room, like under a couch to under your coffee table. I don't understand why they don't offer other colors. My carpet is the same color so it's great for me. The receptacle box is very durable and should last for a long time.

👤My sewing room was set up in our new house. I bought a large Ikea kitchen piece with large drawers and overhang for stools. I use it for cutting and sewing. It is wonderful because I have access on all 4 sides and the height is a back-saver. My electric is off. I was careful not to trip over my sewing machine cord for about six months. It is close to a perfect solution that I could have found. I had to flatten the books on the cord cover. It arrived rolled up. Since then it has behaved. It will be bumped with my foot. I might consider a few pieces of double-sided tape. It has not been a problem.

👤We had a problem with the under-the-rug. Too expensive to install floor sockets in the middle of a room. We feel the buttocks under the rug. Suggest the manufacturer make the running smaller.

👤Not really flat! I would have preferred to use a cheap extension cord and run it under the carpet. It is better suited for a garage or heavy traffic area. The weight will keep it from moving much if held down by a carpet. It's a good product, but not what I was looking for. It's advertised as flat, but it's not.

5. 360 Electrical 360468 Extension Accent Mint

360 Electrical 360468 Extension Accent Mint

A leader in a wide variety of electrical cord products, bulk electrical and electronic wire, surge protectors, garden lights, timer products and other accessories. Every day, their company strives to deliver strong performance. 2. There are 4 fast-charging ports for a tablet and a phone. bulky plugs fit multi-directional outlets. The plug fits in tight spaces. The power cord puts power where you need it. There are 12 colors to choose from. There are 12 colors to choose from.

Brand: 360 Electrical

👤This is a heavy duty extension cord. It's great. I want to let readers know that it is bigger than I could tell from the images. The receptacle is bigger than a tennis ball and the cord is heavy duty. The plug is nice and angles to the right. I needed it to angle to the left. The color is not obvious. This is not a negative review, just a description of how different it looked from the listing.

👤I'm going to return it. Our iPad or iPhone won't work with theusb port. The directions state that you shouldn't leave it plugged in. SERIOUSLY? It's an extension cord. I bought it because it's plugged behind furniture. There are better versions of the same price available.

👤Works as intended. The back doesn't have an outlet in the picture. It has a place for a screw head to slide into so that it can be mounted on the wall. I like the device. When I purchased two of them, I didn't see any evidence of this. It is a functional and slightly pricey device.

👤Who knew I could love an extension cord? I am going to continue to look for other products, even though I didn't know about Habitat, because I hope they are as well made. The braided cord is round and very attractive. The plug head is about the size of a baseball with three-prong plugs on three sides, and a double USB plug on one. I enjoy it a lot.

👤I requested a new one. The new one works well. I will use the new packaging to return the first one. I bought this because it has charging ports. They don't work. I'm unable to return the packaging because it was thrown out.

👤I love this thing. The extension cord is perfect for travelers. It works in my carry on and has fast charging technology. Would buy again. The cord is not damaged from the bending during transport.

👤It was perfect for my needs. I have an extension cord on the unit that limits the available outlets since I couldn't fit certain power cords side by side. It looks nice, and it fixes that, because it lives under my couch in my living room and is pulled out when I use my laptop or other electronic device that consumes power.

👤I bought two more after I valued them so much. I wanted plugs and ports that were grounded and large enough to reach the chairs in the middle of a large room, but not too bulky to keep people from tripping over them. What not to like?

👤Cuando la conectada tiene un zumbido, pero creo ese zumbido no es normal.

👤The fabricacin se ve de primera y el cordn. No es tan duro a pesar. los plsticos son opacos. Se tiene mucho, pero mucho iso.

👤Lleg antes de lo. Se ve resistente. Enchufes, Muy buena distribucin.

👤Un excelente artculo. Materiales de calidad, conversan, se ve muy bien. La clavija plana tiene sea fcil conectarlo atrs de algn mueble. Estoy pensando.

6. Woods 277563 Extension Weatherproof Reinforced

Woods 277563 Extension Weatherproof Reinforced

There is a marking on the cord. The cord is in a bag and has a guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction. The large outdoor extension cord is protected from the elements, dust and dirt, and has a heavy-duty vinyl jacket. An outdoor extension cord can be used to power up your outdoor festive lights, holiday displays, patio fans, lawn mower, fountains and other outdoor appliances. There is aANGLE-FREE OUTDOOR OUTLET. The flexible outdoor electrical extension cord is very user-friendly. The light outdoor extension cord is safer to use because it prevents the blades from bending or breaking off. There is a choice of 8ft waterproof outdoor extension cord in 2 or 6 pack sizes.

Brand: Woods

👤Very cheap. Lasted 2 months. I bought two. I can't use them anymore. The wires have been pulled right by the rubber coating and the bare copper wires are showing as they pull out from both ends.

👤This is a high-quality extension cord that is being sold for a great price. The cord is exactly what I needed. I like that it is white, as I need it indoors, and the heavier-weight extension cords are only available in colors like orange, yellow, or black. This product is very good. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤The break occurred within a month and is past the return date. If the seller is listening, I want a new one.

👤Didn't work at all. They won't let me return or give me credit for being deficient.

👤I bought this cord to use on my deck. The cord works well and I hung up some clear twinkle lights. I live in a country that gets really bad weather in the winter. We 800-273-3217 The cord is working through some bad weather and I am happy with it. My lights are on. This cord is good. The price is correct.

👤It's just an extension cord, but it has some important features. The cord is gray and has a low profile plug that goes into the wall. As we watched TV, we wanted to get power to the end of our cell phone. We wanted a cord that was laid flat on the floor to avoid tripping or having a big bumps if we put a rug over it, and we bought a 15gt gray one. There were 3 outlets at the end of the cord and both the outlets and plug are connected with 3 wires. Would purchase again.

👤I bought these extension cords in hopes that my cat wouldn't chew on them, as he seems to enjoy destroying all of my other cables. The extension cords are thick and durable, and feel as if they would stand up to years of cat chewing. I don't think that will be a problem as my cat has not even heard of this cable. I can confidently recommend these for indoor and outdoor use around cats if there is a difference in the materials used in construction or if my cat just decided to leave these alone. There is a The construction is very solid and flexible, making them easy to hug tight corners, yet strong enough to close my steel door on it a couple of times. Highly recommended.

👤Ok. Someone please humiliate me and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I thought this was a normal extension cord for outdoors, but nobody could plug it in. I tried. A neighbor tried. A friend of mine tried. Nobody can do it and nobody knows why. The third prong is round on the plug, but the outlet has a flat side. I don't know what this means. Is this the right kind of plug? I haven't been able to use it yet. I want an outdoor extension cord. I want my patio lights to turn on.

7. GE 50369 Extension Cord Black

GE 50369 Extension Cord Black

There are 12 colors to choose from. Extra durability is provided by double-insulated cord and one-piece molded plug, and vinyl jacket protects against dust and dirt. 15-foot cord is great for tools that need an extended reach. There is a multi purpose. You can use the extension cord in your garage for power tools or on your patio for lighting. SPECIFICATIONS: The extension cord is rated for 125VAC, 13A, and 1625W. It's safe. Extra security is provided by the 3-prong grounded plug. It's safe. Extra security is provided by the 3-prong grounded plug.

Brand: Ge

👤Works as advertised. It was used to power the lights on the fence. We wanted the black colored one to blend in with the other one that was going to be outdoors. Sometimes we get some heavy rains in the North East. For the past couple of months, it has worked very well. Will report on its resilience after a few winter storms. I have had it whacked a few times when trimming the edges. It seems to have had no impact, which is a good sign.

👤The description says the cord is heavy duty. It looks like it was made well. The marketing description doesn't matter because this cord has 16 gauge wires and is rated at 13 and 1625 watt max. This is stated in the product packaging. There is a The cord got five stars for my use.

👤This was not 15ft as was stated, but 12 and was too short for me to use.

👤It would not be bought.

👤I use this cable to plug in lights on my porch. It is a nice looking power cord and is a great length for this use. I have only had it installed for a couple of weeks so I don't know how it will hold up. We will see how it does over the winter.

👤I bought this for my wired outdoor lighting. A short cord was needed to get from a wall plug to the generator. So far, so good. I think that's a good test of it's resilience, since it hasn't rained yet.

👤The cord is long. It's heavy duty and I like it. It worked well for me. Thank you.

👤It's a 16/3 cord. Maybe for outdoor lights or light appliances. It should not be used with anything that creates heat. I got sucked into the "heavy-duty" hype because I didn't read the full description.

👤This cord is amazing. You plug the end into the spot on the wall with the holes and you can use the other end to extend the power you get from the wall to any other place up to 15 feet away. The use of this cord is recommended for any electrical appliance or power supply indoors or outdoors. I don't recommend the use of this cord for electrical things that are 16 feet away from the nearest outlet. It won't reach.

👤Never worked. Expecting a replacement.

👤It is a cord. It works as intended. Nothing bad to say.

👤I bought this cord because it was cheap. It was half the price I had seen in other stores. It does a simple job, heat the block on my vehicle.

👤I wanted a plain black extension cord. I didn't want it to be seen like a yellow or orange cord. It works for me.

8. Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension Braided

Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension Braided

SPECIFICATIONS: 13 Amps, 125 VAC, 1625 watt max. The braided fabric extension cord is cute and makes a great decorative touch to any home or office space, while also keeping your cords tangle-free and your cables organized. The sleek design of the flat plug allows furniture and media to sit closer to the wall. Three outlets are perfect for table and floor lamps. The power strip has an eight-foot power cable. When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close safety outlets protect you from electrical shock.

Brand: Cordinate

👤I bought this a couple months ago and it was great, but today it fried one of my cell phones and almost set my house on fire, after only having 2 cell phone chargers plugged into it. If you want a fire, don't buy this extension. I would have this company shut down if I could give them a zero. They should be taken off the website by Amazon.

👤I would have returned the product if I had used the extension cord before the return period expired. The two outlets on the one side of the extension cord are not large enough to plug in. There was no slide-to-lock safety feature on the extension cord I received. Only one outlet is usable on the other side. This is a single outlet extension cord. I have only used the extension cord for 20 minutes 3 times. I don't plan to use this cord to plug anything into it permanently because it seems a little flimsy, and I haven't run into any melting issues so far.

👤The quality of the extension cord is different than what you can find at a dollar store. This one has an angle plug, which means you can plug it into either the top or bottom part of the electric outlet easily, and it's braided, so that you can easily route it around, making it more flexible than the ones you get from home depot or dollar store. There is a I've owned it for a short time, but I've been using braided cables for a long time, and they usually last quite a long time, as long as you get a quality cable.

👤It is a good cord. It fits behind furniture because it has a flat plug. The angle of the plug frees up the other wall port. The color doesn't stand out because it matches my walls and carpet. Some reviews show melted cables or warnings about not being grounded. Reviewers are likely to put too many things into it. I use it to charge my phone. This type of extension cord is not designed to run high.

👤I bought these in July. The cord is garbage. The plug that goes into the wall broke. I was in love with it when I first got it, but it's not very useful.

👤I wanted a flat extension cord plugged into the wall outlet. If I ever need electricity in that room, I won't have to move furniture because this matches the wall.

👤The smell on this is so strong that it hurts my head. I put it outside for 24 hours to see if it improves. I will return it after 5 days. I never used it. It looks cute.

👤It works at the right price. We used this to get a piece of furnature closer to the wall. It's a little thing that makes a big difference.

👤I was expecting a cord that could be compared to a shoelace. The electric cord is the same as the regular one.

9. Woods 0385 Master Extension 40 Feet

Woods 0385 Master Extension 40 Feet

You can add décor to any room by hiding the chain on your chandelier or ceiling fan with a cotton cover. Allow the cover to spread out or be folded together. It will be a great addition to the room. The outdoor extension cord is light and flexible. The wire thickness is 16-gauge and each plug has 3-prongs. 13A rating at 125V, 16/3-gauge. It's used for appliances, electric grills, decorative lighting, holiday lighting and outdoor applications. jackets are water, dirt, oil and chemical resistant and the extension cord is beige colored. jackets are water, dirt, oil and chemical resistant and the extension cord is beige colored.

Brand: Woods

👤We needed to run an extension cord to our second floor deck, but we didn't want the orange cord sticking out. It blends in nicely with our siding and provides power to the deck. It was anchored to our siding with siding clips.

👤This can be used to run an outdoor fountain and a bunch of lights.

👤It was color that did it for me. The color of the extension cord is very close to the color of our home, so it's not an eye sore to run it. Will post again if it is up to par.

👤The product is very durable. The siding on the back porch blends with the color. The usual heavy duty cable looks better.

👤I needed a great extension for my patio. I was disappointed in the color as I thought it would be more like a short extension cord than a creamy color. Quality is good and I am keeping it for my needs.

👤I used the extension cord to power my party lights.

👤The cord is good and flexible. The color disappears against the flooring. 5 stars!

👤Just as described. It seems to be sturdy and works well outdoors. It matches my home's exterior color. Prompt shipping.

👤Excellent quality, seems to last a long time. I'll update my review in a year when it's hot and cold.

👤La couleur is fond of sur la faade de ma maison.

👤It works well. There were no defects. An extension cord is just that. Nothing special to write about.

👤Came in a timely manner.

10. Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension 39984

Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension 39984

Universal compatibility with most common household small appliances and consumer electronics; Cost-effective 2-pack of power extension cables includes a lifetime warranty and product support. The braided fabric extension cord is cute and makes a great addition to any home or office space, as it is tangle-free and organizes your cables. The sleek design of the flat plug allows furniture and media to sit closer to the wall. Three 2-prong outlets are perfect for table and floor lamps. The power strip has an extra-long power cable. When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close lock safety outlets protect you from electrical shock. Do not overload this cord. When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close lock safety outlets protect you from electrical shock. Do not overload this cord.

Brand: Cordinate

👤The single pack has a 15 ft cord. I only used this occasionally for a couple of months. The only things I plugged in were a desk fan and my phone. You can see where the plastic melted. Do not buy this.

👤I was excited because my favorite color is pink and I had never seen a pink one before. It worked great for a while, but after a few months, I started to notice some color in the plug inlets, which caused a small fire. The part where you plug your devices into was completely black and melted when I woke up one morning. It's a safety hazard. I don't think anyone should buy this if they plan to plug more than one device into it.

👤It was well made. The wire is covered in fabric. Which way the cord comes out from the sockets is more important to me. Plugs only fit in the sockets one way. The cord comes out of the plug next to the wide blade. It comes out next to the narrow blade on the Slimlines. There is a The wall receptacle is next to furniture.

👤The color was what I was expecting. The shade of Tiffany blue was perfect. The same company that sells them at HomeGoods sold them for $2 more than on Amazon. You did a good job. 3 different plug outlets built in, great for arts and crafts station, little tech area, or room, great cable thickness and flexibility, and great for arts and crafts station. This is the cheapest place to get them and I will be buying more of them.

👤The plug can be difficult to hold on to, but it's easy to pull it out. I bought this item because I wanted a bright colored cord for my appliance. The one that came with my appliance is too short. The wires of this cord are encased in a fabric covering, rather than being a typical rubberized cord, when I ordered it. There are rubber cords that can be wiped off. Food spills and such are a part of the kitchen countertop variety of my appliance. I noticed the copper wires inside were thick when I cut this cord. That's good. The fabric covering can easily be damaged, which isn't good. Time will tell if I like this product.

👤My fault is that I didn't look closely enough at the picture. I focused on finding a braided, slim 15' cord. I would have noticed that it doesn't have a third prong, so I won't use it. I didn't realize the two-prong plugs were still made. It was a very good cord in 1979 but it is useless now. I will give it one star since I can't even use it, but I won't request a refund since this is my mistake. Don't assume anything when buying electronics from Amazon.

👤I am so excited by the extension cord. I have pale turquoise walls in my bedroom. I was searching for a replacement extension cord when I stumbled upon this one. I didn't know it was possible to get extension cords in other colors. I didn't know that one could get an extension cord with a braided cover. The shape of the wall plug was something I liked about this one. I was unsure if the color was right, but I thought I would take the gamble. I am so glad I did. This cord would have been an upgrade if it weren't for the paint on my bedroom walls. It also matches my bedroom decor beautifully, that is the icing on the cake. I ordered a second one.

11. AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet Black

AmazonBasics Extension Cord Feet Black

GE is the brand in extension cords. The 10-foot Amazon Basics extension cords are reliable power when you need it most. For use indoors with consumer electronics, tools, media equipment and more. Reliable construction with flexible vinyl cord sheath and durable plug connector housing. Plug and play design with multiple outlets and lights is easy to use. 13 Amp/125V power delivery; 16 AWG.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤It was perfect, heavy AWG. You can't push 1800 watt. A heavier cord is needed. This is an acceptable extension for any application. Never use an extension cord to plug in your heater.

👤I have used extension cords for years and one of the most important things is that the cord is straight and flexible. The way the cords are packaged makes 99% of them pre-knead from the factory. It takes a lot of work to get these cords into usable condition. Whoever makes this cord knows how to roll and store a cord so you don't have to struggle with it every time you use it. You can see that it is coiled instead of smashed into a mess. The cords will be loosened up and straight in less than a minute. The other cords will take hours of work to get usable, if I manage to do it.

👤The extension cord works. The nearest outlet is 12 feet away. I would buy this again if I needed another extension cable. There is a I have a personal rating of 1 star and I regret my purchase. I only used it once. The product used a few times. The product is good and I use it a lot. Excellent product, 5 stars. If I could, I would purchase more than one. It is definitely recommended to others.

👤It has one outlet and is a long extension cord. The cord is about 1.5mm thick. I don't know what else to say, 20ft is exactly as long as I need it to go from the middle of one wall to the end of the next. I used fancy zip ties. You will thank me later if you buy those as well. There is a My ex left me last week and I'm sorry, I'm compensating for my depression with reckless spending.

👤You need to plug/unplug different items when your wall outlet isn't easy to reach. The cord is stiff so don't expect it to bend around obstacles.

👤My food processor has two feet of short power cords. So they can use lighter-gauge wire while they're running? It saves the manufacturers a dime per unit. There is a I need a processor near the kitchen sink. In my older kitchen, the nearest outlet is over 4 feet from the sink. I have power strips, but they're not enough to string across my counter. The 3-foot extension cord looks like it will take care of my problem. It seems well-made. I'll have a better idea after making cranberry relish at Thanksgiving. I'm happy so far. There is a I will have to cook more. What was I thinking?

👤I bought this extension cord in the spring. It has been a long time since I have been outside to power my lights. It is strong. The coating on this thing surprised me. It holds my extension cords. There is a If you order one, you will most likely get another one or two.

👤It is 20' long. It plugs in. I plug one end into an outlet and the other into a thing, and the thing can turn on 20' further away from the outlet than it otherwise would. I don't know what else to say. It comes coiled in a circle, rather than being tightly bound in a figure-8 shape, and that means there are no problems from the start.


What is the best product for decorative extension cord 6ft?

Decorative extension cord 6ft products from Iron Forge Cable. In this article about decorative extension cord 6ft you can see why people choose the product. Firmerst and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative extension cord 6ft.

What are the best brands for decorative extension cord 6ft?

Iron Forge Cable, Firmerst and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative extension cord 6ft. Find the detail in this article. Electriduct, 360 Electrical and Woods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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