Best Decorative Extension Cord Box

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1. Protector Extension Fire Retardant Fastening SUPERDANNY

Protector Extension Fire Retardant Fastening SUPERDANNY

The warranty includes a $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. The smart ports of this dual voltage power sockets can detect your phones, tablets, mp3 players, cameras and charge them at the fastest possible speed up to 2.4A per port, 2.4A in total. The 3-prong AC outlets are widely spacing. The portable outlet extender can be used to ensure that big plugs are not blocked by each other. You can travel to different places without worrying about the voltage. It's ok to use in most of Asia. The fire resistance materials of theusb power hub are the highest level, rating:UL94 V 0. This long cord faux wood power strip has surge, overload, short-circuit, over-Current, over-heating protection. The plugboard has a 9.8ft pure copper cord, which makes it easy to reach your devices. The color of the habitat wood surge protectors is similar to the vintage walnut grain, making them functional and decorative. The circuit breaker has a flat plug. It is possible to connect the smart surge suppressor to a wall outlet at a narrow spot behind the furniture. They offer a hook and loop fastener as a gift to help you organize this wire. You can save money on cable ties.

Brand: Superdanny

👤Disappointed! I have owned this power strip for eight months. I don't use the power strip often. It only gets used occasionally. Plugs fall out of the loose receptacles. The third receptacle from the top has stopped working. The product looks great and I like the look of faux wood. I can't recommend this power strip. Out of the three outlets, two provide no electric. One of the 2usb ports does not have charge. The product should get zero.

👤I bought the strip because of the ad that claimed a safety certification. The strip is made in China and there are no safety certifications on it. I don't think this is a safe powerstrip in the event of something going wrong.

👤What a world we live in. I needed a power strip with one or more ports that wasn't too big or obnoxious, and it wouldn't be hidden. It is on Amazon, cheap, with a wood finish, and with Prime Shipping. I bought two more because I liked it so much. Highly recommended.

👤This thing is too dangerous to use. The plugs will fall out when a fitting is loose and cause a fire. I am throwing it away. I had this for a few months and used the ports on the computer. The female electrical outlets are loose. If you plug a 3 way grounded cord in, it's fine, but if you use a 2 way one, it will fall out. This is unsafe because of a loose fitting that can cause heat and damage the plugs. This is heavy duty and attractive, but unsafe.

👤I didn't buy this to be a surge Suppressor. A surge Suppressor with a higher price tag would be a good choice. This power strip is an attractive and switchable AC power center that can be used to power small electronic devices. There are also two ports that can be used for additional storage. This one is attractive and doesn't take up a lot of space, which is something I would rather not do. The device provides power for an Amazon Firestick and an HDMI switch-box in the attached photo. Both serve a TV a short distance away. The length 9 is some specifics. The width is about 2.5 inches. The height is less than 1 The black power cord is large. A switch at one end of the device turns power on/off. There are two ports at the far end. The three AC outlets are of substantial build and are far apart so that plugged-in AC/DC converters have plenty of room. Outlets can't be switched on/off individually. It is not red, but it is the red color option. Maybe it's "Red mahogany." Whatever it is, it is. The color of my bedroom decor is well suited to that color. They have done a decent job crafting a wood effect. The bottom of the device has some information on it. I can't find any certifications on the device or in the packaging, even though it is FCC certified for radio interference. I understand why some prospective buyers might be deterred by the absence of a certification for my application. I took one point off my rating because of it. There was a quick update on 4-20-21. There have been no problems with this item after 2 months of continuous use. No falling-apart, no overheating, etc. I recently bought a second one. The devices connected to the second one continue to work, even though they are not connected to the first one. The switch is usually left in the on position, plugged in devices are left plugged in and the device is not moved much.

2. DEWENWILS Extension Waterproof Electrical Connections

DEWENWILS Extension Waterproof Electrical Connections

We at Teyga have created the ultimate cable box that is sleek and safe, just as much as they do. If this is not the best cable management box you've ever had, your money back! It is backed up by them for a year for any damage that is caused by reasonable use. There is a descendant connection. The waterproof extension cord connection box protects plug connections from the elements like water, snow, rain, dust, and dirt to ensure circuit safety. Do not submerge it in water. The GAUGE Extension Cord was installed on December 14th. Ample housing can accommodate a power strip with up to 6 outlets, which can fit up to 12 gauge extension cord and flat cable, 5 cord holes, and 2 optional drain holes. The rubber seals on the wire slots conform to the power cord, and the cable retention clamps hold the extension cords tightly in place to prevent them from sliding or being disconnected. The outlet box is made of heavy-duty plastic to ensure that it is sturdy enough to survive the elements, and the rubber gasket around the lid keeps the area clean. It's easy to use. The outdoor cord cover box is mountable by 4 mounting holes and 2 mounting slots, and one large latch allows you to lock the box to protect your devices from loss and accidentally opened.

Brand: Dewenwils

👤If the main purpose of this box is to be waterproof from the most common place that water can leak through, then it has failed. This was purchased on June 23rd, 2020. I left this box outside so I could get around to doing my project. I finally got around to my project after 2 months, but I was disappointed in the quality of the product. There is a gap at the top that allows water to enter the electric wires. This is a failure. The second failure was during installation, two of the mounting holes on the left of the box had plastic inside them, preventing the screws from ever reaching outside. I had to use a drill bit to grind the inner walls of the mounting holes so the screws could reach the end of the holes. It's difficult to remove the screws after realizing the design flaw. This thing was supposed to be mounted on walls. I'm going to be calling Amazon to get a refund for this item because it's now a problem and it can cause fires. I don't recommend this product.

👤They made a great box. I care about how my property looks and so should you, so I threw a cheap looking sticker on it with bubbles in it. If you want to make a plastic mold, you should design it with a smaller branded logo, and a better quality metallic or permanent vinyl sticker or better yet.

👤The box is large but it is hard to remove the cord holder and there is no instructions. You have to pry open the two side locks and the narrow cord holder before you can open the narrow cord holder. It's not necessary to make it tight because it's not used to submarine under water. I need it to protect the rain.

👤I can see how this could be hard for some people. Do it yourself. It does a great job, even though it was made for it. I have a couple wired security cameras that have 25 feet of unnecessary wiring. One of the plugs on the outdoor electric splitter would short out if there was rain. I can put the excess wire inside the box. The box is water resistant and hopefully it won't have the shorting problem again. The box is made to last a long time.

👤It fits like a glove when used to hold auto battery chargers. The rubber cord seals seem squishy as to seal around the cords. Competitor had a top that made no sense and would collect water. The sticker will make you crazy to remove. If you want to remove paper, cooking oil, and glue, you should use packing tape and rubbing alcohol. This is supposed to be on the ground. The seals aren't designed to keep water out of the sides.

👤The product claims to be waterproof. " The description says that a rubber gasket around the lid is needed. " This is not true. If the product is waterproof and has a seal, why does it need two drain holes? I've ordered this product twice. I returned the first one because there were gaps in the seal. I asked for a new one. There are gaps at each corner, but the replacement willlatch. Will probably return this one as well and look for something different.

3. Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

X-protECTOR is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Their customers will get 100% satisfaction with the floor cord cover. If you don't like it, they will return your money. Press the button to order it now and it will be risk-free. The small plastic box is helpful for hiding power cords, surge protectors and chargers. It's a small cable box that can be used to hide cords from other people. No more messy cables, no assembly required, and no heat-disbursement issues. You'll have to remove the power strip to put it inside the box because it has slots facing down. It can only hold a four-outlet power strip and will not hold a 6-plug outlet, and is smaller than it looks in the images. Make sure the size is right for you. If the item is broken or the package is damaged, please return it or replace it. If you don't like it, you can request a full refund. No questions were asked. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about this box.

Brand: Changsuo

👤The wood lid was a nice surprise. I thought it was plastic and it would be fine. The only problem was that my computer cables wouldn't allow the lid to go on, so I had to use a standard 6 outlet power step. The lid doesn't click into place because it sits on top. The power strip was turned on it's side. I wouldn't be able to plug another computer/monitor cable in if it sat in that way. The plastic is flimsy and bends easily. It's not as good as I'd expect, and I paid 20 dollars for it. There is a The holes in the side and underside are good for feeding the cables. The sticky feet on the bottom keep it from sliding. It gets the job done and I can come into the room without having anal retentiveness.

👤This made the corner more appealing. We hid those cords inside and stuff them. The box is cute. We put in a surge protector and plugged in some items. I am not sure we could fit 2 more cords in that location. If you want to use all 6 I would give you a bigger size.

👤The cable management box is a good size and looks decent. My office desk is more organized. It's a simple plastic box that costs $17 at the end of the day. It would sell for less than $5 if it was for food storage. It's a bit of military industrial complex pricing in play, as all the cable management boxes cost the same or more.

👤I like it. The style matches the wood floors. It is sturdy. I was able to fit my power cord inside. The cords did not fit snug once they were put in place. I messed with it for a few seconds and the top doesn't feel secure. I was able to plug the MacBook Pro power cord into the wall because it was thick enough. I was able to hide my cords but there is still room to plug up other things. Installation or directions are not required. It was easy to set up. I will be buying more.

👤It's exactly what you expect. It seems like tie-loops in the interior would improve function. Things are moving a lot inside it. There is a This is a big plastic box with holes in the side and a weak top. I get a shoebox that is flameable, but push come to shove, I don't think this would prevent a fire even if a shoebox was to ignite it. The top is warped. I put a light scanner on top of the warped top, and the weight of the light scanner pushes the warped top into the box. It works with modifications. It is the same as all the other brands out there, they are all very simple and engineering would help them a lot. The support for the top is missing. zip tie loops hold cords in place

👤I noted the complaints of how annoying the top fit, but this does serve its purpose. I wanted to hide the cords on the counter. It works well for that. I put the cords inside and pull the part that connects to the phone through the top opening and plug in the two phones. Right next to the outlet is the side opening. There is a lot of space left on the inside for things like pens, glasses, etc. When you breathe in that direction, the lid collapses, and it takes forever to get it back on. I am very sad! I'm thinking about attaching something to something. If it wasn't for that, I would give it 5 stars.

4. Protector SUPERDANNY Extension Adjustable Fastening

Protector SUPERDANNY Extension Adjustable Fastening

14AWG/15A Current/9.8ft. The power hub is 15 Amps with 14 gauge heavy-duty extension cord, which is nearly 10 feet, suitable for various of high wattage equipment, and can be used in many countries. The surge protectors power sockets are made of fire-resistant (1382F) material and have the highest fire resistance level. The 15-Amp circuit breaker has all-round protection, including surge/ overload/ over-voltage/ over-current/ short-circuit/ high-temperature protection. This 3-prong 6 AC outlet and 4usb ports desk power strip's sockets are wide-spaced to ensure that you don't have to use big plugs. The charging station has a light walnut grain colored shell. The smartusb charging station can detect the charging rate for electric devices, such as the iPad, laptop, and computer. The total is 3.1A in total. The extension cord of this power hub is made of thicker pure copper, which can handle a bigger power rate, less easy to get hot. It has a long power cord that keeps your devices within reach. They offer a cable tie as a gift to help organize the electric wire.

Brand: Superdanny

👤I cursed the surge protectors every single day for months now. I wouldn't give them stars. This is the worst surge protection I have ever had. Do not buy this P.O.S. if you want your electronics to stay plugged in. I was happy with the surge protectors when I first purchased them. It was small and it had a couple ofusb ports. It has been a couple months. I find the plugs easy to open. They pop out when the tug is small. I had a big problem with this because I thought my phone was dead and I had to wake up late because it was not charging. It takes forever to charge anything because theusb ports are weak.

👤I couldn't resist the purchase because my cabinets matched this perfectly. It looks great. It did work. Not for very long. I had a microwave that had a bug light on it. That was it. While running the microwave. The door nail was dead. It ended on March 19th. There is a I want to think it saved the electronics. The negative side of me thinks what outlet dies quickly? There are two things plugged into it. It was plugged into a wall outlet. The surge protector is not very useful. There was nothing else plugged into that wall. There is a I can't recommend based on my experience. Maybe the microwave was too much draw, but for a surge protector that is supposed to handle 6 items. The wall outlet handled two items that were fine for a long time, but they killed it. There is a It arrived on time. We couldn't find a reset button or switch to reset it. I didn't think it would have a problem. Quality copper is prioritised. The power strip with extension cord is made of thick pure copper. It is safe enough to be used for multiple appliances. The cord was warm to the touch when it died. If it worked it would be a great way to have extra plugs and surge protection without the sight of a standard unit. I'm not sure what to say since it blew so quickly.

👤Over time the outlets waller out, but it was okay for over a few months. I have lost tracks when using this method for recording music. The weight of the bottom makes it difficult to use a wall wart. Wanted to like it. It still doesn't live up to cheap P.O.S. power strips from the dollar store, and maybe I was putting through a more rigorous applications than it was meant for. I have never had one that was not able to support an adapter. I couldn't use the 4usb jacks because they were very weak, so it's confusing. If you are that, layout is great to bad. Danny is not all that special.

👤I bought this and it died in less than 8 months. It's not safe. If you don't want a fire or a plug that's durable, don't buy it. I don't recommend this plug.

5. Socket Ultra Thin Electrical Oversized Certified

Socket Ultra Thin Electrical Oversized Certified

It is designed for indoor use. It's great for small places like kitchens and BATHROOMs. You can hide the ugly plugs and cords. Restore your home's pristine decor with fluids and caulks. The device blends into its surroundings for a wireless look. The 3 outlet power strip can be used to gain more outlets. You will be able to add a reading lamp, modem, and other electronic devices via the same outlet. You can enjoy more living in your living room, bedroom or media room. You'll forget about the wall when you walk through it. The kit includes a sleek, invisible plug that is nearly invisible to guests and curious toddlers, as well as a set of double-sided strips and clips that hold the cord neatly against the wall. The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet. The Sleek Socket makes every room of your home look organized and efficient. The sleek sockets plug into the top receptacle of a duplex outlet.

Brand: Sleek Socket

👤I wanted to post a quick comparison between the two so that people like me could know what the size difference was between the two. Dark blue is oversized.

👤I shared this product on my story on my social media accounts to make it work without having to bring the wire from the bottom and then up. The 9 ft wire was too long and the 3 ft wire wouldn't work. It was easier to make a video when I had so many questions. I removed the plate from the outlet and replaced it with a new one. The wire went straight up. No issues! It is easier to place the double sided tape on the wire all the way up and then use a level to stick it to the wall. Completely in love! I was destroyed by those wires before this!

👤Very nice. I was going to put a huge hole in the wall to hire my wires, but I found this sockets that can help with the look of the wires in my living room, so I am happy to have found it! I love it. I installed it last night and I am very happy with the look and the way it works. I highly recommend. Take a look at my before and after pictures.

👤This was used for an outlet behind furniture. I plugged the top outlet connection into the bottom outlet connection, because I didn't want to cover the two outlet connections. I will have to remove the third ground prong in order to use it upside-down, but I will purchase another one. Will update with photos once they are done. It's very easy to cut the plastic. Score it a few times with a blade, and crack it off in a smooth straight line.

👤We lowered our baby boys crib and were reminded that there was something behind it. This was the most useful thing in his bedroom. We didn't want to have to run an extension cord across the room to have his equipment plugged in next to his crib because the other was sitting right next to the heater. This was the perfect solution. We used a shelf board while we waited. If he found the sockets, we were afraid he would be able to pull them out. He is a little monkey. If this thing blows up, I will update this review. We are thrilled with our purchase and so happy we don't have to worry about fingers in electrical outlets at the moment.

👤We have a robot vacuum under our butcher block. All of this was an ugly situation. It was a first world problem and it bugged me. It is a rather expensive extension cord option, so I hesitated to pull the trigger for a month or so. No one in the family was bothered by cords. After much debate, I finally decided to treat myself to one of the two sizes for the two most prominent messy cord areas. Could use a few more. I don't plan to buy them because of the high cost for a low-profile extension cord. No regrets here. I took the advice of another reviewer and removed the faceplate from the outlet so that it would sit closer to the wall. I painted the sockets the same color as the wall, after I sanded them down. It worked out great. I did the same thing with our switch plate. I no longer look at this area with contempt because it blends in. I like the fact that the cord covers were self-adhesive. The 3' cord only had a few short covers, like 1” each. I stole the longer options from the package that came with the 9' cord.

6. Desktop Power Strip USB Fire Retardant

Desktop Power Strip USB Fire Retardant

The color is distinct. The brown power strip has a different look than the traditional black/white power strip and is perfect for decorating your desk. No blocking. You can plug non-standard plugs between the two outlets of this power strip. The flat plug power strip is perfect for tight space behind the sofa, furniture, and cabinet. A high-speed charging station. The maximum output of the power strip can be up to 2.4A, which can give your devices a fast speed charge. Most of the time, the extension cord is flexible to use. There are multiple protections. The electric power strip has many functions. It will cut off the power to protect connected devices if a surge or overcurrent is detected. Even if it burns, there is no naked flame. FCC and RoHS certificated! They will use their slim power strip outlet extender. It's perfect for travel. The portable power strip is lightweight and perfect for travel. The size is 8.31”x 2.6”x 1.18”

Brand: Jackyled

👤I like the length of the power strip. I bought it to be able to get power near my couch. The outlets work, but the ports don't work. They are useless to charge phones unless I use one of the outlets. It was months after I bought it that I discovered they don't work, since I didn't think to check if they worked when I got it. It was not returnable.

👤The power strip looks great and is built well. I own the white one. There's plenty of space between the outlets so plugging a large power supply into one doesn't block use of the one next to it. The ports have a lot of power. It takes the same amount of time to charge my phone through the port as it does through the Apple charge. The power cable is heavy duty. I bought this in November of last year. It's been working well. One of the ac outlets became loose after about 6 months. The power strip is mounted vertically on the wall and anything plugged in would pull out on its own. The outlets and ports are still working. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new one and didn't ask for the one that was faulty to be returned. The first one was sent to a different address. They have great customer service. I highly recommend him.

👤I am very pleased with the power strip. I wanted a modern power strip with a flat plug and long cord at a decent price. I have a sun room that has no outlets or light fixture in it, but with this long cord I can plug in a lamp, charge up my phone, work on my laptop, and enjoy my day or night. The strip is black and white speckled. I bought 1 for home and 1 for travel. If you're looking for something compact, the 10 ft long cord is too bulky. The cord is strong. I like to travel with a few outlets where I need them. There is a small power indicator light between theusb ports and a power switch on the side.

👤I have wood floors. The wood floors are almost the same color as the power strip, so I was looking forward to the power strip blend in with the floors. It would have been better if it had matched the product photos. The company name is not shown in the product photos. I like the power strip. The outlets work and the charging cable is included. I thought 2 outlets would be enough for me to charge my laptop and my wife's laptop at the same time, but I had to plug my label maker into both the power and my computer the other day, so having 3 outlets turned out to be a good amount. The low profile plug makes it easy to leave plugged in behind furniture without the use of extension cords.

👤When the electricity went off, the clock started acting up. I spent a lot of money to get it fixed and wanted to plug it into a power strip. We have wood floors in that room, and I didn't want an ugly white plastic strip sitting beneath the clock, which sits on an antique buffet table. This seems to work just fine. I'm happy with the purchase.

7. Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

The wooden cord organizers is helpful for hiding power cords, surge protectors and chargers with enough space. It's a box made of paulownia, a very light, strong and stable wood, to hide cords. The package includes a cable box. No more messy cables, no worries about plastic or glue smells, and no assembly required. The unique opening makes it more versatile, and even if you don't use it strictly for wire management, there are a lot of things to do with it. It can be used in any room in the house.

Brand: Changsuo

👤The wooden box feels like it could break. The material is not very thick and has a small step up from cardboard. The cost is not comparable to the quality. I immediately returned it.

👤This was bought to replace bamboo or black organizers. The wood is cheap and light, like a balsa. The top doesn't stay on very well due to the low weight, and it may be more prone to breaking due to its more flexible nature. Okay value. It's not going to be very heavy, good quality wood, and only stained on the outside.

👤"Messes are optional," I've been reminding myself. I feel more productive working in a tidy space. The cable box helped me clean up my desk. I need to add 5 more chargers to my desktop power strip. I put my chargers on top of the double sided squares. The power strip fits inside well. There is a It is possible to get 888-405-7720 Both products are recommended by me.

👤The box was well packaged and arrived quickly. I was expecting that the wood was very thin. I thought the color would be lighter. The open strip in the back is too small. A lot of the newer powers trips have thick, big plugs and the one on mine wouldn't fit through the slot. I wanted it to go out the back so you couldn't see the cords, but I ended up having it come out the side.

👤The box is very light wood. I pushed the plug through the side. I like the look, but I wanted a better construction for the money. I like the side cutout design. My rat's nest of wires was improved by it. I don't have a before photo, but this is better and the side cut was critical for success.

👤The sofa is in the middle of the room. We needed a way to hide the cords after an outlet was put under our sofa. I put the boxes next to the tables on the sofa. The cords from our lamp, laptops, and other electronics were in this box. You can go through the narrow opening between the sofa and end table. The cords were wrapped in a sleeve. The boxes fit between the sofa and the table. We are very happy with them. I want one for the cords in the office.

👤I wanted a box to keep the cords out of my desk. This box is perfect. Some people were not happy with the quality. Balsa Wood is more like a traditional hardwood than a traditional hardwood is. It's construction is typical. There was no surprise for a box in this price range. It looks nice and there is plenty of room for storage. The box should hold up if you don't stand on it. The request for a review with a small gift included was very nice. I like free stuff. Cheers!

👤The wood of Paulownia is very light, so make sure you don't expect it to feel like a wood box. If you have a simple, straight surge protectors, it's beautiful and large enough to fulfill its purpose. I would be happy with it as a decor piece even if it wasn't a cable box.

8. Kirigen Cord Management Box Wooden

Kirigen Cord Management Box Wooden

The large cable management boxes are great for hiding power strips, surge protectors, and cables in one place. You will get 2 sets of box and 10 wire ties at a great price. You can use it on the floor as you please. The cord management box is plant oil dye in color which is harmless and healthy for kids and pet, it can clearly show the beautiful grain of solid wood as well. Three cables entry and exit slots allow wires to be routed to either side. The rear hole makes opening the lid easier. If you have portable power sources like phone, iPad, laptop, and mobile power that are charging, it is convenient to put them on the top board. Solid wood with beautiful grain is an excellent material for its light and flexible nature. It's easy to care for. It's cute to see desk cord organizers box firm in your home or office. Parcel data and delivery service. The big cable box is 16.6"* 6.97"* 7.2"H, the small cable box is 14.96"* 5.71"* 5.63"H. They are always happy to resolve any problem that comes up.

Brand: Kirigen

👤The boxes are perfect for the job, look good, and the wood can be stained or painted. The smell coming off the boxes and all the packaging isn't great, but it's not the smell of wood or anything good. Oh man, unpleasant, but no idea if this is a Chinese pest or not. They'll air out and be ok, so that's worth it.

👤I took the box out when I opened it. The side of the box that came apart was the one I noticed. I didn't think I was shocked because I saw other reviews mention the same thing. The boxes were well protected and there were no signs of damage. I have to say that this happened during the manufacturing process. I was able to separate and reassemble that side. It didn't take much to put it back together. I knocked off 1 star because of this. They're nice quality and the large box fit my surge protectors just fine. I am happy with my purchase and it adds to my office. The cable ties helped keep things in order.

👤The boxes were larger and better than I expected. The smaller box was used to hide the cables. I put a fake plant on top of the box to hide the TV wires. The wood box looks like a plant stand, so nobody is aware of my cable management. There is a I offered the second box to my wife so she could use it to hold TP in the bathroom. This purchase worked out great because she was pretty excited.

👤The boxes were a good value. It was packed very well and there was nothing broken. The finish was good. The large box was too big for a footstool under the desk. The smaller one would have worked but the large one wouldn't have worked. Unfortunately returning.

👤The cable boxes arrived quickly. One of the boxes was broken when I opened it. The packing was good. The box needs to be returned. The boxes are made of wood. They have a weird smell. They look okay but not as good as the photo shows. They should be cheaper for the quality.

👤I would measure your power strips and buy them that fit in this box. It seems that only relatively small ones for non-sensitive electronics fit. It works well as a charging box for those purposes.

👤I like how I can stain or paint them. The wood isn't thick enough to hold that many cords in a box. The top of the boxes doesn't stay on, so I need bigger ones.

👤The boxes were perfect because we have the same color wood floors. I had originally purchased black ones from a "box" store, but they stood out like a sore thumb. These are sturdy and attractive. The store is at a better price than the box store.

👤The quality is great and these arrived quickly.

9. Houseables Extension Commercial Electrical Generator

Houseables Extension Commercial Electrical Generator

Pets and small children are at risk of slipping if magnets are not used to close the lid and rubber feet. Children and pets won't be able to get in the cord hider box because of the magnets on it. A cable strip and tv cable organizer will keep your home safe. The rubber feet at the bottom will prevent the container from slipping. 25-foot long, 10 gauge/3-conductor 3-pronged all rubber locking extension cord is used indoors. It is compliant with cradle mounts, portable AC units, air compressor, electric vehicle charges, and emergency electrical needs during power outages and other power connection purposes. The all rubber cord gives you a clean current in the cold. It works well for carrying a load without overheating or becoming stiff. It is weather, water, and oil resistant and can be used for extended periods of time. The emergency extension cord has excellent flexibility from the box. The power cord is locked with a locksmith. The pins are arranged in a circular fashion. The plug is twisted to hold it in place. Larger gauge wiring is built to give you peace of mind when running higher Amp loads. The black rubber has bright yellow molded ends that give it high visibility. Storage is never a problem because the cord rolls out cleanly and easily when not in use. You should sprinkle up your back yard. Their extension cord will allow you to have the ultimate backyard set-up without the hassle. Use their extension cord to get the job done and add some accessories around your patio.

Brand: Houseables

👤I make extension cords for my equipment. I would buy the plugs from Home Depot. Over the years, they've held up well. I just got a welder and saw this cord for less than I would pay for a traditional solution. I was willing to give it a chance. There is a Glad I did. The plugs are attached well. The cord is strong and easy to coil up. There is a The best part for me? The rubber doesn't smell bad. I was expecting a bag of stinky, oily rubber that would make my garage smell like Harbor Freight. The rubber leaves no scent on my hands. There is a This has been a great buy.

👤We get our tv service through streaming. We wanted to minimize our cables into one plug which we hid behind our tv and had only one cable running to the power outlet which looked more decorative than ugly cords. The outlet fit the bill. We found a heavy duty cord that fit within the strip, and we were able to buy a length we needed. This cord is both affordable and durable, and comes in different lengths. We are very happy and recommend.

👤I bought the two male and female end plugs, but I found this 25 feet of wire. The extension cord I bought was already made and I saved at least $50.00. Excellent deal!

👤This was bought for welding. It works perfectly and doesn't heat up. I was very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this product.

👤Excellent quality. If you already have an older outlet, it might not fit because the newer ones are better. You might upgrade the outlet too.

👤So far, so good! The extension cord worked as described and the quality was good. There were no issues connecting it to my cutter. The smell of the black housing on the cord is similar to the material used in Crocs shoes, so it takes a few weeks to lose that smell.

👤The cord is working. It is flexible and the quality of the components is good. I've used this for my table saw and it works. I would have liked to have had a shorter one but this works well and gives me a lot of flexibility on where I place the saw.

👤I bought this product so I could run a generator outside. Well made and believe it will do the job.

10. Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

Use their bamboo-top cable management box to hide cords on countertops, floors, and furniture in your home or office. You will be more productive and comfortable in a tidy place. It's large enough to hold a surge protector that can fit in a four or six-outlet configuration. You don't have to stand the messy corner with this nice-looking organizer box, and you can also keep your kids and pets away from cables and power strips. The bamboo-cover and durable plastic box design with a hole in each side features modern and aesthetically pleasing cable management solution for your needs. If you put everything in the box, you can put the cables in one of the slots. If the item is broken or the package is damaged, please return it or replace it. If you don't like it, you can request a full refund. No questions were asked. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about this box.

Brand: Changsuo

👤I ordered it for at home cord management. It looks nice in our office and I like the look of it. I think I should have ordered a bigger size because it fit a small surge protection with a MacBook cord plugged into it and a shredder cord, but barely. It was a tight fit. It works. I had a bigger concern after this all. The cords in this box have a power surge from overheating. Would love to hear the answers. I didn't think of that until the cords were tucked in and a lid was placed over it. Is it safe?

👤I wanted to keep the little hands away from the power strip. The kids have no idea that there are exciting buttons and outlets hidden inside. If you really needed to keep the kids out, you could even secure the lid with something, but my kids have never tried to get inside so it's a great solution.

👤It's not as advertised, it's only 112 inches, and it doesn't fit the surge protectors that were intended for it. It is rather large and tall looking. Not impressed with it.

👤It's pretty big. The extension cord prevents the lid from staying in, so you can't have large plugs plugged into it. The lid is on the box. It would be better if there were grooves to hold it in place. Hope that makes sense.

👤Works are described. I thought it was smaller, but it was cables that fit. The smell of plastic is very strong and would advise sensitive people to avoid it. The whole thing is extremely light.

👤I was tired of my desk looking messy because of all the cords on it. I put this behind my monitor because it makes my desk look better. I have bought several more to put all over the house and I will love it.

👤This keeps the cords contained so they don't move. This keeps them from interfering with the vaccine.

👤I love this box. I thought it was smaller. There is a lot of room for multiple cords. You can put objects on top. I highly recommend!

11. TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box

TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box

Jumbled cords are unattractive and dangerous. The cable management box from Teyga is the perfect home for up to 2 power strips and all of the cords that go with it. It can be used as a charging station on your computer desk or as a quiet place in your living room. It will keep your cord chaos under control. What would your friends think? That mess of cables doesn't complement your state-of-the-art TV and sound system, and it's hardly a help when it comes to productivity at work. If you want to keep cords out of sight, use their power strip and cord organizers at home or the office. Children are drawn to plugs and electrical outlets like moths to a flame, so make sure you are taking every step to keep them safe. Their Natural color bamboo cord hider box is made of bamboo and can be used to hide cords. The power strip box was designed to look like a piece of eye-catching home decor. The last thing you need is an ugly box disrupting the flow of the room, and that is exactly what you won't get with TEYGA. They at Teyga have created the ultimate cable box that is sleek and safe, just as much as they do. If this is not the best cable management box you've ever had, your money back! It is backed up by them for a year for any damage that is caused by reasonable use.

Brand: Teyga

👤The Teyga cable management box is what I needed for my office. I was worried that my power strip wouldn't fit in the box, but I was reassured that it would, and it did. The Teyga was recommended to my friends by me. The all-wood body of the cable management box makes it look more classy than the other boxes you can see on other sites. I love this thing.

👤The bamboo cable management box looks like a piece of furniture. The bamboo is very good and the edges are rounded. It's attractive. I have an extension cord with a laptop plug, 2 apple charge cord cubes, 1 iPad charging plug, and a charging cube with 2usb and all plugged into the extension and it fits nicely in the bamboo box. There are still plugs that are empty. There are 4 small holes on the bottom. I don't think they are heat vent holes. I will probably buy a smaller one for another location because I am very happy with this purchase. One thought to the design developer was to put some cord holes through the back of the house, and also put some elevation on the bottom, so that the air circulation could be improved. I would recommend this product.

👤The money was wasted. This is small and can't accommodate much more than the surge protectors. I couldn't shut the lid because the Fios power supply was plugged in. It took about 10 minutes to try it.

👤The box is made from high quality materials. The pictures don't do it justice. I was afraid of getting a clunky orange cheap box but this is good craftsmanship and not really thick. It looks great! It's in our living room and I use it to organize cords. It was able to fit a smart power strip which has 4 smart plugs, a smaller square one which has 3 plugs, and it has 4usb as well. I thought the box would be too large. I needed it for my iPad, my Apple Pencil, and one for my husband's phone, so all the cords fit in this big. They were very generous to include the strips to organize the cords. I thought I needed one with holes in the lid, but I just take the ones that go toward my table and printer, my chair, and the lamp and husband's cords to his table on the other end. It made the living room look better and our living room has some natural wood trim so it looks great together. I had an issue with the seller and he went above and beyond my expectations, he was courteous and wanted to satisfy the customer. He understood how to communicate. I highly recommend this product and the seller.

👤The not-so-spacious space is the only thing that is not great about my working environment. Over the years, I've been trying to find a better way to keep my desk off of me, but still being productive in the hours that I am here. I couldn't get it right to have the space I wanted. I found the Teyga Bamboo cord management box. It has made my environment more spacious and made me feel calm while doing my work. I don't have to stop what I am doing to accommodate what I am working on as I am not agitated with the cluttered desk that was my previous one. Thank you, Teyga, for your product and for the peace it gives me on a daily basis!


What is the best product for decorative extension cord box?

Decorative extension cord box products from Superdanny. In this article about decorative extension cord box you can see why people choose the product. Dewenwils and Changsuo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative extension cord box.

What are the best brands for decorative extension cord box?

Superdanny, Dewenwils and Changsuo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative extension cord box. Find the detail in this article. Superdanny, Sleek Socket and Jackyled are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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