Best Decorative Extension Cord Cover

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1. Cordinate Fixtures Management Installation Champagne

Cordinate Fixtures Management Installation Champagne

The safety technology built into the outlets keeps foreign objects out of the outlets and eliminates potential electrical dangers to you and your family. The maximum electrical rating makes this unit perfect for indoors. The fabric cover has a hook and loop for easy installation. It's great for hiding cords to lamps, electronics, chandeliers, charging cables and more. Use the cord covers for ultimate cable management to take control of your cables. Premium nylon material is sure to hold up over time. You can hide your cords with the cover's 6 ft length.

Brand: Cordinate

👤I bought a chandelier plug. The cord was not chained just a black one that ate away at my soul. I found your cord cover because I couldn't take it. You don't know how much I love this. The whole look has been changed. Drab to honey. I want to do any cords in my house. Thank you.

👤I wanted something that would match my wall color. This worked well. It was easy to put on. It seems like it is durable. It was long enough to cover the cords. Would purchase again.

👤The cord cover has a hook and loop all the way down, and is very tight by the plug. Would buy again.

👤I think it is great for certain situations. It is a little darker than my walls. I will get a second one now that I know I will use them. I chose to use them because the house we bought had satellite tv installed with the cords not going in the bottom of the walls. I don't want to mount the tv to cover the wires because the tv would be at a higher level than I like, and I find mounting larger tv's is difficult. There is a The cord covers are the best option for my house.

👤The product is easy to use. I had to get the tv wires out of the roomba. It matches my beige walls perfectly. I chose a product with a zip up instead of a product with a zip up. I was able to cut the sleeve into two pieces. The wires can be joined at various points with the help of the velcro. There are four wires in the sleeve. I hid the wires behind the tv and along the floor from the roomba.

👤I made this type of cord cover to hide the chain on the chandelier that I hated. I was delighted to find these premade when I was looking to hide the cords in my office. They are wide enough to hold a lot of cords at the same time and are easy to apply. I was able to hide cords from different directions. No measuring or attaching to the walls. The gray one matched my walls exactly. My cords are out of sight. Heaven knows that I've already had to access the cord covers to move things around, so each and every cord is very easy to reach. I love them!

👤This product does what it says it will do. It was easy to apply once I rounded up all the cords. I went from having five cords that looked like they were hanging out to one that looked like an accessory.

👤I wanted to hide the ugly cords that hang from the shelf in my bedroom. It is the first thing you see when you walk into my room. The champagne color is perfect for my gold wall. The color is not what it looks like here. It is more yellow/gold than champagne. The material is not very good if you are expecting it to be soft or elegant. It works for me, it matches my wall color, and I get 4 stars.

2. Creative Co Op DA1421 Chandelier Cover

Creative Co Op DA1421 Chandelier Cover

Natural cotton color blends. It's a great addition to your chandelier. The cord cover is made with cotton and has a strap around it. You can add décor to any room by hiding the chain on your chandelier or ceiling fan with a cotton cover. Allow the cover to spread out or be folded together. It will be a great addition to the room.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤I am stupider than I look. I wore jnco jeans in middle school. I was looking for 6 inches and this product is 6 feet. I made it work. You can definitely cut this down and it works. I blame my inability to read for it. I use that excuse all the time in my life. Stay safe.

👤I had to give this product five stars because it was fair. I was able to give it an overall rating of three because of other factors. The bare cords looked better to me than the Jute covers. I was expecting something more upscale than the photo shows. These are for more casual use, like in a den or kitchen, not with an elegant chandelier. They are well-made and easy to install, and a slip-cover style would be less bulky. I don't like jute. If you are, these covers may be the ticket.

👤After mounting our tv on the wall, we had a mess of cords all over the place, from the tv, cable box, 2 games systems, plus extension cords for the cords that wouldn't reach to the wall outlet. I needed something to use as a cover, but I was able to wrangle them together. I needed to zig zag my cords across the top of the tv stand, down the side, and over to the outlet in order for the hard plastic covers to work. The fabric cover is perfect, it blends in well, and it is a nice neutral color. It was wide, but that's what I needed for my cords. I like the gathered look. If you have more than 4 feet of cords, you should get two of these.

👤I don't know why I waited so long. I love it! It's a simple design that makes a difference. There is a It is exactly what it is, a long piece of burlap that has something on it. I could have made it, but I didn't have the materials. I was afraid it wouldn't stay up, but it did. My husband likes it because it protects the power chords. There is a The tv is long enough that it expands or contracts as needed. There is a We hid the cords from the TV. I could use another one for the bottom shelf.

👤I wanted to buy a fancy light for our living room, but we were deep in a way-over-budget remodel. I put my own fixture together. The pendant kit and lamp shade looked weird because of the cord. I bought this to cover it. It was only meant to be a temporary set up, but it has grown on me. I would like it to be about 1ft longer.

👤I was really impressed with the quality, length and color of my cover, which is probably a weird thing to review. It's wide enough to cover my tv cords. The fabric is thick. It will last for many years. The fabric is fastened all the way down without any gaps thanks to a wide piece of Velcro. My color matches my wall paint and makes my cords disappear. A high quality product! I'm a real person who sees this every day.

3. Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

Changsuo Management Organizer Extension Protector

The wooden cord organizers is helpful for hiding power cords, surge protectors and chargers with enough space. It's a box made of paulownia, a very light, strong and stable wood, to hide cords. The package includes a cable box. No more messy cables, no worries about plastic or glue smells, and no assembly required. The unique opening makes it more versatile, and even if you don't use it strictly for wire management, there are a lot of things to do with it. It can be used in any room in the house.

Brand: Changsuo

👤The wooden box feels like it could break. The material is not very thick and has a small step up from cardboard. The cost is not comparable to the quality. I immediately returned it.

👤This was bought to replace bamboo or black organizers. The wood is cheap and light, like a balsa. The top doesn't stay on very well due to the low weight, and it may be more prone to breaking due to its more flexible nature. Okay value. It's not going to be very heavy, good quality wood, and only stained on the outside.

👤"Messes are optional," I've been reminding myself. I feel more productive working in a tidy space. The cable box helped me clean up my desk. I need to add 5 more chargers to my desktop power strip. I put my chargers on top of the double sided squares. The power strip fits inside well. There is a It is possible to get 888-405-7720 Both products are recommended by me.

👤The box was well packaged and arrived quickly. I was expecting that the wood was very thin. I thought the color would be lighter. The open strip in the back is too small. A lot of the newer powers trips have thick, big plugs and the one on mine wouldn't fit through the slot. I wanted it to go out the back so you couldn't see the cords, but I ended up having it come out the side.

👤The box is very light wood. I pushed the plug through the side. I like the look, but I wanted a better construction for the money. I like the side cutout design. My rat's nest of wires was improved by it. I don't have a before photo, but this is better and the side cut was critical for success.

👤The sofa is in the middle of the room. We needed a way to hide the cords after an outlet was put under our sofa. I put the boxes next to the tables on the sofa. The cords from our lamp, laptops, and other electronics were in this box. You can go through the narrow opening between the sofa and end table. The cords were wrapped in a sleeve. The boxes fit between the sofa and the table. We are very happy with them. I want one for the cords in the office.

👤I wanted a box to keep the cords out of my desk. This box is perfect. Some people were not happy with the quality. Balsa Wood is more like a traditional hardwood than a traditional hardwood is. It's construction is typical. There was no surprise for a box in this price range. It looks nice and there is plenty of room for storage. The box should hold up if you don't stand on it. The request for a review with a small gift included was very nice. I like free stuff. Cheers!

👤The wood of Paulownia is very light, so make sure you don't expect it to feel like a wood box. If you have a simple, straight surge protectors, it's beautiful and large enough to fulfill its purpose. I would be happy with it as a decor piece even if it wasn't a cable box.

4. Royal Designs CC 19 BL Material Fastener

Royal Designs CC 19 BL Material Fastener

Premium Burlap fabric. 48 inches covers up to 8 electrical cords or a heavy gauge chandelier chain. Installation is quick and easy with the full length Touch Fastener. There is a large variety of colors and fabrics to choose from. It's perfect for covering up chandelier chains. It's perfect for covering up chandelier chains.

Brand: Royal Designs, Inc.

👤The cost of these is too high. It's a piece of cloth sewn into a circle. My wife thought she was getting eight of them for that price. She checked and saw that it was designed for up to eight cords in one sleeve, not eight sleeves for eight separate cords. It would have been correct if she had received eight of these for the price. Four for $16 is okay. It's not worth more than sixteen dollars for one of these. They are bigger than expected because they are made for eight cords. She doesn't use them because they are not as decorative as she thought. She didn't fault the sellers or products. The rating for this item was lowered because of the price.

👤I needed this to cover the TV cords. I wanted a cord cover to match the decorations, and this one does. The Amazon photo makes the color look light, but it is really a typical burlap color. This is a good deal. It was packaged well.

👤The item is exactly as described. Very pleased!

👤I love this cover. The Christmas tree cord was easy to put on. The tree was dressed up by hiding the green cord and coordinating with the skirt. I will be ordering more for other cords. It was really nicely made.

👤I love these. The cords can be wrapped around with the help of the Velcro. It's easy to fit cords.

👤Great product. The current picture is incorrect.

👤This is something that I love. It's perfect to cover cords.

5. Cordinate Extension Protection Low Profile 37916

Cordinate Extension Protection Low Profile 37916

The Bulb requirements are 1x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb. The Cordinate 3-Outlet Extension Cord is designed to extend your style into the future. The charm of your space is only enhanced by the unique designer cable, which only distracts from the décor. The 10ft. woven tan and white chevron fabric cord cover is a must have for your home or work setup. The extra layer of fabric keeps the cord from being bent and tangled. The extension cord is constructed thoughtfully. Surge protection is built into the unit to protect your equipment from short spikes in voltage that can be harmful to your devices. peace of mind is provided by a hassle-free replacement policy. The braided fabric power cord is tan and white and can be used to add a personalized touch to your home décor or office space. The white finish on the plug and outlets accentuates the color scheme. Keep furniture and media close to the wall with the flat plug extension cord. The surge protector can be plugged into the receptacle without blocking the other outlet. The safety technology built into the outlets keeps foreign objects out of the outlets and eliminates potential electrical dangers to you and your family. The maximum electrical rating makes this unit perfect for indoors.

Brand: Cordinate

👤When I plug it into the wall, it emits a big zap and smoke.

👤Cute extension cord. I got it with a short in it. Would have to hold it in a certain way, but it has stopped working completely. I want a replacement so I can give a better review.

👤If you don't want your phone to die overnight or for stuff to stop working as you use it, don't use these. I bought three at the beginning. I tried a different cord to make sure I didn't get a faulty one. Disappointed. After three months, my extension cord stopped working. I woke up late because my phone died. I tested the products on the outlet and they worked well. It's the worst thing in the world that it starts working again and you start trusting again, only to have it go out unexpectedly. I bought three of them for my apartment and wanted them to work.

👤The braided cord in the product pictures is the same as your normal charging cables. It is very thick, about an inch in diameter. There is no built-in ceiling lighting in my apartment. I also have to deal with lighting rooms exclusively by lamps, which is an incredibly vexing design challenge. I bought this extension cord to run from the wall to the sofa. The goal is to provide outlets for console table/buffet lamps and a charging cable for phones from under the sofa. I bought this cable to blend with the carpet. There is a It's going to be obvious if you don't match the color of the cord to your flooring, you'll need clear clips to pin it down to the baseboards and a rug on top. There is a I think you're better off with a traditional extension cord. They are very thin and lie flat. This one is square. I will be using a traditional extension cord in my living room. The hassle to return this item is not worth it. I will use it in a bedroom or office. It seems to be sturdy. Again, not suitable as a design solution.

👤This thing worked for a while then stopped. If you like useless E-Waste, then I will not buy you anything.

👤It's pretty but some circuits can't be plugged in.

👤After 6 months of normal use, the outlet end cracked open. This device is extremely dangerous because of the cracked seam. The device was simply unplugged when the crack occurred. This unit is unsafe for normal use due to a design or manufacturing flaw. It is not clear how to contact the company for a warranty claim. This is disappointing, as this was one of the only true tamper-resistant extension cords I've been able to find.

👤Ahora ha funcionado perfecto, tengo conectada. It is durable.

👤No tiene una tpica extensin, pero no tiene mucho dentro de mi casa. Me encant el dseo, la textura del cable. Se ve una funciona.

👤LLeg bastante rpido, ya deca, aprox 5 das en mandarlo, me llego en 3 das. Incluso con una estampa de original. La calidad is super buena. El enchufe. I ha resultado una extensin, pero no pesa tanto. El color est increble, me encanta. No, no, no VALE LA PENA!

6. Desktop Power Strip USB Fire Retardant

Desktop Power Strip USB Fire Retardant

The color is distinct. The brown power strip has a different look than the traditional black/white power strip and is perfect for decorating your desk. No blocking. You can plug non-standard plugs between the two outlets of this power strip. The flat plug power strip is perfect for tight space behind the sofa, furniture, and cabinet. A high-speed charging station. The maximum output of the power strip can be up to 2.4A, which can give your devices a fast speed charge. Most of the time, the extension cord is flexible to use. There are multiple protections. The electric power strip has many functions. It will cut off the power to protect connected devices if a surge or overcurrent is detected. Even if it burns, there is no naked flame. FCC and RoHS certificated! They will use their slim power strip outlet extender. It's perfect for travel. The portable power strip is lightweight and perfect for travel. The size is 8.31”x 2.6”x 1.18”

Brand: Jackyled

👤I like the length of the power strip. I bought it to be able to get power near my couch. The outlets work, but the ports don't work. They are useless to charge phones unless I use one of the outlets. It was months after I bought it that I discovered they don't work, since I didn't think to check if they worked when I got it. It was not returnable.

👤The power strip looks great and is built well. I own the white one. There's plenty of space between the outlets so plugging a large power supply into one doesn't block use of the one next to it. The ports have a lot of power. It takes the same amount of time to charge my phone through the port as it does through the Apple charge. The power cable is heavy duty. I bought this in November of last year. It's been working well. One of the ac outlets became loose after about 6 months. The power strip is mounted vertically on the wall and anything plugged in would pull out on its own. The outlets and ports are still working. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new one and didn't ask for the one that was faulty to be returned. The first one was sent to a different address. They have great customer service. I highly recommend him.

👤I am very pleased with the power strip. I wanted a modern power strip with a flat plug and long cord at a decent price. I have a sun room that has no outlets or light fixture in it, but with this long cord I can plug in a lamp, charge up my phone, work on my laptop, and enjoy my day or night. The strip is black and white speckled. I bought 1 for home and 1 for travel. If you're looking for something compact, the 10 ft long cord is too bulky. The cord is strong. I like to travel with a few outlets where I need them. There is a small power indicator light between theusb ports and a power switch on the side.

👤I have wood floors. The wood floors are almost the same color as the power strip, so I was looking forward to the power strip blend in with the floors. It would have been better if it had matched the product photos. The company name is not shown in the product photos. I like the power strip. The outlets work and the charging cable is included. I thought 2 outlets would be enough for me to charge my laptop and my wife's laptop at the same time, but I had to plug my label maker into both the power and my computer the other day, so having 3 outlets turned out to be a good amount. The low profile plug makes it easy to leave plugged in behind furniture without the use of extension cords.

👤When the electricity went off, the clock started acting up. I spent a lot of money to get it fixed and wanted to plug it into a power strip. We have wood floors in that room, and I didn't want an ugly white plastic strip sitting beneath the clock, which sits on an antique buffet table. This seems to work just fine. I'm happy with the purchase.

7. Hot Headz Extension Safety Resistant

Hot Headz Extension Safety Resistant

The kit contains 10 x 1.18" (W) x 0.59" (H) x 15.7in lengths and 13ft of wire cover coverage. Water re-circulating connections: A rubber gasket seal surrounding the entire closure keeps your cords dry and safe from dust, dirt, and debris. This product is not waterproof and will not keep out water under extremely wet conditions. Provides a safe connection. The Safety Seal protects your cords, lights, tools, and accessories from water, dirt, and other debris that can cause dangerous electrical shorts and other damage. It's easy to use, it's practical, and it keeps cords securely connected even when using power tools and equipment. It's perfect for Christmas lights, Halloween lights, string lights, water fountain and pool pumps, air conditioners, heaters, security cameras and more. The heavy duty construction is made with heavy-duty molded plastic to endure rain, snow, ice, dirt and dust.

Brand: Hot Headz

👤I like theTwist & Seal brand of products. I have used them every Christmas since I discovered them and they are the only people who have their lights on in the rain. There is a The Hot Headz Extension Cord Safety Seal Water resistant Cord cover is good for larger connections and when I had to protect a few light connections. The problem is that the seal was a tad large for the big outdoor extension cords. I put a bit of FlexTape around where the cord met the seal to make it work. I gave it a hit of FlexSpray on the outside. There is a The SOcketBoxes Extension Cord Safety Seal water resistant cord covers my entire Christmas display.

👤I only use these at Xmas for outdoor lamps. They are good for this use. They are not waterproof. The plastic hinges might break if used a lot. The plastic might degrade in the sun. For 2 weeks in the winter is not a problem. Water is difficult to control. It can travel into a wire penetration. I wrap electrical tape around the wires to protect them. For comfort, I put a wrap around the outer circumference. I don't want to put these to the test in any area of standing water, we don't get many days of driving rain at this time of year, and they won't do that either. If you are only joining two cords, you might consider wrapping the plugs with Scotch Brand electrical tape, which is pretty watertight, if you wrap it properly. I have seen some water inside before I wrapped the exits. I would not leave these covered with snow. You can buy an exterior one that installs in a standard duplex outlet.

👤These guys look like bombs. I tried to put it in my pictures because it's hard to imagine how big they are. I needed mine to seal the cables outside. I was surprised at how large the package was, but if my cables are protected, all the better. I put the cords in the middle of the Safety Sealer and used a black tray to hold them up after water proofing. It's like you close the two capsule together and lock them in. They are important for big plugs and will work just fine. The name "Extension Cord Safety Seal" is the only real con in my eyes. This is more than extension cords, but I can see that as a functional application. I passed on this application because it seemed so specific. It doesn't affect a star for that. I bought 5 and will use them.

👤The product did not hold up well for longterm use. I needed a way to connect the extension cords in my garden so I could keep a water deicer in my chicken coop. I wanted the cord to be protected. The product worked well for a while. The plastic that is used to lock the two halves together became brittle and broke after the cold weather, making the device useless. I'm looking for a better solution.

8. Straw Lamp Cord Cover 9 Foot

Straw Lamp Cord Cover 9 Foot

If the item is broken or the package is damaged, please return it or replace it. If you don't like it, you can request a full refund. No questions were asked. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about this box. Look and feel like it. The real Silk is real. Style covers can be up to 2 coRDS. To apply for a tube application in the east. Shorten coRDS without regenerating.

Brand: Unknown

👤I was trying to figure out how to hide the hideous cords from the tv on the wall shelf. I was happy to see that I decided on this! It is easy to hide cords. You don't have to install and maneuver wall channels. This looks better.

👤I love them. The ugly electrical cords are the one thing that catches everyone's eye when they walk into a room. I have them throughout my home and they are very pleasant to look at. It's highly recommended for rooms in your home where you do most of your entertainment.

👤It was used for front door decorations. It was used inside to plug. The cord is very cheap and there is no need to tighten it. My other one was thick and silky, but this one looks like a hose. I have no alternative but to be dissatisfied.

👤The lamp cord cover is long. The fabric is high quality and the color was what I expected. It was easy to install.

👤The wine cooler cord should be covered. The wall looks great. The product is nice.

👤Just what I needed. Great color and length!

9. D Line Self Adhesive Channels Accessories Management

D Line Self Adhesive Channels Accessories Management

The 13A/125VAC maximum electrical rating makes this unit perfect for indoor use. D-line raceway is a fully paintable cord concealer and has an innovative 1/2 round profile to neatly cover cables on the surface. Short 15.7inch lengths can be used for longer straight installations. D-line 39inch raceways are also available. The D-line cord cover is supplied with a self-adhesive backing. There is a range of D-Line raceway accessories. The clip-over bends and t-shirts snap fit over the hide cordr channels. Smooth-fit Connectors internal shoulders fit inside raceway lengths ensuring a neat appearance can be maintained. D-line's paintable on wall cord covers are popular to hide cables above baseboards and to hide cables from wall mounted TVs, keeping cables on the surface makes it easier to add or remove cables at a later date. D-Line's cable management solutions are supplied with a one-piece hinged design for easy installation. D-line Raceway is not required to be installed with prior electrical or do-it-yourself know-how. The kit contains 10 x 1.18" (W) x 0.59" (H) x 15.7in lengths and 13ft of wire cover coverage.

Brand: D-line

👤I don't like cords. They look sloppy and get caught in things, and I wish there was a better way to do it. These worked. They worked. Whoever does remove them will have a mess on their hands. I would try to steam them off if I removed them. If you pull them off, they will destroy the walls. There is a They stick well and they don't hide the cords. There is a They can accommodate multiple cords. There is a They are heavy duty. It is difficult to cut to size. I used my Dremel to cut them, I used a razor to score them and snap them. It was a mess. I don't want to buy a saw to cut a cord. That is counter productive. The seams are ugly. The seam piece is internal. It was too much work to make your ends clean cut. I used white electrical tape and called it a day. No instructions. The internal piece thing should have been avoided, but I know this shouldn't be rocket science. Everything snapped on the other brand. No fuss. I used electrical tape to hide the seam. The corners are not straight. It's interesting. That is dumb. The entire strip was put on with glue. The double face tape was tabbed to the ends and the middle, about 1 inch. There was a lot to hold it in place. The strips had tape on them. The entire strip... Why? I pity the person who will take them away. Don't let it be me. It was a challenge to open these because I have arthritis. It was worse to close them. I wasn't sure if they were completely and securely closed because they don't make any clicking sound. Would I recommend it? It depends on the situation. Is household use something you do? No. Yes, the commercial garage type use. Yes, industrial use. Not a home office. It's not necessary to be this heavy duty in a home.

👤These are for my surround sound speaker cords. It looks like part of the design because it is above the baseboards. I would like to point out a few things. If you try to move the paint off the wall, the glue will rip it off. Measure it and make sure it's in the right place. I rolled the piece with 2 hands until it was stuck to the wall after I put it sticky side up. 2. The soft track will be cut by a saw blade or a Razer. SAW should not be used on the hard joint pieces. Only scissors or a rapper are allowed. It is not as hard as it looks. If a saw touches it, it will release all kinds of burning plastic smell. 3. If you need the end caps, it comes with them. Those cost more on their own. If you don't use the other pieces, it is cheaper to buy accessory packs that include them. 4. Make sure the opening side of each piece is the same way. And not the floor. The wires will be pulled out while you are trying to close it. The easiest way to open them is all the way.

10. Electriduct Plastic Flexible Protector Concealer

Electriduct Plastic Flexible Protector Concealer

We have made the wire channels slim and sleek so as to perfectly blend into your home decor, and you can paint the raceway to any color you need to match your wall. The double sided tape has a brown color. The channel size is 0.29"H x 0.7"W and the total size is 0.45"H x 2.9"W. Cut to any length with scissors or utility knife indoors. The Ridged bottom increases traction and avoids sliding. The center channel protects your electrical power extension cords. Keep your floor areas free of tripping hazard. The center channel protects your electrical power extension cords. Keep your floor areas free of tripping hazard.

Brand: Electriduct

👤I bought this so I could hide a cord so that my robot vacuum wouldn't get hung up forever dragging a wire. Put it in the sun. It was compliant after 20 minutes of intense sunlight. I kept it out in the sun for another 10 minutes to make sure it stayed in shape. Don't cut this thing to your specification when it's cool. You will break your scissors. A box cutter knife goes through easily when it's warm. I cut the length to three feet. I did a final pass on my cleaned floors with a 3 foot section of compliant material. I used a grease removal product to clean surfaces before applying glue. I winged it and let it evaporate completely, which only took a few seconds, but gave it an extra few minutes in the high plains. I applied the tape, lined it up, and pressed it down for a while. The cord cover was warm during this entire process, and it stuck well for about 20 minutes. There is a I have a partially adhered cord cover that protects my robot vacuum's bristles. I'm not in better shape than I was before this purchase. I read bad reviews for things I end up buying. I'm willing to take the time to do things properly, and it usually works out well, and I settle on a lot of negative reviews being user error. I took my time with this and expected good results. None to be had.

👤The purpose of a cover like this is to protect wires and pedestrians. The cover was tightly rolled up and permanently damaged. It was left on the floor at room temperature for days and it wouldn't lay flat. The trip hazard of cables on the floor was worse because of this cover. The top of the cover had a grooves on it due to the collapsed channel for the cabling. The seller said that soaking the cover in hot water would allow it to return to it's former shape but he was wrong, it was too hot to handle or too cold to shape, and it wasn't enough memory in the material to do that.

👤There are three big problems. If you put it on in the sun to warm it up, it will retain its rolled shape. If you lay it out, it bows up in different places. 2. It was useless because of Point #1. The floor was better suited for the glue than the cord cover was. 3. It is a challenge to cut. Box cutter, scissors, metal shears. You name it! You are steered to a crooked angle. It would have gone straight to returns if I had not tried to use it. A mistake. You have been warned. There is a Grrrrr!

👤These things need to be made out of plastic. They will not lie flat. I spent a long time trying to bend these in the opposite direction than they were curled for shipping, but it was almost impossible. I might be able to keep them down on the floor with tons of duct tape, but that would be ugly. They are very heavy and heavy plastic, and come pre-rolled up, so you can't get them to lie flat. You would need a pot 3 feet wide to boil them for a few minutes to make them softer. I can't recommend this stuff until they make it out of softer plastic. These are more of a tripping hazard than just a cable running across the floor would be. If you throw a rug over your cable, you'll be much happier.

11. Woods 0385 Master Extension 40 Feet

Woods 0385 Master Extension 40 Feet

You can add décor to any room by hiding the chain on your chandelier or ceiling fan with a cotton cover. Allow the cover to spread out or be folded together. It will be a great addition to the room. The outdoor extension cord is light and flexible. The wire thickness is 16-gauge and each plug has 3-prongs. 13A rating at 125V, 16/3-gauge. It's used for appliances, electric grills, decorative lighting, holiday lighting and outdoor applications. jackets are water, dirt, oil and chemical resistant and the extension cord is beige colored. jackets are water, dirt, oil and chemical resistant and the extension cord is beige colored.

Brand: Woods

👤We needed to run an extension cord to our second floor deck, but we didn't want the orange cord sticking out. It blends in nicely with our siding and provides power to the deck. It was anchored to our siding with siding clips.

👤This can be used to run an outdoor fountain and a bunch of lights.

👤It was color that did it for me. The color of the extension cord is very close to the color of our home, so it's not an eye sore to run it. Will post again if it is up to par.

👤The product is very durable. The siding on the back porch blends with the color. The usual heavy duty cable looks better.

👤I needed a great extension for my patio. I was disappointed in the color as I thought it would be more like a short extension cord than a creamy color. Quality is good and I am keeping it for my needs.

👤I used the extension cord to power my party lights.

👤The cord is good and flexible. The color disappears against the flooring. 5 stars!

👤Just as described. It seems to be sturdy and works well outdoors. It matches my home's exterior color. Prompt shipping.

👤Excellent quality, seems to last a long time. I'll update my review in a year when it's hot and cold.

👤La couleur is fond of sur la faade de ma maison.

👤It works well. There were no defects. An extension cord is just that. Nothing special to write about.

👤Came in a timely manner.


What is the best product for decorative extension cord cover?

Decorative extension cord cover products from Cordinate. In this article about decorative extension cord cover you can see why people choose the product. Creative Co-op and Changsuo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative extension cord cover.

What are the best brands for decorative extension cord cover?

Cordinate, Creative Co-op and Changsuo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative extension cord cover. Find the detail in this article. Royal Designs, Inc., Jackyled and Hot Headz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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