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1. Unidapt Outlets Charging Extension Protector

Unidapt Outlets Charging Extension Protector

It can be fixed on the desk or mounted on a wall. It sits on your desk without slipping off. It's perfect for your desktop, bedroom, dorm room, guest room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. This mighty little power strip can do it all with more outlets in a smaller size. It is easy to fit in luggage, briefcase, or on your desk. It's essential for travel, hotels, cruise ships, and home office. You can charge up to 8 devices at once. They've added more space between the 2nd and 3rd AC outlets to make it easier to fit larger plugs and devices. Safety gates have been added to prevent inappropriate things from entering the outlets. Extra safety is what this feature is upgraded for. Tired of power strips without enough power? The new design is better. Each of the 5usb ports have a max output of 5A and each has a max output of 5V. It's perfect to bring on Cruise Ships and travel. The power cord is not easy to bend and it provides more safety than other power cords. The plug does not block the receptacle of the duplex wall outlet. This improved design is for the cutting-edge modern power strip you need for home, work, cruise and vacations. Unidapt offers a full warranty and awesome customer service in case you need it. They are certain that you will love their products, but you can always return them for a money back guarantee.

Brand: Unidapt

👤This is convenient. The slots on the back allow me to hang it on the wall. I don't have to crawl around on the floor if I need to take out a charging cord. The rats nest on the floor can be straightened out with it. This one has a new accessory for my iPad. When I need it, I can plug in my clock and heating pad. I highly recommend it. I will get another one to use in my home office.

👤I got this for my computer. Needed a power strip that was small. There are three plugs for the PC, Monitor and External HD Enclosure. It is a perfect use case scenario. It's well built and has good cord material. Doesn't feel cheap. It was worth what I paid for.

👤It was great to have this on our cruise. All of our devices were charged at once. The phones and computer are on. It was easy to charge devices in our small cruise room because of the perfect cord length. I would recommend this if you are not sure how many outlets you will have.

👤The charger works. There are three outlets plus a couple of ports. It was purchased for travel and added more weight than expected. It works well at home. I bought a different one for travel.

👤This is great! I put it next to my bedside drawer so I could charge my stuff while I sleep.

👤The power cord is too heavy. My wife uses this for traveling and I would like the cord to be lighter.

👤The power strip is good for people who are on-the-go and need to connect to multiple devices. Three power outlets is enough. It's a good idea to have 4 and 1 USB A and C for the phones, tablets, etc. Highly recommended.

👤This power strip has multiple places to plug in, and it's also a great power strip. The entire thing is light weight and the cord is long. It seems very convenient and easy to use.

👤Me hubiera gustado tener la opcin. It is what it is. Se esconde fcilmente, tienes tener puertos USD and hasta ahorita. I encanta ya, no se enreda.

2. Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension Braided

Cordinate Designer 3 Outlet Extension Braided

SPECIFICATIONS: 13 Amps, 125 VAC, 1625 watt max. The braided fabric extension cord is cute and makes a great decorative touch to any home or office space, while also keeping your cords tangle-free and your cables organized. The sleek design of the flat plug allows furniture and media to sit closer to the wall. Three outlets are perfect for table and floor lamps. The power strip has an eight-foot power cable. When outlets are not in use, slide-to-close safety outlets protect you from electrical shock.

Brand: Cordinate

👤I bought this a couple months ago and it was great, but today it fried one of my cell phones and almost set my house on fire, after only having 2 cell phone chargers plugged into it. If you want a fire, don't buy this extension. I would have this company shut down if I could give them a zero. They should be taken off the website by Amazon.

👤I would have returned the product if I had used the extension cord before the return period expired. The two outlets on the one side of the extension cord are not large enough to plug in. There was no slide-to-lock safety feature on the extension cord I received. Only one outlet is usable on the other side. This is a single outlet extension cord. I have only used the extension cord for 20 minutes 3 times. I don't plan to use this cord to plug anything into it permanently because it seems a little flimsy, and I haven't run into any melting issues so far.

👤The quality of the extension cord is different than what you can find at a dollar store. This one has an angle plug, which means you can plug it into either the top or bottom part of the electric outlet easily, and it's braided, so that you can easily route it around, making it more flexible than the ones you get from home depot or dollar store. There is a I've owned it for a short time, but I've been using braided cables for a long time, and they usually last quite a long time, as long as you get a quality cable.

👤It is a good cord. It fits behind furniture because it has a flat plug. The angle of the plug frees up the other wall port. The color doesn't stand out because it matches my walls and carpet. Some reviews show melted cables or warnings about not being grounded. Reviewers are likely to put too many things into it. I use it to charge my phone. This type of extension cord is not designed to run high.

👤I bought these in July. The cord is garbage. The plug that goes into the wall broke. I was in love with it when I first got it, but it's not very useful.

👤I wanted a flat extension cord plugged into the wall outlet. If I ever need electricity in that room, I won't have to move furniture because this matches the wall.

👤The smell on this is so strong that it hurts my head. I put it outside for 24 hours to see if it improves. I will return it after 5 days. I never used it. It looks cute.

👤It works at the right price. We used this to get a piece of furnature closer to the wall. It's a little thing that makes a big difference.

👤I was expecting a cord that could be compared to a shoelace. The electric cord is the same as the regular one.

3. Cordinate Designer Extension Protector 41691

Cordinate Designer Extension Protector 41691

The circuit breaker has a flat plug. It is possible to connect the smart surge suppressor to a wall outlet at a narrow spot behind the furniture. They offer a hook and loop fastener as a gift to help you organize this wire. You can save money on cable ties. The braided fabric extension cord is cute and makes a great decorative touch to any home or office space, while also keeping your cords tangle-free and your cables organized. The sleek design of the flat plug allows furniture and media to sit closer to the wall. There are two grounded outlets and twoUSB ports with an extra-long 10-foot power cable. Fast charging of phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices is possible with the 2.4 Amp Charging Station. This power strip protects your electronic equipment from surge spikes.

Brand: Cordinate

👤Looks good. The ports failed after less than a day of use. Money and time are wasted. You can get a comparable product from a more reliable brand if you spend a few more bucks.

👤There is an update. After posting a negative review, a rep reached out to me, sent me a new cable, and followed up again to make sure I was satisfied. It's not perfect, but still only 4 stars because of the hassle, and I want one that's a lot more minimalist, and the blue light is so bright I have to tape it up. It isn't lighting up the whole room at night. Customer service is great. I'm looking forward to seeing updates on this product. The original review was not a good one. The package was torn open and cable was stuffed back in a hurry. The company used the benefit of the doubt. It was working fine until earlier this week when I noticed that both of theusb charging devices weren't working. I thought buying through Amazon would be easy. It isn't. I hope the company can reach out to me to fix the mistake. There is a It's alright. It's the best thing on the market right now for a travelling cord.

👤I got this extension cord because of the two outlets, but unfortunately for me, the only thing that works on some of my devices is theusb port, so I still need to use a chargers thats ok. The bigger problem is how close these plugs are to each other. They are so close that you can only plug in a single thing at a time. I can't plug in two plugs because they hit each other. The spacing was correct, and you can plug in a device that doesn't have a ground plug between the outlets. That seems dangerous. There is a The cord is nice, but I wouldn't buy it again.

👤There are two regular plugs and two charging ports. If you put your ear up against the unit, it will have a static sound. There is a Is it supposed to be doing that? I don't see any increase in my electric bill because I was concerned that it meant it was draining electricity when not in use. I plugged it into the wall sockets to make sure it wasn't something related to my wiring. The noise is static. If it wasn't for the static sound, I would have given it five stars.

👤The plugs are so close together that it's impossible to put 2 plugs in. I have a regular plug for an electric reclining chair, but I can't use the adapter plug. It's disappointing to say the least. The quick charging section is on the bright side. Common sense should be included in the design of a product. If you have the space, make one plug sideways or out.

👤I bought this extension cord because of the following reasons. There are two ports for me to use to charge my cell phone. 2. 3 prong plugs are allowed in the other outlets. Only 2 prong plugs are allowed. 3. There is a built in surge protector. There is a It's perfect for my bedroom. I have a bed that is adjusted. I can charge my phone. The cord is thick and stiff, but covered in braided nylon. It appears to be strong. It should give me years of use and protect my electronics. I'm happy I found this product. I told it to everyone.

4. SUPERDANNY Wireless Protector Vertical Extension

SUPERDANNY Wireless Protector Vertical Extension

This power strip protects your electronic equipment from surge spikes. The 10W Wireless Charger is in the standard format. There is a built-in wireless charging pad on top of the power strip tower that is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and provides them 10W/ 7.5W/ 5W cordless charging. Their charging station has an indicator that tells you if it's working, with constant red for power on and blue for metal detection. SmartUSBCharging 5V/ 3.4A from the 4 ports, with 0-2.1A/port for charging phones, tablets, and otherusb powered electronics. The blue outlet tower has smart IC technology that allows it to detect plugged devices and automatically provide them the fastest charging current possible. The outlet tower is designed with a wall out voltage of 120V and a rated current of 13A. The max power is 125V x 13A in the United States. 1625W is a calculation formula. The max wattage of the vertical power strip tower is 3000W. Space saving and cord retractable. The innovative tower shape uses the vertical space and allocates the outlets evenly on four sides with them wide-spaced, which is perfect for large and bulky power plugs and adapters. The retractable 6.5ft cord in the tower base is a space-saving design that allows you to leave the rest inside for better balance. All-round protection technology. The power tower surge protectors will shut off the minor surge in the circuit when there is an overwhelming surge. The overload/ short-circuit protector at the bottom of the tower base will cut off power when it overloads. Press the device down to reset the power strip tower.

Brand: Superdanny

👤This is a great place to charge up. It works well with my setup for me. There is a The only problem is the wireless charging point. It gets very hot. I feel very hot. It is uncomfortable to touch the phone. I don't see any issues if you stay away from wireless charging. My experience is anecdotal and may be abnormal, so take it with a grain of salt. There is a The cord winds into the base so you don't have to worry about it. If you only need 1 foot, you can pull out. It is awesome. The taller version does not have the wireless charging feature. It works well as well. This product is very good. The wireless gets so hot that it gets 4 stars. It would be 5 if it wasn't for that. It doesn't bother me, but it seems like it's useless.

👤The ports are not fast. I still need to use the regular outlet ports to plug in the adaptive/fast charging port. The most disappointing part is that. The wireless charge says it is fast charging, but the estimated charge time between the two is the same. It gets very warm when using the wireless charging top. The brass paint on the tower scratches off easily. I didn't notice taking it out of the box or placing my phone on it the first time it was put on it because it came scratched up already. There is a It is nice as an alternative to surge protectors. The excess cord winds into the tower. It could be better if the plug was flat. I was unable to use this in the wall outlet I was planning to use. I need a flat plug extension to get around the furniture. The tower plugs into that.

👤This is the third one I have purchased. Since we are working from home, I always need to have something plugged in. This does it all. There are two on/off switches for different functions and I like the wireless feature on top. It is small enough to fit in a suitcase. I like it.

👤I spent hours trying to understand why the power tower wouldn't let me use my toothbrush. Is there a hidden button? I found that the power tower was just malfunctioning. It won't let in certain types of plugs. You get a lot of scratch marks on your plugs and on the power tower outlet because of the subtle differences in which plugs it works with. There is a This could have been very useful for us.

👤I only gave it 4 stars because I noticed my phone got hot sitting on the top while charging, so I just plug it in via a microusb cord instead. It's handy to have this sitting on my desk, as I need a receptacle and extra ports to power up my devices close at hand. I don't have a lot of cords left to get tangled up so the power cord is stored with the device.

5. Cordinate Protector Decorative Tangle Free 41639

Cordinate Protector Decorative Tangle Free 41639

The extension cord of this power hub is made of thicker pure copper, which can handle a bigger power rate, less easy to get hot. It has a long power cord that keeps your devices within reach. They offer a cable tie as a gift to help organize the electric wire. The braided cord adds to the look of a room while also keeping it tangle-free. The sleek design of the flat plug allows your furniture and media to sit closer to the wall. With 6 outlets and a 3ft cord, power more is possible. Surge protection at 450 Joules Protection Rating. The warranty includes a $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.

Brand: Cordinate

👤Tell me who makes a power strip without an indicator to show when it's on. There is a I didn't have time to re-order the item because it arrived late, so I would have returned it and ordered a different one.

👤I had to keep plugging in and unplugging my systems when I wanted to use them, it was a terrible annoyance. I have one double outlet in my tv. The tv would be plugged into one outlet. My gaming set up is 100x more convenient. I am happy I got this sooner than later. I didn't know why I waited a year to get this.

👤The power strip is made with less than $1 worth of parts and looks great on the outside. The style of receptacle strip they used to power the outlets is very thin and can become loose over time. The only surge protection is a general non-linear Resistor, also known as a MOV across line and neutral. The blowable fuse is the worst part. The instructions on the bottom say to throw the power strip away if you accidentally over current it because it has nice thick wires. A resettable breaker would have been better. I don't like single use throw away plastic products because the manufacturer wanted to save a few cents and use a fuse so this could look good on the outside but be garbage on the inside to hit a target price point. It's cheap and you get what you pay for.

👤The search protectors work as they are supposed to. It's difficult to get items plugged into it, I've noticed some surge protectors are not. The one in the middle is this one. You might not like this product if you have issues with being able to grip things tightly.

👤I thought it was perfect. The right length is important. Twice in the last year, the end outlet farthest from the wall plug has stopped conducting electricity. I own two. I can't use either of them to feel unsafe if it doesn't do what it should. They work well for the first year or so.

👤The power strip had two things that were off. The phone is something else. They came back on after I moved it a little. I don't know if it's the power strip with a problem or the plug in, they have been fine ever since. I'm waiting to see if it happens again or not, so we can do more testing to see which is the problem. It's been about a month since a new plug-in has been installed, and there's nothing to know what the problem is. Not sure.

👤I got an air fryer for Christmas. When not in use, the instructions say to leave it unplugged. The only outlet that can be used for a microwave is in front of it, and plugging it in and then removing it is a real pain. There is a I used this to move the outlet to a more accessible place. It works well for that.

6. Retractable Outlet Protector Extension Portable

Retractable Outlet Protector Extension Portable

Unidapt offers a full warranty and awesome customer service in case you need it. They are certain that you will love their products, but you can always return them for a money back guarantee. The portable strip is a practical outlet extender that can be used anywhere, and it can be stored properly to help you get rid of cords and cable mess. It is suitable for home, dorm and office for people who had enough with cords and cable. It's designed to extend one single AC outlet to 8 ports, with 5 AC ports, 2 USB ports, and a Type-C Port. Help to charge devices that use theusb power source. The smart IC technology maximizes the charging speed by detecting plugged-in devices. Surge protectors protect electronics from overload, over-voltage, short circuit, spike, short circuit,over heat, fire, power surge and lightning. They provide support and warranty for their value customers.

Brand: Sarmert

👤There is a button in the middle that needs to be pressed to charge the device. A replacement was sent. Will update review after that, but for now. The replacement did not work and this company tried to make it right. I have dealt with many customer service providers. They insisted on sending me a different model for free, even though it was not without the retractable cord, because it works perfectly. This will fit my needs.

👤I have some odd shaped ones. I wanted a short cord. It's perfect for the 4 things I wanted to plug in even though I lost one outlet and oneusb. I hope it continues.

👤This looks very attractive in terms of size and decor, but the first one that arrived was hopelessly jammed, so it is being returned. When the second one arrived and it was jammed, I knew that quality control in China was poor. The second one was finally released. I'm using it, but I discovered that it will interfere with nearby radios, so I won't buy it again.

👤The raised ridge around the outlet made it impossible for the plugs to fit. The problem was solved by this. I can plug in two automatic sofas and two lamps with additional plugs available.

👤This power strip is great for traveling when outlets are hard to reach or there isn't enough for all your devices. It is easy to pack in your luggage or carry on bag with the retractable nature. The power strip is easy to remove and the cord is long.

👤This thing is great for traveling and on-site work. The five outlets are perfect and there are twoUSBs. The cord is too long. I had to purchase an extension for this one. The product is high quality and well made. I still recommend it.

👤The powerstrip is small. It's useful for travel. You can easily turn five extra outlets into ports with converters. The kind of spring back that usually breaks after a few uses is a plus. I found the cord perfect for travel. It was useful to have a single location in a hotel room where you could charge everything. It won't solve all of your problems, but it may solve a few.

👤The retractable cord is flatter to the wall. I had to modify the plug so that it was larger than a typical cabinet for wiring.

7. Desktop Power Strip USB Fire Retardant

Desktop Power Strip USB Fire Retardant

The color is distinct. The brown power strip has a different look than the traditional black/white power strip and is perfect for decorating your desk. No blocking. You can plug non-standard plugs between the two outlets of this power strip. The flat plug power strip is perfect for tight space behind the sofa, furniture, and cabinet. A high-speed charging station. The maximum output of the power strip can be up to 2.4A, which can give your devices a fast speed charge. Most of the time, the extension cord is flexible to use. There are multiple protections. The electric power strip has many functions. It will cut off the power to protect connected devices if a surge or overcurrent is detected. Even if it burns, there is no naked flame. FCC and RoHS certificated! They will use their slim power strip outlet extender. It's perfect for travel. The portable power strip is lightweight and perfect for travel. The size is 8.31”x 2.6”x 1.18”

Brand: Jackyled

👤I like the length of the power strip. I bought it to be able to get power near my couch. The outlets work, but the ports don't work. They are useless to charge phones unless I use one of the outlets. It was months after I bought it that I discovered they don't work, since I didn't think to check if they worked when I got it. It was not returnable.

👤The power strip looks great and is built well. I own the white one. There's plenty of space between the outlets so plugging a large power supply into one doesn't block use of the one next to it. The ports have a lot of power. It takes the same amount of time to charge my phone through the port as it does through the Apple charge. The power cable is heavy duty. I bought this in November of last year. It's been working well. One of the ac outlets became loose after about 6 months. The power strip is mounted vertically on the wall and anything plugged in would pull out on its own. The outlets and ports are still working. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new one and didn't ask for the one that was faulty to be returned. The first one was sent to a different address. They have great customer service. I highly recommend him.

👤I am very pleased with the power strip. I wanted a modern power strip with a flat plug and long cord at a decent price. I have a sun room that has no outlets or light fixture in it, but with this long cord I can plug in a lamp, charge up my phone, work on my laptop, and enjoy my day or night. The strip is black and white speckled. I bought 1 for home and 1 for travel. If you're looking for something compact, the 10 ft long cord is too bulky. The cord is strong. I like to travel with a few outlets where I need them. There is a small power indicator light between theusb ports and a power switch on the side.

👤I have wood floors. The wood floors are almost the same color as the power strip, so I was looking forward to the power strip blend in with the floors. It would have been better if it had matched the product photos. The company name is not shown in the product photos. I like the power strip. The outlets work and the charging cable is included. I thought 2 outlets would be enough for me to charge my laptop and my wife's laptop at the same time, but I had to plug my label maker into both the power and my computer the other day, so having 3 outlets turned out to be a good amount. The low profile plug makes it easy to leave plugged in behind furniture without the use of extension cords.

👤When the electricity went off, the clock started acting up. I spent a lot of money to get it fixed and wanted to plug it into a power strip. We have wood floors in that room, and I didn't want an ugly white plastic strip sitting beneath the clock, which sits on an antique buffet table. This seems to work just fine. I'm happy with the purchase.

8. Globe Electric Designer Protector 78255

Globe Electric Designer Protector 78255

It's perfect for covering up chandelier chains. Globe Electric's designer series power strip is used to decorate your space. There is a patent pending. Extension cords are also available. There are two USB ports that can charge with 2.4 Amps. It's compatible with all of the devices that use theusb charging device. It's perfect for small electronics. The power cord has a right angle plug for increased range from power outlets. Globe Electric's right angle plug can be used to plug furniture into the wall. Globe Electric's right angle plug can be used to plug furniture into the wall.

Brand: Globe Electric

👤The power strip is so badly designed that it's amazing. There is a The first major problem is the weird-shaped plug, it makes the cable stick out to the left when plugged in, and it gets ugly when you want to run the cable to the right. This screwed up plug doesn't fit anywhere. There is a If you want to fit the cable in a narrow place, you'll have a lot of fun because it's so stiff. There is a Some suckers don't put a switch on a power strip. What were they thinking? Is it necessary to plug it in every night before sleep? I didn't notice this before buying, but it's just too dumb. I'm going to return it.

👤I bought several of these for my house last year and liked the design, because most of the power strips on the market are very basic. They put their logo on the top of these and I just bought more of them. I know most people wouldn't care, but given that the main differentiating factor of this product was its elegant design, it really ruined that. There are a few brands on the market that have kept their design clean.

👤I loved it until it stopped charging my products. I love the cute color and the fabric cord, but it stopped being supported by my iPad and iPhone. It happens to me all the time, and it will stop charging my Apple stuff in a few weeks or months. It's almost worth it, but it's too expensive to stop working in this short amount of time.

👤This product has a high quality cord, but it is flatter than most, which is perfect for my needs, such as placing my wide screen TV inside a shuttered closet. The shutters can be closed with minimal impact on the cord. The charging ports are useful because I am in a constant competition for charging locations at my house. I am giving this product 4 stars because the power outlets are very close together and the two devices with oversized plugs are the only reason I'm giving 5 stars. The configuration needed to be made work with extenders. The power bar is designed for small power plugs. My new TV setup looks great and the cord is an answer to my dreams. I am happy.

👤I got an Amazon Echo during a sale and was having fun with it. It made sense to keep my Echo since I already used the outlets in the part of the kitchen. Time for a power strip. I was researching power strips to find the one I needed. These were 1. 6 feet cord. I kept it on the kitchen counter because I could plug it near the floor. 2. I could use the other sockets on the outlet. 3. There are at least 3 sockets for my speakers. 4. It's in the kitchen. 5. It's in the kitchen. I found a few that fit these requirements, and finally found this one. I thought the 2usb sockets might be useful. The sockets are too close together to fit everything, so I only used 2 of them. Big plug things. I was able to plug my echo into theusb sockets, so it worked out. There is a I was considering a pivot plug, but it would have taken up more space, and the sockets are separated and moveable, so that might have been better.

9. Protector SUPERDANNY Extension Adjustable Fastening

Protector SUPERDANNY Extension Adjustable Fastening

14AWG/15A Current/9.8ft. The power hub is 15 Amps with 14 gauge heavy-duty extension cord, which is nearly 10 feet, suitable for various of high wattage equipment, and can be used in many countries. The surge protectors power sockets are made of fire-resistant (1382F) material and have the highest fire resistance level. The 15-Amp circuit breaker has all-round protection, including surge/ overload/ over-voltage/ over-current/ short-circuit/ high-temperature protection. This 3-prong 6 AC outlet and 4usb ports desk power strip's sockets are wide-spaced to ensure that you don't have to use big plugs. The charging station has a light walnut grain colored shell. The smartusb charging station can detect the charging rate for electric devices, such as the iPad, laptop, and computer. The total is 3.1A in total. The extension cord of this power hub is made of thicker pure copper, which can handle a bigger power rate, less easy to get hot. It has a long power cord that keeps your devices within reach. They offer a cable tie as a gift to help organize the electric wire.

Brand: Superdanny

👤I cursed the surge protectors every single day for months now. I wouldn't give them stars. This is the worst surge protection I have ever had. Do not buy this P.O.S. if you want your electronics to stay plugged in. I was happy with the surge protectors when I first purchased them. It was small and it had a couple ofusb ports. It has been a couple months. I find the plugs easy to open. They pop out when the tug is small. I had a big problem with this because I thought my phone was dead and I had to wake up late because it was not charging. It takes forever to charge anything because theusb ports are weak.

👤I couldn't resist the purchase because my cabinets matched this perfectly. It looks great. It did work. Not for very long. I had a microwave that had a bug light on it. That was it. While running the microwave. The door nail was dead. It ended on March 19th. There is a I want to think it saved the electronics. The negative side of me thinks what outlet dies quickly? There are two things plugged into it. It was plugged into a wall outlet. The surge protector is not very useful. There was nothing else plugged into that wall. There is a I can't recommend based on my experience. Maybe the microwave was too much draw, but for a surge protector that is supposed to handle 6 items. The wall outlet handled two items that were fine for a long time, but they killed it. There is a It arrived on time. We couldn't find a reset button or switch to reset it. I didn't think it would have a problem. Quality copper is prioritised. The power strip with extension cord is made of thick pure copper. It is safe enough to be used for multiple appliances. The cord was warm to the touch when it died. If it worked it would be a great way to have extra plugs and surge protection without the sight of a standard unit. I'm not sure what to say since it blew so quickly.

👤Over time the outlets waller out, but it was okay for over a few months. I have lost tracks when using this method for recording music. The weight of the bottom makes it difficult to use a wall wart. Wanted to like it. It still doesn't live up to cheap P.O.S. power strips from the dollar store, and maybe I was putting through a more rigorous applications than it was meant for. I have never had one that was not able to support an adapter. I couldn't use the 4usb jacks because they were very weak, so it's confusing. If you are that, layout is great to bad. Danny is not all that special.

👤I bought this and it died in less than 8 months. It's not safe. If you don't want a fire or a plug that's durable, don't buy it. I don't recommend this plug.

10. Power Strip Extension Protection Essential

Power Strip Extension Protection Essential

All-round protection technology. The power tower surge protectors will shut off the minor surge in the circuit when there is an overwhelming surge. The overload/ short-circuit protector at the bottom of the tower base will cut off power when it overloads. Press the device down to reset the power strip tower. The power strip has ausb port. The power strip with 6 ac outlets and 3usb ports, built in smart charging technology, will detect your devices automatically and deliver the fastest charge speed up to 2.4A. The 10 ft extra long heavy duty cord is accredited by the UL. The power cord is encased in a braided insulation and jacket that has a flat plug to allow the unit to fit close to the wall. Fire-resistance PC shell with flame retardant at 1382F makes it more durable and secure, and it has a special Phosphor copper conductor for sockets. On/off switch. The white power strip built-in multiple security module protects your expensive computers, tv and all other electronic devices from overload, short circuit and voltage fluctuations. The overload switch will trip off if the power goes off. The indicator light lets you know that the power is active, but it doesn't cause bright light in the dark. Right angle FLAT PLUG and WALL MOUNTABLE. The wall mount power strip has two mounting holes and a 10 ft long cord, which allows it to be securely installed in various applications, such as workbenches, wallmounts, floormounts, under counters and more. It can be fixed on the desk or mounted on a wall. It sits on your desk without slipping off. It's perfect for your desktop, bedroom, dorm room, guest room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Brand: Mifaso

👤It was used to make an outlet behind a furniture store usable. The cord length went around the room. Since the plug sits flat to the wall outlet, there was no problem pushing the drawer back in place. I've had no issues with this power strip.

👤I loved it for a couple of days, then it stopped working.

👤Needed something that would plug in and lay flat so the drawer in front of the plug would stay close to the wall. It works great and I love having theusb outlets.

👤I wanted a design that was large, shape and aesthetic. The cable blends in nicely with our carpet in the living room. The purchase of a flexible cable was important. My goal was to have all the cables contained so my little robot vacuum wouldn't eat the charging cables. The bamboo wood box I found on Amazon did the trick. So far, so good.

👤I use an outlet behind my bed, and this flat plug works great. The old one would get hit with the mattress and pull out often, but this one fits flush and works exactly as I need it to.

👤Excellent product! I have had it for a while. I love it. The outlets seem to work the same as theusb ports. I have used 75% of the slots and outlets at the same time. It is sturdy enough that it will not topple over.

👤This set up has plugs and ports. I can plug in my phone, heating pad, and other items to a power charge on my couch. Love it.

👤It's perfect for my small office. There are so many ports that I needed. The cable is very strong.

11. Protector Extension Fire Retardant Fastening SUPERDANNY

Protector Extension Fire Retardant Fastening SUPERDANNY

The warranty includes a $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. The smart ports of this dual voltage power sockets can detect your phones, tablets, mp3 players, cameras and charge them at the fastest possible speed up to 2.4A per port, 2.4A in total. The 3-prong AC outlets are widely spacing. The portable outlet extender can be used to ensure that big plugs are not blocked by each other. You can travel to different places without worrying about the voltage. It's ok to use in most of Asia. The fire resistance materials of theusb power hub are the highest level, rating:UL94 V 0. This long cord faux wood power strip has surge, overload, short-circuit, over-Current, over-heating protection. The plugboard has a 9.8ft pure copper cord, which makes it easy to reach your devices. The color of the habitat wood surge protectors is similar to the vintage walnut grain, making them functional and decorative. The circuit breaker has a flat plug. It is possible to connect the smart surge suppressor to a wall outlet at a narrow spot behind the furniture. They offer a hook and loop fastener as a gift to help you organize this wire. You can save money on cable ties.

Brand: Superdanny

👤Disappointed! I have owned this power strip for eight months. I don't use the power strip often. It only gets used occasionally. Plugs fall out of the loose receptacles. The third receptacle from the top has stopped working. The product looks great and I like the look of faux wood. I can't recommend this power strip. Out of the three outlets, two provide no electric. One of the 2usb ports does not have charge. The product should get zero.

👤I bought the strip because of the ad that claimed a safety certification. The strip is made in China and there are no safety certifications on it. I don't think this is a safe powerstrip in the event of something going wrong.

👤What a world we live in. I needed a power strip with one or more ports that wasn't too big or obnoxious, and it wouldn't be hidden. It is on Amazon, cheap, with a wood finish, and with Prime Shipping. I bought two more because I liked it so much. Highly recommended.

👤This thing is too dangerous to use. The plugs will fall out when a fitting is loose and cause a fire. I am throwing it away. I had this for a few months and used the ports on the computer. The female electrical outlets are loose. If you plug a 3 way grounded cord in, it's fine, but if you use a 2 way one, it will fall out. This is unsafe because of a loose fitting that can cause heat and damage the plugs. This is heavy duty and attractive, but unsafe.

👤I didn't buy this to be a surge Suppressor. A surge Suppressor with a higher price tag would be a good choice. This power strip is an attractive and switchable AC power center that can be used to power small electronic devices. There are also two ports that can be used for additional storage. This one is attractive and doesn't take up a lot of space, which is something I would rather not do. The device provides power for an Amazon Firestick and an HDMI switch-box in the attached photo. Both serve a TV a short distance away. The length 9 is some specifics. The width is about 2.5 inches. The height is less than 1 The black power cord is large. A switch at one end of the device turns power on/off. There are two ports at the far end. The three AC outlets are of substantial build and are far apart so that plugged-in AC/DC converters have plenty of room. Outlets can't be switched on/off individually. It is not red, but it is the red color option. Maybe it's "Red mahogany." Whatever it is, it is. The color of my bedroom decor is well suited to that color. They have done a decent job crafting a wood effect. The bottom of the device has some information on it. I can't find any certifications on the device or in the packaging, even though it is FCC certified for radio interference. I understand why some prospective buyers might be deterred by the absence of a certification for my application. I took one point off my rating because of it. There was a quick update on 4-20-21. There have been no problems with this item after 2 months of continuous use. No falling-apart, no overheating, etc. I recently bought a second one. The devices connected to the second one continue to work, even though they are not connected to the first one. The switch is usually left in the on position, plugged in devices are left plugged in and the device is not moved much.


What is the best product for decorative extension cord usb?

Decorative extension cord usb products from Unidapt. In this article about decorative extension cord usb you can see why people choose the product. Cordinate and Superdanny are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative extension cord usb.

What are the best brands for decorative extension cord usb?

Unidapt, Cordinate and Superdanny are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative extension cord usb. Find the detail in this article. Sarmert, Jackyled and Globe Electric are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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