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1. Oterri Fireproof Collapsible Automobile 15 35×12 2×10 2

Oterri Fireproof Collapsible Automobile 15 35%C3%9712 2%C3%9710 2

It's wide used. The fireproof storage box is foldable, making it easier to store when not in use. The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry it. Password Lock Anti-Theft is a three digit password lock that is used for security protection. It can prevent children from accidentally turning over certificates. The fire lock box is made of double-layer non itching silicone coated glass fiber, which can prevent important items from being burned in the fire. There are good things like good elasticity and chemical resistance. The cloth surface is waterproof and can be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent accidental splashing and protect internal objects. Legal Size, Letter Size Documents, and Various of Other items are suitable for storage. The box's size is 15.35 2.210 inch, which is suitable for both legal and letter size documents. It can sort out your stuff. If the box doesn't need to be used, you can put it in the trunk of your car or in your home. If you need to travel immediately, you can put the box in the trunk of your car or you can go out and get the box. If the box doesn't need to be used, you can put it in the trunk of your car or in your home. If you need to travel immediately, you can put the box in the trunk of your car or you can go out and get the box.

Brand: Oterri

👤I received a storage organizer. The pink color is appealing to me. I like the size. It feels strong. It would be great if the handles were able to reach across the entire storage organizers so that it could be lifted much easier. One handed carry would be easier to maneuver with longer handles. It would be a 5 star purchase if the handles were longer.

👤It's a great item to keep important papers in. Works for both legal and letter sizes. I can't speak to water fire protection.

👤It looked similar and cheaper than the other brands that I bought. As with anything cheaper, beware. The stitching on the sides is coming apart because the zippers don't zip well.

👤Great materials for a great product. It is easy to pull together. It is possible to hang file folders to grab and go during a storm. Thank you!

👤The lock is easy to assemble and I like it.

👤I don't know what's more surprising - the number of important documents which accumulate over the years, or the careless way we found ourselves treating them. Property deeds, vehicle titles, passports, and insurance records were piled up in drawers and closets, and when we needed them it could be a mad scramble. If they're not in a safe place, a flood, storm or fire could destroy them. We had a hard time finding the Oterri Fireproof File Storage Box. There is a The Oterri box is large enough to hold all our important papers, and the fact that it accommodates industry standard Pendaflex-style folders is very useful. The Oterri box is very sturdy and attractive, and can be kept on the credenza for quick access, unlike those old industrial-looking tin document boxes. The large handles make it easy to carry, and the locking system keeps the contents safe from the eyes. There is a The Oterri Fireproof File Storage Box is large enough to hold all sorts of personal valuables, from jewelry boxes and mementos to a salesperson's samples and sales literature. We're very pleased with the product.

👤Also, note: The description says fireproof. This would not be fire resistance. Same for the claim of being water proof. I can imagine a good soak in a flood would mean you have wet docs because it is a fabric box with no gasket. It would be a good idea to call it water resistance, as a small spill or dash through the rain would wipe it off. I was looking for a fire-resistant storage box for our emergency kit, so I was happy to review this one. No one will waste time going 'which pink box?' if it's pink. If we are panicked. The box is easy to set up and unfold. It's the size of a medium cooler once the rigid bottom is in place. I don't think I'd put a lot on top of it. There is a There are 2 outside pockets on either end. It's a 2-handed carry because they don't connect. The rubber feet minimize damage to the bottom. There's a double zip on the attached cover and the ends of the zips lock into a combination lock. Like a luggage lock. It would not deter someone from looking at someone. I was able to hang legal-size hanging folders widthwise. My accordion files were too wide to fit with the hanging folders and I had to make them fit like legal sized ones. It's deep enough and wide enough for my needs, I know the color is bright enough to find quickly, and I hope I never have to test the fire or water resistance ratings.

2. Stola Organizer Decorative Resistant Document

Stola Organizer Decorative Resistant Document

It's easy to find what you want with the visible spine. You can hold standard size file folders in your home office. This stylish filing box is great for your desk. It is easy to clean a fabric file box. The portable file bin has handles on the front and back for easy mobility. The front pocket of this file organizer has added office supply storage. There are polka dots in the print. There are polka dots in the print.

Brand: Stola

👤I'm mostly paperless these days, but there are a few things that I need to keep just in case. I didn't want to invest in the whole "filing cabinet with dividers and file folders" set-up because there aren't that many documents involved here. I needed something small that I could put on a shelf. I settled on this one due to its size and appearance, and the pattern and colors. There is a It's perfect for me. I'm using hanging folders to hold papers by subject, and regular file folders to separate sources, for example, the MEDICAL hanging folder. Everything fits perfectly, and I can store it in the closet as planned. If I need more storage, I would purchase another.

👤It will stand up and not fall over. I bought a few. I use on for my Sunday Basket, it holds hanging file folders, and the other for carrying my journal, pens and laptop from room to room. I am using the last one as a project basket. They are pretty.

👤The pattern and color of this bag are very striking. The bag is not a file holder. I don't know where they found this bag. It is not what I ordered. I will have to send it back. I can't order another of the same type because they are all out of this style. The product arrived in the mail and is what I needed it to be. If you get this product, it is a great product. Highly recommend it!

👤I became a widow recently and needed to arrange financial documents in an organized way. I ordered this item and file folders to fit my needs. It's perfect! The handles on the front and back are nice. I can't speak about the longevity of the file bin, but I believe it will last a long time for me. I was surprised to find the folder bin on Amazon, I had no idea it existed. I was going to use a large paper box from work. I'm glad I won't have to carry that box around. I now have a container that is perfect for me. It is sturdy and lightweight. There is a Liquid spills can be sopped up without ruining the bin. It was worth the money for me.

👤This is easy to use and has plenty of space inside. I bought the hanging file holders which fit in perfectly and the colorful paper file folders which were recommended add-ons. I have a lot of files in there with room for many more. The style,Durability and overall quality made the purchase worthwhile for me, even though the profit margin is huge. It's perfect for a home office or someone who doesn't have a lot of filing needs.

👤It is very sturdy but not fabric. It's made of plastic. The desktop is cute. It has many files. I love it!

👤I like this. It's a decent size and can fit standard hanging file folders. It's very deep. The bottom of it is inside. It's made of plastic or vinyl. If you love hummingbirds... You'll love it. It's the right size for my desk.

3. Safco Products Letter Size 2162BL Construction

Safco Products Letter Size 2162BL Construction

There are polka dots in the print. There is a portable filing. The project filing is done. A mail tote. It fits the folder size letter. You can take them wherever you want with the integrated handle. Simply fold when not in use. There are label holders for different things. There are legal-size folders available. Black.

Brand: Safco Products

👤The tub shape made me order this box. The shape is wider at the top than the bottom so that you can read the label easily. I was surprised when the package arrived in a medium sized flat rectangle, it was easier to replace file folders or individual documents because of the extra space. Rather than in a large box. An illustrated instruction sheet is included but the assembly is easy to follow and the hardest part is cutting open the tape on the box. It took just a minute or so to assemble the tub shape, the edges are held together with slim metal rods that go through brackets on each side. It is easy to store until you want to use the tub again. The back mesh looks nice and works well with other desk accessories. The vinyl binder type folders I tried fit inside the tub perfectly, but they were a bit snug.

👤The idea behind this is great. This one will find limited use for me, so I wouldn't buy another one. There is one The description said it was collapsible, but didn't tell you that it's all in five separate pieces and you have to assemble it. It uses pins that are needle-like to connect the sides. They are flimsy, it was a pain putting it together, and the bottom piece just sits inside, with little shelf to sit on. If you grab it the wrong way, the bottom comes up and it's a mess. If you use stiff dividers, the file folders I put in there didn't stand straight, they curled under at the bottom. Nice idea, but poor execution. Had I known it wasn't in one piece, I would have been more careful. I wouldn't have bought it. If you plan on carrying folders to meetings frequently, those connecting pins don't look like they'll hold up.

👤This holds a lot of stuff. It is a good design. Things are easy to access and not all are awkward. I believe they fixed a problem that I read about in the reviews. The corners don't seem to catch on things anymore. I bought another one after liking the first one. I am very happy with the purchase. I did 4 stars because of the scale. That is simply a consequence of the materials available and not really about the product as a whole.

👤I use this to separate construction paper in the classroom. Students can get their color selection. Convenient. There is a The folder dividers with the white hooks are perfect for filing cabinets. The front and back of the item are not easy to catch. It's easy to assemble. There is a space where the hangers are lodged. It was annoying.

👤I can't believe how easy this thing was. A child can put together. It's a great way to have immediate access to files. For home office. I plan to purchase this for my adult children. Beyond 5 I love it!

👤I bought several for the office. I work in a tax practice. They are perfect for sorting files. It is easy to assemble. The files lay at a good angle to see what is in the bin. It's easy to move even when full. The bottom is easy to remove when moving, but if it is shifted wrong it can come out. We only need them during busy season and can keep them out of sight when not in use. The storage ability is a big plus.

4. Desktop Organizer Documents Portable Collapsible

Desktop Organizer Documents Portable Collapsible

The bin is 3 times longer life-span than a cheap bin. There is a 2 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name. Cotton and Line fabrics are used. Tired of using easy to tear cardboard boxes? The Linen fabric is inside the box and the wood is the bottom. Say goodbye to paper filing boxes. You will be satisfied with their file boxes because of their gray color and high cycle life. The storage helper is portable. There is a small file box. Put the lid on the box and keep the file box on your desk or shelf. Their attractive file storage box hides the mess, holds the entire file system, and the lift-off lid keeps the dust off. Little things that make a big difference are foldable to save space, and can be hidden in a closet until needed again. The metal in the box is why. RACKETS. The upgraded storage box with smooth sliding rail makes it easy to slide files back and forth. Do you want to try it? No calamity. The office of the home office has grievances. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee, and they love and take pride in their storage box. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out. No calamity. The office of the home office has grievances. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee, and they love and take pride in their storage box. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Ul Source

👤These file boxes are stylish and easy to assemble. I pay bills under the desk and they are perfect. I wanted to keep important files away from the living room desk, so I kept something near it. The hanging files fit nicely in the box. The lids fit well. These are perfect for people who need to store files in a small space. Just what I wanted.

👤It's great for people with limited strength. Cloth covering over wood panels stiffens. The metal hand holds the box. Can be used with hanging folders. I put a couple of pieces of wood behind the stack of folders because there was no way to keep them in a partially filled box. As the file box fills up, remove as needed. It is recommended.

👤The folders are organized nicely. I want to store my items in them. They are very nice looking and suitable for my purposes.

👤I got rid of a metal two drawer file cabinet for this.

👤I received it. I love the color and feel of it. It is the perfect size for my documents. It was damaged on the silver handles. The silver part of the handles is shiny but it is hard to tell on the pictures. This busy holiday season makes it difficult to get an exchange. I will deal with it.

👤I needed a major organization for my office, but something that looked good as well. These were what I needed.

👤At least two handles had sharp edges and one had a point that caught. I thought I'd be careful, but it's not. Hanging files cause the sides to bend in creating more sharp corners with the brackets sticking out. The brackets are easy to remove now. There is a It doesn't work well for files until 3-4 months later. I wouldn't buy again at this price point.

👤The boxes are easy to assemble. The pendaflex folders are easy to slide on. The smaller size makes them easy to lift.

5. Snap N Store Magazine Scroll Pattern SNS01837

Snap N Store Magazine Scroll Pattern SNS01837

Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name. Magazines, brochures, manuals, annual reports, and other items are held on a shelf, desk, or counter top. The patented design snaps together in seconds. Remove shelves with the help of a Grommet in the spine. The metal label holder is easy to locate. It's easy to find what you want with the visible spine.

Brand: Snap-n-store

👤I like this. I use it on my desk to keep things organized. It helps me to not have a lot of stuff around my work area. I noticed that once I put a few different items in it, the sides came apart, exposing the glue. It wouldn't have been a big problem except for the fact that the bottom of the book was sticky, which I am not happy about. I am grateful for the organization it provides, but I don't like what it did to my book.

👤The magazine holder helps organization. There is an extra hole on the side of the product where one of the snaps is, which is not good quality control. It took a bit more effort to snap it together than other items from this company. Don't look too closely, it's still useful.

👤Extra and oversize items can be handled by these products. The labels are good for organization. Very professional look. Sturdy construction and can be collapsed for easy storage. There is a You might need a sharp end to get the label out. Before ordering, check your size to make sure it fits on the bookshelves. They are not as sturdy as a solid construction because they are collapsible. There is a I like these and have bought them many times. Would buy again.

👤This is my second purchase. I was hoping the first was not bad. The product holds up well and is very sturdy. It is difficult to put together. There are only 2 simple snaps. It is not as easy as it sounds. If it becomes unsnapped, neither my daughter nor her teacher could put it back together again.

👤I keep notebooks, papers and notes next to my laptop. I have a large iced tea or soda next to me. I decided to buy this file after several drinks and soaked papers. It's not waterproof, but it's resistant to spills and it's a very classy looking addition to my desktop. I can remove it from the desk if there is a spill.

👤This is a good magazine holder. It comes flat and has two snaps on the bottom panel. It's ready to use. The card stock insert is also included. There are two label slots on the back and front of the photo, which is really nice. The pull-hole is very nice. The case is sturdy and heavy duty, but it is more than twice the price, and I own a different brand that is more study. This is perfect for storing magazines in an organized way that I'll reference occasionally. The width is good. It can fit a whole year of Better Homes & Gardens in one box.

👤I have been happy with the idea of these file boxes. I bought a few of the white ones, some plain black and some black and white patterned ones, and they look great on my bookshelf and hold magazines and large books. The boxes act as an anchor or bookend and keep everything vertical and neat. It is a really organized look for my office bookshelves and I have used the labels to identify what the box contains, as a bonus, I now have my books and magazines sorted by hobby and topic. You have to remove the box from the top of the shelf to get the item you want.

6. INTSOFT Collapsible Storage Organizer Decorative

INTSOFT Collapsible Storage Organizer Decorative

There is a product details. Bigso Katia Storage Box, Paper Laminate-Covered Fiberboard Storage Organizer Box with Metal Label holder is a white box. Linen file organizers are an ideal storage box for storing all important files, folders and paperwork, while still adding softness to the room/office with its decorative design, organizing all your papers in a standardized way. The bottom of the portable file storage bin is sturdy and durable, making it a good choice for storing files, the folder box is easy to clean, and the cover keeps the dust away from the document, making it a stylish way to store files. The foldable storage file box is very durable and can stack multiple file boxes on top of each other. You can use the label window to find what you want, as well as storing files and other items, if you have one. The internal dimensions of the General Storage Box are 16.3" x 13.7" x 10.12". The storage manager can hold items outside of the file in a set. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Intsoft

👤These storage boxes look great. I assumed that the file folders would be on the sides of the boxes. The box is too large for hanging files. You need to put something inside the box to hang from.

👤The boxes are light, easy to install, and have a lot of usable space. It's worth buying, it's recommended to everyone.

👤Product arrived quickly and on time. Good packaging! It was easy to assemble. It is very sturdy to keep all types of items. I recommend this product for anyone looking to buy storage bins for things like clothes, jewelry, and files. It has a label slot in the front so you can write on what is in the storage bins, either fit on the top self or are stackable. A great product!

👤A good storage box. I used it for my papers. It had two boxes. The box is large and organized. There is no smell.

7. Guozi Decorative Storage Box Lid

Guozi Decorative Storage Box Lid

The boxes which increase the life of boxes, also can be well to protect the things inside the box are strengthened by the metal corners. The box is easy to be assembly with 8 screws on both sides. They can be folded down for storage when not in use. Save a lot of space by stacking boxes Sturdy enough which can be stacked together. This storage box is easy to clean. The stain will be easily removed if you apply some warm water to a rag. It can be used for photos, letters, trinkets and other items. Storage is perfect for every room in the house. Versatile andStylish. There are boxes that are pure color that can be used to add a decorative accent. It is a good gift for family, friends and classmates.

Brand: Guozi

👤I bought this box to replace the photo box I was using to store my rubber stamp supplies. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of craftsmanship. The box is made of a powder finished sturdy paperboard that easily supported over 2 dozen rubber stamps, multiple ink pads, and an assortment of adornments with room to spare. A standard photo box is next to it. It's worth the money for everyday storage. Would purchase again.

👤I have been using the collapsible file storage box for over a week now and it is so convenient and cute. The box is sleek and stylish and when I keep it on my desk, it adds a pop of color. My books, flashlight, and other objects are kept inside. Since I live in a part of the world where it is common for the power to go out in the winter, it is comforting to know that I can keep all of my supplies and blankets at home. The handles on the box make it very easy to move it when cleaning my desk or transporting it if necessary. I would recommend anyone looking for a storage container to look at it because it is both strong and pleasant to look at.

👤One of the snaps was stripped so it didn't lay flat as seen in the picture. There are some rust circles on the inside. Execution was poor. Go to Ross to save your money.

👤My son has a box that he uses to store his baby things. It's the right size. I want to keep more things from his first year and this will fit that.

👤My daughter bought this box as a souvenir. The box was easy to assemble, however two of the buttons were difficult to attach. The design of the box is affecting the integrity of the box and is unable to fully assemble and use.

👤Love it. My daughter needed to keep her supplies together during her remote learning. The box is not heavy, but it is plastic and paper and I wouldn't recommend putting heavy objects in it. The bottom of the box should be supported. Assembly is easy and the metal accents are a nice accent to the pink color.

👤No tiene los broches para cerrarla, no tienes un vino con graves desperfectos, pero la segument pasada escrito so re. No funciona, pero. No puedo armar. Estoy, decepcionada.

👤The box is pretty. It's cardboard so it's easy to stain. The price for cardboard is high.

👤The handles on one side are screwed into a box half way through the handle instead of through the center hole, which looks awful, as the metal is clearly damaged going in to where it was screwed through the metal. On top of that, the items are not collapsible as stated, and one half of the screws to use on putting the box together aren't long enough for the cardboard they go through, only turning twice before they can't anymore. I can't imagine them staying open for long.

8. Pioneer Photo Albums B 1BLK Storage

Pioneer Photo Albums B 1BLK Storage

There are no confusing wires, easy installation, and the product includes the screws. The box is heavy duty. The metal identification plate has a number on it. Acid free photo safe.

Brand: Pioneer Photo Albums

👤The box is made of sturdy cardboard with a decent-fitting lid. The color is not very green. The metal label holder is on the front. I really like the product, this isn't a harsh review. After buying two to store old photographs, I bought two more and bought two more again. If you want a bunch of sturdy cardboard boxes this size and you want them to either look the same or stack together neatly, then this item is just the ticket.

👤I took one star off for the dimensions. You can't see the dividers above the photos because they are too short. The other issue is that I ended up tossing them and buying them. The box is just a tad taller than the tabs, but it would be perfect.

👤There is a limit to how great this box can be, but here is my review. It is not strong. I was flipping through the photos for the first time and the front ripped. See the pic. It claims to hold the weight of 1000 photos. Dollar stores will give you the same boxes. The black ones look good on a shelf, as long as the content is light and doesn't have to be moved often. I got them for $6.50, but now they are for $10. I think many are sorting stuff in these times and they are price-guessing.

👤I needed a storage box. We are downsizing because photo albums take up a lot of room. I was able to transfer photos and documents from one box to another because of the Jumbo Scrapbook Storage box. I love it! There is a I ordered bright red and they are great! The box is made of cardboard and can hold a lot of photos. I highly recommend! There is a I ordered the Pioneer Photo Albums B-1S Photo Storage Box. The review is mine.

👤It feels strong and thick. Not using for photo storage. I needed a storage box that was about the size of a small box. Will update if there are any problems.

👤At best. There is a shoe box with purple paper over it. The dividers are large enough to be seen over the pictures. The front of the box has no card and you only get 6 dividers. Not worth the money.

👤There are different descriptions of boxes. I don't understand why. The white one did not say that they would hold 1100 pictures. I think they are all the same size box. I am very happy with the boxes. I ordered too many and will give some to my daughter. The pictures were in space when they were taken out of the albums. I wish they had more. I had to make a lot of dividers. I like to have one divider for each category. Everything came in good shape, and the lids fit well.

👤These boxes are good but expensive. They are covered in paper. Don't open the packaging until you check for flaws. I didn't realize the front had a piece from the wrapping paper missing. It is a white spot. I colored it. okay I wish I didn't have to do that. There was a blemish on the lid. I ordered blue ones as well. Before unwrapping this time, I will check. There were two bare spots on the front. I was told I didn't need to send the blemished one back. The new one was blemish free and made me happy.

9. SLPR Paperboard Folding Keepsake Memories

SLPR Paperboard Folding Keepsake Memories

The paperboard boxes with their black and white decorative splash design are a great way to organize in modern style. Storage solution for photos, letters and other items. Storage is perfect for every room in the house. There are two things: sylish and filigree. These boxes can be used to accent your home, cottage or office. These boxes are stylish and can be used to store everything from remotes to jewelry. They would look great on a shelf. These boxes will show how well organized you are when someone opens the closet door. These boxes are great for gifts, from a shower gift to a birthday present. The box has neat details that make it a wonderful box. The folding box has metal corners and handles. They are made using quality paperboard and have sturdy metal handles. They can be folded down for storage when not in use. The set of two medium boxes was 14 inches x 10 inches and the set of two large boxes was 18 inches x 11 inches.

Brand: Slpr

👤One of my boxes did not have metal corner hardware. I just renovated my closet and I found these storage boxes that were exactly what I was looking for. I am sad they didn't arrive the same way as shown because I wanted to order more.

👤It was bought for the grandsons. To keep the coin collections going. They are good for now, but the weight of the coins may be a problem later.

👤It is easy to assemble. Somewhat strong. It serves the purpose of storing old photos and knock knacks.

👤The boxes are easy to assemble. The lid is perfect. They were purchased to describe the notes of the wines from Firstleaf. The cards fit perfectly. The box has the correct size for winery cards.

👤These boxes are good for storing things. They're easy to assemble. I wouldn't use them for anything heavy or for anything that doesn't fit in the boxes, because I think they'd come apart with something like that. Otherwise, great!

👤These boxes are very sturdy. They are stylish and large.

👤The box lid does not sit or close.

👤Se montent trs facilement! Boites de rangement cantonnées!

10. Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Simplicity

Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Simplicity

There is a product details. The Bigso Karin storage box has a metal label holder. It's a good idea to store valuables in the home or office. suitcase boxes are great for storing travel souvenirs in a living room shelf or for storing stationery supplies in an office. They add a decorative accent to any space with their chic design. A stylish black suitcase-style silhouette with white stitching and silver color handle gives these boxes universal appeal. They keep the contents in place. There is a Chuc photo prop or event decor. These paperboard boxes are great for displaying props. They can hold products at a trade show, or be used as part of a wedding display. These suitcases are perfect for holding a retirement gift, birthday gift, or going away gift. Each suitcase is a great souvenir. The 3-piece set has one of each size. Small: 7.9" x 5.9" x 3, Medium: 10" x 7" x 3.2", Large:12" x8" x 3.5" The 3-piece set has one of each size. Small: 7.9" x 5.9" x 3, Medium: 10" x 7" x 3.2", Large:12" x8" x 3.5"

Brand: Soul & Lane

👤These little luggage are adorable. It is smaller than I thought, but that is my fault. I put it on my shelf because it is cute and I have some travel photos in them.

👤Pinks and flowers are very cute.

👤I use these boxes as gift wrap and I wish it was more baby themed. It worked because it had the right colors.

👤This is what I was looking for. Sturdy boxes to hold makeup and accessories. The boxes are large enough to hold everything and can be stored upright. I love them!

👤This was what I needed in my office decor. It is strong enough to hold items.

👤This was perfect for me. I like to keep my stamps, pencils, and stickers in one place, it's not strong enough for my needs, but it's enough for me. My granddaughters loved the small ones. I liked the item so much that I didn't have to put it away. Shipping was fast.

👤They're cute, but they're basically cardboard so be careful.

👤I use this method to organize all the "like items" in my room. These cases are small and perfect for my purpose.

👤The delivery package was intact, but the biggest box had a hole through it. It is very disappointing that it was packaged and sent damaged. Even though it came from the US to Canada, it arrived earlier than projected. The boxes are very flimsy and would not hold pictures or papers.

👤Son un chiquitas, son un juguete, son un mini.

11. Collapsible Storage Hanging Folders Drawers

Collapsible Storage Hanging Folders Drawers

The item's packaging will tell you what is inside. This hanging file box is large enough to hold all your hanging file folders and still fit on most any bookshelf and many desk drawers. The Thomas & Bond Fireproof Document Safe Box is also available on Amazon. No ill fitting lock. This hanging file box is topless and has access to your papers and files. It is a perfect basket for files. The file folder storage is made from non-woven fabric with two handles. The hanging file folder box is a great option for hanging file folders. The file folder box is wide and deep. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee means no risk to you. If you don't like their desktop file organizer, return it and they will give you a refund.

Brand: Thomas & Bond

👤This file is large enough to hold a drawer full of files. I like that it is easy to transport, has a stiff frame to support it's shape, and hangs the files. It is made with a lid and a zip up top cover that protects the top from fire. The contents of this file are designed to be protected for about 30 minutes in case of fire. I liked the size of this unit, even though they had bigger ones. The fire proof outer layer top has an edge that overlaps the zip top over the sides, keeping it closed. It is impressive. The size and weight of it would be comparable to a smaller box of files. If you hold it in front of your body like a bag of groceries or on your hip, it will stay in front of you so you won't have to wait for an exit. The over lapping outer top would protect it in transport and keep it clean inside. I think I'll be happy with my choice.

👤The box/liner is needed if you want to hang folders in the safe. It seems to work, but not as sturdy as I had hoped. Does not have legal size paper.

👤It's just a fabric cube for $20 I was ok with that until I saw a lovely wooden box at Target that was the same size as the one I was looking for. You should get a 5 or 10-pack for this price.

👤The folding line causes disruption to the Hanging files hooks, I wish the folding were on the other two faces.

👤I needed a storage box to fit on my shelf that would hold a certain type of files and this did the trick and seems to hold up to the files well.

👤I wanted something not too deep for the table. A plastic folder insert is all that is needed to fit in this.

👤It is a collapsible bin. I have many of these around the house. It is extremely misleading. I thought it was a solid box with a lid or a zipper when I bought it. Amazon is no longer good.

👤This is great for the Thomas and Bond bag. The company should have sold them together.


What is the best product for decorative file box black?

Decorative file box black products from Oterri. In this article about decorative file box black you can see why people choose the product. Stola and Safco Products are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file box black.

What are the best brands for decorative file box black?

Oterri, Stola and Safco Products are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file box black. Find the detail in this article. Ul Source, Snap-n-store and Intsoft are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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