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1. Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

If you want to make your file cabinet look better at work, in the classroom or in the home office, you need to organize it with Pendaflex jewel tone folders. There are decorative file folders. The set of 12 pastel file folders is designed to organize loose papers, important documents, notes, and bills. Office supplies with flowers. Their mint printed folders are made of soft pastels and feature floral patterns. The quality is high. The floral file folders are made of heavy-duty paper to make sure papers stay inside while in your backpack, laptop bag, or filing cabinet. Use labels or stickers to create an organization system that fits your needs, and the fun file folders feature tabs for quick and convenient identification. The cute file organizers are perfect to fit letter sized documents.

Brand: Juvale

👤Cute. Exactly as pictured. The folder tabs were bent. There were things on some of the folders. I looked at it and it was upsetting.

👤The seller and their service was great. I didn't care for the product at all. They were very cheap to make. I would not buy from this company again.

👤It's a pack of 12. There were only 11. I need 12 of them because I really like them, but only use one per month for bills.

👤Quality card stock. Not for thick files, but can accommodate a good amount of papers.

👤These are nice and they look cute, but they are supposed to be hanging folders. These are just like any other folder, but with better looking designs and some solid colors. I would like to have more in the package.

👤I was looking for file folders that were soft colors that would complement my happy planners. I'm very happy! They have a sheen which is nice. The folder is slightly thicker than the standard recycled folder. They are perfect for my light duty needs because they don't have the extra scoring at the fold.

👤I wanted to give my office space a bit of color. These are sturdy and cute.

👤The patterns are pretty. The look of the room has been improved by the fact that my files are on the top of my desk. The colors are soft and pastel. The file is very strong. Would buy again.

2. Accordian Organizer Stronger Expanding Expandable

Accordian Organizer Stronger Expanding Expandable

Purchase with confidence, knowing that this folder is made from ethically and ethically managed forests. The Hanging file folders are made of thick plastic and can stand on a desk or in a cabinet. The hanging file folder is not as strong as it could be. The hook for hanging files is painted with baking paint and can be extended to 15.7 inch which can file over 2000 sheets. There is a Sturdy construction, an expanded file folder fit for letter size or smaller paper, 14 individual pockets, thicker layer/divider. The product size is expanded to 1.65*11.8*10inch. It's an excellent size, enough to file your important document neatly. There is a clear classIFICATION. You can use a color label as a personal filing system strategy, you can choose a different color folder for each client, color code by type of task, or sort by color based on color. You can use color to match your company branding or just because you like a little color in your life. EXLUSIVE DESIGN The accordion file folder will change your life forever if you use it. Do not ask where you put your important documents. Hanging folder with tabs is the best choice for you, you could have a hanging folder labeled Auto and within that folder smaller regular folders denoting more specific labels such as Insurance, Manuals,Previous Vehicles. 24 hours on line to service customer, timely answer all questions. Accept return without any reason and a 100% refund.

Brand: Jimm

👤It's perfect for filing business expenses.

3. Paper Junkie Geometric Decorative Folders

Paper Junkie Geometric Decorative Folders

If for any reason you don't like your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days. There are decorative file folders. These cute gold foil file folders will keep you motivated and organized at work or school. The folders feature gold foil geometric designs, and the vibrant colors will elevate modern desk office supplies. The quality is high. The geometric file folders are made of heavy-duty paper to make sure the contents stay inside. The 1/3 cut file organizers have tabs in various positions for easy organization and quick identification, and you can write directly on the modern file folders tab. The gold file folders are perfect for letter-sized documents.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I said to myself, "I don't have money to waste, so these folders better be impressive." There is a The folders were there. I am impressed. There is a These are sturdy. The paper is very heavy. Heavy usage won't cause them to bend, break, or tear. They are made to be able to be handled repeatedly. I keep the folders in and out of my file organizers and they still look great. I don't need flimsy folders anymore. I like the color of the folders. The folders on my desk are always visible because of the clear file organizer on my desk. I don't mind seeing the folders. The colors are pretty and the designs are stylish. I don't need any more gaudy folders. I would not hesitate to purchase these again if the need arose. They are well worth every penny I spent on them.

👤Cute and sturdy. Both pinks are pretty but neither is blush. The other pairs are in the same color, but they are different from each other. The navy ones are not black.

👤I love these. I feel like we need a little color in the office since I am the only female manager. Which projects are mine? I have no doubts that these will hold up over time.

👤These folders are very sturdy and look great. It's definitely worth it if you want something out of the ordinary and of the highest quality.

👤These are very high quality and worth the money, I love them, I am in my first year of teaching and need something cute to stay organized. I cut sticky notes and labeled them so they can be used again and again.

👤These are very cute. I love them, but buying them goes against my cheap nature.

👤The folder is beautiful. An addition to my office.

👤These are wonderful! Sturdy, beautiful, functional. I have had them for a month and haven't had any issues.

4. Mr Folders Assorted Colored Supplies

Mr Folders Assorted Colored Supplies

The top tab file folders are made in the USA and are SFI certified. There are 6 file folders in different bright colors in the package. Poly is water and tear resistant. Bright colors will make filing easier and will help you avoid filing mistakes. The size is 8.62 inches. 1/3-cut tab in 3 positions for easy viewing and adding custom labels.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I've gone through a lot of files at work. tearing in the middle. I was looking for a plastic folder set. I am so happy that I happened upon the Mr. Pen file folders. There is a They are very strong and hold up to the wear and tear of the office. I can write on them with a marker and then clean them with rubbing alcohol. Is it possible to accidentally spill coffee or water on it? Not an issue! Many important documents have been saved by these. There is a I wish they were more transparent. Keeping things private in a doctor's office is very important. I have been able to find a use for them despite not being able to use them throughout the office.

👤These were purchased to serve. I like the variety of colors. I like how sheer they are. They are very durable. If the folders don't have much support and lean over, they will fold in the position they are leaning in. They fold back with some readjustment and flipping around. I prefer this material over paper folders because it serves its purpose. They also brought with them materials to write the subject matter.

👤I expected it to be much less sturdy. I like to use my desk for files that get a lot of handling.

👤These are perfect for my desk as a child care provider who needs fast access to business files. They are pretty. They are strong. The files are larger at the bottom. They work well with file bags.

👤You can't hold several sheets of paper in this folder.

👤Everything about these folders is wonderful. The sticker doesn't stay very well. If I could I would buy more.

👤They stand up better in my file cabinet. The paper ones were falling down.

👤It was hard to see any writing on the tabs. Excellent quality, really nice to use.

5. Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

100% money back guarantee. You can get these pretty folders for free with Amazon Prime. There are six colorful abstract art designs. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤These are my favorites. The colors are beautiful and stand out from the others. I will most likely purchase more of them.

👤These are gorgeous! Excellent colors! The only complaint I have is that I couldn't use the tabs in the pattern order I wanted because they were located in the wrong place.

👤I've been looking for a little personality in the file folders. The folders are plain and colored. I knew I had to have them when I found them. They hit the mark.

👤The folders are thick and the colors are nice. I haven't used them yet. I am pleased so far.

👤These make filing a pleasant experience.

👤Sturdy, pretty and unoffice like.

👤The picture didn't do them justice. Them seem strong. They make my filing cabinet so cute.

6. Decorative Hanging File Folders Reinforced

Decorative Hanging File Folders Reinforced

Use gray hanging file folders to organize different types of files and prevent misfiling. The file is in style. The 12 pack of pretty designer tabs hanging file folders offer a modern spin on a simple organization necessity. Keep yourself organized at work or school by storing documents, receipts, and notes in style. There are two embellished gold foil designs with the words "I am very busy" and "big plans" written on them. The file folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are heavy. They changed the size of each file folder to fit the standard hanging cabinet. Their folders are now 8.25 x 11.75 Inches, which is better for letter sized documents. BOSS BABE: How can a boss survive without her files? The perfect gift for a new job, back to school or big event.

Brand: Fluytco

👤These are cute. They are sturdy and have great designs. I bought these to be file folders so I wouldn't use the weird pocket on the left size. I put these in my other folders. They were taller than my other folders. If I keep them, they will hide my other folders. I'm not sure if I can use them at the office.

👤The folders are attractive. The feel is sturdy. The problem is that the folders are not standard. The folder tab must be held on the left side and not the right side in order to hold the papers upright. This seems like a small thing but after 40 years of holding the same folder, it's throwing me off. The card inserts that should hold a business card are not standard. They are too far apart to hold anything. These are fun and attractive. I wouldn't revisit because of the function. I don't usually leave reviews but I think this is a good idea to know up front.

👤These are not your average file folder. Being from America, I like to open books, files, and folders. There are pockets on the right side of the file folders. You have to open them on the left if you want to. I would have liked to have seen a photo of this before I bought the folders. It's not nice to open the folders upside down.

👤If you don't need these to fit in a normal filing cabinet or box, that's great. The inside pocket is in the wrong location and the size is wrong, so they are just odd. They didn't make them normal size, but the designs are wonderful. I kept them but wouldn't order again.

👤The inside pockets are more for left-handed people. I get frustrated when I open it because the pockets are on the wrong side. It's a great product.

👤I was looking for folders that would stay on my desk. These are the solution to the problem. I have already seen these folders in my office and they are cute. The slots do not affect the effectiveness of the folders, so I don't use the slot inside them. The tags on the folders are sturdy and large for me to write on. If you want to add to your office decor, I highly recommend these file folders.

👤I ordered a set because of the cute pattern of the folders. The description doesn't mention that these are not a standard size file folder. Standard size file folders sit an inch higher. The tabs are shaped differently than standard file folders. The pocket on the inside is useless. Even though I like the pattern, I will probably return them.

👤I like them. They have a small pocket, but I thought they were just file folders. The meaning is slightly smaller than your normal pocket folder. They are cute on my desk. The colors make me happy. They tackle the tasks inside when I grab files. People see them on my desk and think they should touch them. Ha! Silly. I found them on Amazon.

7. YOMA Storage Hanging Decorative Reinforced

YOMA Storage Hanging Decorative Reinforced

The insert sheet is printer ready. Storage pockets are designed for hanging file folders. The pockets in the cover are great for storing your bills, voice mails, recipes,coupons, schoolworks, etc. The Yoma rose gold hanging file folders are applied for advanced hot stamp technology. Simple and elegant design makes your work and study scenes look better. Each hanging folder has a sheet of blank label inserts and a 1/3-cut rose-gold adjustable tabs that can be used to create custom labels. Hanging folders are ideal for keeping important documents organized. The gold metal rods help index documents and slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents.

Brand: Y Yoma

8. YOMA Hanging Folders Reinforced Letter

YOMA Hanging Folders Reinforced Letter

Each file folder has a letter size. Hanging file folders are ideal for keeping important documents organized. There are 12 folders with different designs. Each hanging folder has a sheet of blank label inserts and a 1/3-cut transparent trim tabs that can be used to create custom labels. The built-in rose gold metal hooks help index documents and slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. These folders are made of high quality material and are tear-free.

Brand: Y Yoma

👤It was damaged and not described. The tabs are plastic and not black as advertised. If it is going to be junk, I don't want a replacement. There is a I returned the files for a new set that was delivered today and they were damaged without the properly advertised tabs. I can't figure it out. This is the most frustrated I have ever been with Amazon. I have messaged the seller but haven't received a response yet. There is no reason I should have received two damaged orders without the advertised tabs. I received the third order with incorrect tabs. I am sick of this company. I received three incorrect or damaged orders after waiting over two weeks since placing the original order. Why?

👤It was super cute and it was shipped fast. I feel that it is a bit pricey, but I am annoyed that I need to purchase more. I would probably order a different brand. It is absolutely perfect if you do not have a lot of things to file. Adam is the same as described.

👤I was looking for cute office folders and they stood out to me. They are very beautiful in person, but after a few months the glue holding down the flaps that cover the metal hanger started to wear off. I had to use tape on 8 of the 12 folders. The quality should be better for over $20, but they still look nice.

👤These file folders are cute and stylish and I bought them because I wanted to organize paperwork. My only problem so far is the same as in the previous reviews. They do not come with the correct labels. I am not making this a big deal because of the type of file box I have, it goes with a lid, and the folders with the gold bordered labels will not be seen or displayed by others. They should give the ones that are advertised.

👤I bought a rose gold hanging file organizers for these and they look wonderful. I would have bought them if I had found similar ones elsewhere. They aren't worth the money. They are just folders and not worth much. I tried to send them back but could not find rose gold ones to replace them. I like the rose gold tabs that come with it and add a nice finishing touch, but the amount of hanging folders that are 15$ tops is stupid.

👤These are exactly what hanging files should look like. They seem durable and good quality, but so far I have used them lightly, not sure how they will hold up over time. I do not regret getting them.

👤The cute folders look like they would last a while. They are not flimsy at all. I am very disappointed. I have a standing wire basket like the one pictured by the seller, but the folders don't fit. They are short about a half inch from hanging. I'll see if they fit my standard file cabinet. I did not need dividers for that. I have to find something else for my computer at work.

9. Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

This set will complement any rose gold desk accessories. It's a perfect gift for a new job. They have a Lifetime Warranty on their product. There are eight sets of matching folders in unique prints of geometric designs on a black and white background. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤Sturdy and looks good.

10. Jot Mark Colorful Documents Cabinets

Jot Mark Colorful Documents Cabinets

Each folder comes in a large 9 x 11 inch letter size that fits easily into most standard filing systems or cabinets, and can be used to store legal pads, manila envelopes, and letters. Each set contains six floral-print themes and two folders of each design. The interiors are soft peach. Your documents should be colorful. The key folders have splashes of color that help them stand out. They use acid-free card stock to print these organizing folders. The file folders are ready to be used. They've triple-scored these file folders so the bottom fold can be square to hold up to 50 sheets of office paper. Tabs for organizational tasks. The tabs are raised from left to right. Tabs are 1/2” taller than the folder's top edge.

Brand: Jot & Mark

👤Very nice folders, sturdy, good quality, very pretty.

👤The colors are pretty. The flowers are pretty. I keep my clients' notes. Buy file clasps and they are perfect.

👤I like the different designs and they add color to my desk.

11. Pendaflex Recycled Assorted Foolproof Adjustable

Pendaflex Recycled Assorted Foolproof Adjustable

Sturdy and attractive post leg design can be used for years in a home office or living room. Stay on top of office recycling goals. The color folders have paper made from 100% recycled fiber with 60% post-consumer fiber and still offer brilliant color to liven up your space. Each box of folders has a sheet of blank label inserts and 1/3-cut tabs to create neat and professional files. The lighter interior of the color hanging files helps prevent accidental time-wasting. It's always a necessity to stock-up shop and have 25 letter hanging file folders per box. The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I am writing a one-star review because the product description is incorrect. It is listed as 13 inches wide, but from the very end-to-end measurement they are 12 inches. The hooks should rest on the frame in the middle of the hooks. I bought these on Amazon while I was in the States. I've returned to my home country of Kenya. I'm stuck with these and they're too short. It's very frustrating that companies can't have the right descriptions.

👤The extra wide Pendaflex folders are doing what they need to do, but for some filing needs the extra wide pendaflexes take up too much room. So. I bought the regular sized Pendaflexes, which I am reviewing here. The regular size pendaflexes are being used. Extra wide pendaflexes are still available. There is a On the very first day of use, the regular pendaflexes. One side of pendaflex gave out completely by tearing/falling apart at both metal hanging parts. Look at photos. There is no wear on the folder except for the tears where the pendaflex paper meets the metal. The other side is fine. The metal did not bend or break, but the pendaflex paper tore off the hanging part. I don't usually write one star reviews, but I hope the quality is better on the rest of the box. If they all are weak like this, then they are useless. My husband says I can use moving tape to repair the pendaflex since the metal isn't broken, so hopefully not a total loss. These used to be great. Generic probably isn't worse than this. They don't make them like they used to.

👤I ordered 2 more hanging file folders, but they don't fit in my file cabinet. I'm not sure what the problem is with getting the right size, but I've not been able to count on the correct measurements. If you order hanging files, make sure the measurement from edge to edge of the hanging brackets are the length you need. It is not a guarantee that the hanging file folder is the correct size. They will not work in some file drawers if they are off by a 1/2. I like the fun colors, but they are useless if they don't fit. There are 25 folders in a box that don't work. I put them aside after I tried them out, I can't return. They either go to the garbage or Goodwill. It's frustrating.

👤I have been using Pendaflex hanging file folders for years and they are not as heavy duty as others I have used. The metal is more flexible than the paper. I bent the metal piece because it was so soft and flexible after I caught one on my file box. It can still be used. These are strong enough to work in my home office, despite being designed for more lightweight use. The color is striking. The photo is pretty accurate, even though they may be a little darker in real life. If I ordered for my workplace, I would go with the stronger Pendaflex files.


What is the best product for decorative file cabinet folders?

Decorative file cabinet folders products from Juvale. In this article about decorative file cabinet folders you can see why people choose the product. Jimm and Paper Junkie are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file cabinet folders.

What are the best brands for decorative file cabinet folders?

Juvale, Jimm and Paper Junkie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file cabinet folders. Find the detail in this article. Mr. Pen, Better Office Products and Fluytco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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