Best Decorative File Cabinet Locking

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1. Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Cabinet Castors

Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Cabinet Castors

There are three cabinets that are spacious. It blends well into any office décor. Combines with any white hollow-core desk. The chrome metal accents are stylish. The chrome metal accents are stylish.

Brand: Monarch Specialties

👤Individual pieces seem to be good quality, but when put together it is not solid and easy to make. The big drawer at the bottom doesn't line up with the other two drawers and the top two drawers are level. It took a long time because the instructions are bad. I am frustrated. I threw the original box away because it looked like it would be really nice once it was put together. I don't know what to do. The drawer is hanging sideways. I'm wondering if I should try to make a new hole or if I can return it without the original packaging.

👤It looks decent, but it's flimsy. The large drawer broke as it was being put together. The drawer liners are covered in paper. It is very wobbly when it is put together. The instructions and number of parts make it difficult to put together. The instructions are small and hard to understand. Put this junk together for at least an hour. If it wasn't already together, I would send it back. I didn't want to contribute to the garbage problem in this country.

👤I thought I was getting an assembled unit. I enjoy this type of challenge. I put on my imagination for the race. There is a lot going on in the diagrams. It took a couple of hours, and a lot of patience, to put together the wheels package, and some important hardware is not in the hardware package. It looks nice with one flaw... I thought the file hanging bars needed to be inserted before I brackets the drawer. The rods are in a diagram. We didn't need the hanging file folder aspect because it was not going to happen at this late point in the process without complete deconstruction of the drawer and likely busting wood as the glue had set. There was no forcing those things in. There is a So. It seems like a good unit. Looks nice. The drawers glide well. There is a This is a PSA. It was challenging. It's AssemblyRequired.

👤The installation of this office furniture is a big pain in the neck, I got the desk, file cabinet, and console table. The desk, file cabinet, and console table took about 6 hours, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours, respectively. The furniture is quite attractive. It's not high quality, being thin and MDF. It's pretty good for the price. The drawer rubs against the bottom of the drawer. The bottom drawer is too high, the middle drawer is too low, and the pre-drilled holes for the drawer slides are not properly placed. They rub together. Oh my gosh! The caster beneath the file cabinet is something I like about it. The drawer is opened and the caster is on. Hopefully it will last. The file cabinet on the desk doesn't have the extra support that is present on this unit. One reviewer said that the file cabinet doesn't fit regular or legal folders and that's not correct. It fits either way. They need to be placed inside Pendaflex folders. The metal bars have tabs over them. The Pendaflex folders hold the actual file folders.

2. Sauder 420040 Costa Lateral File

Sauder 420040 Costa Lateral File

The item does not have fabric. The dimensions are 33 3/8" W x 21 7/8" D x 30" H. A thick top. You can keep your files organized with drawers with full extension slides. Patented, interlocking safety mechanism keeps you and your family safe. There is a lock on the drawers for secure storage. Adding a touch of style is accomplished by framed, slat-front detailing.

Brand: Sauder

👤I am very happy with this purchase. I wanted to get rid of the ugly 4 drawer cabinet and hide our bills and documents in a file cabinet. The beachy finish is gorgeous. The piece is made of heavy particle board with a nice laminated finish. I'm not a fan of laminated furniture, but this is a very good cabinet. It will take 4 hours to assemble if you are very patient and mechanical. It is possible to do it on person, but it is helpful to have someone with you to help start a new part of the assembly. There were all the hardware there. When installing the anti-tipping lock assembly, pay attention to the directions. This is a great price for a nice cabinet. I love it! More than I expected.

👤Assembly time was about six hours and included interpreting the instructions and putting parts on wrong and correct. There is a It's very well made. When you do it right, the parts fit together. There is a I put a portable table on the floor and put the main pieces together on a blanket. It saved me from working on my knees the whole time. There is a A rubber mallet makes it easier to gently tap the pieces together, otherwise aPhillips screwdriver is the only tool needed. The drawers are not interchangeable once assembled. If they don't fit, switch them. There is a I had the stops upside down.

👤I love this file cabinet. It is beautiful, sturdy, and has 2 locking drawers. I looked online for a file cabinet that wouldn't be hideous in my home but still wouldn't waste a lot of space. I need a couple of locking drawers for my work. The price and style of this one were not close to each other. I put it together myself, and I got frustrated a few times. I did it. It took me 2 nights to do it.

👤I like to buy Sauder products from the major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair. It was difficult and time consuming to put together this two-drawer file cabinet. There were four drawer slides in the assembly. The assembly requires that the drawer slides be separated to make it easier to put the cabinet in one half and the drawer in the other. When the assembly is complete, you can put the drawer in the cabinet. You're done. There is a There is a problem with the slide that it can be broken easily and it has a small black plastic part. If the detent is broken, the drawer will fall onto the floor. I probably broke one of the plastic detents when I separated the slides as instructed. You can check if you need replacement parts on Amazon. You can call the phone number at Sauder Customer Support. Someone answered the phone and fully understood the problem, and shipped me two complete slide assembly because it might lead to the replacement of both slides on this drawer. She said they would arrive in a few days. They arrived in three days. The re-assembly will be completed this weekend. There is a This is what I call close customer support. Thank you to Sauder and Amazon! Ken M is from Fate Texas.

3. Monarch Specialties 7400 Filing Cabinet

Monarch Specialties 7400 Filing Cabinet

This modern file cabinet is perfect for any home office or room. The filing cabinet is easy to move around and lock into place. It's perfect next to a desk or work table. The bottom drawer can fit all your files and folders, while the top two drawers are useful for accessories. The look is contemporary. The filing cabinet is small enough to fit in your office space. There are 5 castors for ease of mobility. Standard and legal sized folders are in the bottom drawer.

Brand: Monarch Specialties

👤There is an update. The company took a few more days, but they got back to me with a tracking number for the new piece. They apologized and were determined to make it right. It looks amazing in my office and has been holding up well. The desk and filing cabinet were ordered. I don't use my office a lot, but it's about to get used more now that it's tax time. The folder file rack pieces came through the front of the filing cabinet when I walked into my office the other day. I don't know how this happened since I haven't put anything in the bottom part of the filing cabinet. The front piece was a little weak and the pressure from the rack piece finally caught up to it. I decided to contact the manufacturer to see if they would be able to help me out with a replacement for that front panel. I haven't received a response from them since I sent them two emails. The filing cabinet is weak. This filing cabinet was beautiful, and like everything else I own from this company, it is a shame.

👤This is a very high quality cabinet. It is assembled with pegs and built with clamps to hold it together as glue dries. A lot of hardware and parts are needed to build a car. It took about two hours. The result is a very strong unit. Everything is nice and square because of the amount of hardware. I have never had a filing cabinet with that extra front wheel, but I will never buy another one without it. When I moved my files over to a new cabinet, there was nothing bracing the drawer because it was fully extended. There were no extra screws, that's my complaint. How much would it have cost to add one more screw to each screw?

👤This is a good example of what you can do with particle board, and also a good example of where particle board should not be used. It took a long time to assemble. There are a lot of individual pieces. There are 15 separate particle board components and 129 assorted fasteners. The file folder guides are small metal rods that bend if you load too many file folders.

👤It is a well printed pattern that is 3D printed to look like reclaimed wood. It's sturdy enough to last as long as needed. The rollers work well and the dimensions are perfect. If you follow directions and take your time, you can make a great hardcore assembly. One tip is to use the inside metal rod holes.

👤The 3 drawer file cabinet has a strong smell. If I stayed in the office for an hour or more, my chest would hurt. After my husband spent a few hours in our home office, I thought it was just me, but he complained of the same issues. Our chest hurt when we stayed in the room. The smell was overpowering. After a few weeks, my husband threw it away because it was dangerous to stay in the room. After we aired the room, the chest pain disappeared. The cabinet is hazardous to health and I would like to get our money back. I would not recommend it at all.

4. Sauder Lateral 33 307 23 465 Estate

Sauder Lateral 33 307 23 465 Estate

Hanging files can be held in the drawers with full extension slides. Only one drawer can be opened at a time. The wood construction is engineered. L: 33.307" x W: 23.465" x H: 29.37 L: 33.307" x W: 23.465" x H: 29.37

Brand: Sauder

👤I was expecting a cheap product but one that would be functional for a couple years at most, but this piece is absolutely breathtaking. It did not survive the assembly. The assembled top drawer slid in and locked up. The drawer face came off when a couple of tugs were used to get it open. The screws were pulled out by the board. I don't like particle board for furniture. It's a fact of life when you want affordability. The material is below furniture grade. There is a I wasn't giving up by this time. Sometimes I have to reinforce my purchases with a little personalization. A few brackets on the drawer interior would restore function and not affect the exterior. There is a I lifted the drawer and the ball bearings fell out of the slide. I knew I was in trouble. It is not easy to fix that situation. There is a At this point I am frustrated and realize that I probably pissed off two Benjamin's. I decided to put it aside and think about my options. The entire top surface came away from the rest of the unit when I lifted the cabinet. That was it. The game is over. There is a I don't know how the manufacturer expects a product to handle the weight of two drawers when it can't even survive assembly. Shame on them for using cheap materials that aren't even suitable for a shoe rack. It would be more of a hassle to boxing it back up. You could say that you couldn't pay me $178 to go through that. I've been tricked. Fortunately, not much. There is a You have been warned. Consider the reviews with care. They're legit. Do you want to go through this experience? You should keep shopping.

👤The water file I bought was for $205. There is a I like the modern look of it and it's a good price at $205. The finish and style are great. It's a very heavy and sturdy piece, and it's not real wood. The drawer bottoms are made of cardboard. If you only hang files in it, nothing really sits on the bottom. I was hoping to store office supplies in the top drawer, but now I have to worry about not putting enough weight on it. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for this. It took a long time to setup. Over 3 hours. The finish ripped off the pre-drilled hole and exposed the non-finished part. I had a wood finish marker that made it un-noticable, but this is what you have to worry about with non-real-wood finish. I'm afraid that if I scratch the surface it will look bad and not be fixable. I'm happy with the piece. If I could do it again, I would probably buy a solid-wood cabinet like the "Whittier Wood McKenzie Lateral File Cabinet" which was available for order at my local furniture store for $600. There is a It's a good idea to allocate plenty of time. Carefully follow the directions. The directions are good, but you need to follow them very carefully and not ignore any part. It was because I was doing something wrong that something didn't seem right.

5. Bush Furniture Somerset Lateral Cabinet

Bush Furniture Somerset Lateral Cabinet

There are drawers that hold letter- or legal-size files. The ball bearing slides make it easy to get to the documents. The 2 drawer file cabinet has interlocking drawers. The styling includes an elegant finish and metal hardware. The height of the coordinating desk is the same as the height of the work surface. The height of the coordinating desk is the same as the height of the work surface.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤Follow the directions precisely. There are some nice helpers, such as the qr code to the instructions on YouTube. There is a Don't take the advice to not use power tools. You will need a drill to drive screws. There is a This is difficult and takes a long time to assemble. The holes could be lined up better. There is a It looks and works very well after it is together for 4 hours. There is a We have a lot of sweat equity in this.

👤Getting the drawers to slide smoothly and close is difficult. The drawers seem to stop when you slide them onto the rails. The drawer will close completely if you push hard.

👤The finished product exceeded my expectations. It does require a lot of assembling but the instructions were very good. There were no missing parts or damaged wood. Anti-tip safety features make the drawers work well. We are happy with the purchase.

👤The cabinet is nice looking. I have to slam the drawers to close. It seems like it hangs up before closing. My husband has taken apart a drawer from a cabinet several times to see if it is getting caught on anything and it appears clear but feels like it needs a hard push to close. The opening looks nice, but it's not good in closing.

👤The file cabinet is a great addition to my home office. Assembly instructions are easy to follow. There were no problems putting it together. I deduct 1 star because of the use of plastic in parts like legs and brackets.

👤We share our home office. We could put L shaped desks on one wall. We are still unpacking stuff. These worked well. We bought a bookshelf, a desk and a file cabinet. They were easy to assemble with us. We did it over the course of a couple of days. There are a few pieces that have small scratches or knicks in them. I'm pretty sure it was done in the packing process. I am very pleased with the look and quality of the pieces.

👤The piece of furniture is so nice that you forget it's office furniture. It's great for a chic home office.

👤Nice holds clothes. I use a file cabinet in my office as well. Great units.

6. Sauder 102702 Heritage Hill Lateral

Sauder 102702 Heritage Hill Lateral

There are drawers that hold hanging files and full extension slides. Top drawer locks are used for secure storage. The safety catch prevents the drawers from being opened at the same time. The wood construction is engineered. The dimensions are L: 30.12" x W: 20.47" x H: 30.12". Assembly instructions and materials. Assembly instructions and materials.

Brand: Sauder

👤After reading the reviews and looking at the pictures posted by buyers, I wondered why I bought this product. I thought there was no way that Sauder has been making garbage for so long. I took my time assembling the bookshelves I purchased. There is a My bookshelves look good and are assembled correctly. I was able to quickly figure out what went wrong after taking another look at the pictures submitted by dissatisfied buyers. One purchaser has their bookcase upside down. Most of the other pictures have the moldings flushed with the outside edge of the bookcase, but the instructions state not to do this, so the moldings should be a quarter of the way from the edge of the bookcase. Someone had the individual shelf moldings upside down, while another picture showed the smooth side of the board not being right side up. The buyer was unhappy with the board at the top of the bookcase. The only way that board can be seen is if the buyer and those who live there are 7'1 tall. There is a The cardboard backing of the bookcase was not something I was happy with. I think he can spend more money on backing material.

👤The item was received yesterday after almost a month of waiting. The front pieces are not cut to the right size on the shelves. Sauder told me that they get calls for all the time but that there is nothing she can do about it. She said she could send me replacements. They will be cut the same length, so it wouldn't do any good. I was completely blown away by this response. She expects me to believe that I am not seeing the photographs correctly because the pictures show that the pieces should fit nicely in a clean look. I have to take the item apart and repackage it to get it back from Amazon. More of my time is wasted. I hope I can save someone else from wasting time and money.

👤I thought that people weren't very good at using tools, and that the file cabinet was hard to put together. The file cabinet doesn't come with any instructions. The product looks nice, but I might never know because Sauder Heritage Hill won't return my emails requesting instructions. My wife and I have not received a response for 2 weeks. This is a major problem for this company, not including instructions, because they have a like on their website for this problem. It matches my existing office furniture. There is an update. I finally got the time to call Saucer after 2 weeks of no response. The customer service representative was on the line in 30 seconds. He was very nice and I was able to get the instructions from him. It was easy to put together, it took 45 minutes. The finished product is very nice. I have to fill it up and see how it handles the weight of the files, it says 40 lbs each drawer.

7. Mobile Cabinet Locking Rolling Drawers

Mobile Cabinet Locking Rolling Drawers

The desktop storage organizers is 15.6′′ x 13′′ x 12.25′′. Small enough to fit most counter spaces. The rubber base is non-slip and protects your desk from damage. Their mobile file cabinet can be placed in the office as a drawer file cabinet to store important files, as a printer stand to place small printers, but also used as a mobile side table to store snacks, books, etc. The three-layer design of their rolling file cabinet increases storage space and can meet your needs. The open shelves at the top and middle give enough space for storage and display. The design of the bottom two drawers can be used to store important documents. The hanging-file drawer at the bottom has a hanging bar which can be used to match letter, legal and A4 size file folders. The office file cabinet has four rotating wheels and two brakes that prevent it from sliding. You can easily move around with smooth wheels. The mobile filing cabinet is made of wood and metal and has high quality leather drawers. The retro industrial style design can be used to match different styles of office. You will never get stuck with the assembly jobs for this file cabinet if you come with instruction and all necessary hardware. The product is 14.9" x 16.5" x 26.7" There is a drawer mobile file cabinet, assembly instructions and a friendly service. Assembly instructions are provided to help you assemble. If you have any questions or suggestions during assembly or use, please contact them immediately, they will provide a 100% satisfactory solution. If the product has any quality problems, it can be replaced for free.

Brand: Jksmart

👤I should have read the reviews before buying this product. I would return it if I didn't have to put it together for a while. It's cheap. They are not real drawers because they are covered in cloth. I had to drill new holes because the metal and wood parts did not align correctly. I expected more for the price. The veneer on the wood part is lighter than it appears in the pictures online, which I know varies computer to computer based on your screen settings, but it is much lighter than I expected. We haven't begun using it yet, but it makes me shake my head when I look at it. What was I thinking? I could have bought something better suited to my needs and looked better for the price. If you're reading this, you're already doing better than I did. Reviews are important because it looks better than it is. If you read the reviews and decide to buy it, keep expectations low and you will probably feel better about it than I do.

👤I wouldn't recommend buying this product. It is made of cheap material, the drawers are cloth, and will not support any weight more than a piece of paper and pens. It looks like junk because the colors don't match the advertising. If you waste your money on this product, you will be very disappointed. The instructions were poor and the assembly was easy. If you don't count the terrible drawers, it is fairly sturdy. It's just not good...

👤The file cabinet is very cheap. The drawers are made of cloth and cardboard. They are very flimsy and don't fit where they go. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤I was bamboozled by this cabinet. It is not strong. The cabinets are made of fabric. 5 files could be sustained by the "file" drawer. The drawer needs to be pulled out to get rid of the files. I was looking for a piece like that. It might work for someone looking for a small printer stand. It's not good for a real office.

👤I have been looking for a multi purpose cabinet for a long time. I would like to use the files as a night stand and hold them for office at the same time. This works for me. It was made of cloth and not wood. I don't mind it. The cabinet is easy to move. It won't be as strong as a wood cabinet. I like the industry design. The color looks the same. It doesn't look cheap. I can put my stuff in there with extra storage. It is a little expensive to use as a file cabinet but it works well to use it as a night stand. I like it so far.

👤The drawers are very flimsy. When filled, the drawer falls to the floor. There are many better cabinets for the same price. I would send it back if I didn't put it together.

👤I like the look of this file cabinet, it helps me keep my office tidy. The bottom cabinet can't hold a lot of weight. I think the two bottom drawers should be made of a lightweight wood and not vinyl or metal.

8. Portable File Box Locking Storage

Portable File Box Locking Storage

Sturdy and attractive post leg design can be used for years in a home office or living room. The Vaultz locking storage box is legal and letter-sized and is ideal for storing tax returns, passports, medical records, and other important documents. Each locking file box has a sturdy frame, built-in metal rails, and side handles that are easy to carry. The Vaultz combination lock box has side handles for easy carrying and a chrome label holder on the front for identification. These storage containers are great for keeping your important documents safe and protected in shared offices, homes with small children, group homes, and more. SECURE The lock box is a dual-combination locking chest, so you'll get twice the protection. You can set a 3-digit code for each lock. Backend:

Brand: Vaultz

👤The black lining on this box makes it look like it's made of fabric. I think it's great as a storage box, but I don't think it would hold up with heavy files hanging, light files would probably be fine. It wouldn't be hard to break into and there's no place for a padlock, but you would be able to tell if someone did. It's a good purchase. Two people carrying things. I'm 5'5" and have short hands. Good size. I didn't judge durability by how long I've had it. Good for the price. The lock on the other side wouldn't open at all, so it had to be broken off a couple of months later. Sorry to the buyers for not updating my review sooner. A picture was included.

👤This is the biggest bang for your buck if you need something that your children can't get into and you don't worry about someone forcing their way into it. It's cheap and great volume. This is easy to break into and it's $50, but most people don't like it. If you want an actual safe that is this large, you need to be willing to pay a lot of money for it.

👤I purchased this item to hold confidential files, and the box arrived with two right-facing locks, but the left-side lock wouldn't open at all, and they didn't open in opposite directions. The size was perfect and it's disappointing. If one won't open the combination lock, it was garbage. Both locks were on. This box is not returnable. I had to pay for something else after getting a refund.

👤The right side latch was broken and it wouldn't move. It was useless to try to open it with a screwdriver. I would advise opening it near a store that sells shipping products so you don't have to go to return it.

👤The product is best suited for keeping things private. It probably wouldn't take much to get into this box. They would need to destroy the box. It's easy to set a new code with the locks. It's a lot harder to guess both codes if you use a 6 digit code. The lid can be locked into an open position.

👤Don't put anything you hold dear in this one. It works well to keep people out of files. When they see the locks, they get the idea. Anyone who wants into this thing will have a hard time. The walls are not made of metal. The locking mechanism is above the quality of the dollar store. The wheels don't spin in a straight line like a nicer lock, but they have not failed in use.

👤I ordered the Vaultz portable file box with dual-combination locking for document filing and organization. Both came quickly and were double boxed. Excitedly I opened them. I use them for my simple storage needs. There is a The first box was very easy to open and reset, you just have to follow the instructions in the box. There is a The second was not as successful as the first. The left slide worked, but the right slide wouldn't budge, before removing the little locking wire holding the combination numbers in place. I reached out to the vendor via the "Get Product Support" button, but they wouldn't return the item, so I requested a replacement and a return, and received a reply. The replacement will be free of charge and I won't have to return the product. Looks like a company that is willing to make things right. I'm very happy with their quick response to things that happen in manufacturing. I will wait for my replacement.

9. Rolanstar Cabinet Drawer Rolling Vertical

Rolanstar Cabinet Drawer Rolling Vertical

The Filing Cabinet has a built-in locking system to keep your important files and other essentials secure. The Master Key can be used to lock the drawers. The raised edges on the file cabinet keep items from slipping off. The 19”L x 18”W surface can hold a lot of stuff. The 3 drawer filing cabinet will make your workspace more organized. The smaller two top drawers are ideal for your office supplies and the full-extension bottom drawer with a hanger rod is larger to accommodate legal documents, files, paper or magazines. The drawer has a single lock system that secures the top drawer and comes with two keys. It's perfect for home office or workplace to keep your files close. It's easy to move anywhere with five wheels in the bottom. The filing cabinet is kept from tipping over by the extra wheel under the bottom drawer. There are two optional lockable wheels. The product is 18W X 19L X 26H. The cabinet is easy to tuck under the desk or placed on the side for decorative items. Medium-density fibreboard is a safe and reliable raw material. The raw materials are certified by the EPA. It is a safe and healthy living environment.

Brand: Rolanstar

👤I needed a cart or table on wheels to put my printer on while I was at home. My computer table is located in the living room. I had a table with spindly legs that didn't support my printer. I wanted wheels. I could put it away while I worked. I realized that a legal two drawer filing cabinet would work perfectly after a long search. I paid someone to put it together for me and I can't say how easy or difficult it was. I have two drawers for storage and one for my files in it, it is sturdy, wheels around the floor easily, and the drawers slide perfectly. It's a good product and worth the money. There are all pros and no cons. I highly recommend!

👤The filing cabinet is one of the best pieces I have gotten so far, because I get most of my furnishings online. It is easy to put together, parts move smoothly, and the finish looks great. I like the lip or trim around the top. Only one side for things to fall off of. My own fault was the only problem I had. Make sure to read all the instructions. I had a bad time putting the wheels on. They should have broken after being slammed in with a rubber hammer. There are specific instructions and an arrow on the caster, where to put pressure to insert them correctly. There is a I wish I could buy something to sort through my stuff.

👤If you are not used to putting furniture together, this might be a problem for you. It was very easy to put together and it was very good for a particle board product. If you want to use tabs on your files, the drawer is not tall enough so they get stuck when you open and close it. It is a great little cabinet.

👤I needed the area to be put together a lot of furniture today and this was the most time consuming, so I bought two of these. I work at a fast pace. I just put my printer on top and it sways and hit the drawers not sturdy enough to move around on the caster wheels. If I didn't need to have my office ready. I would return for the money back. It gets worse! I ordered two broken wheels on the bottom drawer to open my second one. This is cheap.

👤We were not happy with the purchase. We have built many pieces like this but were surprised at how difficult it was to put together. The instructions were not great and some of the holes were too small. It was much longer than we expected. It is difficult to use the entire thing because the cabinet drawer doesn't come out very far. The lock only locks the top drawer. We don't recommend this purchase.

👤Casters were very difficult to use. After following the directions. Several people tried to insert the casters but had to drill out the hole and use a screw to secure them. This is not accepted. Either the design needs to be changed or the cabinets need to be assembled with the casters in place.

10. LUCYPAL 2 Drawer Cabinet Vertical Storage

LUCYPAL 2 Drawer Cabinet Vertical Storage

Only EasyKeys has genuine original equipment parts. The wood file cabinet has a contemporary look that can be a little extra for your office space. The filing cabinet can be used as a printer stand and storage cabinet. The product size is over the dimensions and the packaging size is over the dimensions and the single drawer size is over the dimensions. The colors may change due to the display. The drawers are full extension. The deep drawer in this cabinet is perfect for hanging your files. You can store letter-sized documents in the 2 spacious drawes and support up to 55 lbs., you can place printers and projectors on the surface as you please. Two hanging bars make it easy to get to a drawer that holds a letter-sized file. The drawer opening can be quiet with the smooth slide suspension. It is required that this be assembled. The file cabinet will take 45 minutes to install, and all the tools and instructions are included. If you have any install questions or concerns, please contact them and they will send you the install video asap.

Brand: Lucypal

11. Sauder Palladia Lateral File Finish

Sauder Palladia Lateral File Finish

The item does not have fabric. You can keep your files organized with drawers that hold letter, legal or European size hanging files. Only one drawer can be opened at a time to keep you and your family safe. The patented T-slot drawer system makes assembly quick and easy. The dimensions are L: 36.81" x W: 22.01" x H: 29.61" 5 year limited warranty.

Brand: Sauder

👤I have a big desk that matches the cabinet I bought. I love everything about it but it's heavy. I decided to buy a matching cabinet. Amazon was the best price. Excited when it arrived. I was able to open the heavy box with my hands because of the torn shipping wrap. I didn't think about it at the time. I started putting it together. The underside of the trim was damaged after I got a quarter into it. I found more on the top piece. My living room was destroyed. I spoke to the shipping company to report the damage. They gave me the actual company number. The company was nice, but I already put it away so there's not much I can do to keep it as is. I wasn't going to let it go to waste. I will get over the damaged area. Before you start assembly, I highly recommend you look at all the pieces. I would have put it aside to wait on replacement parts. There is a Overall, happy with the purchase.

👤The product is better than described. The parts were packaged in such a way that it was easy to find the right part. This is our only suggestion. It takes two people to assemble this unit. It would have been worth the extra money to have it assembled.

👤It is a perfect platform for our butcher's block because it is intended to be used as a filing cabinet. We store food storage containers and cooking utensils in the same location as the papers. The look and feel of aged wood is present in the construction. The job takes about two hours. The fit and finish are of good quality, even the cardboard backing has a quality look to it.

👤1. The drawers ended up skewed and crocked because they were difficult to assemble and not all parts align as they should. 2. It's not like its sturdy 3. I don't think compressed wood will last long. 4. It's expensive and you should find a different product with real wood.

👤A friend of mine put together a desk and a file cabinet in about 7 hours. The file cabinet was empty. It is very sturdy and the drawers work well. It was a pleasant surprise that it was bigger than I expected. We love it! Buy it.

👤This works well with the desk. I thought it was going to be smaller. I should have looked at the measurements. It worked perfectly to put my files and paperwork in it. It seems very sturdy and not hard to put together. It's a little pricey but hoping that it will last longer.

👤The parts were packaged well and arrived on time. My husband and I did a little work together, taking our time and reading instructions thoroughly. There shouldn't be a problem if you do this. One of the knobs that wasn't drilled out was the only issue. Waiting for a replacement. All and all were very pleased with the purchase.


What is the best product for decorative file cabinet locking?

Decorative file cabinet locking products from Monarch Specialties. In this article about decorative file cabinet locking you can see why people choose the product. Sauder and Bush Furniture are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file cabinet locking.

What are the best brands for decorative file cabinet locking?

Monarch Specialties, Sauder and Bush Furniture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file cabinet locking. Find the detail in this article. Jksmart, Vaultz and Rolanstar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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