Best Decorative File Cabinet Storage

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1. Document Organizer Collapsible Universal Decorative

Document Organizer Collapsible Universal Decorative

The Cashmere SATISFACTION is guaranteed. They want to provide the best shopping experience. If you have any issues with their products or service, please feel free to contact them via Amazon. Within 12 hours, all emails will be responded to. The dimensions of the interior and exterior of the package are listed. The document organizers are suitable for letter and legal documents. The package includes two linen file boxes with lids, four clear sliders, five hanging organizer file folders for the letter size, five plastic tabs, and replaceable white inserts. Sturdy and durable, the side metal handles of the file box are easy to carry. A transparent label slot for easy identification. The reinforced bottom design of the board allows for multi-layer stacking and space-saving. There is multi- function file storage. These storage boxes are great for storing files, folders, tax information, clothes, books and more. These storage boxes are your best helpers. The one-piece flap design makes it easy to install a document storage box. The hanging file box can be folded many times without damage and can be folded for storage when not in use, saving space and more beautiful. The file box has two clear rails that add strength andDurability to the box while providing easy access to the folders. The file box has two clear rails that add strength andDurability to the box while providing easy access to the folders.

Brand: Forlogic

2. Bush Furniture Drawer Lateral Cabinet

Bush Furniture Drawer Lateral Cabinet

There are 3 different ways in which file drawers accommodate legal and letter size files. The drawers have full extension ball bearing slides. The Key West collection desks have the same height as the dimensions. Sturdy and attractive post legs. The Washed Gray finish has Aged Bronze hardware accents. The Washed Gray finish has Aged Bronze hardware accents.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤I just finished putting this thing together and I want to warn you. I feel like everyone needs to know that it took me 3 1/2 hours to put it together. It is cute. It seems sturdy and everything is good, but it takes 3 1/2 hours to finish. I had a lot of trouble getting the drawers in. I had to force them in with a lot of force to get them to click in, and now the drawers work just fine. I called customer service after watching all the videos, but they couldn't figure out what the problem was, so I had to shove it hard. Good luck with that! This thing weighs a ton. It is not a solid wood, it is a lot of parts, and it is made of a heavy material. Solid wood is heavy and takes a long time to put together. It looks pretty good now that it has been put together. I need a drink.

👤I was able to put it together myself. The instructions were clear, but be careful with which drawer side piece you place. If the rails extend too far out, you've got them backwards. Don't tighten the screws until you're 100% sure that everything is where it should be. Getting the drawers in place on the rails was the biggest challenge. Everyone I know is surprised that it is a file cabinet and not a bedside table, because it is a beautiful piece of furniture. It was well packed and arrived unscathed. The photos online are in the same color as they are in person. All contents are marked. Word to the wise. The entire cabinet will topple if both drawers are opened at the same time.

👤I spent hours building out this piece of furniture, only to discover that the drawers don't close because the manufacturer didn't drill the holes for one set of sliders. I have to disassemble the furniture in order to send the item back to Amazon. It will take a long time to take it apart. I don't have hours that I do. Amazon has told me to deal with the manufacturer directly, and that they are not responsible for what they are selling. I don't like the fact that I rely on Amazon to purchase almost everything. I will change my spending habits to avoid using Amazon in the future.

👤I love this file cabinet. I wanted something that was reasonably priced, but that didn't look like office furniture, so I decided on this! There is a The assembly took about an hour. The directions were very easy to follow. The parts were in perfect condition. The drawers look better in person than they do on a screen. There is a I was glad I found this instead of going to my local office supply store.

👤The answer to the question stated that the file cabinet is particle board. It has plastic parts and a fake wood finish. The edges of the feet are being pulled back by the laminate. Not impressed.

3. Collapsible File Storage Organizer Box

Collapsible File Storage Organizer Box

We are dedicated to providing their customers with high quality products and super service. If you have any questions about their file box after you purchase it, please feel free to contact them, they will try to solve your problem.

Brand: Trizo

👤Excellent construction and quality. I don't write reviews, but I felt compelled to because of my delight at the quality of this product, along with top-notch customer service. One of the gliders that goes along the top where the folders hang from was split when the file box arrived. I contacted the company and they immediately sent a replacement set and a really cool gift to compensate for my trouble, which was no problem at all. The agent that I worked with was attentive and followed up with me several times to make sure that I received the gift and replacements. What a great experience in this day and age. The way this company handles its customers is very good. A+! It was just classy all the way.

👤The lid is too big for the box and doesn't fit in to close it. I put the box inside the lid to see if it would fit and there was a gap on either side. The files come off the frame when you pick the box up to move it. It does it's purpose if you don't move it. I will not purchase it again because it is sturdy on all 4 sides.

👤The lid is too big for the box and when hanging files are on the rails the lid doesn't sit flush with the edges. The hanging files come off their rails if you pick it up and move it with the lid on. Who designed stripes to go in opposite directions? The stripes on the lid and box run in opposite directions. If you are trying to match it up, it is very unattractive.

👤This looks great. When it didn't have the file folders, I was a little disappointed. It can be fixed for a couple bucks by going to Walgreens or Office depot. I would like this package to come with them or remove the sales photos from them.

👤These are great for storing things. Nice looking outside. The files sit nicely on optional rails.

👤I was surprised by the box's strength. I didn't realize the box and top were fabric covered, so I didn't read the full description. An added benefit! When you lift the top off, the first file in the box gets caught in the top.

👤The organizers is pretty and cute. I like the look of it. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because the lid is too big. It's pretty cute and can be seen on a bookshelf or wherever it needs to go.

👤It was easy to set up. There is a The file folders are inside. There is a beautiful design outside.

4. Desktop Organizer Documents Portable Collapsible

Desktop Organizer Documents Portable Collapsible

The item's packaging will tell you what is inside. Cotton and Line fabrics are used. Tired of using easy to tear cardboard boxes? The Linen fabric is inside the box and the wood is the bottom. Say goodbye to paper filing boxes. You will be satisfied with their file boxes because of their gray color and high cycle life. The storage helper is portable. There is a small file box. Put the lid on the box and keep the file box on your desk or shelf. Their attractive file storage box hides the mess, holds the entire file system, and the lift-off lid keeps the dust off. Little things that make a big difference are foldable to save space, and can be hidden in a closet until needed again. The metal in the box is why. RACKETS. The upgraded storage box with smooth sliding rail makes it easy to slide files back and forth. Do you want to try it? No calamity. The office of the home office has grievances. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee, and they love and take pride in their storage box. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out. No calamity. The office of the home office has grievances. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee, and they love and take pride in their storage box. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Ul Source

👤These file boxes are stylish and easy to assemble. I pay bills under the desk and they are perfect. I wanted to keep important files away from the living room desk, so I kept something near it. The hanging files fit nicely in the box. The lids fit well. These are perfect for people who need to store files in a small space. Just what I wanted.

👤It's great for people with limited strength. Cloth covering over wood panels stiffens. The metal hand holds the box. Can be used with hanging folders. I put a couple of pieces of wood behind the stack of folders because there was no way to keep them in a partially filled box. As the file box fills up, remove as needed. It is recommended.

👤The folders are organized nicely. I want to store my items in them. They are very nice looking and suitable for my purposes.

👤I got rid of a metal two drawer file cabinet for this.

👤I received it. I love the color and feel of it. It is the perfect size for my documents. It was damaged on the silver handles. The silver part of the handles is shiny but it is hard to tell on the pictures. This busy holiday season makes it difficult to get an exchange. I will deal with it.

👤I needed a major organization for my office, but something that looked good as well. These were what I needed.

👤At least two handles had sharp edges and one had a point that caught. I thought I'd be careful, but it's not. Hanging files cause the sides to bend in creating more sharp corners with the brackets sticking out. The brackets are easy to remove now. There is a It doesn't work well for files until 3-4 months later. I wouldn't buy again at this price point.

👤The boxes are easy to assemble. The pendaflex folders are easy to slide on. The smaller size makes them easy to lift.

5. Prandom File Organizer Box Collapsible

Prandom File Organizer Box Collapsible

The upgraded file storage box with lid can help protect your files from spills and dust. There is aTILE file box for letter size files. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from Prandom are portable and can hold up to 10 files. There is a hedging box. The storage container collapses down to make it easier to store when not in use. A multi-use and highly functional document filing box is a small filing cabinet for document organization, tax paperwork, storing children's art work and other office/ home storage needs. There are labels on both sides of the file. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Prandom file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤I got a four-pack and it smelled bad. I don't know how to describe the smell. They have been airing out in the garage for four days and that hasn't done much. They are going to use the weekend to show them outside. The item description says there is no smell. It seems like every product like this has a smell, unfortunately, and it isn't specific to this seller, but I didn't see any reviews talking about smell. There is a The structure is great but the bottom cloth material is very thin and could rip. I didn't expect it to be so thin, even if it did, but I don't know how much of an issue that would be. The base walls and lid are well structured and the metal arms for the folders are great. The real issue is the smell. Plan to deal with smell if you get this item. If I find a solution, will update.

👤I was excited when I first received this box. It looked great on my shelf and made it easy to access the files I access most. The ugly plastic one is no longer being hauled out. There is a The weight of the documents has caused the bar that they hang from to bend inward. These file folders are not filled with papers. I store heavy items between the file folders. The box was praised by many other reviewers. The answer was to load it up after the questions about the weight it could hold. Oh well. I will be looking for a replacement since files tend to grow over time.

👤The boxes arrived on time and assembled well, but they smelled terrible and I couldn't use them. I thought about putting them in the washer, but I don't know how that would affect their structure. I sprayed and aired them out and put scent boosters in them. The scent is still there, but they are better now. I'm hoping that the scent will fade over time.

👤I have ordered these boxes a couple of times. I like them. They are sturdy and come with rods to hang the folders. I have one of my boxes that has a lot of files in it, but it is still holding its shape, even though I can see a little of a give. The canvas style adds to the design of my home office. I would recommend them to others. So far, so good.

👤Sturdy boxes. They hold more than I anticipated. I like the fact that the handles are reinforced with a metal edge. There is a slot on the front for a label. The fabric is nice. Very stylish. They fit on the top of my bookcase.

👤The boxes are what I needed. I can travel with my files because they are small. The boxes are made well and have file hanger rods with them. Get yourself hanging your all set. Best buy ever!

👤The size and color of these bins are very attractive. I used them to hold hanging files. The file holders fit perfectly. There is a My files were a bit heavy. The top pulled down a bit. I would like them to be a bit more presentable, but they are holding up well. I couldn't find this at the Container Store. I used my own sticker label, which can be changed whenever I need it. There is a pouch you can put a label in. It works for what it is.

6. Collapsible Decorative Documents Storage Organizer

Collapsible Decorative Documents Storage Organizer

The Stola Hummingbird Houndstooth pattern has a beautiful navy background and a hummingbird decals in a powder blue background. Their file box is made of linen fabric and cardboard. The file storage box is a great way to organize your desk, it can hold your messy folders and letters, and it's a good place to keep your files. The label window is designed to make it easy to find your file/paperwork inside the cabinet or on the shelf. It is a great size for hanging a letter or legal file and one box is the right size for storing pictures, books and toys. The metal around the handles strengthens and protects the weak area. Once it is done, you can hide it in a closet and use it again. The upgraded file storage box with lid can help protect your files from spills and dust. The upgraded file storage box with lid can help protect your files from spills and dust.

Brand: Baseshop

👤This will be returning. I decided on these because of their neat appearance and attached cover. A customer answered a question about the lid closing. Not true. These are not useful for filing.

👤I like the quality of the file boxes. The fabric is in my room. My files fit inside. All of my files are supported and look great in my office.

👤I work as a property manager. I bought this product to use in my office to file important items. It's not made for hanging file folders, that's why I don't like it. I tried to make them fit, but they aren't tall enough or wide enough. I didn't use them to stack important files, but to mark them on file tabs so that I can easily get to them. Although I am keeping them, I am not impressed with their usefulness. They look nice on my desk.

👤The box is a decent one, but the lid doesn't seal or close on the sides, and stacking or carrying the boxes is awkward with the side being off. It's a canvas box for storing items.

👤Don't buy these and think you will be able to use hanging file folders. The construction of the bins is not good enough to hold 5 hanging file folders. Terrible design and poor quality. The pattern and color look great, but that is all. It's not possible to use it for files.

👤The box looks good. It does what I need it to do. The sides are floppy. It is a good product.

👤The boxes exceeded my expectations. They were needed to organize my tax drawer and all the other paperwork in my home office. The perfect size. One for me and one for the boyfriend. They fit perfectly under my desk. I was happy with the purchase and the price.

👤Resistentes y images. Le metimos a ambas cajas muchos. There is a A lo ancho te caben. A lo largo te caben. There is a The 2x1 is ideal.

👤It was too weak and flexible to hold suspended files. The files fall down when you move them. Archive storage is fine when the files are never used again.

👤Very little stability. It's only good with empty folders. The return date was missed. I am stuck with them. Will end up in a landfill.

👤Fotografas y documentos de archivo are para conocer. Tienen fcil manejo y el acabado permite. Se tiene un poco.

👤No lleguen hasta las orillas, pero al ser de tela ceden un poco y pierden su for.

7. Sliding Hanging Storage Collapsible Organizer

Sliding Hanging Storage Collapsible Organizer

The set of two medium boxes was 14 inches x 10 inches and the set of two large boxes was 18 inches x 11 inches. Saving space is achieved by stacking the document organizers for hanging files on shelves. The collapsible file box can be put away when not in use. The smooth riding rail is designed to make sliding files easier. The extra mesh pocket on the letter size file box can hold little things such as pens, scissors, etc. The letter size file box has a dimensions of 12:1L x 8.7"W x 10.6"H. Good quality linen fabrics are durable. Good quality linen fabrics are durable.

Brand: Mocolerno

👤Excellent and sturdy. It's a great way to keep files hidden.

8. File Organizer Storage Box Lid

File Organizer Storage Box Lid

The ZICOTO file folder box in grey linen has a beautiful design and is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. The filing box has a letter size. It's perfect for desktop, countertop, and long-term document storage. Storage boxes with lids are easy to assemble and disassemble. Simply snap the sides together. The sturdy sides and heavy-duty corners of the box give it a strong feel. These storage boxes for organizing paperwork have larger tops designed with steel reinforced edges to hold hanging file folders. Their file storage boxes are portable. The chrome handles on every hanging file box make it easy to carry your work around.

Brand: Snap-n-store

👤Please look at the photo to vote most HELPFULL review. There is a book binder clip on each corner of the file box. snaps will not pop open if you strengthen your file box. The box is made of heavy cardboard. The lid is large and sits on top of hanging tabs. The boxes are not meant to be stacked. They look classy on a shelf with metal handles. This does not include hanging file folders.

👤I don't like this thing. It's not deep enough for folders to hang inside. The hanging folders have nothing to grab onto, as the folders sit on the bottom surface after you've populated this box. The whole thing is held together by weak snapping buttons, and when you fill it with enough documents for it to be useful, it falls apart when you try to use or move it. Terrible, waste of money. Avoid at all costs.

👤It is easy to assemble and look good. If you're ok with the issues I mentioned, then this is your new filer. There is a If you're picky about your organization standards, this simple imperfections are enough to cause my BP to rise. The biggest issue with it is that tabs will stick out above the box if they are on your file sleeves. The lid won't close. It will be on top of the tabs. I took a picture with the lid upside down to show what will happen when you put it in the right place. I could file without tabs. That's insanity. There is a The boxes corners will fight with the file sleeves brackets. This is hard to explain. The picture will help you understand what I didn't say. It's a good thing. You can tape corners together on the top corners to end the struggle. There is a I will use this one to store old files, unless I can figure out a way to keep the lid open. This review may be too much for some people. I'm picky. I am picky because I don't think Amazon will allow me to use the other word that means the same. I'm sure they will find this helpful because I'm not the only picky person out there. This is for them.

👤I was not happy with the product. It is easy to use and has ease of storage when not being used. I like the place where to label and write any use. It is also pretty, so I will give it that. There is a The product is bendy and does not hold up to having another box stacked on top of it. The hanging file folders can be damaged easily because the lid hits any files inside. The lid doesn't fit the box at all. The design of the material is very badly designed. I don't recommend this product for hanging files, but if you want to store something else in it, it might be a good idea.

👤I was frustrated with the high prices of many listings when I searched for proper file folders to replace my ghetto version made from an old cardboard box. I decided to give it a try after reading the reviews. I wanted to store hanging files. I wanted something with a lid that looked professional. There is a The boxes were well packaged and don't take up a lot of space when broken down. I didn't have a problem getting the snaps to close. I ordered 3 and they were assembled quickly. I love the metallic handles on the boxes. I am not happy with the hole-handles that come with the file-boxes. It is easy to carry them. I like having a lid. I don't have to look at files and folders all the time. There is a The snaps do not align tightly on the top of the box. So what? Well... If you use hanging folders, the hanging part will get caught at each of the 4 corners whenever you try to move your files back and forth. There is a The box has a label that is really nice. It's difficult to get the paper out. I wrote directly on it after giving up. It might be easier to use a tweezer. There is a The container. There is a I find it frustrating that the lid only serves a decorative purpose. The purpose of a lid is to be able to close something. The lid does not do anything like that. It is a decorative item that is very loose and wobbly. This item is not for you if you are looking for stacking boxes. There is a If you're looking for an item that will do the trick cheaply, this product is good enough and they look pretty good just sitting on a shelf.

9. Bush Furniture Lateral Cabinet Harvest

Bush Furniture Lateral Cabinet Harvest

Easy access to contents at the back of drawers is provided by full-extension ball-bearing slides. Legal-sized documents can be accommodated in file drawers. The hardware is chrome-finished and has a simple, elegant and timeless appearance. When placed side by side, the height matches the coordinating desk. The standards for safety and performance are from the American National Standards Institute. The standards for safety and performance are from the American National Standards Institute.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤My wife needed a file that could be used as a TV stand and a filing cabinet. She wanted the dark wood finish to match the other pieces. The only options we could find at the local office supply stores were cheap and flimsy Sauder-brand furniture and expensive metal filing cabinets. I ordered this online because I've had Bush furniture in the past that was solid, so I took a chance. I didn't know what to expect since there were no other reviews. There is a The package was well packaged and arrived earlier than expected. No pieces were damaged or scratched. Two people are needed to move the package. Instructions were clearly written and illustrated. There were clearly labeled pieces. All the bags were labeled. The item would have received 5 stars, except for a few things. The pre-drilled holes weren't cleanly bored and the screw holes weren't deep enough, which resulted in some alignment issues during assembly. The holes were too big and the screws wouldn't hold them. I had to use my own screws and drill new holes for some parts. 2. The drawer slides were the only hardware that was decent. I couldn't tell if I had turned the cam far enough because the cam-locks didn't fully engage. The small screws used tofasten almost everything from the drawer slides to the edging for hanging folders were junk. I don't have a lot of strength in my forearms. Even though the holes weren't drilled deep enough, the heads still popped off. I worry that the drawer slides will fall off. 3. The pieces wouldn't mate properly because the holes weren't drilled properly. There would be a large gap between the pieces. 4. The drawer handles are chromed plastic. It was a very cheap feeling. The hanging rails are made of plastic. Also very cheap. They're not sure if they'll be able to support a full load of file folders. The mechanism to prevent both drawers from being opened at the same time doesn't work very well. There is a The furniture I used to have was better. I would have liked more metal components and better hardware for the price. The drawers will hold 60 lbs. The top will hold 200 lbs. The finish looks nice, but we will see if they are durable. It's just okay.

👤The back panel was broken and it arrived with a busted panel. I didn't go through the problem of sending it back. The cabinet has a good look, but it is a little cheaper than I expected. I had to use my own screws to put the thing together because some of the screws in the hardware kit were not good. There is a Also, note: If you don't know how to put things together, you may not want to do this.

👤After returning the item, I used a roll of packing tape and got back into the box. The package was picked up at no charge. I thought it was wood since it weighed so much, but I opened the box and realized it was not. I figured it was cheaper to have it assembled than to have it delivered. We thought the second drawer would be easy after 3.5 hours of trying to figure out instructions on the first drawer. There was a small crack in the second drawer piece. I thought the screws would hold it in place. I could glue it. If anyone needs to see the pictures, I have them. The whole drawer fell apart when the second drawer was set down on the floor. I went to a local shop and bought an unfinished hard wood file cabinet for $150 more that will last me forever. I thought it would be more real wood and less particle board because I lost out on $100 on this one. I'm not sure where the real wood is. It is nice looking. If you buy it, you should get it delivered already assembled and know it won't last like a solid wood one.

10. JSungo File Organizer Organization Pack

JSungo File Organizer Organization Pack

The upgrade file storage set includes 2 linen organizations, 5 hanging organizer file folder for the letter size, 5 plastic tabs, and 1 replaceable white inserts. The box's interior dimensions are: 15.6" x 12.4" x 9.4; the exterior dimensions are: 13" x 13" The storage organizers fit both legal and letter size files. Saving space is collapsible. Hang files on shelves if you stack the document organizers. The collapsible file box can be put away when not in use. The linen file organizers are the perfect storage to store documents, folders, papers, and the functional and decorative design creates a flat and tidy space. The sturdy metal handles are very durable and easy to lift. Lable slot with a protective cover is useful. The sturdy metal handles are very durable and easy to lift. Lable slot with a protective cover is useful.

Brand: Jsungo

👤The presentation in your office is nice and the color is nice. If you will be opening and using frequently, I don't recommend it. The lid fits a little too snug on the corners of the hangers, which makes it inconvenient for quick or recurring use. The box needs to be about an inch wider so that the folders are not difficult to fit in and make a noise when you move them back and forth. It is hard to move the folder when you are looking through it because it is resting on the material-covered cardboard, not metal or plastic.

👤Although the description states you only get 5 hanging folders for this 2 pack of boxes, mine actually came with 10 (2 of each color), so that was a surprise. The boxes fit nicely in my storage cube organizers. Each box comes with labels you can write on. When they show the box with the hanging file folders inside, they don't put the lid on it. The hanging folders on the edges of the box are too far away from the lid to fit on top. Unless you want to warp the lid by bending it out at the sides, you can't hang files here and have the lid on securely. I have the lid resting on top so I don't push it down. There is a Since this is a lidded storage box with hanging files, it seems reasonable to expect to be able to use the lid and the hanging files at the same time, so that was disappointing. I didn't want to stretch the lid or warp it because it would prevent it from fitting securely if you ever remove the hanging folders.

👤Since I have time, I wanted to clean up all my documents in my room. This is an accent furniture piece that matches my room. This is what I need to store my documents in, I had them all over the place. My documents are all in one place. There is a The storage is strong and sturdy and has a fabric finish on it. It took less than 15 seconds to assemble. It had a new box smell for a few days but did not bother me. I am happy with the purchase.

👤Hanging files in a box don't fit in the lid. The purpose of having a lid was defeated. Plastic or metal rails are needed for hanging folders. There are design flaws. I bought plastic file boxes instead of ugly ones. I was too busy to return them on time. I will probably use them to store something else. I like that they fold so they don't occupy much space until I decide what to use them for.

👤I have only been using it for a short time, but it fits my files perfectly. There are files in the cover. That was not important to me.

👤I wanted the color and size of my glass door shelving unit and didn't like the ones offered at the Swedish furniture store so I bought this. The file cabinet has large handle cutouts that look like shiny steel. There is a The dividers are color-coded to help you sort out bills and paperwork. There is a I was able to use this for a while until my daughter told me that she wanted this in her room to match her decor. She used the dividers to separate the records.

11. Prandom File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

Prandom File Organizer Box 15x12 2x10 75

The Mini Stowit has rubber feet to help keep it in place and the surface you put it on scratch-free; inside, each drawer has a linen fabric pad that helps ensure your jewelry doesn't scratch. There is aTILE file box for letter size files. The portable file cabinet storage boxes from PRANDOM are 15x12.2x10.75". There is a hedging box. The storage container collapses down to make it easier to store when not in use. A multi-use and highly functional document filing box is a small filing cabinet for document organization, tax paperwork, storing children's art work and other office/ home storage needs. There are labels on one side for file storage. Say no to boring paper filing boxes. The Prandom file folder box set in grey linen is a great way to organize your papers and supplies. Don't give a warranty. The bins that are used for organizing are 3 times longer than the cheap bins. There is a 3 year warranty. They will offer a better solution if you click the shop name.

Brand: Prandom

👤The sides are not strong enough to hold hanging files. It is good for storing other things. It is easy to assemble.

👤The 5-star reviews seem like an elegant solution to having files at home. All of the hanging files that have index tabs are crushed down because the lid shuts flush to the box. See photo. I didn't give a star because I can see why this would work if you didn't hang files without tabs. This didn't work for me and it was an expensive lesson.

👤The dimensions of the boxes are a bit deceiving. The inside dimensions are about 9 12 and the bottom is in place. The files don't hang well on the sides of the standard file folder. The sides are flimsy so file holders fall inside. I think the option is to put something around the rim to increase the height and make it sturdy. Is it possible that these people actually test a product before selling it? I'll keep them for storage, but I'll look for a box that will hold the files.

👤I put all 25 file folders in and now I can move them without them falling off, because I was frustrated when I first put a few in. It needs multiple file folders to keep it sturdy, but if you do that it is amazing and good to go!

👤I was very disappointed that my files didn't stay on the sides. They all fell down within the box. Files do not slide back and forth like a regular system. I was hoping the box was strong. It is pretty flimsy. I don't think it's worth the trouble of returning so I'm keeping them. The files are pushing up against the lid so it has to be raised. I don't think stacking anything on top of these boxes is a good idea.

👤I can't complain about this product. These work great for the relatively small amount of filing I do. The texture of the product is very nice. It's a good idea for anyone looking for a nice product that isn't too expensive.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. They are nice looking. I don't have to hide them in a closet because they fit in my shelves.

👤I love it! It is perfect for what I need. The assembly is done for you. The folders fit! The attached pic is attached. I might order another one soon. It's too expensive for me. It is still what I need.


What is the best product for decorative file cabinet storage?

Decorative file cabinet storage products from Forlogic. In this article about decorative file cabinet storage you can see why people choose the product. Bush Furniture and Trizo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file cabinet storage.

What are the best brands for decorative file cabinet storage?

Forlogic, Bush Furniture and Trizo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file cabinet storage. Find the detail in this article. Ul Source, Prandom and Baseshop are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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