Best Decorative File Cabinet with Shelves

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1. Bush Furniture Somerset Lateral Cabinet

Bush Furniture Somerset Lateral Cabinet

There are drawers that hold letter- or legal-size files. The ball bearing slides make it easy to get to the documents. The 2 drawer file cabinet has interlocking drawers. The styling includes an elegant finish and metal hardware. The height of the coordinating desk is the same as the height of the work surface. The height of the coordinating desk is the same as the height of the work surface.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤Follow the directions precisely. There are some nice helpers, such as the qr code to the instructions on YouTube. There is a Don't take the advice to not use power tools. You will need a drill to drive screws. There is a This is difficult and takes a long time to assemble. The holes could be lined up better. There is a It looks and works very well after it is together for 4 hours. There is a We have a lot of sweat equity in this.

👤Getting the drawers to slide smoothly and close is difficult. The drawers seem to stop when you slide them onto the rails. The drawer will close completely if you push hard.

👤The finished product exceeded my expectations. It does require a lot of assembling but the instructions were very good. There were no missing parts or damaged wood. Anti-tip safety features make the drawers work well. We are happy with the purchase.

👤The cabinet is nice looking. I have to slam the drawers to close. It seems like it hangs up before closing. My husband has taken apart a drawer from a cabinet several times to see if it is getting caught on anything and it appears clear but feels like it needs a hard push to close. The opening looks nice, but it's not good in closing.

👤The file cabinet is a great addition to my home office. Assembly instructions are easy to follow. There were no problems putting it together. I deduct 1 star because of the use of plastic in parts like legs and brackets.

👤We share our home office. We could put L shaped desks on one wall. We are still unpacking stuff. These worked well. We bought a bookshelf, a desk and a file cabinet. They were easy to assemble with us. We did it over the course of a couple of days. There are a few pieces that have small scratches or knicks in them. I'm pretty sure it was done in the packing process. I am very pleased with the look and quality of the pieces.

👤The piece of furniture is so nice that you forget it's office furniture. It's great for a chic home office.

👤Nice holds clothes. I use a file cabinet in my office as well. Great units.

2. Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral Cabinet

Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral Cabinet

The Lateral File Cabinet is finished in Vintage Black and has a slightly distressed touch. The drop pull hardware is finished in Pewter. The drawers are easy to reach from the back with smooth full-extension ball-bearing slides. There are letter and legal-size files in the filing cabinet. Cape Cod Gray, Vintage Black and Antique White are three distressed finishes. Cape Cod Gray, Vintage Black and Antique White are three distressed finishes.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤The Bush furniture pieces are easy to assemble. I didn't consider myself handy and I assembled the desk, file, and book case myself with a light hammer, phillips screw driver, and a pair of scissors. There is a I just got off the phone with their customer service and it was great, the book case was missing the plastic covers to hide the cams, but they did a great job. These pieces are very heavy and beautiful, and gave my home office a professional look. There is a The instructions manual for this filing cabinet is missing the last step before installing the drawer. The drawer divider needs to be screwed onto the plastic piece. You will notice that you have more screws. Use care when assembling because they do scratch easily. I scratched mine because I didn't realize this in the beginning.

👤The box was broken and the cabinet had a rip on the edge. There were some panels that were bent or had chips on them when I opened the box. I realized the package was missing after halfway through building it. Bush's customer service was on hold when I tried to contact them. After a few minutes, the automated message said to go online to request parts or chat for help, and disconnected my call. I tried to load the website and received many errors. There is a I have a half built filing cabinet with a few raw edges and it's in a hidden location. It could be a very strong piece of furniture. I would like to get the missing hardware.

👤I needed a new file cabinet, so I decided on this one. Bush is a good name product so I was confident in ordering it online. Stores are closed due to the corona virus. My decision was influenced by factors as well. It took me a bit of time to put this together, there were a few larger holes than the screws provided. The drawers won't close completely after it's put together. It was off by an inch. I was willing to work on that aspect. The deal in returning this was sealed when I put files in the drawers. The drawers wouldn't close. I really like this design and am sad about it. I will have to pay to repack it and send it back. Aaaah.

👤I needed a solid table to put the printer on. I decided to buy a 2-drawer filing cabinet instead of buying a side table because it would hold my printer and all my files. This looks like furniture, not a filing cabinet. The grey color is perfect for my office decor. It's very sturdy and can hold the weight of the printer and the drawers full of files. I had a friend of mine put it together and it took him about two hours. He mentioned that part of the directions were backwards. He was able to figure out the right way to do it. It's not easy to extend the file drawer, but it's not broken. I'm hesitant to pull the drawer too far out. This piece is a great addition to my home office space.

3. Techni Mobili Rollingg Cabinet Regular

Techni Mobili Rollingg Cabinet Regular

There is a hanging file drawer. All drawers are locked with a locking mechanism. The chrome non marking wheels are easy to use. 5 year limited warranty.

Brand: Techni Mobili

👤This is a very attractive file cabinet. This was perfect because I have a bit of OCD when it comes to coordinating pieces in my home. The glass top was a nice accent and I love the color. Where do I start? I was one of the people who read reviews and saw that others said it took hours to put together. I said to myself, "oh please, I've put together millions of things." I thought they had a bad experience. I almost returned the mess when I opened the box to a million pieces. Nothing was put together. The pieces had to be put together. It was very detailed for every part. If you screw up on any part, you have to disassemble and redo it, otherwise you have to throw the whole file cabinet away. It took me about two hours to finish. I had a sore back the next day. The tool that comes with it was useless. I used my power drill at low speeds because I hurt my hand trying to use the screwdriver. The drawer slides are loud. Sometimes it feels like it gets caught while closing. It serves its purpose for what I needed it for. I put my printer on top. I decided not to store my paper in the drawers because I was not sure I would trust them. Someone who is looking for a cabinet that is attractive and has plenty of time on their hands is the one I would recommend.

👤I work from home. My home office is in our loft so I didn't want a basic metal file cabinet. The filing cabinet looks like furniture. It is not like the flimsy wood you see in small furniture. It is easy to assemble. It is a perfect size. The top drawer is large enough to hold our 2 iPads and other small electronics, and the bottom draw has metal rails to hang your standard letter size files on. The color is gray. We were looking for a cabinet that was similar to what we had. We were able to find a desk and cabinet in the same color.

👤This was too complex to build. The result was mostly worth it. The filing cabinet is pretty. Being next to my desk will be perfect. There is a Make sure that the factory doesn't trick you and trick you into putting the lock upside down by having the key pre-turned. I put the lock upside down when I followed the warning to have the bar of the lock facing down.

👤I assemble the item and the drawer is not working, it can't open... I need help.

👤The instructions were easy to understand but the assembly was easy. It is shorter than I would like, but still perfect for sitting down. I'm thinking about buying another one.

👤It doesn't lock at all. The locking mechanism is cheap and doesn't work well, so if you are going to buy it, don't. It does not fit hanging files like they claim. Legal size is too long and the letter size is too short. I had to buy a hanging insert in order to hang my file. Its nice. It matches my desk and is sturdy enough to hold a printer. Not work the money. I needed the color to match.

4. Lorell 2 Drawer Mobile Cabinet 18 Inch

Lorell 2 Drawer Mobile Cabinet 18 Inch

There are 2 lockable file drawers. It is designed with stylish drawer fronts and 4 roll casters. The suspension has a three-quarter drawer extension. A two-drawer file cabinet is perfect for personal use.

Brand: Lorell

👤I can't recommend this file cabinet to anyone because it is easy to put together and rolls around nicely. It is a danger to put together. I added the rear by cutting two of my fingers. I didn't even feel the sharp edges. When I went to get the second caster, I noticed red stuff on my fingers. I washed my hands and realized my fingers were cut and bleeding.

👤I turned them into a desk. They do a good job. I changed the base for my needs. I like the look.

👤It is a good starter filing cabinet. This was an upgrade for me, out of the plastic boxes that you carry by the handle. It isn't terrible, but it is nothing to write home about. It will get the job done for me and will work until I have enough files for a huge filing cabinet that I can't afford. There is a It has sharp metal edges, meaning don't wear your favorite long sleeved shirt while assembling it, because someone probably could break into it.

👤The drawer was disconnected and I put in a few sheet metal screws, but the metal is flimsy and thin.

👤Terrible. The metal is cheap. The metal sheets are still sharp. My cabinet was damaged. The metal sheet that acts as the bottom of the drawer is bent out of shape. The damage is not the result of carelessness. The drawer was kicked in despite the damages.

👤These file cabinets are ok, but would not buy them again even at this price. I bought two. I would have matching cabinets under the table in my office. If I could have found a better quality online, I would have paid double. There is a The drawers have to be weighted in the back with something heavy or they will tip over. There is no way to hold folders in place, there is no metal things that fit in the bottom and stand up like book ends, and there is no way to change the sides of the folders. If you want books to stand upright, you need to place them after the last folder. There is a The handles and caster are not the same. The screws for the handles are screwed into the handle, so if you're looking for pieces in the plastic they come in, you may think they've been overlooked. The back two are difficult to fit on, but the front two are easy to fit on. The rollers work fine once put on.

👤The file cabinet arrived quickly. It was well packaged and I was surprised. There were no dents from shipping. There is a The construction is light. The front of the drawers have a nice beveled area. Exactly what I need for my home office. The plastic handles on the cabinet that I was replacing broke. The metal handles made me get this. There are no brittle handles here. I like the grey cabinet more than the black one. I was happy with the way it looked, but I didn't think I would until I got it in place. I didn't know what the hue would be as all screens look different. I don't worry about exactness with knowing this. There is a The drawers move quickly. The previous one was very different. I was very pleased to see that immediately. There is a I have never had wheels before. This feature is nice. The materials were given to put them on. Attach the two plates for the rear wheels. There is a I now have a file cabinet that is taller and looks nicer. I may not have a reason to move it much. I like the added height.

5. Bush Furniture Salinas Bookcase Vintage

Bush Furniture Salinas Bookcase Vintage

The 32W x 13D x 63H 5 Shelf Bookcase was finished in Vintage Black with a slightly distressed touch for a casual look. There are 3 shelves for storage and display flexibility. Product 1: 2 fixed shelves. The first product is inspired by timeless Mission style. Product 2 is a Lateral File Cabinet that is Vintage Black and has a slightly distressed touch. The metal drop pull hardware is finished in Tumbled Pewter. The drawers glide on smooth full-extension ball-bearing slides for an easy reach to the back. Product 2: 32W x 20D x 30H filing cabinet stores legal-size files. Product 2: 32W x 20D x 30H filing cabinet stores legal-size files.

Brand: Bush Furniture

6. VASAGLE Suspended Documents Industrial UOFC044B01

VASAGLE Suspended Documents Industrial UOFC044B01

Everything in one place, the printer goes on the top, books go on the open shelf, and files go in the drawer. This file cabinet can be used to organize all of your work. Do you move or stay? It is up to you! The file cabinet has 5 caster wheels for easy movement and two brakes to keep it in place as you need it. When the drawer is fully open, the caster in the middle prevents the cabinet from tipping over. This file cabinet is built to last and will serve you for many years to come. You will have this rolling cabinet set up before you figure out where to put it with easy to follow instructions and numbered parts. Keeping things simple is all you need to get the job done. An industrial mobile file cabinet with an open shelf and a drawer to keep your files under control and streamline your paper work is what you will receive. An industrial mobile file cabinet with an open shelf and a drawer to keep your files under control and streamline your paper work is what you will receive.

Brand: Vasagle

👤I like everything about this product, except that I couldn't put it together quickly. I am not familiar with furniture assembly. I was able to get it to the point of function, but could not get the file drawer to shut completely. I gave up. There is a A simple, yet thorough assembly video could be used to improve the quality of these products. It's not right that a company will ask you to assemble a product, but won't give you a detailed assembly video on the purchase page. There is a If you are good at assembly, find another product. It could have been a really great product.

👤I bought this item for the locking drawer. The drawer doesn't close when I put it all together because that is the last part to be assembled. I followed the instructions and had someone else help me figure out what was wrong with the dimensions of the bottom drawer. I would have given it a great review but now it's just a useless table stand and I don't want to take it apart and return it.

👤I received it and was very disappointed. The parts it came with were not the correct ones. There were two bags of the same parts. The lock on the cabinet was useless because the wheel on the front prevented it from closing completely. It's time to return asap. It is worth the extra money to get a nice file cabinet instead of the one that will look cuter for your classroom or office space. It was a really sad day.

👤The assembly was easy. I built the file cabinet myself because I usually leave assembly to my husband. The instructions were easy to follow and the tools were sufficient for the assembly. The product is adequate for my purpose.

👤It was easy to assemble. It took a couple of hours to put it together. Everything is numbered. Extra screws were given. Read directions and look at the pictures to know where the parts are. It's much easier to put it together.

👤If you want to get to the files at the back, you have to take the door completely out. It's not functional for home office.

👤A great piece. Our existing computer desk is perfect. The directions don't clearly explain which way to face to the bottom piece. The drawer wouldn't open properly after the entire thing was assembled. It took a while to figure out it was wrong, and had to take the bottom off.

👤I used this as a leg for a desk so I could have a filing cabinet/printer spot in a tight area with a desk. Overall, it worked well. Would buy again.

👤I bought this to hold 2 printers. I can't use the lower shelf for its intended purpose because I miscalculated the width. There is a On another note... Vasagle's products have good value. The unit was well packaged. I put the components on the floor. I identified the components and hardware after reviewing the instructions. The assembly went well. The bottom board is the first thing that comes to mind. The drawer will not fully close if the board is inserted wrong. It was easily removed and turned 180 degrees. The second hiccup was that one screw was missing. It was not a big problem for me. Hardware packs from Vasagle usually include extra pieces. The assembly took about 90 minutes. I like this unit. It is easy to assemble, and it is well made. The instructions are mostly written. Would I buy another one? It was the wrong size. Would I purchase another Vasagle product? Definitely.

7. Bankers Box Decorative Compartment 6170301

Bankers Box Decorative Compartment 6170301

The dimensions are 9.75''. L x 12.25'' H x 3.75'' W. It's ideal for managing mail, forms, catalog sheets or any letter size literature. Solid color blends with any décor. The plastic channels and labels are needed to make a desktop index system. The item's packaging will tell you what is inside. Retail Pack Weight (lbs): 2.40,Recycle Percentage: 60 Material type: corrugated paper, item H x W x D (inches): 10.25 x 19.50 x 12.38.

Brand: Bankers Box

👤The headline for the review is 10% hyperbole. If you are an origami master, you might be okay with this. If you don't expect this to be the exact measurement claimed on the Amazon listing, you might be okay with this. There is a Prepare for frustration if neither of the above applies to you. There is a I bought this to make my desk a little more orderly by adding a slot that held papers, empty folders, etc. It was supposed to fit perfectly. It doesn't. I can make it fit, but it looks a little sad. That makes me sad. There is a The instructions are not good. I think that Banker's Box might be produced by sadists. I'm usually good at diagram-building, but I can't decipher the tiny pictures. When you visit their official videos, they show each step of the way, instead of showing you how to assemble. That's great, except that it's difficult to assemble because of the invisible slot under the tab and the hidden panel. It's awful. You'd judge me if I took a photo to attach. If you want to spare yourself the trouble, buy a plastic or wood paper organizers. Unless you need this for work and are going to make a hated coworker assemble it, don't buy it.

👤Surprisingly, this is a sturdy little paper organizers. It doesn't seem to bow in the middle, even with more paper products on top. It was easy to assemble and the directions were easy to understand. Take your time making the folds. I think one could bend it in areas that shouldn't be bent. I bent it over. It is slightly bowed in that one area. We live and learn. I pass on the wisdom. It's a good thing. There is a I bought a pinstripe pattern. It is okay. I would be disappointed with the quality of the pattern if it wasn't sitting in the corner. The pinstripes are fine. The color is not hot. It looks better in the pictures on Amazon. The black needs to be a darker color. The black was washed out or dark. This is just my opinion. I like the contrast. There is a It is a good product. I would recommend it.

👤Don't buy. The cardboard that is used to make this item is permanently crushed and will not take a flat shape across the top and bottom. The item is folded across the center of the black top along the white dividing center support. That has been edited out so that it doesn't have any structure or support. The cardboard has faded ink. Very disappointed. The box it came in was terrible. The box was printed well and held its shape.

👤Just received it. Looks sturdy. I'll make a decision later. There is a I'm posting this review to rant. These things are always an IQ test. The instructions only show the flaps on the bottom being folded. I know they should all fold inwards, but it would have been helpful if they'd show you the sequence of folds. I figured it out after some trial and error. There is a I'm done with it now. If you're having trouble, I made a video to show you how to do it.

8. Bush Furniture Drawer Lateral Cabinet

Bush Furniture Drawer Lateral Cabinet

2 drawer file cabinet has letter or legal documents. The hardware is chrome-finished and has a simple, elegant and timeless appearance. When placed side by side, Filing Cabinet's height matches the coordinating desks. You can choose from espresso oak, Harvest cherry, Heather gray or White. The standards for safety and performance are from the American National Standards Institute. The standards for safety and performance are from the American National Standards Institute.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤My wife needed a file that could be used as a TV stand and a filing cabinet. She wanted the dark wood finish to match the other pieces. The only options we could find at the local office supply stores were cheap and flimsy Sauder-brand furniture and expensive metal filing cabinets. I ordered this online because I've had Bush furniture in the past that was solid, so I took a chance. I didn't know what to expect since there were no other reviews. There is a The package was well packaged and arrived earlier than expected. No pieces were damaged or scratched. Two people are needed to move the package. Instructions were clearly written and illustrated. There were clearly labeled pieces. All the bags were labeled. The item would have received 5 stars, except for a few things. The pre-drilled holes weren't cleanly bored and the screw holes weren't deep enough, which resulted in some alignment issues during assembly. The holes were too big and the screws wouldn't hold them. I had to use my own screws and drill new holes for some parts. 2. The drawer slides were the only hardware that was decent. I couldn't tell if I had turned the cam far enough because the cam-locks didn't fully engage. The small screws used tofasten almost everything from the drawer slides to the edging for hanging folders were junk. I don't have a lot of strength in my forearms. Even though the holes weren't drilled deep enough, the heads still popped off. I worry that the drawer slides will fall off. 3. The pieces wouldn't mate properly because the holes weren't drilled properly. There would be a large gap between the pieces. 4. The drawer handles are chromed plastic. It was a very cheap feeling. The hanging rails are made of plastic. Also very cheap. They're not sure if they'll be able to support a full load of file folders. The mechanism to prevent both drawers from being opened at the same time doesn't work very well. There is a The furniture I used to have was better. I would have liked more metal components and better hardware for the price. The drawers will hold 60 lbs. The top will hold 200 lbs. The finish looks nice, but we will see if they are durable. It's just okay.

👤The back panel was broken and it arrived with a busted panel. I didn't go through the problem of sending it back. The cabinet has a good look, but it is a little cheaper than I expected. I had to use my own screws to put the thing together because some of the screws in the hardware kit were not good. There is a Also, note: If you don't know how to put things together, you may not want to do this.

👤After returning the item, I used a roll of packing tape and got back into the box. The package was picked up at no charge. I thought it was wood since it weighed so much, but I opened the box and realized it was not. I figured it was cheaper to have it assembled than to have it delivered. We thought the second drawer would be easy after 3.5 hours of trying to figure out instructions on the first drawer. There was a small crack in the second drawer piece. I thought the screws would hold it in place. I could glue it. If anyone needs to see the pictures, I have them. The whole drawer fell apart when the second drawer was set down on the floor. I went to a local shop and bought an unfinished hard wood file cabinet for $150 more that will last me forever. I thought it would be more real wood and less particle board because I lost out on $100 on this one. I'm not sure where the real wood is. It is nice looking. If you buy it, you should get it delivered already assembled and know it won't last like a solid wood one.

9. South Shore 7246722 Storage Adjustable

South Shore 7246722 Storage Adjustable

The Particleboard is laminated. This unit has the look of a classic cabinet, but the finish and features of something more contemporary, so it provides extra storage and an attractive display space. The cabinet has a shelf that can be adjusted to fit your storage needs for clothes, linens, office equipment or paperwork. The two door design of the low cabinet allows easy access while also keeping the contents of the storage spaces tidy, organized and hidden from view. This piece of furniture is made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, which complies with all North American safety standards. They have a full 5-year limited warranty on this piece of furniture. It's necessary for assembly to be required.

Brand: South Shore

👤I'm not writing reviews anymore, but I had to write about this cabinet. Is it possible that it was summed up in one word? ARILLIANT. There is a The instructions do need a little help, but this cabinet is easy to put together and sturdy. There is a I put it together myself because I didn't have two men with me at the time. I'm 70. The delivery man showed me the damage to the box, and said that he would make a note of it if the product was affected. The interior packaging was amazing. I kept some of it to use as protective packing. Can you tell me that I really like this? I'm looking for places to use more 'South Shore' furniture. Maybe my bedroom suite needs an update. Hmm! I had a problem with it. The kick-brace is too short and won't fully span the back. I didn't like Amazon's, so I made some longer dowels, which doesn't show. I don't think you need to return the whole thing. Before you put it together, check all your pieces for correctness. It's a good thing.

👤The cabinets were ordered to be used in the bathroom. I put together the undamaged cabinet after they arrived with one damaged, but it was not as sturdy as I had hoped. It looks ok, but wobbles side to side and no amount of tightening fixes the issue. I used the shelf board as a backing and nailed the panel nails to hold the cabinet in. The price is okay for the quality. Even if it didn't look fancy, I wanted the cabinet to be strong. I wouldn't pay for 2 of them again because of the flimsy attachment and heavy shipping weight. We added a bead board backing and some Walmart contact paper to the cabinets to make them a nice litterbox holders. The cabinets are the perfect size for a jumbo covered litterbox because they don't sway side to side. We have 2 in our master bath, with air fresheners nearby and twice daily cleanings. You would never guess litterboxes were inside.

👤They understand the damage that can happen during shipping. The ends of the cabinet don't get banged up during rough handling because each end of the box has multiple layers of padding. The whole cabinet is shrink wrapped to limit slide/scratching after you open the box. The instructions are mostly pictures and you have to look at them closely to understand them. If you work slowly and deliberately, the whole cabinet will be together in 45 minutes. I left the top of the cabinet out of the way so that I could lift it off of the cabinet. The back wall is made of a thin cardboard-like particle board. It was easy to not put it to the back of the top. The hinges for the doors are of good quality. You can adjust for leveling/spacing on the front doors if you take a level. The cabinet's color surface is a thin piece of production laminate coating, so it will scratch easily. They have a pen to fill in small scratches so you can't see them. I didn't have to use the pen because mine wasn't scratched, but I'm going to keep it. The door handles are not flashy. The cabinet has a slight smell from the glue/particle board material it is made from but it will go away over time. If I needed a second one, I would purchase it again. The cabinet is not going to be an heirloom but it is decent looking and functional. I pitched the interior shelf since I had no use for it when I was loading the cabinet.

10. Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Cabinet Castors

Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Cabinet Castors

There are three cabinets that are spacious. It blends well into any office décor. Combines with any white hollow-core desk. The chrome metal accents are stylish. The chrome metal accents are stylish.

Brand: Monarch Specialties

👤Individual pieces seem to be good quality, but when put together it is not solid and easy to make. The big drawer at the bottom doesn't line up with the other two drawers and the top two drawers are level. It took a long time because the instructions are bad. I am frustrated. I threw the original box away because it looked like it would be really nice once it was put together. I don't know what to do. The drawer is hanging sideways. I'm wondering if I should try to make a new hole or if I can return it without the original packaging.

👤It looks decent, but it's flimsy. The large drawer broke as it was being put together. The drawer liners are covered in paper. It is very wobbly when it is put together. The instructions and number of parts make it difficult to put together. The instructions are small and hard to understand. Put this junk together for at least an hour. If it wasn't already together, I would send it back. I didn't want to contribute to the garbage problem in this country.

👤I thought I was getting an assembled unit. I enjoy this type of challenge. I put on my imagination for the race. There is a lot going on in the diagrams. It took a couple of hours, and a lot of patience, to put together the wheels package, and some important hardware is not in the hardware package. It looks nice with one flaw... I thought the file hanging bars needed to be inserted before I brackets the drawer. The rods are in a diagram. We didn't need the hanging file folder aspect because it was not going to happen at this late point in the process without complete deconstruction of the drawer and likely busting wood as the glue had set. There was no forcing those things in. There is a So. It seems like a good unit. Looks nice. The drawers glide well. There is a This is a PSA. It was challenging. It's AssemblyRequired.

👤The installation of this office furniture is a big pain in the neck, I got the desk, file cabinet, and console table. The desk, file cabinet, and console table took about 6 hours, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours, respectively. The furniture is quite attractive. It's not high quality, being thin and MDF. It's pretty good for the price. The drawer rubs against the bottom of the drawer. The bottom drawer is too high, the middle drawer is too low, and the pre-drilled holes for the drawer slides are not properly placed. They rub together. Oh my gosh! The caster beneath the file cabinet is something I like about it. The drawer is opened and the caster is on. Hopefully it will last. The file cabinet on the desk doesn't have the extra support that is present on this unit. One reviewer said that the file cabinet doesn't fit regular or legal folders and that's not correct. It fits either way. They need to be placed inside Pendaflex folders. The metal bars have tabs over them. The Pendaflex folders hold the actual file folders.

11. Monarch Specialties 7400 Filing Cabinet

Monarch Specialties 7400 Filing Cabinet

This modern file cabinet is perfect for any home office or room. The filing cabinet is easy to move around and lock into place. It's perfect next to a desk or work table. The bottom drawer can fit all your files and folders, while the top two drawers are useful for accessories. The look is contemporary. The filing cabinet is small enough to fit in your office space. There are 5 castors for ease of mobility. Standard and legal sized folders are in the bottom drawer.

Brand: Monarch Specialties

👤There is an update. The company took a few more days, but they got back to me with a tracking number for the new piece. They apologized and were determined to make it right. It looks amazing in my office and has been holding up well. The desk and filing cabinet were ordered. I don't use my office a lot, but it's about to get used more now that it's tax time. The folder file rack pieces came through the front of the filing cabinet when I walked into my office the other day. I don't know how this happened since I haven't put anything in the bottom part of the filing cabinet. The front piece was a little weak and the pressure from the rack piece finally caught up to it. I decided to contact the manufacturer to see if they would be able to help me out with a replacement for that front panel. I haven't received a response from them since I sent them two emails. The filing cabinet is weak. This filing cabinet was beautiful, and like everything else I own from this company, it is a shame.

👤This is a very high quality cabinet. It is assembled with pegs and built with clamps to hold it together as glue dries. A lot of hardware and parts are needed to build a car. It took about two hours. The result is a very strong unit. Everything is nice and square because of the amount of hardware. I have never had a filing cabinet with that extra front wheel, but I will never buy another one without it. When I moved my files over to a new cabinet, there was nothing bracing the drawer because it was fully extended. There were no extra screws, that's my complaint. How much would it have cost to add one more screw to each screw?

👤This is a good example of what you can do with particle board, and also a good example of where particle board should not be used. It took a long time to assemble. There are a lot of individual pieces. There are 15 separate particle board components and 129 assorted fasteners. The file folder guides are small metal rods that bend if you load too many file folders.

👤It is a well printed pattern that is 3D printed to look like reclaimed wood. It's sturdy enough to last as long as needed. The rollers work well and the dimensions are perfect. If you follow directions and take your time, you can make a great hardcore assembly. One tip is to use the inside metal rod holes.

👤The 3 drawer file cabinet has a strong smell. If I stayed in the office for an hour or more, my chest would hurt. After my husband spent a few hours in our home office, I thought it was just me, but he complained of the same issues. Our chest hurt when we stayed in the room. The smell was overpowering. After a few weeks, my husband threw it away because it was dangerous to stay in the room. After we aired the room, the chest pain disappeared. The cabinet is hazardous to health and I would like to get our money back. I would not recommend it at all.


What is the best product for decorative file cabinet with shelves?

Decorative file cabinet with shelves products from Bush Furniture. In this article about decorative file cabinet with shelves you can see why people choose the product. Techni Mobili and Lorell are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file cabinet with shelves.

What are the best brands for decorative file cabinet with shelves?

Bush Furniture, Techni Mobili and Lorell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file cabinet with shelves. Find the detail in this article. Vasagle, Bankers Box and South Shore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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