Best Decorative File Folders 12 Pack 6 Designs

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1. Decorative File Folders Supplies Organizers

Decorative File Folders Supplies Organizers

BOSS BABE: How can a boss survive without her files? The perfect gift for a new job, back to school or big event. The best packaging on the market! It is packaged in a sturdy box so that it won't be damaged during transportation. The cute box can be used again. Beautiful design: Are you looking for cute file folders? Look no further! Each file folder in this set of 12 has a different pattern. The decorative folders include 4 bold black and white designs, 2 gingham colored folders, and 6 varying botanical and floral file folders. The set has blush pink, rose pink, white, olive and blue file folders. Premium quality. The designs for these folders are printed on a high quality card stock that will last and not be torn. Each folder has a smooth white interior, a vibrant printed exterior, and a beautiful smooth matt finish. The colored file folders letter size is perfect for standard letter size papers. The 1/3-cut Tabs are easy to use. The bottom of the folders are scored with folds so that the file folders can expand to hold a lot of papers. There is a guarantee of success. They will give you a complete refund if you are not satisfied with your order.

Brand: Carousel Greetings

👤There are pros. No bleed, fuzzy images, or thick material are hallmarks of pattern quality. There was no funny smell. There is a They bow when they put the folders in an organizer. It was bad. I was surprised and very disappointed that they bowed when I told them that the other file folders had stayed flat in the organizers. It's still beautiful and durable. I am a tad. I wouldn't buy these again just for the fact that it looks in our organizeer in a common area of our home, and that it's on display.

👤There are attractive folders that are an alternative to the manila folders. They have a bottom that can hold more than a few papers. The finish is matt. Look good on a desk. They were nicely packaged and arrived in great condition. I would buy more if I found them a good value. I have some folders that are heavier in weight and I will use them if I need something heavier.

👤Absolutely love them! The designs are amazing and they are great quality. They arrive in cute boxes. I have been trying to organize all of my files into a file cabinet and I wanted folders that looked good and represented my style. I could have just gone to the store and bought basic folders, but I like helping small businesses and wanted something more fun than that. I will be buying from this seller again. I highly recommend them.

👤The aesthetic of these folders as a bundle is gorgeous. The quality of the folder seems sturdy and thick. It's hard to find cute office supplies that are also great quality. It's beautiful yet durable and functional. It's wonderful value for your money. 10/10

👤These are perfect because I dislike plain manilla folders. Adding a little color and fun to my office is something I would like to do. I love these because they are a little heavier than regular folders.

👤I bought these fun folders because I needed to update my filing system. I can organize by color. Sturdy folders with great prints. A mundane task is added with some cheer. Very happy with them.

👤I loved the trendy prints and the current color scheme. Sturdy paper stock. It makes filing less boring.

👤I'm very pleased with the files. Don't know what they're made of, but they look very durable.

2. Heavyweight Traditional Better Office Products

Heavyweight Traditional Better Office Products

It's suitable for all kinds of people. It's suitable for many places. Each floral design in the 12 pack is complemented by its fine detail. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤These were bought to organize paperwork. They're thicker and more durable than regular manilla file folders, and they fit perfectly in the safe. I was going to get the regular kind, but I don't have room to store 100 folders, and you can't find small packs. The printed ones are more reasonable for home use. They don't have the extra fold lines along the crease to hold thicker stacks of paper like regular file folders, but I still prefer them to the regular ones. There is a The designs are very cute and not fuzzy. The images are clear and sharp.

👤The designs on these folders were pretty expensive. I bought the floral designs on one of the folders because I loved them so much.

👤The file folders are more intense in color than pictured. It feels like strong plastic. Definitely would buy again.

👤I like the way these folders are structured. The prints are very vivid and pleasant, and they are thicker and sturdier. Very happy!

👤These file folders have beautiful patterns. I was looking for something that was sturdy and that's what they are. I would buy again.

👤It can be difficult to find file folders with floral designs. Two of the six different floral are very nice, and I am very pleased with this set. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤These folders are pretty. There are many colors. It will make it easier to see.

👤I bought these as a treat. I gave them as a gift because someone might not buy them for themselves, that's what I found. I like the designs as well.

👤Jolis motifs de fleurs trs fĂ©minin are known as couleurs vibrantes.

3. Elegant Black File Folder Value

Elegant Black File Folder Value

100% money back guarantee. You can get these pretty folders for free with Amazon Prime. There are ways to improve your work space. Their large variety of brightly colored file folders, set of 24, add a pop of color and a stylish touch to any workspace, classroom, or home office. There are seggers for fluttering and better organization. Their file folders have staggered tabs for easy viewing and organization and can be labeled with plastic labels. The paper stock is high quality. Their file folders are made from the highest quality paper stock for longevity. Each folder comes in a large 9 12 x 11 34 inch letter size that fits easily into most standard filing systems or cabinets, and can be used to store legal pads, manila envelopes, and letters. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement within 60 days.

Brand: Current

👤Many of the white tabs had "black ink" marks on them apparently from the printing process, but the folders were great value, sturdy good looking, but upon opening the plastic wrap they were bundled in... Was disappointed. The labels on my Dyno labeler are dirty and cover a little of the markings. They wouldn't buy again if they lived with them.

👤I gave these folders to my co-workers at Christmas because I love them so much. They loved them too.

👤They are printed well and functional.

👤A little flimsy. I still like them.

👤Medium thickness and quality. Shipping was not fast.

👤If more than 20 sheets, it will tear.

👤They were ugly when I got them.

4. Happy Day Products 9 Count Decorative

Happy Day Products 9 Count Decorative

It is made in the USA. It contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. The file is in style. The 9 pack of top tab decorative folders lend themselves to simple organization. Each set of 9 organizing folders contains 3 vibrant watercolor background with striking gold-like threads for a creative touch. Colorful folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are tear-free. The file folder size is 9.75 x 11.5 Inches. 100% money back guarantee. You can get these pretty folders for free with Amazon Prime.

Brand: Happy Day! Products

👤These file folders are pretty. The colors are vibrant and the folders are a bit thicker. I regret that I didn't order more, but the ones I did get were shipped quickly. Will be able to order more. You will be happy with these!

👤I love these folders. They are shiny. They hold my paperwork very well. I like that it is a paperboard type folder and not a cheap paper feeling folder. I would definitely recommend them. The colors are vibrant. It is true to the pictures.

👤The folders are of good quality. The gold is not gold foil but a print and the colors are vibrant. The folder is made of thick cardboard. It is a practical item and adds a pop of color to my desk.

👤I was going to use them as a stand alone folder in an upright file system, but they are not as sturdy as I was hoping for, so I'm just going to use them in hanging folders.

👤These were made to last and look better than the old standard. It's nice to have documents that need to be reviewed.

👤I picked up some marble folders to organize my schoolwork. They are in a desk holder. Thanks again!

👤I need the folders in a legal size. It doesn't seem to be available in a legal hanging folder.

👤Excellent quality and would buy again. They are like art in the hanging file folder in the bedroom.

5. Tropical File Folders Tabs Letter

Tropical File Folders Tabs Letter

These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. There are decorative file folders. These cute file folders offer a modern spin on office organization, and can be used to store documents, receipts, and notes in style. The set comes with 12 file cabinet folders with vibrant palm leaf, foliage, and tropical floral designs. The quality is high. The file folders are made of heavy-duty paper and have double-sided printing. Identification is quick and easy. The 1/3 cut file folders have tabs in various positions and colors for easy organization. Each folder is perfectly sized to fit letter size documents.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I use folders frequently to send papers to my clients and I plan on ordering them again soon because I'm almost out.

👤Sturdy and holds up to daily use. The printing was well done and the pop of color was nice. I love them and bring some cheer to my cubicle.

👤These folders are very strong. Love the bright colors and designs. Also great value for money.

👤The product is great and makes organizing more fun.

👤I was happy to find some pretty folders. Thank you.

👤These are the folders that I like the most. They help with organization because of their colors. Love them.

👤These are the file folders that I love. The colors are bright. I used them to make a lap-book for a study on the states of Hawaii and Florida.

6. EOOUT Geometric Folders Decorative Students

EOOUT Geometric Folders Decorative Students

It's for personal or professional use in the home or office. Each of the 9 patterns is unique and inspired by cute geometric patterns. Storage and file arrangement are more fun. The product is suitable for letter size paper. The folder was designed with three folding lines added in the middle to place the thickness of the document. Their decorative file folders are made of 350g thick paper and have a waterproof layer on the outer surface to ensure that they are not easy to tear. The inner pages of the folder are covered with a matt layer to ensure that the folder's color is permanent and does not cause any smudges. It's suitable for all kinds of people. It's suitable for many places.

Brand: Eoout

👤The designs in the first picture were what I got from the folders shown in the listing. Not even close. I would have kept them even if they were the same color design. The corners of the folders were damaged. I will return them all.

👤The standard office folders have a shiny smooth finish. We all need a little color in our lives.

👤These are the folders that I like the most. They are the perfect motivator in my home office.

👤I was very pleased with the product, but it did not fit in magazine holders, as I wanted it to.

👤I have a gold file rack on my desk.

👤These were bought to hold the papers that I reference or fill in. The colors are true to the pictures. I'm planning on buying another set soon.

👤The file folders are not flimsy. I put jazz in my home office.

👤I like them. The quality, variety, and price are great. I would order again.

7. Primefair Decorative Folders Designed Organization

Primefair Decorative Folders Designed Organization

It is easy to identify. Their file cabinet folders have different designs and positions to help you organize your files with ease. This pack of 12 decorative manila folders will help you organize in style by replacing the stacks of papers that are taking over your office and desk. Unlike most of their competitors who only focus on designs, they have made sure that their folders are made from quality paper stock with vibrant designs. Every day, paper comes in handy, from a school report card to a birthday invitation. Their filing folders are a great way to organize papers. They are throwing in their own stickers that you can use as labels for easier identification. Their decorative file folders have been tailored to make it easier to classify your documents.

Brand: Primefair

👤I put these in their little file basket for two weeks and they will stay up. The corners are starting to warp and Curl. I purchased cute ones to use in my open floor plan front room and mom command center.

👤They are folders. They have documents that are just fine. I thought the gold accents were in the folders. It looks a little tacky because it's just a photo printed onto each folder. I would've gone with something else if I'd known that was how they were made.

👤The folders are cute. I like the colors. There is a weird gold square on all of the prints. Don't get greasy or oily fingers on these. It will stain.

👤These are pretty but not the best. I don't think they are worth the money spent. I wouldn't recommend them to buy.

👤I loved these! I'm starting a new business and these made my office look better and made me even more excited for it!

👤I adore these folders. I bought them for work and they make me happy.

👤I like to add a little color to my office. I got them at a great price and they are sturdy.

👤These are thick file folders. I redid my office and will have files on my desk where they can be seen, so these are perfect to add some color.

8. CN1ST Capatity 12 Pocket Expanding Classroom

CN1ST Capatity 12 Pocket Expanding Classroom

There are 6 motivational designs in the pocket folders, including "Be bold, Brave and Brilliant", "Don't stop until you're Proud", and "Work hard stay humble". The colored file folder is waterproof and durable, and it is also good for safe storage of documents. The month-tags and A to Z tages are included in the expandable file folder so you can easily classify and find your documents. Each compartment's bottom is sealed so that your documents won't get into another one. The expanding file wallet is made of high quality material and is acid-free.

Brand: Cn1st

👤It is sturdy and has plenty of room. I use it to file credit card receipt for my business.

👤This file is very sturdy and has plenty of pockets that you can use for a variety of files. This is a great way to collect rent and receipts. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I bought this for my husband's paperwork that sometimes needs to be passed on. It seems to be strong. There is a lot of paper. If it gets expanded to much, the band won't be able to close it.

👤I bought this to organize the child's work and I am very impressed. It's easy to carry around and holds a lot of papers. It seems very durable as well.

👤Cute and small. You may need to add a ponytail holder to extend for yearly filing and the loop to be closed. Up and down ways.

👤It should last me for a long time. It's too easy to slip out of my hands because of the slick surface. Exactly what I needed.

👤I got this so that I could organize my notes in one place and it looks good. It fits a lot of notes.

👤This is a good product. It delivers what is promised. It is small, yet expands.

9. Brands Classic Folders Supplies Certified

Brands Classic Folders Supplies Certified

Each folder is about 11 x 9 inches. The Classic File Folders Set is perfect for professional, personal or academic documents. The folders feature uplifting details like gold foil, geometric patterns, and a classic black and white color scheme. This set is perfect for storing important documentation from birth certificates to pets' vet records. These stylish folders are a perfect match for their wire file baskets. Purchase with confidence, knowing that this folder is made from ethically and ethically managed forests.

Brand: U Brands

10. Decorative File Folders Inspirational Organizers

Decorative File Folders Inspirational Organizers

A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included. There are decorative file folders. This set of 12 motivational marble file folders is perfect for organizing loose papers, important documents, and notes. The front of their marble folders have inspiring messages printed in rose gold. The quality is high. The 3 tab file folders are made of heavy-duty paper to make sure papers are safe in your backpack, laptop bag, or filing cabinet. The letter size 3 tab file folders come in assorted positions for ease of use, and you can use labels or stickers to create a custom organization system. The rose gold file folders are about the same size.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤These are the most beautiful folders I have ever seen, they match my closet office perfectly, and they have the best sayings to keep me motivated while I work. I would get these again. They are thick and not flimsy at all. I may be able to fill the holder completely. These!

👤I am not usually for feminine products, but this one was beautiful and sturdy. Each word has a different tab, so you have a variety. There are enough folders to organize properly. The shiny part is not cheap. They added a lot of beauty to my desk and organization. I can keep my main motivation for my job.

👤The subtle details of your workspace can spur creativity. The folders did that. I was looking for rose gold accessories on my desk and these were perfect. They gave a little encouragement and inspiration.

👤I give these three stars because of the design. The way the wording is of you have a folder tray like me and want to see the category tabs upside down. They are meant for a hannging folder rack or a drawer style hanging folder organizer. I wish I had known before.

👤The folders are perfect for my office. The folders are heavy and hold up to a lot of transport in a backpack or briefcase, which is why the marbled pattern is so classy.

👤I ordered them yesterday and got them today. These are lovely. I expected that. I'm looking for a teacher to teach online in two weeks. These were part of the set up for my new home. These will keep me motivated.

👤I love them so much. They are perfect for my office. My colleagues compliment them. Really good product. Will buy again.

👤The folders are sturdy and a good buy. They work well with my desk accessories.

11. Two Pocket Folders Bulk Motivational

Two Pocket Folders Bulk Motivational

The rose gold file folders are about the same size. Pocket folders are decorative. These cute file folders will keep you motivated and organized, and they have cute designs. Their colorful file folders set includes 12 filing cabinet folders that feature inspiring messages, and the vibrant palm tree designs will most definitely elevate your desk and office decor. The quality is high. The file folders are made of heavy-duty paper to make sure papers are safe in your backpack, laptop bag, or filing cabinet. Each pocket folder has a dimensions of 12 inches and can hold up to 36 sheets of standard letter size A4 pages. There are 6 motivational designs in the pocket folders, including "Be bold, Brave and Brilliant", "Don't stop until you're Proud", and "Work hard stay humble".

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I bought these because they are nice and I learned that I need to have a folder. There are motivating quotes on these folders. There is a They don't have holes punched in them, so this may be a downfall for some. You can most likely do it on your own.

👤I thought they were going to be a little bigger. It is a great price for what you are getting. The folders are of great quality. Love the quotes on them. I would buy these for school.

👤I bought this for myself. I gave them to my family and friend. They really liked them.

👤If you are looking for a short term folder that is cheap, I would only recommend it. This didn't work for my school folder and won't be buying again. After a month, I'm pretty neat.

👤They look great and are really good quality. A thick carton and bright colors. I love these folders.

👤Awesome folders. I give some to my assistant at work. Sturdy folders and nice bold colors. Motivational quotes are positive.

👤The folders are beautiful! The paper is thick and bright.

👤Good quality. I just did it myself, I wish it was hope punched. No big deal.

👤Good quality and cute. Does the job.


What is the best product for decorative file folders 12 pack 6 designs?

Decorative file folders 12 pack 6 designs products from Carousel Greetings. In this article about decorative file folders 12 pack 6 designs you can see why people choose the product. Better Office Products and Current are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file folders 12 pack 6 designs.

What are the best brands for decorative file folders 12 pack 6 designs?

Carousel Greetings, Better Office Products and Current are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file folders 12 pack 6 designs. Find the detail in this article. Happy Day! Products, Paper Junkie and Eoout are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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