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1. Blue Summit Supplies Positions Organizing

Blue Summit Supplies Positions Organizing

All File King home and office products are made in the USA with 20% recycled content, and it's time for folders made from American trees with the whole world in mind. Their durable white 11pt paper file folders are great for storing documents in your office, home, or classroom. The bulk pack of designer file folders has 100 white letter size file folders. The 1/3 cut top tabs in the white file folders make it easy to see what is in each folder. The 100 pack of white file folders is an affordable alternative to more expensive options. Their thick and sturdy one-piece box design makes it easy to open and close, and protects the contents inside, so you can quickly retrieve new tricut folders from your supply closet.

Brand: Blue Summit Supplies

👤The folders were white and stood out against the other colors.

👤The color is not bright white, but still looks modern. Great value!

👤What I needed was in the color I wanted. Sturdy file with all the folders in one color.

👤The white folders are bright and fit well.

👤The color I wanted to use for my files was not what I wanted. They are sturdy, but some of them were torn in.

👤It is a great product.

2. Dunwell Plastic Black File Folders

Dunwell Plastic Black File Folders

Use the black hanging file folders to organize different types of files, and use the colored interior folders to prevent misfiling. The heavy duty file folders are for heavy duty work. The measure is 11.6"W x 9.0"H. 1/3 Cut Tabs can be erasable using a pencil or whiteboard marker. There are labels included. There are plastic file folders. It's in hanging file folders. The poly folder has 3 expansion scores at the bottom that allow it to hold up to a stack of letter size files. Long Lasting Poly file folders are made of plastic. It is flexible and tear- resistant. It is easy to clean and water resistant. It is acid-free to protect your documents. Reusable and recycled. Six basic black open folders, a plastic folder, equal numbers of left right and middle tabs, and 6 different kinds of labels are part of the set. Office supplies by Dunwell include sturdy colored folders for files which are more durable than plastic manila folders in hanging 3-tabs file folders letter size colored.

Brand: Dunwell

👤The plastic over paper is bright colors. I feel that they could have been a bit thicker to make them stronger, as they can flop over instead of standing up. Overall will work for what I need.

👤The product was bright. The material was thinner than I expected. I like to put my colors together with red and yellow. The tabs were the same. The side tab was the same as the colr. The yellows have a tab on the left. The orange tabs are in the middle and the blue in the right. To make the tabs work properly, you have to put them in a different order. It is impractical to have the tabs on the same side because I need to sort my files by color.

👤These are the folders that I love. These are the best folders I use at work. They are durable and cute. My desk is fun and colorful. I can color code so it helps with organization. They come with amazing labels. If you have to move them from one folder to another, they re-stick. They should send more labels or sell them on their own because I have to change the labels as the months change and I can't find just the labels to buy anywhere. If the company sees this, please tell me how to separate the folder labels.

👤They are bendable without the fear of cracking. I like the idea of erasable tags. The back of the tab is the best place to put the sticker on top of the sticker. Great idea. They are working out.

👤The folder is flexible and Sturdy. As my projects change frequently, I use my label maker for them. It comes off clean when you remove the label. I would like to see more colors. I have more projects than they do.

👤These plastic file folders are very nice. They are sleek and durable. The plastic is not stiff like the plastic folders from when I was in high school. They stay closed in the file folder I bought. We will have these for a long time and they seem to be in great shape.

👤These folders are bright. I had to change the file folder label because it was placed on the wrong side, but it was easy to peel off and re-stick it on the correct side.

👤1. They feel too thin. 2. It was not two full sets. One set. There are 2 left tabs and a right. I know this is not nice. It is not what I wanted and will not look good with a missing middle tab.

3. Brands Classic Hanging Supplies Certified

Brands Classic Hanging Supplies Certified

Premium paper material is not easy to decay and degrade. The Classic Hanging File Folders Set is perfect for professional, personal or academic documents. The folders feature uplifting details like gold foil, geometric patterns and shades of black and white. This set is perfect for storing important documentation from birth certificates to pets' vet records. These stylish folders are a perfect match for their wire file baskets. Purchase with confidence, knowing that this folder is made from ethically and ethically managed forests.

Brand: U Brands

👤I need to make a memory box for my new baby and these work great. I love how they look.

4. Pendaflex Reinforced Hanging Folders BLA

Pendaflex Reinforced Hanging Folders BLA

China is the country of origin. Adding Poly-reinforced top edge and bottom fold provides added strength. There are hanging folders for general or color-coded filing. Lighter interior helps prevent time-wasting. A label sheet and 25 clear tabs are included.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I did myself a disservice by getting these to aid in home and business organization, but now I'm trying to discourage people from making the same mistakes, because I got these to aid in home and business organization, but I did myself a disservice by getting discounts opposed to studying the reviews. These are packaged in a box that is too small for the contents, as others have mentioned first and foremost. The box looks like a standard ream of printer or lined paper, and forcing the folders in to it caused significant and severe bending in the folder. It doesn't seem like the warping will be gone any time soon as I've spent the entire day trying to flatten them between textbooks. It's not great for sensitive documents, which will take on the curve as well. There is a The box I had came with a lot of damage. The Pendaflex box was barely held together, but the shipping box was flawless. It is decorated with two large holes, and a road map of rips between them, which makes me wonder if this is a used or refurbished product. I bought something. There is a The folders are disappointing. I have holiday cards that are thicker. There are plastic reinforcements on the bottom fold and metal hooks in the back, but they are not helpful or necessary when a thicker card could have solved all of the same issues. There is a Quality control needs to be worked on immensely with this product, and it was just an extremely disappointing purchase.

👤The metal hooks on the hanging folders shave off plastic from the bars in my filing drawers, so I searched forever to find the right one. I made sure to look for the right product number when I purchased the plastic tabs. Many buying options with metal hooks were returned when searching for 'Pendaflex 4152 1/5 ASST'. As you can see by the product pictures above, I thought I had found the right kind after finally finding this listing. Even though the box shows the smooth plastic, they were the metal kind after all. I've spent a lot of time researching these stupid folders and reading other reviews that said Pendaflex had changed the product over the years. They need to change the box as well. It's hard to find a brand. Any brand? Without the metal hooks?

👤The hanging folders I bought from Blue Summit were wonderful. They didn't have pink in stock, but they were able to replenish it. I took a shot at this brand and am very disappointed. The back of each folder has a simple brand stamp at the bottom. The folders were easy to read but still small. There is a huge stamp on the back of each folder that takes up a third of the folder. I get branding is important but it is annoying and over the top.

👤The metal tabs on the hanging files are not what the picture shows. I purchased this brand because I wanted the sturdy metal hangers that slide well. They are a flimsy stamped metal that sticks to the rails of the crate I am using and they bend easily. I bought the reinforced type because my students will be using them in the classroom for the entire school year. I don't know if these will hold up because of the cheap hangers. I buy hanging files from Pendaflex.

5. Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can be assured of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The file folders are decorative. This 12 file set is used to organize papers, documents, notes, and bills. The bohemian files feature 12 designs with colored tabs. The 3 tab filing cabinet folders are made of high quality paper. There are various positions tabs and colors in letter size file folders. Each colorful paper file folder is about 11 inches in diameter.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤The folders have nice prints on them. I needed two more packages to cover the 36 I need for CY2022, since they are a pack of 12 only. I can relabel and reuse the file folders for less than $50.

👤I am impressed that these are a bit thicker and stronger than your standard folder which will help them stand the test of time. I was not sure about the designs based on the pictures, but they look better in person. The outside of the folder is not laminated but has a shiny finish that makes it a bit slippery when stacked in a pile, but overall I love them!

👤The folders are very strong. I expected them to be much thicker and they are! I have used them in a folder rack. All the folders in the rack have been bent over, but these don't!

👤There are different designs and coloring on these folder dividers. There are so many to choose from.

👤The folders are sturdy. The printing was rushed. A number of the folders are smudged with ink where there should be no ink, and I'm assuming that one ink color was not dry before another was added. I wouldn't buy them again, but I wouldn't return them.

👤I have bought them twice. There are unique patterns, pretty colors and durable. I have a bag in my office that I hold up while traveling back and forth to meetings.

👤The designs are cute.

👤These are just files, but they look nice in my office. What you see is what you get. These are a decent price, because they are marked up just for being pretty.

6. Happy Day Products 9 Count Decorative

Happy Day Products 9 Count Decorative

It's for personal or professional use in the home or office. The file is in style. The 9 pack of top tab decorative folders lend themselves to simple organization. Each set of 9 organizing folders contains 3 elegant color background with striking "moody" floral designs for a creative touch. Colorful folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are tear-free. The file folder size is 9.75 x 11.5 Inches and it can fit letter sized documents. You can choose between black, cream and blush, navy, burgundy and blush. 100% money back guarantee. You can get these pretty folders for free with Amazon Prime.

Brand: Happy Day! Products

👤If you care about that, these folders are gorgeous. They should last a long time. I chose these for the print and price. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these have three folds at the bottom that make them expand. It will hold more than your average folder. I tried to attach a picture, but I don't know if it shows this.

👤These are fun folders. I find they are pretty and I am more organized than I used to be. Don't you deserve it? These are a bit more. I love these.

👤It's a great addition to any office setting. They are attractive as well as durable. I wish there was more per pack.

👤I thought they would be bigger. They are ok, but would have liked more sturdy folders.

👤They are not just strong but beautiful.

👤It looks like wallpaper. Just gorg!

👤I like the folders in my office. I love them!

👤It's value for your money. Sturdy and beautiful folders.

👤They don't come with property wrapped, some were dirty and all bent. The quality of the folders is poor. Not worth the money. It is too much of a hassle to return for a few dollars, so I will keep them.

7. Brands Classic Folders Supplies Certified

Brands Classic Folders Supplies Certified

Each folder is about 11 x 9 inches. The Classic File Folders Set is perfect for professional, personal or academic documents. The folders feature uplifting details like gold foil, geometric patterns, and a classic black and white color scheme. This set is perfect for storing important documentation from birth certificates to pets' vet records. These stylish folders are a perfect match for their wire file baskets. Purchase with confidence, knowing that this folder is made from ethically and ethically managed forests.

Brand: U Brands

8. Bloom Daily Planners File Folders

Bloom Daily Planners File Folders

The gold file folders are perfect for letter-sized documents. Fashionable and fun designs. The glossy coating on file folders makes them extra durable. There are six file folders per set. Two of the designs pictured. The standard file folder size is 11” Their Amazon store has matching office supplies for women.

Brand: Bloom Daily Planners

👤It's just what you would want for an office cleaning project. They have made the tabs small both vertically and horizontally and have skipped the three fold lines at the bottom that make the folder expand as you add more paper for monthly bills or medical bills. Half of the label area is hidden when you add paper. The top tab area was all messed up and each had to be cut with tiny scissors. I had to cut 18 folders. The extra color matching labels on most decorator folders make them look good when reused. None here. I don't like the look of all the Bloom products as they look like they have a great graphics division, but fail on design and function. Half of the label is hidden by 8 pieces of paper. It would be nice for a public speaker to have handouts. I will keep one of these because it will show as a bad filing choice in my class. Yes, they are pretty. I would love to know. They improve their design. I always call and tell Amazon of problems, but I started my project later than planned.

👤The file folders are pretty and good quality, but they don't expand, but for me that's okay. I contacted bloom planners customer service because I only received five folders in my package. They were very helpful and courteous in their dealings with me. If you are looking for something beautiful to help organize your desk, I highly recommend the product.

👤When I opened the box, I was disappointed. The folders are nice. I didn't expect to see four of the tabs bent on the folders. I consider myself a very organized person and for four of the six tabs to be bent is not usable for me.

👤The packaging could be improved. I received my folders quickly, however, the tabs are damaged and unattractive. The front desk of an attorney's office is clean and organized and I try to maintain it. The damaged folders will help me do that. I will keep the damaged ones for back up purposes.

👤I like these. Add beauty wherever you can. My desk is an upscale look for a reasonable price. There are great designs to choose from.

👤No le doy cinco estrellas porque llegaron con los bordes un poco maltratados.

👤These are durable and pretty. Excellent quality. I would recommend them.

👤The product is the same as described. I'm very happy with it. I didn't realize it came with 6 as I was only expecting 3. The material is very high quality and the patterns are stunning. Definitely recommend!

👤Son resistentes... son un poco gruesos... son 6, dos de cadauno.

👤Wow. Stunning. The same as shown in the pictures.

9. Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64062

Smead Hanging Folder Adjustable 64062

These cute file folders are great for your everyday tasks. The hanging file folders are 11-3/4" W x 9-1/4" H and are exclusive of rods and tabs. Each hanging folder has a poly tab and coated rod tips that slide easily in file drawers for hassle-free organizing and access to documents. The clear poly tabs have replaceable white tab inserts and can be positioned in several locations on the front or back panel so you can create a custom filing system. These 11 pt. are made in the USA. The colored hanging file folders are SFI certified. Use the black hanging file folders to organize different types of files, and use the colored interior folders to prevent misfiling.

Brand: Smead

👤The folders look fine. The box says there are 25 folders, which is what I paid for. I only received 22 files. If you read my review, please send me three more files. I bought these files because they are all different colors, but I don't have a red, yellow and blue folder.

👤While the quality of the folders is up to snuff, the representation of the color pink in the photos provided is completely inaccurate. I would call them a bubblegum pink in the pictures and a faded baby pink in the mail. I didn't feel like taking the time to return them and order something different, so I used them. If you are interested in purchasing the pink folders, be aware of the 'buyer beware' note.

👤I am a college freshman doing long-distance learning. I have to file things away for the future. Especially with my paperwork. These make it easier to see things that are appealing to the eye. Don't take the photos and video. My room is a mess. Building furniture and getting packages for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months straight. I am getting my room together after it was trashed. It got messy after months of huge orders. I have been having a lot of boxes come in, so it has been crazy. My room is neutral. I plan to paint the desk white. The top of it will be changed with a special contact or wallpaper. I want it to look like wood. I am going to update it with more modern gold handles. My room is going to be beige and white. Absolutely neutral tones. I love the little pink accents throughout it. My room will be neutral, with an earth tone or two. There is gold with a few hints of lights and olive green with orchids and other plants. A little pink makes my room look feminine and beautiful, without being offensive.

👤You will be able to organize your divorce into packets of misery when you have to go to court to fight your ex over custody of your children. Don't put your pain in a pile. These hanging file folders can be used to catalog the narrative of how you made the worst mistake you've ever made. Your lawyer will thank you.

👤I am very disappointed in the product. I bought these to replace the bent ones from Amazon, they were only in a small box. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to spend more on a brand name. I was hopeful that the presentation was good and that the box was a branded one. This is what I was expecting. There is a The hanging files don't lay flat because the box is too small. This is how the cheaper ones were. I would return them immediately, but they were bought for another family member. The color is true to photo and they seem sturdy, so I am giving them 2 stars instead of 1. These and the Amazon Basics ones are not worth the cost.

10. Kate Spade New York Organizers

Kate Spade New York Organizers

Their thick and sturdy one-piece box design makes it easy to open and close, and protects the contents inside, so you can quickly retrieve new tricut folders from your supply closet. To fit standard letter size and A4 papers, the file folders measure 11.75 inches (29.8 cm) x 8.25 inches (23.5 cm) Important documents, letters, notes, and other mail can go in these pretty filing folders. The set of 6 includes 6 tabs to organize your desk. All 6 of the folders have a vertical design that makes filling them easy and keeps your papers in place no matter where you take them. There are 12 blank file folder labels that are attached to a sticker and you can assign and reassign the tabs as you see fit. The decorative file folders have a 1/3 cut tab so the labels are easy to see. Each paper folder is made of thick, heavy-duty cardstock material that makes it easy to keep your documents safe. The design is strong and can be stored in a backpack or briefcase. The most practical way to carry your paperwork? In Kate Spade New York's cute file folders. The spade dot pattern is featured in the folder set. Say goodbye to boring manilla folders and hello to these fun and stylish folders.

Brand: Kate Spade New York

👤The shrink wrap is tight for shipping. The tabs on the folders were folded over too long. The purpose of vertical tabbed folders was defeated.

11. Pendaflex Recycled Hanging Folders Letter

Pendaflex Recycled Hanging Folders Letter

It has a handle for easy carrying. The color folders are made from recycled fiber. There is a box of 25 hanging folders. There is a label sheet and 25 clear tabs. Time-wasting misfiles can be prevented by contrasting paper interiors. It's perfect for standard or color-coded filing.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I am writing a one-star review because the product description is incorrect. It is listed as 13 inches wide, but from the very end-to-end measurement they are 12 inches. The hooks should rest on the frame in the middle of the hooks. I bought these on Amazon while I was in the States. I've returned to my home country of Kenya. I'm stuck with these and they're too short. It's very frustrating that companies can't have the right descriptions.

👤The extra wide Pendaflex folders are doing what they need to do, but for some filing needs the extra wide pendaflexes take up too much room. So. I bought the regular sized Pendaflexes, which I am reviewing here. The regular size pendaflexes are being used. Extra wide pendaflexes are still available. There is a On the very first day of use, the regular pendaflexes. One side of pendaflex gave out completely by tearing/falling apart at both metal hanging parts. Look at photos. There is no wear on the folder except for the tears where the pendaflex paper meets the metal. The other side is fine. The metal did not bend or break, but the pendaflex paper tore off the hanging part. I don't usually write one star reviews, but I hope the quality is better on the rest of the box. If they all are weak like this, then they are useless. My husband says I can use moving tape to repair the pendaflex since the metal isn't broken, so hopefully not a total loss. These used to be great. Generic probably isn't worse than this. They don't make them like they used to.

👤I ordered 2 more hanging file folders, but they don't fit in my file cabinet. I'm not sure what the problem is with getting the right size, but I've not been able to count on the correct measurements. If you order hanging files, make sure the measurement from edge to edge of the hanging brackets are the length you need. It is not a guarantee that the hanging file folder is the correct size. They will not work in some file drawers if they are off by a 1/2. I like the fun colors, but they are useless if they don't fit. There are 25 folders in a box that don't work. I put them aside after I tried them out, I can't return. They either go to the garbage or Goodwill. It's frustrating.

👤I have been using Pendaflex hanging file folders for years and they are not as heavy duty as others I have used. The metal is more flexible than the paper. I bent the metal piece because it was so soft and flexible after I caught one on my file box. It can still be used. These are strong enough to work in my home office, despite being designed for more lightweight use. The color is striking. The photo is pretty accurate, even though they may be a little darker in real life. If I ordered for my workplace, I would go with the stronger Pendaflex files.


What is the best product for decorative file folders black?

Decorative file folders black products from Blue Summit Supplies. In this article about decorative file folders black you can see why people choose the product. Dunwell and U Brands are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file folders black.

What are the best brands for decorative file folders black?

Blue Summit Supplies, Dunwell and U Brands are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file folders black. Find the detail in this article. Pendaflex, Best Paper Greetings and Happy Day! Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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