Best Decorative File Folders Heavyweight

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1. INFUN Oversized Erasable Assorted Organization

INFUN Oversized Erasable Assorted Organization

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement within 60 days. Their heavy duty file folders are made of premium poly material, resistant to tear, water proof, good flexibility, and can protect your paper from damages. Their file folders feature large 1/3 cut tabs in various positions and colors for easy labeling and searching. Their 1/3 Cut Tabs are erasable and writable, which makes it very convenient for you to use. 27 easy peel-off labels are included. INFUN file folders come in a variety of vibrant colors, including yellow, red, orange, blue, green and rose red. You can effectively classify documents based on translucent colored and tabs if you keep colored file folders visible. The standard letter size is 11.34 x 9.45 Inches and is suitable for document classification,storing multiple items, coupon, papers, statements, receipts, vouchers, invoices, etc. Are you still having trouble with your files and documents on your desktop? Don't worry, choose their file folders, it will help you organize and classify your files effectively, keep things in order, and it is ideal for teaching and homework assignments.

Brand: Infun

👤These are strong. I like the variety of colors.

2. Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

100% money back guarantee. You can get these pretty folders for free with Amazon Prime. There are six colorful abstract art designs. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤These are my favorites. The colors are beautiful and stand out from the others. I will most likely purchase more of them.

👤These are gorgeous! Excellent colors! The only complaint I have is that I couldn't use the tabs in the pattern order I wanted because they were located in the wrong place.

👤I've been looking for a little personality in the file folders. The folders are plain and colored. I knew I had to have them when I found them. They hit the mark.

👤The folders are thick and the colors are nice. I haven't used them yet. I am pleased so far.

👤These make filing a pleasant experience.

👤Sturdy, pretty and unoffice like.

👤The picture didn't do them justice. Them seem strong. They make my filing cabinet so cute.

3. Smead Folder 3 Cut Letter 12843

Smead Folder 3 Cut Letter 12843

It's for personal or professional use in the home or office. These letter size 1/3-cut tab colored file folders are designed for your letter-size filing needs. The box of 100 white folders is designed for desktop and drawer filing and helps you keep your office organized. 11 point sturdy paper stock in white protects important papers while making it easy to find what you need at a glance, or replace the tattered files in your filing cabinet with fresh folders. This practical solution is perfect for bills, recipes, projects, correspondence, vehicle records, client information and more. These colored file folders with tabs are made in the USA and are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤Very disappointed! The folders were not like the ones I received. They were a dark teal color, when I needed a light color. It was very misleading. I was forced to use them for an immediate project, and they are difficult to work with, not at all what I wanted or expected. It's really bad. It's easy to put up an accurate photo. I think I was deceived and then switched to what they had on hand.

👤The folders are five stars. They are very thin but you get what you pay for. The colors are bright. I took off a star because of the stress of trying to get the colors I wanted. The colors would be duller than the pictures on the ad. There are clearly drab pics and neon pics of the same colors on the monitor. It's really hard. This bundle has many different combinations of colors. I just bought a bit more color than manilla. It was worth the money. If you want fun colors, go somewhere else. It was delivered well and didn't break.

👤These are not at all the same color as the screens they are on. They look like Tiffany blue in the picture, but they are actually teal. They don't look great because I used them in my classroom in a hanging pocket chart. It is not the end of the world. I'm a little disappointed. If I knew, I would have chosen the multi color gem tones.

👤"Teal" is my color, so I ordered these. It's my accent color! These folders are not teal. These are turquoise. Someone needs to change the description of that picture. I know it's just a folder. I was excited to purchase these because they were my color. Oh well...

👤A file folder is good. Color is off! It is not close to what is shown in the photos. (Teal)

👤I didn't order what I got. The colors looked dull and sad. The packaging was torn from being wet.

👤These are my go-to choice for file folders because of the excellent quality and reliable delivery service. I decided a few months ago that my office needed a major organizational makeover and color coding various departments files seemed like a small but smart step we could take to easily identify what belonged where and with whom. I was looking for large quantities of file folders in bold colors. The first order arrived undamaged. The second order arrived several days ahead of schedule. These are strong and have a smudge-proof finish. These are double duty as they are colorcoded, and they are more durable than the last carton of traditional manila folders I bought. I am very pleased with this product and the supplier. Thanks!

👤I assumed buying file folders would be straight forward if I read the reviews. The teal color is not what it is pictured to be. The color isn't the same as the shade. I don't understand why the product image is misleading.

👤Super! I was looking for these to keep my files organized. I wanted the pink in my logo. You get a great value compared to other retailers.

4. Smead Organized Heavyweight Vertical 75406

Smead Organized Heavyweight Vertical 75406

These colored file folders with tabs are made in the USA and are SFI certified. Sturdy file folders in assorted colors let you file and organize your documents upright like you would a print out. Sturdy paper stock in bright colors keeps your papers organized and secured. Water resistant files stand up to extensive use, and dual tabs allow for horizontal and vertical labeling. Sturdy file jackets are great for moving files around in and out of the office. The vertical file jackets are made in the USA and are certified by SFI.

Brand: Smead

👤These are disappointing. I wanted to use them in magazine organizers, but they are too wide. I'm not sure why they are the size they are. They are larger than a standard file folder. They would fit if they were the same size as a file folder. This would help with paper management. I don't know if I can return them or not, but I will cut them to fit. You can see the difference when I add a photo to the standard file folder.

👤I think it is well made, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing, even though I think it could be cheaper. The pink is a color of the Magenta. I love this. It met all my needs. I would love to buy a lot of it. I don't need more. I bought more ones. Maybe I should give them to my co-workers. This could be either vertically or horizontally. If you need a file that can expand to infinite, this is not it because they are closed on both sides. It can hold 50 sheets of paper at once. Its chic and professional.

👤I needed a colorful folder for management to sign documents to stand out. This fits the bill. The folders are sturdy and colorful. I can stand it up and get noticed by the management if they have their "in box" mounted on the wall. It was one of the least expensive folders, so it was a good value. There are 6 folders to a pack with 2 pairs of colors.

👤The folders hold files well. They are packaged in a way that protects them from the elements but doesn't stop them from being bent or dinged like mine were. I like the idea of a dual tab system, but the side tabs do not fit in standard top-load accordion files. Disappointing. Otherwise a nice product.

👤I saw reviews that said these were bigger than expected, but my vertical file has room to spare. I thought it would be okay. Not even close! I have to remove my paper cutter to use them. I'm sure they will last as they have some sort of lamination. I wouldn't call these colors bright. These are the only top-tab folders that I would have picked another one.

👤I was happy to see these because it's hard to find vertical file folders. You can only fit about 10 pages in each folder because they are sealed on the side. It doesn't grow. I tried to return them, but they were going to cost me more than I paid for.

👤I ordered it. These are the things. I loved setting up my dream. There are all colorful and non-destructable folders. I had to order huge colorful paperclips. I ordered these file folders again because I had so much fun. Everything around me has to be pretty and colorful.

👤They are colorful. There is a They are too wide to fit in a pendaflex folder. It's impossible to hold anything without it falling out when you turn it on its side, so you can't use them in a horizontal file folder.

5. Paper Junkie Project Folders Sections

Paper Junkie Project Folders Sections

The uses are listed. The stylish file folders will help to keep your papers organized. The project file folders are for project files. There are file folders. This set of 12 project file folders will allow you to organize loose papers, important documents, notes, and bills while keeping an eye on your work. Each project folder has different sections to write on such as a timeline, project goal, status, and big and little steps to help you stay organized at home or in the office. The quality is high. The file folders are made of paper to make them safe to keep in your backpack, laptop bag, or filing cabinet. The 13 cut file folders feature tabs in various positions and colors for easy organization and quick identification, and you can use label stickers or write directly on the tab with a marker or pen to create an organization system that works best for you. Each file folder has a letter size.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤The concept is what I needed. It would be perfect if the product could be upgraded to a durable plastic folder with Dry erase capabilities.

👤They look like they were run over by a truck.

👤These are great! There are lots of ways to keep track of the project. Love them and will likely order more. I don't like the yellow color. The rest are pretty. The yellow is not in sync with the other colors. I laminated the yellow folder so I could do drafts of each project before I committed it to the prettier folders, but I am a perfectionist.

👤I bought these for my sister and she hesitated at first but now loves them and wants more. There is a I'm hard pressed to believe you could find anything better when you have so much work and pieces to fit together.

👤I am a fan of office supplies. I like the fact that I can keep my notes in a folder for each month and use it to organize them. The colors are pretty and vibrant.

👤These are useful for keeping track of the tasks associated with a book or project, as an author, publisher, advocate, and sometimes activist. They're made of heavy paper stock. If you're sensitive to colors that affect your mood, the salmon/pinkish and the marigold/golden mustard can be dull. These are good quality file folders, though Amazon suggested a different brand that was more uplifting. If your mood is influenced by the look, feel, and color of the items you work with, you may want to use the blue, green, lavender and lilac set. If you prefer something snappier or with a coating to protect from spilled coffee, you might want to go for another.

👤My husband is working on a video game. He works from home and usually writes programs for industrial machines. I keep track of his paperwork as well. These were the folders that I liked the most. I now have an organized space to keep all of the information I write on the manila folders. I can't think of anything but praises to include in this review, because these have been incredibly helpful.

👤These are great. I needed to keep a log of my goals and information. These work well. I can keep my papers inside while also taking a quick look at the information to figure out what my next steps are.

6. Cute File Folders Geometrical Decorative

Cute File Folders Geometrical Decorative

It's your money back if you love it. Merry expressions is a company that stands for love and joy. They want you to get in touch with them if there is anything wrong with your set and they will give you a full refund. They can replace it if you prefer. There are 9 packs of cute foldables. Each filing folder has 1/3-cut tabs that make it easy to organize. The file is in style. The bulk of pretty designer top tab file folders offer a modern spin to a pure organization necessity, and are great for storing documents, receipts, and notes in style and keeping yourself organized at work or school. This cute stationery kit comes with 9 different outside prints in a unique combination of natural shades for a colorful yet delicate palette, and the interior comes in a random variety of yellow, light and dark green. These cute office supplies are made of heavy-duty 350gsm paper stock with a thickness of 17 points, which is a durable and tear-free experience unlike most on the market. It is easy to identify. Their file cabinet folders have different designs and positions to help you organize your files with ease.

Brand: Samic

👤These are sturdy and beautiful. I like the oriental prints. I made filing labels for them, put them in two hanging file bins and gave them to my daughter so she could get organized in her new apartment. She was very excited about the surprise. It will be a while before we know the rating.

👤The quality is good. I thought the colors would be bright, but they are still nice. The dark tabs aren't useful to write on. I can't use regular ink to write the name of the folder.

👤I love the variety of designs in the file folders.

👤I like the strength of these file folders and the many choices of designs. I will definitely be ordering more. I like using these for my new clients instead of the beige ones of the past. When entering into the difficulties faced by my clients, it brings a bit of a lift. I will take it even if it is a small thing.

👤These are sturdy and cute.

👤My office supplies have a great addition. I get a lot of praise. Purchase more. There is a It is worth the price. Sturdy and colorful!

👤It is beautiful, durable, and stylish. Buy them!

👤They are sturdy and well built, but I was shopping based on color. The 'Vintage Green' is very blue on my screen. I was surprised when it arrived. I was hoping for blue for a baby boy craft, but I'm still using them.

7. Bazic Letter Paisley Folder Folders

Bazic Letter Paisley Folder Folders

There are a number of variable applications. It's suitable for all kinds of people. You can use it in any place you want, at any time. They hope that their folders will make you happy. There are 6 packs with 3 in each pack. There is a folder in size of 11-5/8" x 9-1/2".

Brand: Bazic Products

👤They seem to be regular folders. I was looking for something different and I saw that the colors may vary. I received all 18 of them. I was too embarrassed to be using hot pink at work. I thought I was going to get more. I'm not sure if I want to bother returning. There is a sad face. I could give them away or put them in the office supply cabinet. It's funny.

👤There were packs of orange and pink. The picture shows only a few colors. I didn't think I'd get two out of six, but I know they advertise that colors may vary. It is a Christmas gift. ;-(

👤I received 6 packs of pink and 3 packs of green. I was expecting more than that. I don't like the misleading tactic in advertising.

👤These folders are cute. They are bright colored. The folders are thick and shiny on the outside. I'm pretty sure if you spilled water on them, it would just slide off. The inside is porous and white. I'm very happy with the folders.

👤The folders were stuck together because they melted to each other. I was able to separate most of them but two of them were melded so closely that I had to destroy the decorative finish. Disappointing.

👤I work as a service coordination in a school with a staff of 15 and I spend a lot of time chasing people for paperwork signatures. I love these folders because they allow me to easily sort and collect paperwork, because I have a certain color for each administrator and department. My office used to be a sea of folders. It is worth the small cost.

👤The folders are sturdy and beautiful. They are bent in some areas, torn in others, and the labels are dirty. They came in a new plastic wrap, but still didn't feel new. If you don't mind minor cuts, I would recommend buying them. They are otherwise very nice.

👤These don't hold up like the types of file folders you buy at an office supply store. They are flimsy and if you put a lot of paper in them they will try to curl over. They're pretty. The description says the number of each kind may vary, but I got all the colors that were nice.

8. Heavyweight Better Office Products Colors Red

Heavyweight Better Office Products Colors Red

Keeping everything neatly sorted into sections will help you get and stay organized in style. The heavy-duty box with interlocking tabs is a better choice than the spill-proof, stain-resistant paper file folders. 1/3-cut top tabs provide a larger area to label your folders and are easier to view than smaller 1/3-cut tabs. The folder is scored at the bottom to allow it to expand as needed. There is a vent assortment. There are four different colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. There are two sets of color: blue, red, yellow, and green.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤Shipping was fast. This is not a pocket folder. They are lightweight and perfect for carrying my coloring sheets to my classroom. The light weight of these folders is a big plus for me. The red and yellow folders are light enough that my kids can see what is in them. Set out the folders, no more scattering sheets around. They are less likely to be torn than paper folders and are more durable. The four different colors make it easy to remember which subjects are in the different colors, and which are coloring papers and which are used for teaching.

👤The colors are too bright and not professional looking. I wish I could purchase just one of the colors. I was looking for folders that would stand up and not bend easily. I don't think these are very good. I think they will last. I will keep looking for more professional looking colored folders and will give it 4-stars. These would be perfect for teachers in the classroom, but not so much for business people who want to convey professionalism.

👤Really nice and durable. If stacked, they will slide into the floor. They will be okay if used in a filing cabinet. I like the four primary colors. I want to keep our family lines separate. The folders will last a long time. I will buy again.

👤I wanted to get some plastic folders to keep my bills in because they are much stronger than paper files.

👤The most sturdy type of file folder is poly. These are not pockets. I like that I can put a file folder label for a current project, and then reuse it for another project, because it's poly.

👤The quality of these poly file folders is very good. I am not sure if I would call them heavyweight. Whatever the weight, they are doing their job. I would recommend buying them.

👤My paper file folders looked old and tattered. Now they are strong and bright. It's perfect for filing things you reference a lot.

👤I like using poly folders. I had to replace the cardboard because it was heavy usage. I like the size of the packaging. The value is great.

9. Decorative Gold Foil File Folders

Decorative Gold Foil File Folders

Backed by a limited warranty from Amazon. The file is in style. The 12 pack of pretty designer top tab file folders offer a modern spin on an organization necessity. Keep yourself organized at work or school by storing documents, receipts, and notes in style. There are two embellished gold foil designs with the words "I am very busy" and "big plans" written on them. The file folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are heavy. They changed the size of each file folder to fit the standard hanging cabinet. Their folders are large enough to fit letter sized documents. BOSS BABE: How can a boss survive without her files? The perfect gift for a new job, back to school or big event.

Brand: Fluytco

👤These are cute. They are sturdy and have great designs. I bought these to be file folders so I wouldn't use the weird pocket on the left size. I put these in my other folders. They were taller than my other folders. If I keep them, they will hide my other folders. I'm not sure if I can use them at the office.

👤The folders are attractive. The feel is sturdy. The problem is that the folders are not standard. The folder tab must be held on the left side and not the right side in order to hold the papers upright. This seems like a small thing but after 40 years of holding the same folder, it's throwing me off. The card inserts that should hold a business card are not standard. They are too far apart to hold anything. These are fun and attractive. I wouldn't revisit because of the function. I don't usually leave reviews but I think this is a good idea to know up front.

👤These are not your average file folder. Being from America, I like to open books, files, and folders. There are pockets on the right side of the file folders. You have to open them on the left if you want to. I would have liked to have seen a photo of this before I bought the folders. It's not nice to open the folders upside down.

👤If you don't need these to fit in a normal filing cabinet or box, that's great. The inside pocket is in the wrong location and the size is wrong, so they are just odd. They didn't make them normal size, but the designs are wonderful. I kept them but wouldn't order again.

👤The inside pockets are more for left-handed people. I get frustrated when I open it because the pockets are on the wrong side. It's a great product.

👤I was looking for folders that would stay on my desk. These are the solution to the problem. I have already seen these folders in my office and they are cute. The slots do not affect the effectiveness of the folders, so I don't use the slot inside them. The tags on the folders are sturdy and large for me to write on. If you want to add to your office decor, I highly recommend these file folders.

👤I ordered a set because of the cute pattern of the folders. The description doesn't mention that these are not a standard size file folder. Standard size file folders sit an inch higher. The tabs are shaped differently than standard file folders. The pocket on the inside is useless. Even though I like the pattern, I will probably return them.

👤I like them. They have a small pocket, but I thought they were just file folders. The meaning is slightly smaller than your normal pocket folder. They are cute on my desk. The colors make me happy. They tackle the tasks inside when I grab files. People see them on my desk and think they should touch them. Ha! Silly. I found them on Amazon.

10. Happy Day Products 9 Count Decorative

Happy Day Products 9 Count Decorative

It is made in the USA. It contains 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. The file is in style. The 9 pack of top tab decorative folders lend themselves to simple organization. Each set of 9 organizing folders contains 3 vibrant watercolor background with striking gold-like threads for a creative touch. Colorful folders are made of 300 gsm paper stock with a thickness of 14 points and are tear-free. The file folder size is 9.75 x 11.5 Inches. 100% money back guarantee. You can get these pretty folders for free with Amazon Prime.

Brand: Happy Day! Products

👤These file folders are pretty. The colors are vibrant and the folders are a bit thicker. I regret that I didn't order more, but the ones I did get were shipped quickly. Will be able to order more. You will be happy with these!

👤I love these folders. They are shiny. They hold my paperwork very well. I like that it is a paperboard type folder and not a cheap paper feeling folder. I would definitely recommend them. The colors are vibrant. It is true to the pictures.

👤The folders are of good quality. The gold is not gold foil but a print and the colors are vibrant. The folder is made of thick cardboard. It is a practical item and adds a pop of color to my desk.

👤I was going to use them as a stand alone folder in an upright file system, but they are not as sturdy as I was hoping for, so I'm just going to use them in hanging folders.

👤These were made to last and look better than the old standard. It's nice to have documents that need to be reviewed.

👤I picked up some marble folders to organize my schoolwork. They are in a desk holder. Thanks again!

👤I need the folders in a legal size. It doesn't seem to be available in a legal hanging folder.

👤Excellent quality and would buy again. They are like art in the hanging file folder in the bedroom.

11. Bloom Daily Planners File Folders

Bloom Daily Planners File Folders

The gold file folders are perfect for letter-sized documents. Fashionable and fun designs. The glossy coating on file folders makes them extra durable. There are six file folders per set. Two of the designs pictured. The standard file folder size is 11” Their Amazon store has matching office supplies for women.

Brand: Bloom Daily Planners

👤It's just what you would want for an office cleaning project. They have made the tabs small both vertically and horizontally and have skipped the three fold lines at the bottom that make the folder expand as you add more paper for monthly bills or medical bills. Half of the label area is hidden when you add paper. The top tab area was all messed up and each had to be cut with tiny scissors. I had to cut 18 folders. The extra color matching labels on most decorator folders make them look good when reused. None here. I don't like the look of all the Bloom products as they look like they have a great graphics division, but fail on design and function. Half of the label is hidden by 8 pieces of paper. It would be nice for a public speaker to have handouts. I will keep one of these because it will show as a bad filing choice in my class. Yes, they are pretty. I would love to know. They improve their design. I always call and tell Amazon of problems, but I started my project later than planned.

👤The file folders are pretty and good quality, but they don't expand, but for me that's okay. I contacted bloom planners customer service because I only received five folders in my package. They were very helpful and courteous in their dealings with me. If you are looking for something beautiful to help organize your desk, I highly recommend the product.

👤When I opened the box, I was disappointed. The folders are nice. I didn't expect to see four of the tabs bent on the folders. I consider myself a very organized person and for four of the six tabs to be bent is not usable for me.

👤The packaging could be improved. I received my folders quickly, however, the tabs are damaged and unattractive. The front desk of an attorney's office is clean and organized and I try to maintain it. The damaged folders will help me do that. I will keep the damaged ones for back up purposes.

👤I like these. Add beauty wherever you can. My desk is an upscale look for a reasonable price. There are great designs to choose from.

👤No le doy cinco estrellas porque llegaron con los bordes un poco maltratados.

👤These are durable and pretty. Excellent quality. I would recommend them.

👤The product is the same as described. I'm very happy with it. I didn't realize it came with 6 as I was only expecting 3. The material is very high quality and the patterns are stunning. Definitely recommend!

👤Son resistentes... son un poco gruesos... son 6, dos de cadauno.

👤Wow. Stunning. The same as shown in the pictures.


What is the best product for decorative file folders heavyweight?

Decorative file folders heavyweight products from Infun. In this article about decorative file folders heavyweight you can see why people choose the product. Better Office Products and Smead are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file folders heavyweight.

What are the best brands for decorative file folders heavyweight?

Infun, Better Office Products and Smead are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file folders heavyweight. Find the detail in this article. Paper Junkie, Samic and Bazic Products are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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