Best Decorative File Folders Letter Size

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1. Heavyweight Traditional Better Office Products

Heavyweight Traditional Better Office Products

It's suitable for all kinds of people. It's suitable for many places. Each floral design in the 12 pack is complemented by its fine detail. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤These were bought to organize paperwork. They're thicker and more durable than regular manilla file folders, and they fit perfectly in the safe. I was going to get the regular kind, but I don't have room to store 100 folders, and you can't find small packs. The printed ones are more reasonable for home use. They don't have the extra fold lines along the crease to hold thicker stacks of paper like regular file folders, but I still prefer them to the regular ones. There is a The designs are very cute and not fuzzy. The images are clear and sharp.

👤The designs on these folders were pretty expensive. I bought the floral designs on one of the folders because I loved them so much.

👤The file folders are more intense in color than pictured. It feels like strong plastic. Definitely would buy again.

👤I like the way these folders are structured. The prints are very vivid and pleasant, and they are thicker and sturdier. Very happy!

👤These file folders have beautiful patterns. I was looking for something that was sturdy and that's what they are. I would buy again.

👤It can be difficult to find file folders with floral designs. Two of the six different floral are very nice, and I am very pleased with this set. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤These folders are pretty. There are many colors. It will make it easier to see.

👤I bought these as a treat. I gave them as a gift because someone might not buy them for themselves, that's what I found. I like the designs as well.

👤Jolis motifs de fleurs trs féminin are known as couleurs vibrantes.

2. Reversible Decorative Folders Organizers Woodland

Reversible Decorative Folders Organizers Woodland

Their Amazon store has matching office supplies for women. A set of 6 letter size file folders have 1/3 cut tabs to easily label. There are 2 left tabs, 2 middle tabs, and 2 right tabs. There is a lined notes section on the front and a contrasting interior in the resurrection floral design set. The file organizers can be folded to reverse the design. The lined notes section on the front of the folder is for convenience. Simply fold the folder to the opposite side if you prefer the notes section to be hidden. Standard letter size folders are made of thick card stock and are 8.25 inches tall to hold letter size papers. There is brisk speed and efficiENCY. If you like organization, then this set of 6 letter file folders is a must. The lined notes section helps to clarify the contents, and the fun, pretty designs are easy to locate in crowded drawers/desks. Add some flair to your filing system with these cute file folders.

Brand: Steel Mill And Co.

👤They are beautiful and I have been able to pick out folders that I like. I am not buying them to replace my files. I buy again just for the colors. I was looking for something soft. They are perfect.

👤I think it's nice. Very feminine. The paper material used well. The flowers are pretty. The colors are beautiful. Just like the picture was advertised. The regular folder size is not so big. No gripe. I would recommend them to my friends. No photo, sorry. It's a good purchase. I am glad I bought it.

👤I love opening my purchase to find what I was expecting. These are adorable, good quality, and the perfect addition to my office. Office work can be boring, so why not liven it up with cute additions? Enjoy and indulge!

👤These are good file folders. They are strong. They are not easy to bend. The front has lines that I like to write on. They are pretty.

👤The colors on the folders are just what I wanted. I found them on Amazon.

👤I love them. The edges were bent backwards from the shipping and I can't smooth them out. They are a cute addition to my office.

👤I like the printed lines on the front of the folders for notes more than the dull manila folders and they are also more sturdy.

👤It arrived quickly and was super cute. I love them.

3. Manila Folders Notebook Organizer

Manila Folders Notebook Organizer

The papers are 8-1/2" x 11". There are six primary pack colors, including Black, Red, Electric Green, Cobalt, White and Royal Purple. The paper filing game has changed because of the patented design of these notepad manila folders. The wide-ruled pocket has a place to keep your notes. There are 12 assorted third-cut file cabinet folders in each pad. You can simply tear and file your notes with the help of the perforated top. Track work progress, organize project notes, or categorize files from these file folders. They make a great document folder for receipts, medical records, and recipes. Having your notes and filing products in one place will make you more organized. It can be used as a clipboard folder, school planners, binder organizers, and more. Start the new year with organization and efficiency. The Find It folder notebook makes it easier to get the job done.

Brand: Find It

👤I order and use these all the time. The last one I ordered was very different. The folder is flimsy and thin like construction paper. It was very disappointing.

👤You can place documents inside the great folders. I use them for each subject as a medical assistant student. I place my schoolwork inside of my assignments and dates. It's great for projects where you need to keep track of things step-by-step. You can keep the paid bills with receipts inside. These folders are important for staying organized. Light paper stock can be flexible. If you don't want to include it in the file folder, you can write on the lines on all four sides of the folders. I used them as a paralegal. I had the ability to place dates and entries for work I needed to do. The front of the case file was perfect. I would write down the discovery dates with my attorney. I would log the assignment date, the steps taken to complete it, and the completion dates on these folders. They're perfect for a student, paralegal, secretary, or business supervisor who wants to keep important information readily available on top and inside the folder. I am able to place my schoolwork inside a 3-ring binder for easy access to my final exam review because I am able to 3-hole punch the folders. I like being able to see where I left off with the help of these lined file folders. I can't imagine life without them. These folders are very recommendable. If you use them to their fullest potential, they will keep your life in order.

👤Why didn't I find these years ago? These are perfect for a good organizer. Take your notes on the front and then slip your papers into the file and then head back to the office to tear the folder off the pad and file in it's appropriate place! Quality all the way around. How about colored ones?

👤I love these. It's convenient to have pertinent information on the outside of the file so that you don't have to look through the actual files inside. There is a If you found it helpful, please click "yes" and take a second. I did not receive compensation for writing this review.

👤These are presented in a way that makes you want to rip one off and go. This solved my quirks as well. On the days I work in the office, I waste time looking for the notes I took at home. The notes and the relevant documents are in this. The notes are full length and outside.

👤The product is a genius. I have written all over my files. I can keep all my notes in one place. There is a They are attached to the note pad, but the folder can snap right off. There is a They are cheaper than regular folders. These are worth it for the work I do.

👤I ordered more. I like that they're a little thinner. My instructions to others, client comments, dates due, etc., go outside. Other project papers are put in a heavier folder. There are some items listed on this one. It fits inside or outside the regular folder because it's thin. Several people handle the project before it is finished, so we use rubber bands to keep it all together. Everyone has a place to check things off. It's great for real estate projects. I keep some in the car. When a new client calls, the preliminary notes are no longer just on slips of paper. The surface is better for writing on.

4. Sentiment Garden File Folders Letter Size

Sentiment Garden File Folders Letter Size

There is brisk speed and efficiENCY. If you like organization, then this set of 6 letter file folders is a must. The lined notes section helps to clarify the contents, and the fun, pretty designs are easy to locate in crowded drawers/desks. Add some flair to your filing system with these cute file folders. There are ways to improve your work space. Their large variety of brightly colored file folders add a pop of color and a stylish touch to any workspace, classroom, or home office. There are seggers for fluttering and better organization. Their file folders have staggered tabs for easy viewing and organization and can be labeled with plastic labels. The paper stock is high quality. Their file folders are made from the highest quality paper stock for longevity. Each folder comes in a large 9 12 x 11 34 inch letter size that fits easily into most standard filing systems or cabinets, and can be used to store legal pads, manila envelopes, and letters. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement within 60 days.

Brand: Current

👤I was able to check the quality of the folders without disturbing the rest of the plastic covering because the package was already open. They are thinner than any folder I have purchased in the past, as well as the ones I just purchased from Amazon. It was very flimsy. I don't think they would have lasted more than a couple of months. I was surprised by the reviews. I don't know if reviewers were so taken by their appearance that they glossed over the quality or if there was a change in manufacturer. I can't recommend them because I returned them.

👤They are more sturdy than most. The patterns are beautiful. Just what I needed. Sturdy and beautiful. It makes me happy when I open my drawer. Quality stuff is put out by current.

👤The file folders are pretty. When I saw them, they were different from your basic manilla or solid colored folder. The only problem I had with my order was that some of the tabs were slightly bent. It's not noticeable.

👤The shrink wrap was too tight and the folders were too cold. They're beautiful and expensive for file folders. It was annoying to have to come back. I'll email the company to see if they'll replace them without the hassle of a return.

👤Something to make the office brighter. They are good quality. It's more than usual folders.

👤Sewing files for my machine. Personal business files should be separate from sewing files.

👤They are good quality, but a little expensive.

👤I used these file folders to make 3D rabbits for Easter and they are better than the cardstock ones.

5. Smead SuperTab Oversized Assorted 11961

Smead SuperTab Oversized Assorted 11961

WIDELY used. It's suitable for all staff and students. It's great for managing academic paper, profile, working document, contract file, etc. They will organize your work. You can easily spot the files you need with these letter size file folders, which feature a 1/3-cut oversized tab for labeling folder contents. You can write larger or fit more lines of text in your files if you have oversized tabs in various positions. The 11 point colored paper stock protects important papers and makes it easy to quickly find what you need while the 1/32” expansion allows for greater storage capacity, perfect for everyday use. This colorful solution is perfect for bills, recipes, projects, correspondence, vehicle records, client information and more. The top tab file folders are made in the USA and are SFI certified.

Brand: Smead

👤I don't like the need to air out everything I buy from Amazon. Everything. We had a flood in my workroom and need to start fresh. Same day delivery is great. There is a Not great with weight. There is a It's definitely wimpy. I've felt better using cardboard and construction paper. What other choices do we have? Please let me know. The smell of the "Deodorizer" is overwhelming to me. I needed to use these immediately and had to air them out in my garage for weeks to get rid of my Migraine. Maybe we can get Amazon to stop using this if there are other sufferers out there. This will stop crime. There is a lot of nasty stuff. About the product. You can get a folder that feels like a younger one. These are just sirens. I used to make them. There is a Yes.

👤These things are cheap and a folder is a folder. They were damaged, not from the transit piece of the shipping. The box was not damaged. I assume these were damaged when someone shoved it into the smallest box they could have used. It looked like I had ordered a box of construction paper when I opened the box. These folders are folded in half. I like the colors so I get them 2 stars. I was fooled by the cover of a book and I got to read it again.

👤The reviewers said they are flimsy. The paper is soft and floppy, and has no finish. It rubs when you remove a folder from a drawer and replace it with a new one, because it used to be made of a lightweight card stock with a slick finish. What to do? If they're making crap, they're probably competitors as well as an old, good brand.

👤It was bought for classroom use. The tabs will bend quickly because they are very thin. Many were bent over when they got to the package. Too much of a hassle to send back so they will be used for short term storage in my classroom. When I buy mixed-color file folders, they come with an equal amount of each color. Not so with this package. It was random and not neatly packed. Disappointed.

👤I like the colors. It's nice to have something different, but flimsy. They won't last long. Several pieces of paper are stuck together. I won't get them again.

👤The weight is perfect for coding my files. I didn't need the larger area for file labels, but they didn't have the regular width colors. I didn't receive any of the 20 colors, but I did receive one of green and camel.

👤I like the fresh colors. I can color code my work projects with the different colors. I like the quality and the large tab gives me more space.

👤The colors are as described in the file folders I purchased. The folders are flimsy. The thickness is thin. The colors were described again and the shipping was quick.

6. Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

If you want to make your file cabinet look better at work, in the classroom or in the home office, you need to organize it with Pendaflex jewel tone folders. There are decorative file folders. The set of 12 pastel file folders is designed to organize loose papers, important documents, notes, and bills. Office supplies with flowers. Their mint printed folders are made of soft pastels and feature floral patterns. The quality is high. The floral file folders are made of heavy-duty paper to make sure papers stay inside while in your backpack, laptop bag, or filing cabinet. Use labels or stickers to create an organization system that fits your needs, and the fun file folders feature tabs for quick and convenient identification. The cute file organizers are perfect to fit letter sized documents.

Brand: Juvale

👤Cute. Exactly as pictured. The folder tabs were bent. There were things on some of the folders. I looked at it and it was upsetting.

👤The seller and their service was great. I didn't care for the product at all. They were very cheap to make. I would not buy from this company again.

👤It's a pack of 12. There were only 11. I need 12 of them because I really like them, but only use one per month for bills.

👤Quality card stock. Not for thick files, but can accommodate a good amount of papers.

👤These are nice and they look cute, but they are supposed to be hanging folders. These are just like any other folder, but with better looking designs and some solid colors. I would like to have more in the package.

👤I was looking for file folders that were soft colors that would complement my happy planners. I'm very happy! They have a sheen which is nice. The folder is slightly thicker than the standard recycled folder. They are perfect for my light duty needs because they don't have the extra scoring at the fold.

👤I wanted to give my office space a bit of color. These are sturdy and cute.

👤The patterns are pretty. The look of the room has been improved by the fact that my files are on the top of my desk. The colors are soft and pastel. The file is very strong. Would buy again.

7. Bloom Daily Planners File Folders

Bloom Daily Planners File Folders

The gold file folders are perfect for letter-sized documents. Fashionable and fun designs. The glossy coating on file folders makes them extra durable. There are six file folders per set. Two of the designs pictured. The standard file folder size is 11” Their Amazon store has matching office supplies for women.

Brand: Bloom Daily Planners

👤It's just what you would want for an office cleaning project. They have made the tabs small both vertically and horizontally and have skipped the three fold lines at the bottom that make the folder expand as you add more paper for monthly bills or medical bills. Half of the label area is hidden when you add paper. The top tab area was all messed up and each had to be cut with tiny scissors. I had to cut 18 folders. The extra color matching labels on most decorator folders make them look good when reused. None here. I don't like the look of all the Bloom products as they look like they have a great graphics division, but fail on design and function. Half of the label is hidden by 8 pieces of paper. It would be nice for a public speaker to have handouts. I will keep one of these because it will show as a bad filing choice in my class. Yes, they are pretty. I would love to know. They improve their design. I always call and tell Amazon of problems, but I started my project later than planned.

👤The file folders are pretty and good quality, but they don't expand, but for me that's okay. I contacted bloom planners customer service because I only received five folders in my package. They were very helpful and courteous in their dealings with me. If you are looking for something beautiful to help organize your desk, I highly recommend the product.

👤When I opened the box, I was disappointed. The folders are nice. I didn't expect to see four of the tabs bent on the folders. I consider myself a very organized person and for four of the six tabs to be bent is not usable for me.

👤The packaging could be improved. I received my folders quickly, however, the tabs are damaged and unattractive. The front desk of an attorney's office is clean and organized and I try to maintain it. The damaged folders will help me do that. I will keep the damaged ones for back up purposes.

👤I like these. Add beauty wherever you can. My desk is an upscale look for a reasonable price. There are great designs to choose from.

👤No le doy cinco estrellas porque llegaron con los bordes un poco maltratados.

👤These are durable and pretty. Excellent quality. I would recommend them.

👤The product is the same as described. I'm very happy with it. I didn't realize it came with 6 as I was only expecting 3. The material is very high quality and the patterns are stunning. Definitely recommend!

👤Son resistentes... son un poco gruesos... son 6, dos de cadauno.

👤Wow. Stunning. The same as shown in the pictures.

8. Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

Are you still having trouble with your files and documents on your desktop? Don't worry, choose their file folders, it will help you organize and classify your files effectively, keep things in order, and it is ideal for teaching and homework assignments. There are eight fun and cute modern designs in this pack. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤The top tabs were dog-eared on a quarter of the folders. Since we use these folders at a law office as document signing folders I want them to be flawless for our clients and I have had to relegate quite a few of them to use as internal folders because they are scruffy looking.

👤Sturdy folders. Normally prime stuff takes 3-4 days at my location, but they arrived quickly. I placed an order on Sunday and they arrived Monday. These are perfect to organize my vacations.

👤The folders are a great way to start the design. They are very durable and cute. You get many of them with different prints. Would purchase again.

👤The folders have a vivid print on them. The folders make a statement compared to the plain old manila folder. A folder is not flimsy. I liked using this at work.

👤The designs are pretty and the weight of the folders is good. I love them!

👤I love these files. The patterns are beautiful and the price is the best I have seen so far. Purchase them!

👤Love the designs, but they won't last long.

👤I spent a lot of money on these. When I pull a file out it makes me happy, even the finance ones! Good quality, bright colors.

9. Letter Decorative Folders Rainbow Watercolor

Letter Decorative Folders Rainbow Watercolor

It's suitable for all kinds of people. It's suitable for many places. There are decorative file folders. These cute file folders offer a modern spin to office organization, and elevate your desk décor by storing documents, receipts, and notes in style. This set comes with 12 pretty folders in a combination of soft, delicate colors for a colorful yet soft palette. The file accessories folders are made of a high quality material. Identification is quick and easy. The 1/3 cut file folders have tabs in various positions and colors for easy organization. The watercolor file folder is about 10 x 11 inches and fits letter size documents.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I was going to redo my folder drawer, but I didn't have the time. They don't have the lines on the bottom that allow a full folder. There is a I had to return them. There is a These will work if you only have slim files.

👤They haven't ripped yet, which is great! The color is not fading or rubbing off.

👤Cute colors, do what is expected.

👤My niece works in preschool. It can be fun to file. Good quality and colorful.

👤I used these folders for my project. Very colorful. They have a good amount of materials.

👤The folders are bright and colorful.

👤There are happy folders on a white desk.

10. Primefair Decorative Folders Designed Organization

Primefair Decorative Folders Designed Organization

It is easy to identify. Their file cabinet folders have different designs and positions to help you organize your files with ease. This pack of 12 decorative manila folders will help you organize in style by replacing the stacks of papers that are taking over your office and desk. Unlike most of their competitors who only focus on designs, they have made sure that their folders are made from quality paper stock with vibrant designs. Every day, paper comes in handy, from a school report card to a birthday invitation. Their filing folders are a great way to organize papers. They are throwing in their own stickers that you can use as labels for easier identification. Their decorative file folders have been tailored to make it easier to classify your documents.

Brand: Primefair

👤I put these in their little file basket for two weeks and they will stay up. The corners are starting to warp and Curl. I purchased cute ones to use in my open floor plan front room and mom command center.

👤They are folders. They have documents that are just fine. I thought the gold accents were in the folders. It looks a little tacky because it's just a photo printed onto each folder. I would've gone with something else if I'd known that was how they were made.

👤The folders are cute. I like the colors. There is a weird gold square on all of the prints. Don't get greasy or oily fingers on these. It will stain.

👤These are pretty but not the best. I don't think they are worth the money spent. I wouldn't recommend them to buy.

👤I loved these! I'm starting a new business and these made my office look better and made me even more excited for it!

👤I adore these folders. I bought them for work and they make me happy.

👤I like to add a little color to my office. I got them at a great price and they are sturdy.

👤These are thick file folders. I redid my office and will have files on my desk where they can be seen, so these are perfect to add some color.

11. Five Star Folders Additional Assorted

Five Star Folders Additional Assorted

The setting of your computer screen can cause slight color mismatches. Products are subject to material objects. Lasts all year. It is guaranteed. 2 horizontal pockets and 2 vertical pockets provide ultimate support to keep papers in place. The laminated surface protects documents from spills. You can store it in your favorite binder. Useful information is printed inside the folder. The papers are 8-1/2" x 11". There are six primary pack colors, including Black, Red, Electric Green, Cobalt, White and Royal Purple.

Brand: Five Star

👤I have five of these folders. I use 3 of them to hold my papers for school. I close them 2 times a week. The glue that holds the pocket has come undone. These are not strong. I will not buy them again.

👤The three ring 2 pocket folders that we already have are just like the picture. We thought we'd buy more. These aren't them. These are much longer than our others. They are not as easy to fit in our cabinets. The original Mead folders are made from heavy plastic and are much better on the inside. These feel like heavy cardboard with wide overlaps on the inside. Yuk!

👤I am the type of person who only writes a review when I am very pleased with a product or very dissatisfied with one. Overall, this is a fine product that is durable, and I can see it holding up well. I spent a lot of time looking for pee chee folders with 3 ring holes punched in them for a binder. It seems like it would be a common item. I was very happy when I found these. I opened the box to find they were not prepunched with 3 holes. This is the only reason I bought them. It is the first time that I have ever tried to return or exchange a Prime product. This may sound silly to some. Get a hole punch. I shouldn't have to spend more money when I already spent more than I wanted to because they didn't provide the product I was promised. I have a fixed income. My plan is to put all my doctors in one big binder so I can carry them together or separately depending on my needs at the time. I live with chronic illness due to brain injury and this was supposed to simplify things. The small things we don't think about can make a big difference in a person's life. Sell it the way you advertise it. It is not a difficult concept. Do not buy these folders if the 3 rings are important to you. If this is a small complaint and you don't need the holes or can make your own, then enjoy!

👤The set of six folders come in six different colors and are matched to a similar set of six spiral bound notebooks by the same manufacturer. My son has been using this combination of folders and spiral bound notebooks for many years and is very satisfied with their performance and function. Order early so you can get both before the semester rush. Economical and recommended.

👤The Five Star ones are the most durable, after trying a few different brands. They are not the cheapest, but the ease of papers staying put and vibrant colors make them the top choice. My three school aged boys all use these, some as stand alone carry and some within a binder. The folders hold up for an entire school year, because they all like them.


What is the best product for decorative file folders letter size?

Decorative file folders letter size products from Better Office Products. In this article about decorative file folders letter size you can see why people choose the product. Steel Mill And Co. and Find It are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative file folders letter size.

What are the best brands for decorative file folders letter size?

Better Office Products, Steel Mill And Co. and Find It are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative file folders letter size. Find the detail in this article. Current, Smead and Juvale are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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