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1. Rolanstar Cabinet Drawer Rolling Vertical

Rolanstar Cabinet Drawer Rolling Vertical

The Filing Cabinet has a built-in locking system to keep your important files and other essentials secure. The Master Key can be used to lock the drawers. The raised edges on the file cabinet keep items from slipping off. The 19”L x 18”W surface can hold a lot of stuff. The 3 drawer filing cabinet will make your workspace more organized. The smaller two top drawers are ideal for your office supplies and the full-extension bottom drawer with a hanger rod is larger to accommodate legal documents, files, paper or magazines. The drawer has a single lock system that secures the top drawer and comes with two keys. It's perfect for home office or workplace to keep your files close. It's easy to move anywhere with five wheels in the bottom. The filing cabinet is kept from tipping over by the extra wheel under the bottom drawer. There are two optional lockable wheels. The product is 18W X 19L X 26H. The cabinet is easy to tuck under the desk or placed on the side for decorative items. Medium-density fibreboard is a safe and reliable raw material. The raw materials are certified by the EPA. It is a safe and healthy living environment.

Brand: Rolanstar

👤I needed a cart or table on wheels to put my printer on while I was at home. My computer table is located in the living room. I had a table with spindly legs that didn't support my printer. I wanted wheels. I could put it away while I worked. I realized that a legal two drawer filing cabinet would work perfectly after a long search. I paid someone to put it together for me and I can't say how easy or difficult it was. I have two drawers for storage and one for my files in it, it is sturdy, wheels around the floor easily, and the drawers slide perfectly. It's a good product and worth the money. There are all pros and no cons. I highly recommend!

👤The filing cabinet is one of the best pieces I have gotten so far, because I get most of my furnishings online. It is easy to put together, parts move smoothly, and the finish looks great. I like the lip or trim around the top. Only one side for things to fall off of. My own fault was the only problem I had. Make sure to read all the instructions. I had a bad time putting the wheels on. They should have broken after being slammed in with a rubber hammer. There are specific instructions and an arrow on the caster, where to put pressure to insert them correctly. There is a I wish I could buy something to sort through my stuff.

👤If you are not used to putting furniture together, this might be a problem for you. It was very easy to put together and it was very good for a particle board product. If you want to use tabs on your files, the drawer is not tall enough so they get stuck when you open and close it. It is a great little cabinet.

👤I needed the area to be put together a lot of furniture today and this was the most time consuming, so I bought two of these. I work at a fast pace. I just put my printer on top and it sways and hit the drawers not sturdy enough to move around on the caster wheels. If I didn't need to have my office ready. I would return for the money back. It gets worse! I ordered two broken wheels on the bottom drawer to open my second one. This is cheap.

👤We were not happy with the purchase. We have built many pieces like this but were surprised at how difficult it was to put together. The instructions were not great and some of the holes were too small. It was much longer than we expected. It is difficult to use the entire thing because the cabinet drawer doesn't come out very far. The lock only locks the top drawer. We don't recommend this purchase.

👤Casters were very difficult to use. After following the directions. Several people tried to insert the casters but had to drill out the hole and use a screw to secure them. This is not accepted. Either the design needs to be changed or the cabinets need to be assembled with the casters in place.

2. Furniture Ironworks Lateral Cabinet Vintage

Furniture Ironworks Lateral Cabinet Vintage

The surface is durable. The file cabinet matches the height of the desk. The ball bearing slides on the file drawers offer easy access to materials. Legal-sized files can be accommodated in the file drawers. Quality construction for quicker and easier assembly. Quality construction for quicker and easier assembly.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤It is easy to put together, but 2ppl are needed. I wish I knew that before. It is cheap looking in person, but it looks great in the picture. The replacement piece was sent within 3 days after one piece was missing. It is heavy. There is no solid back or bottom of drawers due to the fake wood. I would have returned it if the box was broken on delivery and it didn't take 2ppl to put it together. I keep it in my home office because few people will see it. Overall, not worth the price.

👤A garbage company. I've been working on this for three months, and I finally have this POS assembled and not damaged. It still stinks. There is a Three months ago, I bought a new filing cabinet. I found a huge scratch on the front panel of one drawer after I got it delivered and half installed. "This is Amazon!" I thought. They're great about returns. For one, Amazon wants the old unit back. That is reasonable, but how? I had it delivered for a reason. How am I supposed to get a fully assembled filing cabinet? Who pays for the shipping? Nobody will sell me a box big enough to get the cabinet back. There is a Someone showed up with a truck and said that they would be no box. It's fine. It goes. There is a I get the second unit home and install it. I have to prop the cabinet up with books because the doors don't close. What? There is a If I want another replacement, I'll be damned. I don't want to deal with Amazon for another month. The unit is rickety and unstable. The directions are not good. I need it, so I'm keeping it. There is a Thanks so much, Kathy Ireland.

👤This is beautiful and I bought it. I wish the bottoms of the drawers were made of a better material that would detract from the overall quality of the piece. The piece takes time to build, and some parts of the construction would benefit from having a second person available to help; it state as much in the assembly instructions. If you're smart, you can figure out ways around that. I accidentally damaged one of the pieces in assembling the unit, and the company sent another piece for free. This file cabinet is very important to me.

👤There is a rare file cabinet part of an office set. veneer over particle board There is not enough space below 3 for a hanging file. False bottoms are thin and can store loose paper. If not having to tear down and re-pack would return.

👤The quality is decent, but it was a little disappointing after I got it all assembled. To miss the flaws, you need to stand back a few feet. I can't say enough good things about the seller. A screw broke during assembly and they sent me a new set for free. Communication was great about the whole thing.

3. Sauder Hammond Lateral File 32 87

Sauder Hammond Lateral File 32 87

A thick top. You can keep your files organized with drawers with full extension slides. Only one drawer can be opened at a time to keep you and your family safe. There is a lock on the drawers for secure storage. Solid wood feet are included. The construction of wood is engineered. The dimensions are L: 32.87" x W: 20.55"

Brand: Sauder

👤The cheapness of the design for file bar inserts to hold the file folders shocked me after completing the assembly. There was plenty of interior space for files in previous versions of the Sauder file cabinets. The new cabinet uses plastic channels to hold the metal file bars and waste on each side of the drawer. After placing metal inserts into the drawers, you lose a full 3 inches in the back of each drawer. You can only use 1/2 of the drawers for legal size files. The rest must be letter size. The older versions used the full width of the drawers for legal sized folders. I won't be buying Sauder again.

👤I am happy with the finished product, and this piece is very sturdy. The road to the finished product was long and frustrating. It took a long time, but everything came together nicely until it was time to put the drawers in. The holes where the rails are to be screwed onto the drawers were not in the right place. That means that the drawers weren't in the right place. I had to drill new holes into the drawers to make sure they slide into the cabinet.

👤Part was broken. The customer service was broken on arrival. Hopefully the next one will be undamaged. The look is nice.

👤This took a long time to put together. Over three hours. The drawers were put into the unit, but the pre-drilled holes where you screw the rails to the inside of the until are not in the right place. The drawers are high enough to function. I will have to try and make it work with some new holes. Another reviewer had the same issue. This is very frustrating.

👤We received it quickly. Within an hour, my husband put it together. The wood is beautiful. It is sturdy and roomy. The printer is on top for multi use.

👤The product was great for the price. I looked at a lot of different file cabinets and everything looked the same as this one. It took my husband three hours to put it together. It looks great and is just a bitch to assemble.

👤This piece of furniture is made from high quality materials and has good quality control. It's very easy to put together and very sturdy. The finish looks nice. Highly recommended.

4. Amazon Brand 2 Drawer Rolling Weathered

Amazon Brand 2 Drawer Rolling Weathered

Quality construction for quicker and easier assembly. This charming weathered-gray file cabinet is modern farmhouse style. This piece is both functional and beautiful, and is designed to stand up to daily use. It is easy to use and flexible. 15.8"W x 16.2"D x 22.8"H The wood has gray-washed pine veneer and antique bronze handles. The drawers are large enough to hold files, supplies, and more. Casters make this cabinet more versatile. This usefully sized filing cabinet has a stylish gray finish. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble. wipe in the direction of the wood grain with a soft, damp cloth. There is a 3-year warranty on returns for 30 days.

Brand: Stone & Beam

👤This is not a file cabinet. The storage cabinet is small. I'll use the file system for lay flat items. If you've ever made your own sawdust wood products, you'll be okay with this. The quarter turn locking bolts are plastic, so be careful with the Torque applied. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the depth correct for the quarter turn bolts. I have experience in this type of construction and estimate a solid hour of assembly. The packing was good and the outside was crushed.

👤I can't believe it's a file cabinet. I didn't read the reviews. I was unable to find someone to help assemble it. My room mate was willing to put it together for me. I tried to put my files in it, but I loved the way it looked. I wasn't a happy camper. We had to dismantle it, put it in a box, and then take it to the office. I was not happy to have to tell my room mate that he had put it together. The "file cabinet" needs to be deleted. Total misrepresentation.

👤The construction is not quite sturdy and there is a manufacturing defect on the stopped assembly. Hopefully the replacement part will arrive soon after contacting the manufacturer. The drawers are a bit stiff. With time, that may loosen up. It took 45 minutes to assemble. If you want to store hanging files in the bottom drawer, you will need to purchase a hanging file frame, which is about $10-20. Dropping to two stars because there's no way to get customer support. I will attempt to cut threads on the blank pin with a die, but disappointed that I have to do this myself. You are on your own if you buy it. There is no word from support. The drawer is smaller than a normal file cabinet, so you have to remove items from the front to access items in the back. The item would be more trouble than it's worth if I returned it. The price has almost doubled since I bought it, so it's easy to put this as a one-star rating.

👤This is a small cabinet. Husbands are usually very good at these things and instructions were not easy to follow. The rollers should have stopped. The top drawer is hard to open because it will roll around and you won't be able to open the door. It's hard to use on the top drawer. The top drawer is off center. There is a small gap. There is a The bottom holds files we bought on Amazon. It is the perfect size for small spaces. It was well packed and there was no damage.

👤The file cabinet is pretty. It is sleek and modern. I bought a file cabinet to store my files, and it was the biggest issue with it. It came without the proper tools to hang the files. The standard file size is too short and causes the files to have to be laid down because there is no hang up.

5. Lorell 14341 2 Drawer Cabinet Black

Lorell 14341 2 Drawer Cabinet Black

Two drawer vertical file cabinet. The drawers are high-side.

Brand: Lorell

👤You can put files in this shelf. This reviewer is not a fan of glamour. A guy has two more drawers in his life. I felt more important after I got this. I will misplace the little key at the worst time. You should buy this cabinet. If I have to live in a fascist country that is plagued by disease and economic turmoil, I will do it with this cabinet by my side.

👤I admit, I was able to bend the front of the drawer rather easy when I was applying this contact paper, but it turned out decent and I wanted to get me through grad school and little more organized! The quality is decent. I found the handles at Target in the clearance section and had some left over from giving my old college furniture a facelift, so if anyone is interested, the contact paper can be found on Amazon for $15.00. The product is called "B01I8YFE6Y" and it is available on the Amazon website.

👤This cabinet is used to organize files and paperwork. No dents or scratches were found on mine. Some of the complaints from other reviewers are addressed. The screws fit the handles, you just have to put some muscle in them and they will fit. 2. If the drawer is full and open, the cabinet will tip towards you. If you want a weighted cabinet that won't tip, you'll have to pay more than $200. If it won't tip, put something heavy on top. 3. This is not a safe. The lock is meant to keep out people who are not nice. If someone wants to steal from you, they will find a way into the most expensive cabinets. 4. I didn't give this cabinet 5 stars because I agree with the reviewer who said the drawers weren't opening far enough. It's true that when you open and close the drawers, the hanging files slide toward the back, which is inconvenient and annoying, but you have to squeeze your hand in and pull the ones in the back forward to see/use them. You won't be able to fill the drawers because of this. If the drawers opened all the way, I would give 5 stars.

👤Very happy with the purchase. Do remember that you pay for what you get. A HON or similar quality 2-drawer file cabinet can sell for more than $200. A second-hand dinged-up model can go for $100. This is a good buy for the money. There is a There is a good price and free shipping. There is a * On the day after I ordered, it arrived in great shape. * The drawers work well. * 5 minutes is how long it took to attach the handles. These files are shorter than your average cabinet and can fit under a standard office table, which is the biggest selling point for me. Some 2-drawer files can't do that. Very light. I could carry two of them up the stairs by myself. There is a They have a lock. There is a They are made of lightweight material. If dropped, banged or kicked, they could be damaged. There is a Lock is a joke. I used to have a cat that could open my drawer if I left it ajar. If I locked the cat in the file, it would stop. Nothing much else. If you let him hang out in your office while taking a leak, you will stop your neighbor from snooping. Nothing more than that. The drawers are only 18 inches deep. That is shorter than most. I have seen some as small as 12. If you only have a small space for it, or you want to place it under a standard office table and need space under it behind the file, the 18-inch depth can be a selling point. * If the drawer is packed, you might have a hard time accessing the files in the back. There is a * If you fill the top drawer first, the file can be heavy. The box warns about tipping it over. This applies to any file cabinet, but heavier ones have more stability. There is a It takes about 10 minutes to put the handles on and I wish they had attached them. I bought two of them. No big deal. I don't see where others have said they had trouble doing it or that the screws didn't seat fully. I only needed a flashlight and a bit of elbow grease.

6. GREATMEET Drawers Cabinet Vertical Storage

GREATMEET Drawers Cabinet Vertical Storage

It was designed and made in Canada. It's required. The product size is over. The packaging size is 26.97L x 18.5W x 7.48"H, and the total weight is 45.43 lbs. The colors may change due to the display. This cabinet has two deep drawers that are perfect for hanging your files. You can store letter-sized documents in the 2 spacious drawes and support up to 55 lbs., you can place printers and projectors on the surface as you please. The office file cabinet is made of pressed wood and is protected against wear and tear. Cleaning is very easy. Two hanging bars make it easy to get to the drawer that holds a letter-sized file. The drawer opening can be quiet with the smooth slide suspension. The file cabinet came in pieces and needed to be installed in 45 minutes for 1-2 person. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them.

Brand: Greatmeet

👤The file cabinet is sturdy and beautiful. Customer service is great if you have any questions.

👤Assembly is terrible. I could have bought one at Office Depot.

7. Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Cabinet Castors

Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Cabinet Castors

There are three cabinets that are spacious. It blends well into any office décor. Combines with any white hollow-core desk. The chrome metal accents are stylish. The chrome metal accents are stylish.

Brand: Monarch Specialties

👤Individual pieces seem to be good quality, but when put together it is not solid and easy to make. The big drawer at the bottom doesn't line up with the other two drawers and the top two drawers are level. It took a long time because the instructions are bad. I am frustrated. I threw the original box away because it looked like it would be really nice once it was put together. I don't know what to do. The drawer is hanging sideways. I'm wondering if I should try to make a new hole or if I can return it without the original packaging.

👤It looks decent, but it's flimsy. The large drawer broke as it was being put together. The drawer liners are covered in paper. It is very wobbly when it is put together. The instructions and number of parts make it difficult to put together. The instructions are small and hard to understand. Put this junk together for at least an hour. If it wasn't already together, I would send it back. I didn't want to contribute to the garbage problem in this country.

👤I thought I was getting an assembled unit. I enjoy this type of challenge. I put on my imagination for the race. There is a lot going on in the diagrams. It took a couple of hours, and a lot of patience, to put together the wheels package, and some important hardware is not in the hardware package. It looks nice with one flaw... I thought the file hanging bars needed to be inserted before I brackets the drawer. The rods are in a diagram. We didn't need the hanging file folder aspect because it was not going to happen at this late point in the process without complete deconstruction of the drawer and likely busting wood as the glue had set. There was no forcing those things in. There is a So. It seems like a good unit. Looks nice. The drawers glide well. There is a This is a PSA. It was challenging. It's AssemblyRequired.

👤The installation of this office furniture is a big pain in the neck, I got the desk, file cabinet, and console table. The desk, file cabinet, and console table took about 6 hours, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours, respectively. The furniture is quite attractive. It's not high quality, being thin and MDF. It's pretty good for the price. The drawer rubs against the bottom of the drawer. The bottom drawer is too high, the middle drawer is too low, and the pre-drilled holes for the drawer slides are not properly placed. They rub together. Oh my gosh! The caster beneath the file cabinet is something I like about it. The drawer is opened and the caster is on. Hopefully it will last. The file cabinet on the desk doesn't have the extra support that is present on this unit. One reviewer said that the file cabinet doesn't fit regular or legal folders and that's not correct. It fits either way. They need to be placed inside Pendaflex folders. The metal bars have tabs over them. The Pendaflex folders hold the actual file folders.

8. GREATMEET Lateral Cabinet Printer Storage

GREATMEET Lateral Cabinet Printer Storage

It was designed and made in Canada. It's required. The dimensions are 30.3"L x 18.5"W x 25.2"H, with a single drawer size of 26.3"L x 11.8"W. Functions: The large drawer and spacious top of the file cabinet make it easy to keep your daily essentials nearby. The whole frame of the industrial file cabinet is made of high-quality walnuts. It's enough to provide a long time service. The wood filing cabinet with Full-extension file drawers open on smooth ball-bearing slides is an art design. You can put vases on top of your home to make it look more cozy. It's required asSEMBLE. If you have any problems with their products, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Greatmeet

👤I wanted to put it under my desk. It's purpose is to store the printer, binders, and files from the old metal file cabinet. I wanted it to fit where I wanted it to fit, so that's good. The most important flaw is that it could be a good inch or more taller, because of the extra clearance at the top. The shelf area is too small to hold binders. Another quarter inch would do it. I have an average cheap Walmart 3-ring binders that won't wedge in. Frustrating. The file drawer is too shallow to hold hanging files. If you use hanging folders, you can't put the plastic label tabs in the drawer. When you shut the drawer, the tops of the hanging files get torn. You have to use regular file folders and bracing them in with binders that wouldn't fit above. It was as expected. This was slightly worse than average in one spot, and it was slow and annoying. I think that there was one hole that I struggled with the most, because it was so slightly bent. The bolt went in after I rammed the allen wrench in the hole. There is a When assembling this type of furniture, be careful with wood screws. It's easy to remove them. There is a metal tab screwed on with two of the smallest screws I've ever seen. One side tore right out. The screws are irrelevant once the rest of the build is completed, but this is more to stabilizing that part. One drawer slide works beautifully, the other one is not so good with use. I'm debating on 3 or 4 stars. I'm not sure there's anything better at that price point.

👤It's difficult to assemble because it's not overly sturdy. The drawer tracks were bent and did not align with the pre drilled holes so we had to purchase our own and adjust in order for the drawer to slide and close. There is very little to no space after a folder is hung so the tabs on the folder bend when the drawer is closed. It looks exactly as pictured and has plenty of drawer space for files to hang.

👤I wanted a place for files, a space with an open back for my printer, and a top shelf for things I use frequently. I have put together a lot of furniture, but this was a challenge because the holes don't all align. It is pretty unstable because some of the screws will spin forever once in place. There is a The top shelf is considerably lighter than the drawer. It's not a huge deal, but weird.

👤I would return this item but I took the time to assemble it and give it a chance and now it's not worth the time to box it back up. It is completely unassembled, you need to assemble every piece and screw. It falls apart while being set up. The faux wood is destroyed when you screw it in. I was going to put files in it. I don't think it will stay together so it's going to the dumpster. The other reviews are legit.

9. Storex Plastic 1 Drawer Cabinet All Steel

Storex Plastic 1 Drawer Cabinet All Steel

Bush Furniture has a 1year manufacturer's warranty. A lightweight portable plastic file cabinet is durable and affordable. Store legal-sized documents and folders in a neat way. The neutral design with metallic accent panels fits under desks, in closets, or tucked away in a corner. A lockable file drawer with 2 keys. There is optional rolling caster for portable use.

Brand: Storex

👤The lock on the top drawer was faulty. Would lock itself up when it was time to close the drawer. It was nearly impossible to get unlocked. Key would turn in circles, but not unlocked. Duct tape was used to keep the lock from opening. The lock was useless. The bottom drawer lock was missing. The lock pieces inside the drawer were unassembled. It was very difficult to lock myself up. That one is working. Contacted Amazon. They were very helpful and sent me a new cabinet. It arrived in 2 days. DEFECTIVE LOCKS were included in the replacement. The drawer lock was not working right. The other drawer lock had missing keys. When shaking an empty cabinet, I could hear a rattling noise. After shaking in different positions, the keys fell out. They were stuck inside the cabinet. The drawer was locked after I found the keys. After taking one drawer from one cabinet and one from another cabinet and spending a lot of time and effort I was able to combine pieces from both cabinets to create one cabinet that was usable and a second cabinet that was not. I can't recommend the product because it has poor quality control. Shop around and find a different manufacturer if you are looking for a file cabinet that locks. This one was terrible. The lock was obviously not installed. Another locked itself and couldn't open the drawer to get to my things. Amazon Customer Service was great. The product is terrible, with lock issues and getting 2 separate cabinets that were DEFECTIVE tells me to avoid this model. The product was useless but Amazon stood behind it and helped resolve the problem. As another buyer mentioned, both of them arrived covered in dust and with hairs on them, I am hoping they were from humans at least. I don't know. Don't buy if you're warned. The cabinets seem to be a pattern rather than a coincidence. Amazon did a great job of resolving the problems quickly. They should sell these as factory seconds and as condition for a lower price. Like buying a used car. As is. If you're looking at different products, avoid this one. It is sturdy and holds many files, and the wheels are easy to install. That is the best I can say about it. Be careful with this product. The lock defects were obvious and should never have been shipped. I don't like writing negative reviews, but I have to earn buyers. Amazon was very helpful in resolving the problem with no cost to me.

👤This is for people who don't want to spend a lot on metal cabinets but still like the shape of the tupperware. There is a The keys are the same and can open either lock. The reviews must have a faulty one. There is a The edges of the handles and cabinets have plastic that is scratched due to lack of wrapping. There is a The wheels are easy to slide in. It is easy to roll around my floor. The drawers are easy to open. There is a Heavy things have to go in the bottom drawer. There is a This will fit legal size folders and others listed in description but note that they fit in vertically not horizontally and that is what the two black plastic bars it comes with are for. I had the thought that the files would go the other way. There is a I use it at home and I like it. I used a large plastic bin before. There is a I think the actual value is thirty five dollars. I will keep this option because it is the cheapest.

10. Flash Furniture Ergonomic Anti Tilt Mechanism

Flash Furniture Ergonomic Anti Tilt Mechanism

Your office staff should have a locking filing cabinet to keep sensitive documents out of sight. The mobile cabinet can be rolled under most desks to be closer to employees who file often. The modern design has a 3-drawer locking system, two keys, and a mobile cabinet. The drawers are interlocking to prevent tipping. The interior has a file conversion bar for vertical filing of longer documents. The overall size is 16W x 21D x 24H and the top and middle drawers are 13W x 18D and 4.5H. The bottom drawer has a size of 13W x 18.75"D.

Brand: Flash Furniture

👤I don't recommend this to anyone who is looking to use a hanging folder. The side rails are wide to accept a hanging file folder. The file folder "David Allen" style is not supported by the cross bar. The conversion kit is not included in the North American market. There is a The file folder section of the cabinet is not designed to accept standard hanging and file folders.

👤This cabinet is under my desk clearance and could fit an iPad or laptop on it. I need more drawer space for my computer and writing desk. It's difficult to match wood colors. This dark grey color is not a flat color like office file drawers. It looked nice. The drawers can hold a lot. The cabinet has rounded corners. There is a The bottom file drawer divider is only a few inches high. Other things could slip under if not packed with files. The divider fell behind the bottom drawer because it wasn't secured inside. I had to remove the top drawers to shake them out since only one drawer can open at a time. There is a I had to return it because the drawer was stuck. I would have overlooked the small dent on the side, since it was under the desk. The box it comes in has thick foam on top and bottom, which makes it bigger. If you can't get the box into your house, you can wheel the cabinet in.

👤Only legal files. There is no rack for resizing to letter size files.

👤It is nice to have quality. I like the fact that I didn't have to do anything. The wheels were already attached. Also seems sturdy. I have dark hardwood floors and the wheels don't leave marks on them. Very happy with the product.

👤This shouldn't be sold as a file cabinet. The bottom drawer is used for hanging files. Only standard files can be put in the drawer. Legal size folders can fit in the front of the drawer. Terrible design. If you are looking for a file cabinet, this is not the one for you.

👤We have other items from flash furniture that we've been pleased with so this seemed like a no-brainer. A file cabinet that can't hold the files is not good. Strike one was when the wheels were jammed. The handyman couldn't fix it because it was too old, so we decided to drag it and make it look better. We went to put the hanging files inside. They're too short unless they go sideways, which doesn't work with a normal setup. Our interior is notsymmetrical. Legal would be too wide. It's a little off-kilter inside. We are terribly disappointed. Unless you want to make changes to it, it's useless as a file cabinet. We can't recommend this.

👤The quality and color of the filing cabinet is good. It arrived well packed and no damage was done. It was difficult to unpack as someone who is smaller and older, but the great packaging kept it damage-free during shipping. I am very disappointed that wheels don't work on carpeting. I was going to roll the file cabinet from the closet into the dining room every day while I was working from home. I can not use it for my intended purpose because it is a hassle to pull it along the carpet. I think it is a nice quality file cabinet for someone who doesn't need it to be mobile.

11. Sauder 102702 Heritage Hill Lateral

Sauder 102702 Heritage Hill Lateral

There are drawers that hold hanging files and full extension slides. Top drawer locks are used for secure storage. The safety catch prevents the drawers from being opened at the same time. The wood construction is engineered. The dimensions are L: 30.12" x W: 20.47" x H: 30.12". Assembly instructions and materials. Assembly instructions and materials.

Brand: Sauder

👤After reading the reviews and looking at the pictures posted by buyers, I wondered why I bought this product. I thought there was no way that Sauder has been making garbage for so long. I took my time assembling the bookshelves I purchased. There is a My bookshelves look good and are assembled correctly. I was able to quickly figure out what went wrong after taking another look at the pictures submitted by dissatisfied buyers. One purchaser has their bookcase upside down. Most of the other pictures have the moldings flushed with the outside edge of the bookcase, but the instructions state not to do this, so the moldings should be a quarter of the way from the edge of the bookcase. Someone had the individual shelf moldings upside down, while another picture showed the smooth side of the board not being right side up. The buyer was unhappy with the board at the top of the bookcase. The only way that board can be seen is if the buyer and those who live there are 7'1 tall. There is a The cardboard backing of the bookcase was not something I was happy with. I think he can spend more money on backing material.

👤The item was received yesterday after almost a month of waiting. The front pieces are not cut to the right size on the shelves. Sauder told me that they get calls for all the time but that there is nothing she can do about it. She said she could send me replacements. They will be cut the same length, so it wouldn't do any good. I was completely blown away by this response. She expects me to believe that I am not seeing the photographs correctly because the pictures show that the pieces should fit nicely in a clean look. I have to take the item apart and repackage it to get it back from Amazon. More of my time is wasted. I hope I can save someone else from wasting time and money.

👤I thought that people weren't very good at using tools, and that the file cabinet was hard to put together. The file cabinet doesn't come with any instructions. The product looks nice, but I might never know because Sauder Heritage Hill won't return my emails requesting instructions. My wife and I have not received a response for 2 weeks. This is a major problem for this company, not including instructions, because they have a like on their website for this problem. It matches my existing office furniture. There is an update. I finally got the time to call Saucer after 2 weeks of no response. The customer service representative was on the line in 30 seconds. He was very nice and I was able to get the instructions from him. It was easy to put together, it took 45 minutes. The finished product is very nice. I have to fill it up and see how it handles the weight of the files, it says 40 lbs each drawer.


What is the best product for decorative filing cabinet 2 drawer?

Decorative filing cabinet 2 drawer products from Rolanstar. In this article about decorative filing cabinet 2 drawer you can see why people choose the product. Bush Furniture and Sauder are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative filing cabinet 2 drawer.

What are the best brands for decorative filing cabinet 2 drawer?

Rolanstar, Bush Furniture and Sauder are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative filing cabinet 2 drawer. Find the detail in this article. Stone & Beam, Lorell and Greatmeet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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