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1. Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

Decorative Heavyweight Better Office Products

It is very suitable for tracking work progress, organizing class notes, categorizing files, and these folders provide a simple and convenient life for students and salaryman. There are six colorful marble pattern designs. The letter size is 11 x 9 inches. 1/3-cut tabs are available with pen, pencil or marker. Durability is made of premium, coated 300gsm paper. It's for personal or professional use in the home or office.

Brand: Better Office Products

👤I needed to organize my home office. Correct, why not organize beautifully? It's so much more enjoyable.

👤Excellent quailty folders! They have a coating that will not allow them to tear easily. They are gorgeous!

👤These are the things I needed for my special projects. They are sturdy and decorative. I would purchase them.

👤I shared some with my boss because she fell in love with them, they are very nice colors and are thick.

👤I enjoy office projects. These look nice in my office. Exactly what I needed.

👤Excellent quality! Sturdy and durable. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered them for students to do homework. They are holding up well.

👤Setting up files is fun. Good quality.

2. Barker Creek Letter Size File Folders

Barker Creek Letter Size File Folders

Start the new year with organization and efficiency. The Find It folder notebook makes it easier to get the job done. Get out of the rut with the gold desk accessories. The letter size file folders from Barker Creek are designed with stripes and dots in white, cream, black, and gold ink that makes for a sophisticated look that adds class to your desk. There are gold file folders. The weight is medium. They are perfect for meeting handouts, student papers, and desktop filing. A quick look reference should be added to the front of the package. There are file folders that are reversed. Each folder has a gold and cream design on one side and a gold and cream design on the other side, making them more versatile and packing twice the design punch in a single package. 1/3 cut top tabs make finding what you're looking for quicker. You can see the eight folders on the right and the eight on the left from the left. The tabs are printed with gold ink. The folders are letter sized and are about the same size. The labels are 5.25" x 2.25". They are printed with gold ink. They aren't gold foil.

Brand: Barker Creek

👤I need some cute office supplies because I work from home. The pictures make these look cute but they are not. They are not like gold. They are a full yellow gold color. They are very thin. The card stock is thinner. Very disappointing. Do not recommend.

👤Disappointed in the quality of the folders. The material they are made of is a little heavier than the paper you will put in them. I bought a set from Graphique that is better for carrying and storing papers. Their price is the same as on Amazon.

👤Awesome folders. They are great. The paper is made very nicely, not easy to rip or damage, and there is a great variety of color which I always enjoy with my folders. I use them for reports that are very thick and they are holding up well. There is a I usually spend 1/3 of the amount of folders at Office Depot, Target or other stores, and I will definitely purchase these again and recommend them to anyone looking for long lasting cute folders. The cute white spot in the middle is a good place to start. I use markers for my white erase board and it works well, so I can reuse the folder later, which is a nice benefit. There is a It was worth the price.

👤I was disappointed that the file folders came with the corners of both the right and left tabs bent, because they were fun to hold the files in. I don't have time to send them back for a new set, so I'll just have to deal with it, but they aren't in better shape because they are nice and thick stock with great printing and fun.

👤I couldn't use the file folders because they were bent in the corner and I gave them to clients as a welcome packet. I told Amazon what happened. I received a new one two days later. What a great seller. This should be nice for all sellers on Amazon. They are not. Thank you for everything.

👤Even in a humid environment, these are sturdy filing folders. It makes filing papers and holding papers together much more fun.

👤These are very cute. I thought they would be plastic. As far as I know, the description doesn't say what they are made of either way. I was partly to blame for my disappointment. I have a separate file for overflow because they aren't adjusted to accommodate more papers. I've turned them into hanging files and they are pretty. I picked them to be displayed in my office because I purchased them to organize and store my files. They are in a display case. I will probably order more in the future.

👤Percet is cute and special. I gave my boss one because she liked them. They match my gold and black themed desk, came quickly and are better quality than the beige thin guys I could have used from the office supply cabinet. It's fun to peruse for something better on Amazon. I have to clean my desk.

3. Paper Junkie Geometric Decorative Folders

Paper Junkie Geometric Decorative Folders

If for any reason you don't like your purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days. There are decorative file folders. These cute gold foil file folders will keep you motivated and organized at work or school. The folders feature gold foil geometric designs, and the vibrant colors will elevate modern desk office supplies. The quality is high. The geometric file folders are made of heavy-duty paper to make sure the contents stay inside. The 1/3 cut file organizers have tabs in various positions for easy organization and quick identification, and you can write directly on the modern file folders tab. The gold file folders are perfect for letter-sized documents.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I said to myself, "I don't have money to waste, so these folders better be impressive." There is a The folders were there. I am impressed. There is a These are sturdy. The paper is very heavy. Heavy usage won't cause them to bend, break, or tear. They are made to be able to be handled repeatedly. I keep the folders in and out of my file organizers and they still look great. I don't need flimsy folders anymore. I like the color of the folders. The folders on my desk are always visible because of the clear file organizer on my desk. I don't mind seeing the folders. The colors are pretty and the designs are stylish. I don't need any more gaudy folders. I would not hesitate to purchase these again if the need arose. They are well worth every penny I spent on them.

👤Cute and sturdy. Both pinks are pretty but neither is blush. The other pairs are in the same color, but they are different from each other. The navy ones are not black.

👤I love these. I feel like we need a little color in the office since I am the only female manager. Which projects are mine? I have no doubts that these will hold up over time.

👤These folders are very sturdy and look great. It's definitely worth it if you want something out of the ordinary and of the highest quality.

👤These are very high quality and worth the money, I love them, I am in my first year of teaching and need something cute to stay organized. I cut sticky notes and labeled them so they can be used again and again.

👤These are very cute. I love them, but buying them goes against my cheap nature.

👤The folder is beautiful. An addition to my office.

👤These are wonderful! Sturdy, beautiful, functional. I have had them for a month and haven't had any issues.

4. Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

Decorative File Folders 12 Count Organizers

If quality and Transport damage can be decided on a replacement or refund, you can be assured of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The file folders are decorative. This 12 file set is used to organize papers, documents, notes, and bills. The bohemian files feature 12 designs with colored tabs. The 3 tab filing cabinet folders are made of high quality paper. There are various positions tabs and colors in letter size file folders. Each colorful paper file folder is about 11 inches in diameter.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤The folders have nice prints on them. I needed two more packages to cover the 36 I need for CY2022, since they are a pack of 12 only. I can relabel and reuse the file folders for less than $50.

👤I am impressed that these are a bit thicker and stronger than your standard folder which will help them stand the test of time. I was not sure about the designs based on the pictures, but they look better in person. The outside of the folder is not laminated but has a shiny finish that makes it a bit slippery when stacked in a pile, but overall I love them!

👤The folders are very strong. I expected them to be much thicker and they are! I have used them in a folder rack. All the folders in the rack have been bent over, but these don't!

👤There are different designs and coloring on these folder dividers. There are so many to choose from.

👤The folders are sturdy. The printing was rushed. A number of the folders are smudged with ink where there should be no ink, and I'm assuming that one ink color was not dry before another was added. I wouldn't buy them again, but I wouldn't return them.

👤I have bought them twice. There are unique patterns, pretty colors and durable. I have a bag in my office that I hold up while traveling back and forth to meetings.

👤The designs are cute.

👤These are just files, but they look nice in my office. What you see is what you get. These are a decent price, because they are marked up just for being pretty.

5. NELOVI Decorative Folders Paperclips Folders

NELOVI Decorative Folders Paperclips Folders

The decorative folder is perfect for use in a color-coded filing system for a quick and easy way to organize. You don't have to think about where to file the documents because you can easily remember their location. You can easily identify which document is in a specific folder. To fit letter sized papers, measure 11.5" x 9.5" There are distribution offices for discretionary supplies. There are regular office supplies and next-level supplies. Inside this pack of filing folders, you won't find any regular filing products, but instead a bloom of floral designer file folders, colored folders, blank labels, printed labels and 12 cute gold paperclips! It is gift boxed. ATTENTION TO WATCH: The files folder is 1” wider than the letter size for fatter files. They added 3 score lines to accommodate them. You get 6 floral, 6 colorful folders and the file tabs are in the middle of them for easy identification. MATCHING LABELS! Markers and white labels for folders won't do with this type of folder. They made cute labels to match your folders. 24 pre-printed and 12 blank labels fit your tabs perfectly. As your files change, change your file labels. They have wrapped their floral patterns around each filing folder front to back and added an eye-catching colored interior (blue, purple, gray, orange, green, pink). Sturdy 300gsm paper folders with a 1/3 cut tab are used for a durable designer filing system. There are 12 commentaries! You'll get 6 paper clips that can be clipped on your decorative file folders. There is no PLASTIC WRAP! The NELOVI decorative file folders will arrive in a gift box. A great way to keep these colorful file folders clean and flat. You name it, teachers, students, business owners, and so on. Everyone needs a folder. It should be amazing. You can order from NELOVI.

Brand: Nelovi

👤The files are sturdy and the patterns are pretty. The little paper clips that they included are adorable. I will be back for more products.

👤I wanted to make it more fun by adding flair. These did that. They are attractive and laminated. Pre printed labels are handy as well.

👤I use files for everything I do at the trucking company. I love these! All of my files will be replaced. Love the designs and colors.

👤The colors are beautiful and vivid.

👤The quality is very good and I got what I expected.

👤The colors are sturdy and perfect for my office.

6. Smead SuperTab Oversized Assorted 11651

Smead SuperTab Oversized Assorted 11651

Musqua is committed to research and development of fireproof materials and safety technology. They want to protect your valuables and present the best to customers. Please let them know if you have a question about this item. The 12 letter size is W x H. SuperTab file folders have large 1/3-cut tabs that allow for larger fonts or more lines of description of the contents. 11 point sturdy paper stock in various colors keeps your papers organized and protects important papers while making it easy to find what you need at a glance. Black, pre-printed lines on the front and inside of each file folder help you keep track of folder contents and important information, eliminating the need for sticky notes that often get lost. This smart solution is perfect for bills, recipes, projects, correspondence, vehicle records, client information and more. These sturdy and durable file folders are made in the USA and contain 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material.

Brand: Smead

7. Pendaflex Recycled Assorted Foolproof Adjustable

Pendaflex Recycled Assorted Foolproof Adjustable

Sturdy and attractive post leg design can be used for years in a home office or living room. Stay on top of office recycling goals. The color folders have paper made from 100% recycled fiber with 60% post-consumer fiber and still offer brilliant color to liven up your space. Each box of folders has a sheet of blank label inserts and 1/3-cut tabs to create neat and professional files. The lighter interior of the color hanging files helps prevent accidental time-wasting. It's always a necessity to stock-up shop and have 25 letter hanging file folders per box. The wave goodbye is going to cripple. A good filing plan and several boxes will lead you to a clear desk and wide open spaces.

Brand: Pendaflex

👤I am writing a one-star review because the product description is incorrect. It is listed as 13 inches wide, but from the very end-to-end measurement they are 12 inches. The hooks should rest on the frame in the middle of the hooks. I bought these on Amazon while I was in the States. I've returned to my home country of Kenya. I'm stuck with these and they're too short. It's very frustrating that companies can't have the right descriptions.

👤The extra wide Pendaflex folders are doing what they need to do, but for some filing needs the extra wide pendaflexes take up too much room. So. I bought the regular sized Pendaflexes, which I am reviewing here. The regular size pendaflexes are being used. Extra wide pendaflexes are still available. There is a On the very first day of use, the regular pendaflexes. One side of pendaflex gave out completely by tearing/falling apart at both metal hanging parts. Look at photos. There is no wear on the folder except for the tears where the pendaflex paper meets the metal. The other side is fine. The metal did not bend or break, but the pendaflex paper tore off the hanging part. I don't usually write one star reviews, but I hope the quality is better on the rest of the box. If they all are weak like this, then they are useless. My husband says I can use moving tape to repair the pendaflex since the metal isn't broken, so hopefully not a total loss. These used to be great. Generic probably isn't worse than this. They don't make them like they used to.

👤I ordered 2 more hanging file folders, but they don't fit in my file cabinet. I'm not sure what the problem is with getting the right size, but I've not been able to count on the correct measurements. If you order hanging files, make sure the measurement from edge to edge of the hanging brackets are the length you need. It is not a guarantee that the hanging file folder is the correct size. They will not work in some file drawers if they are off by a 1/2. I like the fun colors, but they are useless if they don't fit. There are 25 folders in a box that don't work. I put them aside after I tried them out, I can't return. They either go to the garbage or Goodwill. It's frustrating.

👤I have been using Pendaflex hanging file folders for years and they are not as heavy duty as others I have used. The metal is more flexible than the paper. I bent the metal piece because it was so soft and flexible after I caught one on my file box. It can still be used. These are strong enough to work in my home office, despite being designed for more lightweight use. The color is striking. The photo is pretty accurate, even though they may be a little darker in real life. If I ordered for my workplace, I would go with the stronger Pendaflex files.

8. Mary Engelbreit File Folders Designs

Mary Engelbreit File Folders Designs

The watercolor file folder is about 10 x 11 inches and fits letter size documents. There are ways to improve your work space. Their large variety of brightly colored file folders add a pop of color and a stylish touch to any workspace, classroom, or home office. There are seggers for fluttering and better organization. Their file folders have staggered tabs for easy viewing and organization and can be labeled with plastic labels. Their file folders are made from the highest quality paper stock for longevity. Each folder comes in a large 9 x 11 inch letter size that fits easily into most standard filing systems or cabinets, and can be used to store legal pads, manila envelopes, and letters.

Brand: Current

👤They are pretty and not cheap. The back is the same as the front. The design is on the back as well. Strong materials.

👤I went with my instincts and chose this selection because it seemed to be the best value. The patterns are uplifting and cheerful. It will make Drudge work into a more positive experience for me, and it looks so good in my file holder.

👤I usually don't buy decorated folders as they are more expensive. These are worth the slightly higher cost to me. They are cheerful and sturdy, which is even more important. It's better than plain folders.

👤The folders are strong. And colorful. A bright and cheery way to file my business letters.

👤It's also fun to look at the files.

👤I want to make folders for many projects.

9. Mr Folders Assorted Colored Supplies

Mr Folders Assorted Colored Supplies

The top tab file folders are made in the USA and are SFI certified. There are 6 file folders in different bright colors in the package. Poly is water and tear resistant. Bright colors will make filing easier and will help you avoid filing mistakes. The size is 8.62 inches. 1/3-cut tab in 3 positions for easy viewing and adding custom labels.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I've gone through a lot of files at work. tearing in the middle. I was looking for a plastic folder set. I am so happy that I happened upon the Mr. Pen file folders. There is a They are very strong and hold up to the wear and tear of the office. I can write on them with a marker and then clean them with rubbing alcohol. Is it possible to accidentally spill coffee or water on it? Not an issue! Many important documents have been saved by these. There is a I wish they were more transparent. Keeping things private in a doctor's office is very important. I have been able to find a use for them despite not being able to use them throughout the office.

👤These were purchased to serve. I like the variety of colors. I like how sheer they are. They are very durable. If the folders don't have much support and lean over, they will fold in the position they are leaning in. They fold back with some readjustment and flipping around. I prefer this material over paper folders because it serves its purpose. They also brought with them materials to write the subject matter.

👤I expected it to be much less sturdy. I like to use my desk for files that get a lot of handling.

👤These are perfect for my desk as a child care provider who needs fast access to business files. They are pretty. They are strong. The files are larger at the bottom. They work well with file bags.

👤You can't hold several sheets of paper in this folder.

👤Everything about these folders is wonderful. The sticker doesn't stay very well. If I could I would buy more.

👤They stand up better in my file cabinet. The paper ones were falling down.

👤It was hard to see any writing on the tabs. Excellent quality, really nice to use.

10. Accordian Organizer Stronger Expanding Expandable

Accordian Organizer Stronger Expanding Expandable

These sturdy and durable file folders are made in the USA and contain 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. The Hanging file folders are made of thick plastic and can stand on a desk or in a cabinet. The hanging file folder is not as strong as it could be. The hook for hanging files is painted with baking paint and can be extended to 15.7 inch which can file over 2000 sheets. There is a Sturdy construction, an expanded file folder fit for letter size or smaller paper, 14 individual pockets, thicker layer/divider. The product size is expanded to 1.65*11.8*10inch. It's an excellent size, enough to file your important document neatly. There is a clear classIFICATION. You can use a color label as a personal filing system strategy, you can choose a different color folder for each client, color code by type of task, or sort by color based on color. You can use color to match your company branding or just because you like a little color in your life. EXLUSIVE DESIGN The accordion file folder will change your life forever if you use it. Do not ask where you put your important documents. Hanging folder with tabs is the best choice for you, you could have a hanging folder labeled Auto and within that folder smaller regular folders denoting more specific labels such as Insurance, Manuals,Previous Vehicles. 24 hours on line to service customer, timely answer all questions. Accept return without any reason and a 100% refund.

Brand: Jimm

👤It is an ok hanging folder. It has good quality and does the job. If you need to use a file folder frequently, then this product is for you. It seems delicate and easy to break, so I say to purchase this for less use but a good file folder. The places to find file folders are better for this price. It's an ok product job.

👤The flimsy dividers make it difficult to insert the papers. Good design, just not very sturdy, so if occasional use is expected with a few sheets per section, it might serve the purpose. I can't recommend it for heavier use.

👤I love the way it opens, it has a place to stuff in my whole drawer full of papers, and still have a lot of place left. It folds up when I fill it up and it doesn't use much space in my closet. I would recommend this folder to others.

👤Does not hold hanging files. Tabs are too small. Blank tabs are not included. Plastic had ripped and barely held standard paper.

👤Cheap plastic doesn't hold up. And very small.

👤This folder is perfect for my file cabinet.

11. Letter Decorative Folders Rainbow Watercolor

Letter Decorative Folders Rainbow Watercolor

It's suitable for all kinds of people. It's suitable for many places. There are decorative file folders. These cute file folders offer a modern spin to office organization, and elevate your desk décor by storing documents, receipts, and notes in style. This set comes with 12 pretty folders in a combination of soft, delicate colors for a colorful yet soft palette. The file accessories folders are made of a high quality material. Identification is quick and easy. The 1/3 cut file folders have tabs in various positions and colors for easy organization. The watercolor file folder is about 10 x 11 inches and fits letter size documents.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I was going to redo my folder drawer, but I didn't have the time. They don't have the lines on the bottom that allow a full folder. There is a I had to return them. There is a These will work if you only have slim files.

👤They haven't ripped yet, which is great! The color is not fading or rubbing off.

👤Cute colors, do what is expected.

👤My niece works in preschool. It can be fun to file. Good quality and colorful.

👤I used these folders for my project. Very colorful. They have a good amount of materials.

👤The folders are bright and colorful.

👤There are happy folders on a white desk.


What is the best product for decorative filing cabinet folders?

Decorative filing cabinet folders products from Better Office Products. In this article about decorative filing cabinet folders you can see why people choose the product. Barker Creek and Paper Junkie are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative filing cabinet folders.

What are the best brands for decorative filing cabinet folders?

Better Office Products, Barker Creek and Paper Junkie are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative filing cabinet folders. Find the detail in this article. Best Paper Greetings, Nelovi and Smead are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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