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1. Sauder Lateral 33 307 23 465 Estate

Sauder Lateral 33 307 23 465 Estate

Hanging files can be held in the drawers with full extension slides. Only one drawer can be opened at a time. The wood construction is engineered. L: 33.307" x W: 23.465" x H: 29.37 L: 33.307" x W: 23.465" x H: 29.37

Brand: Sauder

👤I was expecting a cheap product but one that would be functional for a couple years at most, but this piece is absolutely breathtaking. It did not survive the assembly. The assembled top drawer slid in and locked up. The drawer face came off when a couple of tugs were used to get it open. The screws were pulled out by the board. I don't like particle board for furniture. It's a fact of life when you want affordability. The material is below furniture grade. There is a I wasn't giving up by this time. Sometimes I have to reinforce my purchases with a little personalization. A few brackets on the drawer interior would restore function and not affect the exterior. There is a I lifted the drawer and the ball bearings fell out of the slide. I knew I was in trouble. It is not easy to fix that situation. There is a At this point I am frustrated and realize that I probably pissed off two Benjamin's. I decided to put it aside and think about my options. The entire top surface came away from the rest of the unit when I lifted the cabinet. That was it. The game is over. There is a I don't know how the manufacturer expects a product to handle the weight of two drawers when it can't even survive assembly. Shame on them for using cheap materials that aren't even suitable for a shoe rack. It would be more of a hassle to boxing it back up. You could say that you couldn't pay me $178 to go through that. I've been tricked. Fortunately, not much. There is a You have been warned. Consider the reviews with care. They're legit. Do you want to go through this experience? You should keep shopping.

👤The water file I bought was for $205. There is a I like the modern look of it and it's a good price at $205. The finish and style are great. It's a very heavy and sturdy piece, and it's not real wood. The drawer bottoms are made of cardboard. If you only hang files in it, nothing really sits on the bottom. I was hoping to store office supplies in the top drawer, but now I have to worry about not putting enough weight on it. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for this. It took a long time to setup. Over 3 hours. The finish ripped off the pre-drilled hole and exposed the non-finished part. I had a wood finish marker that made it un-noticable, but this is what you have to worry about with non-real-wood finish. I'm afraid that if I scratch the surface it will look bad and not be fixable. I'm happy with the piece. If I could do it again, I would probably buy a solid-wood cabinet like the "Whittier Wood McKenzie Lateral File Cabinet" which was available for order at my local furniture store for $600. There is a It's a good idea to allocate plenty of time. Carefully follow the directions. The directions are good, but you need to follow them very carefully and not ignore any part. It was because I was doing something wrong that something didn't seem right.

2. Greenstell Cabinet Decorative Organize Assemble

Greenstell Cabinet Decorative Organize Assemble

There is a front lock for secure placement. Greenstell mobile file cabinet helps organize the important documents in perfect order such as legal documents, letters, magazine, family documents, tax bills, bank statements, medical documents, etc. It uses rails to hang file folders and defined content tags to help you find files quickly. Each rolling file cabinet has 20 hanging file folders and 1/6-cut clear tabs for quick identification of categories. The caster can be interchanged with the feet using foot pads for better grip and protection on the floor. The pull strap on the wheels will allow easy movement between offices. The home office file cabinet is a perfect cabinet for assorting documents, but also for toys, blanket, pillows, children's art exhibition, home tools accessories and so on. It can be in different places. The storage basket has four wheels and two side handles which make it easy to carry. The Greenstell file cabinet is made from synthetic rattan and is strong enough to endure the daily use. The bright natural finish and delicate weaving is suitable for any furniture design style and will work perfectly in your home and office. The exterior dimensions are 18.11”(W)x14.96”(H)X15.35”(D) and the interior dimensions are 17.13”(W)x11.42”(H)X14.57”(D). Special size for letter and legal size folders are contained in the dimensions 12.2”*9.45” The cabinets are handmade and each piece is unique. There is a method for this.

Brand: Greenstell

👤Finding additional file folders is nearly impossible because the file cabinet is attractive and portable. The option of purchasing additional folders should be included with the cabinet. These are not common-sized folders. They can't be found at a store like Wal-Mart, Target, or even a store like Office Max. They must be ordered online, not the ones that Amazon claims are purchased together with this cabinet. Good luck finding the actual name brand, QiuHui, the folders that came with the item. Why sell a product when you can't find the whole thing? It would have been a lot more difficult if I had not read the answer given to the question. I'm sure I would have figured it out eventually, but this is a file cabinet to organize papers for goodness sake, not a puzzle intended to challenge your brain while also wasting your time. All in all, a nice product, but replacement folders are only available online, and must be A4's to fit properly.

👤I need this drawer to be used to manage the number of folders that I need to keep handy. The box was sturdy. Attaching the wheels and installing the rails is all that is required. It was easy to unfold and lower the bottom flap because it was folded flat out of the box. The nylon foot pads are about 3/8" thick. To use the wheels, remove the pads and then screw them in. It has a key wrench to tighten them. The wheels are very easy to roll. I have wood floors, so not tested on carpet. The hanging folders fit nicely onto the rails. The hanging folders have 12-inch file folders in them. A 14-inch legal file folder is a challenge. The bottom flap is small so don't know how big it would be if you tried to use it as storage for heavy items. I got the brown color. The imitation rattan is pretty. I highly recommend it.

👤This file cabinet is wonderful. It was packaged well and easy to set up. We folded the sides and bottom and put the metal bars in to hold the files. It doesn't look like a traditional cabinet, which is great because we didn't want a traditional file cabinet. This one looks like a basket. It's great in our decor. We love that it has wheels that lock and a pull handle so we can easily move it around in our home office area. It has a lot of files. We have 40 file folders in it. We could add more if needed. We will be buying another one.

👤I think I would've liked this product if I'd been able to set it up. The first one I received had a broken metal piece, so the cabinet wouldn't stay upright, and it would just collapse. I ordered a replacement after returning it. There is a The hanging file metal bars were not included in the second one. There is a The size and color were what I wanted. I don't have the time, energy, or desire to return until I can actually use it.

3. Furniture Ironworks Lateral Cabinet Vintage

Furniture Ironworks Lateral Cabinet Vintage

The surface is durable. The file cabinet matches the height of the desk. The ball bearing slides on the file drawers offer easy access to materials. Legal-sized files can be accommodated in the file drawers. Quality construction for quicker and easier assembly. Quality construction for quicker and easier assembly.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤It is easy to put together, but 2ppl are needed. I wish I knew that before. It is cheap looking in person, but it looks great in the picture. The replacement piece was sent within 3 days after one piece was missing. It is heavy. There is no solid back or bottom of drawers due to the fake wood. I would have returned it if the box was broken on delivery and it didn't take 2ppl to put it together. I keep it in my home office because few people will see it. Overall, not worth the price.

👤A garbage company. I've been working on this for three months, and I finally have this POS assembled and not damaged. It still stinks. There is a Three months ago, I bought a new filing cabinet. I found a huge scratch on the front panel of one drawer after I got it delivered and half installed. "This is Amazon!" I thought. They're great about returns. For one, Amazon wants the old unit back. That is reasonable, but how? I had it delivered for a reason. How am I supposed to get a fully assembled filing cabinet? Who pays for the shipping? Nobody will sell me a box big enough to get the cabinet back. There is a Someone showed up with a truck and said that they would be no box. It's fine. It goes. There is a I get the second unit home and install it. I have to prop the cabinet up with books because the doors don't close. What? There is a If I want another replacement, I'll be damned. I don't want to deal with Amazon for another month. The unit is rickety and unstable. The directions are not good. I need it, so I'm keeping it. There is a Thanks so much, Kathy Ireland.

👤This is beautiful and I bought it. I wish the bottoms of the drawers were made of a better material that would detract from the overall quality of the piece. The piece takes time to build, and some parts of the construction would benefit from having a second person available to help; it state as much in the assembly instructions. If you're smart, you can figure out ways around that. I accidentally damaged one of the pieces in assembling the unit, and the company sent another piece for free. This file cabinet is very important to me.

👤There is a rare file cabinet part of an office set. veneer over particle board There is not enough space below 3 for a hanging file. False bottoms are thin and can store loose paper. If not having to tear down and re-pack would return.

👤The quality is decent, but it was a little disappointing after I got it all assembled. To miss the flaws, you need to stand back a few feet. I can't say enough good things about the seller. A screw broke during assembly and they sent me a new set for free. Communication was great about the whole thing.

4. Sauder 421114 Clifford Lateral Walnut

Sauder 421114 Clifford Lateral Walnut

The item does not have fabric. Hanging files can be held in the drawers with full extension slides. Only one drawer can be opened at a time. There is a pass-through for cord management. The wood construction is engineered. The dimensions are L: 29 and W: 18. 50" x 30"

Brand: Sauder

👤I am a furniture assembler. The furniture assembly manual says it takes me less time to assemble most pieces. I thought I would be done with this piece in a few hours. There are over 100 different parts for this piece. There is a The unpacking should include a lot of styrofoam particles that stick to everything, sticky pieces of cardboard, and heavy panels of particle board. Why does the styrofoam break? It's so odd. There is a Make sure you have enough space to lay everything out, and about 6' x 6' should do it. The styrofoam sticks to everything, so keep babies, very young children, and pets out of the way. You will want to wipe down every piece, as tiny bits of styrofoam are sticking to everything. Keep a vacuum cleaner handy. Start assembling. Sounds easy. It's not. The instruction manual says "Now might be a good time to refresh your drink" after a few hours into the assembly. I started working on this on Friday. It was Saturday afternoon. The instruction manual says "If you're doing this with help from a friend, don't leave without a bite" after you're on Step 16. They are trying to break the tension with humor, but it isn't funny. "Push a LOCK RING onto the LOCK as shown" should take an hour. An hour. It isn't easy to actually do it, so you have to use MacGyver. Part 4 of Step 16 is just part of it. There are 20 pages of instructions, with between 2 and 5 steps on each page. If you do the math on 20 pages, you get 70 steps. More than 70 steps are needed to assemble over 100 pieces. It's really bad. There is a Please give me 11 hours of my life back, and charge me a little extra to ship this thing already assembled.

👤The file cabinet I got has already fallen apart. I tried to put the legs in place, but they broke off. It was completely empty. I moved it less then an inch when it fell apart. I wasted time and money putting this together.

👤I bought this file for my parents' house, and it has been serving its purpose very well. It took a little longer to assemble than I anticipated, but the pieces fit as needed and I encountered only the ones I needed. I realized there was a lock missing when it was done. I got a new lock and key after I email the manufacturer and they responded in a few days. The above-average response from Sauder was well- deserved. There is a The file is in the foyer of my parents' home and does not look like a cheap project. It's not fully loaded but it's still stable and sturdy. There is a This is the reason it failed to reach 5 stars. It's easy to lock a drawer with the lock not actually engaging the locking tab on the furniture frame if the drawer is a little out of place. The locks have resisted some tugging when engaged. 2. If you lean on the center of the top of the piece, it's easy to interfere with pulling out/pushing in the top drawer. 3. If there isn't enough hanging file folders in the drawer, the plastic hanging guides in the drawers will slip out of alignment, allowing hanging files to drop down to the bottom of the drawer. I would not hesitate to buy another file if I needed one, even though I have been impressed with this one. It's not high-grade furniture, but it certainly seems to be head and shoulders above most of the cheap assemble-it-yourself products it competes with.

5. Bush Furniture Lateral Cabinet Harvest

Bush Furniture Lateral Cabinet Harvest

Easy access to contents at the back of drawers is provided by full-extension ball-bearing slides. Legal-sized documents can be accommodated in file drawers. The hardware is chrome-finished and has a simple, elegant and timeless appearance. When placed side by side, the height matches the coordinating desk. The standards for safety and performance are from the American National Standards Institute. The standards for safety and performance are from the American National Standards Institute.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤My wife needed a file that could be used as a TV stand and a filing cabinet. She wanted the dark wood finish to match the other pieces. The only options we could find at the local office supply stores were cheap and flimsy Sauder-brand furniture and expensive metal filing cabinets. I ordered this online because I've had Bush furniture in the past that was solid, so I took a chance. I didn't know what to expect since there were no other reviews. There is a The package was well packaged and arrived earlier than expected. No pieces were damaged or scratched. Two people are needed to move the package. Instructions were clearly written and illustrated. There were clearly labeled pieces. All the bags were labeled. The item would have received 5 stars, except for a few things. The pre-drilled holes weren't cleanly bored and the screw holes weren't deep enough, which resulted in some alignment issues during assembly. The holes were too big and the screws wouldn't hold them. I had to use my own screws and drill new holes for some parts. 2. The drawer slides were the only hardware that was decent. I couldn't tell if I had turned the cam far enough because the cam-locks didn't fully engage. The small screws used tofasten almost everything from the drawer slides to the edging for hanging folders were junk. I don't have a lot of strength in my forearms. Even though the holes weren't drilled deep enough, the heads still popped off. I worry that the drawer slides will fall off. 3. The pieces wouldn't mate properly because the holes weren't drilled properly. There would be a large gap between the pieces. 4. The drawer handles are chromed plastic. It was a very cheap feeling. The hanging rails are made of plastic. Also very cheap. They're not sure if they'll be able to support a full load of file folders. The mechanism to prevent both drawers from being opened at the same time doesn't work very well. There is a The furniture I used to have was better. I would have liked more metal components and better hardware for the price. The drawers will hold 60 lbs. The top will hold 200 lbs. The finish looks nice, but we will see if they are durable. It's just okay.

👤The back panel was broken and it arrived with a busted panel. I didn't go through the problem of sending it back. The cabinet has a good look, but it is a little cheaper than I expected. I had to use my own screws to put the thing together because some of the screws in the hardware kit were not good. There is a Also, note: If you don't know how to put things together, you may not want to do this.

👤After returning the item, I used a roll of packing tape and got back into the box. The package was picked up at no charge. I thought it was wood since it weighed so much, but I opened the box and realized it was not. I figured it was cheaper to have it assembled than to have it delivered. We thought the second drawer would be easy after 3.5 hours of trying to figure out instructions on the first drawer. There was a small crack in the second drawer piece. I thought the screws would hold it in place. I could glue it. If anyone needs to see the pictures, I have them. The whole drawer fell apart when the second drawer was set down on the floor. I went to a local shop and bought an unfinished hard wood file cabinet for $150 more that will last me forever. I thought it would be more real wood and less particle board because I lost out on $100 on this one. I'm not sure where the real wood is. It is nice looking. If you buy it, you should get it delivered already assembled and know it won't last like a solid wood one.

6. LUCYPAL Drawers Cabinet Portable Vertical

LUCYPAL Drawers Cabinet Portable Vertical

The file cabinet came in pieces and needed to be installed in 45 minutes for 1-2 person. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them. They use high quality wooden boards to make sure the item lasts. The office file cabinet is made of wood and is protected against wear and tear. Cleaning is very easy. It will look new if you just wipe it with a wet towel. The hanging drawers size file folders keep them organized and extended for easy access. The 2 drawer can hold home office essentials. It is easy to assemble. The File Cabinet is easy to assemble. Hardware is included in the package. Within 30 minutes, you can finish the entire setup with their detailed step-by-step instruction. 2 DRAWER W15.17"*D16.50" It can hold your printer, fax machines, files, documents, decorations, and weights up to 115 lbs. The ship is from a US warehouse. Their Customer Service team works hard to provide the highest standard of support and solutions. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Lucypal

👤The instructions are just pictures. Most of it went together. There were no holes for the drawer slide mounts on the sides of the cabinet. I just measured the holes on the other side. They didn't have the plastic anchors because they were pre fitted into the wrong holes. It will fit my needs for now. You need to know how to assemble. A screwdriver with aPhillips bit is easier to assemble than a flat blade screwdriver.

👤The product was well packed and had a good video online. It's hard to assemble and there's no extra parts. You have to leave it out when one screw is stripped. One of the slides failed completely when it was first assembled, with ball bearings falling out on the floor. I sent a support request to the listed email but it was not responded to in two weeks.

👤The delivery was on time and I like it. It looks sturdy and good. It was easy to assemble as all parts were labeled. One of the drawer panels had a piece of the finish off, so it has a light tan spot. I thought it would be on the inside, but it is outside. The screws went through the panel when the handles were attached. Would have liked 2 new panels but decided it wasn't worth the hassle of exchanging.

👤Difficult to assemble, screws wrong size, and one drawer a little off.

7. Nexera 211239 3 Drawer Cabinet Natural

Nexera 211239 3 Drawer Cabinet Natural

There are two drawers on metal slides. Full access to files at the back is given by a 1 legal size Filing drawer on heavy duty full extension slides. The desk set can be created with the chrono panel. It was designed and made in Canada. It's required. It was designed and made in Canada. It's required.

Brand: Nexera

👤This is "Ikea grade" furniture. I don't mean that as an insult, but through the process of unpacking and installing this it reminded me of putting together ikea furniture. The instructions are confusing and lack written instructions, but I have had worse installation experiences with furniture from the same furniture retailer that only had picture instructions. It took about an hour and a half to put it together. The particle boards that make up the sides and top are very heavy. The cabinets and the rest are not very important. I was aware that this would be the case and tried to be as delicate as possible when assembling. It would not have been difficult to break the particle board pieces when they were screwed together. Had I not been careful? There is a I took my time and am very happy with the result. Buy this piece for its beauty. Do not buy a piece of furniture that is heavy on top or inside because it won't last. It is as functional as most of the cheaper particle board type furniture you can find at Ikea. There is a The outer box waspatched with a piece from another box. The original box had a chunk taken out of it after I removed the patch. It didn't result in damaged contents. The wood and parts were mostly intact. The cabinets appearance and function were unaffected by the small cracks on the edges of the larger side pieces. There is a Video guides are offered by this company. It was helpful that I only needed to watch 1, but it was annoying that I had to watch the very first installation instruction. You can find their full list of help videos here.

👤You're right if you think this is "Ikea" type furniture. The particle board is flimsy. The directions were difficult to read. I found them easy to follow and time consuming. Again, think Ikea. The rails are screwed into the grain of the particle board when attached to the smaller drawers. I was being careful and deliberate because I was not sure how they thought that would go. Everything fit together. I thought until I got it upright. The right side shows a strip of the beautiful particle board because the top doesn't line up perfectly. I would return it, but I'm not going to take it apart and put it in a flimsy box. I can't imagine what the return shipping would cost. It was definitely a waste of money. I wasn't expecting a lot of quality from the unit. It was worse than expected. I will most likely not use the mistake of a purchase.

👤We paid for this item, so I would expect to pay half of it. The pieces were damaged along the edges of the box. The back of this piece is a piece of cardboard. One part is missing. There is a gap on one side where the top is attached because the cams did not properly lock all the bolts on top. This is not a good piece of work. I wouldn't recommend anyone to me.

8. Sauder Palladia Lateral File Cherry

Sauder Palladia Lateral File Cherry

The item does not have fabric. The horizontal file cabinet is great for keeping your home or office organized. This file cabinet has a finish called Select Cherry. Two drawers with full extension slides hold letter, legal or European size hanging files to help keep you organized. Only one drawer at a time can open a file cabinet. The patented T-slot drawer system makes assembly quick and easy.

Brand: Sauder

👤This is perfect to give to people you don't like. I believe that when they were designing the desk, they came up with ways to make it even more torturous. I believe the furniture design was done by two devils who came up with a plan to torture. This is how I think the conversation ended. Do you think we should put the pieces together before shipping? There is a No way! Add some extra panels just for fun and break it down into a thousand pieces. Can we just use the normal one to put the front of the drawer on? No! I have an idea, let's make a weird plastic piece that they have to slide into a grove and match up with holes they can't see. Can we add teeth to those pieces so they can use a hammer to put them in place and then a crow bar to move them? There is a That is a great idea. Did you make sure all the holes were lined up? There is a Nope. There is a That is great! I don't think we've done enough. We make the quick connections confusing and not really fit or secure. There is a Only if you call them secure. Is it possible to use the wrong type of screws in multiple places, and even use ones that look exactly the same, but make them a bit too long? I like the way you think. After they have wasted an entire day, broken a few things, used every curse word imaginable, and put a little part in the instructions about celebrating the assembly, they should have something to say about it. There is a Wow! That is ingenious! I will be as evil as you someday.

👤I'm very pleased with the look and quality of this cabinet. I may purchase another one if I need more space. I have 3 observations to clarify the negative feedback. The construction took 2.5 hours and included moving the parts upstairs because the delivery weight is 125 lbs. It was not complicated and I didn't rush. The directions were easy to follow and only required a few tools. 2. The file cabinet is of the highest quality. The heavy duty nature of the unit is excellent, even though it is a pressed wood piece. I compared this to full wood units that are more than triple the price. This file cabinet is a better deal for the cost and I think it's a great value. I suggest you compare the price for those who complain about the quality. 3. It only took 5 minutes to loosen the screws on the brackets on the front of the drawer, slide the drawer into a better place, and tighten the screws. The drawers are perfect now. There is a I love the file cabinet and was able to fit the entire contents of a 4 drawer standard cabinet plus have space to spare. I might purchase more.

👤I was hesitant to purchase the Palladia cabinet after reading reviews, but I am glad I did. Poor packaging, bad assembly instructions, and poor quality were the main reviewer concerns. This was not true with my purchase. The contents of the box were adequately packed and protected so that no parts were damaged during shipping. If you've ever assembled any other modular furniture, these instructions are not the worst I've ever seen. The total assembly time is typically 2 1/2 hours. It's a fine looking piece of Modular furniture for $200 and change. If you're looking for something of the quality of a fine-furniture manufacturer such as Drexel, you'll be disappointed, but you'll never find a Drexel file cabinet for $200. The Saunder Heritage Hill file cabinet is found on Amazon and is about $25 less than the Palladia. The Palladia is of much higher quality than the other. The Palladia's sides, top, base and drawers are much thicker and better finished than the Heritage Hill's and is worth the $25 difference in price. The Heritage Hill became wobbly and flimsy within 3-4 years of being used, and the top began to droop after a few years of use. I don't expect the Palladia to be the same as it is because of the better quality materials and better finish. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Palladia and I recommend it. You can't beat it at this price point, based on my experience with similar cabinets.

9. Ironworks Lateral Cabinet Drawers Coastal

Ironworks Lateral Cabinet Drawers Coastal

The surface is durable. The file cabinet matches the height of the desk. The ball bearing slides on the file drawers offer easy access to materials. Legal-sized files can be accommodated in the file drawers. Quality construction for quicker and easier assembly. The furniture is strong and durable. The furniture is strong and durable.

Brand: Bush Furniture

👤I am not happy with the desk, file cabinet and bookcase that I got. There is a The first piece we assembled was the file cabinet. The parts don't line up well, as a previous review said, while everything fit together. The drawer slides are messed up and the plastic rails for the hanging folders are not supporting the weight of the files. I noticed that the piece barely supported it's own weight until you nailed the back on. My favorite part of the instructions is brought up. It tells you to hit the back of the frame with a screw. There is a The desk is the same. Things don't line up very well and cheap. There is a The set is not going to hold up over time. I don't know how to return it.

👤They were astonished at how cheap it was, because it was put together by a professional, and it was unable to hold itself together once files were in it.

👤One would expect a funiture company to deliver a product with the name of a famous model. The material is cheap. We have another file cabinet that is much larger than this one. The particle board material was damaged when put together. Our company cabinet came with sturdy pieces and thick metal file brackets, but the brackets which hold the files are made of cheap plastic. Don't waste your money. It would have been easier to take this thing apart and return it. We spent a lot of money on something you would expect to find in a thrift shop. The desk is the same. So disappointed.

👤The box with the little pieces was wrapped in too much tape. The small pieces box was made of plastic and all of it was broken. It was opened because some of the wrapping was crumpled up inside. I looked at the boxes and didn't investigate further since I had to pack up my room at the end of the school year. If I can't get it to work for my needs, I might be selling it as is, and never buying office furniture again.

👤Don't waste your money. Many pieces arrived damaged because you have to put together the entire thing in about 2 hours. The drawers are hard to pull in and out because they are a tad from perfect, despite being loosened and tightened many times. I was not happy. I didn't return and it's getting the job done.

👤I would say that the instructions were sometimes hard to understand. One of the side pieces for a drawer was mistakenly drilled, which made the confusion even worse. There is a The bottom pieces of the cabinet were damaged during assembly. I wouldn't buy furniture from this manufacturer again.

👤It is pretty. We have a bookcase and a file cabinet. The file cabinet has shelves on top of it. There is a The person who put them together said that the construction was not straight forward and that the directions left a lot to be desired. I plan to stain the corner of the file cabinet because of the chip. There is a The need for organization that I desire is fulfilled by the two pieces.

10. Stone Beam 2 Drawer Rolling Cabinet

Stone Beam 2 Drawer Rolling Cabinet

It is required that this be assembled. The file cabinet will take 45 minutes to install, and all the tools and instructions are included. If you have any install questions or concerns, please contact them and they will send you the install video asap. The file cabinet is charming and classic. This piece is both functional and beautiful, and is designed to stand up to daily use. It is easy to use and flexible. 15.8"W x 16.2"D x 22.8"H The wood isdurable with maple-finished pine veneer and antique bronze handles. The drawers are large enough to hold files, supplies, and more. Casters make this cabinet more versatile. This usefully sized filing cabinet has a warm maple finish. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble. wipe in the direction of the wood grain with a soft, damp cloth. There is a 3-year warranty on returns for 30 days.

Brand: Stone & Beam

👤This is not a file cabinet. The storage cabinet is small. I'll use the file system for lay flat items. If you've ever made your own sawdust wood products, you'll be okay with this. The quarter turn locking bolts are plastic, so be careful with the Torque applied. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the depth correct for the quarter turn bolts. I have experience in this type of construction and estimate a solid hour of assembly. The packing was good and the outside was crushed.

👤I can't believe it's a file cabinet. I didn't read the reviews. I was unable to find someone to help assemble it. My room mate was willing to put it together for me. I tried to put my files in it, but I loved the way it looked. I wasn't a happy camper. We had to dismantle it, put it in a box, and then take it to the office. I was not happy to have to tell my room mate that he had put it together. The "file cabinet" needs to be deleted. Total misrepresentation.

👤The construction is not quite sturdy and there is a manufacturing defect on the stopped assembly. Hopefully the replacement part will arrive soon after contacting the manufacturer. The drawers are a bit stiff. With time, that may loosen up. It took 45 minutes to assemble. If you want to store hanging files in the bottom drawer, you will need to purchase a hanging file frame, which is about $10-20. Dropping to two stars because there's no way to get customer support. I will attempt to cut threads on the blank pin with a die, but disappointed that I have to do this myself. You are on your own if you buy it. There is no word from support. The drawer is smaller than a normal file cabinet, so you have to remove items from the front to access items in the back. The item would be more trouble than it's worth if I returned it. The price has almost doubled since I bought it, so it's easy to put this as a one-star rating.

👤This is a small cabinet. Husbands are usually very good at these things and instructions were not easy to follow. The rollers should have stopped. The top drawer is hard to open because it will roll around and you won't be able to open the door. It's hard to use on the top drawer. The top drawer is off center. There is a small gap. There is a The bottom holds files we bought on Amazon. It is the perfect size for small spaces. It was well packed and there was no damage.

👤The file cabinet is pretty. It is sleek and modern. I bought a file cabinet to store my files, and it was the biggest issue with it. It came without the proper tools to hang the files. The standard file size is too short and causes the files to have to be laid down because there is no hang up.

11. Kate Laurel Storage Cabinet Sliding

Kate Laurel Storage Cabinet Sliding

A farmhouse dress. The Cates Wall Storage Cabinet has a rustic wooden finish and sliding barn door. This cabinet isRUGGEDLY BUILT - Designed to last, it has a solid wood construction complemented by resilient metal hardware. The sliding doors are set in a wooden grooves at the bottom, which means no banging against the frame when it slides. Perfect size: The cabinet's display dimensions are 30 inches wide, 27.5 inches high, and 7.25 inches deep, making it a functional wall storage accent for any room. There are large shelters. There are three center shelves that are both wide and deep and have different heights between the top shelf and the frame. The side shelves are 8.25 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep. You can install this rustic storage accent on your wall in a matter of seconds with sturdy metal Z-bracket hangers attached to the back of the wooden frame. You can install this rustic storage accent on your wall in a matter of seconds with sturdy metal Z-bracket hangers attached to the back of the wooden frame.

Brand: Kate And Laurel

👤The installation template doesn't match the unit and the shelf is pretty. There are 27 holes in the template and 27 holes in the shelf. I had to mount the wall slightly lower to get the right spacing for the hooks on the back. It was very frustrating.

👤Let me tell you what I got for 200 dollars. The wood on the back was cracked and one of the hooks wasn't fully screwed in. I fix that myself. They don't give you screws or anchors. Once I tape their paper guide to the wall, I get everything perfect and hang it, but the wall screws are about 0.75 inches too wide. I have to move my anchor and leave a hole in the wall. Measure the distance you need from screw to screw. Their guide is terrible. It looks nice, but it is very cheap. They must be making a lot of money.

👤The manufacturer doesn't know how to line up the template with the holes on the back of the cabinet. I followed your instructions and now have a few extra holes in my wall.

👤We ordered from the same vendor two different shelves. The first ones arrived on time. This one was damaged. It wasn't shipping fault. The person who packed the shelf in the box didn't put enough foam in it. I could feel the shelf moving as I picked up the box. I got a broken shelf when I opened the box. Normally, I would blame shipping for this, but the vendor was to blame. There were only 8 pieces of foam on the corner. The bar that held the door to bust off was caused by this. There is a When you start to look at the quality of this shelf, it's really fun. I think it's made out of a low grade pine. The screws that hold the bar in place were broken. I'm not surprised by the size of the screws they used. They were too small to hold the door. I used bigger screws to help the bar up. There is a We've ordered other products from you, so I know you can do better. The size of the screws used and the amount of foam used are the only things that need to be changed. This is not holding this back from being a 5 star review.

👤The cabinet is beautiful. I wish it had been built better. The finish is very rough and the doors did not slide easily. The cabinet is large and full. I should not have had to make some changes for the price.

👤We bought two of them. The design concept is great and we like the finish, but the build implementation is poor. There is a The tongue on the bottom of the doors doesn't sit in the grooves because the barn door was installed too high. The doors flopped when slid. Even though the doors sit in the lower slot on the second one, they are crooked when slid because of the bent barn door bar. We made a few changes to each to make them acceptable. There is a Given a sample of two, a bit of a shoot on build quality, but not for the unhandy.


What is the best product for decorative filing cabinet wood?

Decorative filing cabinet wood products from Sauder. In this article about decorative filing cabinet wood you can see why people choose the product. Greenstell and Bush Furniture are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative filing cabinet wood.

What are the best brands for decorative filing cabinet wood?

Sauder, Greenstell and Bush Furniture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative filing cabinet wood. Find the detail in this article. Lucypal, Nexera and Stone & Beam are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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