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1. Hohean Natural Fishing Decorative Decorations

Hohean Natural Fishing Decorative Decorations

What is included? Includes two fishing nets. The package includes a piece of natural fishing net decor and a piece of 4m light with 40 LEDs, which will bring you a better decorative effect, which is suitable for you to decorate your home and other places you like. You can hang the fishing net with light on the wall to add a beach element to your home, or you can use the fairy lights to add a warm and sweet atmosphere to your house. The fishing net decoration is made of quality material, handmade, durable and delicate, and will bring you a better effect; Strong and lightweight for portable and durable wall hanging, a proper gift for family members or friends who are beach lovers. Hanging decor is a great addition to any beach theme setting, no matter indoors or outside, party decor or home decor; you can easily decorate your home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties, bedroom, office, living room, study area and other places. The fishing net decor is about the same size. You can hang your favorite shape on the wall with a hook or nail, 40 light LEDs fairy lights are powered by 2 button batteries, and you can easily replace them to ensure power supply.

Brand: Hohean

👤I threw the fairy lights away because I had to weave them in myself. It was not easy. You should buy the cheap net.

👤The net is of good quality. The lights stopped working after the first day.

👤The net is okay, the lights are flimsy. It doesn't go the way it's pictured. I took the lights out and used the net.

👤I filled it with fish and shells. It turned out to be very cute.

👤I had doubts but helped my step daughter put it up in her room and it was very easy. Go through it.

👤Its pretty but only last for a few days.

2. Fishing Commercial Netting Vintage Decor

Fishing Commercial Netting Vintage Decor

The plastic is lightweight and durable. The 5 ft x 10 ft measure is brown. The nylon is super strong and will not rip or tear. The net has been cleaned and does not smell. Netting can be cut. When measured as a diamond, the mesh is a little over one inch.

Brand: Colibrox

👤These nets are not considered commercial fishing nets. They don't have the strength to catch a butterfly. They are only for decorative purposes, but they are so flimsy that I would be concerned about hanging anything from them. There is a It was ridiculously overpriced. Save money.

👤The product is not as pictured. Four were ordered to use for the beach themed party. They weren't uniform in size, color, or quality. I ordered this product after seeing the close up photo of the nets. One of the nets I received was tied up. They are not uniform because they are used for commercial nets. The smell, patches and debris in the package made me believe this is the case. I can't use these at my party because of the same reasons. I will probably just return them because they are not of the quality I expected.

👤This is a quality fish net. It is hard to find. Most of the ones available are either string or fine thickness. This one is sturdy and will be perfect on my wall.

👤5ft x 10ft. Some pieces need to be stretched in the middle. We needed 10 packs to do 80 ft. It was used to create a barrier to keep the dogs on the deck. Looks nice. It is difficult to cut straight. They didn't put it over the nails. It should be worth it.

👤This is not a commercial fishing net. It is cheap and not what I paid for. That is not true. If you look at the picture attached, you will see that it says old vintage decor and new made in China. It doesn't look like a commercial net. I am not happy with it.

👤We found this on Amazon and it was the cheapest for what we needed. We went to a local store and saw this item for a quarter price. It wasn't a discount store and it wasn't on sale.

👤Before buying anything, I read reviews carefully. This is not a heavy fishing net. The net is flimsy. I will keep it because it is not worth the hassle of returning it. I will find a small project for it, but I am still looking for an authentic fishing net. This is not what you are looking for.

👤Exactly what I was hoping for. There is a I don't see any evidence of this being used, and there's no smell or broken joints. There is a It wasn't a problem where on each end there was a common junction where a bunch of the netting comes together. It helped me attach it to the wall.

👤The edges of this piece of decor were unraveling as I hung it. The decor is very delicate.

3. Bilipala Hangings Mediterranean Photographing Decoration

Bilipala Hangings Mediterranean Photographing Decoration

This is a great accessory that will make your ocean theme pop. The fishing net can stretch up to:78.6”*39.3” (200* 100 cm). The fishing net is a great decoration for home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties. TheMED Party Events is a decorative fishing net that is designed to bring a nautical theme to your interior decor or craft projects. The net cannot be used for fishing, just for decoration.

Brand: Bilipala

👤They are short but have different sizes. One is at least a foot longer than the other and that is what is making my do it not go well so far. I thought they would be the same size.

👤It's just perfect size, not too big or too small. We used it in our son's nursery to hang his stuffed animals. The net is good. It looks great and I am very pleased with it.

👤I put it up in my guest room. Going to the beach. I clipped vintage postcards. It's almost tan. It may blend in if your walls are beige. Command strip hooks were used to add to the wall. Looks good.

👤I bought this net to store my child's toys. It worked and it is strong as well. Big enough for the balls. I hung it from the drop crotch using hooks. It was very easy to set up.

👤My cat is banned from jumping to our neighbors porch because of this purchase. It does the job.

👤There were no complaints about this purchase. I used this net as a wall decor for my daughter's bathroom. A wooden anchor has an adorable hanging under it.

👤It's not as big as I thought, maybe 2ft by 3ft. It looks good, but I wish it was bigger. It is made well.

👤Very, very cheap. There is no edging in the picture. It's just some string. Buying a different product is something I would recommend.

4. Nautical Crush Trading Decorative Authentic

Nautical Crush Trading Decorative Authentic

You will receive a complimentary PDF copy of "A Practical Guide for Nautical Decor" eBook by Joseph Rains, which is delivered by email. Their decorative fish nets are made from recycled fishing nets and can be found in your home or office. There is a fishing net. Their decorative nets bring a nautical feel to any space. Their fish nets are made of cotton-nylon. Use this sea netting décor in a variety of rooms, including coastal rooms, beach bathrooms, pirate or mermaid themed kids room, nautical living rooms, and even as an outdoor patio decoration. Pair with starfish, sea shells, lights, sand dollars and more to create a nautical decoration net for your home or office. Perfect for parties and events, their versatile fish nets can be used for decorations for kid's birthday parties, luau themed birthday parties, or for a pirate decoration party outside. Place a party net on a table or wall. The perfect nautical décor for a party. Do it yourself projects include mason jars, tables, vases, picture frames, balloons and more. There are so many possibilities for this fish net decoration. A pirate fishing net décor is a unique style with a unique decor. Do it yourself projects include mason jars, tables, vases, picture frames, balloons and more. There are so many possibilities for this fish net decoration. A pirate fishing net décor is a unique style with a unique decor.

Brand: Nautical Crush Trading

👤I put it in the sun. It still smells. I can't put this in my guest room. There is a It is sturdy and well made. When stretched, it is true to size. Nice color.

👤Our display was irregular and not rectangular because it was not consistent the entire length.

👤I am going to redo my half bath in a fishing decor so this will be perfect. For the wall.

👤I love this net. The color and size of squares are perfect. My wife wouldn't let me put the door handles on the doors, but I loved it. This looks better than expected. I added a glass ball and starfish to their floats.

👤I bought this net for decor and I think it's ok. I had another net that I merged with. The other net is heavier than this one. For the price, it's a little disappointing.

👤I ordered three nets and all three were damaged, the first one I had to take the patch work off and the other two I couldn't use because of the quality, I need a label return so I can use them again.

👤We bought the netting to use as a table decoration for a party, but it smells so bad I don't think we'll be able to use it. There is a The net was dirty and had an oily smell.

👤One of the fishing nets is easy to handle but the other is hard and dirty. I don't understand why they send two different nets, I need one for tomorrow, and if I buy another one I won't get it on time. Very disappointed.

5. Fish Net Decorative Decorations Nautical

Fish Net Decorative Decorations Nautical

It is packaged in a handy clear nylon bag. The fish net is made of natural cotton. The fishnet decor is 14 feet high. Fish net for party decor. It's a great addition to any pirate backdrop, nautical fishnet decor, under sea party decorations, ocean life, fishing party accessories, sea animal baby shark, or baby shower decorations for boy and girl. There are many ways you can use these fish nets. Spread the fish net decor on your table as a runner. Will fit all of your tables and you will have enough for a backdrop on the wall. It will make your party décor look realistic. The wall of the room should be decorated. Their Mediterranean decorative fish net can be used to create a new style in your house. Or for your theme room. NET FOR BALLOONS adds a touch to your balloon arch. All of them are in place. It will be a great centerpiece when decorating a party, gathering or any other event which has a sea in it.

Brand: 4e's Novelty

👤The price for a quality product is great.

6. SUPERFINDINGS Decorative Seashells Mediterranean Nautical

SUPERFINDINGS Decorative Seashells Mediterranean Nautical

Mediterranean style wooden fish wall hanging decor. The package has a decorative fishing net. The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. Good quality. Cotton and Shells are used in the fishing net decoration. The fishing net is more compact and colorful because of the shells. It can be used for a long time. You can use it to make a nautical style photo wall. Adding more accessories to the fishing net can make it look better. The decorative fishing net is a great addition to any beach theme setting, no matter indoors or outside. It can be used to store children's toys. You can hang the fishing net with hooks. The holes in the nets are easy to hang.

Brand: Superfindings

👤Excellent quality. The net was not on the sides.

👤Awesome! Better than I anticipated. The person is named Toni.

7. Decorative Nautical Lighthouse Transparent Mediterranean

Decorative Nautical Lighthouse Transparent Mediterranean

You will receive a single blue cotton fishing net, and 8 different marine style ornaments including small starfishes, sailboat, lighthouse, life ring, rudder, and fish ornaments with 6 pieces transparent hooks. The blue fishing net is made of quality cotton, which is sturdy anddurable, it is also hand-woven that makes it soft and comfortable to touch, and the hanging ornaments are made of wood and resin, not easy to break. The fishing net is too small. The ideal size for hanging on the wall is 200 x 100 cm/ 78.74 x 39.37 inch. Mediterranean style: the decorative fishing net and these marine ornaments are all design in Mediterranean styles, which will bring your mind to the ocean if you look at them. Each order comes with 6 pieces of transparent hooks, which is convenient for you to hang the fishing net on the wall, these hooks are sturdy and can hang the net tightly on the wall.

Brand: Jetec

👤This fish net decor is wonderful. I adjusted to my liking and added a couple of starfish I already had. I love it. The pieces that come with it are sturdy and the hooks stick well even after I pulled a few of them off to move them. This space is not a solid wall but a flexible slide room divider, which worked well for it. This isn't heavy at all and was put in when the Carolina room was built.

👤The perfect size and comes with cute accessories. I got a net for my daughters 4th birthday and it's perfect for decoration. Would purchase again. 15 bux is very much worth it to me.

👤Good quality! I gave one of my children a nautical themed room and hung it from the ceiling. I would love to have one in my room.

👤It's not something that adds value.

👤It is very easy to install and look great.

👤This is my favorite thing I have ever bought. It is in my son's room. And it is very cute!

👤The accessories were cheap and not lined up.

👤If you want to nail it to the wall, don't use the hooks if they don't stick very well.

👤It is easy to use and looks great. It was a great value and I was very pleased with it.

👤Very happy. I can see it in my daughter's bedroom. The over all effect of the decorations is perfect for my daughter's pirate bedroom.

👤The net and bits look great despite the sticky hooks not staying up for long. The sea theme is in our toilet.

👤The net was good but the strips were useless and had to be replaced.

8. Natural Fish Net Party Accessory

Natural Fish Net Party Accessory

Each order comes with 6 pieces of transparent hooks, which is convenient for you to hang the fishing net on the wall, these hooks are sturdy and can hang the net tightly on the wall. Use these Natural Fish Nets to add a nautical flair to any room. It's perfect for beach bashes or Hawaiian themed birthday parties. You're sure to have plenty to create the atmosphere you want, with 14 ft. of cotton net in each piece. One piece. 14 ft. x 4 ft.

Brand: Fun Express

👤This was a great product. There was excess on the sides of the table. It looked great on our table. I'm excited to use this for future events. Good quality.

👤I can't believe it says the net is one pound. It feels cheap and light. The net arrived in a plastic bag and the quality was terrible. It looks like it would break if it got caught or someone accidentally pulled on it. I didn't have enough time to return it so I used this. It was used as a decoration. I wouldn't buy this again even for the price. If you stepped a few feet away, you wouldn't even notice the rope. I draped the net over the table cloth and hung it against the wall. The rope couldn't hold the weight of a small starfish. The starfish looked like it was caught in the net, so I had to remove it from the wall. It was a failure.

👤My daughter's ocean themed party was held on this net. The edges weren't tied so as I was unraveling it part of it started coming apart. When stretching it out, be careful!

👤I bought 2 of these for my son's underwater themed party. I used them as a background on his table. The kids were at the table the whole time. The decorations were put on top of the background one and held up perfectly. I didn't know how long they were. I had to cut some of the one I used for the table. I doubled it up for the backdrop. For later use, put these away. Don't know when or how. They're a must keep because they're perfect. Definitely recommend these.

👤The rope used to make the net is very thin, so it doesn't show up well against lighter surfaces. I don't recommend this product if you're decorating your home with a nautical theme. If you're just throwing a kid a pirate party, it's a good buy. I would only take off one star for the thinness, but I took off a second because I couldn't find anything about the rope thinness on the sellers page. I know my camera is a potato.

👤It was perfect for our decor at the party. They were piled across the middle of the table as part of a centerpiece with bobbers and decor fish. There is a They were perfect for what we used them for, but they are a nuisance to open and attempt to set in place. I can see why fish are caught in them. If you intend to open it and cover a table, they are not for you because they are made of thin string, so it may be hard to see in photos. It was cute.

👤This was a great way to decorate for a party. It was cute and large enough to be left outdoors, but if you want to leave it on a pergola or something, it would start to degrade quickly, but it was worth the money.

9. Starfish Ornament Fishnet Nautical Decorations

Starfish Ornament Fishnet Nautical Decorations

A piece of nautical decor is great for your home or business. The package contains 21 pieces of white starfish ornament sets, 20 pieces of mixed ocean starfish ornaments, and 1 piece of Mediterranean fishnet decor, which can be used for decoration. The Mediterranean fishnet decor is made of quality fabric, strong and sturdy, and the beach starfish decoration is made of synthetic resin, not easy to break, soft to your touch, and reliable. The Mediterranean fishnet and mixed ocean starfish ornament are suitable for many different parties, such as beach parties, sailing parties, Mediterranean parties, pirate parties, wedding parties, birthday parties and more. White starfish ornaments sets can be applied to walls, tables, bedrooms, living rooms, aquariums, galleries, restaurants and more, which can increase the atmosphere. The Mediterranean fishnet decor is 3.3 x 6.6 ft and the mixed ocean starfish ornament is 1.2 to 4 inches.

Brand: Shappy

👤The starfish are small for the holes in the netting to hold them, and they are not a rectangular shape.

👤There is no water for the fish to live in.

👤This was a nice net. Several of the starfish were broken.

10. SAILINGSTORY Glass Fishing Nautical Coastal

SAILINGSTORY Glass Fishing Nautical Coastal

Each kit is meticulously worked with a lot of passion and each gemstones and crystals is individually hand-picked for high quality and result. Even though the stones are natural, they combine them so that each kit is balanced and in equilibrium. The ball was wrapped with rope. The glass color is not spray. There is a set of 4 colors in a box. Use as Christmas and beach decorations.

Brand: Home Decor Sailingstory

👤It was a nice addition to my decor.

👤I added them to the table.

👤I have a few small floats that I got from my grandmother and one that I picked up in an antique store in Oregon. I thought it would be nice to put them in a basket, since I was keeping them in a punch bowl. I need a bigger basket. There is a The quality of glass and the pontil mark on these is what you would expect from an authentic net float. The macrame tie is sturdy and nicely tied, should you want to hang it from a bar or a patio. The quality of the job and the glass is what I'm really pleased with. Very happy with this.

👤I used to go to the beach when I was a small boy, and these glassware fishing float and nautical décor ball take me back to that time. My Mother used to like to see the Japanese glass fishing floats wash up on the shore. There is a She made my dad go out to get it after she saw one bobbing in the waves. For a long time, it was a cherished souvenir. There is a These would be great decorations for a room, a bar or a party on the beach.

👤These glass fishing floats are pretty. They are hanging from my canopy. They are made from thick glass and have twine hangers that are nicely tied. The glass is not painted. The colors are pretty, 2 are pastels and 2 are bright primary colors. They are large. 5” doesn't sound big. They look big. They are perfect for nautical decor. There is a The price is reasonable.

👤I like them. These are large glass floats. These are perfect for my deck. I was about to get a few of these but they are expensive. It is a tourist spot. I was happy to find this. There are three balls that are blue and green and there is a red float that is quite nice.

👤The Sailingstory glass floats are big and beautiful. It reminds me of when we lived in Oregon. It reminds me of how beautiful the coast is when I look at them. The colors are built into the glass. You can't buy this quality of floats at this price. This is a good price for big glass floats. This purchase is recommended by me.

👤I love fishing floats. It's perfect for my home. I put them up high on a window sill so the sunlight can see them. The rope ties are a great accessory. I'm very pleased with these big floats. They're beautiful!

11. Nautical Steering Decorative Starfish Decoration

Nautical Steering Decorative Starfish Decoration

You can hang the fishing net with hooks. The holes in the nets are easy to hang. The Mediterranean style decorative set includes a wooden boat steering wheel, a fishing net, starfish accessories, and transparent hooks, which will make your house look more attractive. The boat ship steering wheel is made of pine wood, which is sturdy and durable, and the fishing net decoration is stable and lightweight, easy to carry and hang. This Mediterranean style decorative set is an artistic way to display your travel photos, Christmas cards, souvenirs, and make them indispensable wall decorations in your living room, bedroom, dormitory, kindergarten Mediterranean style: these Mediterranean nautical pirate inspired hanging decorations combined natural materials, decorative fish net and other ocean themed details, giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room. Each order comes with 20 pieces of transparent hooks, which are easy to install, and are sturdy, which can hang the net tightly on the wall.

Brand: Jetec

👤It is larger than I expected.


What is the best product for decorative fishing net small?

Decorative fishing net small products from Hohean. In this article about decorative fishing net small you can see why people choose the product. Colibrox and Bilipala are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative fishing net small.

What are the best brands for decorative fishing net small?

Hohean, Colibrox and Bilipala are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative fishing net small. Find the detail in this article. Nautical Crush Trading, 4e's Novelty and Superfindings are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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