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1. Set Wood Buoys Fishing Net

Set Wood Buoys Fishing Net

Made by a famous artist. Measures approximately 20L with each buoy. The wood has a white and light blue distressed finish. A piece of nautical decor is great for your home or business.

Brand: Gsm

👤The quality of this item was very good. There are real wood floats that are painted and aged. This item was perfect for my nautical theme plan. I put a crab into the net and created a beach scene. I highly recommend.

👤It looks great for our nursery.

👤I am using the net and buoy in my guest room. They have a good weight to them, but not too heavy.

👤I wish it was bigger. It's too small to make a statement in the area where I hung it.

👤This is a gift for a friend with a shore cabin and it looks great. It looks old and worn.

👤We used them to hang on the curtain rods in the nursery. We were going for a beachy maritime theme and these added a nice touch.

👤The wall was great for these to hang on.

2. VEIOU Mediterranean Christmas Decorations Ornaments

VEIOU Mediterranean Christmas Decorations Ornaments

The net can't be used for fishing. The fish net photo hanging display frame wall decoration is perfect for any event, such as christmas party ornaments, birthday party, hallowen party, Mother's Day. The fish net design is unique. After hours of knotting, meticulously handcrafted, using natural materials the decorative nautical fish net gives a minimalist feel and creates a relaxed feel in the room. A fish net great gift. The frame wall decor is inspired by nautical pirate chic. Perfect for wedding favors, bridal shower favors, nautical themed parties, beach wall decoration, kids bedroom, birthday gift, etc. FISHING NET DEOCRATION: The fishing net ornaments are simple and elegant. The wall hanging is made with rope. If you are completely dissatisfied with your fish net wall decoration, please return them for a full refund. Customer support is available 24/7.

Brand: Veiou

👤What a great product. The shells are attached. Adding lights and an anchor is what I suggest.

👤I have bought other nets but they were not as nice as this one. The quality of the webbing is better than the others. I would recommend this product. I will post a picture after I get it hung up.

👤When I got a job to make a seashore Christmas wreath, I was stymied until I found the fish net. My customer loved the wreath that was made with the shell decorated fish net. It can make any sea crafting project more professional.

👤She seems to be happy with the gift.

👤My wife loves this decoration, it goes perfectly with our beach theme. Great purchase.

👤The product came later than anticipated. The plastic covering was torn and some shells were broken when the package was opened. The net lost its shape after some of the stitching came loose. I think this is a fault of the manufacturer.

👤I bought this fishnet for a project. It is well worth the money. I was impressed with the quality of the material. The shells are similar to the picture. I thought I would get a cheaper net and not have to worry about the shell, but I ended up with a less than stellar one. Get quality by paying the extra money.

👤I returned them because they were all over my floor when I put them up. I wouldn't recommend them.

3. Fishing Decor Beach Decorations Inches

Fishing Decor Beach Decorations Inches

It's great for catching crabs, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish. Fishing net for wall. Add this beige fishnet to your nautical party theme, pirate party decorations, beach-themed party, or Hawaiian luau decor, use as a tablescape layer, photo booth backdrop, to hold party balloons, or for decorating the gift table. Home and party planning. Hang it on the wall to make a beautiful photo wall, it's ideal for decorating bars, coffee houses, beach restaurants, hotels, and villas. The fishnet decorations are made from cotton. DIMENSIONS The fishnets are approximately 60 inches in length. What is included? A fishing net.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤I thought it was larger than it was. I was expecting something bigger. Dollar Tree sells the same size for $1.

👤I bought this to hang on our fence to keep the floats and pool toys in when they aren't being used. It works well and is of good quality.

👤The drapes were perfect for what I needed, great quality and in a shape that was perfect. I was able to use a hot glue gun. There are starfish and sand dollars. Came out better than I anticipated.

👤I use this as a curtain and spare room is all sea theme.

👤My daughter's room was transformed into a paradise. Large sea shells and artificial starfish are very lightweight to hang. This helped tie the theme together.

👤I used this at my craft show. It made my nautical themed display rack even more nautical. I love it!

👤She put pictures on the wall of my daughter's room.

👤It's great for our 2 tiels to be able to climb on the extra cage in the family room when we have family night.

👤Color blanco sucio, it's a color that sells. There is a Iban a ser ms pequeos, pero pensaba, lo compré. I sirvi para as. Nositaba. Es una red resistente, pero hay tener para qué. There is a I parece un peln caro. Aunque para lo, he is ver por ah es de lo ms econmico. Calidad-precio correcta. Volvera.

👤I would love to send a picture, but I have to give my files acces to it in order to do so, and that's not happening. It's smaller than pictured and doesn't look like what's pictured at all. The vines are climbing it.

👤Lleg a momento. La usamos para complementar una decoracin.

👤Me encant. en la descripcin.

4. Magreel Portable Releasing Collapsible Telescopic

Magreel Portable Releasing Collapsible Telescopic

SGT Knuts is committed to being the best of the best, just like the Marine Corps. The motto is "Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful". Their loyalty to their customers is what makes them who they are, and the reason they continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. They promise to keep the strength and consistency of their products. Their bulk savings are passed on to their customers. The extended length is 38.98". The folded length is 16.6" The Hoop size is 15.75" x 15.1". The depth is 10. The weight was 0. 78 lbs. The rod of the fishing net can be collapsible and retractable. It is easy to carry and storage. The handle is made from anti-slip PVC and comes with a spring cord that is easy to use. The Magreel fish net is made from heavy-duty nylon constructed by hexagonal network with non-absorbent coating. Special materials can prevent waterlogging and odor. It takes less space and is easier to carry out when it collapses. The nets are perfect for fishing on the ocean, river,pond and stream.

Brand: Magreel

👤Kids love camping. You don't need a fishing net when camping. It's handy when we go fishing for minnows in the rivers. I bought this because the telescopic pole handles and net can be folded and used as a packing pole. The packable fishing net is perfect for our needs because we already have so many fishing gear and camping gear, it's the last thing we want to add to our packing list. There is a The triangular fishing net is very wide and deep and the aluminum pole is very strong. The nylon mesh for the net seems very strong. There is a The portable fishing net is perfect for camping and fishing in the summer. There is a Hope this was useful. If it was, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤Buying a new boat or the net is really cool. I was surprised. It is easy to store. The net is more of a rubber than a rope and it doesn't stay wet and dries quickly, which makes it appear to be more durable. It snaps in easily. It was cheap and had less features than others. Will be using it for fishing when things accidentally land in the water.

👤There are no instructions on how to unfold it. I was afraid I would break it because you have to unsnap it and bend it before you can open or close it. I don't think it's smart to not have instructions or a picture. It's a good net and a good size for my fishing gear.

👤I like it. I have not used it to pull in a fish yet, but I can tell it will do a great job. I need two hands to open it, and I wish it would open with a flick of the wrist. I think this will improve with wear. It is a great value and worth the one problem of the net being compact.

👤This is a great net. I used it for catching insects. It folds up nicely and is sturdy. There is a The only complaint I have is that it only has a wrist strap. I would like to have a strap that fits over my shoulder. There is a I called my wife to help me when I had a 19-inch tiger trout. I wanted to bring him in the 18th gap. I told my wife that I would pull her out after she netted the fish. We are still married after 40 years, after she netted him and I pulled her out. What a woman!

👤The net is big enough for trout and bass fishing. It folds up when I am in the water and hangs from my belt. It is easy to use the hooks there. It is strong.

👤It's a good net for fishing. It folds up small and can be moved away from you. It's great for trout fishing. I appreciate the fact that knotless nets help keep the fish healthy and reduce hooks getting tangled in the net.

5. Amscan Hawaiian Summer Natural Decoration

Amscan Hawaiian Summer Natural Decoration

There is a package that includes 1 Size (2 Fish), 2 Pieces wooden fish decor, vintage home decorations wood wall decor for nature lover. The nautical mesh is 6' x 8'. Their natural fish net is the perfect backdrop for a party. decorating comes first for the fishing The natural washed look of the net is what it comes with.

Brand: Amscan

👤Birthday parties can use a big decorative fishing net.

👤It was useful, but not what I was expecting.

👤I wanted to hold balloons above the 7x5 backdrop. The net will not go all the way across the 7ft backdrop because I flipped it every way I could. I don't know how they measured to say it's 6x8 I got a 6x6 one. It is still a great decoration. If I had known it was 8ft, I would have gone with a different one.

👤Not what I expected. It was made from thin rope.

👤It was so small that it was not fit for purpose.

👤I'll be using it as a balloon holder at the party. I'm hoping it will work.

👤Netz was wie beschrieben. Es ist die paar Tage gedauert. There is a Ihren Dekonetz zum Aufhngen von Bildern ist super aus!

👤Use para decoracin! Perfecta.

6. Fish Net Decorative Decorations Nautical

Fish Net Decorative Decorations Nautical

It is packaged in a handy clear nylon bag. The fish net is made of natural cotton. The fishnet decor is 14 feet high. Fish net for party decor. It's a great addition to any pirate backdrop, nautical fishnet decor, under sea party decorations, ocean life, fishing party accessories, sea animal baby shark, or baby shower decorations for boy and girl. There are many ways you can use these fish nets. Spread the fish net decor on your table as a runner. Will fit all of your tables and you will have enough for a backdrop on the wall. It will make your party décor look realistic. The wall of the room should be decorated. Their Mediterranean decorative fish net can be used to create a new style in your house. Or for your theme room. NET FOR BALLOONS adds a touch to your balloon arch. All of them are in place. It will be a great centerpiece when decorating a party, gathering or any other event which has a sea in it.

Brand: 4e's Novelty

👤The price for a quality product is great.

7. LikeFish Foldable Fishing Lobsters Small Dia

LikeFish Foldable Fishing Lobsters Small Dia

It is used to decorate own home, restaurants, office, ship and so on. It can be used as a gift for a new home. The material is nylon and soft steel. The top dia. is Size: top dia. The bottom dia. is 31.5inch. 23.6inch Pull the string on the top and it will open automatically. The portable automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap is convenient and simple to use. It's great for catching crabs, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish.

Brand: Laxygo

👤It works well for catching small bait fish. It would work for crawdads. It wouldn't expect to last. I like to keep them on the boat and always have them for spare time, it's fun for the kids.

👤The package was opened. It turned into a net from a small package. There were no instructions to fold it back. The nylon tears very quickly. If you know the secret, it might be easy to fold. If you are using it to bring fish up to a pier, don't buy it, it is flimsy. If you want to catch crabs, you need rocks for it to hang on, because it will tear very easily. Let me know if you find any instructions on how to fold this thing back into its case.

👤We use this as a ball-holder in our yard for all the stray balls, but they would get all gross if we had put them in a bucket. I hung it on the plant holder, it was perfect to hold balls without the water.

👤It works well in open water. There is a The net material doesn't last long after you catch sticks or heavy fish. Good for a weekend of fishing.

👤The design is nice, you have to figure out how to fold it back up, the strings are light and easy to replace. I like the design. The net is more of a bucket design and traps the fish better than most nets.

👤The job is done. I took it out on Saturday to catch smelt off of a local pier and use it as bait. I was able to catch over 50 smelt in about an hour.

👤The design is nice, but not durable enough for a big harvest.

👤It is not durable at all. Thin strings make up the quality of the net. It ripped open. The crab legs tore it open. I don't understand how a crab trap can be made of this material. It's like using yarn to cage a tiger.

8. SUPERFINDINGS Decorative Seashells Mediterranean Nautical

SUPERFINDINGS Decorative Seashells Mediterranean Nautical

It is suitable for home wall decor. The package has a decorative fishing net. The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. Good quality. Cotton and Shells are used in the fishing net decoration. The fishing net is more compact and colorful because of the shells. It can be used for a long time. You can use it to make a nautical style photo wall. Adding more accessories to the fishing net can make it look better. The decorative fishing net is a great addition to any beach theme setting, no matter indoors or outside. It's also great for sports equipment. You can hang the fishing net with hooks. The holes in the nets are easy to hang.

Brand: Superfindings

👤Excellent quality. The net was not on the sides.

👤Awesome! Better than I anticipated. The person is named Toni.

9. Rovge Antique Vintage Nautical Ornaments

Rovge Antique Vintage Nautical Ornaments

This wood fish nautical sculpture is made of rope and wood. The rustic wooden fish set comes with a hanging rope and it's easy to hang. The wooden fish decor is perfect for a nautical, beach or lake themed party or events. TheMED NURSERY WALL ART- The fish is wrapped in fishnet. The fishing wall is uniformly beached. The measurement is 8H x 2.5L x 2.25"W.

Brand: Rovge

👤This item is in my nautical decor. They were very nice and well made.

👤Our travel trailer has a playful touch. So cute. In our small space, it's not too big and overwhelming.

👤Great! I would buy again. The fish worked well on my project.

👤Product arrived quickly and met my expectations. My grandson loved them.

👤The nautical themed bathroom has a nice accent.

👤Very small. They look bigger than they are. Disappointed!

👤The package only contained two small ones. One was broken when we arrived. The listing did not show four. Quality, quantity, and description will be what will be returning.

10. Bright Creations Decorative Fishing Posters

Bright Creations Decorative Fishing Posters

The section is 5 feet X 10 feet. Fishing net for wall. Add this decorative blue fishnet to your nautical party theme, pirate party decorations, beach-themed party, or Hawaiian luau decor, use as a tablescape layer, photo booth backdrop, to hold party balloons, or for decorating the gift table. Home and party planning. Hang the decorative net on the wall and pin your photos and postcards to make a beautiful photo display, it's ideal for decorating bars, coffee houses, beach restaurants, hotels, and villas. The blue fishnet decoration is made from high quality cotton. DIMENSIONS The fishnets are approximately 39 inches in length. What is included? Includes two fishing nets.

Brand: Bright Creations

👤Great product! The net was thick. I would buy again.

👤I used the nets to suspend balloons. They worked as expected. They were well packaged. My brother will be using them for something else.

👤The item is just as described. I attached them to each other with a blue stand and created a hot air balloon. Excellent material.

👤We hung pictures from it behind the head of the bed. It is cute. We will be buying more.

👤It was too small and flimsy. Not worth it.

11. Natural Fish Net Party Accessory

Natural Fish Net Party Accessory

Each order comes with 6 pieces of transparent hooks, which is convenient for you to hang the fishing net on the wall, these hooks are sturdy and can hang the net tightly on the wall. Use these Natural Fish Nets to add a nautical flair to any room. It's perfect for beach bashes or Hawaiian themed birthday parties. You're sure to have plenty to create the atmosphere you want, with 14 ft. of cotton net in each piece. One piece. 14 ft. x 4 ft.

Brand: Fun Express

👤This was a great product. There was excess on the sides of the table. It looked great on our table. I'm excited to use this for future events. Good quality.

👤I can't believe it says the net is one pound. It feels cheap and light. The net arrived in a plastic bag and the quality was terrible. It looks like it would break if it got caught or someone accidentally pulled on it. I didn't have enough time to return it so I used this. It was used as a decoration. I wouldn't buy this again even for the price. If you stepped a few feet away, you wouldn't even notice the rope. I draped the net over the table cloth and hung it against the wall. The rope couldn't hold the weight of a small starfish. The starfish looked like it was caught in the net, so I had to remove it from the wall. It was a failure.

👤My daughter's ocean themed party was held on this net. The edges weren't tied so as I was unraveling it part of it started coming apart. When stretching it out, be careful!

👤I bought 2 of these for my son's underwater themed party. I used them as a background on his table. The kids were at the table the whole time. The decorations were put on top of the background one and held up perfectly. I didn't know how long they were. I had to cut some of the one I used for the table. I doubled it up for the backdrop. For later use, put these away. Don't know when or how. They're a must keep because they're perfect. Definitely recommend these.

👤The rope used to make the net is very thin, so it doesn't show up well against lighter surfaces. I don't recommend this product if you're decorating your home with a nautical theme. If you're just throwing a kid a pirate party, it's a good buy. I would only take off one star for the thinness, but I took off a second because I couldn't find anything about the rope thinness on the sellers page. I know my camera is a potato.

👤It was perfect for our decor at the party. They were piled across the middle of the table as part of a centerpiece with bobbers and decor fish. There is a They were perfect for what we used them for, but they are a nuisance to open and attempt to set in place. I can see why fish are caught in them. If you intend to open it and cover a table, they are not for you because they are made of thin string, so it may be hard to see in photos. It was cute.

👤This was a great way to decorate for a party. It was cute and large enough to be left outdoors, but if you want to leave it on a pergola or something, it would start to degrade quickly, but it was worth the money.


What is the best product for decorative fishing net white?

Decorative fishing net white products from Gsm. In this article about decorative fishing net white you can see why people choose the product. Veiou and Blue Panda are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative fishing net white.

What are the best brands for decorative fishing net white?

Gsm, Veiou and Blue Panda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative fishing net white. Find the detail in this article. Magreel, Amscan and 4e's Novelty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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