Best Decorative Fishing Net Winomo

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1. Decorative Nautical Fish Netting Mediterranean

Decorative Nautical Fish Netting Mediterranean

This is a great accessory that will make your ocean theme pop. Fishing net for wall. Add this blue fishnet to your nautical party theme, pirate party decorations, beach-themed party, or Hawaiian luau decor, use as a tablescape layer, photo booth backdrop, to hold party balloons, or for decorating the gift table. Home and party planning. Hang it on the wall to make a beautiful photo wall, it's ideal for decorating bars, coffee houses, beach restaurants, hotels, and villas. The blue fishnet decoration is made from cotton. DIMENSIONS The fishnets are approximately 60 inches in length. What is included? A fishing net.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤It looks good. It's a bit smaller than I would have liked, but that's okay.

👤The net is small and bright blue. They should be embarrassed for sending it.

👤These were what I needed. I ordered again because I didn't order enough the first time. I couldn't use the second shipment because it was a different color, but they were great.

👤We bought this for my son's 1st birthday party. It's still in his bedroom after it was a hit.

👤This is part of a room with a theme of the sea. It worked out perfectly.

👤I used it for my son's nursery. I love it!

👤Nets are still in packages. Nice looking, but not for the purpose I have in mind. They aren't weather proof.

👤Great product! It's perfect in my son's room. I'm going to buy some crabs to put in the net, but I like it!

👤The color y the calidad were not the same.

2. Saltwater Decorative Fishing Casting Packaged

Saltwater Decorative Fishing Casting Packaged

NET FOR BALLOONS adds a touch to your balloon arch. All of them are in place. It will be a great centerpiece when decorating a party, gathering or any other event which has a sea in it. The section is 5 feet X 10 feet.

Brand: Sherrys Book Shop

👤The decorative fish net outside is degrading quickly. To find the real deal is very difficult, but you can thank you. J.

👤5x10 was large enough. I attached it using 5 hooks. So happy!

👤The fish net is very cool. It was used outside as a decoration.

👤It was able to decorate an outside building.

👤As described. There is a A good price. It works well with any nautical decoration you have. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤It was used to decorate outside. Works well. Even in the salty, wet air of FL, it has held up.

👤It was very strong and hard to rip. Looks and smells good!

3. Creamy Fishing Bedroom Mediterranean Decoration

Creamy Fishing Bedroom Mediterranean Decoration

It's a perfect gift for those who love sailing and nautical wall art. A nautical wall hanging decor is a great way to accent your home with Mediterranean ornaments. The size is approx. 78" The materials are cotton. The fish net is made from cotton and is handcrafted. It can be used for a long time. You can use it to make a nautical style photo wall. You can use the fishing net to decorate your room. You will receive a decorative fishing net with no other pendants.

Brand: Baaxxango

👤I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get a larger product because the one I was buying was tiny and didn't serve the purpose I needed. It's fine, but really small.

👤I used this to hold stuffed animals and it works well.

👤We used this product in a different way. I expect to have to replace this product, but it's sturdy to keep our children safe in the loft my husband built, and it fits our pirate theme perfectly!

👤78 inch is not usable. It worked well for a corner stuffed animal hammock but not the big project I wanted to do. I thought I was getting more.

👤The net is nice for decor, but the holes are bigger than expected and don't hold my shells like I would like. I'll play with it and see if I can make it work. I want it to look like I'm after, so I might have to put it against the wall. The double sided gorilla glue tape is doing a good job of holding it up.

👤It was used as an accent across the dining room window. A few starfish were added for the final touch. I love it! May need to buy more.

👤I bought this net for my little girl's room. The package was great quality. Some big shells and lights were added to the ceiling above my girls bed. A big hit!

👤My daughter has a beach themed room. I was worried that it wouldn't hold up all the shells we wanted to add. We have 10 shells that we hot glue on. It is very sturdy. My 10 year old loves it and will add more shells.

4. Netting Decoration Fish Party Decor

Netting Decoration Fish Party Decor

Light brown and dark brown are the same color. There is a Bluetable Fish net decoration 48” x 144” Inches. Cotton material is Natural. There are many party themes that use fish net decorations. The fishing net can be used in a variety of ways. The material is Child Safe and Non-Toxic. This is a great accessory that will make your ocean theme pop.

Brand: Bluetable

👤The "holes" are bigger than I would like. I used it for something that wasn't made for. When my cat escaped from the house, I was going to throw it over her. I was only able to do this once, and she got her head stuck through the hole, so I had to cut her out.

👤The net would be perfect if it was the whole. I didn't open it until I needed it. The net wasn't connected to the other threads. It would have been fine without it. I went back to the company. I would check it immediately if I ordered again.

👤The fishing net rope is very thin. It would be good for a background, but not really good for anything up close or decorative. There is a If you need it for up close display, I would suggest a thicker fishnet. The rope is very thin, but his one is good.

👤This is very thin. I know it's only $9. I was hoping it would be stronger than I got. Attempted to stretch it out over a surface and it broke. You get a bit. You get what you pay for. Maybe it's worth spending a few more dollars for better quality.

👤I made a wreath. It worked well.

👤How much is 48 x 144? No way. It is almost impossible to find the ends of the net. It was very frustrating.

5. Decorative Nautical Lighthouse Transparent Mediterranean

Decorative Nautical Lighthouse Transparent Mediterranean

You will receive a single creamy white fishing net, and 8 different marine style ornaments including small starfishes, sailboat, lighthouse, life ring, rudder, and fish ornaments with 6 pieces transparent hooks. The nautical fishing net set is made of quality material, it is sturdy and durable, it is also hand-woven, which makes it soft and comfortable to touch, and the hanging ornaments are made of wood, not easy to break. The fishing net is too small. The ideal size for hanging on the wall is 200 x 100 cm/ 78.74 x 39.37 inch. Mediterranean style: the decorative fishing net and these marine ornaments are all design in Mediterranean styles, which will bring your mind to the ocean if you look at them. Each order comes with 6 pieces of transparent hooks, which is convenient for you to hang the fishing net on the wall, these hooks are sturdy and can hang the net tightly on the wall.

Brand: Jetec

👤This fish net decor is wonderful. I adjusted to my liking and added a couple of starfish I already had. I love it. The pieces that come with it are sturdy and the hooks stick well even after I pulled a few of them off to move them. This space is not a solid wall but a flexible slide room divider, which worked well for it. This isn't heavy at all and was put in when the Carolina room was built.

👤The perfect size and comes with cute accessories. I got a net for my daughters 4th birthday and it's perfect for decoration. Would purchase again. 15 bux is very much worth it to me.

👤Good quality! I gave one of my children a nautical themed room and hung it from the ceiling. I would love to have one in my room.

👤It's not something that adds value.

👤It is very easy to install and look great.

👤This is my favorite thing I have ever bought. It is in my son's room. And it is very cute!

👤The accessories were cheap and not lined up.

👤If you want to nail it to the wall, don't use the hooks if they don't stick very well.

👤It is easy to use and looks great. It was a great value and I was very pleased with it.

👤Very happy. I can see it in my daughter's bedroom. The over all effect of the decorations is perfect for my daughter's pirate bedroom.

👤The net and bits look great despite the sticky hooks not staying up for long. The sea theme is in our toilet.

👤The net was good but the strips were useless and had to be replaced.

6. Bilipala Decorative Nautical Hangings Ornaments

Bilipala Decorative Nautical Hangings Ornaments

If you are completely dissatisfied with your fish net wall decoration, please return them for a full refund. Customer support is available 24/7. Cotton and Polyester are the material. The size is approx. 78.6”*39.3” (200* 100 cm). The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. The net can't be used for fishing.

Brand: Bilipala

👤My daughter's bedroom is themed for the sea. The item description was accurate as the next arrived quickly. The stock photos matched the color very well. The net drapes beautifully. It could be used in many ways. It is not stiff like other fishing nets. It hangs beautifully and is soft. It was the perfect finishing touch to my daughter's room. I absolutely love it. It was packaged nicely and easy to open. I'm very happy with this item and I would recommend it to others.

👤A beach themed tree has a great decoration. I put a tree in my front yard to share with my neighbors who don't get trees anymore due to age, illness, and environmental consciousness. There is a I tried it as a tree skirt, but it was too small. I would have to buy 4. I went to an arts and craft store and got a fish net. I decided to use the teal fish net as a garlands. I think it turned out great. There is a I added some pictures of it as a tree skirt. There is a We had a beautiful weather in Mission Beach, San Diego this December. Barely got to wear boots or scarves, but not a jacket.

👤I am using this for decorating purposes and I'm very happy with it. I hung it over the top of my bedroom window and then hung the seashell lights in the net. It goes with the other decorations in my bedroom and I think it's beautiful.

👤It's a tad smaller than I had anticipated, but it works well and looks cute, and I may have to buy another to cover the area I had imagined in my office space.

👤It's perfect for our bathroom, it looks good. The starfish was hung above the bathroom mirror.

👤The lake house has aqua tones in the bedroom. 3 colorful items were added to the hanging net after draped this in a "hammock" sling/swag. A neat look!

👤The theme of my bathroom was perfect.

👤I couldn't figure out how to use it in my decor. It didn't work for me, so much for my vision of using this.

7. Natural Fish Net Party Accessory

Natural Fish Net Party Accessory

Each order comes with 6 pieces of transparent hooks, which is convenient for you to hang the fishing net on the wall, these hooks are sturdy and can hang the net tightly on the wall. Use these Natural Fish Nets to add a nautical flair to any room. It's perfect for beach bashes or Hawaiian themed birthday parties. You're sure to have plenty to create the atmosphere you want, with 14 ft. of cotton net in each piece. One piece. 14 ft. x 4 ft.

Brand: Fun Express

👤This was a great product. There was excess on the sides of the table. It looked great on our table. I'm excited to use this for future events. Good quality.

👤I can't believe it says the net is one pound. It feels cheap and light. The net arrived in a plastic bag and the quality was terrible. It looks like it would break if it got caught or someone accidentally pulled on it. I didn't have enough time to return it so I used this. It was used as a decoration. I wouldn't buy this again even for the price. If you stepped a few feet away, you wouldn't even notice the rope. I draped the net over the table cloth and hung it against the wall. The rope couldn't hold the weight of a small starfish. The starfish looked like it was caught in the net, so I had to remove it from the wall. It was a failure.

👤My daughter's ocean themed party was held on this net. The edges weren't tied so as I was unraveling it part of it started coming apart. When stretching it out, be careful!

👤I bought 2 of these for my son's underwater themed party. I used them as a background on his table. The kids were at the table the whole time. The decorations were put on top of the background one and held up perfectly. I didn't know how long they were. I had to cut some of the one I used for the table. I doubled it up for the backdrop. For later use, put these away. Don't know when or how. They're a must keep because they're perfect. Definitely recommend these.

👤The rope used to make the net is very thin, so it doesn't show up well against lighter surfaces. I don't recommend this product if you're decorating your home with a nautical theme. If you're just throwing a kid a pirate party, it's a good buy. I would only take off one star for the thinness, but I took off a second because I couldn't find anything about the rope thinness on the sellers page. I know my camera is a potato.

👤It was perfect for our decor at the party. They were piled across the middle of the table as part of a centerpiece with bobbers and decor fish. There is a They were perfect for what we used them for, but they are a nuisance to open and attempt to set in place. I can see why fish are caught in them. If you intend to open it and cover a table, they are not for you because they are made of thin string, so it may be hard to see in photos. It was cute.

👤This was a great way to decorate for a party. It was cute and large enough to be left outdoors, but if you want to leave it on a pergola or something, it would start to degrade quickly, but it was worth the money.

8. Amscan Hawaiian Summer Natural Decoration

Amscan Hawaiian Summer Natural Decoration

There is a package that includes 1 Size (2 Fish), 2 Pieces wooden fish decor, vintage home decorations wood wall decor for nature lover. The nautical mesh is 6' x 8'. Their natural fish net is the perfect backdrop for a party. decorating comes first for the fishing The natural washed look of the net is what it comes with.

Brand: Amscan

👤Birthday parties can use a big decorative fishing net.

👤It was useful, but not what I was expecting.

👤I wanted to hold balloons above the 7x5 backdrop. The net will not go all the way across the 7ft backdrop because I flipped it every way I could. I don't know how they measured to say it's 6x8 I got a 6x6 one. It is still a great decoration. If I had known it was 8ft, I would have gone with a different one.

👤Not what I expected. It was made from thin rope.

👤It was so small that it was not fit for purpose.

👤I'll be using it as a balloon holder at the party. I'm hoping it will work.

👤Netz was wie beschrieben. Es ist die paar Tage gedauert. There is a Ihren Dekonetz zum Aufhngen von Bildern ist super aus!

👤Use para decoracin! Perfecta.

9. Beistle 50301 BK Decorative Netting 12 Feet

Beistle 50301 BK Decorative Netting 12 Feet

This item is made of high quality materials that are child safe and tested to ensure your child's safety. The package includes a black fish net. Measures 4 feet by 12 feet. The cotton string is made of cotton. A great item for a Luau party.

Brand: Beistle

👤We were going to use these to hang things. They turned into a thick strand of rope when we tried to hang them. The only way to get them to look like nets was to spread them out on the tables. I put some pictures up so you can see how flimsy they are. They look ok on the tables, but don't expect much more.

👤I'm using will shells and a crab for decoration on a wall mirror. There is a The navy blue bled onto the white painted mirror frame after some water mist got on the fish net. There is a Everything has to come off and use a different fishnet. I tried soaking the navy fishnet and rinsing it. I threw.

👤It looks like a good material and my sugar snap pea vines hold onto it, but it's not 4 feet by 12 feet. I stretched it over my 4 foot wide trellis and thought it would reach all the way over, but by being stretched to 4 feet one way, it only stretched about 6 feet the other way. A little disappointed.

👤It's light weight. It is not very durable. It's a dark blue. It's 4' by 12'. And... It will meet my needs for short term usage most likely for many years. You're in the wrong department if you want something heavy duty.

👤I bought this product for my son's first birthday party. Being budget conscious, I turned to my trusted Amazon. This is one of the great decorations for my son's first birthday. When I received this product, I was very excited about my first son's birthday. I was pleasantly surprised that the package was a long string of net rather than a net. I was able to use the net exactly as I intended. If you are decorating for a party like myself, I would recommend using this netting.

👤The overall size is less than advertised. It's about 10 1/2 feet long and 3 feet wide, but it's not quite 4 feet wide. The thread is very thin and flimsy like a fish net. Definitely for decoration.

👤Well-wrapped, good quality. It was what I needed for the Halloween set.

👤It's small, but just kidding. It was used for a pirate themed contest and barely stretched as wide as a stairwell. The holes are large compared to other nets, which would be great if the net was bigger. I thought this thing would fall apart because the ends weren't attached to anything. It's open at the end and will fall apart.

👤It was fitted for the purpose I bought it for. Quite happy.

👤I ordered two because I was looking for a decorative fishnet that was 4 ft x 12 ft. When I received the items, I was very disappointed. They look small so I spread them out and measure them. There is a I got 10 feet long and the width barely hit the 30 inch mark. There is a The product dimensions are about 2 1/2 feet x 10 feet. That is false advertising. Beware of this.

10. Impress Life Seahorse Starfish Decorative

Impress Life Seahorse Starfish Decorative

10 ft wires with 30 LEDs, the size of icon is 1.5x1.25 inch, seen clearly from a distance. Silver-plated copper is a thin and flexible material. It could be bended and shaped around things. You could control it with a remote if you chose battery powered. You could use the cord included in the package to save yourself from the hassle of changing batteries. The batteries from the box should be taken out when using the power supply. This string light is safe for children and pets. The wire and light bulb is water resistant and can work in a humid environment. 3D Costal Starfish Sea Horse Sand Dollar lights for summer and beach themed fairy Christmas tree decoration are the Cutest 3D Under the Sea Creature with lots of details. It's a great addition to your bedroom, bathroom, dinner centerpiece, dorm, table display and back to school décor. It is a great gift for kids and adults, because it is a unique design and function. It's unique, special and safe. It's perfect for your bathroom porch and bedroom decoration, and can be used with other items to make a unique gift. You will get a full refund if you have a quality issue. It is a great gift for kids and adults, because it is a unique design and function. It's unique, special and safe. It's perfect for your bathroom porch and bedroom decoration, and can be used with other items to make a unique gift. You will get a full refund if you have a quality issue.

Brand: Impress Life

👤Cute little lights illuminate the stairway to the nautical themed bedroom. It's easy to use the remote.

👤These are great. It was better than I imagined. I hung them on the tree. They are strung on thin silver wire which makes it easy to manipulate how they are hung and they look like ornaments on the tree. They are a great touch to my tree. They have a remote control that can turn them on and off and they have a "candle feature" that makes the lights look like they are glowing but not actually blinking. These lights have features that I love. The colors make for a soft coastal look.

👤The nautical lights were very nice. I used them to make a wreath.

👤Beautiful! Bright or dim. The remote is cool. Adds a touch of coastal art. The wire strung beachy ornaments allow creativity. Do it!

👤There were a lot of bad reviews about these lights. I decided after hesitating. They're only fifteen dollars. Lesson learned if they don't work. The way these little lights look and perform has made me very happy. You have to be very gentle when taking them out of their packaging. I am not surprised that some people who said they didn't work pinched the wire or handled them in a way that was too similar. They are very delicate. The remote is tucked up on the mantle over the stove, so it is not visible from the street. I was not sure if it would work far from the control. In the picture, they are turned up to medium brightness. They look lovely in the evening. I can't comment on the other features because I haven't used them. I am very happy I took a chance on these lights. They are doing a great job and making my kitchen look better. Doesn't she look happy? That's right! Remember to be very gentle when handling them.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that this comes with a remote control, there's a built-in timer, and the battery pack is easy to open while still latched. My kids want the lights to be on when they sleep. The room is pretty and cozy. I'm happy with them.

👤Cute and well-made lights! The packaging they came in was very good. I love them.

👤Very bright. A candle feature makes them flicker or steady. You can dim them and put on a timer with the remote. There are starfish, crabs, shells and seahorses. The light is very bright. I used them to make a beachy wreath. Really cute.

👤Tena un led desconectado that impeda la continuidad. voy a volver a pedir, pero tuve, regresar. Ahora es un encendido.

👤It was great for the price. I wish they were warm white and not fluorescent bright, but they work for adding some cute decor.

👤Me gusto mucho, tienes arbol de navidad alternativo, se vea super bonito.

👤These are unique and great.

👤Mi arbol de navigation, mas perfectas.

11. Decorative Fish Net Size Vary

Decorative Fish Net Size Vary

It can be used to decorate a child room, school play, classroom, yard, and so on. May come in more than one piece. It's great for small projects. The ocean decore is perfect.

Brand: The Nautical Place

👤The package was just scraps when I opened it. Different sizes and smelled like fish. Was it an issue for me? No. It was perfect for my crab tank and I needed it for it. I boiled it on the stove and put it on the sun porch to get rid of the smell. The smell was gone and in the tank. The crabs love to crawl. It makes my tank look great. Would purchase again.

👤I'm not sure what happened because the fishnet was in its packaging for a couple of months before my party, and then it was dried and brittle. We tried to hang up one net after another and it fell apart. I made the biggest pieces work for my table decor. This was disappointing as a customer. I had ordered 2 packages of fish nets and stored them away from heat or sunlight, so I'm not sure what I could have done differently. The climate in CA is not drying out the fishnets inside their packaging. I just got a bad set of 2.

👤Don't buy this product. It's complete and junk. I was expecting a single piece for my display. There were 5 tiny pieces. Money is wasted. I am so angry because it is useless. The stuff at the dollar store is better. I can usually find a way to reuse things like that when I style parties. This is useless. The picture and description are not accurate. You can't use this as a window accessory. The seller should not be allowed to sell this item if they don't update the description to reflect what you get: tiny and useless pieces of net. If possible, I would give zero stars.

👤I used it for my crabitat. It is great! This is perfect for them to climb on and they do it a lot. The packaging is plastic and so I took one star away. I let the net sit out to air dry for a few days and the smell went away, like a plasticy chemical smell. Keep in mind that there is a small amount of net that comes with this purchase. It was a perfect amount for me. I did not need much. It's all good for the price.

👤Always read the reviews. If you are buying this item for a large Under the Sea themed party decoration, it's not the item for you. The other reviewers said that you would get scraps of fishnet. I received two. I probably won't use one long piece and another triangular piece. The triangular piece is perfect for my crabs. They like climbing up it. Unless you need a few small scraps of fishnet for decorating purposes or are using it for crabs, don't buy it. I probably only noticed the smell when others complained. It's not a bad smell, but a factory smell. I kept it moving by washing it in soap and hot water. I'm not complaining about the price paid.

👤I should have read the reviews on this one. I assumed it was a small net. That's not what I got. I got a few tiny nets. 3 of them were larger than a piece of paper. I was able to make them look ok for our nautical party, but it wasn't what I wanted. The material is very stiff and not flexible, you can't stretch it out, it just shrinks back up, making the tiny size even more tiny. The material I got was almost black in color, very thin, and nylon-like, not like arope, and from the customer photos I can say mine didn't look like that.


What is the best product for decorative fishing net winomo?

Decorative fishing net winomo products from Blue Panda. In this article about decorative fishing net winomo you can see why people choose the product. Sherrys Book Shop and Baaxxango are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative fishing net winomo.

What are the best brands for decorative fishing net winomo?

Blue Panda, Sherrys Book Shop and Baaxxango are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative fishing net winomo. Find the detail in this article. Bluetable, Jetec and Bilipala are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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