Best Decorative Fishing Net with Lights

Net 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Bilipala Decorative Nautical Hangings Ornaments

Bilipala Decorative Nautical Hangings Ornaments

If you are completely dissatisfied with your fish net wall decoration, please return them for a full refund. Customer support is available 24/7. Cotton and Polyester are the material. The size is approx. 78.6”*39.3” (200* 100 cm). The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. The net can't be used for fishing.

Brand: Bilipala

👤My daughter's bedroom is themed for the sea. The item description was accurate as the next arrived quickly. The stock photos matched the color very well. The net drapes beautifully. It could be used in many ways. It is not stiff like other fishing nets. It hangs beautifully and is soft. It was the perfect finishing touch to my daughter's room. I absolutely love it. It was packaged nicely and easy to open. I'm very happy with this item and I would recommend it to others.

👤A beach themed tree has a great decoration. I put a tree in my front yard to share with my neighbors who don't get trees anymore due to age, illness, and environmental consciousness. There is a I tried it as a tree skirt, but it was too small. I would have to buy 4. I went to an arts and craft store and got a fish net. I decided to use the teal fish net as a garlands. I think it turned out great. There is a I added some pictures of it as a tree skirt. There is a We had a beautiful weather in Mission Beach, San Diego this December. Barely got to wear boots or scarves, but not a jacket.

👤I am using this for decorating purposes and I'm very happy with it. I hung it over the top of my bedroom window and then hung the seashell lights in the net. It goes with the other decorations in my bedroom and I think it's beautiful.

👤It's a tad smaller than I had anticipated, but it works well and looks cute, and I may have to buy another to cover the area I had imagined in my office space.

👤It's perfect for our bathroom, it looks good. The starfish was hung above the bathroom mirror.

👤The lake house has aqua tones in the bedroom. 3 colorful items were added to the hanging net after draped this in a "hammock" sling/swag. A neat look!

👤The theme of my bathroom was perfect.

👤I couldn't figure out how to use it in my decor. It didn't work for me, so much for my vision of using this.

2. Hohean Natural Fishing Decorative Decorations

Hohean Natural Fishing Decorative Decorations

What is included? Includes two fishing nets. The package includes a piece of natural fishing net decor and a piece of 4m light with 40 LEDs, which will bring you a better decorative effect, which is suitable for you to decorate your home and other places you like. You can hang the fishing net with light on the wall to add a beach element to your home, or you can use the fairy lights to add a warm and sweet atmosphere to your house. The fishing net decoration is made of quality material, handmade, durable and delicate, and will bring you a better effect; Strong and lightweight for portable and durable wall hanging, a proper gift for family members or friends who are beach lovers. Hanging decor is a great addition to any beach theme setting, no matter indoors or outside, party decor or home decor; you can easily decorate your home, bar, coffee shop, beach restaurant or parties, bedroom, office, living room, study area and other places. The fishing net decor is about the same size. You can hang your favorite shape on the wall with a hook or nail, 40 light LEDs fairy lights are powered by 2 button batteries, and you can easily replace them to ensure power supply.

Brand: Hohean

👤I threw the fairy lights away because I had to weave them in myself. It was not easy. You should buy the cheap net.

👤The net is of good quality. The lights stopped working after the first day.

👤The net is okay, the lights are flimsy. It doesn't go the way it's pictured. I took the lights out and used the net.

👤I filled it with fish and shells. It turned out to be very cute.

👤I had doubts but helped my step daughter put it up in her room and it was very easy. Go through it.

👤Its pretty but only last for a few days.

3. Fish Net Decoration Party Decor

Fish Net Decoration Party Decor

There is a Bluetable Fish net decoration 48” x 144” Inches. Cotton material is blue. There are many party themes that use fish net decorations. The fishing net can be used in a variety of ways. The material is Child Safe and Non-Toxic. This is a great accessory that will make your ocean theme pop.

Brand: Bluetable

👤The fish net décor? Are you serious? I don't know what it is, it's a flimsy long thin string. Maybe it could be used as a poor decorative table top, but as a fishnet hanging for decoration. I'm not sure if it will hold up to the weight of seashells or plastic fish. We may be able to double up on this long thin string to create a fishnet effect. We'll see. It was very disappointing. Buy cheap and get cheap. When you end up throwing the rubbish away, it doesn't pay to save money.

👤This was purchased to decorate our boat. The net is pretty thin, so not sure if it will show up to anyone over 30' away. It's a good value, but I wish it was a heavier gauge.

👤The product is not evenly cut. It is very flimsy. I had to buy something different because it was cheap.

👤They say it's not 48 but it's 28. The rest of the net gets messed up if you stretch it up. Trust me.

👤It might bleed if it gets wet. Returned it. The navy is more of a primary navy.

👤Would recommend. I thought it would be held more than it was. I am glad I bought this.

👤I like these nets. I use them at the pool. They are cheap and do fade over the summer.

👤The net was poorly cut and less than 3ft in some areas rendering it useless for what I needed.

4. Fishing Decor Beach Decorations Inches

Fishing Decor Beach Decorations Inches

It's great for catching crabs, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish. Fishing net for wall. Add this beige fishnet to your nautical party theme, pirate party decorations, beach-themed party, or Hawaiian luau decor, use as a tablescape layer, photo booth backdrop, to hold party balloons, or for decorating the gift table. Home and party planning. Hang it on the wall to make a beautiful photo wall, it's ideal for decorating bars, coffee houses, beach restaurants, hotels, and villas. The fishnet decorations are made from cotton. DIMENSIONS The fishnets are approximately 60 inches in length. What is included? A fishing net.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤I thought it was larger than it was. I was expecting something bigger. Dollar Tree sells the same size for $1.

👤I bought this to hang on our fence to keep the floats and pool toys in when they aren't being used. It works well and is of good quality.

👤The drapes were perfect for what I needed, great quality and in a shape that was perfect. I was able to use a hot glue gun. There are starfish and sand dollars. Came out better than I anticipated.

👤I use this as a curtain and spare room is all sea theme.

👤My daughter's room was transformed into a paradise. Large sea shells and artificial starfish are very lightweight to hang. This helped tie the theme together.

👤I used this at my craft show. It made my nautical themed display rack even more nautical. I love it!

👤She put pictures on the wall of my daughter's room.

👤It's great for our 2 tiels to be able to climb on the extra cage in the family room when we have family night.

👤Color blanco sucio, it's a color that sells. There is a Iban a ser ms pequeos, pero pensaba, lo compré. I sirvi para as. Nositaba. Es una red resistente, pero hay tener para qué. There is a I parece un peln caro. Aunque para lo, he is ver por ah es de lo ms econmico. Calidad-precio correcta. Volvera.

👤I would love to send a picture, but I have to give my files acces to it in order to do so, and that's not happening. It's smaller than pictured and doesn't look like what's pictured at all. The vines are climbing it.

👤Lleg a momento. La usamos para complementar una decoracin.

👤Me encant. en la descripcin.

5. Ollny Decorative Tree Wrap Christmas Decorations

Ollny Decorative Tree Wrap Christmas Decorations

Please tell them why you don't like the product and their service team will help you return it. Avoid rainy days to increase product life. The net lights could be extended to 3 sets with a safe plug. To cover hedges, treetops, walls, shrubs, fences, tree trunks, tree wrap, railings, windows, poles, and columns, you need a large light blanket. Ollny Christmas net lights are the fastest and easiest way to decorate your greenery at Christmas. Wrap around the tree and you are done. It's perfect for your Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, birthday, party, holiday, garden, patio, yard decorations. There are 18 lights modes, including steady on, slo-glo, chasing/fade, slow fade, twinkle/flash, sequential, in wave,combination,modes. Dimmable: Press DIM+/Dim- via the remote controller to adjust the brightness level. There is no need to reset the last time setting. Their net lights fit different moods. The lights are safe to use. The cool white 200 light net lights have a certificated plug and are 6.6ft x 9.8ft. The wires, plug, controller, and led net lights are waterproof and safe to use. There is no need to worry about the weather. It is safe to use. The package includes: 1x 200 LEDs net light, 1x remote controller, 1x controller box, and 1x User Manual. Feel free to contact their customer support team if you have any questions or concerns. 100% SATISFIED.

Brand: Ollny

👤The nets were used to light the evergreen. They worked well and all were lit for the season. The product was very good and I was very happy with the purchase.

👤The lights are on my porch. Let's stop the light from being perfect. I put up four boxes and only had a few wires out of them. The lights have been on for a few weeks now.

👤Price Point: 4 Quality: 4 Recommendation: 4 Overall: 4.5 Product Need: White Net lights It's a step above what you get around Christmas since they have 8 modes of lighting effects to choose from. It's the same as what you would get. I like the timer function so I don't forget to turn it off after a few drinks. It's waterproof so you can put it outside, but it's also safe inside. They like dancing light modes. The price is a little high but the size is 10 x 7 which doesn't cover my need completely. I would recommend them if they went on sale for an event.

👤The net lights are easy to put up. The settings work as they are described. I was able to put them up around my ceiling without any problems, so I don't have to worry about my old plaster walls. They produce a soft white light, but not enough to light up the whole house, but enough to make a striking ceiling. We'll be worth it if they hang up or shorten it. There's no "off" button, you just have to plug it all in. I wish you could turn them off with the controls, instead of having to control the light. It's a small issue and it's not a big deal. I love these!

👤They are longer than I expected. When I put it up, they were so cute that I had to pay attention to the sizes. I initially had it over my window curtains, but it was too long. I put it on the wall. It turned out to be cute. I like how I can adjust the brightness. It was worth it. Some of the strobe effects might cause a seizure. You don't have to have it on the strobe effect because it's 8 options.

👤This set of lights can be used for a variety of applications. The accent light produced by the lights enhances anything. It is easy to install. Plug them in and enjoy.

👤The lights are great. One of the units wouldn't work in the "combination" mode. I was sent a replacement quickly. The replacement plug/wire had to be finagled to work properly and the lights were dim because it was sensitive when plugged in. The lights I ordered were not in stock. The black controller replacements were resented by the seller. I was surprised to see two brand new net lights in the package to replace the one controller I asked for. The seller had great communication and great customer service. The net lights are great and I get a lot of praise from my neighbors. You should purchase.

6. Blipala Hangings Nautical Photographing Decoration

Blipala Hangings Nautical Photographing Decoration

The material is cotton and it is Aqua. The size is approx. 78.6”*39.3” (200* 100 cm). The package includes a fishing net and nails. The decorated fishing net is a great decoration. The net can't be used for fishing.

Brand: Bilipala

👤The deck has spa, fish, shells and anchor theme.

👤Our stuffed animals are in a room.

👤I had a perfect vision. Liked the hardware that was attached to the wall.

👤The color is nice. The beach theme was used at the wedding.

👤It's perfect for a nautical project.

👤Only for decoration purposes. It works well with beach themes and makes my wall look brighter. You can place it in many different ways. Cute.

7. Creamy Fishing Bedroom Mediterranean Decoration

Creamy Fishing Bedroom Mediterranean Decoration

It's a perfect gift for those who love sailing and nautical wall art. A nautical wall hanging decor is a great way to accent your home with Mediterranean ornaments. The size is approx. 78" The materials are cotton. The fish net is made from cotton and is handcrafted. It can be used for a long time. You can use it to make a nautical style photo wall. You can use the fishing net to decorate your room. You will receive a decorative fishing net with no other pendants.

Brand: Baaxxango

👤I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get a larger product because the one I was buying was tiny and didn't serve the purpose I needed. It's fine, but really small.

👤I used this to hold stuffed animals and it works well.

👤We used this product in a different way. I expect to have to replace this product, but it's sturdy to keep our children safe in the loft my husband built, and it fits our pirate theme perfectly!

👤78 inch is not usable. It worked well for a corner stuffed animal hammock but not the big project I wanted to do. I thought I was getting more.

👤The net is nice for decor, but the holes are bigger than expected and don't hold my shells like I would like. I'll play with it and see if I can make it work. I want it to look like I'm after, so I might have to put it against the wall. The double sided gorilla glue tape is doing a good job of holding it up.

👤It was used as an accent across the dining room window. A few starfish were added for the final touch. I love it! May need to buy more.

👤I bought this net for my little girl's room. The package was great quality. Some big shells and lights were added to the ceiling above my girls bed. A big hit!

👤My daughter has a beach themed room. I was worried that it wouldn't hold up all the shells we wanted to add. We have 10 shells that we hot glue on. It is very sturdy. My 10 year old loves it and will add more shells.

8. Ecjiuyi Mediterranean Decorative Christmas Decorations

Ecjiuyi Mediterranean Decorative Christmas Decorations

The Decorative Fish Net Photo Wall is perfect for any nautical event, pirate party, Hawaiian Party, Birthday Party or Beach Bashes decorations. Fishing net blue, Cotton fishing net decor, Picture display fish net, Ocean net decor, Fish net decorations party, Fishnet for decorating, nautical decorative net are some of the things that are included in the Decorative wall net. You can mount the net vertically or horizontally depending on the size of the wall. Change your photos whenever you want, and also suit for arts work or crafts, other papers or cards, as well as being flexible and versatile. Creative decorations can be used for any nautical themed party wedding birthday holiday decorations, combined with some string lights or ballons to create a warm, joyful atmosphere. Approx. The decorative fish net is flexible enough to fit most walls. You can put your photos, artworks, greetings cards, Halloween cards, Christma cards, inspiration, insta photos and memos anywhere in your dorm, home, office, school, kindergarten or gallery.

Brand: Ecjiuyi

👤You can use clothes pins to attach your photos. The netting can be moved to fit almost any wall space. I use mine to go up the stairs. It is very easy to change pictures rather than taking pictures out of a frame. I love my own. It's a great way to display your pictures if you move frequently, and you don't have to worry about the glass breaking. I have a nautical themed decor with shells and it is easy to see how it would work with any other decor.

👤We are very happy with this net. It's perfect in the daughter's bedroom. The clothes have pins. We are uploading a photo project to get family and pet pictures printed from our phones in 2 x 2 and 3 x3 squares, so we did not put them up yet. When those come and get clipped onto the net, I know it will be darling. The shells on the net are cute. A wonderful decoration! We added a string of 40 turtle lights to our net. Oh my gosh, those are awesome.

👤I bought this because of the reviews. I was disappointed by the quality and size. The shells broke off when it did not hang anything like the photo. I made it work because I had already planned to use it, but I wouldn't recommend buying it.

👤I couldn't get it to make a square like the picture on the wall. It is more like a net. It's a great addition to our room. The kids love it because it looks beachy.

👤It was a little funky to get up, but I didn't realize at each end there was a string that you had to let loose. The shells on it were pretty. I was worried that this would be bad, but I love it and everyone else who has seen it. It is worth the low price. The color is bright.

👤This isn't the best product, but it works. The clips are small and delicate and will fall apart if you rough them up. It is possible to put them back together. There is artwork, pictures, photos, and more in my kids ocean-themed room. I think it is cute.

👤The net is perfect for nautical themed rooms. The net is a thick yarn that looks like a real net and is great for displaying cards pictures, post cards or anything that looks right in the net. I'm still adding things to my own. I like that the shells are not very big and are not perfect, which makes them look realistic and random.

👤The net was ok, but a few places were not. I gave it 4 stars because it was easy to fix. The mini clothes pins and shells were very cute. It was worth it for just those items.

9. WINOMO Mediterranean Decorative Photographing Decoration

WINOMO Mediterranean Decorative Photographing Decoration

1 Pack 80x40 Inches decorative fishing net is dark brown. An ideal fish net party decoration. A great fishing net nautical decorations for home, beach theme/ocean themed party, guesthouse, wedding, etc. It would be better if you had some lifebuoy. It will make the fishing net more artistic. Quality cotton is used in the decoration of the fish net. The Mediterranean style fishing net is suitable for sitting room, corridor, bedroom wall decoration. The fishing net wall hanging decoration is an ideal photo display net and can be used to post notes, photos or postcards. You would get an attractive background. A classic fish net design has a size of 80inch long and 40inch wide. The natural decorative fishing net can fit in your walls. It could also be a birthday gift. A classic fish net design has a size of 80inch long and 40inch wide. The natural decorative fishing net can fit in your walls. It could also be a birthday gift.

Brand: Winomo

👤I used this in my son's room. We didn't know what to do with it. How to use it too. We put it up and added animals. It was great for what we needed.

👤I spent a lot of time before choosing these because I was not sure which one to get as they didn't have as many reviews as other ones. I'm picky when it comes to decor and wanted something that I could use multiple times. It arrived in a small plastic bag and looked like it was in a nice restaurant. I stretched the net open and noticed the quality. There are wooden rings on one end of the net for authenticity. I used them for a pirate themed event, but they are good for any nautical themed party or decor. If my decorating style was more coastal, I would consider these for all year round use.

👤The net has four wooden discs at one end. That is where I am going to use mine. I will be attaching seashells to an air plant.

👤This is not cotton twine. Don't purchase cotton if you want it, that was fine with me. It has a strong odor to it. I let my bag sit on the back porch for a week and the smell disappeared. You have to have your face right next to it to smell it, because it is a very faint smell. I like the way it hangs on my wall.

👤It was perfect for our son's room.

👤I bought a few to wrap mason jars and decorations. The auction was for a treasure island. The reviews said that the knots were small enough for mason jars, but they were not. I deleted the picture I took of it. The openings between the knots were too large for my liking. I used quart mason jars. There is a They were great nets for decorations. It was not nylon or cotton roping, it was real twine.

👤It was used as a decoration in my daughter's room. It turned out to be very cute.

👤The nautical decorative net was combined with striped curtains and shear curtains. Our bathroom has become our sea-room. The pictures show how I combined the three pieces to get the look I was going for.

10. Pooqla 14 8x4 9ft Connectable Waterproof Decorative

Pooqla 14 8x4 9ft Connectable Waterproof Decorative

There are 8 lighting modes that have no remote control. The flashing modes can be controlled by pressing the button on the adapter. The led mesh lights have an extendable Christmas Net Lights have end-to-end connection design. You can connect to 2 sets. Each lamp has an extension cord. The net light is made of 300 LEDs. The outdoor light is waterproof and well net. Green wire can be hidden in shrubs or trees. When used outdoors, the power adapter should be waterproof. High quality plastic is durable and flexible. The light is bright and uses less power. The package includes 1x 300. Customer service and 24 hours email response are included. The application is widely used. The net light can be used on a lot of places. A perfect light decoration for Christmas, a wedding, a window, a festival, a restaurant, a shopping center, a show, a restaurant, a building, a building, a shopping center, a building, a building, a building, a building, a building, a building, a The application is widely used. The net light can be used on a lot of places. A perfect light decoration for Christmas, a wedding, a window, a festival, a restaurant, a shopping center, a show, a restaurant, a building, a building, a shopping center, a building, a building, a building, a building, a building, a building, a

Brand: Pooqla

👤The lights are bright and colorful. Excellent quality. When the lights are turned back on, it will default to the stock mode, not the one you chose. Every night they are on, I have to put them in my mode. Everything is great.

👤I put them on the ceiling. Everyone liked the look. I had an emergency in my home and the EMT and police were talking about it. My grandson loved the remote and it made it extra special.

👤They are 5x14 and will look great plugged in and bright, we will be worth the money. The wire is thin and not needed. The wrapping paper tube solved the problem of a small box not going back in the big box. No pegs but a cut up wire hanger works.

👤I plan on keeping them up from October to January. The purple icicles are a true purple that glow very bright throughout the night.

👤If you live in a sunny climate, these are the only ones. The last 4 days have been grey in Ohio, so they have not come on. The 10 day forecast did not include a single day of sun.

👤The seller settled the issue with the description. They were very helpful. I love the lights and would purchase again.

👤We placed the lights over the hedges and then turned them on and chose our favorite light option. The lights are bright.

👤Sin fallos, son deteriorarse y de buen brillo.

11. Impress Life Mediterranean Multifunction Organizer

Impress Life Mediterranean Multifunction Organizer

fish nets with light bulbs by hand. Every Impress Life lighting fish nets is made by hand. Soft light amber light will give you a comfortable color vision. A romantic and sweet home/party/wedding is a lot of fun for your children, mother and father. For convenience, remote control provide lighting mode. Automatic shut off is provided by the build-in timer. If you turn it on at 3 PM, it will turn off at 9 PM and on again at 3 PM the next day. This string light is safe for children and pets. The decorative lights of the string are powered by theusb. Save money and the environment by using the string of lights without a battery. It's an artistic way to display your photos, Christmas cards, stockings, mementos, making them a wall decor essential for your living room, bedroom and dorm room. It's an artistic way to display your photos, Christmas cards, stockings, mementos, making them a wall decor essential for your living room, bedroom and dorm room.

Brand: Impress Life

👤I used it on a photo shoot. It's not a large net light as I had thought, it only covers 1 square meter. I liked it until I found out that the amount of power draw was so low that all of my power banks would shut off under 5 minutes of use, like there was no load with these lights at all to keep the banks powered up. I think it would be a plus for those who count power usage, but the LEDs draw so little power that it's not worth it. It's recommended to use a wall decor with a wall charging unit.

👤I have been working on small projects around the house to make it my own after my husband and I decided to call it quits. I finally got my wall in my bedroom. I finally got the rope lights up about 2 weeks ago. I was in love with it. I woke up last night to turn on my lights and then I sat down and watched a show with a friend. I notice a little smoke. It was smoking when I got closer. Be careful with how you use them. If you leave home, don't leave on!

👤This was part of the table centerpiece for the ocean themed party. It made it very fun because it looked great. I didn't have to use a wall sockets for power because I used ausb emergency phone battery. It worked well for several hours. Happy with the purchase. I will use this again if I buy a few more.

👤They said they worked off a battery pack. They arrived with ausb plug. Amazon sent out a replacement. The battery pack was not able to be used. I didn't plug them in because I didn't have a plug near where I wanted to use them.

👤We needed a way to put the stuffed characters from the story books in her library on a slanted cabinet. The characters look like they are climbing a net. They love the lights up.

👤It was a lot cheaper than I anticipated. The product looked cheap and not overly pleased with it. I paid a lot for it.

👤I only received the fishing net with lights on it and on off switch, and it was very cheap.

👤I'm not sure how to get a replacement as there seems to be a missing piece. How do I get the missing piece? They were not inside the package. Thank you.


What is the best product for decorative fishing net with lights?

Decorative fishing net with lights products from Bilipala. In this article about decorative fishing net with lights you can see why people choose the product. Hohean and Bluetable are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative fishing net with lights.

What are the best brands for decorative fishing net with lights?

Bilipala, Hohean and Bluetable are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative fishing net with lights. Find the detail in this article. Blue Panda, Ollny and Baaxxango are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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