Best Decorative Floor Lamp 6ft Tall

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1. Brightech Carter Century Modern Floor

Brightech Carter Century Modern Floor

The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. Simple yet elegant floor lamps are used in many styles. Carter adds a touch of elegance to your living room, bedroom or office with its neutral linen drum lamp shade that matches its walnut wood finish stem and silver accents. The base is weighted so it's safe for kids and pets. AMAZON ALEXA COMPATIBLE, UPRIGHT light works with any device. Works with smart outlets that are enabled by Apple HomeKit or the Google Home Assistant. The smart outlet is sold separately. The Carter works with a variety of decors such as urban, contemporary, mid century modern, minimalist, and traditional styles. The warm, beautiful light that the Carter gives off will create a comfortable space where friends and family will feel right at home. The gorgeous CyNLINDRICAL LAMP SHADE: The Carter lamp shade is 19 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height and sits atop a Wooden Walnut Finish Stem with a weighted, sturdy base. Any room can have sufficient lighting with a calm, ambient glow if the top and bottom of the lamp are open. The neutral tones of this lamp shade allow it to match any décor. The easy lamp assembly is for 20 years life warm white led bulb. A 20 year life with normal use is achieved by this Brightech lamp, which has a 20,000 hour rated bulb. You don't have to replace a bulb and save a lot of money on your electric bill because of the fact that LEDs don't waste a lot of energy. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤The shade is something that I should warn people about, because I love the look of this product. The shade is rolled and you have to assemble it. The shade is fastened by a strip. The shade is not sewn into the strip. It becomes undone after a while. The glue that keeps the velcro in place is no longer effective. That's all. I think I'll use glue to attach the two ends of the shade together and then uninstall the velcro.

👤The lamp was properly boxed up and protected. The lamp went together without any problems. The build quality and finish are very good. The pull chain mechanism for turning the lamp on and off is very smooth and provides a very satisfying feeling to use. The shade was heavier and thicker than expected and it was a huge plus that it was cheap. A 60W equivalent is what the lamp puts out. The amount of light/illumination that this lamp provides is more on the side of a relaxing living room lamp near a couch, because of the thickness of the shade. If you're looking for bright and clear illumination that floods a large room, this is not the lamp for you. If you're looking for a lamp for a small to medium size room, like a quiet reading room or TV couch side lamp, then this is the lamp for you. I bought this lamp for my small office room.

👤Love! It was easy to put together and it came with a bulb. Nice package. No flaws were present. The room looks good with the tall man in it. The table lamp is also in my possession.

👤The picture on the website is a lie, as it shows the bulb and shade support below the shade. The faux wood pole has a coarse texture, like it was partially sanded down. I had high hopes after reading all the reviews.

👤I decided to buy the lamp because of the good reviews, even though I was a little skeptical about it. I am very impressed with this lamp. It looks and feels great at $80. I would expect that. It is large and gives off the perfect amount of light for a living room or bedroom. The wood stand is not wobbly and is a reddish/brown color. The instructions for assembling it were clear and it is a great lamp.

👤Thank you for following up with my purchase. I love the design. There are two things that this lamp needs to improve in order to become a perfect product and you can sell it for a higher price. 1. The strings can show the beauty of the lamp shade if the switches are moved inside. 2. The body is beautiful, but it needs a bit bigger in diameter. I hope my input helps. Good luck for your business, thanks for following up with my purchase. There is a Donald Tran is the buyer.

👤I was able to solve the lighting problem in our living room. It was easy to assemble and do what it was supposed to do. This is similar to lamps you might find at Target or Home Depot. The design is modern. The shade can be disassembled and reassembled when one is moving. There is a If you want to know how tall the lamp is, you may want to use a tape measure and open it up to see how tall it is. The shade is a bit wider than it appears in some of the photographs.

2. SUNMORY Shelves Standing Dimmable Bookshelf

SUNMORY Shelves Standing Dimmable Bookshelf

The modern floor lamp with drawer has two power outlets and two charging ports, which can charge 4 devices in the same time. The convenience of life and work will be improved by this. You don't need to buy an extra bulb because theSUNMORY shelf lamp has a 9 watt, 800 watt power savingLED bulb. The lamp bulb can be used as a living room decoration and as a narrow night stand for bedrooms. Requires smart outlet sold separately to work with smart outlets that are Apple HomeKit enabled. SUNMORY multifunctional floor lamp are made of solid wood with stable structure and more durable. There are wood grains on the lamp stands. The simplicity of the classic Asian style is shown by the cloth lampshade. It is a great gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas. There are three shelves and one drawer in the cupboard. Small things that are easy to misplace can be placed in the drawer, such as keys, remote control, glasses, etc. It's a good choice if it's by the sofa, desk, bedside, TV, corridor or door. It's also a corner storage tall bookshelf lamp. The installation steps can be found in the user manual on this page, it doesn't take much time to build up, perfect for do-it-yourselfers. The installation steps can be found in the user manual on this page, it doesn't take much time to build up, perfect for do-it-yourselfers.

Brand: Sunmory

👤This product is a great multi-functional product. It is difficult to describe this product in a few words. It's a floor lamp, but it's really a space creator. It frees up valuable kitchen counter space that I had been using as a battery charging center, and lets me create a freestanding charging station in the guise of a useful, well designed floor lamp. There is a The real reason this is useful is that it frees up a small kitchen counter space that I was using as a battery charging center. If you're like me and my friends, you're taking up space in your kitchen because you have a lot of charging plugs plugged in, and a kitchen counter is where you can easily access the power outlets. You might have them plugged into wall outlets near the floor or in power strips, creating a mess of wires. I didn't know what a poor use of space was until I bought this unit, which has a beautifully integrated charging station. It is well-constructed and cleverly designed as a charging station and floor lamp. The design, manufacturing, packaging, and overall value of this product are all excellent. There is a There are almost too many features to mention in a short review, but each one is an indication of how carefully this product has been designed, manufactured, and packaged to be sold at a price point that makes it such a great value. It includes extra screws for each type so that you won't need to return the product if you accidentally misplace one of the screws. The tools are provided, even the screwdriver. The assembly instructions are easy to understand. The self-sticking EVA cushion strips that are applied to the bottom of the lamp help keep it from slipping on hard floors and also help keep it from scratching the floor. The power cord can be hid by using the snap on wire clamps and one of the back supports. The cord is long enough that you will be able to plug it in without an extension cord, no matter where you put it. Many manufacturers eliminate small things to cut corners and make it cheaper, while ignoring the practical problems of their customers. The manufacturer decided to include many extras in order to make the product better and more affordable. It arrives in a sturdy carton. It is made of heavy corrugated cardboard with an extra layer on the bottom so that the parts don't damage each other in shipping. Several items are double boxed for protection, and the parts are individually packaged. I am a retired product manager, so I really admire the choices this manufacturer has made to provide a product of superior design at an affordable price. Most customers might not know that there are many important aspects to this product. The wooden parts are cut and drilled with precision to make sure the heads of the screws are flush with the surface. The support poles have threaded metal inserts and are connected with screws. If cheaper wood screws were used, the connections would eventually work lose, because they are subject to a lot of force. This is an indication of a higher quality product that is carefully engineered to last longer than cheaper alternatives. The lamp shade is made of thick material that diffuses the light without creating a small hotspot. It's built to fold flat for shipping, but it's assembled with heavy Velcro strips that hold the edges in place. The lamp holder and the outlet box have the same connection. There are two type A receptacles that can charge theusb device. There is a line voltage receptacle that I have plugged in. A hidden drawer-stop prevents the drawer from falling on the floor if it is accidentally pulled out. Extra storage or display space can be found on the shelves, something that is in short supply in most homes. There is a This manufacture has not skimped on the quality when it would be so easy to do. This was an unexpected benefit for me. I thought that this type of bulb was meant to accommodate personal preferences, but I like the bluer daylight type light most of the time. The advantage of having a choice is that the pull switch chain can change the color of the light from warm to bright and back again. There is a The mobile charging station blends into the background of my living space, even though it is camouflaged as a floor lamp.

3. QiMH Industrial Lighting Standing Reading

QiMH Industrial Lighting Standing Reading

A 6 watt light bulb is included and it will save 90% of the energy cost. You can make your lamps with different shapes of the e26 base light bulb, as you please. The floor lamp shade can be used with a variety of light bulbs. The lamp has a weight of over 12 pounds. The lamp has a weighted base that prevents tipping and a pedal switch that makes it easy to use. The lamp is integrated with the heavy metal base. The metal stem and weighted base are strong enough to hold the standing light, and the 8 degree tilt test makes it safe to have around children and pets. The industrial floor lamp is easy to assemble and move, all you need to do is screw the parts of the lamp pole together. All hardware is needed for quick and easy installation. The 6 feet cord allows you to place the lamp anywhere you want. It is a perfect floor lamp for bedrooms as well as a living room lamps, reading lamp, office lamp, baby's nursery lamp, night light, bed lamp, decorative light source, etc. It can be used for any decoration style such as retro, minimalist, industrial, rustic, modern, etc. It is a great gift for your family and friend. It is a perfect floor lamp for bedrooms as well as a living room lamps, reading lamp, office lamp, baby's nursery lamp, night light, bed lamp, decorative light source, etc. It can be used for any decoration style such as retro, minimalist, industrial, rustic, modern, etc. It is a great gift for your family and friend.

Brand: Qimh

👤This lamp is worth a lot. There are a few things to keep in mind. There is a You will have to order one since it doesn't have a bulb. It doesn't have a shade, so you will probably want to go with a dimmer bulb or it will make you feel like you're looking at the sun. It does not dim, so when you turn it on, you will have the same amount of light as if it were dim. dimmer bulbs is what I suggest. It's difficult to take off with just your hands because of the black pieces between the sections that you must remove. I used a small pocket knife to pop them off. There is a This lamp is sturdy and looks great. The floor switch is a nice addition. This is a great deal.

👤Easy to assemble lamp. It was perfect for the look I was going for. I am in love with the results of attaching a wire bulb cage.

👤I love the lamp. I'm going to redecorate my room and I can't say enough good things about it. It looks vintage and minimalist for me, it's very sturdy and solid. It was very easy to put together. They're charging hundreds for a lamp that looks like this, and I've looked everywhere for one. Don't be discouraged by negative reviews for the reason that something damaged its 98 percent of the time and not the product. It's easy to return and you get your money back. I am in love with the bulb and would only replace it for a bigger one. I was not sure if I wanted to buy it or keep it in my cart for a while. I waited until it happened and paid 29.99. You won't find a cheaper lamp like this anywhere if you wait until 29.99.

👤This is the best floor lamp I have ever purchased. It's perfect in any room. Surprisingly tall, svelte, and heavy. See my video for more information.

👤The picture of my hand squeezing the lamp is the best picture of me. It will not bend. It has a sturdy metal construction from the bulb sockets to the place where the cord leaves the product. I was surprised to find out that there was no plastic in it. It was easy to assemble. I have body issues as well. You screw one section to the other. The pedal and cord are ready to use. You may have to use a little elbow grease to pull the cord up as you assemble it. Not much. The screws were easy to fit into one another. I bought a vintage bulb. If it helps you to find your bulb, it says 400 lumens, 2200KLED5DFG30-GV, 120V 60Hz, 5.5W 50mA. There are only two things that are not good. They're my fault. I can't look at the lamp to enjoy it because it's an exposed bulb. The amber bulb I chose makes the room greenish because it is amber. rolls eyes

4. LIGHTACCENTS Floor Bedroom Model 6113 21

LIGHTACCENTS Floor Bedroom Model 6113 21

Solid metal construction. The sprayed black finish was powder coated. The plastic shade is white. The E 27 Base is used for the Standard Bulb. The EU standard plug has an on-off foot switch. The EU standard plug has an on-off foot switch.

Brand: Lightaccents

👤The first one was sent back because the pole sections were cross threaded. The base fell off the bottom pole section when I picked it up to move it. The threading of soft aluminum is very shallow. It went back together. I don't think this thing will last long. There is a rubbery label on the sockets head. I tried household spray cleaner. Neither would do anything. I tried to hope it wouldn't melt the plastic. The glue is gone. It is easy to cross up the threads in the pole sections, so I suggest being cautious when assembling. The base and pole should be supported when moving. The shade is made of plastic and has a carry out cup inside. The plastic is very thin and flimsy. I expect to see this kind of junk at the flea market. That's all it is worth. It's a throw away. If you're looking for a quality product, look elsewhere.

👤I've been looking for a good quality lamp for a while. I didn't find one that was worth the price. I was looking for something. I liked the design and thought it would be perfect for my daughter's room. The pieces are easy to put together. You just need to add a bulb to the metal poles that are already wired. I like the fact that this lamp is tall so I don't have to worry about my daughter messing with it. I stand around 5 foot 7 and am a bit taller than you. There is a The "shade" is a bit flimsy, but I think it's worth the price I paid for it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality lamp.

👤The lamp is easy to assemble and looks good, which is what you would expect from an inexpensive lamp. They attached a sticker to the lamp head that's cheap and sticky and can't be removed. Glue remains when you try to remove it from the paper. It was stuck to the plastic so that a strong chemical could attack it. I have a lamp with a sticky spot on it.

👤Needed to put a lot of light in a room. The ideal thing is a torchiere. I didn't want to commit a large budget for this purpose. There is a The box was very compact and packed. If you've ever assembled one of these before, you'll know how to keep the pole pieces straight and not strip the threads, as well as how to twist the last step so that the wires are straight. There is a I wouldn't put it someplace with a lot of traffic because it was a thin pole, small base and shade. You need to spend a lot more for it to have little style. I like it because it went together for me, and works as I had hoped. If you take your time and look over the instructions, you can figure out what to do. As the pole gets longer and longer, give yourself a workspace and set up a chair or something to prop it up. You can keep things straight by doing that. If you are comfortable with modest assembly tasks, you should be recommended. It's easier than anything I've ever bought from Ikea. Hope this helps. It's a good thing.

5. Brightech Maxwell Drawer Combination Standing

Brightech Maxwell Drawer Combination Standing

There is an Alexander company that deals with book shelves and lamp. Drawers give value. The Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition is great value for money. Get a set of drawers and shelves. It can be used with Apple Home Kit, Apple Home Assistant, and Amazon's voice assistant. The smart hub and bulb are sold separately. The asian design skinny night stand saves. There is a bedroom space. The bedside table is stylish and helps with small rooms. The drawers by the bed can be used to store books, art, and plants. The lamp attached to it takes up no more room than a normal table lamp. There is a side table with an hewn end. The lamp can be used as a living room end table by the couch, a bed side table holding a book or a remote, or as a bedside table. It is easy to match with a range of decor styles, including rustic, farmhouse, mid century modern, contemporary and country, because of the wood and clean lines. The 20 year life, energy saving led wheelbarrow is included. Money and energy can be saved. The Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition has a power saving bright light bulb with a 20 year life. It has a brightness of 800 lumens. The lamp is powered by the technology that allows it to last longer. The Max Wattage 60W CFL has 60W. The bulb is not dimmable. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤One person is going to put it together for about 30 minutes. The draws are plastic and the instructions are terrible, so check out the couple of points. I had to take a photo of them on my phone and then zoom in to read and put it together so I wouldn't be in trouble. Make sure you have room for it, it is tall. It comes with a light bulb. Before you put on the white shade, make sure your hands are clean. Put them facing the back. I am happy with the finished product and my purchase. I've seen similar ones with no draws or draws at all, this one has 3 for about $20 more.

👤It's important to remember that this is an inexpensive lamp. It is plastic for most of the time, but when put together it looks nice. I was only looking for a lamp to put in a corner next to the couch that had a place to put a glass. It was not one of the more expensive lamps if it was out in the open. The instructions are easy to follow, as it was boxed in several pieces. I needed reading glasses because the print is a little smaller. It only took me 40 minutes to get myPhillips head screwdriver, which is the only tool you'll need to put it together. Nothing was broken when all the pieces were present. The light is included in the box and it is roughly 6' tall. All is as I wanted it to be. I don't know how it will hold up to my cats.

👤I don't think there's an ounce of actual wood in this product, it's just an artificial wood grain texture. It is a fantastic design. I love it! The drawers and shelves have stickers on them that show the weight ratings for the pieces. The shelves and drawers are meant to hold no more than 6 pounds each. This works well for me as a bedside alternative. There is a lot of room for me to put small items on the shelves and keep small items inside the drawers. I don't know why other reviewers think this unit is flimsy. The drawers are thin plastic, but the unit itself feels very stable and the bottommost shelf is a heavier piece. I've been to this thing many times. I don't think there is a danger of tipping. It took me a while to figure out how to put it together, but once I got the idea it was easy. I only needed a Philipp's head screwdriver for the screws. Everything else was done by hand. This comes in 76 pieces, plus two extra screws in case you lose one, because each layer of poles are made of individual pieces. The design is great and functional. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The lamp is very nice, however the instructions are very small and you need glasses to see them, as you can see it comes in a lot of pieces. I had to get some help putting it together. It went really fast once we figured out what we were going to do. It didn't take long at all. If the directions were printed larger and the pieces of the paint were not messed up, I would give it 5 stars. Oh yes, that's right. It doesn't have 3 way lighting. Only the pull switch is on.

6. Elegant Designs LF2003 ABS Daughter Antique

Elegant Designs LF2003 ABS Daughter Antique

The Bulb requirements are 1x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulb. White Marble Glass Shades. Light Bulb Base Code: E26 The main light uses a type A bulb. Reading light uses a medium base bulb. L: 13.25" x W: 18" x H: 71" Some assembly is required. Some assembly is required.

Brand: Elegant Designs

👤This is a new review. It is so unstable on the carpet that the least amount of bumping can send it to the floor with the top globe shattering into a million tiny to medium sharp shreds. It has some manufacturing problems. Even though the base is heavy, it's too small to keep the lamp standing straight when put on the carpet. The light on the side is wonderful and using three way bulbs in the top allows you to increase the amount of light. Light on the side adds weight and causes it to lean on the carpet. I'm going to the building supply shop to get a fastening for it. You should assemble this from the bottom so that you can pull the cord through as you put it together. The silver band around the middle is due to the sloppiness in cutting the threads and one section will not screw down tight. We're probably going to keep it, but put a wider base at home improvement stores. It could be something to attach it to the wall. It might work on a hard floor.

👤I was not expecting that much from these, based on the price. I bought two because I needed more light and something with a little more interest than the plain lamp I already had, but I was expecting these to be cheap aluminum and plastic. They're not. The shades are thick glass with a beautiful swirled pattern that wasn't very visible in the display images online, and the pole is thicker than most floor lamps of this type, made of a sturdy metal, and ridged all the way around, which makes it look more expensive than it is These lamps feel like they will last a long time. It was very easy to assemble and only took a few minutes for one person to set it up. The pole and base were screwed together neatly and tightly, and the cord was easy to pull through, something which I notice is occasionally a sticking point for lamps of this type. The reading lamps are only rated to 60W, so they are not as bright as in the photos, because they are only 100W equivalent. Having all four lights on full blast floods the room with light. There is a The shades come with warning labels that are visible to the naked eye, but I just removed them from the inside and stuck them to the base of the lamp. The only flaw I could find is that the "bronze" finish is just brown with dull gold details painted around the edges, and in a few places the paint is wobbly or smudged. It looks like it was hand-painted. You have to be looking very close to see that, and it's only $45 for a lamp. I can't bring myself to care about that. These lamps are wonderful.

👤The lamp has been in my possession for about 2 months. I let it go because I noticed it was a little crooked. I moved the lamp to a different area in the living room and it is not straight. I noticed that the piece tilts because it looks like the attachment is stripped, which is causing it to not tighten. I hope the seller will see the message and send me the middle piece of the lamp. If they did, I would change my rating. I returned the broken lamp because Amazon replaced it. The lamp has not caused any problems. Works well!

7. Décor Therapy PL3734 Floor Lamp

D%C3%A9cor Therapy PL3734 Floor Lamp

The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The shade is natural Linen.

Brand: Decor Therapy

👤I don't know if this was delivery, packaging or something else, but the lamp came to me cracked. It took me a long time to find a lamp that matches my furniture. The handling on the box was terrible. It wasn't marked as fragILE. This was supposed to be done for my daughter's birthday, but now we have to keep asking "did you know your lamp was cracked?" We are stuck with a cracked lamp because it wouldn't be back in time for her birthday.

👤The lamp shade was dirty. The lamp shade is a bit misshaped, but I was able to push the dent out. The base is nice, but there are some holes and other issues that I don't like. The base is straight. I keep the lamp because it would be hard to return it. I liked the white floor lamp better. I will buy another lamp shade when I can afford it.

👤We are very pleased with the lamp. We had no problems with the reviews about cracked wood, so we were a little worried about it. I didn't read the instructions for assembly as it was obvious how to assemble. It was assembled in about 15 minutes. Works well. Looks great. Very happy.

👤I thought I would write a quick review after assembling this. The styrofoam balls got all over the floor when the pieces were out of the box. The pieces were all screwed in. I tried to remove it to see if I got it right, but it wouldn't open. I had a contractor here who was able to hold the nut with pliers because he pulled back the cover on the bottom. Without his help, I would not have known what to do with it and I would have had to return it to the box. There is a When putting on the shade, it had 3 bumps. The seam was opposite, but not brazenly noticeable, so will just live with it. There is a I got what I paid for, but it worked out okay.

👤The picture is exactly like the one you are looking at. Will probably buy one for the other side.

👤This style is close enough to go with another floor lamp in a large room. When I removed the lamp parts from the packaging, there was already a scratch on one section. The boring on each section looked ragged and even though I assembled the parts, I noticed it was not smooth. When I finished assembling the sections, I saw that two pieces broke on the mid section, and I suspected the true quality. There is a lot of junk. Returning.

👤I had to assemble the lamp myself because I like it. It was expected to be a lighter grey. It had a beige shade. The lamp is almost brown from a distance. I found a place for it, but it was taller than I expected. You can still find a grey shade for it. It would be great if it had a chain pull.

8. DEMMEX Moroccan Bohemian American Multicolors

DEMMEX Moroccan Bohemian American Multicolors

The Turkish floor lamp has 9 big size Globes. 100% handmade in Turkey. The USPLUG. A US rocket. On/off switch. HEIGHT: 6ft Globe The color body was antique Bronze. The top finial. There are ornaments from the Globes. A unique gift, a conversation piece that will change the atmosphere of your place. Amazon has the best selling floor, table and hanging lamps. There is a need for small candelebra led bulbs. E12, C7, etc. Bulbs are not included. There is a need for small candelebra led bulbs. E12, C7, etc. Bulbs are not included.

Brand: Demmex

👤The lamp is beautiful. The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice. It is a great light. I will have rooms fighting over it. I might have to get another. If you're thinking about buying this lamp, just do it. You won't regret it. The assembly is simple and the craftsmanship is great. It was well packaged and shipped quickly. My only advice is to assemble it where you plan to have it, as it is heavy and the globes will sway when you move it.

👤It looks authentic and reflects different lights in the closest walls. I think it's a good idea. I ordered the blue one and it looks great. The product is very good, easy to assemble, and I would like to find led bulbs with higher intensity for a strongesr accent. There is a The bulbs were in a higher intensity in low energy consumption. The lamp is shining after I replaced them. If you want to get the best look from the lamp, you need to pay attention to this aspect. It's a huge difference now!

👤When the lamp was put together, I couldn't believe it. I love it because it matches nothing in my house. The design is fun and the colors are great. The grooves on the lamp post are a little disappointing. The grooves are vertical in this lamp and my second lamp, which is different from the photos on the web site. I think you should show what you sell.

👤The lamp is beautiful. All my guests love it. My photo doesn't show the vivid colors that are in the picture as it was taken in the dark. It arrived in a couple of weeks. The base is not noticeable. There is a small crack in one of the globes. I think this product is very good.

👤It has been a long time since I was so impressed by a seller. The lamp arrived at my house via the postal service. The packing material was packed so well that a set of facial masks was included. I almost cried when I saw that. It was nice to know that someone from Turkey would think of us. The lamp is handmade and all 9 globes I purchased match perfectly. The lamp stand and metals are strong. I didn't think to order the led's. It is not lit yet. Don't hesitate to buy this item. The seller did a great job packing the lamp and caring about my health and safety, and it is high quality, comes from Turkey. It is the most expensive lamp. I have owned everything and I don't regret it. It is perfect. A good one.

👤I bought a lamp from CopperBull. The globes were bent when the lamp arrived. When I tried to plug the lamp into an electrical outlet, there were sparks and electricity went out. Ozy sent me a helpful U-Tube video with instructions on how to fix the bents and how to find potential problems. The biggest problem I had was the inability to plug the lamp into an electrical outlet. I followed Ozy's instructions and made sure the electrical connections were in place for the lamp to work. Make sure all the electrical connections are made. My guests are blown away by this lamp. Thanks Ozy for being patient!

9. Industrial 3 Light Cup Shaped Farmhouse Standing

Industrial 3 Light Cup Shaped Farmhouse Standing

The industrial floor lamp has a black finish and organic spiraling series of cup-shaped cages to match many different furnishing styles from rustic, farmhouse, contemporary to mid-century. The standing lamp matches well with various medium base light bulbs such as LEDs, incandescent, and the like. They highly recommend you use antique bulbs, which will highlight the vintage flair of this lamp. 60 Watt is the maximum watt for each bulb. The bulbs were excluded. The lamp base is easy to use and it prevents the pole light from being tipped over by children or pets. You can switch on/off the light with a simple step if you have a foot pedal on the wire. It's convenient to operate for everyone. If you follow the guidance in the user manual for all hardware needed, it is easy to assemble the floor lamp. BesLowe floor lamp is great for bedroom standing lamp, living room lamp, dinning room lamp, office lamp, reading lamp, baby rearing lamp, etc. A wonderful gift choice for your friends and family, and a perfect addition to any space. BesLowe floor lamp is great for bedroom standing lamp, living room lamp, dinning room lamp, office lamp, reading lamp, baby rearing lamp, etc. A wonderful gift choice for your friends and family, and a perfect addition to any space.

Brand: Beslowe

👤I don't normally write reviews, but this lamp is great. I was eager to put it together after it was delivered. It is heavy enough that it won't tip over easily. The on/off foot button is very convenient. I put the bulbs in it that I had on hand, but I think I need to get something less bright. This lamp is a match for my kitchen light.

👤I was looking for old school style lamps for the bulbs I bought. Most lamps I looked at were either modern or expensive. When they were $65.98, I almost pulled the trigger. Waited and saw the price was $55.99. I was going to buy lamps anyway, so I was going to save 20 bucks. Had I sold? No issue, put these together. If you can control your urge to be a nunchuck wielding ninja, you should be able to assemble it.

👤I use a farmhouse theme for my plant table and I put in some grow lights. I took about 10 minutes to assemble it.

👤I've tried everything. The bottom piece of my stand does not line up with the middle, so you twist it into eachother to assemble it. It looks tacky and crooked. I would give it a 5 star, but there is no reason that a piece of it should have come off its track.

👤When I read the instructions, I thought it was weird. It was easy enough. Someone would hire an electrician to build a lamp. I followed the instructions. It flew in the air. The plug is black. I am lucky that there was only one thing that happened.

👤It was very easy to assemble my floor lamp after I received it and it took less than ten minutes. I chose a 40 watt warm white bulb because it is a nice amount of light and I think 60 watt bulbs would be too much. I am very happy with the purchase of this lamp.

👤I like it. It does not look cheap and is chic. I made a mistake by using regular lightbulbs and since there is no lamp, I recommend not doing that. Vintage bulbs that have frosting to balance the intensity of the light are recommended.

👤I was excited when I saw this product and ordered it because it matched the look I was going for. I had to wait longer than usual, but it wasn't a dealbreaker. The item was well packaged. Instructions are very basic. I put it together with little effort. There was a manufacturer defect when the last segments of the stand were screwed together. The metal piece was welded crooked and wouldn't fit all the way in. I contacted Amazon and they are sending a replacement. Hopefully the replacement won't be defected.

10. Brightech Wyatt Industrial Adjustable Farmhouse

Brightech Wyatt Industrial Adjustable Farmhouse

The floor lamp has an adjusted arm for reading and crafts. If you want to make jigsaw puzzles, knitting, cross stitch or other hobbies, position the Brightech Wyatt's light beside a couch, table or armchair and adjust the arm up/down. The arm is about 1.5 feet from the pole. There are more decays with this complaint getting. Want your living room to reflect design trends around vintage industrial, retro, farmhouse and mid century modern decor? The Brightech Wyatt is similar to the styles that others sell for a fraction of the price. Visitors compliment you on your taste. The bright light works with Alexandria. Works with smart outlets that are enabled by Apple HomeKit or the Google Home Assistant. There is a smart outlet sold separately. The lamp gives off warm light that creates a cozy space. Soft yet plentiful room lighting is provided by the Wyatt. The 20 year life warm white led bong is included. The Brightech Wyatt has anLED bulb that is rated to last 20,000 hours and will last 20 years with normal use. You don't have to replace a bulb and save a lot of money on your electric bill because of the fact that LEDs don't waste a lot of energy. If you touch the light, it will burn you. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered. The BRIGHTECH'S 3 year product warranty is valid. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products. If the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within 3 years, this will be covered.

Brand: Brightech

👤The lamp looks good and works well. The problem was the foreplay. It was in a small box that seemed to have exhausted all the packing tape that was available in the universe. I used a chain saw to get through the packing tape, and found a long-lived insect in the foam, staring back at me like Han Solo after a deep carbon freeze. A latex rubber glove was used to remove the insect. The manufacturers saved packing tape for the styrofoam inside the box. The outer box was secured like a missile shelter, so why did one need to tape again at this point? I wondered how the insect got in there. It wouldn't have been possible to squeeze through the 50 days of grey bondage that was the outer packaging tape. I tried to delicately remove the tape from the styrofoam only to find that it would explode every time I tried to remove it. The burst sent styrofoam everywhere, from the front door to my neighbor's apartment. I had a small ski resort of white snow on my living room floor and a bundle of discarded packaging tape after this scene was repeated over and over again. There was a lamp buried where only trained K9s could find it during the Turkish earthquake. I was pessimistic that the lamp would be easy to put together, given the difficulties with the styrofoam and the roaches. The lamp was easy to put together and it looked nice. The base of the lamp had a couple of small dents, which was surprising given the thought that was put into the packaging. I wouldn't buy again just because of the insect, but I'm happy with the lamp.

👤When I try to raise and tighten the lamp, it loosens and never stays in the preferred position.

👤I don't know what to do with the lamp. It missed my aunt's head as she sat in her recliner. It is tippy and unstable. I don't think it's safe for anyone to use it. The packaging was destroyed. How to send it back is a problem for me. I'm afraid to give it to someone who would be in danger. The only thing left to do is dismantle it and throw it in the trash. The design of the stand is not good. Next time, do better.

👤Excellent quality! I use this with an IR bulb for 20 minutes at a time. It gets hot but not too hot to touch. It allows me to lie in bed and position my body parts. The metal hood dispersed the heat nicely. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The light is not as tall as the sofa. Not tall enough to be a reading light. It works well as a puzzle light over a table.

👤The lamp looks great, functions as a lamp, and is easy to assemble, but it has one flaw: the joint that holds the lamp piece to the brass pole isn't strong enough to hold the actual lamp part up. One of those wing/hand tighten bolts is the reason why you can't tighten the screw at that joint tight enough. My original thought was to put pliers on them. The screw just turned in place. I was stripping the bolt because I was too short and made of brass. I replaced the brass wing bolt with a real one and put a plastic washer on it. I could tighten the screw and get it to hold. There is a I would say so. You have the lamp and don't want to deal with a return or really like the look, try what I did. Pass on this lamp and find a different one.

11. LEONC Design Softlighting Minimalist Contemporary

LEONC Design Softlighting Minimalist Contemporary

PERFECT size is great with any Dcor. The floor lamp is perfect for any room from modern to traditional. It is easy to place in any room of the house. The perfect tower Mormon design in an authentic metal frame can make the room feel larger and brighter with the warm tone of the LEONC lamp. This lamp will make you feel warm in any room. The light ATMOSPHERE is very soft and comfortable on the eyes, it is almost like a marble statue, because of the texture in the fabric. The average height of a light bulb gives it's own light. The lamp provides soft yet plentiful room lighting to illuminate your indoor space. The Teyvek Dupont shade is decorative and will make you feel right at home. The Creative lamp is easy to assemble and clean, it's easy to be cleaned with a dust cloth. It's easy to move around where light is needed most in your room. The lamp has a weighted structure that prevents tipping. You can easily tap by foot with the pedal switch. LONG LASTING & STABLE&ENERGY SAVING: The Creative Floor lamp has two 7 watt power saving light. You will never have to replace a bulb. The lamp has advanced 2,700K warm white LEDs that allow it to be more energy efficient than standard bulbs. The lighting will last for 20 years without burning out or overheating. The floor lamp can save money and energy. There is a guaranteed warranty on SATISFACTION. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products because they want to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them because they are committed to making it right for you and their number one goal is customer satisfaction. Installation Guide Video Link There is a guaranteed warranty on SATISFACTION. They offer a full 3 year warranty on all of their products because they want to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact them because they are committed to making it right for you and their number one goal is customer satisfaction. Installation Guide Video Link

Brand: Leonc Design

👤I'm not going to lie. I was not impressed when I opened the box. The material was not what I was expecting, it looked cheap, and I didn't know how I was going to remove all the wrinkling. I thought about returning it. It started growing on me after it was assembled. There's a nice design within the fabric of the asymmetrical stitching. It is a nice lamp and it provides enough lighting for a small living area. It has instructions and two light bulbs. I'm not sure about the pricing. It could be cheaper.

👤The video on the Amazon product page states that the lamp is "dimmable", which is why we chose this one. It is not, and the company does not have a contact number for support, so they called Amazon, but they could not find one. I have used them for years from Ikea. This product is not good. The video shows it in a different way.

👤Great lamp. Quick assembly. I used two Yangcsl 10w remote color change RGBW LEDs for endless color possibilities and awesome effects with the A19 color changing bulbs. When you use the color changing bulbs, the floor switch will let you switch between white light and the last programmed color setting. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I bought another one because I loved this light so much. They made my living room look more dramatic. The white lights that came with the kits were too bright for my liking, so I bought some vintage Edison lights instead. Absolutely love the new look!

👤Love this lamp. The looks are the same as in the photos. The fabric is thick and has a nice texture that makes it possible for the light to be even throughout the lamp. I bought the 61" one and the 52" one. I liked the narrow one the most. There is a If you want a room that is a little more imposing, the 61" is the one. The 52" is perfect for a room like a bedroom, I have one in the corner near the bed on the other side of the bed end table, it's so perfect I'm getting a second one so we can have one my wife's side on the other side. One thing to say if it makes you angry. You can see somewrinkles in the fabric when it's off. I don't think it's offensive, but if that's the type of thing you're after, be warned.

👤I am very pleased with how these lamps turned out. It was very easy to assemble, I bought 2 and it took me about 10 minutes to assemble both. I use philips hue bulbs instead of the included ones and they look amazing. I will include pictures. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

👤The floor lamps are amazing. I'm glad I went with the taller ones. If I went with the shorter ones from other sellers, my office space would fill up a lot better. I added LIFX bulbs to the floor lamps. I put the ones that came with them away. I can control my lights with the LIFX app. I can change the colors at any time. I want you to see how they look. I would recommend these based on my experience. It arrived on time and no parts were missing.


What is the best product for decorative floor lamp 6ft tall?

Decorative floor lamp 6ft tall products from Brightech. In this article about decorative floor lamp 6ft tall you can see why people choose the product. Sunmory and Qimh are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative floor lamp 6ft tall.

What are the best brands for decorative floor lamp 6ft tall?

Brightech, Sunmory and Qimh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative floor lamp 6ft tall. Find the detail in this article. Lightaccents, Elegant Designs and Decor Therapy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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